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Thi, i. tk" seventh beatitudu mentioneJ in Matthew 5:312. It woulJ h".," ,ho"t"J *ost lewsin the cto*d. )"*t *"." looti*,g Io.'M"ssiaL'who woulJ o.,erthrow th. ti"gJ"*' But Jesus Roman empire atd estutlish ""*hly Once the supports peaceanJ encourages peaccmahete. '',o.rn o{ u"rthly ucrir,, Ki.,eJo- o{ H""u"o f,"{i", tiru Ly klrrgdo*, *hi"h ir eetablieheJ po*"r, {or"" .''J o,"rr. Blessedarethe p"""u*"t".r, o Thu very o{ p"""" is the Love one h"s .ecei.reJ "sr.rr"" {rom GoJ You cannot love oth"rs, unless yo' God'Iov" in { place. (Many may harre "xperiun"uJ not agreewith thie etatement.) o Luke 6:27-28 - "But I tcll yoo who hear -"' Lot" your enemies,do gooJ to thoec who h.t" you, Ll"os those who curg" yo., ptty {ot tltore who mietreat you.' r John 13: 35 - 'By this oll m.n *illL"ow thatyou are my Jis"ipl"s, i{ yoo lor," one another.' -Put"r o I 3r9 * "Do ,rot r"p"y e.,il *ith util o. insult *ith insult, but with blusring, Lec"useto this you wet" "tll"d so that you may inherit a blesring.' o Think about {irst century Christiane, even in the mogt atrocious persecution,they refueeJto react.riol"ntly, b.rt .lways p"omoteJ peace. . Peace-"turc aru ,roforrly thor" o,ho h""" u btouJ"t in{lue,rce, but also those whom *u turn to in our daily lives. You may {inJ certain peoplein you. .hnt.h, community, {.-ily, tottplo"". Thue" .r" th" puopl" *ho."rol'u, Ji{{".uo"u, anJ con{lictg to maintain


'They the ,e*a.J {o, the Pea""-.tcrs is ,rery uniqu". P"ople may ctitique their *ill b" ro.r, ol GoJ." "ull"J orethods *uys, Lut they cannot Jeny their.orL o, o, the {act that it can onlv com" {tottt God.

BeatituJet Bihlc StudySerigl ISoor"",BiLl",

Dear CCDCef...
03, fOctober 2010]

Church Board-today untilOctoberthe Sundaythis 17 third of month are we going have nomination to our for additionil Church whose will Board term be2011-2012. are Here the Responsibilities and Qualification ofChurdr Board. Ailicle Chur.qh V. Board SectionRESPONStBILtTtES. shail sucn 2. The Board have powers responsibilities herein and providedthese asare bv By.-Laws and/orexpre_ssedly upoh bytne confened it s-tatutes ofthe Republic Philippines, ofthe prejudice general Wthout powers/responsibilities tothe herein above confened,Board have following the shall the expresseo powers/responsi: bi lities provide A. To spiritual leadership inpursuit the of mission and vision ofthe performing acts necessary such as pursuant beliefs, purposes obieclives tohe and asontained inthe Preamble andArticles | &llakive: B, From totime make chanqe policies, ano time to and rules regulations consistent these with By-Lawsthe for managementof theChurch's businilss affairs: and C, Prepare present plans budqetth6 yearly and - of Church and torthe approvalofmembershio: lhe D.Oversee allChurch Church-ielated without and functions prejudicetothe responsibililies and functionstheSenior of Pastor underArticle Section Vll 1 p_urchase E. To orothenrise acquire the for Church, or rionii pdvileges the whid Church is'authorized toacquire-at such price onsuch and terms conditions foisuch and and asitshallkom totime time deem fit; as _ considerations j'nO pay F. To forany prop€rty acquircdthe dghts by Churcn to disdlarge obligations Church ofthe eitherwhollyorpartly in money inkind; or G,To and.receive give pledges, love donalions, tithes, ofierings and othergifts todisburse same accordance and the in wijh the budget the and established ofproedures: at norms' and money the bonorv for Church; ._ H. To delegate time time, ofthe from tb powersthe any of Board Inme course the of cunent business Church,any ofthe to standing orspecial committee orboard toanv or officeror agent toappointany tobeagent Church and person ofthe wrm sucn,powers the inctuding powerto sub_delegate, and upon terms may deemed such as be fit. 0urMissions Dlrector Last Friday, October 2010, new 1, our Missions Director, Bro. Erren Lluejaoa started assume position. nas to the Havinq his heart passion the oftheLord acceDted and for work he lhechalenge. thesame willcontinuelead Missions At time to ihe Mrntsry team, part thechurch As of policy Efren no Bro. will longer part the be of Church Board.

. Peer Peer Keaplng t0 8:3010:1SAM Room I Upper 2 EI YOUTH CSI -.pg4l(frofn The Afterlife Foundations Warrenl byRick 9:1510:1SAM Room / Upper 1


EI CLASS DlScOvERll'lc SPIRITUAL 301" MY GTFTS 9:1510:15AM/Dunamis EI EIBE LEADERS'SUMMIT For€oaEfigrnEEFiior,vship & Minlsfiy Leaderc Team 12:305:00PM / Sanctuary- WingBatcony Right

Tlll$ WtH( UPG0ililtC e miltmt$ s gH,uRcE=HlqIgLY srlRYEY rs
October 201 lTuesdail 05, 0 " 7:009:00PM/Drinamis E MlplvEEK ENCOUNTER GOD W|TH . Series The on Names God ,,T" of Facilitator: Ani Bro. Cabling October 201 [Wedne-day] 06, 0 7;00-8:30PM/Drinamis Coffee fellowship beglns 6:J0pM at g SessionThe Remaining 6. Task October09, 2010[Saturday] - 11:30AM Win!'Batcony 8:30 / Right Fee: Bgqistration P2,000I010-n orbefore October 10) P2,500.00 (Octoberonwards) 11 Sponsored@ncem Minlsty inpaftneahip thePhilippine with Nationat Cross Red October 201 [Saturday] 30, 0 9:00AM12:00NN / Pre-SihoolToddters' & Room KKK: Kung Kei Frapos October 20 0 lSundav] 24, 1 1:00 4:00PM I Wbrshio Hbtl

Senior Pastor


A. A Summary from the Amended CCBC By-Laws 1. NumberofBoardMembers 1j [Art. y Sec. - Notmore tban15 nunbers 2. Composition Board[Art. V Secr.U of - Seniar Pastor, dul$ calledpastors, two elected menbers thecongregation, leasttbree at fron foartbs(3/4) ofutbon$all bequalifiedEldcrs. of 3. Sratus Nominees [Arr. y Sec.4] - Mua beofgood standing;belsbe sbalt naintain a oital Cbristiantettimony tball and aln meet $iritaal requirenents tbe foand in I Tinotfu 3 andTitut L 4. Years ofChurchInvolvement 4] [Art. y Sec. - Elected Truteet,mustbaaebun an actirte member tbecburch theimncdiate of pan for tbree yean. 5. Age Requirement a] [Art. Y Sec. - At lear 25 years age, of 6. Termof Office[Art. y Sec.5] - Two years, maybere-ebcted, montban not tbru (3) cowecatiae or six (6) ,enu couecutiue yean. B. Processof Installation -17,20L0 October0S - NoninationPeriod October -24,2010 18 - AcAnowledgement of nominations. - Beginscreening nomineet. of October - November 2010 2) 07, - Suuningprocus -21,2010 Novermber08 - Submission ofdccisions nomineet. of Novermber 22,2010 - Finalizationof Litt. December05,2010 - Election BoardMembeu of gre I {Con gati ona Mut ing} C. Who are qualified to nominate and vote? Actiuetnembers good in ttanding whoarenot auociate menbers wltoareat leart I g years and of ageontheaotingday.

prayer Entrance exit and doors closed are during Family Time limit to distraction theprayer ongoing. while is Latecomers are requested tobeseated towait

-WltG0M[& GnEililc$ ' cm I0 w||nsilfP/0Pfiiiltc PIIYIR 'PRflStlilDwon$ilp -miltilPRlYIn -$GRIPIURI RHIIIIIG 'G0lltw0Rtl
Rev. Reynaldo Avante

il$ ililtts EtD 0tHRiltG$ 'Iill0WSilP [TIt|I t0R[t I[B]I 'KtG[0il 0PP0RIUilmIS . Gl0StilG pnflvlR [HtH[GIt0ll ffilt

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t e c h n i c d il f f i c u l t i ep l,e a s e e r e m i n d e d a s b to switch silentmode cellular or to alt nhones while inside Worship the Hall. Corporate Worshipourtime a CCBC is as Family to fellowship, celebrate, and from Wori pray hear the of God. request We everyone refrain keeping to from long loud and conversationstheir with seatmate w6rshiI whi16 ison-going. you Thank foryour cooperation.

SANCTUARY COURTESY: Inreverence time worship to avoid to our of and