The Key note address at the Seminar was presented by Guest Speaker Mr.V.Janakiraman, Ex-Vice President of JD Edwards for India. Mr.Jankiraman gave a brief about how DNS ERP Pvt. Ltd. had evolved into a full-fledged ERP company in a short span of 4 years. He also mentioned about the 3 Ms which are important to any organization laying emphasis on Man, Material and Money and how they need to be tackled in an ERP environment. In the First Session, Mr.Mohan, founder-Director of DNS ERP explained the concepts of ERP, the importance of Integration of different functions in an organization, why it is important to make an organization system dependent rather than Person Dependent. He went on to explain as to how ERP can eliminate human errors by integrating the islands of information. He also explained in detail the life cycle in an ERP and how each function in an organization is mapped in the ERP system and how these functions help in the smooth functioning of an organization. Queries related to Delivery Challan and subsequent receipt of invoice was raised and solutions given for the same. In the next Session, Mr.Gurucharan Iyer started with an interactive session involving the participants to explain the concepts of BOM, material issue, production and inventory management. Then he stressed the importance of BOM and explained the Integration of BOM with Work Order & Production. He also touched upon inventory management, purchase & sales. Queries related to Reservation of Stock for particular Order and Pending Purchases related to MRP was raised and how the same needs to be tacked in the ERP were explained. Detailed Presentation explaining Planned Procurement (MRP ) vs Urgent /Fire fighting Procurement and implication of the same in a real time situation was discussed. He stressed on generating Costing scientifically rather than Manual. Mr.Guru also explained PPC and Human Resources and Machine Planning. He elaborated on successful Implementation Tips. The next Session was again handled by Mr.Mohan. He explained the very crucial principle of Implementation and the concept of L.T.D (Learn, Teach and Duplicate). He explained how Pre-Sales i.e. Enquiry, Quotation, Sales order is inter-linked in the ERP system and how one can optimize on various costs. He went on to explain the Batch Tracking and Expiry of goods traceability. Detailing the importance of Inventory Management, Import & Exports & Accounts integration with the ERP system, he explained the benefits of Auto codification and how the DNS ERP helps in the Users customizing their own reports which no other ERP provides. He added that these features ensure pay back of investment in an ERP system. The next and very Energetic Session was handled by Mr. Shrikant Patil who explained the seamless integration of VAT & Excise Modules in the ERP system. He explained that 100% of the posting in VAT & Excise Modules are done automatically. How DNS

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Dec. 22

ERP is in compliance with various Government’s forms & Registers and hence can be sent directly. He explained about the SMS and E-Mail integration with ALL the ERP Modules. Explained how one can pro-actively intimate Customers about Delivery of material, Payment to Suppliers through auto SMS, Daily Sales auto mail to Management, alerts for ROL and email to Purchase Team etc. Mr. Mohan concluding the Seminar laid emphasis on timely implementation of the ERP system and how it is a team effort between the Company intending to implement an ERP system and the ERP Provider. He concluded by assuring 24/7 customer support by DNS team by quoting that when there is budget change on 28th February every year, DNS Team works whole night and make sure that the First Invoice at 0:01AM is 100% ready with the changes announced in the Budget. The participants took keen and active interest in the Seminar and raised several queries relating to challan & invoice, partial production based on availability of some items in the store, documentation relating to third party, methodology for taking into account overheads while costing, difference in computation of WAR rate and last purchase rate. Some queries were also raised regarding Trading Invoice, Cheque Printing, Staff attendance in Payroll which is integrated with the “Time Machine”. All these issues were handled with suitable solutions. A Quiz Session was held and prizes were distributed by Mr.Janakiraman to the Winners. On behalf of the participants, Mr.Ravi Chhabra, Ms.Deepa Iyer, Mr.Mukesh Ruparel and Mr.Jasbinder Singh averred that the Seminar was very knowledgeable & useful in removing the myths surrounding the ERP system.


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