THE'NBED qF A VISION {contin*ation} Satan'sgrcatestattack on the vision that God givescachofus ody is our attitude

. I ) An attitude thrt says'N ob ehecant sowly uNobody appreciatet anythingI L" sbould 2) An attitude that says utbattbeyfu wbenI dot't." don let'ssee Faith is the food chat visionslive on. Without faith, our vision will wicheron the vine. III. VISION IS THE COURAGB TO DO: ACTION But when it comesto putting a visioninto involves other people. kt me shareto you a story: PaulHarveyOne summermorning asRay Blankenshipwaspreparing his breakfast;he gazedout the window, and saw a small girl being swept along in the rain-floodeddrainageditch besidehis Andover, Ohio, home. Blankenship knew that farther downstream,the ditch with a roat underneatha road and then ertrpcied disappeared out into the main culvert. Raydashed the door and racedalong the ditch, trying to get aheadofthe founderingchild. Then he hurled himself into the deep, churning water. Blankenship surfaccdand was able to grab the child's arm. They tumbled end over end. !0'ithin about three feet of the yawning culvert, Ray'sfree hand felt something-possibly a tock-:- protruding but the trernendous from one bank. He clung desperately, '1If forceof the water tried to tear him and the child away. I can just hang on until help comes," he thought. Hc did better than that. By thc timc fire-dcpartment tescu€rsartived, Blankenshiphad pulled the girl to safety.Both were treated for shock. On April L2, L989, Ray Blankenshipwas awarded Medal.The awardis fitting, rhc CoastGuard'sSilverLifesaving personwasat evengreatet risk to himself than for this sclfless most people knew. Ray Blankenshipcan't swim. - The courageofvision is to say... 'Lard, if that isyoa; let ,ru con ,oyw ualking ontbewaten' e - Thc counge of vision is to say... 'As meand myboue, ue uill nnte theLord.' for - The courageof vision is to say., "lf Godbe u, ubo canbeagaiwt rs.' fr - The coutagcof Vsion is to say... 'Tlx rrials of tbit life arc notwor*4 tobeconpared witb rheglory ofthenextlife." In closingchurch, I believethe Lord hasa visionfor our church and eachof us today.I know it is easyto get discouragedand to give up on being availableto God to be usedin seeingthe vigion come to completion. I also koow that unless we are moving in that direition, we cannot be content in lifc. The most frightening thing to me about the role of church leaders of in this issue fulfilling visionsis that wheoyorrlook at Biblical leaderswho were not obedient to God in the vision He gave them, cheir followers alwayssufferedthe consequences. {GeoryeBarna: Vision ninistry is a wfiuion of wbat Goduanu to fr throtghyot to fuild His Aingdon accomplish


EI YOUTH CSI Sedes Foundations Rick on by Warren Topic: (Set Sanctification Apart 4) Facilitator: Matthew Bro. Velasquez 9:0010:1SAM Room / Upper 2 M SUNDAY EQUIPPING CLASS : 401 . Discovering MissionSession My 4 Facilitator: Raymond Bro. Valdez 9:15-10:15AM/Dunamis EI CONGREGATIONAL MEETING WelcomingNew of Members Presentation of2011 Plans Budget & Efection Board of Members 2010.2011 tor 2:304:30PM / Worship Hall

uP c0ilt1t0 l0nufl$

A Christmas ThanksgivingMissons for Volunteers December2010 12, [Sunday] 7:009:30PM / Max's Tuazon Scout

ilils trlH(e uPG0iltG lGilUtilts
g CHURCH HISTORY SURVEY g MIDWEEK ENCOUNTER GOD WITH Overcoming Obstacles Life's Topic: Faclng Unknown Confldence The wlth Speaker: ReyAvante Rev. December2010 08, ffidnesdayl 7:00-8:30PM/Dunamis Coffee fellowship begins 6:30PM at EI SMP! SAMAHAN,IG MASASAYAANG PASKO College Chill's Christmas Special December2010 10, [Friday] 6:009:00PM /Worship Hall g 6:00 9:00PM Rooms / Upper 1&2 December 2010 12, [Sunday] 7:30AM / 9:15AM / 10:30AM Sunday Classes &hool EI KIDS@I11 TEACHERS' EQUIPPING December 2010 12, [Sunday] - 3:00PM 12:30NN / Upper Rooms 1&2 EI LOVE,YRINTH High School Hype's Christmas Special December 2010 12, [Sunday] - 4:30PM 1:00 / Worship Hall

December2010 17, [Friday] 6:30 9:00PM / Worship Hall EI EEBE FAMILY CHRISTMAS PARTY December2010 19, [Sunday] 2:004:30PM / Worship Hall g PAMASKONGHANDOG BATANG KAN$ER SAMGA MAY ASocial Concem Project paftnership PGH & Pal in with Onco December 2010 21, 9:00AM12:30NN ffuesday]/ PalFoundation Padre office, Faura, Ermita, Manila Total numberchildren:boy 36girls (1-19 old) years of 41 & affoodandtoysarehighlyappreciated . Donation Contact Carol Kuya or Jerry


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