che Reform congregation of about 100 member families I 1/2 years ago after belonging lO anocher synagogue for a year

. Services are held ac a HillOn hQ(el. Religious school meetS at a daycare cemer, and ocher events and programs are a[ various ocher locations. But the people make the community, says Susan Grunwald. "We don't have a physical building or a permanent rabbi, but rabbis can change and [he building will come," she says. "But the community of people I want to be with, I want my children lO grow up with, the place I felt my family fit was B'nai Doror." Susan says that B'nai Doror's strengths cation, children's gramming and eduprofamily

programming - match the Grunwald family's priorities. The size and scope of [he congregation also were factors in their decision to affiliate there. "When you go to a big synagogue, you might go to five events but never see the same people," she adds. "In a smaller synagogue, you see me same people, and ie'smuch easier to get to know people." The Grunwald's say they are happy wim meir decision, and look furward to watching the congregation grow. "We'll be in this area until our kids grow up at least," she adds. "We're definitely in i[ for the long-term."

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lIana Roth and Spencer Preis: Just starting out
Newly engaged, RO[h, a 24-year-old marketing assistant for Turner Spons, and Preis, a 25-year-old Emory University law studem, are looking to build a long-term relationship with a synagogue as they start their lives together. Over the last two years, RQ(h, who was raised Conservative, and Preis, raised Reform, say they have visited a variety of synagogues' services and programs. Their experiences have prompted Roth to realize she would prefer a Conservati,'c or traditional synagogue. "To me, Reform is nO[ happening," she explains. "I like the singing and some of me other riruals [in Reform syna. goguesJ, but i[ just doesn't feel real [to me]." As Roth has scratched the Reform synagogues off her list, she is nowzeromgm on Atlanta's Conservative congregations. Her fiance says hc is willing to let Roth take the lead in the decision as to where to affilila[e. Bo[h agree thac they wish to join a small Conservative congregation. The two have attended funccions a[ shuls

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