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Exalted Powers

There are two types of elementals in Creation, Sentient and Primal. Sentient Elementals
are spirits and are actual members of the Spirit Court. They have control over the Primal
Elementals and have powers more akin to Spirits then elementals. Although the Sentient
Elemental can become the element it is of, it does not have any power over other
elementals. As such, a fire elemental can not actually burn wood or consume air as that is
power over another elemental. Rather they would need to direct their Primal Elementals
to do such tasks or use their personal Essence to cause a similar effect.

Primal elementals are the actual element in nature. Any fire is a primal elemental. A pool
of water has a primal elemental. Even moisture on the air is a primal elemental. Primal
elementals are not so much individuals as parts of a greater elemental force. Ability to
use them and access them is learning how to direct the portions of that element within a
certain area. If that element is not present in an area, then that element cannot be
manipulated or used.

Primal elementals are rated from 0 to 5.

0. No elemental present, Can only be found near the elemental poles.

1. Limited elemental presence. A small fire in the artic wastes or a canteen in the
2. Minimal elemental presence. Oasis in the desert, stand of trees on an island
3. Normal elemental presence. Streams and lakes, scorching heat, forests, wind
4. Extreme elemental presence. Mountains, vast lakes and rivers, jungles, volcanoes
5. Total elemental presence. Can only be found near the elemental poles.

In most cases elementals exist in a 2 or 3 setting.

Elemental Control – Ability

Elemental Control is the ability to manipulate and use primal elementals. The ability must
be learned for each element as each element requires different formulas and styles to
develop the total mastery of the art. A person needs at least Essence 2 to begin learning
elemental control. Their total dots in elemental control (for all elements) can never
exceed their total Essence rating + 2. Also, a person is limited in total dots in a single
element by their Essence score.

Example: If Y’shul has Essence 4, then he can have 6 dots of Elemental Control.
However, no element can have more than 4 dots in it. So he takes Elemental
Control Fire: 4 dots, and Elemental Control Air: 2 dots. Or he could have 2 dots
in three different elements.
Elemental Control does not create an element. It allows for the overall control of the
element in a naturally occurring area. To create an element, one would need a power or
item that was imbued with the presence of that element. Using essence to create wind or
fire or water. Spells also exist to create elements.

The first step in Elemental Control is learning to speak with the Sentient Elementals. This
is a fifteen minute ritual of prayer and meditation with an offering that asks permission
from the local Sentient Elemental to use the primal elementals under it’s power. When
casting the ritual, you roll Elemental Control + Ess. For every success beyond 2 on the
roll, you are given access to a level of elementals in the area. So, with 3 successes, you
can manipulate Level 1 Elementals. With 5 Successes you can manipulate Level 3

If you DO NOT attune yourself to the Sentient Elemental, any Elemental Control roll is
automatically subtract double the level of Elemental you are trying to control in dice. So,
if you want to control a level 3 elemental, you are at -6 die. If you botch this roll, the
elementals will turn on you and inflict 2 lethal per level of elemental. This rule does not
apply to elementals created by the character or by an artifact the character is attuned with.

Controlling Elementals:

Controlling Elementals is easy. It is a simple roll of mastery. The Character has a dice
pool equal to his Temporary Willpower. The roll is versus the level of the elemental. The
character’s successes minus the elemental’s successes must be 3 times the level of the
elemental. So, to control a level 3 elemental, a character needs 9 more successes than the
elemental. Each roll lasts 6 seconds. Once the elemental is won over, it belongs to the
Elementalist for 1 week per dot in Elemental Control, or until the Elementalist releases it,
whichever comes first. If the Elemental gains three times the Elemental Control of the
character in extra successes, it wins and the character suffers the Elemental’s level times
2 in lethal damage.

Once controlled, the Elemental acts as a single all or follower. It can only do one task at a
time, and the Elementalist must direct that task. Tasks are dolled out simply by thinking
about them, but most Elementalists give verbal commands. Simple commands, such as
protect that villager, could take a tick to send, which complex tasks, such as creating a
maze of air currents, could take several minutes to explain.

An Elementalist can only control their Willpower+ Essence in elementals at any given

Powers of Elementals:

Elementals are limited in their powers. They can only do things at their power level of
below. Any elemental asked to perform a task higher than its ability will refuse. Forcing
the elemental to do it will destroy the elemental and cause the elementals level times 2 in
aggravated damage to the controller.
Elements have limitations. Although a Water Elementalist could create a jet of water, or
form a pool of drinking water, that water must come from somewhere. It must either be
removed from the air, pulled from underground streams, seeped out of the earth, or pulled
from living beings. However, any time an Elementalist tries to pull from a living being, it
becomes a battle between the two. To pull from a living creature spend 5 motes per
attack. The living creature gets to roll Stamina + Resistance + Essence vs Elemental
Control + Essence. Each attempt takes 6 ticks, and each net success of the Elementalist
inflicts 1 lethal.

Below are the five elements and a sample of powers at each level.

General Powers for All Elements:

Level Power
0. No power
1. Create -1 Distraction. Add +1 to DV. Create a 1 trait weapon or add 1 traits to an
existing weapon.
2. Create -2 Distraction. Add +2 to DV. Create a 2 trait weapon or add 2 traits to an
existing weapon.
3. Create -3 Distraction. Add +3 to DV. Create a 3 trait weapon or add 3 traits to an
existing weapon. Create small elemental servitor
4. Create -4 Distraction. Add +4 to DV. Create a 4 trait weapon or add 4 traits to an
existing weapon. Create elemental golem.
5. Create -5 Distraction. Add +5 to DV. Create a 5 trait weapon or add 5 traits to an
existing weapon. Create elemental behemoth

Control of wind and air. Air Elementals control the wind and air currents. They
are the power behind weather and are the most versatile of elementals. Air
Elementals are quick and intuitive. They work best with goals rather than

Level Power
0. No element is present
1. Move papers, blow sand in someone’s eye, send a short message across a room
2. Rustle branches, move a small sail boat at 4 knots, send a message across town.
Gather enough air about you to breather underwater for an hour. Manipulate air to
fly a glidder.
3. Create a blinding localize storm, snap branches, move any size boat at 10 knots,
send a message up to a 100 miles. Gather enough air to breathe underwater for 12
4. Whip up tornadoes and violent wind storms, topple over trees and buildings, scour
skin from a body, propel a massive sailing ship at top speed, send a message 1000
miles. Gather enough air to ride out a storm under water
5. If it involves wind and air, you can do it. Topple towns, bury mountains. Push
back the ocean. Create icebergs by freezing water. Instantly kill non-exalted.
Control of rock and earth and metal. These elementals control the very bones of
Creation and control of them allows for great power. However, the earth moves
slow and steadily. It is based on cause and effect. These elementals work best
with simple jobs that are well explained. They follow orders perfectly. If upset or
interrupted, they can cause great destruction.

Level Power
0. No element present
1. Find lost items in the dirt. Summon small stones and rocks. Soak up a small spill
of liquid
2. Crack ground, cause localized minor tremors, dig a hole, cause rocks to tumble
and roll. Weaken metal
3. raise an earthen dam, open a fissure in the ground, cause wide area minor tremors,
weaken stone walls. Shatter metal, Mold earth and stone
4. cause earthquakes, bore holes through mountains, divert massive rivers, span
gorges with stone bridges.
5. If it involves earth and rock, you can make it happen.

Control of fire and heat and magma. Fire Elementals are both creators and
destroyers. Their power is wild and untamed and burns quickly and hotly. They
are impatient and direct. These elementals work best for short jobs and for
attacks. However, they must be given specific parameters or they can lose
themselves and get out of control.

Level Power
0. No element present
1. Make a torch burn without consuming fuel, pull heat from the air to start a small
fire, walk through normal fire without being burned. Heat small objects. Create a
small handheld light.
2. Direct and control a large fire. Heat large objects. Create tendrils and streams of
fire. Melt soft metals. Make the air scorching hot in a small area. Create the glow
of a large lantern.
3. Create walls of fire, draw near-surface magma to the surface. Melt most simple
metal objects. Bake the water out of a valley. Direct a forest fire (not engulf a
forest in fire). Create the glow of a bonfire.
4. Direct rivers of magma, engulf large areas in fire. Melt massive objects.
Incinerate a village. Turn night to day in a small area with a globe of fire in the
sky. Provide the heat required to forge Orichalcum
5. If it involves fire, heat, or magma, you can do it.

Control of water and liquids. Water Elementals are sly and cunning. They have a
great deal of power because water can give life, take it, and erode away the very
land. Water elementals tend to be subtle in their workings. They work best, like
air elementals, with a goal. They tend to find their own way to do the task.
However, a strict hand is needed in keeping their goal defined and the only goal
on their minds.

Level Power
0. No element present
1. Purify a few gallons of water. Draw enough moisture to live on from the
environment. Find water. Douse a small fire.
2. Bring forth a bubbling stream of water. Loosen dirt and soil. Revitalize plants.
Douse a localized fire. Freeze a pool of water. Direct the flow of a small stream.
Remove poisons from liquids. Walk on water.
3. Direct the water in a small lake or narrow river. Douse a house fire. Create a thick
mist to hide in. Change localized rain into snow or snow into rain. Remove the
water from a town. Corrupt/poison an aquifer/well. Create a localized mud
sinkhole. Carry a small party across water. Heal natural burns. Create pillars fo
water and low walls of water.
4. Bring forth large walls of water or drown out enclosed valleys or caves. Damn ,
direct or change the flow of rivers and large lakes. Transport an army across
water. Create icebergs. Heal and cure most bacteria and viruses (not the
5. If it involves, ice, water, moisture you can do it.

Control over plants and fungus. Wood elementals are considered the lesser
elementals. Even though the Eastern Pole is all wood, the elementals are simple.
Every seed, every plant is an elemental. Their strength comes in how they work
together. Where other elementals are small or large, Wood Elementals form large
hives that cooperate with each other. They are best used for tasks that involve
protection or complicated tasks that require many little tasks to complete.

Level Power
0. No element Present
1. Find edible vegetation. Shape and form small sticks. Cause small plants to grasp
at people. Control the life cycle of small plants.
2. Quick grow seeds into plants heavy for harvest. Heal and cultivate plants to
produce the most yields. Preserve fruit, grains, and vegetables indefinitely.
Control medium size plants (the size of a bush or small tree) Form and shape
branches. Find something/someone within a few dozen acres
3. Make whole fields bloom. Revert plants to a seed state. Control large trees.
Mutate a single specimen. Cultivate and tend several acres of land. Form a shape
large logs. Find someone or gain information over several square miles.
4. Control a several acre forest of jungle. Allow trees and plants to uproot
themselves and move about. Imbue an area with a primal sentience for protection.
Form and shape whole trees. Find someone or gain information over several
hundred square miles.
5. If it involves plants you can probably make it happen.