Revision Exercises TENSES

1. Write the verbs in brackets in the correct tense: Simple present, present continuous, simple past, past continuous, present perfect, present perfect continuous, past perfect, future. A. Before we «««««.. (arrive) at the airport, the aeroplane ««««« (have) to land. B. What ««««« you «««. (do) now? C. I «««««. (work) here since January. D. While they ««««««. (demonstrate*), somebody ««««««(take) me to the police station. *manifestarse E. I ««««. (receive) the prize in April because I ««««« (work) very hard before. F. They usually «««««.. (wear) casual clothes. However, they «««««« (wear) an elegant suit today. G. I¶m really exhausted! I ««««««« (iron) your clothes since 3 o¶clock and it¶s 6 o¶clock! 2. Fill in the gaps with the correct tenses. The actress Vanessa Kemp _______________ (disappear). Yesterday she ____________ (not arrive) at the Prince Charles Theatre in London. Ms Kemp, who ____________ (live) in Hampstead, ________________ (leave) home at 4 o¶clock yesterday afternoon for the theatre, a journey she _____________ (make) several times the week before. Two people, who ______________ (walk) around her house at that moment, ____________ (see) her. But no one _______________ (see) her since then. The police _____________ (take) the matter seriously, but they ________________ (not believe) that she ____________ (be) in danger. All her friends _______________ (want) to hear from her soon.


They bought a new house there. h. That is the film!! I¶m really interested in it. 6) Someone had built an illegal cottage next to my house. 4) Thousads of people watched Ricky¶s latest film last week. 3) My sisters were cooking an excellent meal yesterday at five. i. They moved to a small village. b. a. j. 9) Someone broke the window in the afternoon. 2) Nobody is listening to this cassette at the moment. m. c. Her dad lives in our street. 11) We have made some models for the exposition. 7) Millions of tourists are going to visit Spain next summer. There are lots of monuments there. Will you forget that day? I met you then. f. I lived there three years ago. Do you like that handbag? I gave it to you three years ago? l. e. I have read it several times. 13) Paula is going to read that magazine this afternoon. Join the two sentences together using a relative pronoun. d. The robber attacked me there. Paris is a fascinating city. This is my best friend. they study Science at the university. 12) I brought him a very interesting book from my trip to Germany. 2 . 10) On Mondays. PASSIVE VOICE 1. Marta is the new teacher. This is the place. k. Make any other necessary changes. Change these sentences into the passive voice: 1) British people read lots of newspapers every day. The audience loves him. o. They have been waiting for her. g. This book is very exciting. Did you post my letter? I gave it to you this morning. He is the boy. 5) We have already bought all our presents for next Christmas. Britney Spears was talking to him. Mary is my French teacher. n.RELATIVE CLAUSES 1. I¶m really worried about him. Fred Pikes is a famous star in North America. 8) Everybody will appoint him president for next elections. London is a city full of life. That¶s the animal! I¶ve been dreaming of it.

please. he stated. Ellen told me. ³My friends are studying for their exams now´. ³We have been really happy for the past 20 years here´. but I went to the cinema instead.´ . ³Could you bring me these newspapers?´. Gary is too busy to take your case but if he ____________ (take) it. they told me. I¶ve been doing this activity for two hours´. please´ her grandad asked her. you __________ (win). you ________ (probably win) f. 6. Janet is ambitious. ³They were reading all the afternoon´. ³I¶m fed up!. b. COMMANDS 1. ³He¶ll study Law next year´. 2. they __________ (let) you go. ³We are going to watch the match tomorrow´. she ______________ (succeed). 3. ³Help me with the housetasks. I ____________ (pass) the test if I ____________ (study). ³I bought all my books here yesterday´.CONDITIONAL SENTENCES 2. d. REQUESTS 1. If he ___________ (take) your case. Peter asked me. 2. 4. 8. Sally said. John told her. Don¶t run so fast! 4. QUESTIONS 3 . 5. she _____________ (succeed). they said. ³Don¶t open this window now. It is too late now. Go to bed immediately! 2. 1. 7. my mum asked him. If she ____________ (work) hard. ³You don¶t work hard enough and this is a problem´. If she _____________ (work) hard. but if you __________ (ask) your parents. REPORTED SPEECH 1. e. 3. Alex is a clever lawyer. Practise changing these sentences into reported speech. Fill in the gaps with the suitable tenses. 2. c. a. STATEMENTS 1. Luke complained. he informed me. 3. She is talented but lazy.

the policeman asked me. ³Where will they go on holiday next summer?´. That girl was brilliant. ³Did he study enough last week?´. they were still waiting for us. I asked my mum. he wanted to know. ³Do you prefer coffee or tea?´. beg. advise. (enough) d. ³I¶d love to go with you. However. please. (in spite of) f) It was late. the teacher wondered. They couldn¶t buy it. ³We¶re sorry to leave so early´ They« E. The car wasn¶t cheap.(too) e) It was snowing a lot but we didn¶t postpone the fooball match. invite. ³Are you going back to America today?´. Rewrite the following sentences in reported speech with a reporting verb from the list: suggest. insist. 5. (such) b. apologize. The weather is horrible today. mum. (so) c. a. You can¶t drive a car. 4. ³I¶ll behave myself. ³You should take these tablets´ The doctor« C. ³Why have you been looking at me for half an hour?´. 2.1. ³Would you like to travel to Paris with me next summer?´ My friend« B. (although) 4 . You are young. 7. ³Were you and your sister reading the press yesterday?´. They selected her for the contest. 6. I promise. please«´ Mike« Connectives 1. Make any necessary changes. offer. ³What have you cooked for dinner?´. I wanted to know. We won¶t go out. ³Why don¶t we go to the theatre tonight?´ Ruth« D. A. I promise´ The little girl« F. I asked Mary and Susan. 2. ³I¶ll help you with your luggage´ Her husband« G. Combine the sentences using the words in brackets. 3. Sarah asked me.