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ModuSec - Secure Modular Construction System

Protection For Computer Rooms & Secure Storage Facilities From

Heat – Water – Smoke – Rodents
plus a choice of protection levels for - Intrusion – EMI – Blast/Explosion

•Build in an office, warehouse or outside space

•Quick & clean to build to any size
•Shell only or complete turnkey project
Our specialist computer room M & E design & build team can provide options for
full electrical installation, UPS, generator, air conditioning, fire suppression,
environmental monitoring, access control and raised floor plus server/comms racks.
For storage facilities we can provide fixed or mobile racking solutions.
Steel faced pre-finished wall and ceiling
panels with a high performance thermal
barrier core (Pyrofoam) lock together to
form a protective enclosure that is quick
and clean to build to any size.
10sqm room in a day 100sqm in 5 days
Additional materials can be foamed into the panels to meet higher security needs
Panel Options: Standard; SEAP II; SEAP III
•Panels are placed
into a base channel
and locked
together with
camlocks. Last
panel is cut to size
on site

•Ceiling panels are

fitted onto wall
rebates, secured by
steel angles and
fitted with coving
– as are wall

•Exterior corners
fitted with steel
angles where
accessible. All joints are sealed with
intumescent mastic
Corner Option

•Improve looks
•Increase speed of construction
•Ideal where space is not tight
•More expensive
•Decrease flexibility to deal with critical sizes and the unexpected on site.
Additional Ceiling Support – For 6m + Spans

Using existing structure to support

the ceilings: Steel or slab
Risks To Computer Rooms From External Fires

Heat: Critical temperatures

Hardware:Storage - 70 degC Operation - 35 degC
Computer Media: 55 degC (Paper: 175 degC)
Traditional ‘rated’ rooms will exceed these temperatures very quickly in a fire (they
are only required to keep below 180 degC for the rated period to allow escape)

Water: Plasterboard, concrete, block & brick are all porous and contain water from
the manufacturing process that is released as steam under heat - producing damaging
humidity levels. Doors and service entry points let in fire fighting water or water
from damaged pipes, etc
Smoke/gases/dust: Find their way in via doors and service entry points
Other Physical Risks With Traditional Build Methods

•Shattered window glass, flying debris, exposure to elements

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

•Lifts, generators & other heavy duty electrical
equipment can interfere with computer systems

Vandalism & Theft

•Plasterboard panels & even brick walls are easily breached

Dust - circulated by air conditioning systems

•General build up in ceiling voids
•Plaster dust from damaged plasterboard

•Burst water pipes
•Weather related
1. Insulation Levels
•Best insulation value available in the market
•Provides protection from heat in the event of a fire to levels
required by computer hardware and media for more than 1 hour
•Effectively eliminates solar gain & heat from other exterior heat
sources – providing a stable environment for Air Con systems
U values (rate of heat transfer)
•100mm thick Pyrofoam panel: 0.18
•100mm thick mineral wool panel: 0.38
•Typical plasterboard sheet: 0.8
Plus ModuSec core material (Pyrofoam) is
•Non porous (unlike plasterboard, brick, block and concrete)
•Poisonous to rodents and provides no nesting material
180 180 degC
At 90 mins
2. Tested & Certified
ModuSec has been
Independently tested to
temperatures in excess of
1000 degC achieving BS476
F90 standard in addition to
the Lloyds IMO A60 test for
marine applications 75 90

NOTE: Standard ‘Fire Rating’ requires 180 degC for the rating period – for people
escape/building integrity only. The U value of plasterboard, block, brick, etc is such
that the critical temperature for hardware is very quickly exceeded in a fire.
ModuSec panels have a very low U value (0.18). BS476 test results show:
At 30 minutes: No discernable rise at the unexposed face (800 degC outside)
At 60 minutes: Mean temperature of just 40 degC at the protected face
(950 degC outside) – well below the critical level for hardware & media & within
BS/EN1047 criteria for computer room construction (50 deg rise,100mm from face)
The test continued to achieve a traditional F90 rating:
93 min insulation plus 98 min integrity
Media corrupts at 55 degC - hardware is damaged above 70 degC
3. High Strength Construction
•ModuSec panel are light (20Kg/sq.m) but incredibly strong
•Walls need no structural framework
•Ceilings can span up to 6m before requiring any additional support -
exceeding BS6399 – the requirement for ‘walk on’ strength
•Additional reinforcement can be included to fix heavy equipment
5 men on a single panel supported only at the short
ends – demonstrates the ‘walk on’ capacity for
access to services above rooms.

Steel container full of plant weighing over 3

tons supported on Pyrofoam off cuts,
demonstrates its huge compressive strength
of 59,000 Kg/sq.m
4. Functionality
Pyrofoam can have any number of cable ducts or strengthening channels
foamed into the panels in any pre determined location to provide hidden
cable runs or fixing points for heavier equipment.

Steel channels fixed to both steel skins with

non conductive joining pieces. The foam is
then inserted at very high pressures to
surround the channels and fill all the voids to
provide a fixing point using the strength of
the whole panel.
These are fitted centrally as standard to all
ceiling panels
Full height plastic conduit is
glued to the skin at pre
determined locations. Panel is
then cut to fix back boxes on
5. High Security SEAP Options
Steel outer skin and multipoint camlock system provide a good level
of physical security. However we can also provide the following:
SEAP 2 Option
(Government/military standard for secure computer rooms)
2 sheets of 3mm thick steel mesh foamed into panels
SEAP 3 Option
(Government/military standard for restricted documents)
As SEAP 2 plus 19mm board on the inside skin
- to frustrate the use of steel cutting blades

Tested by the Police Scientific Development Branch. Achieved SEAP

security ratings for computer rooms & document/media storage
– as required for secure government, police & military installations.
The system was also successfully blast tested by The Cabinet Office
When combined with Stafford Bridge SEAP security rated doors,
we can provide a complete room to SEAP level 2 or 3.
SEAP Rated Panel & Door Frame Details
6. Sealed Door Systems

Single (clear opening up to 1.2m) or double doors

Insulated steel faced double rebated fire doors.
Two water/smoke seals plus intumescent seal (optional EMC seal)
Heavy duty hinges with hinge bolts
Threshold: double rebated for maximum water protection or drop down smoke seal
Choice of locking systems
Flat threshold with drop Stepped threshold with seals
down smoke seal all round the door blade
escape door
with panic bar

External door with

canopy & ramp
High Security – SEAP Rated Hinged Doors
High security steel faced or timber
multi-layer door sets

3 point locking

Access control options.

Double rebated (3 or 4 sides) with

smoke/water seals

Choice of SEAP 2 or 3 Government

security rating.

60 or 90 minutes fire test

Single or double doors

SEAP III timber doors with manganese steel core, SEAP III viewing panel and Class IV lock
High Security Sliding, Folding & Roller Shutter Doors
•Tested and approved to SEAP Class 2 and 3.
•Unlimited opening sizes and choice of configurations.
•Heights up to 35 metres and unlimited width.
•Fully weather sealed.
•Choice of cladding and glazing systems.
•Minimal maintenance and easy to repair.
•Sophisticated safety devices.
•Wide choice of finishes.
•Custom engineered doors - ranging from personnel
access size, up to large aircraft hangar doors.
•Concealed security features - looks like any other door.

SEAP Class 3 Roller Shutter Doors

•Anti-ram shutters

Bi Fold doors on a Secure SEAP approved high security vehicle workshop

High Security Windows and Transfer Drawers

•1 Piece Steel Frames – secured on the inside

•Double Glazed With Security + Fire Rated Glass
Lock Options

Kaba Mas high

security 8 digit
combination lock: High security face fitted
self powered, 99 users, single point lock with
400 record audit trail access control option*

Solenoid lock with access

control facility and
mechanical night bolt*

*Connect to house
security system or use
High security 3 way our proximity, swipe or
lock with access keypad systems
control option*
7. Protected Service Entry:Individual Entry Roxtec System
•Each cable/pipe passed through an individual
block with peel off layers
•Fitted into single or multiple frames pre fitted into
the panels.
•Compression plates tightened to provide a sealed
system against
heat, water, rodents and explosion.
•New cables fitted by releasing the compression
plate and using one of the spare blocks
Tested Single & Group Entry Systems
•Tested system for multiple cables in a cable tray
•Angle fitted to both sides of panel around opening
and backfilled with a mix of materials.

•150mm long cylinders fixed to panel surface and

back filled with insulating and sealing materials
•Successfully tested to IMO Marine insulation &
integrity A60 standard with 19 penetrations of
various sizes in a 3m x 3m test rig
ModuSec Projects

Wetterskip Holland: 6 sided room provides insulation/protection from below

Frimley Park Hospital: 5 sided room plus a steel floor in an old storeroom
- steel floor to upgrade EMI protection
Data Centre in a warehouse – Channel Islands


500 sqm Data Centre (with 1 dividing wall but no columns) for major communications
company - built in the Channel Islands
Easynet: 20m x 15m rooms in warehouses (10 completed)

Jumbo, Holland: Computer room in a 2nd floor office space

Data Centre Phase 1: 3 x 500 sqm pods (3 to follow in phase 2) with power
plant on internal upper mezzanine floor & chillers on external mezzanine
High Security SEAP 3 Workshop (225 sq m)
Vodafone – 400 sqm

24m x 12m

6 sided external rooms on steel frames to meet existing floor levels.

Swindon Project:
High security specification with
steel reinforcement in wall and
ceiling panels. Built on a frame
with adjustable feet. Installed
on a sloping car park surface
without additional foundations.
Bodyshop: Exterior room on a concrete slab.
Also shows cable conduit inside the panels
Suffolk County Council
Open University
The Plot To Build On Main Building To Match

Mercedes HPE New Computer Room

Hospital Roof
Northern Ireland Police:
180 sqm SEAP secure
computer room.
Double pitched roof with
no internal columns and
upper deck for AC
Summary Of Advantages Over Traditional Build
• Quick and clean to build to a tested standard – with no wet trades

• High strength permanent shell - but easily extended or relocated

• Provides integrity, insulation and humidity levels required by computing

systems and computer media in the event of an external fire

• Eliminates solar gain & heat from adjacent areas - providing a stable
environment for air handling systems

• Provides protection from smoke, water, dust, EMI, vandalism, sabotage,

theft and explosion (depending on options chosen)

• Pre finished, maintenance free, wipe clean surfaces eliminate dust risks
associated with broken plasterboard and ceiling voids

• Meets Turnbull, Sarbanes Oxley, Basel II and Civil Contingency

recommendations to follow ‘best practice’ to minimize operational risks
Advantages Over Mineral Wool Panels
•Structural Stability: Pyrofoam core has its own structural integrity. Ceilings span
unsupported up to 6m. Mineral wool panels depend on the steel skin and adhesives to
bond sections of wool plus require additional steel for spans over 4m & round
perimeter. If skin blows off in a fire or explosion – all structural integrity is lost.
•Panel Joints: Mechanical connection between ‘tongue & grooved’ panels – provides
increased security, strength, speed of build & water/blast protection. Mineral wool
panels are generally butted together and fixed at top and base only.
•Contamination: Mineral wool fibres are very light and can contaminate hardware
systems if panels are drilled. Pyrofoam particles are heavy and just drop.
•Porosity: Pyrofoam is non porous. Mineral wool can take on board water – increasing
risk of structural problems & water ingress.
•Functionality: Pyrofoam can have cable conduits and strengthening steel cast into it.
This is not possible with mineral wool.
•Thermal Properties: Pyrofoam has half the U value of mineral wool – increasing
protection from heat and providing a more stable environment for air con – effectively
eliminating solar and other (building) heat gain.
•Pest Resistance: Poisonous to rodents and provides no nesting material
Advantages Over Other Foamed Panels

•Most other foamed panels are only tested to 30 minutes.

ModuSec Pyrofoam panels have 90 minute certification
•All other foamed panels are highly combustible and give
off toxic fumes under fire conditions.

The Pyrofoam ModuSec system (Option 3) is the only modular

panel system to be successfully tested by the Home Office to SEAP
Level 3 (intrusion test for Government and Military Computer
Installations) in addition to being blast tested at 18m with 100Kg
of TNT.
ModuSec Pyrofoam panels answer all the issues for computer
room environments. Mineral wool and other foamed system (PU,
PIR) are designed for the food industry where the value and
critical nature of the protected area is not in the same league.
Below are just some of the UK organisations to choose a
ModuSec solution:
Arm - Auto Indemnity - BAT – BMA - Bodyshop - Boeing – Bosch - British
Energy – Cable & Wireless – Cambridgeshire Police - Coca Cola - CPP – Detica -
DSM - Dutch National Water – Eads Astrium - Easynet/Ipsaris – Ericsson - Eon -
Frimley Park Hosp – Fujicolor - Harris - Home Office – Hewlet Packard - IBM -
ING Direct – Interserve - Isotron - London Borough of Newham - Mercedes –
MOD Naval Bases - Nottingham University - NSSL - Philip Morris – Police
Service of Northern Ireland - Royal Berkshire Hospital – Royal Bournemouth
Hospital - Open University – Siemens - Suffolk County Council – Sungard -
Thales – TNT - University Hospital Cardiff – Vodafone

Plus many more throughout Europe and Scandinavia

For more details or a quotation contact:

Remtech (Computer Security) Ltd,

PO Box 60, Epsom, Surrey KT17 2YT
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