My Submission, Your Addiction Chapter 1 [[Frank’s POV]] “We're here, sir. Have a nice flight back home.

” “Thanks,” I muttered, before slipping my driver for the weekend a $50 bill. I walked away before I could hear whatever form of ‘thank you’ he shot me in response, with my suitcase following behind me like a puppy dog as I walked into the airport. With one look around the crowded place, a frown made itself nice and cozy across my face. Business trips like the one that I’m on at this very moment are usually my favorite, because I can always find a way to mix business with pleasure. Whether I’m in such a gorgeous place like Los Angeles, or a city that’s full of sin like Las Vegas, or perhaps my favorite place in the world, New Orleans - I can always find someone that peaks my interest; someone worthy of giving me a good time, therefore making my business trip very pleasurable. However, this particular business trip to L.A. was simply that; all business. There were absolutely no interesting people worth spending my time with; no one intriguing enough to make me have them screaming my name before the night is through. No such luck this time. I let out a rather exasperated sigh as I joined the line of people waiting to check their suitcases in. As I set mine on the conveyor belt, I realized that there really is nothing that I hate more than just a simple, boring business trip.

What a waste of a weekend… In the midst of my particularly pissed off mood, my eyes were suddenly drawn to a figure that was headed in my direction, dressed in extremely tight dark jeans with a black button up shirt that cradled his torso very well. His pale face was quite beautiful, framed by jet black hair that screamed out “Fuck me, now.” But it wasn’t just the tight fitting clothes that hugged his body that intrigued me so much; it was his eyes. Even from across the crowded room, those green gems of his pierced straight through me as we made eye contact. A slight grin now covered his very attractive face, and for a brief moment I held his gaze as he advanced toward me. But the most intriguing thing of all about him, is the fact that he happens to be boarding the same flight to New York as I am. Of all the terminals in this gigantic airport that was filled with thousands of people about to embark on whatever adventure they happen to be going on, he’s boarding my flight.. Just as I was about to give up hope… A smirk instantly graced my features as he walked passed me; our gaze still fixated upon one another. He flipped his sexy hair back as he passed me and returned a very sexy smirk of his own. Oh yes…this is shaping up to be an extremely interesting flight, indeed… ---

I now realize that if there’s one thing that I hate more than not having a fulfilling weekend - it’s waiting. And if there’s one thing that I hate more than waiting, it’s parents that don’t control their kids when they’re running around like they just escaped from the zoo. And what I hate more than all of those things combined, is not being able to get my work done on time. With one look around the crowded waiting room full of screaming kids belonging to idiot parents for this flight that I just know is going to be delayed, I feel like blowing my brains against the ceiling. And to make matters worse, the sexy mystery man from the luggage check was nowhere to be seen. I shut my laptop and shoved it in my messenger bag, and ran a hand through my hair as I let out a frustrated sigh. The craving for nicotine suddenly hit me, as did the brilliant idea to escape this zoo and head off to find some area where I could fill my lungs with some much-needed smoke. I pried myself off of the hard plastic chair that I’d been sitting in for the past half hour, and actually smiled at one of the little girls that ran smack into my leg. Just as I slipped my messenger bag over my head, I happened to glance in the direction of the coffee shop, and felt my heart rate quicken as I finally spotted him. I don’t know how I had failed to see him before; he was facing my direction, and had been sitting there for God knows how long. I collected myself, and strutted over toward the direction of the coffee shop. It wasn’t just the

intoxicating aroma that enticed me to go there of course; it was the delicious looking man sitting at the table by himself, who had a cell phone stuck to his ear, and wore a frustrated expression similar to the one that matched mine right before I laid eyes on him. Grinning to myself, I instantly thought of about twenty different ways that I could make that frown disappear. “No, don’t be silly. Of course I had fun weekend,” I overheard him say as I walked passed him. “It’s okay, I know you were busy…” His voice was just as sexy as he is, thus making him that much more appealing, if at all possible. Through the corner of my eye I could see that he wore a strained smile on his face, meaning he was obviously lying to whoever he was talking to. His girlfriend, perhaps. I giggled slightly at the thought; no man that pretty could possibly be straight, it had to be a guy that he was talking to. I wonder why the smile that he wore on his pretty face looked so fake… “Sir?” My attention was averted to the handsome looking gentleman behind the counter, and I couldn’t help but smile at him. He was your typical California guy, perfectly tan with sandy blonde hair, along with a perfect smile. “Sorry, I was distracted,” I said to him, and couldn’t help but notice the flirtatious way that he was positioned against the counter.

“It’s no problem sir, there’s tons of beautiful distractions in L.A,” he replied, and flashed me another one of his perfect smiles. “You’ve got that right,” I said quickly, and inconspicuously looked over my shoulder to once again spy on my mystery man. At that second, he glanced up and caught my eye, and shot me that sexy smirk of his from before. So much for being inconspicuous, I thought to myself, and rolled my eyes as I returned my attention to the good looking guy behind the counter. “I’ll have whatever he had,” I muttered, and nodded my head in the direction of the sexy piece of eye candy. “A double tall latte, black,” the coffee guy confirmed; still flashing me that smile. “Coming right up.” I grinned back, yet couldn’t help but roll my eyes the second he turned around. It was obvious that he was hitting on me, and if I was still in a bitter mood I would have had fun toying with him, but right now my mind is only on one thing. As I turned to face him again, my grin immediately faltered as I noticed that he was gone. “Damn it,” I muttered under my breath, just in time for me to hear the coffee guy clear his throat from behind me. “That’ll be $2.75, sir,” he informed me; still giving me that same perfect smile as before. I reached into my back pocket to retrieve my wallet, pulling out a $10

bill considering I didn’t want to break a hundred. He grabbed a hold of it, but didn’t let go. “Cheer up beautiful, he went off in that direction,” the coffee guy informed me, and pointed to my left. My smile came back instantly, as my mind registered this new information that I had just received. “Thanks,” I said in reply, and refused the change that he tried to give me. “If I can’t find him, I’ll make sure to come back and keep you company.” “Well in that case, I can’t help but wish that I’d given you the wrong direction,” he replied, and gave me a wink. I smirked at him once more before I walked away, and headed off in the direction that the cute coffee guy had just pointed out to me. Seeing as I had no clue where I was actually going, my craving for nicotine came back full force as I took the first sip of my coffee. I noticed a sign that said “Smoking Permitted”, which pointed to a door that lead to a little balcony outside. I immediately headed in that direction; my mouth watering as I could practically taste the nicotine that I so desperately needed. I sighed as I inhaled the warm California air, and shut my eyes briefly so that I could take in the moment. I fumbled around my back pocket and dug out my pack of smokes, and frowned when I couldn’t find my lighter. “Need a light?” That voice. As I turned around, I instantly smiled as I

came face to face with the gorgeous guy that’s intrigued me since the first time I laid eyes on him. I stuck the cigarette in between my lips and smirked at him; watching him with great interest as he lit it for me. “Thanks,” I said in reply, and sat my cup of coffee down on the ledge in front of me. “I’m Frank,” I informed him, and stuck my hand out to shake his. “Gerard,” he replied back, as a smile instantly graced his perfect features as he slid his hand inside of mine. I held onto his hand for a few moments longer than I should have; my gaze never leaving his as we continued to size each other up. Maybe this trip didn’t turn out so bad after all… Chapter 2 [[Gerard's POV]] “So, what’s bringing you to New York?” I asked as I pulled out my own pack of cigarettes and lit one of them up. The man in front of me was totally gorgeous and I wanted to know as much about him as I could. I could tell that he must be important, judging by the high-tech computer that he carried with him and by the way that he carried himself. He didn’t necessarily appear cocky; but he was sure of himself, I could tell that just by looking at him. I could make out tattoos on both sides of his neck; infinitely turning me on. He inhaled on his cigarette and exhaled the smoke before looking at me again. He smirked at me; the devilish look crossing his face making my mouth water. “I’m going home to my wife,” was his reply.

Oh my god. He has a wife! A fucking wife… but if he had a wife; why would my gaydar be ticking off of the hook? I smirked too, “Oh really?” I had decided to pretend to be sure of myself when I really knew that there was no chance that he’d be interested in me. I mean after all, he was married and to a woman, no less. He was either straight and really good at making guys think that he’s gay, or he’s gay and pretending to be straight and decided to take it a few steps further by being married. He grinned wider at me, which showed off all of his perfect teeth. “Yeah,” he replied, chuckling. “What brings you out to L.A.?” he asked, before taking one final drag off of his cigarette before tossing it on the cemented ground of the balcony and stomping it out with his shoe. I took the time to notice that his sneakers were very expensive looking; as if they were custom-made. The shirt that he was wearing was obviously designer, and he had the sleeves rolled up to his elbows; showing off more tattoos that were simply beautiful. I could see that his knuckles were tattooed too, and my eyes drifted towards his left hand; he wasn’t wearing a ring. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion and decided that I should probably answer his question. “I came out here to visit my boyfriend,” I replied, looking down at my feet and letting a blush stain my features. “Aww… Isn’t that sweet,” he spoke again; his voice sounding slightly sarcastic. I wondered why; it wasn’t

like he could be interested in me. He was married, after all… “Yes, it’s very sweet,” I agreed, after deciding that I could be sarcastic too. “What are you doing out here?” I asked, and finished off my own cigarette and stubbed it out on the concrete next to his. I then glanced back up at him, and realized that the smile that he had been wearing on his face had somewhat faded. “Business trip,” he replied, and took my lighter when I offered it after he pulled out another cigarette. I watched as he lit it up and then noticed another sexy smirk cross his features. God, he was so hot whenever he smirked at me. “I was hoping to mix business with pleasure though…” he trailed off, as his eyes darted up and down my body suggestively. I felt my face slowly breaking out into a grin. Was he interested in me? I didn’t know; but either way, it was definitely fun flirting with him. “What kind of pleasure?” I questioned; my curiosity piqued as I wondered about his sexual fantasies. “The same kind of pleasure I’m sure you were hoping to get out here,” Frank replied, as I watched his smirk morph into an equally sexy grin. I absolutely loved all of his facial expressions; all of them had a different degree of sexiness and for me, who had just met him, it was fun figuring out what each one of them meant. I couldn’t quite place why I felt so attracted to him right off the bat, but I couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to have his body pushed up against mine; to feel what it was like to have him writhing

from underneath me and moaning out my name. I shouldn’t be thinking like that though; I have a boyfriend. A boyfriend that I’ve been with for over two years… a boyfriend who pretty much ignores me. “I’ll let you use your imagination,” he added, which made my smirk grow even wider. My mind was running wild with my thoughts; I’m sure that he knew that he was making all sorts of perverted thoughts flood my mind. I smirked at him and licked my lips slowly. “You must have really dirty pleasures then,” I mused, which made him chuckle. “You know it.” After he spoke, his face took on a thoughtful expression. His eyes clouded over with his thoughts and I took the time to look him up and down again; this time focusing on his legs and crotch. His black jeans were what appeared to be painfully tight; hugging his legs and package very closely. I let my eyes focus on that and was surprised that I didn’t start drooling. “Unfortunately for me, I haven’t stumbled upon anyone worth having a good time with,” Frank spoke, which caused goosebumps to form on my skin. I gasped softly as he put two of his fingers under my chin and redirected my gaze to his; our eyes instantly locking as my heart rate quickly increased. I stared straight into his eyes as I waited for him to speak again.

“…Until now.” I grinned mischievously at him and somehow grinned wider when his mouth formed into another one of those grins that I was already in love with. I stared at the piece of metal piercing his lip; I love piercings. He had a nose ring in as well… hot. “Sounds like fun,” I spoke in a playful voice; my grin staying on my face and my eyes looking down to focus on the tattoos on his arms more closely. “Oh yeah,” he replies, and stuck his fingers in my belt loops and pulled me close to him. I was surprised by the sudden contact and my breath hitched in my throat, his mouth already by my ear. “You and I could have so much fun together,” he murmured in a sexy voice, as his tongue gently licked the outer shell of my ear. I moaned out softly; already beginning to feel some blood rushing to my lower regions. “And where would we have this ‘fun’ that you’re speaking of?” I asked as he moved his head down and began to lightly suck on random places of my neck. “That’s a good question,” he murmured against my skin, after picking out a spot and beginning to suck there. I knew that he was probably going to leave a mark on my neck; but for some reason, I didn’t really care. My boyfriend was recording in L.A. and then he was going to go on a short tour of the west; the marks would undoubtedly fade by the time he gets home. I moaned again at the feeling of his soft lips sucking on that one spot. It wasn’t really a sensitive spot, but just knowing that it was this sexy piece of ass in front

of me that was sucking on my neck like this made it much more pleasurable than it normally would have been. “There are plenty of places we could go…” I said in a soft voice; wondering if he was truly interested. “Like…?” he asked, and brushed his hand lightly against the front of my jeans. I had already been somewhat hard and the feeling of him brushing against my hard-on just made me grow even harder. “Mm… bathroom?” I asked and gasped at the same time, wishing that he’d brush his hand over me again. “I like the way you think,” he grinned, and pulled his body away from mine. “Come on, sugar,” he spoke again as he began to walk back inside of the airport. I looked down at my dick and saw that it was somewhat straining against my jeans. I wasn’t completely hard, but all it would take was just a few more minutes with Frank until I would be. I went inside after Frank and began to weave my way through the crowds of people, my eyes staying focused on his back. I took the opportunity to let my gaze drift down to his ass. It was perfect… just like the rest of him. It was the perfect size for his small body and looked like it was made to be groped. I followed him into one of the men’s bathrooms and gave a wide smile as he put the ‘Out of order’ sign on the door. He smirked at me and walked over to the counter, sitting on top of it and looking at me eagerly; and it was then that I began to feel the first feelings of apprehension. Did I really want to cheat on my boyfriend? I had

always been faithful to him, no matter how bad things had gotten between us. Did I really want to throw that all away? “Are you sure we should be doing this?” I asked, as I took a few steps closer to him and gazed at him longingly. I really did want to fuck around with him, but my conscience was something that could potentially hold me back. I was close enough for him to reach out to me, and he did. He pulled me in between his legs and wrapped them loosely around my waist; startling me. “That all depends on you,” he murmured, and began to kiss all along my neck again. He found one of my sensitive spots almost immediately and began to focus on it. I could feel his tongue pushing up against my neck along with his lips; the feeling causing me to moan out for him as I rested my hands on his shoulders. “It seems like a good idea now…” I said, and moved my hands from his shoulders down to rest on his thighs. He pulled away from my neck and smiled at me; staring deeply into my eyes. “Well Gerard, I’m glad you think so,” Frank replied with a smirk, and placed one of his hands against the front of my jeans. I felt him begin to palm me through my pants as his face scrunched up in confusion when I didn’t react right away to his touch. Guilt was overflowing my being and I couldn’t bring myself to get aroused over him touching me; even

though I had told him that I thought that he and I messing around was a good idea. As much as I so desperately wanted him; I wasn’t willing to break my monogamy so easily. “You can do as you please with me, sugar,” he spoke suddenly; his words threatening to break through my resolve. “I won’t bite. I mean, unless you’re into that kind of thing…” he gave a slight shrug along with a devilishly sexy smirk. I moaned softly at his words, and at his touch. “Sometimes,” I admitted; blushing sheepishly. “But I want to know a little bit of what you want.” “Honestly?” I nodded, as my eyes locked with his. “I want you.” How is it that I hadn’t outright said that I was hesitant because of my relationship, and he knew exactly the right words to use to make those feelings vanish in to thin air? I knew for sure now that he wanted me; I didn’t have to worry about him just feigning interest now. “And how do you want me?” I asked, and leaned in closer to him; letting my lips ghost along his jawbone. “Just… like that…” he spoke seductively, and tilted his head back to allow me access to the skin on his neck. I slid my lips down to his neck, and picked out a spot just under his ear to begin sucking on his skin. “Fuck,”

he breathed out pleasurably, and tangled his hands tightly in my hair as he began to moan. I smirked again and slid my hands up his thighs; drifting them to rest on his hips and gripped them as I began to suck even harder on his skin. He removed his hands from my hair and began to unbutton and unzip my pants, while using his other hand to cup me through my jeans. After he had them unbuttoned, he brought his hands back up and began to unbutton my shirt. I breathed out his name softly; and smiled as I saw the ‘HALLOWEEN’ tattoo on his knuckles; glad that I could finally see it clearly. ”Boarding flight 345 to New York,” a voice resounded over the loudspeakers; causing me to groan and pull away from Frank. “It’s okay sugar, it’s a long flight to New York,” Frank spoke as he kissed along the bare skin of my chest, and gave a final gentle nip to my collarbone before pulling away from my skin. “I know, I just don’t like waiting,” I replied, and began to button up my shirt before reaching down to rebutton and re-zip my pants again. I sighed; I was still hard. “You are sitting first class with me aren’t you?” Frank asked, and pulled my body closely to his once again. “Of course,” I answered; grinning for what seemed the hundredth time since I had met him. “Good,” he smiled. “Then I’ll see you on the plane,” he un-wrapped his legs from around my waist and

climbed off of the counter. He locked eyes with me once again, and before I knew it, his arms had wrapped around my body, and he was leaning up to press a very tender kiss to my lips before walking out of the bathroom. I stood by myself in the bathroom for a few more minutes; struggling to regain my thoughts and keep them under control. I couldn’t believe that I had met Frank, and was about to get it on with him in the same day. It seemed that he really did have at least some level of attraction and interest in me; and even though I did still feel guilty about cheating on my boyfriend, it was definitely something that I could live with. Fuck him. This is what he gets for ignoring me. Chapter 3 [[Frank's POV]] I can’t believe I just fucking did that. Of all the guys I’ve fucked around with, of all the times that I’ve cheated on my wife, I have never taken it that far. I touched my lips from where I had just kissed him, on his fucking lips no less, and could still feel him there; still taste him. I sighed deeply; I never kiss anyone on the lips, it’s too personal. It’s a rule that I made when I first started doing this - as long as it’s strictly physical, you can’t get hurt. It’s a mutual, unspoken understanding me and the lucky prospect that I've chosen, that whatever happens is just to have fun, just for right now. A kiss on the lips can sometimes mean everything; it

can bring out feelings that you’re trying to ignore, and it can even create feelings you know are there but you’re trying to avoid. A kiss to the lips complicates things, and that’s just what I fucking did. Question is… why did I kiss him? “Sir?” I snapped back to reality and realized that it was my turn to board the plane. For the second time today, I’ve been caught spacing out because my thoughts have been so wrapped up in Gerard. “Sorry,” I apologized, and instantly faked a smile. I handed the woman my ticket, which she quickly scanned. “It’s okay sir, I see it all the time. People have this fear of flying, it’s perfectly normal.” “Yeah… I’m sure.” I rolled my eyes slightly; her little prognosis of my current fears couldn’t be further from the truth. She clicked away at her computer, and then handed the piece of paper back to me. “Enjoy your flight, sir.” “Thanks.” I walked down the ramp that lead to the plane, excitement suddenly coursing through my system. The most intriguing prospect I have ever encountered would be boarding this same flight soon after me, and I will have him all to myself for the next six hours. “Good afternoon sir, may I see your boarding pass?”

I grinned at the cheerful blonde woman, and handed her my ticket. This was my favorite part. “Oh, Mr. Iero. It appears you’ll be sitting in our first class section, will you follow me please?” “Of course,” I replied, and instantly followed behind the walking Barbie-doll in front of me. She led me to the private section, and I instantly smiled. “Here we are. You can sit wherever you like. If there’s anything I can do for you, just let me know, okay?” “Thanks,” I replied, and settled myself in the big cushy seat in the very last row. Luckily for me, there were only about six rows, with two seats on each side. This would be perfect if Gerard was still up for having a little fun with me. Gerard. Just the thought of his name made me shut my eyes as my fingers fumbled around nervously in my lap. It wasn’t just the fact that Gerard was strikingly gorgeous that made him stand out from all of the rest, but I think it was the fact that even though he did succumb to his obvious desire for me, he didn’t come easy. While I have done this numerous times, I can tell that he has never done this before. I could tell that Gerard had a conscience, and he was battling with the decision to actually cheat on his boyfriend with me or not. I really liked that about him, and this little fact was actually beginning to make me feel a little bad for making him break his commitment to his boyfriend. But that's just the kind of selfish prick that I am; when

I see something that I want, I usually don’t stop until I get it. Getting Gerard was no question; I instantly wanted him the second that I laid eyes on him. He tasted every bit as delicious as he looked, and the way I had him longing after me made me want him even more. And in an instant, he appeared through the curtain, escorted by the same woman that walked me to my seat earlier. He wore a sexy, mischievous grin on his face as he made eye contact with me, and I grinned back as I noticed how the buttons on his shirt were sloppily re-buttoned after our little rendezvous in the bathroom earlier. He flipped his hair back and licked his lips before he walked over to me, which instantly made me crave him even more. “Hi,” Gerard greeted me; his eyes still locked with mine. "Hi,” I repeated, and pointed to the empty seat next to me. “I saved you a seat." I watched as he glanced around the empty section, and put on a grin that completely mesmerized me. “Thanks,” Gerard replied, and licked his lips once more before taking the empty seat beside me. He took a minute to situate himself, and once he was finished, he turned to face me, with that grin of his just as brilliant as it was before. "So Gerard,” I began, after figuring out that the best way to break the ice would be to start off with a little bit of small-talk. “I meant to ask you earlier, what’s bringing you to New York?"

He sighed, as that grin of his immediately faltered. "I live out there. I flew out to L.A. to visit someone and now I'm going back home." "Aww, don’t look so down, sugar," I said, and lifted his chin up slightly so I could make eye contact with those gorgeous green eyes of his, and smiled. Well, now that I’m seeing them up close, they aren’t necessarily green… sort of hazel. He seemed to perk right up about something, and instantly broke into a smile which again, left me mesmerized. Realizing that I was still staring at him, I pulled my hand away and decided to keep him talking. "I take it the visit didn’t turn out like you hoped it would, did it?" "No, I was pretty much ignored the whole time," he replied, and his smile once again disappearing as he ran a hand through his hair. “Poor thing...” I said in a soft voice as I lifted his chin gently, and made him meet my gaze once again. “How anyone could ignore a face like that is beyond me.” My words made him smile. He then bit his lip, and I watched with great curiosity as he kept inching his hand closer toward me. I couldn’t stop the smile from forming on my face once I noticed that he kept retracting it. "I'm always ignored," he replied, with a look of hesitation in his eyes as he finally placed one of his hands on my thigh, and began rubbing my leg gently with his fingers. “How do you think I feel?” I asked, and moaned out

softly as Gerard’s hand inched closer and closer toward my dick, which was instantly springing to life with every movement that he made. “I'm fucking married...” He looked at me with a thoughtful expression on his face, and let his fingers drift slightly over the obvious bulge in my pants. “What's your wife like?” So much for my aching hard-on, I thought to myself, and sighed. I suppose that it is rather cute of Gerard to ask about her though, seeing as he had a boyfriend and wasn't the only one guilty of infidelity here. "Total trophy wife," I replied, and rolled my eyes. I noticed him wince, and nod his head slightly. "So, you don't even like her?" “No,” I replied, and shook my head. “She's the kind of bitch that guys like us hate. I think what she put me through is actually the main reason why I prefer guys…” I noticed Gerard’s look of apprehension as he again began to trail his hand forward, but stopped. Grinning at this, I grabbed Gerard's hand and pushed it upward; effectively making him cup me through my jeans. I moaned out softly as he gripped my dick tighter, and noticed that sexy smirk once again grace his very attractive features as he did so. "And what kind of guys do you prefer?"

I leaned in closer to him and ran my tongue along Gerard's bottom lip, and heard him moan out for me. It was such a gorgeous sound, and it came from an even more gorgeous person; I just had to hear it again. “I like my guys sexy…” I trailed my lips down to the skin on his neck and began to kiss along various spots, and instantly heard those sexy moans of his for my efforts. “Completely gorgeous…” As I began to suck lightly on his neck, I heard those moans of his grow in volume; which turned me on even more than before. After one particularly loud moan, I kissed along his jaw line up to his lips, where my eyes locked with his the second that I pulled away from his skin. I reached over and brushed my fingers over his crotch, and instantly smirked once I felt that his cock was as hard as mine was. I hovered my lips just over his ear, and whispered, “Just like you.” Upon hearing my words, he leaned over to begin placing kisses to my neck. “Well, that's good,” Gerard replied; kissing my skin between each word. “Because I like my guys tattooed.…” I moaned out quietly once his lips landed across my scorpion tattoo. He brought his lips back up to mine, and ran his tongue along my lip ring. “Pierced.…”

He nibbled on it before pulling away, which caused me to whimper. Smirking, he gripped my erection a bit harder than before; looking me in my eyes as he did so. “…And fucking hot." I smirked back. “Well, I think finding you must be fate, Gerard,” I murmured sexily in his ear, as my fingers knotted in his hair. “Because you definitely made this trip worthwhile…” “I feel the same way,” Gerard replied in an equally sexy voice. He then made me moan out once again in complete surprise as he applied more pressure to his hand, which was still firmly gripping my erection. As I stared in his eyes, my breathing still slightly irregular, I licked my lips and crashed them hungrily against Gerard's waiting lips; tangling my hands in his hair as I did so. He kissed me back just as passionately, and slid his tongue in my mouth which opened the flood gates that caused me wanting more of him; so much more. I quickly slipped my tongue in his mouth as well, which more soft moans to emit from the two of us. "Ahem...” I felt him pull away quickly due to the interruption, and I glared at the flight attendant from before. “Hi,” I said to her; giving her a smirk as I watched her cheeks blush. “Can we help you?”

“I um… I'm really sorry to interrupt, I'm just making sure you're both aware that we are about to take off. Please make sure your seatbelts are fastened-'' “Right, fasten our seatbelts. Got it,” I told her, and reached over Gerard's crotch to fasten his seatbelt for him; my eyes still locked with his as I licked my lips and brushed my fingers over his jean-clad erection. “Um... Have a good flight sirs,” the flight attendant spoke quickly as she turned to walk away rather hurriedly. “What a cockblock,” I muttered, which made Gerard and I both burst out laughing. “Seriously,” Gerard agreed, before allowing me to push our lips together again. We quickly resumed our kiss from before, just as a 'ding' sounded over the loudspeaker. I was so caught up in Gerard's lustful moans, his luscious lips, and his skillful tongue that was currently dominating mine; I didn't hear a word that was spoken. Well, until, ''...Please keep your seatbelts fastened until the captain turns off the 'seatbelt' sign...'' Our kiss was broken then, as a frustrated groan slipped past Gerard's lips as he buried his face in my neck. He began sucking on one of my particularly weaker spots, which caused immense pleasure to course through my system as his lips fluttered beautifully across my ink-covered skin. “I need you now, Frankie…”

I grinned into his hair; he was craving me just as much as I was craving him. In the midst of the pleasure that he was bringing me, I got perhaps a genius idea to help tie the both of us over. I untangled my hands from within his hair, and unbuttoned his pants. I unbuttoned my shirt as well, which left me in just the tight fitting plain white shirt that I wore underneath. I slipped the garment over Gerard's crotch to keep him from being exposed, and grinned at him as he watched my every movement intently. Keeping eye contact with him the entire time, I dipped my hand inside his boxers; therefore freeing his erection from within the confines of his extremely constricting jeans. A smirk made its way across my face as I watched his face contort in pleasure once I wrapped my hand around his erection; my movements causing him to whimper out softly for me. Gerard gripped tightly onto his art rest as my hand began to gently stroke his erection. Just as the plane began to move, he reached his hand to tangle into my hair, and hungrily crashed his lips into mine once again. Our kiss deepened as the plane took off into the air, as my hand still firmly gripped his rock-hard cock. “Faster,” Gerard panted against my lips; his eyes clouded with lust. Smirking, I did as I was told, and instantly picked up speed and began to pump his hardened cock even faster than before. He buried his face in my neck again, and I moaned out quite loudly as I felt him bite down hard on my collarbone to keep his own moans

from getting too loud. I repeated this process for a few more minutes; basically teasing Gerard more than anything. He was such a great size… I couldn't wait to have him inside of me. “Frank.... please,” Gerard groaned out; obviously fed up with the way I'd been teasing him. Just then, we heard another ding, and another announcement was made saying that the 'seatbelt' sign was finally turned off. “Just in time,” I smirked, and released my hand from around Gerard's length. I got up from my seat, and casually walked toward the back of the plane. I glanced back at Gerard and shot him the sexiest smirk I could possibly give him, hoping that he would follow. I picked what looked to be the largest of the three restrooms, and left the door open just slightly for my new lover named Gerard. No more than 30 seconds had passed before Gerard appeared in the doorway. I pulled him inside of the tiny room by his shirt collar, and I greedily attacked his lips the second he shut the door behind him. “Mmm…” Gerard moaned softly against my mouth, and flicked his tongue very sexily across my lip ring; instantly making me weak for him. I could feel my craving for him growing stronger than before as he placed another fervent kiss to my lips that left me breathless. His arms were around me in an instant, and our bodies were pressed up very sensually among one another’s.

It turned me on so much the way that he was dominating me; I was like putty in his hands. “How do you want me?” I asked him, once I had gotten his shirt unbuttoned. As l began kissing his exposed chest, he began to unbuckle my belt. “I don't care... I just need you, Frankie,” Gerard replied in a soft voice; his words making my heart flutter as I smiled into the crook of his neck. “That’s just what I wanted to hear,'' I whispered, and kissed all along the sensitive skin on his neck; causing him to whimper softly. As I pulled away, I stared deeply into Gerard’s gorgeous hazel eyes, and held his body as closely to mine as I possibly could. “I want you to fuck me,” I told him, as a smirk crossed my face as I ran my tongue along his bottom lip; causing him to moan out for me. “I really just want to feel what it’s like to have you inside of me.” Gerard grinned, and pressed his lips to mine quickly. “Whatever you want, Frankie.” I smiled, after noticing that he had again called me 'Frankie'. I slid Gerard's shirt off of his shoulders, planting kisses all along his flawlessly perfect flesh. As my eyes scanned over his perfectly toned chest, I couldn't help but lick my lips as I took in all of his gorgeous splendor. "Wow Gerard... you are really fucking beautiful...'' I noticed he was blushing slightly, as the corners of his lips turned up into a smile. ”Thanks," he mumbled, tugging my body close to his. He began to lift my shirt

from over my head, running his fingers sensually across my skin, causing me to shiver and moan out with each skillful brush of his fingers. "Your tattoos are so fucking sexy, Frank," Gerard murmured, as he began to nibble on my earlobe. ''I love this one in particular,'' he continued, trailing his fingers over the 'Search and Destroy' tattoo that stretched from one side of my stomach to the other. I smirked. "Well if you like that one..." I turned around so I could show Gerard the ink on my back, moaning as I felt his lips trail from the back of my neck to my shoulders. He then placed a trail of butterfly kisses all down my back, causing me to arch my back as he wrapped his arms around my stomach, gripping me tightly. I shivered as Gerard let his nimble fingers trail down to my already undone belt, instantly unzipping my pants as he pushed them down my legs. ''Wait Gee,'' I breathed out suddenly, my mind scrambling to figure out why the fuck I'd just called him 'Gee'. Shaking the thought out of my head, I reached into my fallen pants pocket and retrieved the condom from within. ''Here,'' I handed it to him, watching as he smiled at me in the mirror. ''Safety first,'' Gerard smiled, instantly undoing his pants. ''Of course,'' I grinned. I may like to cheat on my wife with various men from different places, but I'm not stupid about it. I'm not going to fuck some random

guy without at least trying to protect myself. Before I could think of anything else, I felt Gerard's fingers start to travel down my sides again. He brushed my boxers down my hips to land around my ankles, cupping my ass as he breathed heavily in my ear. I gasped out as Gerard began to finger me; the feeling was so intense I had to grip the counter in front of me for support. ''Fuck, Gee... I'm ready,'' I panted, smashing my lips roughly to his. He grinned, and I soon heard the crinkling of the condom wrapper as he placed it on his still rock-hard length. He reached around my front, gripping me close to his body with one hand as I felt him push himself into me, a sudden wave of pleasure mixed with pain shooting through my system as I tried my hardest to get used to the feeling. This was brand new for me; while I have had plenty of sexual experiences with quite a number of guys, I have never taken before. In fact, I have done a lot of things differently with Gerard than I have with other guys... ''Tell me when, sugar,'' Gerard whispered in my ear, resting his forehead against my temple. I grinned; I appreciated the fact that he was letting me get used to the feeling of having him inside of me; it was such an awkward feeling. Some of the pain soon washed away, and I tilted my head so I could face Gerard. Locking eyes with his, I nodded, and felt the grip he had around my stomach get tighter. I laced my fingers with his as he began to move, setting up a slow and steady pace at first. It

took no time at all for the awkwardness to wear off completely, and I was feeling a pleasure far greater than anything I have ever felt before. I rocked my hips in time with his thrusts, which caused even louder moans and even more pleasure to course through my system. ''Fuck, Frankie,'' he breathed heavily in my ear, resting his lips against my neck as he began to thrust into me even harder. ''You feel so fucking amazing.'' During one particularly hard thrust, I arched my back and literally screamed as he brushed against something inside me that made me see stars. ''Gerard, fuck, do that again.'' He did as he was told, his eyes locking with mine in the mirror as I repeated my actions from before, causing him to hit my prostate once again. ''Oh fuck,'' I muttered, gripping onto the counter once again. Gerard continued to fuck me, just as hard and fast as before, showing off his skills as he placed a string of kisses up my back to my shoulders, causing me to moan out as he began to suck hard on my neck. I tilted my head back and kissed him deeply, and felt tingles as he wrapped his hand around my achingly hard dick, causing me to moan into his mouth. All it took was a few pumps of my rock-hard cock, along with the steady rhythm of thrusts he had built up, and I could feel myself getting close. ''Fuck, Gerard...'' He must have felt my insides tighten around him, because he made sure to slam into me particularly hard, gripping my hips firmly with one hand, as he ran his thumb over my slit with the other. That was all it

took, as I came hard all over his hand. I continued to moan his name as I rode out my orgasm, moaning out once again as I felt him bite down on my collarbone. Various curse words mixed in with my name soon fell from his lips, as I felt him climax inside of me, intensifying my orgasm and making it that much greater. ''Oh Frankie,'' he panted, kissing my shoulder once he stopped moving. He held me close to him, as we both stared at each other through our reflection in the mirror. ''You are so fucking incredible.'' He kissed my temple before removing himself from inside of me, causing me to lean against the counter once again to try to regulate my breathing. I brought my gaze up to the mirror again, watching as Gerard was doing the same against the wall, panting just as heavily. As soon as he caught me staring at him, he quickly began to clean himself up. He was dressed in no time, before I even had the chance to get my pants back up. He kissed my cheek gently, running his fingers through my hair, causing my eyes to flutter shut. ''Thanks Frankie,'' he whispered, giving me a shy smile before he disappeared, leaving me alone to collect myself. I peered into the mirror, and smirked at what I saw. My hair was tussled, my cheeks were flushed, and my lips appeared swollen from all the kissing Gerard and I had done. My heart was still racing, my body still tingling from one of the best sexual experiences I’ve ever had

in my life… with by far, the most interesting person I had ever met. I put my clothes back on and fixed myself up the best I could, peering into the mirror one last time before heading back out to Gerard. “Well, this is going to be an awkward rest of the plane ride…”

Chapter 4 [[Gerard's POV]] Frank and I slowly filed off of the plane when it landed; both of us sporting sex hair and appearing disheveled. I thought it was a rather funny sight; two people coming off of a plane and members of the ‘mile-high club’. We made our way to the baggage claim both of us standing and sending quick glances at each other. I wished that I could just grab him and take him off for a little bit more fun. It hadn’t even been that long since we had fucked and I already wanted him again. I loved the feeling of him around me; I loved holding onto him and hearing his moans of my name. Our bags both came out on the conveyor belt at around the same time; we grabbed them and both seemed to be at a loss as to what to do next. “Well…” he said as he glanced at me and let that smile that I adored cross his features. “Thanks for today. You really did make this trip so worthwhile…” I couldn’t help but smirk slightly; I’m really glad that I made him feel good. I leaned over quickly, kissing his cheek and letting my lips linger against his soft skin for a few moments. “It’s no problem; I really enjoyed myself.”

“I’m sure you did,” his voice sounded sort of unsure; and I could see that in his eyes, those beautiful eyes that I could just lose myself in. I smiled softly at him and reached out; gently smoothing his hair away from his forehead. “You’re so amazing Frankie…” I murmured, wishing that he could see just how amazing I thought he was. I had only known him for a short while, sure; but I really did think that he was amazing. I wanted more of him. He shut his eyes and pulled me tightly to his body, wrapping his arms securely around my waist, obviously not caring if anyone was watching. His actions made me grin as I held onto him just as tightly. “So are you, Gee…” he murmured back, nuzzling his face into my chest. I grinned wider and kissed the top of his head quickly, relishing in the feeling of having his body being pushed up against mine again; even if it was through clothing. All day, Frank had made me feel wanted; like I mattered to him. I loved the feeling; it was something that I rarely felt… from anyone. I kissed the top of his head one more time, not wanting to let him go. I didn’t know why I felt so attached so quickly; I supposed it was because with him, it was the first time I have had sex in quite a while. But not only that, he was so passionate about it. I felt his fingers slowly running under the skin at the back of my shirt, which made me shiver; my skin was tingling where his skillful fingers touched it. I held onto him for a few more minutes, before the time I was dreading had finally come. “Well… I have to

go,” I said reluctantly; gently separating myself from him and beginning to walk away, it wouldn’t be wise to stay any longer. “Gee, wait,” I heard him say as he gripped onto my hand, tugging me backwards and clashing our lips together. I grinned against his lips and tightly wrapped my arms around him, pulling him closer and feeling one of his hands tangling in my hair. I didn’t attempt to slide my tongue into his mouth and he didn’t attempt either. This was simply just an amazing, mind-blowing kiss… not like any of the lustful and sloppy ones that we had shared on the plane. I moved my lips in time with his and felt my eyes drift completely shut; I noticed that his had as well. I continued kissing him for a few more moments before he slowly pulled away, leaning his forehead against the side of my head. “Check your pocket when you get home, babe…” he murmured, gracing his fingers across my right pocket and smiling softly at me. I merely nodded and leaned in for another quick kiss before I reluctantly pulled completely away from him and began to walk towards the exit of the airport. I got into my car that one of the valets had pulled around for me; I had it stored at the airport in one of their exclusive sections so that I could have it right when I got back and started it; eager to go back home and see what Frank wanted me to check my pocket for. As for now, I decided to call Mikey, considering he had demanded that I call him the instant I got back; and what better time to call my little brother than now? I

pressed the number that I had him on speed dial and held my phone up to my ear, somewhat impatiently waiting for him to answer his fucking phone. All I could think about was Frank; and how amazing he was and how wonderful our time together made me feel. “Hey bro,” Mikey’s voice greeted me; obviously having checked his caller ID before answering his phone. “You back in town yet?” he asked, making me hold back my sigh. “Yeah, I just got in about half an hour ago,” I answered. “What are you doing?” “About to get something to eat,” he replied. “I’m fuckin’ starving. Come meet me,” he demanded, making me smile. I loved going out to lunch with my brother; he and I could talk about anything. Except for maybe Frank; I didn’t know how he’d feel about that. “Okay; where are you at?” I asked, I was starving after all that had happened on the plane ride. Sure; afterwards Frank and I had gotten food on the plane and talked for a little while… but plane food isn’t all that wonderful, even in first class. “I’m riding around; I’m thinking Chinese,” he said. “You pick the place.” “Hmm… how about that one place by the office?” I asked. “That place has the best fucking noodles.” “I like the way you think. See you in a bit,” he said, hanging up the phone before I could even say

anything else. I smiled to myself and shook my head at his antics; he never said ‘goodbye’ before he hung up. I made a few left turns and smiled at the big office building that said “Way Brothers” and made a right turn to get to the restaurant that I had selected. I arrived at the restaurant probably ten minutes after I had hung up with Mikey. I parked my car and made sure that my wallet was in my pocket and not one of my bags before getting out and walking into the restaurant. I looked around and saw Mikey beckoning me over. “Hey Gerard!” he exclaimed. “Over here!” I grinned at him and slid inside the booth and across from him. “How are you Mikes?” I asked, opening my menu and scanning my gaze over it; noticing that Mikey was doing the same. “I’m good, but fucking forget about me! How was the trip? I’m dying to know!” he exclaimed excitedly. He had known that I’d been in sort of a slump for the last few months that Brandon, my boyfriend, has been gone. He was actually the one that pushed me to go to LA to visit him, considering he was the one that had bought me the plane ticket. “It was… good,” I answered, not helping my wide grin. Sure; my weekend hadn’t been all that great… but the end of my weekend had. “Well someone fucking got lucky!” he exclaimed. “Wow, bro, the sex must have been amazing for you to still be smiling like that.” I somehow grinned even wider. “It was…” the sex I had was definitely amazing; even though it wasn’t

with my boyfriend. My thoughts were being overrun with Frank again; I could picture him perfectly in my mind meeting gazes with me in the mirror of the bathroom as his cheeks grew heated and he moaned my name repeatedly as I continued to slam into him… “So, Brandon’s doing well then?” he asked. “Who?” I questioned, suddenly snapping to attention. Mikey had jerked me out of my thoughts and I was totally confused as to what he was talking about. Mikey’s eyes widened and his mouth fell somewhat open. “Um… Brandon? You know, your boyfriend? The one you flew across the country for to visit for the weekend?” “Oh, yeah…” I said, hoping that he didn’t notice the guilty expression that suddenly crossed my features. “Sorry Mikes; I spaced out for a minute. But yeah; he’s great.” “That’s good, then,” he said, eyeing me suspiciously and obviously not buying any of what I was saying. Mikey could read me like an open book sometimes; and I felt like this was gonna be one of those times. “So, the record is coming along really well then?” he asked, taking a sip of the glass of water in front of him. “Yeah,” I answered. “He wouldn’t let me hear any of it though.” Mikey nodded in what seemed to be understanding and continued to stare at me with a suspicious gaze.

"But I wanna hear about how your weekend was. Mom and Dad were supposed to come and see you right?" I asked, changing the subject suddenly and biting on my lower lip as his gaze somehow grew even more suspicious. I really hoped that he wouldn’t ask any more questions; or he would definitely find out what I had gotten up to. "Yeah, they stopped by to check out the new place, but it was no big deal. They left some money, which reminds me..." he pulled his wallet out of his back pocket and sifted through all of the bills inside of it; pulling out five $100 bills and handing them to me. "That’s for you. They still feel the need to give us money. They told me to tell you to call them, they want to know all about your trip." I smiled slightly, taking the bills from him and tucking them into the pocket of my jeans. "I'll make sure that I will. I'm surprised that they still give us money.... we both have careers." "Very successful ones at that. You'll never guess who came in to see me." "Who?" "You know that really rich broad? That really hot socialite airhead that’s married to that big time producer out in LA? Fuck I can’t remember her name.." "The blonde one?" "Anyway, she came in for a consultation. She wants a divorce from her husband, but the second I told her

she wouldn’t get a penny from him because of their pre-nup she decided against it. She said she'd just continue milking him for every penny he's worth, and then proceeded to try to have sex with me. Can you believe the nerve of that bitch? Even if I was straight, I wouldn’t touch her with a ten-foot pole. But my point is, she came to us, bro. Our law firm, to represent her. That's fucking huge." I nodded in agreement with him. "Definitely. But I don't think I'd want to represent her at all. Even though she probably would pay us a shitload." "You really are the boy scout, Gerard. See, that’s why you have me on board. I have no conscience, so it doesn’t matter to me." I rolled my eyes. "But imagine if you were straight Mikey; and you married someone that you thought loved you, and it turns out she's a gold-digging tramp." "Probably why I'm a flaming homosexual, bro. Golddigging tramps aren’t my style." I laughed and smiled at the waitress who quickly took our orders before walking off. I turned my attention back to Mikey. "Speaking of being gay; how's um.... dammit; I forgot his name." "Gabe? He's amazing... God damn, he's amazing. I love living with him, we're having such a good time." "That's great Mikes; I'm happy for you." "Yeah... I just wish it was permanent, ya know?"

I simply raised my eyebrow. "He'll be back on tour soon, and that's that. He's only mine when he's here." "I know what you mean," I said, sighing. "But that's what happens when we date guys in bands, they don't have time for us. We knew that getting into it. The important thing is, when he comes home, he comes home to me. I know, and he knows, that out of everyone else, it’s me for him, and him for me." I sighed again. "I know Mikey; and to tell you the truth... I'm not that sure about Brandon and I..." I bit my lip again; I knew that I couldn't hide something like this from my little brother; who was also my best friend. His eyes widened drastically; "Go on..." he said, leaning back in his seat and preparing himself for a story. "I mean; yeah, the weekend was great. But that was the first time it’s been great in a while. I just don't think that we're right for each other anymore; at least not right now." "So you guys didn’t re-connect?" he asked, his face taking on a confused and thoughtful expression. I looked down at my hands, which were folding and twiddling nervously in my lap, and shrugged. "I thought we did..."

"Then why were you fucking glowing when you came waltzing in here?" I continued to stare at my lap and then glanced upwards as I could sense realization dawning on Mikey. "Before you jump to conclusions..." He raised his eyebrow. "It wasn't like I planned it..." "Planned what, bro?" his eyes were practically bugging out of his head at this point. "Brandon is an amazing catch, are you telling me you went to LA and had a fucking fling with someone else?" "I didn't have a fling! Brandon fucking ignored me all weekend and left me at the hotel to mope around and just spend my time on the computer talking to my clients! I met someone at the airport and he made me feel wanted..." "Did you fuck him?" he asked, staring at me with a shocked look. I just closed my mouth and bit on my lower lip again; waiting for him to start screaming at me. "You fucked him. Holy shit Gerard, way to go! You know you don’t have to be embarrassed and hide this kind of shit from me, I encouraged you to go out there to get you out of your slump, it's been fucking ages since you've been laid, and I can tell whoever this guy was must have been pretty fucking good because I’m telling you, you were glowing. If you don’t mind me asking..." he trailed off then, eyeing me intently. "What changed between you and Brandon?"

"I'm not sure really... he seems sort of... distant now." "And then you joined the mile high club with the hot guy from the plane. Awesome," he grinned, before his expression turned serious. "Just tell me one thing, bro..." "What?" I asked, staring at the plate of food that the waitress set in front of me. I had just ordered noodles and chicken with rice; Mikey ordered the same thing. "If it wasn’t for that guy, would we still be sitting here having this conversation where you're questioning your love for your boyfriend of two years?" I opened my mouth to answer his question and then shut it; once more looking down at my lap. Truth was; I wasn't really sure if I would be questioning my relationship with Brandon had it not been for Frank. Sure, I felt neglected in my relationship... but I just assumed that was normal for a lengthy relationship. And I really hadn't felt that much passion in my whole relationship... Frank had shown me a totally new experience. "Oh Gerard... I thought so," Mikey murmured, getting out of his seat and sliding in next to me. "I know you're feeling this amazing wave of euphoria right now because you obviously just fucked this guy, I mean your hair screams 'I just had really amazing sex' it's still so fucked up." He reached out and messed my hair up even more; making me smile in spite of myself.

"All I'm saying is, don’t throw everything away for some random guy you just met. You may never even see him again, and if you break it off with Brandon, you'll be left with nobody and I don’t want to see you alone, bro." "I know Mikey... but I can't get him out of my head; it's not like just fucking him was amazing. He was amazing..." "I knew the sex had to be good." Mikey grinned. "I don’t know what to say bro, just don’t jump into anything you can’t handle. If you're going to have an affair, do it right. Don’t be an idiot and get fucking caught." He shuffled in his wallet and laid a $20 bill out on the table. "I'm going to go; Gabe's at home and all this talk about great sex makes me want to have some dessert, if you know what I'm saying. Eat your fucking noodles," he said, pointing to the uneaten food on my plate. He kissed my forehead quickly before sliding out of the booth. "Later bro," he said as he walked away, turning around and grinning at me before waving and walking off. ---I arrived home about an hour later; sighing and taking in the familiarity. Even though I often felt lonely in the rather large house; it was still home. I kicked my shoes off and hung my jacket up before walking over to the answering machine. I pressed the play button and emptied my pockets out.

”Hey hun… it’s me,” Brandon’s voice said. ”I just wanted to call and apologize that this past weekend wasn’t really the greatest… I feel bad that we didn’t really get any time together,” I rolled my eyes, he had said all of this before. ”Call me back as soon as you get this okay? I love you.” ”End of message,” the automated voice of the answering machine said; I sighed and deleted the message, grabbing my phone off of the table and going to sit down in the armchair in the living room. I unbuttoned the top two buttons on my shirt and glanced down slightly to see hickeys on my neck that Frank had left. I smiled softly at the sight and found my mind being flooded with images again; I punched in the number and held the phone up to my ear. I began to nibble on my bottom lip in nervousness. “I’ve been thinking about you all day…” I murmured.

Chapter 5 [[Frank's POV]] I pulled up to the valet station, smirking at the guy that was waiting to park my car. Once I tossed him my keys, he handed me a ticket and I was off to my favorite sushi bar before I decided to head back home. I highly doubted that my darling wife had made me a nice dinner, considering she didn't know how to cook... I rolled my eyes at the thought of her, and entered the restaurant. Upon entering, I heard my name being called from a table at the far end of the restaurant.

"Holy shit," I muttered, a smile placing itself on my face as I saw my best friend waving me over. "Frankie!" he greeted me, just as I threw my arms around him, holding him as tightly as I could. "Gabe, holy fuck dude! It's been ages! When did you get back in town?" He hugged me back just as tightly, grinning from ear to ear. "Dude... I got back this past weekend. Where the hell have you been? I stopped by to visit you, but your punk ass wasn't there." "Aww, I'm sorry," I apologized, giving him a smile. "I'm actually just getting in from L.A. I haven't even gone home yet!" I took a seat across from him, stopping to simply stare at him; I realized it's been way too long since we'd last seen each other. "Wow man, it's so fucking good to see you. What's been up?" "A lot," he replied, grinning. "I got a place with Mikey; so we've been trying to wrangle up all my shit that I have stored in about twenty different places. Then I'm going on tour again in a few weeks." "Mikey? Oh! That guy you met at the Viva release party. I remember you telling me you were smitten with him, I'm glad that's working out for you." "Yeah, Mikey's so awesome. I'm really falling for him, I think," he replied, making a love heart with his fingers. The waitress came then, and took my order. Once she walked away, I noticed Gabe eyeing me intently. "So

what went down in L.A? Come on, I can tell you're dying to tell me a story." "Well," I began, grinning widely because my thoughts suddenly blinked back to Gerard. "There was this one guy..." "I fucking knew it!" he shouted, a smirk finding its way across his very attractive face. "You have that postsex grin, Frankie, I knew you weren't smiling like that simply because you ran into me!" "You know me too well," I replied, feeling my grin grow wider. "Yeah; The trip itself fucking sucked, but he made it worth it." Gabe's smirk turned into a grin. "He must of been pretty fucking good then; I don't believe I've never seen that grin before." "Yeah well, it might have something to do with the fact that it just happened... even though yes, he was pretty fucking good." I took a sip of the drink the waitress had brought me, and smiled. "...Really fucking good." Gabe laughed. He always loved hearing about my provocative weekends. "How'd you meet him?" "We just randomly met at the airport," I replied, as he nodded. "I was really fucking pissed that I didn't get any action, you know how I like to have as much fun on those trips as possible... and there he was. We had the most amazing sex you could ever imagine." He grinned. "Lucky you then. Where'd you do it at?"

"On the plane..." Gabe nearly choked on his food. "You're joking!" "Absolutely not," I grinned. "If you get the chance, I highly recommend it. It was something I wont ever forget..." "I'll keep that in mind if Mikey and I ever go somewhere," he replied, laughing. "So, speaking of Mikey," I began, taking another sip of my drink. "I remember him, and I remember you telling me that you guys still kept in touch. I had no idea things were so serious, though." "Yeah, it's weird Frankie," he replied, his face taking on a serious expression. "I've never felt like I'm feeling now for anyone... I really didn't expect it to end up turning into anything major. I was kind of just expecting a really hot fling like I usually have, you know?" "Of course, those are our specialty," I agreed. "It's definitely why you and I got along so well in the beginning. We were one in the same." "Fuck yeah, we were both too charming for our own good," Gabe replied, giving me a grin. "Which reminds me, you are coming to my party tomorrow night, right?" "Tomorrow..." I repeated, thinking hard about what 'tomorrow' could be, until it dawned on me. "Fuck, I almost forgot! Your birthday!"

"Hell yeah, it's gonna be a fucking riot!" Gabe shrieked, throwing his arms in the air, instantly making me grin. "Well, what's going on tomorrow? I've been out of town, remember? I haven't got a single clue what's going on." "Your office must not have sent you my message," Gabe sighed and put his head in his hands. "But anyways; I'm having this huge party tomorrow night at Angels & Kings. There's gonna be tons of people; and I want you to bring a date." I nearly choked on a piece of sushi. "A what?" "You heard me, Frankie," he replied, grinning. "A date." I stared at him in horror. "Who are you and what have you done with my best friend?" I asked, shaking him. "What's so wrong with bringing a date, Frank? Honestly?" "You know how I do, Gabe..." I replied, running my hand nervously through my hair. "I don't fucking date anyone, and you know that. Dating someone means the possibility of commitment, and you and I both know that I don't do relationships. It's not my thing." Gabe laughed. "I know; and that's why I want you to bring a date. I'm with someone... it's time we both face our fears," he reasoned. "We're not gonna be able to go fuck hunting together anymore. And I think

it'll be fun for you; you haven't been on a date in so long." I smirked seductively at him. "You see Gabe, I knew this day would come eventually. But just because you've thrown away your ability to go 'fuck hunting' doesn't mean that I have to throw mine away, too." "You're so funny Frankie," he replied, taking a bite of his sushi. "It'll be good for you to bring a date, that way you won't have to fight the guys off with a stick." I groaned out again. "Fuck you, Gabriel. You're slowly making me consider bringing a date, but honestly... who the hell would I bring?" Gabe shrugged. "I don't know... someone hot," he replied, grinning. "And someone you can talk to and just doesn't drink himself into a stupor so you can ditch him." "Dammit." "I got it!" He replied, his face lighting up. "You could bring the hot guy you fucked on the plane!" My eyes slowly flickered to Gabe, and I couldn't stop the grin from forming on my face. "Um, no. You see, that was just a one-time thing; an incredibly hot fuck with an even hotter guy. Besides, I don't even know how to get in touch with him." Gabe raised an eyebrow at me. "Didn't you give him your number or something?"

"How the fuck did you know I did that?!" I exclaimed, my eyes nearly popping out of my head. I never do that, but somehow he knew that I had given Gerard my number. He really does know me too well. "Well, I'm figuring that if the sex was that good; you'd want more. Besides..." Gabe replied, a wide grin stretching across his face. "Something about that smile of yours tells me he's more than just a one-time thing." I tried desperately to stop smiling, but I couldn't. "Yeah, I did give him my number," I admitted, not missing Gabe's satisfied smirk. "But wipe that fucking smirk off your pretty little face Gabriel, because he hasn't called yet, and I don't even know if he will. He has a boyfriend." Gabe shrugged. "So what? You're Frank Iero, sex god extraordinaire. I put my money on it saying that he will," he replied, tossing some money on the table. "Anyway, I gotta get going; All this talk about amazing sex is making me crave that sexy boyfriend of mine that's waiting for me at home." He walked over to me, and wrapped me a big hug. "See you tomorrow, Frankie." "Definitely," I replied, hugging him just as tightly. "See you tomorrow, Gabey." "And just so you know, I'm expecting a call later to see if he called or not." "Ahhh, don't bet on it," I replied, giving him a smug

grin. "Go home and fuck your boyfriend!" "Oh I intend to," he called out, already halfway across the restaurant, waving at me before he ducked out the door. --My favorite part about coming home after being away, was coming home to an eerily quiet home. I hoped to God that I was alone; my thoughts were so flooded with Gerard, I didn't feel like faking affection with a woman that I truly hate. My throat felt dry, and I felt hungry again. I silently cursed myself for giving my box full of leftovers away to the homeless guy hanging out on the corner of the restaurant, but I figured he needed them more than I did. Smiling at that thought, I headed to the kitchen for something to cure my itchy throat and my growling stomach. I headed for the fridge, but before I opened it, my eyes were averted to the little pink piece of paper that rested gently on the door. ''Frankie Off to the Hamptons for the rest of the week with my girlfriends. Be home soon! XO, Giselle'' I grinned; even though she was probably spending a shitload of my money, I didn't care. She was out of my hair for the next few days, and I wouldn't have to worry about her. That thought made me feel like celebrating, so I grabbed a bottle of Grey Goose out of

the freezer and poured some in a glass, mixing some orange juice in with it before heading for my bedroom. I grabbed my PDA from my back pocket, and opened up my calendar of upcoming appointments, scanning over this week's events. Monday - Fueled by Ramen presents Gabe Saporta's 29th birthday bash. 10:00 PM, A&K New York. My eyes lit up, remembering how much fun tomorrow night is going to be. There were always so many hot guys at those parties, and I always had myself a damn good time. I then blinked back to today, and once again my thoughts were flooded with Gerard; the way he made me tingle every time he sucked on my neck, the way he made my dick hard the second I made him moan, the way it felt once he pushed himself inside of me... I was getting hard just thinking about him. I took a big sip of my drink and sighed, tossing my PDA aside as I fell backwards on my bed. The second I did though, I instantly felt it vibrating next to me. I picked it up carefully, a smirk playing across my features as I failed to recognize the number. "Hello, Gerard," I answered, immediately knowing it was him. "I'm glad to see you were thinking about me." "I've been thinking about you all day..." "Oh really now?" I replied, grinning into the phone. "And what kind of things were you thinking about?"

I could practically hear the smirk in Gerard's voice. "Fucking you, Frankie.." Well, he really went in for the kill, I thought to myself. Maybe he could help me take care of my not-so-little problem, considering he was the cause of it in the first place. "Well Gerard, I wouldn't be lying if I said that you fucking me was the only thing I could think of all day, too," I replied, smirking as I heard him gasp in the background. "Oh really?" He paused, clearing his throat. "Have you been enjoying your thoughts, Frankie?" My hard-on was aching, it desperately needed some attention. Biting my lip, I casually brushed my fingers over my jeans, moaning out slightly as I thought of the sexy specimen on the other end of the line. "Enjoying them still... fucking Christ, Gee." "What thought do you enjoy the most?" He asked in a shaky voice, as he too began to moan out softly into the phone. My smirk grew; he was probably struggling with the same problem as I am. Maybe I should give him a run for his money... "Everything," I replied seductively. "My thoughts have been very naughty, Gerard. They consist of you, those delicious lips of yours, your amazing cock..." I heard him moan sharply; my words must have been working wonders for him.

"Mmm.... and what is my cock doing?" "It depends," I replied, trying to figure out where to take this next. "What are you doing right now?" "I'm sitting in the armchair in my living room," he replied, providing me with some much needed ammunition that was sure to have him moaning my name by the end of this conversation. "Sounds sexy... " I replied, my voice taking on a rather erotic tone, hopefully peaking Gerard's interest. "And how is it sexy?" "Because I'm picturing you in that armchair, shirtless with your pants undone..." I moaned out a little louder then, just for dramatic effect. "And what are you doing?" "Well, I'm lying down on my bed... but I'm really wishing that I was there with you..." I unbuckled my belt and undid my pants, hoping he would play along with me. "...fucking you senseless on that armchair." "Oh fuck," he mumbled breathlessly, as I heard him fumbling around in the background. "Are you riding me, Frankie?" "Mm-hmm..." I answered him, moaning out softly as I dipped my hand inside my pants, and began to stroke myself gently.

"Fuck Gerard, I love the feeling of having you inside of me." "I love being inside of you, Frankie," he replied, instantly making me smile. "You make me feel so fucking good..." "I'm glad sugar," I spoke sweetly, really meaning my words. "I love to make you feel good..." "What're you doing now?" I smirked; things were going just as I'd hoped. "Do you remember when I was jerking you off before we had that amazing fuck in the bathroom?" "Mmm.... Yes Frankie.... you're such a fucking tease..." A tease, huh? "Well, that's what I'm doing to myself now...I just wish it was you doing it to me, just like you did when you fucked me..." I'll give you a fucking tease... I heard him moan out once again, and I decided to make this as pleasurable as possible for the both of us as I could. "God Gee, your cock is so fucking huge, I couldn't wait to have you inside me..." I freed my erection fully from it's confines, instantly feeling much better now that I wasn't so trapped. I

could pump myself harder this way, faster than I was before; which is exactly what I started doing, and found myself enjoying this little conversation a lot more than I thought I would. "Fuck, I wish I was riding you in that chair, Gee. I need to feel you inside of me again." I heard Gerard's breathing become unsteady, and I decided to kick things up a notch. "Are you thinking of me when you're fucking yourself, Gee?" "Mmm.... all I can picture is you in my head Frankie. You're the only thing I can think of... Fuck you feel so good...." His words turned me on like crazy. I began to pump myself even harder, as my breathing took on a similar pattern to his. "I wish you were here, jerking me off just like you did when you fucked me earlier... " I stroked myself even harder, moaning out a little more loudly than before. "I'm just as hard as I was then, and I'm doing it to myself right now... fuck Gee, I really do wish this was you..." "I loved the feeling of you all around me...." He panted breathlessly; I hope he was feeling as good as I was. "You're so fucking tight Frankie...." "Oh fuck," I breathed out, immediately moaning out once again as I picked up the pace. I wasn't expecting him to go all out with me like this, but I was loving every single minute of it.

"You are all I can think about, Gerard... I need to have you again..." "I need you, too...." He replied, panting heavily. "I'd do anything to feel you like that again..." "Mmm.... oh Frank......" His breathing was labored, and his moans were coming just as frequently as mine. "The way you rock your hips back into mine feels so fucking good, Frank... I can thrust in so deep when you do that; deep enough to make you feel as good as I am..." "That was my favorite part Gee, when you hit my spot oh fuck it felt so good," I replied breathlessly, pumping myself harder than before. "The way you gripped my dick tighter, and pumped me just like I'm doing to myself now... Fuck, I wish this was you." He moaned my name out then, instantly turning me on that much more, if at all possible. "My hand moves so fast when I pump you, Frank... almost as fast as it's going now..." "Mmm, and you make me feel so fucking good, Gee. I love when you fuck me like that, with your hands and with your huge fucking cock..." "Oh fuck, Frankie..... You have no idea what you're doing to me...." Oh yes honey, I do, I smirked, throwing my head back against the pillow. "I really want to taste you again Gerard, to feel that big cock of yours in my mouth... I really want to feel

you inside of me again..." "Frankie..." "The way I want to swirl my tongue around your big fucking cock, I bet you taste so fucking good..." "Mmm..... You're so fucking good at this..." I am, aren't I? I smirked again, as the words just fell right off my tongue. "Mmm, I'm sure tasting your cock is nothing like riding your cock, though..." I moaned out, still stroking myself just as hard as before. "Fuck, Gerard, I want to ride you in that fucking chair... I can feel you inside of me, I can feel your hand fucking my dick so good..." I began panting Gerard's name in the background, hoping it was driving him crazy. I don't know how much more of this I can handle. "I'm pumping you even harder now.... I want to see your come shoot out of you before I let myself explode.... God, you're moving so fucking fast, Frankie..." "Mmm, I love it when you call me Frankie..." I panted even harder, more turned on that ever. "What am I doing to you right now?" "Sucking on my neck just as roughly as you were earlier and you're right on top of me, fucking me so good..."

"Mmm, I loved sucking on your neck, Gee. You tasted so fucking good.. I'm only sorry I didn't get to suck on your big cock, I really would love to show you how good I am with my tongue..." "I bet you're amazing with it... just as amazing as the rest of you..." Even in the midst of our sultry conversation, those last few words of his made my heart flutter. He obviously has me at his mercy; we're fucking each other over the phone, yet he still finds ways to make me melt. "Fuck, Frank. I love the way you feel. You make me feel so fucking good..." "Your dick inside of me feels so fucking good," I replied, falling back into the conversation. "Mmm Gerard, I love the way you fuck me..." I ran my finger over my slit, instantly growing weak as I felt that amazing feeling begin to build up in the pit of my stomach. "I am so fucking close, Gee... help finish me off..." "Oh God... me too Frankie...." He moaned out, his breathing heavy. "I know how your hand feels when you jerk me off... and I know how being inside of you feels.... I can't decide if I want one more pump; or one more thrust to get me there..." Time for the grand finale. "How about my lips wrapped around your big cock, Gee? Sucking as hard as I can, taking all of you in my mouth... Fuck, you taste so damn good..."

"Frankie- " "Do you like the way I work my tongue, Gee? I'm sucking you so fucking hard... I love the way you moan my name, Gee..." "So fucking close..." "I really want to have you again Gerard, to feel that big cock of yours in my mouth... Fuck, I bet you taste so damn good, Gee..." "Oh Frankie," he practically screamed, which was enough to send me over the edge as I finally came, moaning out Gerard's name as I rode out my orgasm. "You just got me off for the second time today, Gee," I whispered seductively, just in time to hear Gerard moaning my name out even louder than before. "God damn that was amazing, Frankie. You're so amazing... everything about you is amazing," he replied, breathlessly. "So," I asked, still panting just as hard as before. "What are you doing tomorrow night?"

Chapter 6 [[Gerard's POV]] I arrived at the club a few minutes after ten, so I was only about fifteen minutes fashionably late. I looked around for Frank; not seeing him anywhere in the crowd of people. People were crowding the dance

floor, bodies pushed together and sweating. I sighed and looked around again, nearly jumping when I felt a pair of arms wrap around me from behind. I looked down and saw familiar tattooed arms and knuckles. “There you are,” Frank’s voice murmured into my ear, him immediately beginning to suck on my neck. I moaned softly and sighed, tilting my head to the side so that he could access more of my neck. “Hi Frankie…” I murmured back, moaning again as he bit down and began to suck harder. I knew that he was probably smirking that sexy smirk of his against my neck and I moaned softly. I wanted him again. “Mmm, I’ve been waiting for you,” he continued to suck on my neck for a few more moments, soliciting many more moans. “Let’s go get you a drink…” he said, pulling away from my neck and grabbing my hand; leading me in the direction of the bar. I looked him up and down as I followed him; I had a rear view and his jeans were outlining that perfect ass of his quite nicely. I couldn’t help but lick my lips as dirty thoughts ran through my mind, only to be cut off when Frank and I stopped at the bar. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me close, giving me the opportunity to lean in towards his ear. “You look sexy Frankie…” I said lowly, moving my head slightly and letting my lips ghost past his jawbone; making him struggle to hold back a moan. I love making things hard for him… literally. “So do you, Gee…” he replied, smirking at me seductively and pulling me even closer; leaning up towards my ear as well. “I could take you right now…”

he murmured, making me shiver. He began to suck and nibble on my earlobe, making some of my blood rush south and me to let out a moan. I put my hands on his hips and pulled them into mine, hearing his breath hitch in his throat even as he continued to suck on my earlobe. “What can I get you Mr. Iero?” the bartender asked Frank… I didn’t know that was his last name. Frank pulled away from my ear and a thoughtful expression crossed his pretty features. “We’ll have two Church of Hot Addiction’s,” he answered, wrapping his other arm around my waist as well and feeling the skin underneath the back of my shirt; much like he had at the airport. I grinned and kissed the side of his head as we waited for our drinks. “I really don’t think I’d object to you taking me right here…” I said, smirking at him. As he looked back at me, a smirk crossed his features and he leaned upwards, briefly kissing my lips. The bartender handed two drinks over to Frank and I; smiling slightly as she did so. “Thanks,” Frank said. “Just put it on my tab.” He set our drinks on the bar after we both had a few sips out of them and led me out to the dance floor, looking at me seductively as he pulled me close to him. I grinned as he leaned forward and kissed my cheek before pulling my hips into his and began to set up a rhythm of grinding, causing moans from the both of us because it felt so good having him this close to me. “You really do look fucking hot tonight, Gerard,” he said, trailing his lips to my neck and beginning to suck.

I moaned and tangled one of my hands in his hair. “So do you…” I said, my voice slightly strained with a moan. Frank continued to suck on my neck as we grinded, reaching his hands around my waist and sliding them into the back pockets of my jeans; forcing me closer. I gasped and moaned softly at the sudden contact, tilting my head to the side and letting him have more of my neck. His lips felt soft and I decided that I wanted to feel them against mine. I pulled his head away from my neck and clashed our lips together, feeling his gasp of surprise before he started kissing back passionately. I still had one of my hands tangled in his hair and preventing him from pulling away as I slid my tongue across his lower lip. He opened his mouth and let my tongue into explore, gently squeezing my ass; making me moan into his mouth. I felt his tongue pushing up against mine and I pushed back harder; aware that our hips were still grinding and he was directing my movements with his hands on my ass. I could feel that he was beginning to get hard, and so was I. He pulled away from my lips and began to suck on my neck again; harder this time, probably in an attempt to leave a rather large mark. Not that I minded, of course. He soon pulled away and grabbed my hand, beginning to lead me through the throngs of people. “FRANKIE!” a voice exclaimed, making Frank stop us and look towards the right. “Gabey!” Frank exclaimed as well, pulling the man that had just walked up to us into a hug. “This party is fucking amazing!” he said, pulling away from the hug

and gripping his friend by the shoulders. “Fuck yeah it is!” ‘Gabey’ exclaimed, he noticed me and raised his eyebrow. “Is this your date?” he asked, looking at Frank with a grin slowly crossing his face. Frank blushed slightly; the first time I’d ever seen him do it. “Yeah, this is Gerard,” he said, wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me into his side. “Gee, this is my best friend, Gabe,” he introduced. “It’s his birthday, that’s what the party is about.” I smiled slightly at Gabe. “Nice to meet you Gabe,” I said. “And happy birthday.” Gabe grinned. “I like him already Frankie,” he said, I noticed that Frank grinned at his words. “So where’s your boytoy?” Frank asked Gabe, making Gabe laugh and look around. “I think that he’s still getting us more drinks, as if he couldn’t already get enough of my Church of Hot Addiction an—“ he was cut off as two arms wrapped around him from behind. “Ah, here he is,” Gabe grinned, turning around and instantly beginning to make out with whoever his boyfriend was. Frank laughed lightly and turned back to me. “When in Rome…” he said, leaning up and connecting our lips. I smiled into our kiss and wrapped my arms tightly around his waist, pushing our lower halves together and making us both emit soft moans. He slid his tongue across my lower lip and I quickly opened my mouth to let his tongue push up against mine.

“Hey baby,” I heard a familiar voice say to Gabe. I was far too engrossed into kissing Frank that I didn’t even care who it belonged to. “Ah, so Frank finally found his date,” I heard that voice add to his greeting. I smiled into Frank’s lips, quickly deepening our kiss; I didn’t even realize until a few minutes ago that this was considered a date, but I suppose it was. After all; he did invite me out, and it was to a party… “Took him a long fucking time,” I heard Gabe say as Frank and I continued to kiss. Frank had placed his hands on my chest and was rubbing it softly through my shirt; making me emit another soft moan into his mouth. He pushed his tongue up against mine for a few more minutes before pulling away and gazing at me longingly. I did the same, until I glanced back at Gabe and realized he was kissing my brother; I really should have been smarter and realized that Gabe was famous, in a band, and by all means my brother’s boyfriend. But I was too wrapped up in Frank… it was hard not to be wrapped up in him. He just demanded attention with his personality; attention I was more than happy to give him. Mikey pulled away from Gabe and looked over to us, his eyes widening when he saw me. “Oh yeah,” Gabe said. “Now that they’ve fucking stopped playing kissyface; I can introduce you to Frankie’s date,” he gestured to me. “This is Gerard; Gerard, this is my boyfriend Mikey,” he said. “Hi Gerard,” Mikey said forcefully; a wide, smug grin crossing his face. I knew what that grin was about; he had to know that Frank was the guy from the plane…

and that I was with him. He just had too. We were after all, just ‘playing kissy-face’ right in front of him. “Hi Mikey…” I said, biting my lower lip and looking down slightly. I noticed that Mikey had two drinks in his hand and he handed them to Gabe. “I um… I’m going to the bathroom,” he told him, eyeing me so that I’d know to follow him. “I think I’m going to go to…” I said, leaning over and kissing Frank’s temple before following my brother towards the bathroom. Once we were out of Frank and Gabe’s sight, Mikey grabbed my arm and roughly forced me into the bathroom with him. I didn’t think he’d be mad. “Gerard, would you mind telling me what the hell you’re doing here with Frankie,” he hissed. “How do you two know each other?” “Um…” I scratched the back of my neck. “I sort of met Frankie on the flight back home…” I said, surprised that he hadn’t already thought of that. “He’s the guy from the plane?! The one you fucked, the one that had you smiling for hours afterward?” he asked, his face holding a slightly shocked expression. “And last night too…” I muttered, referring to the phone sex that Frank and I had. Mikey’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. “You fucked around last night too?!” he exclaimed. “Gerard, I don’t think you realize exactly who he is…” he said,

looking at me seriously. “What do you mean, Mikes?” I asked, raising my eyebrow. What was he saying? “His name is Frank Iero. Remember that bitch I told you about yesterday, the one that came in for that consultation?” “What about her?” I asked, wondering where he was going with this. What did that woman have to do with Frank? “That’s her husband. He’s married, Gerard. He’s this big time record producer, that’s how he knows Gabe, he produced both of his band’s albums,” Mikey elaborated. It was interesting to find out that Frank’s wife wanted a divorce, but from what I have heard about her; Frank couldn’t stand her. I’m sure that he wanted one too. “I already know that his wife’s a bitch…” I replied finally, shrugging my shoulders and looking at my younger brother. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Well, I just hope that you know what you’re getting yourself into, dating a married man and all,” he said, before smiling at me. “It’s great that you’re here, with Frank. I don’t really know him that well, but he seems like a nice guy.” He turned around to begin to walk out of the bathroom, before turning back to me. “Can I tell you a secret?” Mikey knows how much I love secrets! He probably already knew my answer. “Sure,” I said, grinning at

Mikey; hoping that he was going to tell me something good instead of getting me all excited about learning a secret and then telling me something stupid. “Frank told Gabe yesterday, that ‘the guy he met over the weekend’ was the best fuck he’d ever had. He said that the sex was legendary,” he grinned, patting my shoulder before turning around and finally walking out of the bathroom. I stood planted in my spot with shock… Frank thought that the sex he had with me was that good? I licked my lips and grinned; hearing that from Mikey just made me want Frank tonight even more. I thought that the sex with him was amazing; and knowing that he felt the same way about it made me horny all over again. I walked over to the sinks and looked at my reflection in the mirror; making sure that my hair still looked okay and my eyeliner didn’t need to be redone. Satisfied with my appearance; I soon left the bathroom. I weaved my way through the crowd of people and looked for where I knew Frank would be standing. I spotted him and began to walk over to him, grinning at him as he turned his head and noticed me. “Hey babe,” he greeted. “I was just about to come—” I cut him off by quickly attacking his lips; my horniness taking control of my thinking and my actions. I felt him instantly begin to kiss back and felt his hands tightly gripping my hips. I pulled away before our kiss could get too heated and moved my mouth next to his ear. “I want you, Frankie…” I said in a sultry voice, hearing his soft moan as I began to softly nibble on his earlobe and waiting for him to speak. He groaned as I nibbled slightly harder and pulled my

hips into his. “I like the way you think,” he murmured. “I’m glad,” I replied, moving my head down and beginning to suck on his neck. I heard him moan again and I smirked; I love it when he moans for me. He pulled my head away from his neck and took my hand, beginning to pull me into the direction of one of the private rooms. He handed the bouncer a few bills out of his pocket and led me inside the room. I didn’t object when he pushed me to sit on the couch before promptly straddling my lap and hungrily forcing our lips together. I moaned softly and pushed my hips up against his, grinding our hard-ons together through our jeans and the both of us emitting moans. Frank pulled away from me and gazed intensely at me; his eyes clouded with lust. “What are you thinking about Frankie?” I asked, panting slightly and managing to catch my breath. “I’m counting the number of ways I could have you screaming my name by the end of the night…” he replied, grinding up against my erection and making me moan loudly. “How about we start with one of those ways… now?” ”Frankie…” I moaned softly, seeing his grin as I moaned his name. “Which one of the ways?” I asked, licking my lips suggestively at him. He smirked at me and reached down; beginning to unbuckle my belt. He unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, somewhat freeing my dick from its constraint in the tight jeans I was wearing. He leaned so that his mouth was right

next to my ear and licked the outer shell of it. “Just like we started out yesterday…” he murmured, slipping his hand into my boxers and grabbing a hold of my dick; which made me whimper and my breathing to hitch in my throat and then take on a new pattern. “Mmm… shit Frankie…” I groaned as he began to pump me from base to tip slowly, too slowly for my liking, I pushed my hips up into his hand and hoped that he’d take the hint and move his hand a little faster. “Eager, are we?” he asked, smirking at me and somewhat tightening his grip; making me groan and pant. “Very,” I answered, managing to smile slightly at him through the pleasure coursing through my system at his touch. “I love having you touch me…” “Anything I can do to make you moan out my name, Gee,” he said in a soft voice, licking up the side of my neck and beginning to pump me faster than he had been. ”Frankie…. fuck…” I moaned, tilting my head to the side as he began to suck hard on my neck. He tangled his other hand in my hair as he pumped me even faster and adjusted his grip with every few pumps; loosening it and tightening it as he deemed necessary. Him doing that just increased the pleasure I was feeling; I was moaning out his name and random curse words every few seconds and even as he was sucking on my neck I knew that he was smirking.

He kissed all the way up my neck and jaw to my lips, clashing them together and sliding his tongue across my lower lip. I quickly opened my mouth and fought him for dominance of the kiss; eventually losing because I couldn’t focus. I had a warm feeling building up in the pit of my stomach and it was beginning to spread throughout my body. I could feel it from the top of my head to my toes. “I’m al-almost there Frankie,” I groaned, pulling away from our kiss and tossing my head back as the speed of his hand increased even further. His lips found their way to my neck and he sucked for a few moments before pulling away, the hand tangled in my hair directing my head so that I was staring into his eyes. I struggled not to let my eyes slip shut; but I could tell that he wanted me to look at him as I orgasmed; and I knew that that moment was rapidly approaching. All it took was him running his thumb over my slit as he pumped me one last time before I spasmed and spilled into his hand; moaning out his name loudly and somehow managing to keep eye contact with him. Doing so just made what I was feeling even more intense; he continued to pump me at a slow pace so that I could ride out my orgasm. Once I finished, he pulled his hand out of my boxers and erotically licked my cum off of his hand. I moaned at the sight and slightly tossed my head back, still looking at him. He had a devilish look in his eyes as he slid his tongue in between his fingers and over the rest of his hand. Once he finished, he smirked at me and leaned forward, his mouth next to my ear again. “You taste so damn good, Gee..” he murmured, making my breath hitch in my throat.

I kissed him long and hard, not minding that I could slightly taste myself in his mouth. He grinned against my lips and moved his along with mine; our lips making a ‘smack’ sound every few seconds. After a few minutes of nothing but making out, Frank reached down and buttoned my pants, zipping them up as well before buckling my belt. I knew that Frank and I would inevitably be leaving together; after all, he had said that what had just happened was one of the ways he would have me screaming his name. That thought alone made me grin, as Frank kissed me one more time before climbing off of my lap and pulling me up after him. “You ready to go?” he asked, kissing my cheek softly. “Yeah,” I answered, following him out of the private room. “Just a sec,” he said. “I have to say goodbye to Gabe first.” “Okay,” I replied, kissing him quickly before following him as we looked around for Gabe. I couldn’t help but hope that we found him damn quick. Lust for Frank was overflowing my mind and I wanted to get to the fucking part as quick as possible; wherever we were going. We soon spotted Gabe and my brother practically dry fucking on the dance floor. “Gabey,” Frank caught Gabe’s attention and they both stopped dancing. “We’re headed out.” He hugged Gabe tightly as Gabe grinned at him and hugged him back. “Awesome fiesta; and happy birthday.” He kissed Gabe’s cheek quickly and said goodbye to

Mikey. I said goodbye to Gabe and Mikey as well, and didn’t fail to notice the smirk that my little brother was sending me. He knew what I was leaving the club with Frank for. “Did you drive?” Frank asked as he wrapped his arm around my waist and we walked towards the exit of the club. I nodded and kissed his cheek as we reached the exit; beginning to lead him towards my car. “Yeah, I did,” I said. “I live sort of on the edge of the city,” I informed; giving him a hint as to where I lived. “Well, isn’t that something?” he asked. “I do too.” He pushed me up against the side of the car and palmed me through my pants, making me moan loud enough for some people that were walking nearby to hear. “So now the million dollar question is, my place or yours?” he asked, beginning to rub me harder through my jeans and soliciting more moans. “Mmm….” I moaned, kissing him. “Whichever you want, Frankie,” I said, moaning again as he pushed his hand against me even harder. “You’re driving, you pick.” “No I’m not, baby,” I corrected him. “You are.” I pulled my car keys out of my pocket and handed them to him, grinning at him as he looked at me questioningly. "I have quite a number of ways to have you screaming my name by the end of the night, too..." I smirked, opening the passenger door of the car and climbing in. He seemed too shocked to move for a few seconds

and eventually quickly ran around my car to the driver’s side; climbing in and looking around the interior. “You have a really nice car, Gee,” he said; looking around at the entirely black interior. “Thanks,” I smiled. He started the car and we both strapped ourselves in, he put the car into gear and started driving away from the club. Now; he said that he lived on the edge of the city like I did. So I was guessing that it would take us at least fifteen or twenty minutes to either mine or his house; but I was guessing that we were just gonna end up going to his place. My mouth was going to be sort of… full for a while. There was no console in between the seats, so I didn’t have to worry about adjusting that; I had already adjusted it earlier that way I could set my computer in the front seat next to me and work at the red lights. As Frank began to drive, only slightly having to slide the seat forward due to his height; I reached over and placed my hand on his upper thigh. I grinned at his soft gasp and could already see him growing inside his jeans; someone’s eager. I gently began to rub my hand up and down, letting it drift tantalizingly close to the bulge in his pants but not touching him; I just wanted to get him excited. He was gasping softly every few seconds and I couldn’t help but smirk to myself. He was already having trouble concentrating on the road; I hope he didn’t end up crashing us.

I grazed my fingers over the bulge in his pants and cupped him; feeling him grow even more. I applied pressure to my hand before undoing his belt, unbuttoning his jeans, and unzipping them. I then freed his rock-hard dick from the confines of his boxers; glancing at him and seeing that he was determinedly gazing at the road as he drove. I reached to my side and unbuckled my seatbelt so that I could easier lean across. I noticed Frank eyeing me curiously. “What are you doing, Gee?” he asked, glancing down at his exposed hard-on. I smirked at him and leaned over; my lips instantly surrounding his tip. I heard him let out a surprised moan and one of his hands reached down and tangled tightly into my hair; beginning to gently push down in an attempt to get me to take more of him into my mouth. I resisted his direction and swirled my tongue around his tip, hearing another one of his sexy moans. I continued to suck and swirl my tongue for a few moments, before I took more of him into my mouth; swirling my tongue again and beginning to suck harder. Frank’s hand that was in my hair was restless and I could hear his breath coming out in pants that accompanied his moans. ”Mmm… fuck Gee; that feels so good…” he moaned as I pulled back a little and gently dragged my teeth. I bobbed back down and took most of him into my mouth; sucking as hard as I could and feeling his fingers tugging on my hair. I swirled my tongue yet again and began to hum softly, hearing his moans increase in volume. I was seriously surprised that he was managing not to

crash my car and thrash around; only occasionally pushing his hips upwards. When he did that; I simply let him, hoping that I was giving him the utmost pleasure he had ever felt in a blowjob before. I eventually took him completely into my mouth, relaxing my throat muscles and making swallowing movements. “Fuck, Gee… uhhh… I-I’m com—“ he didn’t even finish speaking as he suddenly spilled into my mouth. I swallowed everything that he spilled, feeling his grip on my hair loosen as he finished. I licked him clean, pulling my head away moments later and slowly licking away the cum that had managed to spill onto my lips. Frank’s mouth slightly dropped open and I noticed that he was flushed, he made a left turn and pulled into a parking structure; gasping and moaning as I tucked him back into his boxers and rebuttoned and zipped his pants. As soon as he had parked the car, he tugged me close and clashed his lips to mine. I immediately opened my mouth and let him have full range to explore; seeing that he obviously didn’t care if he could taste himself. Our intense kiss turned into a steamy make-out session; our hands freely roaming each others’ bodies. We had to pull away for air just a few moments later and he leaned his forehead against mine; both of us breathing heavily. “That’s one of the ways…” I smirked. Chapter 7 [[Frank's POV]]

My breathing was still highly irregular due to the incredible blowjob Gerard had just given me. As I stared into his eyes, so beautiful yet clouded with lust, I couldn't believe that this absolutely gorgeous guy that was meant to be nothing more than a hot fuck on the way home from a business trip had actually turned out to be more perfect than I could have ever hoped for. Gerard had a boyfriend, so I knew he wouldn't be hoping for commitment; and that’s not even the best part about him. As it turns out, Gerard is actually just as adventurous as I am; I mean, we’ve fucked in an airplane. He’s allowed me to jerk him off in a public place, and he just went down on me while allowing me to drive his car. I have never found anyone as exciting as him; anyone willing enough to please me completely by keeping me on my toes and making things as exciting as possible. Even now, as I'm staring at him, picturing in my head all the dirty things that we could accomplish together, Gerard has me more turned on than ever. With a quick, yet passionate kiss to Gerard's luscious lips, I thread my fingers elaborately through his hair, and smile at him. ''Come on sugar. I can't wait to get you inside...'' I met Gerard in the front of his car, tugging him as close to me as I possibly could. I began to suck on his earlobe, making him groan out in anticipation of what was to come. ''Frankie, please...''

Fuck, I love when he moans out my name like that... With one more gentle nibble to Gerard's ear, I delicately slipped his keys within his back pocket, smirking at him as I pulled away. ''This way, love,'' I said, linking our fingers together and leading us into the ritzy lobby of my apartment's building. ''Wow...'' Gerard whispered, glancing around the lavishly decorated room. ''I know, pretty cool, huh?'' I agreed, pressing the button on the elevator that would take us to the top floor. Gerard caught my gaze, and with a smirk, sauntered over to me. He laced his fingers within my belt loops and yanked me closer to him, catching me by surprise. I let out a quiet moan as he kissed my neck softly, then hovered his lips just over my ear. Gerard held the side of my face as he whispered, ''I was talking about you...'' His words made me blush, as I captured his lips with mine just as the elevator arrived at our floor. I kissed him all the way inside, shoving us hard up against the wall; not caring if we ran into anyone on the way in. I snuck away from Gerard for a moment to press in the code on the elevator that would take us up to the top floor, and quickly re-attached our lips in a passionate frenzy. He kissed from my lips down to my neck where he proceeded to suck rather heavily, causing me to throw my head back in pleasure.

We made it to the top floor, and I hurriedly pulled Gerard out of the elevator into the hallway. There were only two apartments on this entire floor, and that's because they are not only ridiculously expensive, they're also extremely difficult to come by. I got the company that I work for to call in a favor for me, so long as I keep doing what I do and making them rich. They pay the bill, I get my own private home away from home that the wife doesn't know about; everyone wins. One of the many perks to being one of the best in the business. I felt Gerard's arms wrap around me from behind, as his hands began their journey down inside of my boxers, causing me to shiver. ''Just a sec, baby,'' I told him, placing a kiss on his cheek; he made it easy considering his chin was resting on my shoulder. Gerard then made it very hard as he began to suck on my neck, making me rush to open the door. The second it was opened, I turned myself around within his arms, pressing my lips hungrily to his as we backed our way inside of the penthouse. I pulled away only long enough to flip on the light switch, giving Gerard just enough time to attack his favorite spot on my neck; my Scorpion tattoo. Gerard had determined some time ago that it was one of my weakest spots, and went for it again and again. I then heard the sound of tiny pitter patter making its way into the living room, followed by one of the sweetest sounds in the world. I grinned against Gerard's lips and broke away to kneel down next to my favorite little guy in the world.

''Zero!'' I cried out, giggling because he began to jump all over me. ''Aww, Frank! What a cute little dog!'' Gerard cooed, instantly kneeling down alongside me, catching Zero’s attention. He hopped over to Gerard’s lap, and instantly started biting Gerard playfully. “God Frank, he is the cutest thing ever,” Gerard sighed, hugging my tiny white ball of fluff close to his heart. “I’m seriously in love.” I looked on at the two happily, as Gerard leaned over and kissed my cheek. "I know; he's the best," I said, just as Zero hopped back into my lap. "Aren't you, Zero?" I said in a cutesy voice to my precious terrier, before glancing at Gerard and realizing that he's caught me at one of my weakest points, but I could do nothing but grin at him. "Sorry," I smiled apologetically, getting up with Zero and placing him in his little bed off in the corner. Gerard followed close behind me, and wrapped his arms around my waist. “Don’t be,” he spoke softly, kissing my temple. “He really is such an amazing little thing; I’m glad I got to see him.” I grinned, and quickly tilted my head so that our eyes were locked with one another. Our hot moment was over; our hard-ons had quickly diminished once Gerard and I were interrupted, but the look on Gerard’s face when he saw my Zero was simply too cute for words.

It’s quite obvious that he had fallen in love with him, much like I had the second I first laid eyes on the little guy. Before the moment was ruined completely, I tucked my arms around him, securing him closer to me as I gently placed my lips to his. He kissed back passionately, obviously noticing how our moment from before was over too; he wanted it back just as much as I did. I broke away from Gerard, glancing around the room for an idea of where we should take this little party to. Sex in the bedroom would be boring; considering I’m so full of energy and that would seem to bring down the mood some. Sex on the couch somehow seemed terribly cliché; plus Zero was hanging out in the corner and that thought really didn’t help that scenario out very much. My eyes then fell upon my curtains; and that’s when perhaps the hottest thought ever crossed my mind. “Come on, sugar,” I beckoned him, lacing my fingers with his as I led us toward the sliding glass door that lead to the veranda. "Where are we going, babe?" he asked, quickly following behind me. "You'll see," I smirked, dragging him out onto balcony. I flipped on the light switch to reveal my hot tub, smirking when I noticed that Gerard’s mouth had fallen open. Gerard literally looked like a kid in a candy store once he saw what my plans for him were, so in order to confirm his suspicions were correct, I pulled him closer against me; instantly sucking hard

on his neck. All it took was one very sexy moan for me to break away from him and leave him hanging; I really just wanted to get him all hot for me again before we even got in the hot tub, and I successfully did just that. I walked a short distance and turned on the hot tub, instantly hearing the sound of the bubbles once the jets had turned on. I then turned my attention back to Gerard, and noticed that he already had his shirt off. "Wow, you work fast," I smirked at him, licking my lips at the sight of his exposed chest. I advanced toward him, unbuttoning a few of the buttons on my shirt before slipping mine off, too. I pulled Gerard close, grinding our lower regions together, which caused him to whimper. I grinned; He was already hard, and I was quickly getting there. I slipped my fingers around Gerard’s belt buckle, and mumbled against his lips, "Let me help you with that..." I quickly unbuckled Gerard’s belt and undid his pants while kissing him deeply. Gerard kissed back eagerly, sliding his tongue across my lower lip and instantly began to nibble on my lip ring, causing me to moan into his mouth. I slipped Gerard’s pants down his legs, and instantly gripped his hard-on which seemed to be begging me for attention. He moaned out in surprise, instantly biting down on my shoulder which was enough to make my dick even harder than he was. Gerard quickly pulled away from me and I watched that sexy body of his with great interest as he got in the hot tub, letting me know that he was ready to stop fucking

around and get down to business. I slipped my pants off as well, and quickly joined him in the warm water which felt extremely good. I settled myself down on top of Gerard’s lap, instantly grinding our crotches together as we moaned out in unison. He gripped me closer against him by wrapping his arms tightly around me, instantly clashing our lips together as we began to make out passionately. “So Gerard,” I said between kisses, grinding my hips into his once more so I could hear him moan out my name again. “Mmm… yes, Frankie?” He asked, giving me an innocent look as he elaborately brushed his fingers across my erection, causing me to groan out in pleasure. “If you’re keeping score for tonight, we’re even,” I replied, causing Gerard to glance at me curiously. “I’ve already made you cum tonight, once. And you tasted so fucking good, just like I knew you would..” I began kissing my way down from his lips to his neck, down his torso until the water prevented me from going any further. “N-not as good as you tasted, Frankie,” he panted, gripping my waist tightly, trying his best to re-gain control. “You’re right,” he smirked, lifting me up out of the water so that I was hovering over him. This peaked my curiosity a great deal; I loved when he was in control. “We are even; but that only means it’s time for us to

take things a bit further,” he spoke seductively, running his fingers down my sides, causing me to shiver. “What did you have in mind?” I whispered, my eyes filled with lust as he once again wrapped his lips around my rock-hard cock. I moaned his name out loudly, realizing he was just toying with me because he pulled away shortly after. “Well Frankie, I seem to remember our little phone conversation from last night very well. And since we hung up, there’s only one thing that’s been on my mind…” he replied, letting his fingers dance along the skin on my lower back. He then brought those skillful fingers of his down to cup my ass, moaning out as he did so. “I want you to fuck me, Frankie…” Before I had a chance to respond, Gerard pulled my body directly in front of him, and began to scissor me. The feeling of pleasure was only intensified as he began to kiss and lick along the sides of my dick, causing me to throw my head back in sheer pleasure. As good as this was feeling, it was nothing compared to what I knew was coming next. After all; we had just fucked each other yesterday. I knew what Gerard was capable of, and my mouth was practically watering in anticipation of having Gerard inside of me again. “Fuck, that feels so good, Gee,” I panted, threading my fingers in my own hair as he continued to drive me crazy. “Are you ready, baby?” he breathed out huskily, to which I nodded in response. He pulled his fingers out of me, and gripped me firmly by my hips. Keeping eye contact with me, he brought my entire body down

straight on top of his rock hard cock. I gasped out sharply; I was definitely ready for him, and even though we had just done this yesterday, I still wasn’t quite used to being on the receiving end. “You feel so fucking good, Frankie,” he murmured, eagerly attaching his lips with mine. “Take as much time as you need, okay?” His words were so full of passion; the way he was willing to wait for me turned me on more than ever. I wrapped my arms around his neck and slowly began to move, causing the both of us to moan out loudly. His arms tightened around my lower back, allowing him deeper access inside of me; fuck, it felt amazing. I began to ride him a little faster, causing those moans to slip more frequently than before. His lips became attached with mine again, kissing me more passionately than before as I continued to pick up speed with each and every time I grinded on top of him. “Frankie,” he moaned, as my lips fell from Gerard’s lips to his neck, sucking hard on his sensitive skin. “Don’t fucking stop…” I smirked into his neck, and tightened the grip I had around his shoulders. I picked my body up slightly, to where only Gerard’s tip was inside of me, before slamming myself hard down on his extremely hard cock. He moaned out loudly, grabbing me by my hair and directing my lips towards his, clashing them together roughly. Gerard then did something completely unexpected; he

wrapped my legs around his waist and picked me up, crashing us hard against the wall of the hot tub. I moaned out in sheer pleasure; I have never been dominated like that before by anyone. Gerard had me gasping in pleasure as he rammed into me like never before. “Ahhh, Gerard,” I growled sexily, nipping his ear gently as I grabbed a hold of his shoulders. With the angle Gerard was slamming into me, he was able to repeatedly hit my prostate, causing me extreme amounts of pleasure. With each and every one of Gerard’s powerful thrusts, in combination with the bubbles powered by the jets surrounding us in the hot tub, I could feel myself getting closer. I wrapped my legs even tighter around him and leaned back against the wall of the hot tub, throwing my head back as he picked my body up slightly, which allowed Gerard to penetrate me even further. With one arm still wrapped around my back, he placed his fingers on my chest and let them trail down to my stomach, causing me to shiver; that was one of my weakest spots. “Oh Frankie, you feel so fucking good,” he panted heavily, letting his fingers drift even further, firmly wrapping them around my throbbing cock. I gasped out sharply; threading my fingers in my hair in absolute pleasure. Not only was Gerard hitting my prostate over and over again, he was also paying special attention to my dick, pumping me achingly slow and applying amazing amounts of pressure every so often. “Faster,” I panted, and felt Gerard pick up the speed

on not only the pace in which he was jerking me off, but also the rate in which he was slamming into me. “Harder,” I demanded, shifting my body to allow Gerard deeper access inside of me. All it took was one final hit to my prostate before Gerard had me screaming his name as I came, hard and powerful over his hand and my stomach. He followed suit just one thrust later, screaming my name as he spilled his seed deep inside of me. Our moans for each other grew in volume as he continued to thrust, allowing for me to ride out my intoxicating orgasm. "Fuck, Gee..." I panted, as he pulled himself out of me. "That was so fucking hot.." "Very," Gerard replied, instantly clashing his lips to mine. I kissed him deeply, moaning into his mouth because he had literally taken my breath away. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he pulled me close to him, kissing me passionately. When the need for air became a problem, I was forced to break our kiss, but still kept my grip around him as I stared at him dreamily. “You are amazing, Frank,” Gerard whispered, tucking some of my hair behind my ear. “You are absolutely incredible.” He planted one more kiss on my lips, so tender that it made me shiver, then exited the hot tub. I followed quickly behind him so that I could retrieve two towels from the cupboard that contained a half a dozen beach towels that was always stored outside just in case. I handed Gerard a towel, and began to dry myself off. I wrapped the towel around my waist once I

was done, and noticed that Gerard was about to slip his clothes back on. I felt my heart instantly begin to beat a little bit faster; I didn’t want Gerard to get dressed. I didn’t want Gerard to leave. “Gerard, wait,” I said, grabbing his hand, therefore preventing him from slipping his pants back on. Gerard looked at me curiously, almost as if he could read my mind. I bit my lip, my stomach suddenly in knots because of what I was about to do. I then threw all caution to the wind as I pulled Gerard close to me, and whispered, “Stay with me…” A look of shock crossed Gerard’s beautiful face, as he brought his arms to rest around my waist. "Are you sure, Frankie?" “Well yeah. I mean, it’s late,” I grinned; before brushing my lips against his. “…and I'd really like it if you stayed with me tonight." I rubbed Gerard's arm affectionately, feeling him shiver within my embrace. “Of course I will,” he replied quietly, leaning forward and kissing my cheek. “Come on, sugar,” I winked at him, before taking Gerard by the hand and leading us inside. Once we were in, I was suddenly wide awake, which was surprising considering it was nearly 4AM and we’d just engaged in some hot and heavy sexual activity. “Are you tired yet?” I asked, hoping he wouldn’t be. “Not really,” he grinned.

“Well, we can watch something if you like, or we can listen to whatever you want. You name it, I more than likely have it,” I said, pointing to my rather large, extensive selection of movies that were lined all along the living room wall. Gerard let go of my hand, and wandered over to it, giving me a chance to check out the amazing view of his still-exposed ass. “Holy shit, Frank!” Gerard cried out, dragging me from my naughty thoughts. He retrieved one of the DVD’s from the collection, and held it within his hands. “I can’t believe you have the original Dawn of the Dead, complete with the Zombie subtitles!” “Fuck yeah I do,” I grinned at him, taking the movie from him. “Come on, we can watch this in bed.” I gestured for Gerard to follow me, and led us down the hall toward the master bedroom. It had a huge bed, with a plasma screen television that took up half of the wall. I popped the movie in and slid under the covers next to Gerard, who had already made himself cozy. “This is one of my favorites; I'm glad you picked it,” I said, kissing Gerard's cheek before cuddling up next to him, but sort of maintaining my distance from him. For some reason, being close to Gerard like this suddenly felt awkward. I felt Gerard lean over, and smiled as he kissed my temple right as the movie began. I glanced over at him and smiled, getting the confidence to rest my head against his shoulder. However; the mood still felt sort of awkward, like there was some sort of a barrier between us. I needed to fix this.

I propped my head up on my elbow, and glanced down to look at Gerard, watching him as he watched the movie. He noticed that I was staring at him, and gave me a crooked smile. “What are you looking at?” “You,” I responded simply, running my fingers through his hair. As the light from the television flickered across Gerard’s beautiful face, I noticed that his smile had grown bigger. “And why are you looking at me?” he asked, wrapping an arm around my lower back, which secured my body even closer to his than before. I propped my leg up against his and tightened my grip around his waist, feeling him shiver from underneath me. “Because you Gerard, are far more entertaining to watch than this movie,” I whispered, softly caressing his cheek. “I’d rather watch you any day.” He closed the gap between us by pulling me into a deep, passionate kiss. I kissed him back eagerly; grateful that my lips upon his said all that was needed. All of the previous awkwardness was quickly washed away and instead, Gerard and I were wrapped inside of an amazing kiss and more importantly; each other. I pulled away a few moments later, breathless and drunk off of that kiss. I settled myself down on Gerard's chest and smiled as he wrapped his arms tightly around me. He began to mindlessly play with my hair, and I soon found myself drifting off into a very peaceful sleep… ---

I awoke some time later, to find that the blankets were somehow kicked off of us during the middle of the night. The sunlight that filtered in through the halfopen curtains illuminated Gerard’s naked body quite beautifully; just the sight of him was making my dick hard. My mind was swimming with naughty ideas of how I should wake him up; this could be fun… I inched closer to Gerard and ran my hand up his thigh. Gerard’s face contorted in what looked to be pleasure as he began to moan out softly in his sleep. He was slowly beginning to stir as my hand wandered up higher… “Frankie,” he moaned out quietly. I smiled; he was dreaming about me. I wrapped my hand around Gerard's already half-erect cock, feeling him grow beneath my touch. "Mmm…Frankie..." he moaned out again, a bit more loudly this time. His eyes sprang open then, only to drift back shut once as I applied more pressure to his cock. “’Morning Gee,” I grinned at him, just in time to hear him groan out softly as he leaned his head into my shoulder. "Mmm.... morning beautiful," he replied, kissing my skin until he reached my neck. I’m not sure if it was the fact that Gerard had just called me beautiful, or the fact that he was now sucking hard on my skin that got my heart beating a whole lot faster. Gerard then shifted his body so that he was laying on his side. He sensually ran his fingers up my thigh and

propped my leg up, draping it over his as our lips quickly found our way to one another’s again. I ground my hips up into his, causing Gerard to gasp out sharply in my mouth, biting down hard on my lip ring. ''Fuck me, Frankie,'' he whispered in a seductive tone, causing tingles to run up my spine. My hot night with Gerard might be over; but this morning with Gerard was turning out to be just as promising.

Chapter 8 [[Gerard's POV]] I could feel the goosebumps already spreading over my body as Frank connected his lips to mine and ran his hand over my chest and stomach; smirking against my lips when I shivered against him. I opened my mouth the moment I felt his tongue sliding across my lower lip and pushed my tongue against his, deepening our kiss. He shifted us so that he was straddling my waist and looked down at me, his eyes shining with something I could only describe as anticipation. He ran both of his hands up and down my chest, pressing his fingertips lightly against my skin. He glanced over at the clock and glanced back to me. “What are your plans for today, Gerard?” he asked, continuing to lightly massage my chest. “I have work at ten,” I replied, glancing over at the clock myself and seeing that it was seven thirty in the morning. I can’t believe that we only slept for three hours; but then of course, Frank had the ability to make me horny in an instant, which was something

that I'm sure he enjoyed as immensely as I did. “Well, in that case; I’m pretty sure you’re going to be late,” he said, making me smile and arch into his hands as they slid low on my stomach. “Are you going to make me late, Frankie?” I asked, grinning at his smirk. “Of course,” he smiled, leaning down and attaching his lips to my neck. I moaned softly at the feeling and tangled one of my hands in his hair, running my other hand down his back and slightly dragging my fingernails; hearing his moan as he arched himself into my chest. I could already feel myself getting aroused; more than I already was, and I could feel that Frank was getting aroused as well. I slid both of my hands downward and gripped his ass, pulling his hips into mine and allowing myself to moan loudly into his mouth. He pulled his mouth away from mine and groaned again. “Fuck, Gee…” he moaned, throwing his head back as I pushed our hips together again. I sighed and tilted my head backwards, letting Frank have free roam of my neck once more. His warm body pressed up against mine felt amazing. I pushed my hips up against his once again; relishing in the feeling of our skin touching. He pulled his lips away from my neck and kissed my lips quickly before trailing his fingers down my sides; so lightly that I could barely feel them. “Frankie…” I breathed, pushing my head further back into the pillow and feeling his fingers trail upwards again.

“Mmm… Gerard, have I told you how much it turns me on when you moan out my name like that?” he questioned, grinning at me. “It gets me so fucking hot for you,” he moaned after he spoke; showing me just how much he liked it. I groaned softly and threaded one of my hands through his hair, shivering again as I felt his fingers lightly brush pass my hips. “Fuck…” I moaned, struggling not to push my hips up as he slid his body downwards and kissed across the path that his fingers had just traced. I moaned again and felt my body become even more heated, it was so hard not to push my hips up at him… to beg for him to do something. I sighed as I felt his fingers trail lightly up my sides again; his lips trailing kisses back up my body. He kissed me passionately before stretching his body across the bed and reaching into the nightstand. I took the opportunity to begin kissing all along his chest and upper stomach, his soft moans becoming like music to me in the moment. I grinned against him and began to gently suck on his left nipple; making his eyes widen and a loud moan to escape his mouth. A tender spot. He shut his eyes as I continued my administrations and set the tube of lube that he had pulled out of the drawer on the bed next to us. He kissed me again and rolled his hips against mine; grinding our very hard erections against each other, causing the moans that left our mouths to resonate throughout the penthouse. I groaned into his mouth when he rubbed himself up against me again and let him take dominance of the kiss. I always liked it when he was controlling what

was going on. He pulled away from my lips, leaning his forehead up against mine and panting. “Do you want me, Gerard?” he asked, smirking; to which I nodded eagerly. He grinned and kissed me again; trailing one of his hands all down my side before reaching his other hand out to grab the lube that he had discarded earlier. He folded a pillow under my lower back, before squirting some of the lube into one of his hands and spreading it over three of his fingers. He kissed me one more time before spreading my legs even further and trailing a finger up the center of my stomach and chest as I felt one of his lubed up fingers enter me. I gasped softly and ran a hand through his hair; enjoying how soft it felt in between my fingers. He grinned at me before beginning to trail kisses down my body, as he began to move his finger in and out of me. I moaned softly at the feeling, only to giggle when I felt his tongue briefly flick inside of my belly button. His lips began to veer towards the left, eventually stopping at my hipbone. He glanced upwards at me and added in another finger as he gently began to suck on my hip, beginning to nibble just as gently a few moments later. “God Frankie…” I moaned, only wincing slightly when his fingers began to scissor me. ”You’re so fucking good,” I murmured, tossing my head back into the pillow as he pushed his tongue lightly against the taut skin of my hip. I’ve never had someone suck on my hipbone before, so it really surprised me how much it turned me on. His fingers continued to move in and out of me as he

bit down before beginning to kiss up my side, making me gasp again as he began to suck on a spot just under my ribcage. He slipped his third lubed up finger inside of me as he sucked harder on my new found tender spot and began to hum softly; sending pleasant vibrations throughout my system. I winced again at the feeling of all three of his fingers stretching me and sighed in bliss once the uncomfortable feeling faded; which was almost immediately. “Mmm… Frankie,” I groaned, making him pull away from sucking on my rib cage and glance up at me; a smirk adorning his beautiful features. “Baby, if you like that, just wait. I’m gonna have you moaning my name so much louder,” he murmured into my ear, his hot breath tickling my skin. I could only grin at his words and whimpered quietly as he took his fingers out of me. He kissed my cheek swiftly before reaching for the bottle of lube again. He popped it open once more and squirted a generous amount into his palm. He reached down and spread it over himself, making me moan again as I watched him touch himself. He heard my moan and glanced up at me, smirking at me as he increased the pace of his hand. My mouth watered as I watched; utterly entranced. He smirked at me again before he tossed his head back; his mouth slightly open as moans and gasps poured out of it. ”Gerard…” he groaned out, making my eyes widen and my cock to twitch. I could feel myself beginning to leak, and my cock was throbbing painfully… I wanted him bad, and needed him to fuck me, now. He suddenly stopped pumping himself, tilting his head

forward and passionately connecting our lips. “Do you still want me, Gerard?” he questioned, stroking his hands up my thighs. I nodded. “More than ever,” I responded, noticing the grin that crossed his features as he positioned himself. He tangled the fingers of his hands with mine and positioned them outwards slightly; my arms bent at the elbows so that our hands were by my head. He grinned at me again before slowly beginning to push himself inside of me. I gasped softly and shut my eyes, not being able to hold back my moan at the feeling of finally having him inside of me. I soon felt Frank’s lips beginning to kiss all along my chest; stopping for a moment to flick his tongue over my nipples, making them harden immediately. Once he was all the way inside of me, he stopped. “You can move,” I immediately said, opening my eyes so that I could look at him properly. He seemed a bit hesitant, making me smile at him and reassuringly squeeze his hands. “Seriously,” I murmured. “I’m fine… You feel so good inside of me.” He groaned softly and nodded, beginning to move his hips slowly. “You’re so fucking tight Gee…” he groaned, tossing back his head as I urged him to quicken his pace. “Mmm… God, you feel amazing.” I moaned loudly and wrapped my legs around his waist, pushing him in deeper. He groaned and passionately connected our lips; I opened my mouth as soon as I felt his tongue slide across my lower lip, tangling them together lustfully. He continued the rigorous pace of thrusting; both of us moaning in to

one another’s mouths every few seconds. I could feel him changing his angling every few thrusts, until, eventually; “Oh God, FRANK!” I very nearly screamed, tugging my lips away from his as I felt indescribable pleasure course throughout my body; I could almost feel it in my bloodstream. “…Right fucking there,” I panted, feeling his hands leaving mine to grip my hips. He smirked at me; before slamming into me as hard as he could. Both of our bodies trembling with the force and the bed shaking as we both grunted, followed by very loud moans. He was hitting my spot with each and every thrust and I was groaning out his name and a constant stream of expletives with every one of them. I somehow managed to wrap my legs around him even tighter, forcing him in as deep as he could possibly go. “Fucking hell, Gerard,” he moaned, tossing his head back as I noticed a sheen of sweat covering both of our bodies. “You have no idea how bad you make me want to cum…” One of his hands left my hips and he began to pump me roughly; meeting the pace of his hips. “But I don’t want to at the same time… fuck, this feels so fucking good.” I moaned in response and nodded frantically in agreement with him, the feeling of his hand pumping me and his dick moving in and out of me was almost too much. He kept striking my prostate with every thrust, adjusting his grip and alternating the paces of his hand every few movements. I ran my hands through his hair and gripped onto it tightly as I forced his lips onto mine; only to pull away a few seconds later as I began to suck as hard as I could on his neck.

”I’m so close Frankie…” I groaned a few minutes later, pulling away from his neck, releasing his hair, and tossing my head back into the pillows as I arched my back. My eyes were tightly clenched shut, finding it hard to keep my eyes open with the blissful feeling coursing through my system. I felt his other hand leave my hip and felt it grace the side of my face. I briefly opened my eyes to glance at him and felt his lips upon mine just a few seconds later; effectively making me shut them again. I sighed against his lips and wrapped my arms around his neck, pushing my tongue against his slowly. Even though Frankie's thrusts were quick and hard, and the way his hand was moving around my incredibly hard dick was almost a blur, his kiss was surprisingly tender. I could feel slight sparks shooting through my lips, making them tingle, and making my mind implode. It only took two more thrusts for me to release over his hand and both of our stomachs. ”Frankie…” I groaned softly against his lips, almost a sigh. He continued to kiss me as I felt his hand leave my dick after I had finished my orgasm, and then both of his hands resumed their place on my hips. He slammed into me one more time before groaning out my name and releasing himself; an even warmer feeling than what I had already been experiencing filling me up as I felt him spill inside of me. He continued to kiss me, his thrusts slowing down as he finished riding out his orgasm. He continued to make out with me for quite a long time, still remaining

on top of me. He pulled away a while later, leaning his forehead against mine as we both attempted to regulate our breathing. “Amazing,” he murmured, pecking my lips again. All I could do was nod. --After going home and getting myself ready for work, I managed to make it in at around one thirty; three and a half hours later than what time I was supposed to be there. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair as I climbed out of my car; all I could think about was my incredibly sexy night and amazingly sensual morning with Frank. I definitely didn’t want to work today and have to deal with all of my clients’ legal woes. All I wanted to do was go home and sleep… maybe even dream about Frank. I locked my car door behind me and began to walk towards the entrance of the office; not being able to help my grin at the lettering on the door that read Way Brothers on the top line, and then Attorneys at Law on the bottom. Mikey and I had worked hard to establish ourselves; eventually becoming one of the larger firms in the city. I crept into the office as quietly as I could; surprisingly not sore at all yet… although I'm sure I'll be feeling it in a few hours. I saw Mikey standing in the lobby talking to a client; who walked away just as I was approaching the door to my office. “GERARD FUCKING WAY!” I heard him shout. I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around, glancing at my

rather angry little brother; who was waving his arms around like a maniac. “Where the fuck have you been?!” he demanded. I bit my lower lip nervously. “Sleeping?” I questioned rather than stated, awkwardly running a hand through my slightly damp hair. I hadn’t managed to dry it completely before coming in to work. “With Frank?” he smirked, tucking his hands into his pockets. I couldn’t help the wide grin that spread across my face at just the mention of Frank’s name. “Yes,” I replied, still grinning. If I kept going at this rate; my face was going to end up hurting. Mikey sighed and waltzed over to me. “Let me look at you,” he said, reaching out and unzipping the coat that I was wearing. He tugged out my shirt collar a little bit and sighed. “Jesus Gerard, you look like a fucking leopard.” I glanced downwards and somewhat gaped at the hickies adorning my upper chest and I could only imagine what the ones on my neck looked like. He shoved me into my office and I turned around to see him hanging his head in one of his hands. “You better be thankful that we don’t have an appointment until around four,” he said. “Come on, let’s go get you fixed up.” I zipped my coat back up and followed Mikey out of our office building and into the parking structure; where he led me to his car. “Where are we going?” I questioned, climbing into the passenger’s seat and

strapping myself in. He mimicked my actions and started the car. “Remember when I told you, that when you have an affair, to make sure you didn’t get caught?” he asked, driving out of the parking structure and going five miles over the speed limit. “Yeah...” I glanced at him with a raised eyebrow; wondering where he was going with this. “The trick is to not let your hot little fuck buddy mark you like some drunken prom date.” I sighed and didn’t manage to stop myself from rolling my eyes. “Whatever Mikes, if you were there last night, I doubt you’d care about how many marks you have either.” “I can imagine.” I grinned at him. “So, how was the rest of the party?” “Fucking spectacular!” he exclaimed. “Gabe decided that he wanted to do some DJ’ing and we got frisky up in the DJ booth. Typical night,” he shrugged. “But enough about my night! What the hell happened with Frank?!” I grinned at him again. “Are you sure you wanna know?” He nodded. “Did you fuck?” “Yes… twice,” I answered, snapping forward suddenly as he almost came to a stop, flipping off the people

behind us who honked their horns. “Twice in one night?!” he demanded, his face showing his obvious shock. “Now wonder you slept in!” I laughed lightly. “And then we messed around a little bit,” I said, images of Frank once again flooding my mind. I could almost see him perfectly… with his head tossed back as he moaned out my name... “A little bit huh?” Mikey asked, to which I nodded. “What time did you get home?” “Around noon,” I grinned yet again, my cheeks beginning to hurt. Mikey swerved around a corner roughly; completely forgetting to switch on the turn signal as he stared at me, wide eyed. He pulled up to a parking spot in one of the local malls and gaped at me. “You spent the night with him?!” his eyes were about ready to pop out of his head. “How did that happen?” I adjusted myself in my seat and peeled myself away from the door; which I had been slammed up against when Mikey swerved the car. “Well, it was already four AM when we were… finished the first time. And he asked me to stay with him.” “What happened to Frank just simply being a hot onenight stand, Gerard?” Mikey asked, his eyes boring into me. I thought about his words carefully before shrugging. “I’m not sure Mikes,” I sighed, really not knowing what had changed between Frank and I.

“Is that all he was to you?” “What do you mean?” I knew that my face was conveying how confused I was. Okay; that’s a lie. I wasn’t really that confused about what he was talking about. I had a pretty good idea of what my little brother was talking about... “Well Gerard, I’m confused about that look on your face that tells me that your night with Frank was much more than just a hot one night stand,” he replied dryly, an unamused expression gracing his features. “So tell me bro; was that all he was to you?” “I’m not sure Mikes…” I trailed off, sighing again at Mikey’s unsurprised gaze. “I’m not really sure about anything.” “I knew it,” Mikey sighed, climbing out of the car and beginning to head towards the entrance. I glanced at Mikey’s back with a confused expression, following him inside. “Knew what?” I questioned. Mikey ignored me and headed towards the make-up counter. He picked out several different shades of foundation and concealer. He ignored my attempts to speak to him for pretty much the rest of the shopping trip, up until we were in the check-out lane. I sighed and glanced at Mikey; not even bothering to ask about the make-up that he was purchasing. “Seriously Mikes; what did you know?” I couldn’t help that paranoia that was rising in my stomach and beginning to spread throughout my

body; threatening to cripple me. “Nothing bro,” he whispered, biting his lower lip anxiously. “Mikey, really.” “I um… I’m just really happy that you had a good night,” he obviously lied, glancing determinedly at the items that were being scanned. “Mikey, no you’re not,” I sighed, feeling horrible on the inside that he felt like he couldn’t talk to me. “You haven’t lied to me since you were fifteen, got stoned out of your head; and fell asleep in a bush. Don’t start now.” Mikey bit his lip again, glancing at me before sighing deeply. “Well…” I felt my heart drop into my stomach.

Chapter 9 [[Frank's POV]] “Good Morning, Casey,” I muttered upon walking into my office for the first time in a week. It felt nice to be back, even though I would have thoroughly enjoyed keeping Gerard all to myself today. “’Afternoon, Mr. Iero,” Casey replied back, a wide grin on his charming face which only made my good feeling grow. That is, until Casey spoke again. “Although, I hope you took in to account how I didn’t

say it was a good afternoon, Frank.” I cringed on my way toward my desk, and turned around to face my right-hand man. “Why do you say that?” “Well, I’ll start with the good news,” he began, to which I let out the breath I didn’t even realize I’d been holding. I took a seat at my desk and eyed him intently, hoping he would continue. “First off, the trip to L.A. was a continued, taking a seat across from legs up on my desk, wincing a bit soreness from the previous night was to take over my body. big hit,” Casey me. I kicked my considering the finally beginning

“So they liked me, huh?” I asked, leaning my head against the back of my ridiculously comfortable swivel chair. Casey nodded. “The boys in the band absolutely adored you, Frank; and picked you to be the producer for their brand new album,” he elaborated, which made me a tad bit confused. “So what’s the unfortunate news?” “They want to begin work as soon as possible,” Casey went on, to which I nodded. “Well, that’s understandable, I guess,” I began to fiddle with my fingers which were resting in my lap, waiting impatiently for Casey to get down to the point. “How long are we talking, like in a month or so?”

Casey snorted in response. “The band will be arriving in New York tomorrow,” he replied, that wide grin quickly returning to his rather attractive face. “And?” “And they want to meet with you tomorrow, to discuss the details of the album.” I still wasn’t quite following why this was such a big deal. “So the unfortunate thing is that I will have to be in the presence of Brandon Flowers for a day. You know I dislike the guy, but if I’m forced to work with him, so be it.” Casey didn’t say anything. He didn’t even flinch; the only thing that changed was his facial expression. “What?” “Well Frankie…” “What??” “The band will be recording right here in New York, and the record company needs some place to move them in to. A temporary home for the guys for the next few weeks, or months, or however long it takes,” Casey explained, in a careful voice. “And what the fuck does this have to do with me?” “The record company wants to move them into your penthouse, Frank.”

--I slammed the door to the Warner Bros. main New York office with an extra amount of force, and stormed away from the building toward the parking lot in search of my car. Once I was safely inside, I finally let out the breath I had been holding, and smiled. Everything had gone according to plan; but I was still plenty angry about the way the execs thought they could just simply show such disrespect toward me like that, and decided that I needed something to calm my nerves. Reaching into my too-tight jeans pocket, I pulled my cell phone out and dialed the only person I could think of that could cure my problems. After two rings, he answered the phone rather breathlessly. “Yo, Frankie,” he greeted me, followed by that highpitched giggle of his. “Gabriel,” I responded, ignoring the grin that was spreading across my face. “I didn’t catch you at a bad time, did I?” “Um… kinda. What’s up?” “Just had a bad fucking day. Can you meet me at Whiskey Dick’s once you finish fucking your boyfriend?” “He can,” I heard Mikey’s voice through the speaker portion of the phone, and couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. “He’ll be there in like a half hour.”

I heard more shrieks and giggles before the line went dead, and set off toward my favorite bar. As much as I love Angels and Kings, I really do prefer Whiskey Dick’s because I can keep a low profile there. Normally I’d head there alone, but since Gabe’s back in the city I figured drinking with someone would be a nice switch from drinking there alone. --Once I finished downing my third shot of Tequila, I felt a pair of arms sneak around my shoulders, and grinned as I felt a pair of lips kiss my cheek rather sloppily. “So sorry about keeping you waiting, Frankie-love," Gabe mumbled against my cheek, instantly making me smile. He squeezed me gently before letting me go, and hopped up on the bar stool next to me. “Sorry to be a cockblock,” I replied, grinning. “And you're forgiven, by the way.” “Oh, I got my fill of cock, don’t you worry,” Gabe said, winking at me before ordering a Vodka Tonic. “So you're definitely forgiven, too.” “Well that’s good,” I said, before ordering two more shots of Tequila. The bartender set Gabe’s drink down in front of him, then placed my two new shots next to the empty glasses already resting in front of me. Before Gabe could take a sip of his drink, I tossed a shot glass full of Tequila his way. “It’s a Tequila kinda night, baby.” “Ah; I almost forgot. What made this particular fucking

day so fucking terrible?" Gabe questioned, before clinking his shot glass to mine. We both took our shots, made matching faces due to the drunken delicious liquid that is now surging its way through our bloodstream, and clinked our now empty glasses upside down on the counter in front of us. “Fuckers at the record company thought they could pull a fast one on me,” I replied, before ordering two more shots. “It can’t be that bad,” Gabe reasoned, as he took a large gulp of his Vodka. “I mean; you are the most successful producer that they have.” “And I made damn fucking sure that they knew it,” I shot back, the effects of that last swig of that vile liquid finally making its presence known within my body. My head was spinning, my hands were shaking, and certain parts of my body felt like they were going numb. “Well, what'd they do to piss you off?” Gabe questioned, just as I placed one of my new shots in front of him. But before he could take it, I stopped him, and ordered two more, as well as a Soco and Lime. “I'll tell you... hang on,” I said to Gabe, before turning my attention to the bartender. “Send those new drinks to that booth over there, ‘kay?” I told him, pointing in the direction of a booth in the far left corner of the bar. “Sure thing, Mr. Iero,” he nodded. I slapped some cash

down on the table and nodded at Gabe to follow me. We settled ourselves in the booth across from one another, and stared each other down for a moment. He gave me a smirk, and I smiled; having Gabe Saporta back in my life is such a wonderful thing. I didn’t feel so alone anymore. “I really can’t tell you how much I’ve missed you, Gabe. I am so fucking glad that you’re home,” I admitted, just as a waitress came and placed our many glasses of drunken concoctions down in front of us. I thanked her and turned my attention to Gabe, who was now holding my hand. “You too, Frankie,” he replied. Gabe kissed my inkcovered knuckles gently, before rubbing his thumb across my skin. “Now tell me what those evil little piss-ants at the record company did to you today.” I immediately burst out in laughter; the term ‘piss-ant’ came from the movie Police Academy, which Gabe and I watched together one of the first nights that we ever spent together. We spent many a night getting loaded off of our asses, eating tons of junk food, and watching a bunch of classic movies. Needless to say, the making of Cobra Starship's first album was the most fun record I've ever been a part of. “Ah the good ol’ days,” I managed to choke out after my laughter had subsided. “Anyway, what was I saying…?” My attention was then averted to the glasses in front of me, and my eyes instantly lit up. “Oh that’s right;

we were getting wasted, and I was telling you about my terrible fucking day.” I distributed the four shot glasses accordingly, placing two in front of him while taking one of the two that laid on the table in front of me in my hands. “One shot before I tell you about those fuckers at the record company, and one for after.” “Okay,” Gabe agreed, clinking his shot glass with mine before we both downed every last drop of liquid that rested inside of the small glass. “Alright… so. I go in to work today, and Casey's like ‘so the guys in the band really liked you back in L.A., they're coming to New York soon and we're going to begin work blah blah, whatever. That’s not important,” I began, rolling my eyes. “Anyway, he tells me that the company needs to cut costs, and needs to start saving some money. So instead of putting the band up in some fancy hotel or apartment for however fucking long it'll take us to make this fucking album, they want to put them in my fucking penthouse!” I noticed as Gabe’s eyes widen at my little explanation. His mouth hung slightly open, as he replied, “That's fucking bullshit. They gave you that fucking penthouse and now they want you to share it?! Assholes. Anyways; then what happened?” “I went to the main New York office and made sure they fucking remembered who they were messing with,” I replied, giving a smirk. Gabe nodded.

“What all did you say to them?” I opened my mouth to speak, but was completely incapable of answering his question. “Ya know... I can't really remember, Gabey,” I replied, giggling as I picked up my other shot glass. “But not only am I getting to keep my penthouse, I managed to get them to agree to increase the percentage I make off of the album, plus they're getting me all kinds of other free shit. I can't remember everything that they said, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna be rad,” I said, clinking my glass with Gabe’s. “Well, when do you begin work on the new project?” Gabe asked, once we’d made our twin Tequila-faces, and downed our final glass of the golden liquid. “Tomorrow,” I pouted, instantly rolling my eyes. “The band is flying in tomorrow morning, and we begin work tomorrow afternoon.” “Wow.... well, at least you're working in the afternoon,” Gabe offered, but it did nothing to wipe the frown off of my face. I was not looking forward to this new project, at all. “That’s exactly what it’s going to be,” I sighed; flicking one of the empty shot glasses within my fingers. “This is going to be the most boring record that I've ever worked on.” “Is the band really that bad?” Gabe questioned, to which I quickly shook my head.

“No no; don't get me wrong. The band is amazing, it’s just... the band members themselves…” “Ah; I see.” “Like that lead singer, that guy Brandon Flowers. I just don't like him very much. And I don’t even know why! He seemed like a great guy, just… something about him rubbed me the wrong way,” I continued, fully aware that I was rambling. “Why not? Does he lack a personality or something?” Gabe asked, with a confused expression on his face. “He's just not like us, Gabe. You know how I automatically hate anyone who isn't like us, or anyone who can’t handle guys like us…” “So, I take it that he doesn't dress well, he doesn't talk very much, and he isn’t as insanely hot as we are,” Gabe replied, somewhat sarcastically. “He’s a good looking guy, it just seems like he thinks he’s… I don’t know, above everyone or something. Like he has something that we don’t have,” I continued, sighing deeply at the end. “And I have no idea why I feel that way, I just do.” “Did you hit on him or something?” His question nearly made me choke. “Uh, no.” My response made his eyes widen. “What’s with the hostility, Frankie?”

“I didn’t mean it like that, it’s just… Brandon Flowers is just not my type. He’s cute, but there was just that something about the guy that made me automatically hate him from the second I shook his hand.” Gabe nodded. “Well, something's definitely wrong then. Was the rest of the band okay?” “Eh, they were cool, I guess. I can just tell that this is going to be work,” I replied, groaning as I leaned my now throbbing head back against the booth. My drunken high was quickly fading due to the curve that the conversation had taken. “Can we talk about something else? Please?” “Sure,” Gabe said with a smirk. “Was your night as good as the plane ride?” “My night…” I mumbled, trying my hardest to think back to what I did last night. My eyes widened as I clamped a hand over my mouth, as the memories from the hottest night I have ever had came rushing back. “Gerard…” A wide smile made its way across my face, as I recalled every single intimate moment that I had shared with Gerard. “My night was better than the plane ride,” I answered Gabe’s previous question, throwing my head back against the booth again as a low moan made its way from my lips. “Fuck, my night with Gerard was so damn good.” Gabe laughed. “So I take it you guys had sex?”

I nodded. “Twice,” I replied, my eyes still shut as flashes of the night before came rushing back, making my entire body tingle. “I want Gerard again… I want him right now.” I began to fumble around in my pocket for my phone, but Gabe stopped me. “Whoa whoa, Frankie, calm down,” he said, taking the phone from me. I gazed at him questioningly, confused as to what his motives were. “What the fuck, Gabe?” “You’re drunk, Frank. You just met him, just spent the night with him. You don’t want to chase him away by randomly drunk calling him,” Gabe said, to which I pouted. “Finish telling me about your night,” he suggested, and my pout instantly vanished, and was quickly masked with a grin that could be caused by only one man: Gerard. “Well, we had the most amazing sex you could ever imagine…” “And you said this was better than on the plane ride?” Gabe asked, to which I nodded. “Was it sexier?” I nodded again. “How was anything hotter than the plane ride?” “It was in the hot tub,” I replied, which made Gabe’s eyes widen. “No fucking way,” he gasped, instantly wrapped up in my story.

“But…” “But?” I grinned. “The plane sex, and the hot tub sex…” “Yeah?” Gabe was now propped up on his elbow, eagerly awaiting all of the juicy details from my sexy night with the man who was simply a gorgeous stranger a few days ago, and now was the cause of some of the most amazing memories of my life. “…is nothing compared to how amazing my morning with Gerard was.” “Morning, Frankie?” Gabe’s mouth dropped open. “Did you just fucking say morning?” A small grin peeked its way across my face, as I nodded. “I asked him to stay the night with me.” “Wow. Gerard must be fucking spectacular for you to have asked him to stay,” Gabe breathed out in awe, which actually made me blush. “He is…” I leaned my head back against the booth once again, and felt my eyes flutter shut as more memories from my time with Gerard came pouring back… I watched as Gerard got dressed, slowly and almost as if he was unsure of something. He must have felt my gaze upon him, because he looked up from buttoning his shirt and smiled at me. He leaned down to kiss me,

and I instantly pulled him back in bed with me. I clashed our lips together hungrily; I already missed the feeling of having his lips upon mine, and knew that in only a matter of minutes they would be gone, and there’s no telling when I’ll get to have that feeling again. As our lips lingered together, a thousand questions were running through my mind that only made my kiss with Gerard more passionate. Would I ever see him again, or would this be the end of our hot little affair? “Frankie?” Why does this mean so much to me? “Frankie.” Why can’t I stop thinking about him? “Frankie!” My eyes flickered back over to Gabe, who was snapping his fingers in front of my face. “Dude, fuck all the shit that happened at work today. Tell me more about your night with Gerard. I can tell that’s obviously the only thing on your mind,” Gabe said, with a sparkle in his eye. I smiled. “What part?” “Your favorite part,” he replied, making me sigh deeply. I leaned my head back against the booth, instantly closing my eyes at the amazing moments that made up my incredible night with Gerard. I felt

my body tingle as I remembered how deliciously steamy our hot tub experience was. I felt the tingly feeling grow immensely as I recalled our passionate morning together; the sensual touches, the tender kisses, and the mind-blowingly amazing sex that still seems to have my entire body tingling from that spectacular fucking orgasm… “Wow. Was the sex really that good, Frankie?” I opened my eyes and sighed once more, looking my friend deeply in his eyes. “It was…” “Then why am I getting the feeling that there’s more to it than that?” My smile quickly faltered and was replaced with a look of confusion. “What?” “You’ve got stars in your eyes, Frank. You’re fucking glowing,” he replied, which made my grin quickly reappear. “So tell me, what was your favorite part?” I leaned my head against the booth once more, and felt my eyes flutter shut once again as the memories of this morning came pouring back… From the look on Gerard’s face, I could tell he was having a hard time prying himself away from me, too. He glanced at the clock beside us once more and sighed, noticing it was just a little after noon. “Fuck,” he groaned, burying his face in my neck. “I have to go, Frankie…” “I know, Gee.”

He placed one final kiss on my neck before he untangled himself from around me, and left me alone in the bed that for one incredible night, was ours. “So?” I opened my eyes and grinned at my best friend. “It was the kiss…” “The kiss?” Gabe questioned, with wide eyes. I nodded. “Which one? I’m sure there were plenty of kisses, Frank, be more specific.” “I am. It wasn’t just any kiss, it was the kiss,” I elaborated, and watched as Gabe perched his hand under his chin in anticipation of hearing my favorite moment with Gerard. I pulled on a pair of pajama pants and followed Gerard out in the living room, making sure to keep a short distance behind him. I didn’t want to overdo it by holding his hand or clinging to him, considering there were so many things left unspoken, so much uncertainty hanging in the balance. Once Gerard reached my front door, he turned to face me, forcing a smile upon his face. I knew it was fake; I already memorized the way his smile looked when he was happy, when he was excited, when he was in complete and utter bliss… he wasn’t fooling me so easily. Taking this in to consideration, I did Gerard the favor of making the first move by pulling him by his belt loops so that I could close the gap between us. I felt

him shiver as he brushed against my chest, and placed his hands on my exposed waist. I felt myself shiver as well at that simple touch, and felt my eyes flutter shut at a feeble attempt to make this feeling last as long as possible. My fingers wove their way underneath his shirt, and were now resting securely on the small of his back. With one hand still resting securely on my waist, I felt his fingers drift up my side, causing a ton of different emotions to surge through my body as they began the journey from my waist to where they now rested on the back of my neck. Within seconds, I felt him gently press his lips to mine. I instantly tightened my grip around him, and relaxed into his touch; therefore deepening our kiss. But just like when we said good-bye to each other at the airport, I didn’t try to worm my tongue inside his mouth, and he didn’t either. We simply moved our lips together, allowing them to do all of the talking that neither of us wanted, or had the courage to say ourselves. He pulled away after a few minutes of angel-soft kisses, leaving me breathless and wanting more; so much more. I felt him lean his forehead against mine, and again, I felt tingles as his fingers traveled all across my skin, re-visiting places that they’ve spent the past seventy-two hours getting to know quite well. I finally dared to open my eyes so I could stare at him, take in every aspect of that beautiful fucking face of his before he decided to gather up the courage to actually walk out of the door. To my surprise, his eyes were closed, too. I kissed

each one of his closed eyelids, and heard him moan out as my lips left his skin. Breathing deeply, Gerard opened his eyes and gazed dreamily at me, before catching me off guard by crushing his lips passionately to mine, taking my breath away as he pulled my body as close to his as he possibly could. My fingers became threaded in his hair as his tongue became entwined with mine, allowing me to taste his beautiful taste one final time. He broke away moments after, and as I stared into those mesmerizing hazel eyes of his, I knew this was it. No more excuses to stay, no more acting on borrowed time. Our time together would soon be over. “I’ll see you soon?” he questioned, rubbing his thumb gracefully across my cheek. “Very soon,” I replied, earning that gorgeous smile of his in response. With one final kiss to my lips, he was gone. “Wow,” Gabe sighed, once I was done telling him my story. “So not only did you guys have amazing sex, you had the kiss…” “Yep,” I nodded, sighing deeply. “We had the kiss…” “Well, you know what happens next, don’t you?” Gabe questioned, which immediately made my heart feel like it was about to stop beating. I already knew that Gerard was special. I already knew that I could possibly wind up falling for him. And now, I am painfully aware that Gerard could wind up being the one.

“I don’t wanna know…”

Chapter 10 [[Gerard's POV]] As I drove home from the office, at around six thirty, I gripped onto the steering wheel so tightly that my hands were beginning to ache and my knuckles were white. I bit onto my lower lip as hard as I could stand while driving, nearly hard enough to draw some blood. I arrived home just a few moments later, quickly shutting off my car and slamming the door behind me as I stepped out of the vehicle. I unlocked the door to my house and stepped foot inside, shutting the door rather harshly behind me. I kicked my shoes off and jogged up the stairs and into the master bedroom, slipping my jacket off and tossing it onto the bed. I began to unbutton the first few buttons of my shirt before slipping that off too, and letting it drop onto the floor as I journeyed towards the closet. I just so happened to walk by the mirror as I tugged my undershirt over my head; the hickey that Frank had left on my left hipbone suddenly catching my eye. I stopped in my tracks as I noticed it, turning so that I was facing the mirror completely and could get a good look at it. I gently drifted my fingers over the mark; giving an involuntary shiver and letting my eyes flutter shut as I pictured him perfectly in my head. Frank gently traced his fingers down my stomach,

causing my body to tremble as I moaned out softly. He glanced up and smiled coyly at me before softly kissing my lips; pulling away and gazing deeply into my eyes a few moments later. He reached down and traced his fingers delicately over the mark on my hip, making me shiver again. His eyes suddenly flickered to my other hip, as he planted a gentle kiss on my cheek before sliding down my body, letting his lips drift over to my right hip. As soon as his lips graced my skin and he began to suck softly, I let out a giggle; trying to keep them under control as he continued to suck. He eventually flicked his tongue against the highly sensitive spot, thus making me giggle even more. He pulled away and looked up at me, smirking. “Ticklish, Gerard?” “Yes," I admitted shyly. "I’m very ticklish.” “How about I find some more of your ticklish spots then?” I snapped out of my memories and traced my fingers across the mark one more time before continuing my walk towards the closet. I picked out a pair of sweatpants and changed my pants before tugging a plain black shirt on. I pretty much jogged back down the stairs and into the kitchen, heading towards the fridge. I stopped as soon as I saw a picture of Mikey and me, together at our first court appearance. We had been helping an abused woman in a lawsuit against her husband. Mikey and I were the epitome of excitement

at that moment, our eyes shining and wide grins covering both of our faces as we held onto each other tightly. However, the picture brought back a not so good memory of today. ”Well…” Mikey trailed off, opening his mouth to speak again before he was cut off by the items we had purchased being scanned. “I’ll tell you in the car, okay bro?” he asked, taking a few steps forward and pulling his wallet out of the back pocket of his pants. I simply nodded even though he couldn’t see me and impatiently waited for the cashier to scan our items. I followed my little brother out to the car and strapped myself in as he set the bags in the back seat before climbing in on the driver’s side. He put the key in the ignition and buckled himself in before turning his head to look at me. “Gee… Brandon called today.” My eyes widened and I could feel my heart plummet into my stomach. “Why? He’s supposed to be working on the album,” I asked and stated, looking at Mikey with a questioning expression. "Where did you tell him I was?" “I told him that you were in court when he asked for you, don't worry,” Mikey explained, pulling out of the parking lot and onto the road. “And he told me that he’s planning a surprise for you,” he focused his gaze on the road. “He made me promise not to tell you.” “Well, tell me!” I demanded, feeling my heartbeat quickly becoming erratic and the anxiety beginning to flood my being. “And why the fuck would he be

planning a surprise for me?!... That’s not like him!” Mikey’s face held a heartbroken expression as he turned to gaze at me again. “He’s coming home, Gee,” he said in a soft voice, making my eyes widen even further in horror. “He arranged it so that the band is recording here in New York instead of in LA.” My eyes somehow widened even further, so far that I’m pretty sure they were almost halfway out of my head; and I could feel the nausea overtaking me and the bile rising in my throat. “Mikey, please tell me that this is some kind of sick fucking joke.” Mikey shook his head solemnly, an expression of sadness covering his face. “I wish I was joking,” he said in a soft voice, a voice almost matching how sad his face appeared. My body slumped and I leaned my head back against the headrest of the seat, sighing heavily. “Mikey… this is fucking horrible. I don’t want him to come home! Not yet…” I sighed again, shutting my eyes and trying to keep the nauseous feeling under control. The last thing I wanted to do was puke, and in Mikey’s brand new car no less. And besides; I hate puking almost more than anything in this world. Almost as much as I hated the fact that Brandon was coming home so suddenly. “Why not, Gee?” he asked, glancing over at me again out of the corner of his eye. “You’ve been so lonely without him. Just… You wanted him to come home and now…” he took a shaky breath. “It’s because of Frank isn’t it?”

I sighed deeply again and opened my eyes, looking at him and swallowing the lump that was rapidly rising in my throat. “Frank’s not the whole reason, Mikey,” I sighed. “When Brandon comes home... it'll be like sleeping next to a fucking rock. He's cold; and distant. I don't know how to read him anymore,” I sighed yet again. “Well, maybe this is your second chance with him,” Mikey said, shrugging his shoulders lightly. “Just be with him. And if that doesn’t work out… You’ll know what you have to do,” he continued. “But don’t do it because of Frank. Do it for you, Gee. I want you to be happy. And I want you to do it for you.” “Mikey, being bluntly honest with you,” I sighed. “I haven’t been happy with Brandon for about eight months now,” I ignored his eyes widening. "Believe me, if things don't work out with Brandon... it'll be because it's what I want." “That’s what I wanted to hear, big bro.” I smiled softly at him after he spoke, reaching out and messing his hair up. I sighed and suddenly realized that Brandon coming home… might prevent me from seeing Frank. I could almost feel my heart stop beating at the thought. I didn’t want to not see him, there was definitely some connection between us… more than just lust now. I leaned my head against the cool steel of the refrigerator door and breathed deeply. Things were just getting so good… would we have to end this prematurely?

I tried to toss the thought from my head and opened up the fridge, reaching inside and pulling a bottle of Jack Daniel's out… I needed to forget. * By the time eight thirty rolled around; I had already stopped drinking some time ago. I could hear the annoying beeping of my answering machine, but I ignored it; I didn’t particularly want to listen to anyone talk right now. I blankly stared over at the art covered wall of the den and sighed. I didn’t usually like being by myself; but tonight, it was good for some reason. After hearing about how Brandon was coming back tomorrow… I could barely keep myself composed. I wasn’t excited for him to come back, at all. I mean; don’t get me wrong. He’s my boyfriend; there are definitely some feelings there for him. But after my morning with Frank; I couldn’t help but wonder if the feelings I had for Brandon were strong enough to keep our relationship going. I sighed yet again and leaned my head back against the arm rest of the couch. I soon heard the sound of my BlackBerry vibrating against the hard surface of the coffee table and the unmistakable high-pitched ringtone that belonged to only two people on my contacts list. I knew that it couldn’t be Mikey, because he had told me that he had plans with Gabe tonight. I immediately sobered up and reached over to the coffee table, glancing at the caller ID before pushing the ‘talk’ button and putting the phone up to my ear. “Hi,

Frankie,” I greeted, smiling gratefully to myself when I realized that my speech wasn’t slurring at all. “Hi, Gee,” his voice replied; instantly making me grin. “What are you up to?” I suddenly hiccupped quietly, making me giggle lightly before attempting to get myself off of the couch. “I’m trying to get off of this damn couch,” I said before I hiccupped once more, giggling again as well. “Oh?” he questioned. “The last time I heard you giggle that much is when I found that one particular spot on your stomach and began to suck on it just to drive you crazy, Gerard... I wish I could do it again,” his voice sounded sad at the end of his words, and I immediately sobered up even more; I didn’t want his pretty face pouting. “Don’t sound so sad, Frankie,” I murmured, running a hand absentmindedly through my hair. “You’ll be able to do it again,” I finished. I could feel my mind being overrun with images of him; all throughout our night and morning together. God, I didn’t know how I was going to be able to manage Brandon being home and the need to see Frank so frequently. I sighed quietly; when it all came down to it, Frank was all I could think about. “Oh yeah?” he asked, making me snap back to the conversation. “Do you want to see me again, Gerard?” His voice sounded hopeful, but somehow unsure at the same time. “Of course, Frankie,” I smiled even though he couldn’t see me. He had no idea how bad I wanted to spend as

much time as I possibly could with him. “Good, Gee,” I’m pretty sure he was smiling. “I um…” he trailed off; leaving me wondering and truly curious as to what he was trying to say, but didn’t appear to want to. “Yeah, Frankie?” “It’s nothing…” he sighed softly. I raised my eyebrow slightly and sat up a bit more and glared spitefully at the still beeping answering machine. “It’s something,” I said to Frank, biting my lower lip and running one of my hands through my hair again. “It’s just that… I already miss having you here with me…” I inwardly melted and felt the need to be with him more than ever. “I miss being there with you,” I smiled softly, trying to swallow the butterflies that were flitting around in my stomach. My teeth latched around my lower lip again, and my heart was thumping wildly… even more than what it had been since I started talking to him. “Do you really?” he asked, making me smile again. “I wouldn’t lie to you, Frankie...” I ran a hand through my hair after I spoke and sat up completely instead of leaning back, propping my feet up on the coffee table as I sighed lightly once again.

“I think that... Maybe...” he trailed off. “Well, you see...” he said something, but I didn’t catch it. “You think what, Frankie?” I giggled lightly. “I don’t fucking know,” he giggled as well. “The only thing I do know is I really hate this empty bed beside me and I miss having you in it,” he admitted in a low voice. I could almost feel myself melting, as a rather large grin crossed my face. I didn’t quite know what to say to that. “Frankie…” I sighed softly. “You have no idea how bad you just made me want you.” “Then why don't you come over? Come and stay with me tonight, Gerard... I need you here with me...” * “I’m so glad you came, Gee,” Frank said in a soft voice, pulling me into a hug. I quickly hugged him back and kissed the side of his head. “Me too,” I murmured in a soft voice, enjoying the feeling of holding his warm body in my arms. I shivered as I felt his fingers grace my lower back before he pushed his lips to mine; I kissed him back as soon as I felt our lips touch. I graced my tongue across his lower lip and he quickly opened his mouth, gripping my hips and tugging me back into the apartment. He pulled away once he had shut the door behind us and a brief confused expression crossed his face; quickly replaced with a slight smirk. “Come on, baby,”

he murmured, his mouth by my ear as he gripped my hand and beckoned me to follow him. Even though it was painful kissing him, or even touching him for that matter, I couldn’t help but feel the longing, anticipation, and excitement building in my stomach. The thought of this being the last time that we’d get to be like this for a long time was really beginning to take its toll on me, but all thoughts aside; I couldn’t resist waving at Zero slightly as we walked pass him, making him tilt his head to the side as he stared back at me. Once we were in Frank’s room, he shut the door behind us before once again attaching our lips together once more. He led me backwards toward the bed with him and tugged me down on top of him once we both fell onto it. I felt his tongue slide across my lower lip and quickly opened my mouth, pushing my tongue back against his passionately. I could still feel my heart aching, but I tried to ignore it; all that mattered right now was us. He pulled away from our kiss a few long moments later, gazing deep into my eyes with an almost dreamy expression. I smiled at him and he smiled back; reaching a hand up and running it through my hair. He eventually traced his hand across my cheek and I grabbed it, turning my head slightly so that I could kiss his palm. That absolutely stunning face of his turned into my favorite grin and he leaned up to kiss me again, before situating us so that we were both lying on our sides; facing each other, with our legs entwined. “You are so fucking beautiful, Gerard…” he murmured

in a soft voice, reaching out slightly and tracing the backs of his ink-covered fingers across my cheek; making me shiver. I smiled softly and leaned forward, kissing his cheek gently and letting my lips linger against his soft skin for a few moments; my lips still tingling from our kisses. “So are you, Frankie.” “I mean it, Gee… Fuck,” he buried his head into my shoulder; kissing the skin briefly before glancing up at me, with sort of a helpless expression. “I don’t think you understand just how fucking gorgeous you are…” he leaned forward and kissed me gently, making me clench my eyes shut and whimper softly. This could be… the last time. Frank pulled his lips away from mine and stroked his hand across my face again, making me open my eyes and notice the utterly confused expression on his face. “What is it, Gerard?” he asked, tilting his head somewhat to the side. I shook my head slightly. “It’s nothing,” I sighed gently, I didn’t really want to voice my fears… they’re probably really stupid and my mind is just overworking itself because Brandon’s coming home tomorrow. “I thought you said you’d never lie to me…” he said in a soft voice, beginning to separate himself from me. I felt my breath catch in my throat before I sighed, holding him in place and resting my head on his shoulder for a brief moment before tilting my head up so that I was looking at him. He’s right… I did say that.

“It’s probably really stupid,” I said, making his expression turn even more curious. “But I'm afraid that this is going to be... the last time we'll get to be like this." Frank raised one of his perfect eyebrows… everything about him is perfect. “And why’s Gerard?” he asked, tilting his head to the side more in thought and his expression becoming more confused. God, that, even even

I sighed and rested my head on his shoulder. “Because…” I sighed again. This was harder than I thought it was going to be. “My boyfriend’s coming back tomorrow, Frankie.” “And?” He shifted us slightly so that he was straddling my waist as he laced the fingers of both of our hands together. “My wife comes home in a few days too; you think that's gonna stop me from seeing you?” he asked, leaning down slightly and placing a soft kiss on the side of my neck. “No…” I sighed. “It's just... not gonna be easy like this anymore." “It can be if you want it to be…” he said, releasing my hands from his grip and smoothing my hair off of my forehead. “We will find a way Gerard, we can make this work…” he said in a soft voice, his eyes boring into mine before he trailed his fingers down my side, making me shiver and my breathing to become even more erratic. “That is, if you want to make this work...” I nodded. “More than anything.”

Frank grinned at me. “Then don't think that I'm giving you up so easily...” He leaned down and attached our lips, pushing his against mine slowly as we moved them in sync. I reached and tangled one of my hands in his hair, threading my fingers through it and tugging gently. I pulled away just a few minutes after we had started kissing. “God; you’re amazing, Frankie,” I murmured, sliding my lips downward and trailing them across Frank’s jawbone before attaching them to the side of his neck. He gripped my hair and pulled me away from his neck, making me give him a confused expression before he smiled and leaned his forehead against mine. “Tonight it’s just me and you... So do me a favor, and just be mine. If only for tonight, okay?” I inwardly melted, my heart picking up in its pace and threatening to beat itself out of my chest. I leaned forward and kissed Frank as gently as I could; barely even giving him a chance to kiss back before I pulled away. “Of course, Frankie,” I kissed him lightly again. He pulled away from my lips and shifted us again; so that we were in the previous position that we had been occupying. He pulled me close and nuzzled his head into my shoulder. “Gerard?” Frank asked a few moments later so nearly every body part of ours was touching. I smiled and stroked my fingers through his soft hair. “Yeah?”

“What made you think that this could be the last time?” he asked, tilting his head slightly and gazing at me curiously. “Honestly; my boyfriend’s pretty high-maintenance,” I shrugged, making him wince slightly. “Between him and work,” I shrugged again hopelessly, feeling Frank’s lips ghosting a path across my jaw line in a soothing manner. “Hey, don’t worry about it,” he murmured, stroking one of his hands up my chest. “We’ll find a way; I promise.” I nodded in acceptance of his words and shivered as he ran his hands up my shirt, beginning to massage my chest gently; I moaned softly at the feeling and glanced upwards to see him grinning down at me. He leaned somewhat downwards to connect our lips and shifted us so that he was straddling my waist again. Frank briefly pulled his lips away from mine to tug my shirt over my head, stroking his hands across my bare chest once the garment was successfully removed. He tilted his head downwards and planted soft and quick kisses across my chest, making me moan softly and tangle one of my hands in his hair once again. He looked up at me and smirked before beginning to kiss down my stomach, making me shiver again. He reached and unbuckled my belt, before unzipping and unbuttoning my pants. I lifted my hips up off of the bed as he tugged them downwards, leaving me in only my boxers. My body was quickly becoming heated, almost as if I was suffering from a fever. Frank slowly trailed his eyes up and down my body, smirking

at me before he slid his fingers across the width of my hips; just under the waistband of my boxers. I gasped and lifted my hips up again as he tugged my last article of clothing off, sliding himself back up my body and kissing me briefly before sliding back down. I was already as hard as I possibly could be, and only felt myself get more aroused once I felt Frank’s hot breath ghosting past my hard-on. I stubbornly resisted the urge to close my eyes once I felt his tongue ghost past my slit; moaning out Frank’s name loudly instead. He glanced up at me and smirked again before licking his lips and then slowly wrapping them around my tip and beginning to suck gently. I shuddered, tossed my head back into the pillow, and arched my back. I weaved my hands in his hair and groaned again as his tongue swirled around me. ”Mmm… oh fuck, Frankie…” I groaned, feeling him take a little bit more of me into that deliciously warm and wet mouth of his. I restlessly ran my hands through his hair, sighing and shutting my eyes in bliss once I felt his tongue swirl around me again. I felt him take more of me into his mouth and breathed out his name as he swirled his tongue once more before increasing the pressure of his sucking. ”Fuck… Mmm… Frankie, you’re so fucking good at this…” I groaned, gasping and having trouble regaining my breath once he began to hum some random melody. He continued to hum as he pulled back slightly, gently dragging his teeth; which almost made me cum on the spot. He suddenly bobbed forward, taking all of me into his mouth. The warm and tingling sensation that had been

in my stomach for the last few minutes suddenly increased in strength. “Fuck… Frank… I-I’m so—“ I didn’t even get a chance to finish speaking as he suddenly made a swallowing movement, his previously relaxed throat muscles tightening around me. I suddenly spilled into his mouth, not being able to help screaming out his name, and my grip on his hair momentarily tightened as the waves of my orgasm continued to completely engulf me. Frank continued to suck for a few moments, letting me completely ride out my orgasm before he pulled away. He glanced up at me and smirked, whilst I was still trying to catch my breath. “Just another one of the ways I planned to have you screaming my name,” he grinned, that grin of his soon turning into a smirk once more. I smiled.

Chapter 11 [[Frank's POV]] Staring down at Gerard’s perfectly sculpted body, I licked my lips and smiled. His delicious taste still lingered in my mouth, as I watched his naked form breathing rather heavily, still trying to regain his composure minutes after I finished sucking him off. I enjoyed every minute of it; not just because I was desperate to taste him again, but because I thoroughly enjoyed every second of getting him off. It wasn't just Gerard that I craved; it was his pleasure that turned me on so much. Watching him writhe in pleasure from underneath me, watching him pant and moan and scream my name was almost enough in

itself to get me off; I loved that it was my name that he was moaning, my hair that he was pulling, my tongue that just made him spill his cum all down my throat. "Frankie?" That voice. It was raspy and breathless, and downright fucking sexy. It was like music to my ears; it was quickly becoming an addiction that I wanted to hear again and again. I needed to hear it again. Smirking down at him, I trailed my fingers down his side, watching his stomach dip even deeper as he trembled slightly. "Oh Frankie," he moaned, desperately attaching his lips to mine as he tugged my body down on top of his. "We need to get you out of these clothes," he mumbled against my lips, which made me grin. For Gerard, I'd be anything he wanted me to be. I'd do anything he wanted me to do. If that makes me a masochist, then so be it. Anything to have Gerard writhing under me in sheer pleasure, to have him moaning and panting my name, to have him pulling my hair, to get him off for the fourth time in the past 24 hours all because of me. Gerard leaned us up so that we were now sitting up, and sensually lifted my shirt up over my head. Once it was off, we locked eyes for a moment, naked chest against naked chest. I instantly noticed the look of hunger swimming in Gerard's eyes before he attacked my lips once more, taking my breath away as I wrapped my arms tightly around his waist.

With our lips still attached, he gently laid me down on my back, and let his lips fall to my neck where he proceeded to suck on my scorpion tattoo, immediately making me moan out in sheer bliss. The tables were turned; Gerard now had me at his mercy, writhing in pleasure from underneath him. As his lips ventured further down my body, I tangled my fingers in his hair, and felt the pleasure that was invading my system with every flick of Gerard's tongue, every flutter of Gerard's lips, and every swift movement of Gerard's nimble fingers... I was perhaps a bit too eager, and propped myself up on my elbows so that I could see where Gerard was venturing to next. He was holding on to my waist, kissing and slurping up every patch of bare skin that he could. He looked up at me and smiled, before devouring the skin on my stomach once more, instantly making me fall flat on my back once again. I spread my jean-clad legs out as wide as I could on either side of Gerard’s naked body, and attempted to keep my aching hard-on from bursting because of the pure fucking fireworks that I was feeling from everything Gerard was doing to me. He unbuttoned my pants and undid my zipper, before climbing back up my body so that he could be face-toface with me again. “Frankie,” he spoke suddenly, piercing the silence that had been filling the room, yet still placing tiny kisses all along my neck and collarbone. I felt my eyes flutter

shut as he began to suck on the sensitive skin on my neck, then moaned out quite loudly as I felt his fingers brush against my hard-on. “Mmm… yes, Gerard?” I breathed out, opening my eyes to see his beautiful eyes staring deeply into mine. I couldn’t help but smile at him. “Why me?” His question replaced my smile with a look of confusion. “What do you mean?” Gerard blushed. “Why me?” He repeated, giving a small smile of his own. “What was it about me that struck you so much at the airport that day? What made you give me your number? What made you invite me to that party? What-” I shut him up then, by pressing my fingers gently to his lips, which he quickly kissed. “Shh, baby,” I replied softly, before removing my fingers. Supporting his weight on his hands, Gerard leaned down and kissed my lips deeply, before breaking away rather abruptly. “What made me so fucking lucky?” He finished his series of questions, shutting his eyes as if he regretted asking such questions to begin with. As Gerard buried his face in my chest, and my fingers found their way to stroke his hair, I pondered his question. What did make him so special? What did make each orgasm that he’s given me so fucking spectacular? My only conclusion is that it is Gerard, with his perfect

body, his gorgeous face, his sexy voice, his skillful fingers, his delicious tongue, and his powerful cock that is doing all of these things to me, touching me, licking me, sucking me, and soon fucking me that is much more of a turn-on than anything that I have ever experienced before in my life. Now I just needed to find a way to put all of those thoughts in to words… “It’s you, Gerard,” I whispered, feeling the grip he had on my waist tighten slightly. He was still placed between my legs, with his face lying on my bare inkcovered chest as he glanced up to look at me. I sat up slightly and smiled at him, earning a perfect smile from Gerard in return. I maneuvered us slightly, so that I was the one that was lying on top of him, with his legs spread out wide on either side of me. I leaned down so that I could kiss him, and rested myself on my arm so that I could talk to him more properly. “Gerard, when I first saw you, I thought right away that the trip out to L.A. was worth it. I’d never seen anyone so beautiful,” I said to him, running my fingers through his hair. “I thought right then and there that I would do anything to have you…” Gerard smiled. “Really?” I nodded. “And now that I have had you…” I couldn’t stop my words from trailing off. The words were there, I wanted to say them; I just didn’t know if I was ready to admit them to Gerard just yet. “Now that you’ve had me… what?” I nibbled on my lip ring, and sighed deeply as Gerard

began to run his fingers along the skin on my back. “I… can’t get enough of you, Gerard. It’s to the point where I don’t just want you, I have to have you. It’s not just your perfect body that I desire… it’s all of you,” I admitted, staring deep in his hazel eyes as I did so. “When you kiss me, it’s more than just a mindblowing kiss. When you fuck me… it’s more than just a really hot fuck. So much more…” I leaned down to kiss him, and felt his arms wrap loosely around my neck. My words had trailed off again, but this time I’d done it on purpose; it was to let Gerard process everything I was telling him. I was just getting started. Upon pulling my lips away from his, Gerard gazed up at me with a wondrous look in his eyes, almost as if he was entranced by what I was about to say next. His reaction delighted me, as did the gentle stroking movements in which he was playing with the hair that fell along my neck. “I’m so happy that you feel it too, Frankie,” he spoke shyly, grinning up at me. I nodded. “Oh yes, Gerard. Of course I feel it, too,” I replied, tracing my fingers along the side of his face. “The fact that this is with you; someone so beautiful and so god damn perfect, makes everything so much more pleasurable. Everything that I’ve done with you makes everything that I’ve done with everyone else pale in comparison. You’ve given me the most incredible orgasms that I’ve ever had in my life, Gerard; and it’s all because of you.”

He quickly leaned up and attached my lips to his, desperately and longingly. “I’ve never been so turned on by anyone before, Gee,” I mumbled against his cheek upon pulling away, smirking as I heard him moan out as he began to writhe from underneath me. “I want to make you feel so fucking good, Gee; I want to make sure you feel as good as you make me feel, when you kiss me, and suck me, and fuck me-” I didn’t get another word in. Gerard quickly regained control and flipped us over, so that I was flat on my back again, lying at the foot of the unmade bed, facing the opposite side of the headboard like when he had laid me down that first time. He wasted no time in quickly resuming his voyage down my naked chest, kissing along my sides and my stomach. I quickly lifted myself up on my elbows so that I could watch him again, only to throw my head back in pleasure as I felt him lick all along the hem of my boxers, which made me shiver and moan out like crazy. “Gee-” “You turn me on like never before Gerard spoke seductively, looking up smirk on his face as he took the fabric his fingers, and shoved them down my were finally off of me. too, Frankie,” at me with a of my jeans in legs until they

Gerard then leaned down and kissed me roughly, palming me through my boxers as he did so, causing me to moan into his mouth. “I crave you, Frank; every fucking part of you makes

my mouth water so fucking much…” He said upon breaking apart from my lips, increasing the pressure on my dick as he eyed my near-naked body intently, before smirking up at me once more. “Your lips…” He planted a long kiss on my lips before mumbling, “Your neck,” and letting his lips fall to my neck. He named off other parts of my anatomy, as well as placed sensual kisses among each part that he mentioned, until he landed at my boxers again. He bit down on the fabric and pulled them off with his teeth, smirking seductively at me the entire time he did so. “Your cock…” Gerard spoke in that sexy voice, taking my erection in his hands. He licked along the side of my cock, causing me to throw my head back in absolute pleasure. “I want to drive you crazy, Frankie…” he added, twirling his tongue around the tip of my penis, dragging his teeth slightly as he did so. “I want you to feel so fucking good-” “Then suck me, baby. Fuck, suck me like only you can,” I pleaded, bucking my hips up so that he knew I meant business. “Anything you want, Frankie.” With a final smirk, his head disappeared between my legs, and within seconds his warm mouth was surrounding my throbbing cock, sucking and slurping up my entire length. He kept up this pace for a few minutes, allowing me to buck my hips up so that I could control just how much of my cock he took in his mouth. This little fact turned me on even more; even though he was the one clearly in control, he was allowing me to

be in control, as well. “Gee, fuck-” I panted, as Gerard continued to blow my mind even further. I felt tingles as Gerard sensually trailed his fingers along the inside of my thighs. In addition to his tongue that was working wonders down my length every so often, he added his hand to the mix as well, pumping me from the base of my penis while his lips handled the tip. As if my toes weren’t already curling enough, the combination of Gerard’s tongue, the vibration of his lips, and the pace of his hand was almost too much for me to bear. I bucked my hips up one final time, thus making Gerard take all of me inside of his mouth, and felt my orgasm rapidly approaching. “So fucking close, Gee-” I panted heavily, as Gerard removed his hand from my length, and placed both of them on my hips; but not to hold me in place. Instead, he made me thrust my hips up, so he could take all of me in his mouth at once; a concept that I’ve never gotten so much pleasure out of before. “Gerard,” I growled, thrusting hard in his mouth one final time before feeling the pure bliss that an amazing blowjob could offer wash over me; as I came, I continued to thrust, and Gerard didn’t seem to mind. He swallowed every little drop of semen that I had to give him, before removing his lips from my now deflated cock. “Mmm Frankie,” I heard Gerard say, and peered up at his gorgeous face just in time to see him run his tongue across his lips. “You are absolutely delicious,” he purred in that same seductive tone, instantly

arousing me even more than before, even though I knew it was too soon for us to begin doing anything just yet. Gerard spread my legs even wider, and tucked his body on top of mine; our cocks touching, our chests touching, our lips touching. I lay there beneath him, panting heavily, seeing stars from such a blissful orgasm; but more importantly, seeing the gorgeous piece of perfection that was the cause of such bliss, such pleasure, such fulfillment. “That was incredible, Gerard,” I managed to speak out, finally finding my voice. I cupped his face with my hands, and pulled his lips down to mine once again, but just for a moment. I managed to part my lips from his, so that I could add, “You are incredible.” Gerard cracked a smile, and dipped his head down so that he could kiss me again. I felt his hand trace a pattern up my chest, to where it eventually cupped the side my face. I relaxed into Gerard’s touch, which deepened our already passionate kiss. He continued to kiss me for a few moments longer, before breaking away so that his lips now hovered just over my ear. He placed a kiss upon my hair, and held the side of my face gently. "So are you, baby," he said in a soft voice, which made me tilt my head toward his so that I could look at him more properly. He immediately placed his lips upon mine again, instantly making my heart rate skyrocket; so much for trying to regulate my breathing. But before our gentle kiss could become more heated, I heard a yelp come from the living room, followed by barks and whimpers coming from that same direction,

which forced our lips to part. "Fucking hell," I groaned, just in time to hear more whimpers from the living room as Gerard pried himself off of me. "It’s Zero, I'm gonna go see what's wrong,” I said, climbing off of the bed and headed for the living room. Once I got to the door frame of my bedroom however, I turned back to face Gerard, and smiled. “Why don’t you come with me, sugar?" I didn’t miss his smile as he got off of the bed and wrapped his arms around me from behind, placing a series of kisses upon my shoulder. Had it not been for us being interrupted, I would have taken him right here, in the fucking door frame. But unfortunately, there was some more important business to attend to at the moment, so with that in mind, I pried myself away from Gerard’s grasp, and scanned the living room in search of my dog. “Zero?” I called out, before hearing his desperate little pleas from a stack of boxes over in the corner. Sighing, I headed over in the direction of the sound. “What the fuck has my little darling gotten himself in to now?” I said out loud, before peering in to one of the boxes that is now littering most of my living room floor. I couldn’t help but giggle at what I saw. “Aww,” I cooed, once I noticed where my Zero had ended up. “You just had to see what was in these boxes, didn’t you?” I spoke to my dog, before quickly reaching in and retrieving him from his box prison. “You just had to see what your Uncle Gabe had hiding in here, didn’t you?”

Zero only whimpered some more, and took off running down the hall once I put him down on the ground. “Fucking cock block,” I muttered, before noticing something that I hadn’t seen before. It was one particular box, with “G-A-B-E’S,” written on it, with “Keep the fuck out, Frank” written underneath. “What’s with all the boxes, Frankie?” Gerard’s voice literally made me snap back to reality, and I momentarily forgot about the contents of the mystery box that for some reason I wasn’t allowed to see. I glanced over at him, and realized that he had gone back in to the bedroom and now had a sheet wrapped around his waist. With a smirk on my face, I pried the sheet from around Gerard’s waist and laid it down on the ground, before laying Gerard down on top of the sheet. I kissed him deeply; grinning when he wrapped his arms around my neck. He obviously didn’t mind. I continued to kiss him for a few moments longer, before remembering the question that he’d asked me before I decided to ravage his body. “Oh yeah; the boxes. You remember Gabe, right?” I asked him, suddenly sitting up. “Yeah,” he nodded, leaning up and over to kiss my neck. I couldn’t help but moan; Gerard was so distracting, I actually forgot what I was talking about. “What about him?” Gerard asked, resting his chin on my shoulder.

“Who?” “Gabe?” “Oh,” I replied, shaking my head. “I’m sorry, you uh, distracted me,” I admitted, before kissing his lips deeply. “Anyway, Gabe was supposed to come by earlier to pick up these boxes, which have been here for months since he last went on tour with his band.” “Oh, I see,” Gerard said, watching me as I untangled myself from within his grasp to retrieve the box that had that darling little warning on it. “Yeah, dickhead finally has a place of his own to store all of his shit, since he just moved in with his boyfriend, Mikey. I'm sure you remember him, too.” “Oh um, yeah,” Gerard nodded. I simply grinned at him, before returning my attention to the box that was just begging for me to open it. “I wonder what’s even in these boxes,” I said, eyeing the box curiously. “They've been here for months, but I never really had the chance to look through 'em…” I turned the box over, and noticed yet another warning on the box that said, ‘I’m serious Frank; keep the fuck out!’ written in huge letters. “Oh really?” Gerard asked, obviously noticing the writing as well, considering he was glancing rather curiously at it. “Yeah. They’d been stuffed in to the spare bedroom until earlier when I brought them out here, because

dickhead swore he was coming by to get 'em but he never showed up…” Something about that story didn’t make much sense. I could have sworn that I had hung out with Gabe earlier this evening, and he was most definitely supposed to pick these boxes up but something had prevented that from happening. I then blinked back, and laughed out loud as I remembered exactly why he didn’t. “Oh yeah. I remember now why he didn’t come. It was my fault,” I said, rolling my eyes at our drunken stupidity. “How is it your fault, Frankie?” Gerard asked, which made the corners of my lips tug up into a smile. “Well, because I had a bad fucking day, and I asked him to join me at some bar downtown. Then when he drove me home…” I trailed off and kneeled down in front of Gerard, placing my hand on his neck. “I had the undeniable urge to call you, so I told him to get lost.” Gerard relaxed in to my touch, and shut his eyes as I planted a soft kiss upon his lips. “I think you know what happened next,” I said with a wink, before letting him go so that I could dig inside of that box that clearly told me not to. Upon peering inside, I instantly noticed a hot pink piece of paper with “Frankie-love” written in Gabe’s adorable handwriting on it. “Oh this is fun Gee; look, a note,” I said smugly, smirking at the piece of paper that rested in my hands. Gerard simply chuckled as he waited for me to

unfold it. I cleared my throat, and read it out loud. “Dearest Frankie: What did I tell you about going through my shit, dickhead? Continue ahead at your own risk... Love always, Gabe.” Upon reading his letter, I was a bit confused. “Well, that's kind of creepy. Now I’m kind of freaked out; I don’t even know if I want to see what he’s got hidden in here,” I admitted, although I clearly wanted to know what made him go through such lengths to keep me out of this box. “I have a feeling you're going to end up traumatized when you see what’s in here, Frankie,” Gerard said, kissing my shoulder. “I think you’re right,” I said, peering in to the box once more. “That’s weird,” I muttered, biting my lip ring as I pulled out a medium-sized plain black chest. “What the fuck is this?” “I have no clue. Is it locked?” Gerard asked, to which I nodded. “Yeah, there's a code that I need to put in it to make it open…” I muttered, fumbling around with the scrolling numbers. I thought for a second, and put in the threedigit code that I knew Gabe would use, and smirked when it opened. “Oh Gabriel, you are so fucking predictable,” I said, grinning over at Gerard. “You wanna see what’s in here, Gee? After this,

there’s no turning back… this is Gabe we’re talking about, there could be a human heart inside,” I said, only half-joking. Gerard nodded. “Oh definitely, I’m pretty much dying to know,” he admitted, to which I smiled. I did feel a bit bad about invading my friend’s privacy, but had he not made whatever lied inside of that box so damn intriguing, I never would have peered inside. On second thought, it’s almost as if he wanted me to look inside, which only pushed me even further to peek inside of Gabe’s secret box. “Alright, here goes,” I muttered, lifting the top of the box off so that we could see once and for all what lied inside. I reached in and pulled out a stack of small video tapes, each marked with a simple happy face or some other random mark that I couldn’t quite determine what each one meant. “I wonder what could possibly be on these that Gabe wouldn’t want me to see-” I stopped talking then, and dropped each one of the videos. “Oh dear God, I think it's porn. Fucking homemade porn.” I hung my head in shame, glancing helplessly over at Gerard, who couldn’t contain his laughter at my reaction. “No wonder he didn’t want me to open this,” I muttered, noticing that Gerard was still eyeing the box rather curiously. “Yeah um, do you mind if I peek in and see what else is in there?” He asked, to which I shrugged.

“Why not? I’m pretty sure that human heart is lurking around in there somewhere,” I said, still only halfkidding. Gerard gave a smile, before rummaging around in the box. I scooped each of the tapes which I had dropped earlier, and stacked them up neatly so that I could put them back. “A-ha,” Gerard said, smirking back at me. “I think we've found the culprit that’s responsible for these videos, Frankie,” he said, beckoning me over so that I could take a look at what lay inside. It made me smile how even though I granted him permission to look inside, he still didn’t want to touch whatever was in there, as if he was somehow respecting Gabe’s privacy even though I clearly hadn’t. I gave Gerard a kiss on his cheek, who then sat back as I reached in the box to retrieve whatever was left inside. I pulled out a 3-pack of blank video tapes, as well as a small, yet professional video camera. “Well what do you know?” I marveled, grinning at my findings. I settled myself in between Gerard’s legs, video camera in hand. Gerard laughed lightly from behind me. “That’s an expensive looking camera,” he stated, to which I agreed. “I knew my best friend was cocky and liked expensive things, but I didn’t know he was this cocky. I mean, look at this thing. It’s fucking professional looking,” I gushed, trying to figure out how to work it. Just as I managed to turn it on, I turned the direction of the camera to Gerard, who was lying back on the sheet

propped up on his elbows. “Holy fuck, I just got an amazing and highly erotic idea…” “Oh?” Gerard smirked in to the camera, even though it wasn’t taping just yet. “A kinky idea, Frankie?” “Since this could be our last night together for awhile…” I suggested, tossing the camera aside as I climbed back on top of Gerard. I ran my fingers down his naked chest and began to suck on his neck, before gesturing toward the camera. “What do you say, Gerard? Are you up for a little kink?” Gerard turned to glance at the video camera himself, before turning back to me, with a slight smirk gracing that pretty face of his. He wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me in to a deep, passionate kiss; one that sent shivers down my spine. “Of course I’m up for it, baby,” he agreed, once he pulled away. “Just wait ‘til you see what I have in store for you…” “Mmm, I was hoping you'd say that,” I mumbled against his lips, my heart nearly skipping a beat because of what we were about to do. Not only was Gerard the star of every single one of my fantasies, he’s about to star in this video with me, and make one of those fantasies come true. “Where do you want to do this...?” I asked him, biting my lip as I pondered the possibilities.

“Wherever suits you, babe,” Gerard said, leaning up to kiss me again. “It's your best friend's video camera, not mine.” I smiled at him. “That’s true, but you see, this is my house so... technically since he’s kept this camera here in my house, it's as much mine as it is his, and since you're a guest in my home... it's pretty much as good as yours, too.” Watching Gerard’s face break out in to a huge smile, I couldn’t help but lean down and kiss him again, just as deeply and passionately as before. I couldn’t believe he had agreed to make a fucking sex tape with me; this night was turning out far more amazing than I could ever have hoped for. “It's still so early too, Frankie,” Gerard pointed out, gesturing toward the clock on the wall, which informed me that it was only a little bit past midnight. I grinned in delight. “We still have a very long night ahead of us,” Gerard continued, just as he began to suck on my neck. “I like the sound of that,” I moaned out as Gerard continued to suck even harder, and attempted to reach for the video camera. Gerard saw what I was trying to do and stopped his assault on my neck so that I could retrieve it, as well as the pack of blank videos. I opened the pack up and popped one of them in, grinning when I had the new tape set and ready to go. “Now let's see how you work this thing,” I muttered to

myself, just in time to feel Gerard's arms wrap around me from behind. I leaned back into his chest, and felt him grin into my neck as he planted a small kiss there, watching over my shoulder as I attempted to work the camera. I spotted the record button, and turned the camera around so that it was facing us. “And… action.”

Chapter 12 [[Gerard's POV]] I sighed and took a sip of my coffee as I drove, the music from the iPod that was docked into the station of my car doing nothing to soothe me. I could feel every bone and every muscle in my body begging me to just lie in bed all day and sleep... but I knew that was something I couldn't do. The butterflies were forming a mob in my stomach as I directed my car closer and closer to the airport; seeing the various planes flying in and out of the terminals made that feeling grow worse. Brandon's on one of those planes. As soon as Brandon's name ran through my mind, I suddenly felt incredibly nauseous. My memories drifted back to what Frank and I had done together for the last few days... and the nauseous feeling increased as I realized that even though I had cheated on the man I was supposed to love, that I wouldn't change anything even if I could go back and accomplish that. I enjoyed every moment that I had spent with Frank,

from us fucking on an airplane to making a sex tape with him. I sighed at the memory of that... I couldn't believe that we had actually made a sex tape together; the most incriminating evidence that someone could ever find of us... and yet the hottest kind of evidence too. My thoughts were soon torn away from remembering our night and morning together, as the large structure of the airport that Brandon was scheduled to fly into came in sight. The butterflies in my stomach increased in size and threatened to come up through my throat. I could feel my palms becoming sweaty and I tried to regulate my breathing. He's your boyfriend, Gerard. I sighed deeply and my mind couldn't help but wonder... what it would be like if I was... Frank's boyfriend instead of Brandon's? I parked my car in the first open parking spot that I found and rested my head back against the headrest of the seat I was sitting in, trying desperately to keep that thought from invading my mind again. Frank is fucking married, probably to an absolutely gorgeous woman... he's just looking for someone to fuck, not commitment. I groaned slightly and clenched my eyes shut, not wanting to think about that new idea at all and instead switched my thought pattern to how I was going to greet Brandon. That thought made the nauseous feeling return full force. Brandon hasn't been home in months, meaning there's going to be only one thing at the top of his priority list; that 'thing' being something that I don't think I was going to be able to bring myself to do.

I sighed even deeper and opened my eyes, glancing at the clock and feeling my heart pick up its pace as I realized that Brandon's flight would be unloading in not even ten minutes. I downed the rest of my coffee and couldn't help but smile slightly as I felt the caffeine invading my system and re-energizing me. I knew I was going to be in for a horrible crash later, but that didn't matter to me, all that mattered would be that I was going to be able to at least attempt to be normal with Brandon, and not fall asleep as I hugged him. I couldn't believe just how tired I was, my schedule had been fucked up in the last few days, and my body was running on pretty much nothing but the willpower to stay awake. I glanced up into the mirror of my car to make sure that the bit of eyeliner I had put on hadn't smeared and that all of the marks that Frank had left me with were covered up. I couldn't help but smile as I remembered exactly how those marks had gotten covered up. "Okay, hop up onto the sink, sugar," Frank murmured, his lip ring catching in between his teeth as he gazed over all of the brands and shades of concealer that were spread out across the counter; his expression unreadable. His lip ring caught in between his teeth again as he picked one of the cases up, carefully reading the label before he tossed it aside and muttered something that sounded like 'shit'. He picked up another case of concealer a few moments later, smiling at it as he walked over to me and stood in between my spread legs.

I quickly leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on his forehead, which made him smile again before he leaned into me, wrapping his arms tightly around my naked torso and gently pushing his lips against the skin of my chest. ''I don't want you to go, Gee,'' he mumbled, his lips still brushing against my chest as he spoke, making me shiver. ''I know, babe,'' I murmured back, running my fingers through his hair. ''I don't want to go either.'' He nuzzled his face deeper into my chest and sighed, which prompted me to run my hand up and down his back in soothing movements, lightly trailing the tips of my fingers up and down the gentle curve of his spine. He shivered once again and glanced up at me, his eyes portraying hopelessness. I simply leaned down to kiss him, cupping one side of his face in one of my hands as I gently pushed my lips against his, neither of us making a sound as we continued to move our lips in sync. Our hands began to roam one another's torsos and chests as we both sighed into the kiss. Frank pulled away from our kiss a few moments later, resting his forehead against mine as we both attempted to regulate our breathing. Frank gifted me with a brief smile, and even though it didn't reach those pretty eyes of his, I accepted it. Frank opened the small container of concealer that he had picked out and tilted my head slightly to the side, so that the biggest mark he had left on my neck was exposed. His teeth latched around his lip ring again as

he seemed to think for a moment before leaning forward and pressing a soft kiss to the mark before he pulled away and began to gently rub some of the concealer over it. I felt my insides literally melt at the gesture and I wished more than ever that I could just stay here, where it was just me and Frank, and nothing else mattered. ''Frankie...'' I breathed, feeling a lump rising in my throat. ''Why are you doing this?'' I asked, glancing down towards my chest as he continued to rub the makeup over the marks that he had given me, tracing his lips over each one before the makeup covered them up and made them invisible against my skin. Frank glanced up at me and offered a small smile, which I could just tell was forced. He sighed lightly and glanced at all the marks he had left on my body once more before meeting my gaze again. "Because you're not all mine anymore..." his teeth latched around his lip ring. "I have to share." I couldn’t help but smile slightly and leaned forward, pressing a gentle kiss upon his hair and trailing one of my hands through it again. "Are you selfish, Frankie?" I teased lightly, making him grin in spite of himself before nodding. "Yes; I'm very, very selfish," he murmured, leaning into me. "Especially when it comes to things that I want," Frank tugged me close, trailing his fingers sensually up my sides. "And you know how bad I want you..." his voice took on a seductive tone as I shivered in his arms, my mouth beginning to water. Frank lightly trailed his lips across my jawbone,

eventually trailing his lips upwards and pressing a brief, gentle kiss to my lips before pulling away with a mischievous grin on his face. "You know, Gerard," he started. "I think we put all of this make-up on you a bit too early." He reached over and turned the shower on. I sighed for the millionth time and jerked myself out of the memory, pulling the key out of the ignition of my car and set the keys in my pocket. I climbed out of my vehicle and walked towards the entrance of the airport as fast as my aching legs could carry me. I glanced up at the first clock that came into my line of vision... less than five minutes. I managed to get to the terminal that Brandon was designated to fly into just in time, the plane was just beginning to unload when I arrived. I took a deep breath in an attempt to compose myself and tried to keep the butterflies from exploding. "Gerard!" I turned my head towards the left and couldn't prevent myself from smiling as Brandon weaved his way through the crowd towards me, a gleeful grin on his face. It was almost enough to make me momentarily forget about my guilt. "Hi!" I exclaimed in greeting, managing to put a sufficient amount of enthusiasm in my voice. Brandon somehow grinned even wider and pulled me into a tight hug, wrapping his arms around my waist and holding me close. "Oh hun, I've missed you!" he exclaimed, nuzzling his face into my hair, before pulling away slightly to look at me.

I forced another convincing smile onto my face and stroked the backs of my fingers across one of his cheeks. "I've missed you, too," I murmured, making him smile again. Brandon leaned in and pressed a loving kiss to my lips; I pushed my lips back against his and sighed when I realized that our kiss held none of the sparks that the kisses I had shared with... Frank held. Brandon grinned against my lips before pulling away, and tracing his fingers lightly through my hair. "Come on, love, let’s go home." I nodded at Brandon’s words and forced yet another convincing smile to my face as Brandon wrapped his arm around my waist. We began the short walk ahead to the baggage claim, smiling slightly every time we made eye contact with each other. “How was your flight?” I asked, breaking the silence as we halted our walking and waited for his bags to come out. “Boring as all hell,” Brandon sighed, glancing over and smiling at me. “I couldn’t wait to come home.” I nodded slightly and smiled again, leaning over towards him and pressing a brief kiss to his temple; which made his smile grow in size. “I nearly had a heart attack when Mikey told me to get my ass down here,” I admitted, not divulging the exact reason I had almost had a heart attack. “I’m sorry I didn’t give you much of a warning,” he apologized. “But I hated the way that things were left between us.” I nodded again at his words and felt the guilty feeling

that had somewhat been pushed to the back of my mind return and take over; making me nauseous all over again. “So… what did the guys think of you guys deciding to record out here?” I questioned, trying to find something else to talk about than the subject of 'us'. “They don’t really care, to be honest,” Brandon shrugged. “The record company is hooking them up with some apartment in the city. I actually think that they’re glad to be back, where it isn’t so damn warm all the time.” I couldn’t help but chuckle, Brandon’s always hated weather that was deemed too warm by him; summer, in particular. “When do you guys start recording?” Brandon’s face suddenly wore a frustrated expression as he sighed deeply. “Today…” he grumbled, a frown tugging at the corners of his lips. “I’m actually due there in a little while.” “Oh…” I said in a soft voice, managing to put a hint of disappointment in it as I inwardly sighed in relief. I wouldn’t have to force myself to act normal with Brandon all day... “I’m sorry, hun,” Brandon murmured, tugging me close to him and pressing a kiss to my temple. “We’ll have tonight though, okay?” I forced another smile onto my face and kissed his temple again in return. “Sounds good,” I murmured, my eyes darting over to the baggage claim again and seeing Brandon’s bags emerging. I separated myself from Brandon briefly and grabbed one of his bags,

handing him the other. “I have an hour…” he said, taking the bag from me and lacing the fingers of his free hand with mine. “Do you wanna grab a bite to eat or something?” I smiled at him again, genuine this time. “Sure,” I said, glancing to him and struggling to keep my thoughts from raging out of control. “What did you have in mind?” “Whatever you want,” he answered. “I just want to spend time with you.” I felt the guilt and nausea once again take precedence over my feelings. The fact that he wanted to spend time with me broke my heart. I’m not deserving of this… especially after what I’ve done behind his back. I was saved from my thoughts as we approached the car and I reached into my pocket for my keys; unlocking the trunk and tossing Brandon’s bags into it. “Well, I say whatever you want. It’s your first day back in town.” “Pizza then,” Brandon smiled and climbed into the passenger’s seat, strapping himself in as I climbed into the driver’s side. “What are your plans for the day?” he asked as I started the car and pulled out of the parking structure. I sighed and glanced at him out of the corner of my eye. “Some huge custody hearing that some dumbass couple couldn’t settle by themselves,” I shrugged. “Same old.” I glanced at Brandon again to see him grinning. “You

are amazing.” “Aww,” I smiled and leaned over as we pulled up at a red light, gently pushing my lips against his cheek before pulling away and smiling at him. “I’m glad you think so, hun,” I said in a soft voice as the guilt suddenly picked up again, this time increasing. Frank has told me the same thing, numerous times over the past few days. I shook myself out of my thoughts and inwardly cursed. I’m supposed to be with Brandon, not thinking about someone else when I’m with the man that I’m supposed to love. -Brandon sighed and glanced over at me as we pulled up to the building that he had told me to drop him off at. “So… do you have to go back to work right away?” he asked, unbuckling himself and glancing at me hopefully. I nodded. “Unfortunately, yes,” I lied, not wanting to tell him that Mikey had given me the day off during the brief time that I had seen him when I first arrived to work. “Mikey wanted to go over the briefs for the case one more time,” I lied even further, making Brandon sigh again. “Oh…” Brandon smiled lightly. “Well, I was going to ask if you wanted to come to the studio for a bit and meet all the people that I’m going to be working with. But some other time will work too… I want you around as much as possible,” he said, smiling again. I grinned slightly, feeling guilty about lying, but realizing that I could use the day to catch up on my

sleep and hopefully have enough energy to act like nothing was wrong later on. “I’ll make sure to clear a day soon, then,” I promised, making Brandon grin. He leaned across the console and pressed a deep kiss to my lips. I inwardly gasped, but pushed my lips back against his with what I hoped was as much passion as he was sharing. “I’ll see you tonight, hun,” Brandon murmured against my lips before unlocking the car door and exiting the car. He waved at me after he shut the door and grinned before turning and walking into the building that he was scheduled to be recording in. I sighed deeply in relief as I drove away, after reconnecting my iPod back in to the docking station that was built into the car. I put on some Iron Maiden, and turned the volume up in an attempt to keep me from letting my eyes slip shut and falling asleep at the wheel as I made my way home to catch up on some much needed rest for my aching body. [[Frank’s POV]] I fidgeted uneasily in my swivel chair, mindlessly toying with the cap from my ink pen. My eyes wouldn’t leave the contraption sitting on my desk, teasing me and sending such bittersweet shudders through my system. My entire body ached, but in a good way. Every time I moved just a fraction of an inch, I would feel the ache in my bones, screaming at me, damning me for putting myself through such a vigorous workout with Gerard, night after night it seems for this entire past week.

I could still feel his body so dangerously close to mine, close enough that I could taste any part of his delicious body that I desired. His luscious lips, his perfectly toned chest. For one final night until an undetermined date in the hopefully near future, Gerard was all mine. When Gerard painfully informed me that our time together was limited, I made absolutely certain to spend my last night with him the right way; worshipping him, and that gorgeous fucking body of his, until we both couldn’t take it anymore. And that’s exactly what we did. I just can’t believe that we actually documented it. Upon shutting the video camera off, I noticed that not only had our actions saved to the video tape, but it also saved to a memory stick that my eyes had failed to see beforehand; I’m just glad that I saw it before Gabe had gotten the video camera back. So not only was I curious to see how the video had turned out, I needed to get rid of any evidence that might be lurking on the memory stick. I stopped mid-swivel, exhilaration now coursing through my veins as I hurriedly scooped that oh-sowonderful tiny little object into my fingers, and felt my heart rate picking up in speed as I slipped the memory stick into my laptop’s USB drive. My fingers were literally shaking, and my throat went bone dry as I prepared myself for whatever was about to appear on my computer screen. I clicked the folder that popped up, which contained several different files in it, cringing only slightly when I thought about what else might possibly be lurking on those other files. I hurriedly dragged the files that

were marked with today’s date on to my computer’s hard drive, and quickly removed the memory stick so that I could replace it in the video camera when I got back home. I took a deep breath as I hovered the mouse over the very first file, with the time stamp beginning from around 1AM this morning. My heart was thumping like mad within my chest as I clicked on that first file, knowing that I would get to have Gerard again in only a matter of seconds. Once the file was finished loading, the video began to play. The first scene was of the two of us sitting next to each other, glancing in to the camera then back at each other. As I leaned in to kiss Gerard, so longingly and desperately, I couldn’t help but feel this slight tinge of guiltiness. Had I been pressuring Gerard into doing something he didn’t want to do? Breathless, I pulled away and rubbed the side of his face, staring him deeply in those gorgeous hazelgreen eyes of his. “Are you sure you want to do this, Gee?” With a seductive smirk on his face, he took the camera from me and set it down on the coffee table, before practically lunging himself on top of me. He was straddling my waist, staring down at me as he trailed his fingers down my chest, causing me to shiver. “Baby, you have no idea how bad I want to make this with you,” he spoke in that seductive voice of his, grinding his crotch deeply into mine which caused a string of moans to fall from my lips.

“Oh fuck,” I muttered, loosening the collar on my shirt as the image of Gerard on my computer screen leaned down to kiss me. I could feel my heart rate picking up, as my cock slowly began to grow within my pants. As the images of Gerard and I about to get down and dirty on that screen in front of me continued to make me feel all hot and heavy, I hurriedly clicked the pause button on the video. Panting slightly, I carefully weighed the options of watching this now, or waiting until I had gotten home to watch it so that I could enjoy this in private. I glanced at my clock; I still had at least a half hour until Brandon Flowers and the rest of the guys in the band came up to meet me here at the studio. With that thought in mind, I clicked the play button once again, and allowed my hand to drift down inside of my boxers, moaning out slightly as I watched Gerard take my erection in my hands, exactly as I’m doing to myself right now. Not more than ten seconds later, I heard a knock at the door, followed by a voice calling out, “Frank?” “Fuck,” I muttered, pulling my hand out of my pants, and slamming my laptop shut. “Um, just a second,” I shouted, scrambling to recompose myself. “What perfect fucking timing,” I mumbled to myself, putting some hand sanitizer on my hands; I didn’t want to go around shaking people’s hands with the knowledge that the hand they were shaking was just now wrapped around my dick. That would be embarrassing.

After my heart rate slowed down just slightly, I finally got up to answer the door. There stood the lead singer of the Killers, and more than ever I wanted to bash his pretty fucking face in. As if I didn’t need another reason to dislike him… Although I was scowling on the inside, I managed to fake my best smile. “Hey. Brandon. You're here early.” I left the door open for him, and headed back over toward my desk. As I took my seat, I noticed that he was giving me a rather obnoxious smirk, as if he knew what I had just gotten myself up to. “Am I interrupting something?” I raised an eyebrow at him, trying my hardest to keep from losing my cool. “Just working on a project,” I replied, smirking as a vision of Gerard flashed in my mind. “You’re here a bit early, but you can have a seat. Let me just finish this up real quick then we can head up to the studio.” I glanced up to notice that Brandon’s eyebrows were now even more arched, but he did as was told and took the seat in front of my desk. “I really am sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.” “It’s cool,” I replied quickly, actually giving him a real smile this time. I opened my laptop back up, and hurriedly clicked out of the video before Brandon could figure out that he was absolutely correct about what I was doing just seconds before he interrupted me. I made sure to log off so nobody else could see the

proof of mine and Gerard’s scandalous activities from the night before, then flashed another smile at Brandon. “Okay, let’s go,” I said, leading the way out in to the hallway. I couldn’t ignore the still-raised eyebrows from Brandon Flowers, and it didn’t do anything to earn him any points with me. “What?” I questioned, as Brandon quickly looked away from me. “I’m sorry,” he responded quickly, sounding as if he truly meant it. “It’s just that I like to try to read people, and that’s what I’m currently trying to do to you.” “Oh yeah?” I asked, smirking at him. “What have you found out so far?” “Well,” Brandon began, flashing me a smile. “Judging from your flushed cheeks, and your delayed response in opening the door… I’d say that if I didn't know any better, that you’d just gotten laid.” His response made me laugh. “Actually, that was last night,” I corrected him, grinning widely as we stepped in front of the elevator. “And this morning,” I added, pressing the button for us to go to the top floor. “Shall we?” I asked as the elevator arrived, waiting for Brandon to pass through so I could step in after him. “You're grinning that big happened this morning?” from something that

“Yep,” I replied. “Haven't you ever had just one night of… passion with someone? And I'm not even talking

about the actual sex, but everything about the night that you spent with that one person was absolutely amazing?” “Yeah,” Brandon said thoughtfully, nodding in what seemed to be understanding. “This person must have been pretty spectacular to have you still grinning like that hours after it happened.” “You can only imagine,” I winked at him, realizing that I had maybe been wrong to judge him like I had. He really wasn’t that bad of a person, although there was still something about him that strikes me as arrogant. I can tell that it is going to take just a little more time before I can be completely okay with the idea of spending so much time with him. The elevator finally stopped at our floor, plucking me from my thoughts as Brandon and I resumed our small-talk. We walked through the large glass doors that lead in to the main studio, where the rest of the band was already there waiting for us. Now if I can just get myself to stop thinking about Gerard, we might be able to make this record happen.

Chapter 13 [[Frank’s POV]] “What a day,” I groaned, dragging my heavy limbs through the quiet penthouse. Zero was sound asleep in his little bed off in the corner, and I wanted it to remain that way, since I was too tired to pay any attention to him. I barely slept the night before, considering Gerard had kept me up ‘til nearly six this

morning, and we awoke for nine. I was exhausted, emotionally and physically; but that thought only made me smile, because Gerard was the entire reason for both. I slipped out of my shoes and shed my messenger bag on to the floor, instantly falling face first upon my unmade bed. I smiled; we had done so much on this bed, yet my favorite moments with him were where I simply laid here with him and enjoyed his company. It had been an extremely long time since I’d fallen asleep with anyone, and as I peered at the empty side that he had previously occupied with me, I felt a sudden, aching feeling creeping up within me. His side was cold, although I could still feel his ghost lingering there as I traced my fingers over the plush, white sheets where just this morning he had laid here with me. I grabbed the pillow that Gerard had slept on and laid my own head upon it, grinning as I noticed a smudge of his eyeliner streaking across the otherwise untainted white pillowcase, leaving some sort of evidence that he had been here with me. This thought comforted me enough to cause my eyes to flutter shut, allowing me to vision the night before where I’d fallen asleep in Gerard’s arms. My eyes then flew open, as my peaceful vision of me and Gerard was ripped to shreds, and was replaced with a new vision of Gerard, falling asleep with some nameless guy with a face that I couldn’t see. I felt a completely new feeling rising in my gut as I saw Gerard kissing him, cuddling with him, fucking him - a feeling that I’d never quite felt before. I fucking hated it.

As the horrible fucking feeling grew worse, I felt my sanity slowly slipping away from me as well. Before I could figure out what was going on, my feet were dragging me toward the kitchen, and my hands were wrapping shakily around a brand new, unopened bottle of Southern Comfort. I swigged it straight from the bottle, far too preoccupied by my jealous rage to be bothered with something as frivolous as pouring my weapon of choice into a glass. Upon taking another sip, I slammed the bottle down on the counter. The bottle made a loud clatter, landing next to the plates that contained the leftovers from the breakfast Gerard and I had shared together this morning. I noticed the look of extreme melancholy as Gerard looked at his watch, and sighed. “I don’t have much time left, Frankie,” Gerard murmured, burying his face in the crook of my neck. “I have to go soon…” “I know, Gee.” I felt a tinge of dejection creeping in, but shrugged it aside. Considering our time together was even shorter now, I decided that I wasn’t going to waste time thinking about how I’d feel once he was gone; I was going to enjoy every second that I had with Gerard while he was still here. “Do you have time to have breakfast with me?” He pulled his face away from my skin, to reveal a very sweet smile. “Of course I have time for breakfast with you, Frankie,” Gerard said, cupping the side of my

face. “I will make time to do anything with you. I will put the rest of the world on hold for you.” Upon saying those words, Gerard pulled me into a very sweet kiss; a kiss that made me weak in the knees. It’s a good thing that he was holding on to me. As he pulled away, I couldn’t bring myself to open my eyes just yet. I needed to savor this moment for as long as I could, considering how ridiculously short our time was together. I kept Gerard close to me, shivering as he placed kiss after kiss on the corners of my lips, and on each of my cheeks. His kisses trailed up to my temple, before fluttering over to each of my closed eyelids. “Fuck,” I murmured; the feeling from those simple movements absolutely mesmerized me, causing me to melt me even further into his embrace. “Feels amazing, doesn’t making me smile. it?” Gerard questioned,

“So fucking amazing,” I replied breathily, staring up at him in awe. I was completely unable to take my eyes off of him. Gerard has me completely under his spell; I know there is no escaping him now. “I got the idea from you, you know,” he murmured, staring at me with a dreamy expression upon his face. I instantly broke into a smile; I can’t believe he remembered something so simple as that. Maybe, just maybe, I have him under my spell, too…

I smiled at the memory, remembering the way Gerard held me up against this very counter. The sweet nothings that were mentioned between the two of us caused butterflies to flutter within my stomach. The gentle touches that crossed previously-kissed skin sent shivers down my spine. My eyes then trailed over to the dining room table. It was strategically placed in my rather large kitchen, pushed up against the wall in the far corner. I normally never ate there; actually it was never used before today. And boy, did Gerard and I find that table extremely useful… As I attempted to make breakfast for the two of us, I couldn’t help but feel Gerard’s eyes boring in to me. I turned around to look at him, and felt my cock twitching from how sexy he looked. He was sitting on the kitchen counter, leaning back on his elbows. He was shirtless, wearing only his tight-fitting jeans from the night before. He wore a hungry look upon his face; but it didn’t seem like he was hungry for food. I knew exactly what that look meant. “What?” I questioned innocently, smirking at him. Gerard smirked back, licking his lips as he hopped off of the counter. I moaned out as he wrapped his arms around my naked chest, and felt my entire body tingle as he trailed his fingers down my sides. “I want you, Frankie,” Gerard murmured in my ear, instantly devouring the skin on my neck. I moaned out again, as he wove his hands under the waistband of my pants, also from the night before.

“I thought you said you were hungry,” I teased, moaning out once more as his hand wrapped around my dick. I was fully hard now; but then again, that wasn’t very hard to do considering my present company. “I am,” Gerard replied, his lips still lingering against my skin. He stopped then, and turned me around so that I was now facing him. “For you,” he purred, instantly making me submit to him. My lips were upon his in an instant, kissing him hard as he lifted me up onto the counter. As good as this felt, I knew it wasn’t going to work. The counter was too high up for us to do anything, and I think that he was starting to figure this out, too. “Hold on to me, ‘kay?” Gerard said, breaking apart from my lips momentarily. I nodded, latching my legs tightly around his waist. He connected our lips once again as he lifted me off of the counter, and brought me over to the table, where he laid me down as gently as he could upon it. I spread my legs out as wide as I could, allowing Gerard to grind himself up against me. Pure ecstasy clouded my vision as I stared up at him, daring him to make the first move. As he pressed his body against mine, our lips instantly found their way toward each other again, even more desperate than before. “Mmm, Gerard,” I growled, as his lips wandered down to my neck. I couldn’t help but moan out from the sheer bliss my entire body was feeling. “I love it when you take control of me like that,” I admitted, earning a sexy grin for my honesty. “Then sit back baby. Let me take care of this,” Gerard

spoke in his sexy voice, attacking my lips once again with a forceful, yet delightful kiss. He was true to his word; I didn’t have to do a single thing. He unzipped my pants and slid them down my body, as well as his own. He fingered me a few times, before sliding himself into me; slowly, at first. “God, that feels so fucking good,” I murmured, allowing myself to fall back on my elbows. “Faster,” I pleaded, instantly moaning out once I felt every inch of Gerard inside of me. “Fuck, Gerard. Harder.” Gerard didn’t say anything; all he did was smirk, and did exactly as I asked of him. With my legs wrapped around his waist, and my lower back scraping against the hard wood of the table, Gerard had me completely at his mercy. It really did hurt, but in such a good way. On top of that, every time I felt Gerard grind into me, sometimes excruciatingly slow, and other times incredibly fast, I felt a different type of pleasure coursing through my system; all of them were swirling together and causing me to feel a whole new type of satisfaction that I’ve never felt before. After one particularly hard thrust that sent my lower back scraping against the table, I groaned out again; but I did so this time because it actually did hurt. “Oh, Frankie,” Gerard spoke out suddenly, instantly stopping all of his actions. He placed a gentle kiss upon my lips, and ran his fingers caringly through my hair. “Am I hurting you?” I smirked, and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Keep going,” I instructed him. Gerard gave a devious smile as he leaned down to kiss me again, holding my

body as close to his as possible… That was the last time we had sex. Though it’s only been a week that we’ve known each other, I’ve lost track of exactly how many times Gerard has made me scream his name as he caused me orgasm after blissful orgasm. I’ve never had so much sex, especially with one person, in this short amount of time before. But it isn’t so much the sex part that is coming in to play and fucking with my head; it’s what happened after we had sex. Like this morning, after we had each other for breakfast… we made breakfast, together. It was delightful; blissful, even. I had more fun making breakfast with him, than I had during the actual sex itself. That right there is saying something, considering the slightly rough sex that we had on my kitchen table was absolutely scrumptious. The small smile that had formed due to that tiny memory of my breakfast with Gerard was quickly wiped away as the thought of Gerard doing the very same thing to someone else flashed in my mind, causing that wave of jealous anger to come rushing back. As I slammed all of the dishes off of the counter, I took another swig from my bottle as I watched each plate and coffee cup crumble before my very eyes. I struggled to get a grip on myself, but I simply couldn’t. The damage had been done; my kitchen was a wreck, and the loud clamber that my destructiveness had created had awoken Zero and frightened him enough to send him whizzing into the other room.

Carefully stepping over the mess, I rushed after my little Terrier so I could go and comfort him. I knelt down next to my dog’s whimpering form once I reached him, my heart breaking even further as he cowered away from me. “I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to scare you,” I murmured soothingly as I ran my fingers through Zero’s soft hair, smiling slightly as he hopped into my arms. “I am so sorry,” I spoke again, holding him close to me with one hand and sipping from the bottle which was cradled in my other. “Let’s call Uncle Gabe, I need him,” I muttered, putting Zero down in my lap so I could reach into my pocket for my phone. I found Gabe’s number and pressed the send button, sighing in relief as he answered right away. “'Sup, Frankie?” He asked, sounding cheerful. Somehow, I couldn’t find my voice to speak. My thoughts were still plagued with visions of Gerard and that nameless fucker from before, doing to him all of the things that over the past week had made me so incredibly happy. “Frankie?” Upon hearing Gabe repeat my name into the phone, I immediately snapped back to him, and said the only thing that came to mind. “He's fucking him, Gabe.” “Umm…what the fuck are you talking about?” Gabe asked, his voice sounding slightly worried. “Who's fucking who?”

I sighed, scooting back against the wall. “I'm talking about Gerard,” I whined, taking another sip out of my bottle. “His boyfriend is back in town. And I can bet that he is fucking him, right now.” Gabe sighed. “You wanna get drunk then?” “I think I'm already halfway there, Gabey,” I replied in an amused voice, hiccupping slightly as I began to giggle. “Come over.” “I’m already out the door.” [[Gerard’s POV]] I glanced upwards and smiled at Frank; not being able to stop my heart from fluttering at the grin that he gave me in return. He lowered his lips down onto mine and I eagerly opened my mouth when his tongue ran across my lower lip; pushing my tongue back against his as I felt one of his hands settle on my chest. He sighed blissfully into my mouth and I soon felt him beginning to fiddle with the buttons at the top of my shirt. They were undone in a matter of seconds and I felt his warm hand tracing across the skin of my chest; making me shiver and pull my lips away from his, deciding to attach them to his neck instead. He drew in a sharp intake of air and let it out slowly; burying his face in my hair and inhaling deeply as I continued to ravage his neck. But, as I journeyed further and further across his neck; pushing my tongue lightly against some spots, and nibbling lightly at others; I noticed something a little…

off. Number one; the tattoos on his neck were missing. I had complimented them all before; making absolutely sure to attack the scorpion tattoo on his neck first, always. Number two; the numerous marks that I had left Frank with over the last few days were suddenly… gone. Even though these two facts came off as very different from usual, I decided to shrug it off. Because I already missed Frank more than I ever should and was more than happy to have him in my arms again. I felt his hand trail across my chest again and I shivered, moaning softly when I felt his lips trail across my jaw line. I slid my lips across his neck to the other side; picking out a spot on the lower part of his neck to begin sucking on. I was aware of more buttons on my shirt coming undone and sighed against his neck; beginning to suck harder and making him groan. “Fuck, hun…” My brain immediately snapped to attention as I realized, my euphoric feeling completely vanishing, that it wasn’t Frank doing all of this to me… it was Brandon. I quickly shut my eyes again; trying to piece together my mental vision of Frank and keep that in mind as I felt Brandon attach our lips again. I continued to kiss back, and couldn’t help but shiver when Brandon trailed his fingers across my exposed stomach. Brandon pulled his lips away from mine and gave me the smirk that would have usually made me weak and

spread my legs apart; settling himself in between them and connecting our lips again. He moaned into my mouth as he pushed his hips up against mine; I couldn’t help but moan in return. As his fingers trailed down my stomach and approached the buckle of the belt that I was wearing, and as much as I didn’t want this; my body did. Brandon was hitting all of the sensitive spots that Frank had. After repeatedly having sex in the last few days, those spots were more sensitive than ever. Brandon began to work on getting the buckle of my belt undone; as he slid his lips to suck on a spot just behind and under my left ear, a spot that Frank hadn’t marked before… and making me moan softly again, being extremely careful to keep my moan to what it was, a moan; not the breathing of a name. I felt Brandon’s mouth curve into a smirk against my skin. I knew that I had already dug myself in too deep; I couldn’t simply dig myself out of this hole. Brandon was just moving to unbutton and unzip my pants when the sound of my phone vibrating against the end table and that unmistakable ringtone permeated the air. I heard Brandon groan in frustration as he reluctantly let me reach over to the table and pick up the phone. As I glanced at the caller ID; I couldn’t help but inwardly sigh in relief. I think I believe in God again. I glanced at Brandon, before shrugging and smiling apologetically. “Sorry, hun; I gotta take this,” I said, making him bury his face into one of the pillows and groan again, louder and the frustration more evident.

I pushed the ‘talk’ button and held the phone up to my ear, climbing off of the bed and exiting the room. “What’s up, Mikey?” I asked into the phone, cursing to myself that my breath was coming out in pants as I rebuttoned my pants and redid my belt before moving my hands upwards and beginning to button my shirt back up. “Oh god, are you having sex?” Mikey’s panicked voice asked; and I couldn’t help but chuckle at the alarmed and disgusted tone that his usually laid back voice held. “No, I wasn’t having sex,” I said, rolling my eyes as I stepped into the den and shut the door behind me. “Not yet at least,” I added, biting my lip. “What’s up?” “Do you need a rescue?” I sighed and plopped down onto the couch. Hopefully Brandon wasn’t in the mood anymore; usually, when we’re interrupted like this, he sits around in his frustration and will end up going to bed whilst I stay up talking to Mikey about our court cases. “I’m not sure,” I admitted, shrugging even through Mikey couldn’t see me. “Whatever,” Mikey said. “I’m coming over.” He promptly hung up on me and I simply said ‘okay’ into the empty phone line and hung up my phone as well. I set the phone in the pocket of my pants and peeked my head into the bedroom; not seeing Brandon anywhere, I continued downstairs. I eventually found him sprawled out across the couch with his PSP.

I offered another apologetic smile to Brandon as he glanced up and the frustration was still evident on his face. “I take it that Mikey’s coming over?” he asked, frustration tinting his voice as well. I nodded. “Yeah, he wants to get some work done,” I lied in a soft voice, not able to help my blush at the hungry way Brandon ran his eyes up and down my body. I bit my lip before continuing towards the kitchen, opening the cabinet that contained all of the liquor that we owned in an attempt to find Mikey and I something to drink tonight. I was so wrapped up in my search for something for Mikey and I to drink, that when I turned around; I nearly ran into Brandon and he smirked as he pinned me back against the counter; his arms on either side of me. He leaned in close and pressed his lips to mine again, his eyes shutting as I shut mine too; wrapping my arms around his neck in a reflex action for a few moments before pulling away. “Mikey’s going to be here,” I stated making him sigh and rest his head against my shoulder. “Surely we have time to do something,” he said. I couldn’t help but smile at his eagerness. “Do you really want Mikey vomiting all over our floor when he comes in and sees his brother fucking around with his boyfriend?” I questioned, making Brandon bite his lip and think carefully. “I’d be willing to risk it,” he said, smiling at me and leaning in for another kiss. I was saved a few minutes later as Mikey’s unmistakable rhythmic knocking resounded from the door. Brandon sighed and let go

of my waist, which he had his arms around, and muttered something under his breath as he walked towards the living room. I sighed and walked to the front door, opening it and smiling at Mikey’s unamused face. “Hi, Mikes,” I greeted, noticing that he had brought his briefcase along with him and smiling again. Mikey stepped into the house and glanced towards the living room; seeing Brandon, who was sitting dejectedly on the couch and once again immersed in his PSP. “Hi, Brandon!” Mikey greeted cheerfully after he nodded his greeting to me. “Hi, Mikey,” Brandon replied, his voice considerably less cheerful than Mikey’s as he glanced upwards and seemed to glare slightly at my little brother. Mikey smiled at him and then glanced to his briefcase. “I’m so sorry to interrupt; but I really wanted to go over these briefs with Gerard one more time before we’re due in court tomorrow.” “It’s fine,” Brandon lied, even throwing in a smile. “I understand… I might call the guys and see if they want to go over some new lyrics tonight. God knows that they have no lives.” I bit my lip as a sense of awkwardness suddenly enveloped the three of us. “Um… I already cleared out the den for us to work in,” I said to Mikey, gesturing towards the stairs. Mikey nodded at what I said and took a step towards the stairs. “Good seeing you again, Brandon!” he

exclaimed, waving before he disappeared up the stairs and we both walked to the end of the hall, entering the den and shutting the door behind us. "Hey, Mikey?" I asked as I gave my little brother a hug. "Yeah, bro?" I kissed his cheek. "Remind me to go to church sometime."

Chapter 14 [[Frank’s POV]] I remained in the same position, sitting against the wall with Zero in my lap until I heard Gabe’s incredibly loud knocking upon my front door. Zero immediately hopped off of me and ran toward the knocking, barking his very unthreatening little bark toward our visitor. I followed after, although it did take me a minute to regain my composure due to all of the whiskey that I had consumed. I set the bottle on the coffee table and scooped Zero up in my arms before I opened the door, revealing a frazzled looking Gabe Saporta. “H-hi,” I hiccupped, grinning drunkenly at my best friend. Gabe smiled back at me, shaking his head at my apparent drunken state. “Hello, boys,” he replied with a dazzling smile, giving Zero and I a hug. Upon pulling away, he held on to my shoulders, as if he were surveying me under a microscope. “Jesus,

Frank!” “What?” I questioned, wiggling away from his grasp. He was now fully in the penthouse now, so I shut the door behind him and set Zero down on the floor. When I turned to face Gabe, I noticed that he was still glaring at me. “Are those new?” “Is what new, Gabriel?” “Those hickies!” He exclaimed, which instantly made me grin. “You didn’t have all of these marks yesterday, Frank. What did Gerard do to you?” I lifted up my shirt to reveal the numerous other marks littering up the skin on my chest. “He did these to me, too.” Gabe’s eyes remained fixated on the territory that Gerard had marked as his, gaping slightly as he tilted his head to get a better look at me. “Was this today or last night?” My grin grew even wider. “Well, I can't be certain whether they were left last night when Gerard came over, or this morning before Gerard left…” I replied, trailing off with a smirk on my face. “So we'll just say ‘both’.” Gabe laughed at me before wandering further into the penthouse. He stopped to survey the mess that I’d created during my momentary period of insanity, whistling before glancing over his shoulder at me. “I’m not even going to ask,” Gabe sighed, giving me

another hug. “Fuck what happened here, tell me about your night.” I grinned, hugging him even tighter. “Oh, Gabriel,” I breathed out, sighing dreamily. “It was such a fantastic night.” “What all happened?” He asked, pulling me over toward the couch. I sat down on the opposite end as he did, and noticed the grin on his face as I spread my legs out across his lap. I winced at first; the soreness that I was feeling was now excruciating. I quickly got over it however, as Gabe began to massage my calf muscles, instantly making me feel better. “Tell me a story, Frankie.” His interest in hearing about Gerard and I made me grin. “Well remember yesterday how I was going on and on about my night with Gerard?” Gabe nodded. “How could I forget?” “Well, when you dropped me off, I couldn’t help myself,” I admitted, grabbing my bottle from off the coffee table. “I call him up, right?” “Right…” I swigged some more whiskey out of the bottle, preparing myself for the backlash that was about to come my way. I know that Gabe is probably going to chew me out for being so clingy of Gerard so fast; I almost didn’t want to tell him the next part. “I um…” I trailed off, biting my lip. “Well, I basically told him to come over, and he did,” I went on, not

bothering to go into detail. “And how'd you get him to do that?” Gabe asked, a smirk forming on his face. “Let's just say I promised him a night he'd never forget,” I replied, smirking as well. Gabe chuckled lightly at my response before taking the bottle from my fingers. “I can see why he didn't resist that. What happened once he got here?” I smirked again as Gabe took a sip of his own. “What do you think?” “Well, Frankie, it’s quite obvious that you fucked,” Gabe giggled, passing the Southern Comfort back to me. I took it and curled my feet up underneath me, shifting positions so I could be more comfortable. “Tell me more,” Gabe inquired, getting comfortable as well. “What else happened?” Before I could get to the next part of the story, we were interrupted by my little ball of fur, hopping up on the couch and settling right on Gabe’s lap. “You know, I think he's as fucking homo as we are,” I mused, watching in delight at the way Gabe was interacting with my Zero. “Of course he is, just look at his pink rhinestone collar,” Gabe agreed lightheartedly, before shooting me a stern look. “Hey, quit changing the subject, fucker!” “Well, Zero's a big part of the night,” I assured him,

reaching over so I could pet him. “How so?” Gabe questioned, taking the bottle back from me. “Oh well... Actually, that part of the story comes later,” I replied, realizing that I had gotten horribly off track with my recollection. “Anyway, when Gerard gets here, I brought him into the bedroom. So, we're laying there, and I can’t stop kissing him.” “Aww,” Gabe cooed, reaching over to stroke my hand. “That’s so sweet!” I smiled, laughing a bit at just how much I enjoyed retelling the previous night’s events. “It really is ridiculous how much I missed kissing him considering it had only been hours since I saw him, you know?” Gabe nodded. “I hear that,” he said, smiling at me. “I know exactly what that feels like.” “Yeah but, I noticed that something was different about him, Gabe. He was troubled, like he was holding back,” I recalled, frowning as I looked up at him. “That’s when he told me that his boyfriend was coming back today. He told me that it would be the last night that we'd get to spend together…” Gabe’s mouth dropped open. “Fuck. That must have been a tough pill to swallow. What'd you say to that?” “I said the only thing I could say! I was like, 'and'? Like his boyfriend coming home meant nothing. I think I played it off well, but I was really falling apart inside,” I admitted, sighing helplessly. “I think that was the

moment where I was kinda like, ‘I’m fucked’.” Gabe gave me a supportive smile, encouraging me to go on. “I honestly didn’t know what to fucking do,” I whined, taking the bottle back from him. “The fact that his boyfriend came back so soon made what we had a fucking affair. It put a fucking label on what we had, Gabe,” I said with disgust, taking a large swig from the bottle. “It was more than that,” I went on, frowning when I realized the bottle was just about empty. “Much more,” I murmured, tilting my head back so I could finish what was left of my sweet Southern Comfort, but Gabe stopped me. “Okay Frank,” he jumped in, taking the bottle from me. “Here’s the part where you always confuse me. Exactly how much more?” “What?” I asked; his question caught me off guard, causing my frown to grow bigger. Gabe sighed. “You said that what you have with Gerard is more than an 'affair',” he elaborated, putting air quotes around the word 'affair'. “So now I’m asking you, exactly how much more is it?” I leaned my head against the couch cushion, trying my best to think of how to word it. “Do you remember that moment when you were fucking around with Mikey, and you realized that he was going to be more than just another hot guy that

you decided to have a fling with?” I asked, scooting a bit closer to him. “That moment, when you finally found what you'd been looking for, that he might be it for you?” Gabe nodded, staring at me with a dreamy expression upon his face. “Yeah Frankie, I remember it.” “There's your answer,” I whispered, noticing the look of sympathy that Gabe was giving me. “Oh Frankie,” he sighed, giving me the bottle back. “It looks like you need this, after all.” “Thanks,” I grinned, downing the remainder of the liquid. As I tossed the now empty bottle onto the floor, I could once again feel the effects that the liquor was taking on me. My head was spinning, and I felt like any minute now I was going to be sick. “Ugh,” I groaned, damning myself for drinking so much in such a short amount of time. “Come here,” Gabe beckoned me, allowing me to cuddle up next to him. He draped an arm around my shoulder, massaging my scalp in an attempt to make me feel better. It worked. “What happened after he told you about his boyfriend?” He questioned, falling back into the conversation. “Well, we decided to ignore the fact that we're both still committed to other people one last time, and simply be each other's while we still had the chance to,” I began, earning an intrigued look from my bestie.

“Meaning?” A devilish smirk crossed my face as I decided to go into detail with what Gerard and I had gotten ourselves up to. “Well, I needed to distract him from the depressing atmosphere our conversation had created, so… I sucked him off,” I informed Gabe, grinning triumphantly. “Which might I add, was fucking exquisite." Gabe laughed. “I’m sure it was, Frankie. Did he suck you off, too?” “Fuck yes, he did,” I replied, throwing my head back and moaning at the memory. “Gerard has some serious talent!” “Oh wow, Frank,” Gabe managed to say through his laughter. “You have no idea how amusing your stories are to hear. Especially when you’re drunk,” he teased, tussling my hair. “I’m not drunk,” I whined, hiccupping after I said so. So much for my defense. “Okay, maybe I am,” I admitted, grinning at him. “But I’m not done telling my story, so if you wanna hear the rest you better fucking be nice to me.” “Always, Frankie,” Gabe replied, grinning at me. “What happened next?” I leaned my head up from Gabe’s shoulder, and glared at Zero, who immediately buried his little head even deeper within Gabe's grasp. “Zero decided to get stuck in one of your boxes,” I

replied, earning another set of giggles from Gabe. “So I had to come out here to rescue the little cock block, and…” My voice trailed off, as my gaze wandered over to the stack of boxes over in the corner. More specifically, the opened one that was marked for me to keep out of. “Did you fuck with my box, Frankie?” Gabe asked, smirking very slightly. “That's an odd way of putting it, but yes. Yes I did,” I said, grinning widely. “Let's just say I kept my promise to Gerard that last night would be one that he won't ever forget.” Gabe’s face broke out into a huge grin, as he pieced together what I was getting at. “Let me guess, you found the camera, didn’t you?” I nodded. “Of course I did! You made it so tempting,” I teased him. “I'm beginning to think you actually wanted me to find it.” “I'm sure I did at the time that I initially stored my shit here,” Gabe replied, as his laughter finally subsided. “But seriously, I can’t believe you actually got Gerard to make a fucking sex tape with you. That shit blows my mind!” “He didn’t want to forget it either, apparently,” I said, sighing dreamily. “I know he didn’t,” Gabe smiled, before getting up from his spot next to me. “I’m gonna get us some

more happiness in a bottle. You stay here,” he instructed me, instantly making me grin. As I watched him disappear over the clutter in to the kitchen, my grin quickly vanished. Everything came back to me at once; Gerard leaving, his boyfriend coming home, my wife coming back home… I’d been so caught up in Gerard, that I’d pretty much forgotten all of the voicemails and text messages that I’d gotten from the missus telling me that she was back from her weekend with her girlfriends. “Okay! Because we are two completely sexy guys, I made us two completely sexy drinks, complete with pink silly straws and little umbrellas…” Gabe spoke loudly as he came from the kitchen, plucking me from my thoughts. He instantly froze upon seeing my somber expression, and knelt down in front of me with a confused look on his face. “What is it, Frankie?” “What the fuck am I supposed to do now, Gabe?” I questioned, sighing as he handed me my new drink. “I’ve got Giselle back at the apartment, calling me and harassing me via voicemail to come home but I'm so far gone that I might just tell her I'm off to L.A. because the Killers want to do the recording over there. She's so stupid, she probably wouldn’t even know the fucking difference,” I rambled, grinning a tiny bit as Gabe nodded. “That’s actually a good idea. You should do that,” Gabe encouraged, taking a seat next to me. He’s always hated my wife, which is part of the reason why he’s been so adamant about me finding someone else, even if it meant breaking my marriage vows to her. “Yeah, but as good an idea as that is, she's the least

of my fucking worries,” I mumbled, burying my head in my hands. “This was a mistake,” I whispered, as I felt Gabe’s fingers thread into my hair. This time, however, it did nothing to sooth me. “Why did you make me invite him to that party?” I asked, withdrawing my head from my hands as I stared helplessly at my best friend. “Why did you put it in my head to fucking go after him?” “Oh no, Frank,” Gabe retaliated, getting defensive. “ I never made you do anything; I simply said for you to bring a date. The rest was all you.” He paused for a minute, before adding, “And if you think that what happened between you and Gerard is a mistake, then you’re sadly mistaken. Trust me, it can’t possibly be a mistake if you two want each other this bad.” “He doesn’t want me this bad,” I corrected him, sighing deeply. “I want him this bad. I mean, look at me. Look at this place. Look what I fucking did to it! All because the realization dawned on me that Gerard was with someone else and he wasn’t mine anymore.” I took a large sip of my drink, before adding, “Not like he ever was…” “Frank, he wouldn't have repeatedly cheated on his boyfriend with you if he didn't want you,” Gabe reasoned, trying to encourage me. “He kept coming back, and look at how fucking sore you are! You've barely moved! I'm sure that Gerard is just as fucking sore as you are, meaning the chances of him fucking around with his boyfriend tonight are very slim. And didn’t you guys fuck like rabbits last night?”

His defense made me grin. “And this morning.” Gabe smiled. “See? He's probably exhausted, considering you’ve kept him up for the past two nights.” “I know,” I sighed, unable to keep myself from staying positive. “I just can’t get the thought of him with someone else out of my fucking head, Gabriel.” Gabe nodded, giving me a sympathetic smile. “Well, are you guys keeping this whole... relationship going?” “He said we'd try,” I murmured, taking a sip from my drink. It tasted like a screwdriver, but I couldn’t be quite sure. As long as it contained liquor, I honestly couldn’t care less what it was. Gabe smiled again, smoothing my hair back as I continued to sip continuously from whatever was in my cup. “So, you should be able to have him sometimes, right?” “That was the plan,” I said, sighing. “But I haven’t heard from him once since he walked out that door this morning. It feels like it's over, Gabe,” I rambled, as Gabe took my now-empty drink away from me. “Right when things were getting to the good part... it's over.” "Frank, listen to me” Gabe reasoned, taking both of my hands in his. “Not everyone is as fucking ADD as you are; people can't simply keep going forever. Gerard is probably just nursing his 'sex hang-over' and will talk with you tomorrow.”

“I didn’t want him to go, Gabe,” I murmured, realizing that I was completely wasted by the way I was rambling. “I wanted to keep him here with me, forfuckingever.” “Let's move onto a different topic then,” Gabe suggested, as I nodded in agreement. “Please. Anything,” I mumbled, desperate to get off of the topic of Gerard. “Can I watch your sex tape?” Gabe asked, causing my eyes to widen. “What the fuck?!” I shrieked, as a brief moment of sobriety hit me. “NO!” “Aww; why not?” Gabe pouted, giving me a smirk. “Why would you even want to?” I questioned, desperately trying to figure out what would possess him to want to do such a thing. “Because I'm curious,” he shrugged, winking at me. “You did say that it was something you both will never forget. I wanna see it!” “Yes, exactly!” I huffed, feeling my drunken state come back to hit me full force. “Something we, meaning Gerard and I, will never forget. Nowhere in that equation does it mention that you, my only friend in this entire world that matters to me, would get to watch it.” Gabe sighed. “It's not like it'll be anything I haven't

seen!” “No,” I said firmly, giving Gabe a stern glare. Gabe glared back, sticking his tongue out at me in a childish manner. “Fine, Frank. Have it your way,” Gabe caved in, before sticking his tongue out at me again. “I will bite that fucking thing if you don’t put it away,” I threatened him, but knew damn well I was way too tired to actually attempt to do anything of the sort. As if on cue, Gabe smirked at me before sticking his tongue out at me again, taking advantage of my soreness and drunkenness. I groaned in agony as I felt the pounding in my head begin to increase, and instantly pressed my fingers to both of my temples. “Aww Frankie, I’m sorry. You know I love you, and that I’m just giving you a hard time,” Gabe spoke softly, allowing me to lay my head in his lap. “Why don't you tell me about how things went at work today? “Oh, God!” I cried out, covering my face with my hands. “Remember our talk about how I dislike Brandon Flowers with a fucking passion?” I asked, looking up at him. “Yeah, what about it?” “Well, I was trying to get the video off your memory card and... well I couldn’t help myself, y'know? I got a little excited at work while watching it, and that’s when the fucker comes and knocks on my fucking door!”

Gabe began to giggle hysterically then, causing my headache to worsen. “Holy fuck, that's priceless. What happened next?!” I sighed. “My head hurts, Gabe. I’m tired of talking about Gerard, and about Brandon Flowers. Thank goodness they have nothing in common, otherwise I think I’d fucking shoot myself,” I said, yawning. “I’m so fucking tired, Gabey.” Gabe smiled down at me, while running his fingers through my hair. “Do you want me to tuck you in then?” “Yes. Stay with me 'til I fall asleep,” I mumbled sleepily, feeling my eyes flutter shut. “Let’s go then,” Gabe said, scooting out from underneath me. I allowed him to tug me up off of the couch, although it did take a minute or two for me to regain my composure. My head was spinning and I felt like I was going to pass out right where I was standing, had it not been for Gabe supporting me up. As we wandered down the hallway toward my bedroom, I noticed that Gabe was busy looking over his shoulder at something. “Say, Frankie?” “Hmm?” “What's the password to your computer? I need to answer some fan-mail, and I can’t find the cord to my laptop at home…”

“I'm as predictable as you are, Gabriel,” I informed him with a drunken grin. “You can figure it out, I'm sure,” I muttered, yawning as I crawled into bed. I got underneath my covers, but noticed that Gabe hadn’t joined me just yet. “Come on, Gabe, stay with me 'til I fall asleep,” I pleaded, giving him my best pouty-face. “I just got used to having someone sleep next to me again and I already miss it…” “Aww, Frankie,” Gabe sighed, crawling into bed with me. As I cuddled up next to him, he began to stroke my hair, before saying, “Just go to sleep, Frankie. I'll leave some aspirin out for you for when you wake up.” “Thanks,” I murmured sleepily, shutting my eyes thanks to the extremely comfortable position I was in. “’Night, Gee…”

Chapter 15 [[Gerard's POV]] “You don’t have to thank me,” Mikey smirked as I glanced towards him and didn’t quite know what to say to him. I had told him to call earlier around the usual time that Brandon was home to get my ass out of bed and was more than happy that he actually obeyed for once and did. I grinned at him in return. “So, what made you want to come over?” I questioned as we both sat down on the couch and Mikey pulled some files out of his briefcase and tucked a pencil behind his right ear.

“Gabe got a call from Frank,” he shrugged, saying it as if it were the most casual thing in the world. I immediately snapped to attention at the mention of Frank’s name. Just the mere mention of his name was enough to get my heart racing and made those damn butterflies once again begin to form within my stomach. “Oh?” I asked, trying to make myself sound casual as well. “Yeah,” Mikey began, clearing his throat. “Apparently he was having some sort of a mini-breakdown and Gabe went over to hang out and keep him company,” he continued as he leaned backwards and got himself comfortable, setting a file on the table in front of me and crossing his legs. “What about?” “I’m not sure exactly…” Mikey trailed off. “Would you care to explain things to me though, bro?” “Explain what, exactly?” I asked, unsure as to exactly what he wanted me to explain. I felt all my guilt once again return as I realized what Mikey more than likely wanted to talk about. “Don’t treat me like I’m an idiot, Gerard,” Mikey scoffed. "You knew Brandon was coming home today. So be honest, did you see Frankie last night?" I glanced at Mikey, and by the serious expression on his face, decided that honesty would probably be the best policy in this situation. “Yeah,” I admitted. “I saw him last night.”

“Oh yeah?” Mikey grinned and situated himself again; already enamored with the story I guess I was supposed to be telling him. I couldn’t help but chuckle and my face adopted a grin of its own as all of the memories of my amazing night with Frank came flooding back. “Yeah, it was… amazing,” I sighed, an undoubtedly dreamy expression on my face. “Well… Since I’m here, and you need to kill some time, you might as well tell me about it,” Mikey suggested. I glanced over and smiled at him again as he began randomly doodling on the file in front of him. “What all do you want to know?” I asked, arching my eyebrow as he glanced upwards at my question and a thoughtful expression crossed his face. “How did it happen?” Mikey questioned, reminding me very much of a teenage girl asking her best friend for all of the latest info about her friend’s latest crush. “Who called who?” “He called me…” I answered, making Mikey’s eyes widen slightly. “And we talked for a bit, before he invited me over.” “Wow, two nights in a row,” Mikey laughed slightly. “Did you guys do anything?” he asked, smiling at me again and spreading some more files across the table before sitting back again and eagerly awaiting my answer to his question. I tilted my head backwards to rest against the couch;

nearly wanting to moan out in memory of all that Frank and I had done together but managing to hold it back as Mikey watched on with interest. “Yeah,” I replied. “We did… a lot.” “A-ha,” Mikey replied, with a grin. “So, two nights of straight fucking, huh?” Mikey tilted his head back to rest against the couch as well, a dreamy expression overcoming his features as he obviously remembered something from his past. “You know Gerard…” he trailed off. “This is what Gabe and I were like in the beginning.” I tilted my head slightly in confusion, waiting for him to continue. “I mean, we’re still absolutely crazy about each other,” he amended, picking his head up slightly. “But there was just something so spectacular about those first few times…” he sighed, getting lost in his memories again. “Thanks for the mental images,” I teased, giving him a playful nudge and jerking him out of his thoughts; he laughed and grinned at me. “I’m serious!” Mikey exclaimed before his face once more took on a thoughtful expression. “Those first few nights that we spent together, I knew that he was going to be gone soon… but it was me that he wanted to spend his time with while he was here.” I nodded at what he said and hung my head back against the couch again. “I totally get what you mean,” I said. “But I just couldn’t get Frank out of my head today… Brandon wanted me to go to the studio

with him earlier, but I bailed out because I couldn’t stand to be around him all day… not with how guilty I feel,” I sighed, running a hand frustratedly through my hair. “I hate to say it then, bro,” Mikey shrugged, his teeth latching around his lower lip. “… But maybe you should stay away from Frank for a while; just until things get back to normal with Brandon,” he suggested, sighing softly. “But that’s the whole thing, Mikes,” I started. “I know that I should stop seeing him, but I can’t. He’s just… not something that I can simply stop,” I slumped my shoulders miserably, sighing. “I don’t want to stop seeing him either.” “Then you have a really big problem,” Mikey stated. “Because that man downstairs came home for you. And then you have a man somewhere else that’s married, yet calling my boyfriend at crazy hours whining about you.” “I never should have gone to L.A,” I sighed. “Why’d you have to go and buy me that fucking plane ticket?” I asked, shutting my eyes and trying my hardest not to think about what I was doing to Brandon… and to Frank. “Hey now,” Mikey warned, getting defensive. “I bought you that ticket so you could get away from here for a while and fuck your boyfriend for the weekend. I didn’t tell you to fuck a complete stranger on the flight home and then get into contact with him afterwards.”

I sighed in defeat and ran a hand through my hair again. “Frank’s like a drug, Mikey… once you try him once, you have to have him again and again and again. You need to have him again and again.” “He sounds a lot like Gabe. It’s no wonder they’re best friends,” Mikey mused, shrugging his shoulders lightly. “And why we’re brothers… its fucking crazy.” I nodded firmly in agreement with him. “Really fucking crazy,” I agreed, sighing again. “Tell me about your day, I only saw you for a like a half an hour earlier,” I said, wanting to change the subject away from Frank and what a predicament that I had gotten myself into. “Custody hearing, divorces, bankruptcy… nothing I couldn’t handle on my own. Boring day,” Mikey shrugged. “I know you’re trying to change the subject, bro, and it isn’t working.” I sighed. “You say that going to L.A. was a mistake; I say it’s something different,” he started. “I thought that meeting Gabe was a mistake too… When he went on tour and was gone, I fucking lost it. You remember that time period where I was one ruthless motherfucker? I was moody and bitchy and pretty much on my fucking period?” I couldn’t help but laugh. “Yeah,” I replied. “I had to get you trashed every damn night just so you’d stop nagging me and fucking go to bed. You pretty much lived in here,” I continued, gesturing to the den. “I hated him for leaving,” Mikey admitted. “I hated

him for hooking me in and making me fall in love with him, only to have him leave me… but then I realized, that he was just as miserable as I was; bro.” I nodded slightly to show him that I was listening intently and patiently waited for him to speak again. “You and Frank are both going through the same thing right now,” Mikey continued. “You both have your best friends consoling you and talking you down because you’re both acting like miserable little girls with their first real crush.” I thought over everything that he had just said and nodded slowly; he was right. “I see what you’re saying…” I said, but trailed off as I heard Brandon’s footsteps coming up the stairs. A few moments later, the door to the den creaked open and Brandon poked his head into the room. “I’m gonna go to the hotel that the guys are staying at and hang out for a bit,” he said, glancing in between Mikey and I. I noticed Mikey glance at me out of the corner of his eye and give a slight smile. I inwardly made a mental note to thank him later on for laying out all of our files and giving the illusion that we were actually working instead of discussing the details of the affair that I was having behind Brandon’s back. “Okay hun,” I said, glancing around at all of the documents dismally. “We’re going to be working… pretty much all night,” I continued, sighing as Mikey groaned and hid a smile behind the file that he held in his hands.

“Have fun,” Mikey said to Brandon, offering him a slight smile. “Yeah, I’ll try,” Brandon answered, rolling his eyes before blowing me a kiss and shutting the door behind him as he left. Both Mikey and I waited silently until we both heard the front door close and heard Brandon’s car start up. Mikey put his stack of papers down and let out a soft sigh. “So, do you want to go see Frank?” he asked, smiling brightly at me. I raised one of my eyebrows in his direction and glanced at the clock across the room from us. “It’s like… two in the morning Mikes.” “So what? Go see him, go say hi,” Mikey commanded. “You don’t want to let him go, so don’t let him get away either.” I glanced at him for a moment before smiling. “You just want to get to fuck your boyfriend again before we have to go to work in the morning,” I teased him, standing up and beginning to walk towards the door of the den. “Which is why you’re already halfway out the fucking door,” he called after me, making me grin at him before I left the den. --I gazed contemplatively at the keypad that required a code for me to be able to call for an elevator. I

couldn't help but smile as I reached out and pushed in the code that I could vividly remember Frank giving to me just after I left this morning. I heard Frank sigh softly from behind me and soon felt his fingers interlacing with mine, causing me to glance back at him. I gave him a brief smile as we began to walk towards the front door of his penthouse; neither of us saying anything as we walked. "Last night was incredible, sugar," he grinned. "Thank you for coming over like you did." I smiled at him and leaned over; keeping our fingers interlaced as I pressed a soft kiss to his lips. "It's no problem, baby," I smiled again, tucking some of his hair behind one of his ears and pressing a soft kiss to his temple. I felt some of Frank's fingers worm up under my shirt, sliding across my waist until his fingers were at my lower back. He glanced up at me as he held onto my waist; a frown tugging at his lips. "Just give me a minute..." he sighed, his fingers gently beginning to stroke my skin; making me shiver. "I'm not ready to let you go just quite yet..." I couldn't help but smile and wrapped my arms securely around him in return; reaching up with one of my hands and trailing my fingers through his hair. "Alright, baby... a few more minutes," I consented, kissing the top of his head as I lightly began to trail the fingers of my free hand up his side. Frank leaned into me a bit more, breathing in deeply as he shivered, and allowed his eyes to flutter shut. I smiled again before I leaned forward and gently

captured his lips in a tender kiss; cradling one side of his face and wrapping an arm around his waist. He moaned softly and his grip around my waist tightened as he pulled me closer; our lips moving along together gently... although there was a hint of desperation. I tightened my grip around him as well; smiling against his lips and trailing my fingers through his hair once again, attempting to ignore the sparks that I felt shooting through my lips and the butterflies once again taking up residence in my stomach. "Fuck," he murmured as he pulled away; his breathing slightly heavy as he rested his forehead against mine, the both of us trying to regain our breathing patterns. "Promise me you'll come by as often as you can... simply to kiss me like that," he grinned, stroking the side of my face with one of his hands. I smiled and pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek. "I promise, babe," I murmured against his skin, trailing my lips to his and pressing a light kiss to them. Frank smiled at me and pressed another kiss to my lips. "Then I guess I can let you go..." he sighed; a smile still remaining on his face as we continued to hold on to each other. "Not by choice, of course." I couldn't help but return his infectious smile, giving him a very gentle squeeze. "I'll see you soon, Frankie," I promised, as I slowly began to unwind my body from his. "I can't wait," he grinned, the both of us watching as our holds on each other became looser... and the both of us seeming to attempt to restrain the sighs that

threatened to spill past our lips. Eventually, my sigh managed to break free and I waited until we were separated from each other to place two of my fingers under his chin and tilt his head upwards so that I could kiss him again. As much as I didn't want to leave... I had to. I felt Frank's lips curve up into a smile against my own; and I couldn't help but smile against his in return. "I'll see you soon, gorgeous," he said in a soft voice; tracing his fingers across one of my cheeks before tracing the shape of my lips and kissing me again. "See you soon, Frankie," I smiled and soon found myself in my car; driving away from him and our second amazing night together, sighing and cracking the window; I lit up a cigarette and nearly dropping it in my lap as I jumped at the sound of my phone ringing. I pushed the 'accept message' button that appeared on the screen as I grabbed it; smiling when I saw that it was a message from Frank and raising an eyebrow at it. Check your pocket, sugar. =] I reached into my pocket and pulled out a piece of paper; seeing Frank's now memorized handwriting and smiling at the words that he had written. 1031. Let yourself in.

-XO, Frankie. The elevator gave off a 'ding' sound and I soon heard the 'whoosh' sound as the elevator left the top floor and began to drop down the chute. I smiled again as it opened up in front of me, stepping inside of it and pressing the button that would take me to the top floor; feeling excitement at the prospect of seeing Frank again bubbling up in my stomach along with the feeling of my stomach falling as the elevator began to take me upwards. I bit my lip as the elevator continued to travel; contemplating whether or not this was a good idea. I had no clue when Brandon was going to be getting home; I was going on pure hope that he ended up hanging out with the guys all night and went with them to the studio tomorrow, and that he wouldn't be home until tomorrow evening. Judging by how well we knew each other, I was guessing that he'd take my word for it and accept that I was going to be working with Mikey all night on one of our high profile cases. After all; this had happened numerous times before he left... although definitely not for the same reasons. I was suddenly jerked out of my thoughts as the elevator came to an abrupt halt and gave off another 'ding' as it stopped, and the doors opened up before me. I took a deep breath before stepping out of it and beginning to walk down the hall; seeing the door to the penthouse that brought back so many memories of Frank and I. I couldn't help but smile at my thoughts, and raised an eyebrow as I approached the door to the penthouse; realizing that it wasn't shut all of the way.

I somewhat hesitantly opened it up and glanced around; stepping inside and shut it completely behind me. Hearing a very small bark before I felt something jumping all over my legs, I glanced downwards and smiled at Zero; who had his tongue sticking out of his mouth and continued to bark all over me, giving little 'yap's every now and again. I bent down beside him; gently stroking the soft fur of his head and grinning at him. I glanced around and noticed that nothing seemed out of place; smiling slightly before glancing back at Zero and almost 'aww'-ing at how adorable he was. "Hello, Zero," I greeted, continuing to stroke his fur. "Where's your daddy at?" I asked; not able to contain my giggle when he gave another little bark and disappeared down the hallway and into the bedroom. I grinned even wider and proceeded to follow the little guy; nearly considering turning back and leaving Frank in peace when I entered the bedroom and saw him curled up on the bed, a peaceful expression on his face as he slept. I smiled at him and slowly crept towards the bed, yet again nearly considering turning back as I realized how deep of a sleep he was in. I slowly made my way around the bed, to the opposite side of where Frank was laying and crawled up onto it, biting my lip to hold back a giggle as Frank didn't stir at all. I carefully studied him for a moment, taking in how pretty he is before smoothing some of his hair away from his forehead and pressing a very light kiss to his cheek. "Frankie..."

Chapter 16 [[Frank's POV]] “Frankie…” I grinned upon hearing his voice, though my eyes remained clenched shut; fearing that if I were to open them, I would awake to my empty penthouse, my empty bedroom… the empty bed beside me. As long as my eyes were closed, I could picture Gerard so perfectly in my dreams; and for now, if that’s the only way that I can have him, I will gladly accept it. Gerard’s infectious giggle then filtered through the room, instantly making me smile as he repeated my name, so softly; it was as if an angel had spoken it. “Frankie…” I snuggled deeper into my pillow, still refusing to open my eyes; This dream was far too amazing for me to risk losing it. I felt tingles as I felt him brush my hair back with his fingers, relieving it from tickling my face. “You are too fucking adorable when you sleep,” Gerard murmured, but still; I was too fucking afraid to risk losing this dream, this picture-perfect vision of him, for fear that he was just a figment of my overexhausted imagination. “Gee… please don’t go…” And it was then, as I spoke those words aloud, that I felt his delicious lips upon mine. I quickly began to react, moving my lips along with his, and lifted my

hand up to gently caress the back of his neck. But even after he pulled away, my eyes remained closed. “Frankie baby, open your eyes,” he murmured, kissing each of my closed eyelids, running his thumbs across my cheeks. I smiled, and allowed my eyes to finally drift open, only to reveal my gorgeous Gerard, laying in bed next to me. “Hello gorgeous,” I spoke softly, wrapping an arm around Gerard to secure him closer to me. He grinned down at me, leaning down to press another sweet kiss to my cheek, then to my lips. “Hello beautiful,” he replied upon pulling away, a wide grin stretching from ear to ear, as he reached out to tuck a few strands of my hair behind my ear. I grinned; I really liked when he did that. “You know, Frankie, you really shouldn't leave your front door unlocked,” he teased me in a soft voice; before pressing yet another very soft kiss to my lips. My grin grew even wider. “Well, see there’s only three people in this entire world that have the code to get up to this top floor. Nobody lives in the penthouse across from me, so… I figure I’ll be okay,” I replied, running my hand under his shirt, to begin stroking the soft skin underneath. “I’m glad to see that you got my text,” I continued, as he once again leaned down to kiss me. This time, however, I held him in place, preventing him from doing anything but deepening our kiss. “And I’m very glad to see that you’re keeping your promise,” I added, referring to the promise he made

me before leaving me this morning that he would be back, if only to kiss me sweetly like he has been. I grinned up at him, rubbing the soft skin on his neck, staring dreamily at him. He cracked a breathtaking smile at me before nuzzling his face into my hair. “Well, the boyfriend went out with some friends... I figured I'd come over and see you while I had the chance to,” he responded, pressing a sweet kiss to my forehead; however, it didn’t leave me with a tingly feeling like before. Was Gerard’s motive for being here with me simply because his boyfriend had gone out? I decided not to take his last remark the wrong way, however, and tried my hardest to ignore the fact that the only reason he was here was because his boyfriend was neglecting him. And then it all made sense; no wonder Gerard was here; he knew that unlike his boyfriend, who is stupid enough to neglect him, that I would pay all of the attention in the world to him. This must be why he is here; I better not disappoint him. My thoughts were interrupted as I felt another sweet kiss being pressed upon my temple, instantly causing me to feel better. I tried to ignore the fact that I was nothing more than Gerard’s second choice, and nuzzled my face within his neck, inhaling his sweet scent, therefore allowing me to completely forget about everything other than the fact that Gerard is back in my arms again. He smiled down at me, and once again smoothed my hair away from my face; kissing my lips gently before pulling away. “You really are absolutely adorable when

you're sleeping, do you know that?” I felt the smile tugging at the corners of my lips, and I didn’t fight it. Gerard was here, with me, and when it comes down to it, that is really the only thing that matters. “I adore watching you sleep, too,” I admitted shyly, unable to look away from his gorgeous face. “I really can't believe that you're here…” Gerard smiled at me before kissing my cheek gently; lingering against my skin for a moment. I felt my eyes flutter shut as I held him close to me, feeling my body tingle as his hands traced invisible patterns across my skin. “Neither can I,” Gerard admitted, biting his lip. “You have no idea how excited I got when he left. I was in my car before I could even comprehend what was going on. I couldn’t wait to come and see you again…” This time, his words didn’t bring those feelings of being Gerard’s ‘second choice’ back; instead, his words demolished those feelings completely, causing me to lean forward so I could once again connect our lips together, this time more deeply than before. “You were excited to see me?” I asked upon pulling away, staring at him in awe. “I don't get it. You've seen so much of me these past few days... I figured with your boyfriend home, you'd want to spend some time with him.” I knew that I could potentially wind up kicking myself in the ass for asking such questions, but I couldn’t

help myself. I needed to know. Gerard smiled lightly at me, as he reached down to stroke the backs of his fingers across the side of my face; his facial expression unreadable, as if he appeared un-knowing of how to answer my question. Instead, he leaned in and pressed a very sweet kiss to my lips. “I'd much rather spend time with you right now,” he replied softly, biting his lip. “I am not a fan of not knowing when I'm going to get to see you again.” His response melted me, and caused me to lean up so that I could connect our lips together again, moving them softly against each other. “Oh sugar; You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear you say that…” I kissed him deeply then, smiling against his lips upon pulling away. He rested his head against my shoulder, and pressed an innocent kiss to my scorpion tattoo. I grinned; he always went for that one, first. “You look tired, Frankie,” Gerard mused, before pressing another innocent kiss to my collarbone. I felt him snuggle deeper within my arms, as his lips began to flutter across my bare chest. “I am... I had a really long day,” I replied, kissing his hair. “How was yours?” “Okay I guess," Gerard shrugged, before leaning up to kiss my temple, trailing his fingers softly through my hair. It felt wonderful. “I managed to get off of work today since I wasn't needed and managed to score a cat nap, which was awesome,” he replied, continuing to gently trail his fingers through my hair.

I grinned; “No wonder you're so awake,” I teased, wrapping my arms more tightly around Gerard's waist, as he continued to massage my hair. “Mmm, that feels really, really good…” “I’m glad, babe,” he replied sweetly, placing a soft kiss to my lips. A thoughtful expression crossed his facial features as he pulled away, a smirk playing across his lips. “You've been drinking Southern Comfort haven't you?” “Yeah…” I blushed. “I kind of had a hard time falling asleep…” “Aww,” Gerard cooed, once again beginning to trail his fingers through my hair once more. “Why's that, beautiful?” “Bad dreams…” I whispered; glancing downward, trying to avoid eye contact with Gerard. I took a deep breath as he placed two of his fingers under my chin and tilted my head toward his so that I was looking at him, and felt my eyes immediately drift shut as our lips met once again; deeply, but sweetly. “Do you want to tell me about them?” he asked, once more tucking my hair behind my ear. “There's no need to anymore,” I grinned, unable to stop myself from leaning up to kiss Gerard once again. “Because you're here…” I trailed off, smoothing Gerard’s hair back with my fingers, similar to the way he had just done to mine. “I was afraid I wouldn’t see you again,” I admitted, our eyes locking together.

Gerard leaned down to kiss me once again, before saying, “Don't you worry about that, babe. I told you that I wanted to make this work, didn't I?” He hovered his lips over mine, causing my lips to tingle at the feeling. “Promise?” Gerard nodded and pressed another sweet kiss to my lips again. “Promise,” he spoke with a warm smile, tracing the pattern of my lips with his fingers. I sighed contentedly, leaning my forehead against his. “How much time do we have?” Gerard glanced over at the clock on my nightstand, before grinning back at me. “I'd say... probably around two hours or so,” he replied brightly, before placing a kiss upon my hair. I placed my hand to caress his neck and hold him as he lingered there, my heart doing back flips as I realized that he didn’t have to leave any time soon. “Amazingly, that seems like a lifetime,” I spoke with a wide grin, entwining our legs together. “What would you like to do?” “Hmm…” Gerard replied, stopping to think for a moment. “Whatever you'd like, baby,” he replied, kissing my forehead. “Honestly?” I asked, grinning shyly at him. “Of course,” he grinned back, softly caressing the skin on my neck.

I snuggled deeper into my embrace with Gerard, hovering my lips dangerously close to his, smiling brightly at him. “I just want to hold you close to me for the entire next two hours.” Gerard grinned. “Your wish is my command,” he replied against my lips, closing the space between us as he tenderly pushed his lips to mine. I melted into our kiss, and felt tingles as his fingers began to trail through my hair again. “Goodnight, Frankie,” Gerard murmured in soft voice as I felt my eyes drift peacefully shut. “'Night, sugar,” I replied, kissing him once again, melting further into his embrace, as I once again drifted off to sleep… ---I awoke with a start some time later, nearly melting as I saw Gerard’s sleeping form. I smoothed the few strands of hair that had fallen in front of his face back for him, watching in delight as his lips took on the form of a very sweet smile. His arms dangled loosely across my stomach, and as blissful as he appeared in his current state of dreaming soundlessly in my arms, I couldn’t help but brush my fingers across his cheek. Just as I was about to drift back to my own blissful slumber, my eyes darted over to the clock on my nightstand and informed me that it was nearly 4:30. Gerard would have to leave soon, his time limit with me was almost up. With this in mind, there was no way that I could go back to sleep. As much as I wanted to keep Gerard here with me, I couldn’t be selfish with

him. I didn’t want to be anything but honest with him, and make sure that Gerard was spending time with me for the right reasons; because he wanted to, not because I had tricked him into it. I had no choice but to wake him. “Gee…” I whispered softly, stroking my fingers across his cheek bones once again, causing him to stir. “Wake up, beautiful.” Gerard peeked one eye open to acknowledge the fact that he had awoken, and smiled. He then leaned up to press a gentle kiss to my lips, cradling the side of my face within one of his hands. I melted into his touch, staring dreamily up at him. It took all of two seconds before I missed the feeling of his lips upon mine, and instantly crashed them together again, out of pure necessity. “Morning, babe,” he murmured against my lips, before placing playful kisses on each of my cheeks. I grinned as he continued to place tiny kisses all over my face, realizing that this was the only way that I ever want to wake up; with Gerard in my arms, kissing me like he is now. My heart then sank, as the realization that Gerard would be forced to leave me again in only a matter of minutes. In the midst of his current assault of kisses upon my face, he stopped, and gave me a concerned look. “What’s wrong, babe?” He asked, running his fingers down the side of my face. I didn’t say anything. For a minute, and only a minute, I debated the pros and cons of asking Gerard to stay.

On the one hand, Gerard could possibly get in trouble if he were to go home and his boyfriend had beat him there and wondered where he had snuck off to in the middle of the night. But on the other hand… I could have more time with Gerard, and this option was far more tempting than the other. “What would happen if I were to keep you a little over two hours?” I asked, grinning shyly at him, as he once again leaned down to press a very tender kiss to my lips. “Well, if worse comes to worse, I could simply make up a story about going out for coffee…” he replied, gifting me with a smile. “I’d say that I was hanging out with a friend.” “Mmm, and by now I think it’s safe to say that you and I are extremely good friends,” I grinned at him, stealing yet another kiss from him, before adding, “And as delicious as coffee sounds right now…” I began to run my hands under Gerard's shirt, feeling his warm skin underneath, smirking as I felt his body tremble at my touch. “…I'd much rather just have you.” I felt Gerard shiver again as he moaned out softly, wrapping his arms more tightly around my waist as he leaned in to kiss me. “I really like that idea,” he murmured, pressing tiny kisses all along my jaw, causing me to shiver as well. His lips trailed further down my chest, sucking up random patches of skin wherever he so chose. I sat

back and let him have his way with me, considering it looked like he was enjoying this as much as I was. My fingers threaded in his hair, tugging softly at his gorgeous locks as he continued to trail his kisses lower, and lower… “Oh God,” I murmured as Gerard kissed and nipped at the front of my jeans, tossing my head back in to the pillows as my dick instantly sprang to life. Smirking at me, he undid my zipper with his teeth, and proceeded to repeat his actions from before; although now he did it through my boxers. I have never felt anything so good in my life. My moans for Gerard were loud enough to prove it; and I was still in my underwear. Seconds later, he freed my painfully hard erection from within the confines of its cotton prison, and began stroking it gently, all while glancing up at me with that devilishly sexy smirk. “I have been thinking about this moment all day, baby,” he spoke, seduction dripping from every word. I merely nodded, trying my hardest not to lose control. “Oh yeah?” I managed to say, but damn near lost my composure once again as he ran his tongue skillfully up the side of my cock, causing me to fall back in to the pillows as he began to suck me. “Oh yeah,” he continued, grabbing my attention. I propped myself up on my elbows so I could stare at him; not wanting for one second to miss out on watching him. “I couldn’t wait to have your amazing dick inside my mouth again…” And with those famous words, his face disappeared,

and all I could see was the mass of his black locks as he bobbed his head up and down, sucking and slurping up my dick as if it were his personal lollipop. It was immaculate. “God dammit,” I cursed, threading my fingers within his hair again, trying my hardest not to lose control. I wanted to last for him, but as amazing as Gerard was at giving me head, I really didn’t think this was a possibility. “Fuck,” I heard him moan, still continuing to lick up and down the sides of my cock, now swirling his tongue around my tip; infinitely driving me crazy. Once again, I was unable to resist looking at him, and looked down at him just in time for him to smirk at me, as he began to lick his lips in a very erotic manner. He crawled up my body, to where he was hovering right in front of my lips, and asked, “Have I ever told you how fucking delicious you taste?” That did it. I crashed my lips roughly to his, desperate to taste him. As my tongue danced along with his, I wrapped my arm tightly around him, and laid him down on the bed next to me. Still kissing him, I ran my fingers up his sides, picking his shirt up along my way. He leaned up to allow me to pull it off, instantly making me lick my lips in anticipation of being able to taste his delicious skin again. I leaned in to suck on his collarbone, making sure to stay clear of his make-up covered neck. The last thing I wanted was for Gerard to get caught, and for this to be the last time I’d get to see him like this. I sucked

lightly on random patches of Gerard’s sweet-tasting skin, not hard enough to leave a mark, but still gentle enough to hopefully make him feel good. “Oh, Frankie,” Gerard murmured, burying his head within my shoulder. “That feels so fucking good.” I smirked against his skin; I was driving him crazy, after all. My kisses lingered from each of Gerard’s nipples, then journeyed up and down each of his sides. Every sloppy kiss that I placed on his delicious skin caused a different sound, ranging from giggles to whimpers to moans. It didn’t matter which one I heard; each sound that spilled from his lips, even the occasional curse word was like a beautiful melody to me. My lips had finally traveled just below his belly button, where I had the distinct pleasure of licking up every inch of skin from there ’til just above the waistline of his pants. “Frankie,” he moaned out, his body writhing in pleasure from underneath me. It was by far my favorite sight in the world. “Yes?” I asked innocently, resting my chin on his stomach. Breathing heavily, he beckoned me forward so he could kiss me, long and hard on my lips. “Please,” he whispered, staring deeply in my eyes. “Please Frankie, fuck me. Now.” I grinned as I pressed our lips together again, obviously overjoyed with the way Gerard wanted me to take him right here and now. But I wouldn’t be able to fulfill his request, not just yet. I was just getting to

one of the things that I look forward to most… I kissed down the same path my lips had just traveled, while my fingers drifted up his thighs, inching dangerously close to the bulging hard-on hidden within his pants. As I did this, Gerard’s hands were roaming all over my body, over my chest and down my shoulders, through my hair and through his own. His body was still squirming like crazy, and it excited me to no end to watch him react like that to everything that I was doing to him. I unbuckled his belt and had his pants undone in no time, and quickly slid them down his legs. My heart melted as I noticed that the mark I had left on his hip was still there, just as beautiful as before. He had made no effort to cover it, which delighted me more than anything. This meant that Gerard had no intention of letting his boyfriend see it, even on the night of his return home. Tonight is such a big deal for me, considering he is here like this with me instead of with his boyfriend. I am the one that Gerard is allowing to do all of these deliciously scandalous things to him not the boyfriend. Meaning tonight, Gerard chose me. “Frankie?” Gerard spoke softly, piercing the silent air around us. “Is everything okay?” “Of course it is,” I replied reassuringly, tracing my lips lightly over his hickie-kissed hip. “Forgive me, I got a bit caught up in how fucking gorgeous you are…” With that breathtaking smile of his, he gently ran the backs of his fingers across my cheekbones, sighing softly. “You’re the gorgeous one, Frank.”

Unable to resist the urge to kiss him, I crawled up his body once more so I could press a gentle kiss to his lips. “Why do you think I call you Gee, sugar?” I asked in a soft voice, gently caressing the soft skin on his neck. “It’s not for Gerard; it’s for gorgeous.” “Aww, Frank!” Gerard cried out, instantly connecting our lips again. “Baby, that is honestly the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. I love it…” “I’m so glad you do,” I replied, grinning shyly at him. “I was too afraid to call you that at first, I didn’t want to scare you away, so… that’s where the ‘Gee’ came from.” “Either one you want to call me is fine, babe. Really, you can call me whatever you like,” he grinned back at me, before his expression turned sort of sour, as if he had recalled a bad memory. “Except for hun. That is the one name you are absolutely forbidden to call me, okay?” “Hun?!” I questioned, unable to stop myself from laughing. “Okay sugar; I promise that I will never ever call you that.” “Ever?” “Ever,” I assured him, placing a tender kiss upon his lips. “Now that we have that cleared up…” I trailed off, leaning my forehead against his. I palmed Gerard through his boxers, smirking as I felt him grow beneath my touch. “Oh Frankie,” he murmured, burying his head within my neck.

“…Can I continue to drive you crazy?” “Fuck yes you can,” he replied, sucking delicately on my neck. Moaning out softly, I pressed a gentle kiss to his lips again, before resuming their previous journey down Gerard’s body, resting along the hemline of his boxers. As I pulled them down, I smirked in delight as I took in Gerard’s perfect erection, my mouth literally watering as I began to touch him, slowly at first. “Oh fuck,” he cursed, tossing his head back in to the pillows. I stroked him a few times, before finally taking him in my mouth. With one hand on his hip, I steadied his cock in my other as I took a little more of him in my mouth, but not too much. I still wanted to tease him a little, considering how much I loved sucking Gerard off. Gerard has inadvertently changed my outlook on sex, by making me enjoy every aspect there is to having sex. He taught me the importance of foreplay, and how pleasurable it can be for the both of us. I have never really been a fan of giving head before, until I met Gerard. I enjoy every minute of having his cock in my mouth, almost as much as I love when the roles are reversed and he is going down on me. With him, it’s not just the orgasm that I look forward to; it’s every second that our bodies are entwined together, causing the utmost pleasure only he can offer me. “Fuck baby, that feels so good,” he murmured, tugging softly at my hair. I smirked as I removed my lips from around his cock, beginning to trail my tongue lightly up the sides of his erection again as his fingers began caressing the side of my face. I instantly began

to suck on them, as well as his erection, at the same time. “God dammit Frank,” he cursed, his stomach rising and falling quite rapidly as I continued to suck on both his cock and his fingers. “Fuck me. Please…” I smirked against his delicious erection, deep-throating him one final time before pulling away. “Of course, baby,” I murmured, crawling up his body so that I could kiss his lips. “I’m sorry but, you know me… when it comes to sucking you off, I just can’t help myself.” “Oh, I’m not complaining,” Gerard breathed out, giving me a smile. “That was so fucking sexy how you sucked on my fingers like that…” I grinned, reaching over in to the night stand so I could grab the bottle of lube, before re-positioning my body so I was laying in between his wide-open legs, sensually trailing my fingers down his body. “Well, if you liked that…” I uncapped the bottle and squirted some on to the tips of my fingers. Gerard watched on intently, his eyes glittering with excitement as I began placing kisses from his stomach down to his cock. While I love teasing Gerard and drawing out our sexual experiences as much as possible, I cared very much for how he felt. I wanted him to feel amazing the entire time, and although being on the receiving end of our encounters is new to me, the feeling of having him prep me is still somewhat uncomfortable to me. So I had good reasoning for placing those sensual kisses upon his skin; not only did I crave the feeling of his skin dancing beneath my lips, I wanted to distract

him from any displeasure he may be feeling. I stuck another finger in him and began to scissor him, slowly at first. “Mmm, Frankie…” As I glanced up to look at Gerard, my heart literally stopped beating. His eyes were shut as moans spilled like a waterfall from his delicious lips; his hands were tangled within his own hair, and his chest continued to rise and fall quite rapidly with the rate in which he was breathing. “That feels so fucking good…” I smiled against his skin, enjoying every minute of making him feel incredible. “Tell me when you’re ready, sugar.” “Not just yet…” he smiled, peeking his eyes open so he could look at me. “As eager as I am to feel more of you inside of me, this feels too damn good.” His words made me melt, as he trailed his fingers down the side of my face, which was now resting against his stomach. “Whatever you want me to do, Gerard, just tell me. You know how much I enjoy making you feel good… all you have to do is say the word.” He looked thoughtful for a moment, before leaning up so he could press a gentle kiss to my lips. “I just don’t want this to be over yet,” he murmured upon pulling away, resting his head against my cheek. I redirected his gaze to mine, but his eyes were tightly

clenched shut, similar to how mine were when he first came over. “Open your eyes, beautiful,” I spoke softly, feeling his lower lip tremble. I placed an extremely tender kiss upon his lips then, ultimately making my eyes drift shut as well. We continued to kiss like this again for a few moments, simply enjoying this peaceful moment between us where it was just me and him, and nothing else in the entire world mattered. “Gerard,” I spoke breathlessly upon pulling away, desperately trying to regulate my breathing. He opened his eyes then and stared helplessly back at me, which only made me smile. “Sugar, you don’t ever have to worry about this being over.” I caressed the side of his neck gently, which caused him to crack a tiny smile. “As long as you want me, I am yours,” I assured him, placing another soft kiss to his lips. “I am not going anywhere, you got me?” His smile was dazzling as he placed it upon my own, gently cupping either side of my face within his hands. “I’m not going anywhere either, baby.” “Good,” I replied, drifting my lips down to his shoulder, instantly beginning to suck very lightly on his skin. “Now… where were we?”

Chapter 17 [[Gerard's POV]] I smiled at Frank and sighed blissfully as his fingers resumed moving in and out of me; soon making scissoring movements which made me moan softly

every few moments. “Mmm... have I told you how much I love having you touch me like that?” I asked with a smile, knowing that I already had as I reached for the somewhat forgotten bottle of lube; squirting a decent amount into the palm of one of my hands. “You have…” Frank grinned seductively, pulling his fingers out of me and beginning to suck gently on the side of my neck; both of those actions making me whimper. “But even if you hadn't; the sexy look on that fucking gorgeous face of yours sure does a fine job of telling me.” Frank licked up from his place of sucking on the side of my neck up to my ear, beginning to nibble gently on the lobe; infinitely driving me crazy. I moaned out his name in a sultry voice, reaching the hand that held the lube in it downwards and wrapping it around his hard cock; beginning to spread it over him. “Am I really that readable?” I questioned in a playful voice; tightening my grip slightly and beginning to pump him, spreading the lube over him and making sure that he was completely coated. Frank moaned in a low voice and his face seemed overcome by pleasure as I continued to touch him. “Yes, baby, you are…” he rolled his eyes playfully, whimpering as I took my hand away from his cock. “But I'm sure that I'm just as readable... you have the ability to make me do whatever it is you wish for me to,” he murmured into my ear in a seductive voice, caressing my lower back and the back of my neck as he gently laid me down on my back; connecting our lips and settling himself in between my spread legs.

I moaned softly against his lips; moving mine against his and enjoying the feeling of them tingling as I wrapped my arms loosely around his neck. “You could get me to do whatever you want as well, baby,” I smiled, shifting myself slightly and spreading my legs even wider so that it would make it even easier for him to enter me. “Whatever you want…” I repeated, trailing off; grinning at him as I attached our lips again. As Frank continued to gently hold onto me, he continued to kiss me for a few more moments, our tongues lightly tangling together before he pulled away and grinned at me. He soon rested his forehead against my temple as he slowly began to push himself inside of me, the both of us sighing in complete bliss as his penis fully entered me; although he did stop for a moment so he could allow me to get comfortable with having him inside of me. “Jesus, Gerard... I will never get over how fucking good you feel,” he murmured, sighing out shakily and shutting his eyes in pleasure; continuing to hold still as I adjusted. I smiled and pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek; situating myself once more and moaning softly. I was so happy that I had come over, and even more grateful to Mikey for ‘saving me’ earlier like he had. Because whether I liked it or not, I knew that I could never feel like I was feeling now during sex with Brandon. Frank and I... we seemed to fit together perfectly for some reason, and we were totally in sync with how the other was feeling.

“Mmm Frankie... fuck, it feels good having you in me again,” I murmured, pressing another gentle kiss to his cheek and trailing my fingers gently through his hair; giving him a smile. “You can move whenever you want, babe.” Frank gave a nod, leaning downwards and pressing a deep, seemingly loving, kiss to my lips; resting his body on top of mine as he began to set up a slow rhythm with his hips. “I love when we do this…” he sighed, pressing his lips softly to mine. “I love having you in my arms like this, just simply having you here with me…” he trailed off, pressing his lips to mine again. I kissed him back just as softly as he was kissing me, reaching my hands up and gently weaving my fingers in his hair; the soft moan that escaped my lips upon feeling him moving in and out of me drowning in his mouth. “I love it, too,” I murmured against his lips; moaning softly once more as the movements of his hips increased in pace. Frank gave me a grin and increased the pace of his hips even further at my encouraging moan; groaning out as he thrust into me particularly deep. The feeling of his cock moving in and out of me was causing me more and more pleasure as the seconds ticked by; a different kind of warmth than what I was currently feeling filling my being as he leaned down and pressed yet another sweet kiss to my lips; gently massaging the skin of my waist with his fingers. I sighed softly against his lips; putting in as much fervor into kissing him as he was kissing me for a few moments before pulling away and beginning to press

somewhat sloppy kisses all along the skin on his neck, paying particular attention to his scorpion tattoo. “This feels so good, Frankie,” I moaned, arching my back as he thrust into me once more. “It really does,” he agreed, moaning out as I arched my back upon him thrusting once again; allowing him to push himself into me even deeper than what he had been. “You are so fucking amazing, Gerard,” he sighed, thrusting into me particularly hard before pausing for a moment and repeating his actions, his angling having shifted. I gasped as he did that, making a sound somewhere between a whimper and a moan, seeing stars as he brushed right up against my prostate which caused me an extreme amount of pleasure. “Ahh... fuck...” I groaned, pressing a deep kiss to his lips and beginning to suck on his lip ring. “Right fucking there, baby,” I panted. Frank grinned in delight before doing as I told him, obviously seeing that I was enjoying this as much as he was and repeated his actions not once, but three times. Each time he earned the same reaction as what had happened the first time; each sound that I made somehow managing to sound more pleasured than the last. I soon began to rest my head in the crook of his neck and sighed blissfully; starting to suck gently on his neck a few moments later as he continued to pleasure me; moaning out softly against his skin every few moments. “Mmm... fuck, you're so good at this,” I sighed, sliding my lips across his neck to begin sucking rather roughly on his scorpion tattoo.

Frank gave me a shy grin as I pulled my lips away from his neck. “Because I'm with you...” he murmured, adoringly tracing the shape of my face with his fingers, continuing to smile at me. I grinned at him and reached out, tucking some of his hair behind one of his ears and pressing a soft kiss to his lips. “You flatter me, baby,” I smiled, leaning up and kissing his lips again as he continued to move; moaning quietly into his mouth. I soon slid my tongue across his lower lip; flicking it against his lip ring. Frank whimpered against my lips; beginning to kiss back quite roughly as he slid his tongue into my mouth; our tongues soon engaging in a battle of dominance as we tasted each other completely. “You mesmerize me,” Frank stated upon pulling away, giving me another one of his absolutely gorgeous smiles. I smiled at him and leaned up to kiss him again, gently cradling the side of his neck as he continued with his thrusting; gazing at him adoringly. “You mesmerize me as well, baby,” I smiled again; arching my back with his next thrust. “Ahh...” he groaned in pleasure, going into me as deep as he possibly could once more; the both of us moaning out at the sensation. “Mmm... baby, that felt so good...” I smiled and reached out once again, cradling the side of his face as I pulled him down into a deep kiss. “I'm glad you like it...” I murmured, smiling again before moaning as he pounded directly into my prostate once

I began to move my hips in rhythm with his; meeting his thrusts halfway and causing the both of us to moan out every few moments in extreme pleasure. “I like it if you like it,” he grinned, knowing that I obviously did like it and kissed me; cradling me close once again and pushing himself into me as deep as he possibly could, which felt just as amazing as every other time he had done it. I still couldn't get over the shock waves that I felt each and every time our bodies met together so perfectly. “Mmm... Fuck,” I moaned again, attaching my lips deeply with his for the millionth time as a sudden stroke of genius hit me. Even as I pulled away, I knew that an undoubtedly mischievous expression had dominated my facial expression. Frank obviously noticed the look on my face as he stared at me with a curious expression, his eyes glittering as he obviously wondered what I was up to. “Baby, what are y-” I interrupted him by kissing him as I sat us up; shifting us so that I was straddling his waist, lowering myself down onto him so that his dick was inside of me once more, glancing down at him with a smirk playing across my face. “You just lay there and look incredibly sexy like you are right now,” I ordered with a smile, leaning down and pressing a kiss to his lips. Frank glanced up at me with excitement and awe spreading across his face. “Whatever you say, baby,” he murmured, as he gently gripped my hair and tugged me down into yet another amazing, breathtaking kiss.

I moaned into his mouth, savoring the feeling of our lips touching and letting my eyes slip shut for a few moments. “You know,” I started as I pulled away, my voice taking on a thoughtful tone. “I've never really wanted to ride someone as much as I want to ride you right now,” I spoke, hoping that the thought of that would turn Frank on even further. I braced my hands on his chest as I began to slowly rotate my hips; adjusting to the change in position. Frank let out an excited growl, which was one of the sexiest sounds that I have ever heard in my whole fucking life and stared up at me with a delighted grin. “I have seriously never been more turned on than I am right now, for you,” he admitted, gripping me firmly by my hips to help me steady myself. “Show me what you got, baby.” I felt one of the corners of my mouth tug up into a playful smirk as I leaned down to kiss him, very deeply. “Of course,” I smiled as I pulled away, beginning to set up a rhythm of rolling my hips that increased every few moments, a few soft moans spilling past my lips. Frank's face held a slight smirk as he moaned out every few moments as well, seeming to enjoy how fast my pace was getting. He continued to help me steady myself by keeping his grip on my hips; and even though his grip was quite firm, probably enough to even cause some bruises, I didn't mind. I was feeling too damn good to give a fuck about what kind of marks would be left on my body later on. “God dammit, Gerard, you are incredible,” Frank

moaned out, tossing his head back into the pillows. A grin spread across my face as he said those words, encouraging me to continue riding him and maybe even increase the pace a little bit further. “Mmm... so are you, babe.” I began to move up and down instead of just rolling my hips; shifting myself very slightly every few movements and eventually managing to find my own prostate; a loud moan of Frank's name escaping my lips as I did so. Frank smirked again as he glanced downwards and noticed that my hands were still settled on his chest. I soon felt one of his hands leave one of my hips as he gripped one of my hands, leading it up from his chest and in to his mouth; where he proceeded to individually suck on each of my fingers, much like he had earlier when he was sucking me off, eyeing me seductively the entire time. I gasped and moaned out Frank's name, my rhythm of movements momentarily faltering as I simply enjoyed the sensations of his tongue sensually moving along each of my fingers and the feeling of his warm, wet mouth surrounding them. “Fuck... that's hot,” I murmured, resuming the rigorous pace of my movements and beginning to sensually stroke the side of his face much like I had earlier as he continued to suck and lick along my fingers. “Seeing you like this is literally the hottest thing, ever,” Frank half moaned, half sighed, continuing to gaze at me as he licked along the side of my index finger.

I smiled at him and took my fingers away from his mouth as both of his hands resumed their place of firmly gripping me by my hips. “I'm glad you think so, baby,” I spoke, a sudden smirk overcoming my face as I realized just how painful my throbbing hard-on had become. I sensually trailed my fingers down Frank's chest, making him shiver and watch what I was doing intently. I slowly let my fingers wrap around my own cock as I continued to keep up the pace and began pumping myself, moaning out Frank's name softly as I tossed my head back in ecstasy. I heard Frank moan from underneath me and glanced back downwards to see him watching my actions closely; biting on his lip ring as he watched. “Okay, I was wrong; seeing you like that is literally the hottest thing ever,” he spoke, removing one of his hands from my hips and letting it wrap around my hard-on as well, helping me get myself off as he moved his hips in rhythm with mine; his thrusts meeting mine halfway. I moaned at the multiple feelings of pleasure, suddenly feeling close to orgasm as I relished in the sensations of his hand pumping me and his hips meeting mine; letting him take over touching me so I could rest both of my hands on his chest once more. “Fuck…” I moaned, struggling to keep my eyes open in the midst of the bliss that was threatening to overwhelm me. “I'm getting close, babe; this feels too fucking good.” Frank trailed the fingers of the hand that wasn't jerking me off across my face; smiling as I kissed his

fingers and continued to ride him, my hands perched on his chest doing a satisfactory job of settling me. “Me too, Gee,” he murmured. “I can't wait to taste you... cum for me, please?” he requested with a charming smile. My eyes slip shut for a moment as I nodded, feeling the pleasure increase and a burning in the pit of my stomach. “For you,” I smiled as I opened my eyes once more, moving a few more times as Frank pumped me, before groaning out his name and spilling into his hand and all over my chest; my eyes slipping shut again for a few moments. Frank moaned from underneath me and I opened my eyes just in time to see him toss his head back into the pillows and arch his back as he came inside of me. He continued to pump me as I rode out my orgasm, riding out his as well by continuing to thrust up into me; although much more gently than what he had been. “Gee…” he panted, breathless as we both stopped moving and tried to catch our breaths. “Wow...” I sighed, saying the only word I could think of as I leaned down and pressed a deep kiss to Frank's lips, feeling completely high off of that blissful orgasm as I cradled one side of his face. “I second that...” Frank giggled lightly, pulling me into another deep, passionate kiss before he pulled away and brought his fingers up to his mouth; seductively licking my cum off of them before sitting up and sensually licking it all of off my chest; making me gasp. “Fuck, Gee... you... wow...” he murmured after pulling away from my chest, a blissful look upon his face.

“I have no words for how perfect that was...” he smiled, kissing me back eagerly as I leaned slightly downwards to press my lips to his. “...Or how perfect you are...” he added, gently stroking the side of my face. I reached out and stroked his sweaty hair away from his face, tucking it behind one of his ears before I leaned down and pressed another kiss to his lips. “I'm nowhere near as perfect as you, baby,” I murmured with a smile upon pulling away, slowly climbing off of him and settling in beside him. Frank wrapped his arms around me, securing me closer to him as he entwined our legs together; the both of us breathing heavily as we stared blissfully at each other. “Stay with me tonight...” he murmured, stroking the side of my face before glancing over and noticing that the room wasn't drenched in moonlight anymore, but was now filled with the sunlight that is now pouring in from the wide-opened curtains. “Well... it's morning now, but you know what I mean...” I smiled at him and pressed another kiss to his lips, tucking some of the hair that had fallen into his face behind his ear once more. “You mean for a few more hours?” I questioned, glancing over at the clock on his nightstand, and seeing that it was nearly 6:15 am. Frank nodded, not saying anything as he pressed another soft kiss to my lips; one that made the butterflies in my stomach quicken.

I kissed him just as gently in return for a few moments before pulling away; carefully weighing the options of either staying here with Frank or choosing the safe route of going home. With what time it is, if Brandon had returned home, he would probably figure that I had already gone to the office with Mikey; and it wouldn't hurt to stay. And if he wasn't home, I had nothing to worry about. I was hoping that Brandon had simply gotten wasted last night with the guys and crashed at their hotel, he'd just wake up later on and go to the studio with them... and I'd be in the clear and not have to talk to him or see him until later on tonight. “I suppose I could stay until around nine or so,” I smiled at Frank, stroking my fingers through his hair and leaning forward to press a gentle kiss to his cheek. Frank grinned in delight, pulling me in and pressing another sweet kiss to my lips. “Thank you, sweetness,” he murmured, pulling me even closer and nuzzling his face into my cheek; which made me grin. I smiled at the contact and slowly ran my hand up and down the skin of his back, enjoying how soft it felt underneath my fingers. “It's not a problem, baby,” I smiled; pressing a soft kiss to his forehead. “I warned you before that I was selfish, especially with you...” he sighed. “And after what happened just now, I can't let you go. Not just yet,” he sighed once more, tracing the shape of my cheekbones with his fingers, his teeth gently wrapping around his lip ring.

I smiled and leaned into his fingers, smiling and enjoying the feeling of him touching me for a few moments before leaning forward and pressing another tender kiss to his lips. “Well, that's good,” I smiled once more. “Because I don't want to leave.” Frank grinned widely at me. “I promise you won't regret this,” he promised, pressing another gentle kiss to my lips and giving me a squeeze; before gently caressing the skin of my neck. I gave him yet another smile and somehow managed to hold him even closer. “I'm sure I won't,” I smiled, reaching out and caressing one side of his face; gently running my thumb along one of his cheek bones. “I haven't yet.” He grinned again and nuzzled his face into my neck, sighing contentedly as his fingers gently stroked the skin of my side. “I'm so glad you haven't, sugar,” he murmured, pressing a kiss to my neck and continuing to hold on to me. He reached down to the end of the bed a few moments later and pulled the blanket over the both of us, snuggling back into my arms. As soon as we were tucked securely within the blanket; our legs entwined once more and our arms tightly wrapped around each other, Frank leaned up and pushed a blissful kiss to my lips. I sighed into his mouth and stroked my fingers through his hair, the both of us letting our eyes drift shut as we moved our lips gently against each other's. “I hope that you never do.”

Chapter 18

[[Frank's POV]] “No…” I groaned out in protest as the alarm began to sound, plucking me awake from my peaceful slumber within the arms of Gerard. I reached up and over him to the nightstand where the nuisance of an alarm was still going off, slamming my fist down on it before returning to Gerard; making sure to hold him extra close to me. Gerard groaned out as well, nuzzling himself deeper within my arms. I grinned at the adorable way he was clutching my body back just as tightly, as if not wanting for our time together to be over just yet, either. I kissed the top of his head softly as he buried his face in my neck; placing a soft kiss to his favorite tattoo. This made my grin grow wider. “Fuck,” Gerard sighed; the grip he had around my body somewhat tightening. He glanced up at me with a saddened expression, biting his lip. He then glanced over at the alarm clock to see what time it was, before resting his head once again in the crook of my neck. “I have to go soon, baby,” he murmured; placing another tender kiss to my skin. This made my grin falter completely. “I know, sugar,” I sighed, pressing a soft kiss to Gerard's temple. “Just stay with me for a few more minutes...”

Gerard glanced up at me then, a very sweet smile adorning his flawless features. “Of course, Frankie. A few more minutes.” His face then disappeared back within the safety of my neck; his lips pressing a soft kiss to my sensitive skin. I moaned out softly as he began to move his lips ever-so-lightly over my skin, as well as beginning to trace invisible patterns with his fingers up and down my sides. “That feels really good, Gee,” I sighed; my eyes still heavy with sleep. I opened my eyes to fully to rest on him then, my heart doing back flips as I took in just how beautiful he looked in that moment; his strong arms draped lazily around my stomach, his gorgeous black hair falling slightly in his flawlessly beautiful face, his pale skin bathed in nothing but sunlight... “Good morning, gorgeous,” I spoke softly, lightly stroking his hair. Greeting him that way was my favorite; it had become somewhat of a habit these past few mornings, one that I looked very forward to. Gerard gave me a sweet grin in return, before leaning up to press an incredibly gentle kiss to my lips. His fingers softly landed around the crook of my neck as he continued to kiss me, breaking apart only to give me that dazzling smile of his. “’Morning, beautiful,” he replied in his sexy, sleepridden voice; nuzzling his face once again within my hair. He continued with his current invisible masterpiece of tracing patterns on my side, making my body tingle.

I whimpered slightly at the feeling of Gerard rubbing my waist, trying my absolute hardest not to get aroused. He did make it very hard for me -- literally-considering we were both still naked, and his body was tangled within mine as he lay on top of me. “Gee,” I sighed blissfully, shifting our bodies so that we were both lying on our sides, facing each other. He was staring deeply within my eyes as I stared back at him, smiling crookedly at one another. I, for one, was completely speechless by how unbelievably beautiful he truly is. I could do this with him for hours. I reached my hand out to gently caress the soft skin on the side of Gerard's neck, before leaning forward to once again connect our lips together. I felt him smile against our kiss as he began to very softly kiss me back. His arms became wrapped around my waist to secure me closer to his body, as his legs became entwined with mine, making our bodies mold together; as if Gerard’s body was made to fit mine. It was a moment of absolute bliss, ruined only by the obnoxious ringing of the alarm clock going off once again. “Fuck…” he sighed, allowing me to lean up once again so I could shut the alarm off; for good this time. “I have to go, babe.” I nuzzled my forehead against Gerard's, sighing deeply as I caressed both sides of his face. “I know, Gee.” I pressed a somewhat painful kiss to Gerard's lips; almost as if to say goodbye. He pulled away after a moment, glancing at the clock with a thoughtful expression on his face.

“You know, Frankie,” he began saying, a devious smile now making its way across his features. I glanced up at him, giving him my undivided attention. I smiled as well as he pressed another very tender kiss to my temple; my eyes fluttering shut momentarily as his lips lingered softly against my skin. “I could probably shave off a few minutes of having to leave by simply showering here...” Gerard suggested, his words trailing off as he pressed a very sensual kiss to the scorpion that lived on the skin of my neck. “O-oh yeah?” I asked, moaning out at the feeling. With one elegant movement, our exposed crotches rubbed up against one another’s, creating the most beautiful friction that I have ever felt in my life. “Fuck,” I gasped, trying to swallow the butterflies that had quickly gathered within my stomach. “'Baby...” I sighed softly, staring straight into his eyes. “Are you sure?” Gerard smiled at me again, before pressing a very sensual kiss to my lips; flicking his tongue across my lip ring. I growled out in absolute pleasure; he knows exactly what to do in order to drive me completely insane. “Yeah, Frankie...” Gerard spoke, seduction dripping from his words as he moved his lips down to begin sucking on my neck. “If I were to simply shower here, with you, of course,” he spoke as his lips fluttered against my skin; sucking a bit harder with every flicker of his tongue. “You and I could probably have at least another forty five minutes together...”

I moaned out again as Gerard’s teeth nipped gently at my skin; the feeling of his naked flesh tangled within mine, of his skillful fingers and his delicious lips mapping out different points of pleasure on whatever part of my body he so chose, as well as the seductive tone dripping from his words was enough to make me more turned on for him than ever. “Fuck,” I breathed out shakily, attacking Gerard’s lips hungrily with my own. “Come on, babe,” I panted breathlessly, grinding my body against Gerard's once again to make sure he knew that I wanted this; wanted him, more than ever. He moaned out at the action, causing me to grin in delight as I pressed a soft, sensual kiss to Gerard's bare shoulder. Oozing with excitement, I hurriedly jumped out of bed and sauntered toward the bathroom, throwing a seductive smirk back at Gerard, who was eyeing me with great interest as I disappeared into the bathroom. I turned on the water, making sure the temperature was perfect. As I turned around, I came face-to-face with Gerard, who was smirking that delicious smirk of his at me; his lips instantly colliding with mine. “Eager, Frankie?” He questioned, pulling me close to him as he began to kiss me again, very deeply. “For you?” I murmured against his lips, my eyes glittering with anticipation as I stared deeply into Gerard’s eyes. “Fuck yes, I am,” I admitted, ducking in to test the water temperature, grinning once I determined it was just the right temperature.

Gerard linked his fingers with mine as we both climbed into the stand-in shower. I instantly pulled him in to my arms as our lips once again found their way to one another's. I felt Gerard smile against my lips as he ran his fingers through my hair, which was rapidly becoming soaked as we continued to kiss under the very warm shower water. “I'm so glad that you like having me so much, babe,” Gerard said, grinning deviously at me, before lightly pushing me up against the shower wall; instantly devouring the sensitive skin on my neck. He moved his lips right above my ear, and whispered, “Because I love having you…” As Gerard resumed his current assault on my neck; I groaned out at the feeling of not only Gerard’s delicious lips upon my skin, but of Gerard being completely in control of the situation and dominating me. I swear, nothing is sexier than Gerard, when he is in complete control of the situation; of me. “I love having you too, Gerard...” I replied breathlessly, sighing out in content as I gripped Gerard firmly by his hips; grinding my crotch up against his on purpose. The reaction I got sent shockwaves through my entire being. The moan that Gerard made for me caused my entire body to tingle, as I seemingly fell even further in to his embrace. Gerard cradled me even closer to him, his fingers softly resting either on the crook of my neck or around my waist.

“Fuck, that felt good, babe,” Gerard sighed out blissfully; hungrily attaching his lips to mine again. I kissed him back with just as much passion, moaning against Gerard's lips at the absolute bliss that his kisses caused me to feel. “You make me feel good, Gee...” I replied, moaning out in absolute pleasure as Gerard began to suck on my neck; the water that was battering down on top of our naked bodies somehow making the sensations feel twice as pleasurable than usual. “Fuck baby, you make me feel so good.” I felt my thoughts drifting as Gerard continued to kiss me. The main thing I am trying to figure out is what it is about this particular experience with him that feels so damn good. I have had Gerard so many times in the short amount of time that we have known each other; the most recent experience being just a few hours ago. But now, as our bodies entwine together under the running shower water, I am craving him more than I ever have before. Every skillful brush of Gerard’s fingers causes double the tingles, every sensual flutter of his lips upon whatever part of my body that he sees fit is enough to leave me absolutely mesmerized. As Gerard rubbed himself up against me like I had done to him just moments previously, a loud moan escaped past my desperate lips. They quickly found their way to his, hungrily attacking Gerard’s lips as if my life depended on it. Right now, as far as I am concerned, my life does depend on it. I am desperate for Gerard; for his kisses, his touches, his cock… I am completely grateful for these few extra minutes that I have been granted to spend with him. Perhaps

that is what is causing this particular time with Gerard to be so God damned pleasurable; the fact that this may not happen again for a long time. Gerard and I are taking every single second that we have left together, and spending it the only way we should; completely worshipping every part of the other’s bodies, and dedicating this time together to making each other feel as absolutely pleasured as possible. I felt Gerard smile as he pressed a soft kiss to my lips, sighing blissfully among them. “God Frankie; you make me feel so good, too,” he continued smiling; grinding up against my achingly hard cock once again, causing loud moans to resonate around the steamy room. “Fuck; I need you, Gerard,” I murmured breathily, wrapping my arms around Gerard's lower back and sucking lightly on the skin on his neck; sighing in complete ecstasy as Gerard’s hard, slippery wet cock continued to rub up against mine. “Please baby, I need you...” Gerard smiled at my obvious desperation for him, and pressed another slow, yet heated kiss to my lips. “Anything you want, Frankie,” he grinned; dipping his head down to once again suck on my neck, causing my grip on his hips to become even tighter; bringing our bodies even closer together. “I want you...” I purred, sucking more passionately on the delicious skin on Gerard's neck. “To fuck me…” I continued; my lips now moving their way to Gerard’s shoulder. “So fucking good…”

They now traveled down to kiss Gerard's jaw, before I removed my lips completely from his body, instead grasping his chin gently within my fingers and redirecting his gaze to mine. “...The way only you can.” We locked eyes for a few moments longer, before he connected our lips together quite fervently; kissing me as if his life depended on it. My smile was wider than ever as I kissed Gerard just as deeply, with all of the passion I could possibly muster. “As you wish,” Gerard smiled, leaning in to plant a sensual kiss upon his favorite tattoo on my neck, before proceeding to suck at random patches of skin. He reached his strong arms around my waist, trailing his fingers down to cup my ass. I groaned out at the pleasurable feeling; whimpering as his fingers traced dangerously close to my entrance. The feeling was enough to make me collapse against his body as he began to finger me, the feeling far more pleasurable than any other time that I remembered him doing this to me. “Gee,” I panted, burying my face within his neck. As he continued to finger me, I reached out and began to stroke Gerard's extremely hard cock, absolutely loving the way that his erection felt under my touch. As if I didn’t already completely enjoy touching Gerard, the water added a very sexy element to the already very alluring idea of jerking him off. I always enjoyed touching him, stroking him, teasing him; but never before has his cock beneath my touch felt so fucking good.

Gerard moaned out along with me, our cries of passion growing in volume with each stroke or each scissoring movement of our fingers. “Fuck baby, you feel so good…” Gerard moaned out in response to my comment; pressing a tender kiss to my temple as he continued to make scissoring movements with his fingers. “You ready, baby?” Gerard questioned; pressing a lingering kiss to my lips. “Yes, Gee. I am so ready for you…” I replied, sighing out in content. I was already drunk off of how wonderful Gerard is making me feel, I can only imagine how much more amazing it will get from here on out. “I can't wait to feel you inside me,” I added, my voice taking on an erotic tone as I trailed my lips down to begin sucking on a weak spot on his neck. “Frankie…” Gerard whimpered softly as I further increased the speed of my hand. I jerked him off for a few more moments, before removing my hand and latching my arms tightly around Gerard's neck, preparing myself for what was coming next. He placed a very tender kiss to my lips before hoisting me up so that my legs were now wrapped around his waist. I cried out at the force of which he slammed me up against the wall; the feeling of him completely dominating me causing me to crave him much more than ever before. Holding my body closely, Gerard entered me slowly, silencing my loud moan with his

lips. “Fuck,” Gerard murmured, sighing blissfully as he waited for me to get used to the feeling of having him inside of me; holding my body closer than ever to his as he pressed us hard against the shower wall. “God dammit,” I replied, already panting heavily as I stared lustfully in Gerard's eyes. I instantly crushed my lips to his, before giving him the okay to continue. “Fuck baby, I needed this..” I wrapped my arms even tighter around Gerard's shoulders, as well as re-adjusting my legs around his waist. I was trying my hardest to make this as easy as I possibly could for him, considering he would be doing most of the work here. “Mmm, baby... I needed this too,” Gerard sighed out blissfully; pressing a soft kiss to my lips before he began to thrust inside of me; setting up a slow, steady rhythm at first. The shower was now incredibly steamy, making our experience more erotic, more sensual than anything I have ever felt before. Gerard’s thrusts were becoming more powerful, slamming his body into mine, hard against the shower wall. The way his lips crushed against mine was never anything short of deep and passionate. “Gee,” I cried out, earning a concerned look from him. “I’m not hurting you, am I baby?” He asked, staring apprehensively in my eyes. I smiled; in the midst of his pleasure, he was always so considerate of how I was

feeling. I smirked in response, attaching my lips to the deliciously wet skin on his neck, licking a trail from his neck to just below his ear. “No sugar,” I replied, sucking his skin for a few moments longer. “I love the way you fuck me. It feels so fucking good, Gee..” My words made him speechless; leaving his next few actions to do the talking. He further increased the pace of his hips, leaving me panting and moaning out for him like a cheap whore. I re-adjusted the grip I had around his shoulders, and buried my face in his soaking wet hair in a feeble attempt to silence my cries of passion for him. “You are so fucking beautiful, Gerard,” I murmured, trailing my fingers through his soaking wet hair. I couldn’t help myself; even in the midst of our incredibly hot moment together, I still couldn’t resist the undeniable urge I had to tell him things like that, because I truly meant every word that I said. “So are you, babe,” Gerard replied, gazing adoringly at me as he leaned in to place a deep kiss upon my dripping wet lips. I kissed back as fervently as I could, moaning softly against his soft lips as he continued with his thrusting. Gerard then did something that completely blew my mind. He trailed his fingers sensually down my sides, fluttering them over my hips and resting them on my ass. He then began to lift me up, helping me ride him, so to speak -- all while still holding me up against the shower wall and fucking me just as amazingly as before. He fluttered his lips all along my jaw, before

nipping softly at the skin on my neck as I helped fuck him. And if that wasn’t enough, Gerard managed to switch up the angling of his thrusts just slightly, at the exact moment in which I slammed down hard on top of him. I saw an explosion of stars as he hit my prostate dead on; literally screaming at how incredible it felt. “Fucking hell baby; that's it,” I moaned out, staring blissfully in his eyes. Gerard smiled and repeated his actions, brushing right up against my prostate once more. My eyes fluttered shut as my head tilted back against the wall, my entire body tingling from the force of his powerful thrusts. “Gerard...” He smirked at me then, before devouring the new skin on my neck that had recently become exposed to him; sucking and nipping at my skin. “Mmm... fuck, babe, you're making me feel so good,” he murmured, staring deeply within my eyes. “All I ever want is for you to feel good, Gee,” I replied with a smile, instantly connecting our lips together. “If I can make you feel even half as good as you make me feel... then I am happy.” Gerard smiled that gorgeous smile of his at me, before pressing another very sweet kiss to my lips. “You must feel really fucking good then,” he added with another smile; tightening his grip around my waist with one of his arms. He then moved the other so that he could begin to jerk me off, in absolute rhythm of his thrusts.

The amount of talent Gerard was showing me was such an incredibly hot turn-on; he was doing basically all of the work and still found ways to surprise me and add a whole new dynamic of pleasure that I never dreamed was possible. Gerard is truly my sexual fantasy come true. “Oh God,” I panted, moaning out at the added pleasure. I once again buried my face in Gerard’s shoulder, in an attempt to try my hardest to keep from moaning out for Gerard like a completely cheap $2 hooker. Again, I failed miserably. “Do I really make you feel that good, Frankie?” He asked, peering up at me in what appeared to be awe. “Yes baby, you make me feel that fucking good,” I said to him, my heart completely melting at how cute the shocked look on his face was, as if Gerard couldn’t believe that he was capable of making me scream so loudly for him. He smiled and pressed another sensual kiss to my lips, seemingly unable to resist me. This made me smile widely. Our kiss became heated rather quickly, causing Gerard to increase not only the pace of his hips, but also the rate in which his hand was pumping my achingly hard cock. “You have no idea how much hearing you moan like that turns me on, Frankie,” Gerard purred, smirking at me. “Trust me, baby. You make me feel that good, too.”

With a blissful sigh, Gerard rested his head in the crook of my neck, and began sucking very lightly on my sensitive skin. “Fuck. Frankie,” he moaned out, his voice muffled by the running shower water and the skin of my neck. “You’re making me so close, baby,” I murmured in his ear, feeling his body shiver against mine. I latched my arms even tighter around Gerard's body, before adding, “So fucking close...” Gerard nodded eagerly in agreement, moaning out just as loudly as I had before as I increased the pace in which I was riding him. “I'm so fucking close too, baby,” he agreed, moaning out with me as he continued with the fast movements of his hips. The cries of ecstasy caused from the extreme pleasure we both felt as our bodies continued to slam up against one another’s made this particular time together our most sensual, most erotic sexual experience to date. It isn’t the haze of the steamy shower, or the slight waves of pain that I felt when Gerard would thrust inside of me particularly hard; it was him that made this experience so mind-blowingly spectacular. I felt my orgasm rapidly approaching, and knew that it was time for me to step up my actions. I increased the pace in which I was riding Gerard, just as he increased the pace in which his skillful hand was jerking me off, sending me over the edge as I climaxed hard on top of his hand and both of our chests; moaning out loudly once again for the only man who has ever made me scream like that.

“Frankie,” I heard Gerard sigh, and felt him climax inside of me not even two seconds after I was finished. Once both of our orgasms were complete, and the shower water felt more lukewarm than hot, Gerard lifted me gently off of him, and set me down on shaky legs. His body was now completely limp against mine, his arms dangling lazily around my waist as his lips rested blissfully against my own. “Fuck baby...” Gerard spoke, rather breathlessly as he leaned his head against my temple. “How do you always manage to make me feel so fucking good?” I smiled at him, feeling completely euphoric as I gazed deeply within his eyes. “I could ask you the same question,” I replied with another smile; kissing his lips once again. My arms immediately tangled around his waist, causing our bodies to completely melt into one another’s. “You are perfect, Gerard,” I sighed dreamily, staring him deeply within his mesmerizing hazel eyes. “Absolutely fucking perfect.” Gerard smiled at me in response, running his fingers through my hair once more; securing me even closer to his body, before pressing a very gentle kiss to my temple. “So are you, Frankie,” Gerard murmured; lightly stroking the skin on my hip as he placed a sugary sweet kiss to my lips. ---I watched from the bed as Gerard buttoned up his shirt, smiling as he leaned down to brush his lips softly

over mine once again. “Have a good day, sugar,” I murmured against the corner of his mouth, grinning as Gerard pulled me off of the bed and into his arms. “You too, baby,” Gerard smiled once more, capturing my lips very softly with his once again. “Mmm, trust me Gee, I will,” I moaned out softly, enjoying his beautiful taste. “After last night, and this morning...” I sighed, pressing another very gentle kiss to his lips, my arms dangling loosely around his neck. “I will be thinking about this all day.” Gerard grinned and settled his hands on my bare hips, securing me closer to him. “So will I, Frankie,” Gerard said with another smile; pressing a somewhat desperate kiss to my lips again. He pulled away soon after, a somber expression now resting upon his gorgeous features as he rested his forehead against mine. “Hey; don't look so down sugar,” I told him, although I was currently falling apart on the inside, as well. “Just remember last night, and this morning...” I spoke softly, trailing off to plant a very sweet kiss upon his lips. “And right now...” Gerard cracked a small smile, though it wasn’t convincing enough. I thought for a moment, and decided to go out on a limb as I reached for his hand, and held it directly over my rapidly increasing heartbeat. “Feel that, Gee?” I asked him, smiling softly at him. Gerard smiled for real that time and leaned forward,

pressing a very gentle, very soft kiss to my cheek. He then rested his lips upon my hair, lingering there as he replied, “Yeah, babe. I do.” “You do this to me...” I spoke just as softly as before, gently directing his gaze to mine. Once I had his attention, in an even gentler voice than before, I added, “This is how you, and only you, make me feel...” Gerard flashed me that gorgeous smile of his, before sliding the hand that wasn’t resting on my chest to cradle one side of my face, pulling me into yet another breathtaking kiss. “You are making it extremely hard for me to leave you, Frankie,” Gerard said, his voice somewhat shaky as he smiled softly at me; tucking some of my hair behind one of my ears like he always did. All I could do was smile.

Chapter 19 [[Gerard's POV]] I went to work in a reasonably good mood; my night and morning spent with Frank was doing everything to keep me from thinking about what a long day I had ahead of me as I instead let my thoughts focus strictly on him. The way it felt when he was underneath me, moaning out in pleasure as I rode him with everything I had, the way he'd helped me fuck him in the shower by moving himself in rhythm with me, how spectacular the orgasms from each encounter were...

I sighed and snapped myself out of my thoughts as I parked my car. I didn't want to go into work with a raging hard-on and get even more shit from Mikey than what I already was going to be getting from him for being late. I extinguished the cigarette that I had been smoking and exhaled the last bits of smoke that was left in my lungs before grabbing my coffee and my briefcase from out of the back seat, and began walking towards the main entrance of mine and Mikey’s office building. With every move I made, I could feel how sore I was increasingly feeling. My body was begging me to just sit down and let it rest after such a rigorous workout with Frank, but I couldn't; I had things to do. I sighed as I entered the office building, my mood still rather happy as I glanced over at Mikey, who had seen me walk in, and gave him a smile. “Hi, Mikes,” I greeted him like I usually do, unlocking the door to my office and stepping inside; leaving it open for him like I usually do as well. “Hey, bro,” Mikey said in return, a grin on his face as he stood in the doorway to my office; obviously knowing why I'm a little bit late. “Sleep well?” he questioned, a smirk still remaining on his face as he looked me up and down. “Very well,” I couldn't help but grin as I sat down, wincing slightly from the screaming pain coming from every single joint in my body, but soon getting over it as I managed to get myself comfortable. “You?” I asked him in return, being polite as I reached over and pressed the button to turn my computer on. “Oh, I slept fine,” he grinned knowingly. “What time

did you get home?” “Like... Ten?” I asked rather than stated; glancing at my watch. “Somewhere around there.” Mikey's eyes widened drastically, seeming to have not been expecting that to be my answer. “You spent the night by Frankie's last night?!” he demanded; eyes still wide. “Yeah…” I answered, biting my lip slightly. “I figured since Brandon went over to see the guys; he wouldn't be home until this afternoon... since he got wasted with them last night. I got lucky and ended up being right,” I explained, taking a sip of my coffee before setting it on the desk in front of me. “Wow,” Mikey whistled. “Good for you then!” his facial expression morphed into a grin, making me give a small smile of my own. “Was Frankie really happy to see you?” I smiled even wider at him and gave a nod of my head. “Yeah, he was like... not even half awake when I got there,” I chuckled lightly, sipping my coffee once more. “So once his sleepiness cleared up after a few minutes, he was very excited,” I elaborated, unable to keep the smile from my face. “That's cute,” Mikey replied, grinning. “So... judging from how sore you look... and how funny you were walking... you two had a really good time last night?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively and smirking slightly at me. “A really good time,” I confirmed, rolling my eyes at

how curious Mikey was about what Frank and I got up to together; specifically the sex, but still grinning at him. “Aww, c'mon bro!” Mikey exclaimed, nudging me playfully. “I'm just so excited to see you smiling and glowing like you are again, it's been so long…” he said; trailing off as his face became thoughtful. “In fact, I don't think I've ever seen you this happy; I know you've never come into work grinning like you are right now because of Brandon,” he mused. “I'm just sayin'.” I gave a light sigh. “I know, Mikes…” I trailed off; sighing again and deciding to change the subject to get it away from how Frank has made me so much happier than I've ever been with Brandon and shown me a pleasure far greater than Brandon ever had. “Did you get to spend time with Gabe once you went home?” I asked; still smiling at him. “Oh yeah,” he grinned. “Me and my Gabey baby had an amazing night together once I went home,” he replied, seemingly unable to stop himself from grinning even more like a fool than he had been; the expression on his face portraying just how in love with Gabe he is. “I'm so happy I don't have to try hiding my happiness from you anymore, bro! I can come into work glowing and not feel bad because you're glowing just as much as I am!” I smiled once yet again and took another sip of my coffee. “I am too, Mikes,” I said in response; still smiling and leaning back in my chair, giving a brief wince as the movement caused my aching muscles to come to the front of my mind again, hoping that I'd be

able to get over it later on. “So…” Mikey began; his face becoming thoughtful. “When do you think it'll be a good time to let Frank and Gabe know that we're brothers?” he asked, his voice just as thoughtful as his expression before stealing my coffee cup and taking a sip out of it, handing it back a few seconds later; obviously not liking the coffee that I had selected today enough to steal it completely. “Um... that's a good question, Mikes,” I answered just as thoughtfully; letting out a sigh as my mind tried to formulate a good scenario to tell them in. “I guess... we’ll deal with it whenever it comes up?” I suggested; my mind flunking out on me and coming up with nothing. “Well, I'm just asking because I keep having to remember to not bring up your name when I'm talking to Gabe about my family; and when I do mention you, as 'my brother'; he keeps saying that he wants to meet you sometime soon... he's really eager about it,” he said in response, trailing off. I nodded in understanding, knowing that it would be inevitable that Gabe would want to meet Mikey's family; they were living together now, after all. “What do you think his reaction to meeting me as your brother will be?” I asked; still not knowing that much about Gabe's personality, although he did seem like good enough of a guy. “Well; if he knows in advance that you're the Gerard that Frank is seeing, he'll be ecstatic,” Mikey answered. “If not... I do believe it'll be the only time

that Gabe Saporta has ever been speechless,” he said, giving a crooked smile. “I honestly don't think he'll know what to say.” “Yeah, I'd be speechless too, if I were him,” I sighed again, biting my lip. “I guess we'll just... wait for it to become inevitable? Like, once he starts pushing to meet me more, then we'll come clean or something like that?” I questioned. “I don't know if there's actually a right way to go about this.” “Well, here's a question,” Mikey began, his expression and voice becoming thoughtful again. I glanced over at him again; waiting to hear it. “Do you think you and Frank will continue to see each other?” he asked. “Like, if you had it your way, would you keep up your relationship with him?” “If I had it my way, yes,” I replied quickly, draining the rest of the energizing fluid out of my coffee cup and tossing it into the trash bin next to my desk. “So, why don't we all just go out together one night then, or something?” he suggested. “Or maybe you and Frank could come over to our place one night and we can tell them together then?” “That'll probably be the best idea,” I agreed, nodding. “We'll have to plan that out sometime; and we should probably do it soon... they'd probably both be upset if we went quite a while without bothering to tell them, ‘Oh, by the way, we’re brothers’,” I said, letting another sigh spill past my lips.

“Yeah. It's just such a crazy situation! It's kind of exciting though, you know?” he grinned at me. “'Cause I always wanted to go on like, double dates with you, but... Brandon dislikes me so much, I knew that would never go over very well. And he and Gabe would most certainly clash…” “Most definitely,” I agreed with him, resting my head on one of my hands. “He and Gabe would be like... polar opposites,” I mused. “Tell me about it,” he rolled his eyes. “But this could all be really, really fun,” he grinned brightly once more. “But hey; we'll talk about this more later alright? I gotta get to court early today,” he said, hopping off of the edge of my desk and beginning to walk towards the door to my office. “Alright, Mikes,” I agreed, turning my attention to the computer screen as he shut the door behind him. I gazed over one of the documents that had been sent to me in an e-mail, rolling my eyes at it and was beginning to send an e-mail to a potential client; politely saying that I had too many cases on my plate right now and couldn't give it the attention it deserved. I had just pushed the 'sent' button as I heard my cell phone begin to ring, my eyes brightening up as the ringtone that played clicked in my head. I quickly pulled my phone out of my pocket; grinning even wider as I glanced down at the caller ID. --I let out a brief sigh as I entered mine and Brandon's

house; glancing over and feeling a small tinge of disappointment develop in the pit of my stomach when I saw him laying across the couch and looking at some random music magazine. I had been hoping that he wouldn't be home, but I managed to put a smile on my face once he noticed me and ditched my briefcase on the table; walking over to him and leaning downwards to push a brief kiss to his lips. “Hi, hun,” I greeted, pulling away from him and shrugging my jacket off so that I could toss that on the table along with my briefcase. “Hi,” he said in return; giving me a crooked smile and setting his magazine aside as he reached out and pulled me into his arms. “How was your day?” he asked, actually appearing interested in my day to day activities for once; surprising me. “It was alright, I guess,” I shrugged, sitting down on the couch as well and rolling both of my sleeves up to my elbows. “I had a few court appearances and that was about it. How was yours?” I questioned in return; remembering to be a 'good' boyfriend and ask. “It was hell…” he pouted, pulling my body closer to his; holding onto me tightly. I gave him another forced smile and allowed him to pull me close to his side; laying alongside him and wishing that there had been a way that I could have avoided this part of coming home altogether. “Aww, why was your day hell, hun?” I asked him; propping myself up on one of my arms so that I could talk to him properly. “Some dickhead that I have to work with... he's just…”

he trailed off, seeming to not really want to elaborate about whoever he was talking about. “I just don't like him.” “Aww,” I cooed, pushing a quick kiss to his temple at the frustrated expression that spread across his face. “Why don't you like him?” I questioned; trying to keep him talking so that I wouldn't have to acknowledge how guilty I was feeling even being in his presence. “It's not important,” Brandon dismissed it rather quickly, smiling at me before pulling me in for a kiss. “I have missed you so much, hun,” he sighed, resting his forehead against mine as he held me even closer. I let out another barely audible sigh and put yet another smile on my face; hoping that it didn't look fake as I gazed at him. “I've missed you too, Brandon,” I said to him in return; still giving him my best fake smile possible. He grinned as he smoothed my hair back. “Your hair got so long while I was away,” he mused; still lightly trailing his fingers through it. “Yeah…” I gave another smile. “It definitely needs a trim; but I'm not sure how much of it I want to cut off. I think I like having it longer like this,” I said thoughtfully; making small talk with him as his fingers continued to roam through my hair; much unlike the way that Frank's would... “Really?” he asked, his eyes widening in amusement. “I like it better short.” I laughed lightly; deciding not to acknowledge how

rude or not his comment could have been. “Really?” I asked. “How short do you like me having it?” I questioned, once more trying to be a considerate boyfriend by acting like his opinion of my hair really mattered to me. “Hmm…” he grinned, trailing his fingers thoughtfully through my hair again. “I'd say about... Here,” he pointed to the tops of my ears. “It's just so much now, I can hardly see your pretty face,” he pouted playfully, although still smiling. I gave him another one of my smiles as well. “I might look into having it cut then…” I said; lying but for his sake. “As soon as you get rid of this budding facial hair of yours,” I teased, reaching out and stroking the back of one of my fingers along the stubble on his jaw; remembering how I always used to do that whenever he'd come home from touring. “I knew you were going to say that,” he smirked. “You don't like it?... I rather like it, it's nice not having to fix myself up every fucking day, there's really no reason for me to now that I’m home,” he spoke; making me inwardly roll my eyes at the way he just completely disregarded my feelings... although I suppose that for once, I'm guilty of the same thing. I gave a small shrug and ran my finger over the stubble again. “Well... if you like it,” I shrugged again. “What about if you have to go to an event or something?” He shrugged as well; beginning to toy with my hair again. “Then I'll shave it, no big deal; I have to keep up appearances.”

I gave a millionth soft smile and leaned my head against his shoulder; sighing when I realized that things didn't feel like they used to and soon found myself becoming agitated after a few minutes of silence. “Tell me more about your day,” I suggested; hoping to break said silence as I kept my head rested against his shoulder. “This record is going to kill me,” he sighed. “I dislike the people we have to work with... the team that this producer brought in, I'm just not happy with it. I keep arguing with the guys that he isn't right for the record, but they like him for some odd reason…” he shrugged once more. “We clashed all day today. I'm beginning to think he dislikes me as much as I dislike him.” “Well... what did he do to make you dislike him?” I questioned, finding myself wondering why Brandon would be so quick to say that he dislikes someone so fast; not able to help raising my eyebrow in his direction. “What, does he rub you the wrong way or something?” Brandon sighed once again. “He's just one of those guys who has everything. I knew he was bad news from the beginning, I knew this wouldn't work, but the guys were so happy with him that I had to say yes…” he sighed; face-palming himself. “Oh, I see…” I said in a soft voice; nodding to show my understanding as I kept my head rested against his shoulder; wishing once more that I'd just stayed at the office or something and sighed; letting my eyes drift shut for a brief moment.

“Hey hun, you think you could come by the studio sometime soon?” Brandon asked; glancing down at me hopefully as my eyes reopened themselves to gaze at him; my expression becoming thoughtful. “I might be able to some time…” I trailed off thoughtfully; pretending to rack through my schedule via my brain and let out another one of my barely audible sighs. “I'm not sure how my schedule is this week, but I'll definitely make sure to look when I'm at the office tomorrow,” I offered, giving a slight smile once more and pushing a quick peck to his cheek. “Oh…” his face fell slightly; biting his lip as his eyes clouded over for a moment. “Well then…” he trailed off, his gaze turning lustful; making me give him another curious glance as I felt his fingers drifting along my side; eventually up under my shirt and softly beginning to rub the skin of my waist. I shivered slightly at the sensations of his fingers running along my skin; not pleasurably though. “Brandon... what are you doing?” I questioned him; playing stupid even though I knew what he was obviously doing and stilled the movements of his hand as his fingers began to attempt to slide my shirt upwards. I remembered the bruises on my hips from Frank this morning; I couldn't have him seeing them. Brandon smirked at me then, leaning in and pressing his lips lustfully against mine; sloppily. “Come on, hun…” he said in a suggestive voice against my lips, sliding his fingers under my shirt again. “It's been so long…” he continued; engaging me in another sloppy kiss, one of which I quickly pulled away.

“Maybe later…” I said; pushing him off of me as his fingers began to fiddle with the buckle of my belt and stood up, adjusting my clothing. “I'm hungry right now... Mikey and I didn't get a break today,” I said, trying to bullshit my way out of this. “Do you want anything?” I asked, biting my lip; trying to get the topic completely changed from where it was heading. Brandon's eyes widened slightly; staring at me in disbelief. “I want sex, Gerard,” he replied; rolling his eyes, as if he thought I were playing a game with him or something. “It's been so long since we've been together... I miss it.” “You really seemed to miss it when I went out to see you in L.A,” I retaliated, my voice taking on a sarcastic tone, knowing that I could potentially be starting a fight but I really didn't give a fuck; if it meant I would get him pissed off enough to possibly avoid me for a few hours, I'd do it. “You practically ignored me the whole fucking time!” I continued; deciding to be a bitch about this whole scenario. Brandon rubbed his temples; shutting his eyes as I spoke and gritted his teeth. “I was working, hun. It was a nice surprise, but you had really bad timing. You can't blame me for being busy,” he fought back; eyes still holding a disbelieving expression as he opened them again, obviously confused as to what had suddenly brought all of this on. I rolled my eyes, letting out a scoff. “I might not be able to blame you for that; but I'm pretty sure that I can blame you for going out and getting shit-faced with everyone after you were done working, and then came back to the hotel so plastered that you'd pass

out, right?” I asked raising one of my eyebrows. “You really wanted sex then.” “It's the music business, baby; you wouldn't understand,” he replied flatly. “And who cares?” he questioned. “We're together now... lets just forget about it…” he said; his voice becoming suggestive once again as he reached out and pulled me closer to him by my hips; his hands beginning to slide up under my shirt again. I shivered again at the touches, shutting my eyes for a moment and debating whether or not to attempt to keep this fight going or not. “Brandon... not right now,” I sighed, stepping out of his grasp. Brandon sighed defeatedly, backing off completely and rolling his eyes as he did so. “If I'd have known you were going to be like this when I got home, I would have stayed in L.A,” he said; glaring at me coldly as his words hit, hard. “Whatever, Brandon!” I exclaimed; feeling even more frustrated then what I already was with him. “You were supposed to come home because you missed me, not the sex I give you. Hell, if I'd have known you were gonna act like this; I'd have preferred you stay in L.A. too,” I retorted, shooting him an angry glare before turning around and walking away from him; beginning to head towards the stairs. “Wait, hun; I'm sorry,” he called out to me as I walked away; letting out a frustrated sigh of his own and not sounding the least bit sorry as he followed after me. I sighed and stopped walking, turning around so that I

was face to face with him again. “No, you're not,” I sighed, shaking my head as I disagreed with him, and nearly jumping a foot into the air as my phone started ringing and vibrating from my back pocket. I pulled it out and sighed as I glanced at the caller ID. “It's Mikey,” I said; preparing to push the answer key and turn around again as Brandon suddenly took the phone out of my grasp. “Ignore him, we aren't finished talking.” “Brandon, he's my brother,” I sighed; getting even more fed up with his behavior as I held out my hand for him to give me the phone back; which was still ringing. “It might be something important.” Brandon clicked one of the buttons; effectively silencing the phone. “And I'm your boyfriend; aren't I important too?” “Yeah, you are; but he's my brother,” I replied; putting extra strain on the word. “You wouldn't understand,” I said in a cold voice; remembering what he had said to me about the music industry as I reached out and took my phone back from him. I walked away from him then, leaving him baffled as he stood there at the end of the stairs as I walked the rest of the way upstairs and held my phone up to my ear. “What's up, Mikes?” I said into the device as I finally pushed the 'answer' button, my voice holding a relieved tone as I entered the den and shut the door behind me, locking it like I usually would whenever Brandon and I were fighting and inwardly sighed in relief; glad to be by myself.

“What was that all about?” Mikey asked, his voice sounding a bit amused. “What was what all about?” I asked; realizing that I had spaced out for a minute, and snapped back to attention at the sound of his voice, letting out a sigh as I walked over and collapsed onto the couch, running my fingers through my hair in an attempt to rid myself of the headache that had formed. “You sound flustered,” Mikey said, as I imagined his eyes widening. “Oh my god, you guys were doing it weren't you?!” “No, we weren't doing it,” I let out a soft laugh; rolling my eyes as I propped my feet up on the coffee table in front of me. “We were fighting about doing it,” I elaborated, letting out another sigh as I twirled random locks of my hair in between my fingers. “What the hell?” he asked, sounding a bit confused. “Is he pissed off that he isn't getting any or something?” “You could put it that way…” I sighed once more; absentmindedly beginning to tap my fingers on the arm of the couch. “He came onto me and then got pissed when I told him I didn't want to fuck right then... so I brought up L.A. and threw the way that he ignored me there back in his face... and then you called,” I explained it all in a nutshell. “I'm... sorry?” he asked rather than stated. “I can let you go if you need me to, you sound busy.” “No, it's fine,” I gave a shrug; pulling my pack of

cigarettes out of my pocket and lighting one up, knowing how much Brandon hates it when I smoke inside of the house. “He's probably downstairs playing with his video games or something,” I shrugged again, exhaling the smoke in my lungs and feeling myself relax a bit. “What did you need?” “I was just calling to see if you needed my help with anything. I worry about you.” I let out another light laugh. “Gabe had to go out, didn't he?” I asked; holding my cigarette in between my lips as I ran my fingers through my hair again; getting it out of my face. “But I don't think I need your help right now…” I said slowly; trying to listen and see if I could hear anything from downstairs. “At least, I don't think I do.” “Okay... well... call if you need me,” Mikey offered, letting out a soft sigh. “I will, Mikes,” I smiled, exhaling the smoke in my lungs again. “Have a good night.” “You too, bro. See you tomorrow,” he said before hanging up; I hung up as well and let out a sigh; smoking my cigarette until it was finished and stubbing it out in the ash tray on the table, thinking through my day and savoring the feeling of being alone for a few minutes longer. Savoring being alone until thoughts of Frank invaded my head, that is. I quickly discovered myself longing for his company just as much, if not more, than I did this morning; all of the sexy moments that we had shared together, along with the simply intimate ones,

flashing through my head. I bit my lip then, hearing Brandon stirring downstairs and carefully considered my next actions; smiling in satisfaction once I heard the faint sound of music and pulled my cell phone out, deciding to honor a promise that I had made earlier...

Chapter 20 [[Frank's POV]] “You guys fucked last night, didn’t you?” “And this morning,” I smirked, blushing slightly at the way my best friend had greeted me, leaning down to plant a wet kiss to his cheek. “Hello to you too, Gabriel.” “Hello, my very best friend in this entire world who I love very dearly because he agreed to come and get plastered with me,” he greeted me in return, squeezing my aching body. I winced slightly at the pain, causing him to shoot me a questioning glance. “What’s the matter, Frankie-love?” “Just a little bit tired, Gabe,” I sighed, joining him at his spot at the bar. “Gerard and I did have very amazing sex last night, and don’t even get me started on how fucking good this morning was… I guess I’m just a little bit worn out.” I smiled, propping my head up on my elbow. “So wow, you got to see Gerard again last night,” Gabe mused, shaking his head. “See, you were freaking out over nothing!” “I know,” I replied, my smile growing wider. “Thanks

very much for keeping me sane until I fell asleep last night. How late did you stay ‘til?” “Not very much later. Just enough time to straighten up a bit and do a few other things… I made it home around two?” “Thanks by the way, for cleaning up my mess. That was very sweet of you,” I grinned yet again at him; thanking my lucky stars that the mess was cleaned up before Gerard had gotten there. I was confused as to what he had meant by ‘a few other things’, but decided that I would let it go because he was such a good friend to me. “No need to thank me, Frankie-love,” he grinned back, wrapping his long arms around me to squeeze me once again. “Mikey didn’t mind me keeping you out so late, did he?” I asked, securing my arms around his. “Actually no. He never minds me going out, as long as I’m out with you,” he replied, smiling. “I think ‘cause he knows you’re my bro. He has a bro, too. He knows how it is when we bros need each other.” He put a shot of some sort of pink liquid in front of me, to which I accepted with a grin. I didn’t particularly feel like drinking tonight, but then again, I didn’t really have a choice in the matter considering I’d probably be spending the evening alone. “That’s awesome then,” I replied, taking my shot. It was some type of fruity concoction, and it would take plenty more of them to get me to where I needed to

be if I was going to be able to handle spending tonight alone. “Hell yes, it’s awesome!” Gabe interjected, sending another shot glass my way. “It’s as awesome as me and Mikey, and as awesome as you and Gerard being together.” I raised my eyebrow. “We aren’t technically together, Gabe,” I corrected him. “I don’t even want to get in to what the technical term for our relationship is, because it upsets me.” “Bullshit,” he replied, downing his shot as I took my own. Just as fruity as the first. Tonight was going to be a long one. “I don’t know who it is that Gerard is dating, but trust me…” he trailed off thoughtfully, a grin covering his face. “That boy is very much into you.” “How do you know?” I asked, toying with the empty little glass in front of me. He obviously knew something that I didn’t. “From the things you tell me, and…,” he trailed off again, a wide smile again covering his face, which he tried to hide. “Gabriel…” I said in a warning voice. “How do you know?” “I just do! I’ve seen for myself just how you and Gerard are when you’re together, and trust me, he’s into you,” he replied, which only made me more curious.

“You mean, at the party a few nights ago?” Gabe began to laugh. That obviously wasn’t what he was talking about. “When else did you see us together?” I questioned, wracking my brain as to when he could have made this current assumption. Judging from the blush on his cheeks, and the mischievous shit-eating grin on his face, he had come to this conclusion while doing something he obviously wasn’t supposed to be doing. My eyes widened in horror, thinking back to last night. “You didn't watch our tape, did you?” I asked, narrowing my eyes at him. He snorted. “Of course not!” He replied, a look of fake horror crossing his attractive features as he denied my accusation. “I didn't watch your tape,” he continued, still struggling to keep a straight face. “...only the last forty-five seconds.” My eyes widened; but before I could get angry at him for watching it, I realized what he had just said. “Why the fuck would you watch only the last forty-five seconds?” “Well…” he sighed. “I started off at first going to watch the whole thing... but then about ten seconds into it, I was like, ‘This is way too fucking hot’ so instead, I fast-forwarded it to the post-sex cuddling... which very nearly made me die it was so fucking

sweet,” he sighed dreamily grinning widely at me.




“You two are so fucking sweet to each other; it's so cute!” he exclaimed; resting his head on one of his hands as he stared dreamily at me. I couldn’t help but grin. “Well, I'm glad you think so,” I replied, not mad at all that he had attempted to watch our video. I figured he would find it, eventually. “I actually haven't seen it yet. I have no clue as to what's on it past like, twenty seconds into it.” “Yeah, at about twenty-five seconds is where I stopped,” Gabe grinned again, before ordering yet another round of shots for the two of us. “You'll like what happens, believe me. But I can't believe you haven't watched it yet! Why haven't you?” I sighed. “I guess I'm waiting to watch it with Gerard,” I replied, giving a soft smile at the mention of his name. “I really haven't had time to, considering it was made... two nights ago. I might watch it tonight, though.” “Gerard coming over again tonight?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow at me. I shook my head. “No, I doubt Gerard will be able to escape his boyfriend two nights in a row,” I replied, sighing. “I'll need the distraction of my video with him to keep me from going insane.” Gabe nodded, sticking the newly ordered shot in front

of me. But before I could take it, my phone began vibrating from within my pocket. I took it out, and nearly dropped it upon seeing who was on the other line. “Answer it, idiot,” Gabe laughed, giving me a playful shove. I flipped him off and began to walk outside of the noisy bar, pressing the ‘talk’ button on my way out. “Hey Gee,” I greeted him, having to raise my voice a bit to hear him over the loud volume of the music that was blaring in my ears. “Hi Frankie…” he trailed off, obviously hearing the noise in the background as well. “Is this a bad time?” “Not at all,” I grinned, exiting the bar. “It’s never a bad time,” I affirmed, still grinning like a fool because he had remembered his promise to call me back. “How are you, sugar?” “Okay, I guess,” he replied, longing lacing in his voice. “Finally left alone enough to call you, I was starting to get antsy.” “Aww, did you miss me, baby?” I grinned, lighting up a cigarette as I leaned against the wall of the bar. “More than you know,” he affirmed, which caused me to melt. He paused for a moment, but I could tell he had something else he wanted to say. “I really want to see you tonight, Frankie.” My heart nearly stopped beating. “I want to see you

too, sugar,” I smiled, instantly hoping that he could make it over to me. “I’m out with Gabe right now, but I could be home in… twenty minutes if you want to come over.” “Sounds good babe. I’ll see you soon.” “Bye Gee,” I replied, hanging up the phone and practically flying back inside to Gabe. I wrapped my arms tightly around him from behind, pressing a ton of kisses to his temple. “What did Gerard want? He want your dick?” Gabe asked, hugging me as well. I smacked his head playfully. “Maybe,” I grinned. “He’s coming over, so I gotta go.” “What the fuck are you wasting time with me, then?!” He gawked at me, before hugging me tightly once again. “I’ve got this, now go!” “I’m going!” I smiled, squeezing him tightly once again before departing from the smoky bar. Thankfully, the bar wasn’t very far from my house, and thanks to my amazingly wreckless driving skills, I made it home only a few minutes later. I had just showered before going to meet Gabe at the bar, so that was a good thing. I did however, change my outfit not once, but three separate times to make sure I looked my best for Gerard. Just as I finished buttoning up my shirt, I heard his knock at the door, followed by Zero’s very un-intimidating little bark. Smiling, I headed to the living room so I could let him in, and nearly melted as I saw him. Gerard was truly one of

the most beautiful people I have ever seen. “Hi Frankie,” he greeted me with a dazzling smile. “Hello gorgeous,” I greeted in return, taking him by his hand and ushered him to come inside; instantly wrapping my arms around him as his lips found their way to my own. “I've missed you, babe,” he admitted against my lips. I could sense that same longing lacing through his words as I engaged him in yet another fiery kiss. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss you too, sugar,” I replied, that familiar longing etching through my own words as I gripped his waist gently; cradling him closely to me as we shared yet another amazing kiss. “Fuck, I missed you.” The feeling of his lips upon my own was mesmerizing. The feeling of his fingers as they wove their way through my hair as we kissed felt immaculate. “You're looking hot right now, babe,” Gerard complimented me as he looked me up and down; apparently pleased with what he saw. I blushed; though inwardly I was rejoicing because he liked the outfit I eventually chose out of the three that I had tried on before he had gotten here. “Mmm, so are you, gorgeous,” I replied, pulling Gerard in for another kiss; before gently trailing my lips down to begin sucking on the delicious skin on his neck. Gerard moaned out softly at my actions; his fingers tangling tighter within my hair, as his other hand

rested on one of my hips. “Mmm... that feels good, babe,” he sighed out blissfully; tilting his head to the side to allow me even more access to his sweettasting skin. I then broke apart however, giving him a warm smile as I lead him over to the couch. I laid down on it and pulled him into my arms; sighing contently as our bodies seemed to mold perfectly together. “This feels even better,” I replied, sighing blissfully once again. He nodded in agreement, placing a soft kiss to my neck. “This is one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt, Frankie,” he said softly, wrapping his arms around my body tightly. “I love being here with you like this.” I smiled at his words. As much as I wanted Gerard, I wanted to show him that I didn’t want him coming over simply for just sex. It was especially important for me to show him this tonight, considering a conversation with my new least favorite person in the world was still fresh in my mind. I walked in to the studio this morning to find everyone already there waiting for me. I ignored the scoff Brandon Flowers let out as I gave everyone my best smile, trying my hardest not to roll my eyes at the pissed off expression on the lead singer’s face. “Good morning, everyone!” I said jubilantly; which was greeted by loud groans from everyone. This morning was going to be as much as going to the dentist. I could tell. “Morning,” they grumbled; though Brandon didn’t

speak a word to me. “Why the fuck does everyone look so pissed off?” I couldn’t help but ask, giving them a curious look. “It's an awesome day!” I tried perking them up, but it appeared to do more harm than good. “Ugh, it isnot an awesome day,” Brandon groaned; resting his head on one of his hands. I raised an eyebrow. “We all had shitty nights,” he elaborated, glaring at me. “How the hell can you be so happy?” I grinned; though I really didn’t feel like discussing why my smile was so bright this particular morning with four guys I just met. Gerard meant more to me than that; I wasn’t going to discuss my relationship with him or what we got down to doing with just anyone. “Did you guys get any work done last night?” I asked the group, hopefully switching the subject. “We were all too busy getting wasted,” Brandon replied; tilting his head to the side, as if he were analyzing me. “Frank... is your neck even more marked up than before?” Blushing, I adjusted the collar on my shirt to try to hide them, but I knew that probably did no good. I was hoping that the marks Gerard had given me would blend in better with my tattoos, but I guess I was wrong.

“I don't think you'd believe me if I said no, right?” Brandon nodded. “Exactly right,” he replied, gazing at me almost as if he were in awe at the job Gerard had done on me. “...Looks like you had areally good time last night.” I could feel even more blood rushing to my cheeks again, but not out of embarrassment. I wonder why he was so damn interested. “You got me,” I sighed, giving in. “I don't mean to flaunt it in your face considering you had a shitty night, but yes. My night was wonderful.” “Man, you're so fucking lucky,” he sighed, not able to stop from smiling just slightly. “I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous. I can’t get my fucking boyfriend alone for ten minutes without someone calling to fucking cock-block me.” Despite my distaste for him, I smiled softly at him. “I'm sorry things aren't working out for you,” I said in a somewhat sweet voice, trying to make peace reign over our conflicting moods. He shrugged. “There's always tonight,” he smirked; instantly causing a chill to run down my spine. “But I think we're all ready to get to work, so…” he trailed off as the guitarist, Dave, the bassist, Mark, and the drummer, Ronnie, all got up from their random spots of sitting around so we could maybe actually begin working. Brandon handed me a piece of paper with music and random lyrics written on it. “I think that's the track we

all agreed that we wanted to start on today.” I took the paper from him, surveying the lyrics and nodding in agreement. “Yeah, that sounds good. I like this to start with,” I said, giving an awkward smile at the guys as they walked toward the next room where their instruments were set up. “You seem distracted, Frank,” Brandon obviously catching my change in demeanor. mused,

“No, it’s just… I guess I’m just a little curious,” I told him with a grin, hoping to get some answers out of him. “What is your boyfriend like?” He grinned. “He's... well, amazing,” he sighed out blissfully. “He's really fucking good at everything that he does and he's a really good person. The only bad thing I can think of about him is that fucking brother of his.” My eyes widened a bit as I picked up on how his tone of voice changed dramatically from adoration for his boyfriend to downright hatred for his boyfriend’s brother. “I take it you don't like him very much?” “I wouldn’t necessarily put it like that,” Brandon reaffirmed, obviously planning his next few words carefully. “I've never really taken the chance to get to know him, but seriously, just the way he is always fucking cock-blocking me whenever I'm home is really beginning to piss me off. I hate the little bastard.” He sighed, to which I again, was forced to raise an

eyebrow at. “Is he really that much of a problem to your relationship?” I questioned, trying to make sure I understood him correctly. “Yes,” he replied, frowning. “And my boyfriend would do anything for him, so he never objects to going to hang out with him. Especially whenhis boyfriend is gone,” he murmured that last part, so I’m not sure if I was meant to hear it. “I'm sorry to hear that,” I lied, not feeling the least bit sorry for him. His sob story sounded very selfish, to be honest. I was beginning to feel my distaste for him increase by the minute. “It happens all the fucking time!” He whined, groaning as he rested his head on his elbow. “If I remember correctly, you called his brother a cockblock,” I began, trying to figure out the root of the problem. “Is it that you're upset about your boyfriend being taken away because you want to hang out with him, or is it because you want to have sex with him?” “Because I want to have sex with him,” he replied flatly; again, causing my eyes to nearly fall out of my head at his blunt rudeness. “I mean, don't get me wrong,” he began to speak again, obviously catching my surprised reaction to his words. I guess he was trying to repair what he had just said. “I love hanging out with my boyfriend and getting to

see him whenever I possibly can. But since I've been gone for months, I really just want him back in bed with me, and his brother is making that impossible.” Upon listening to the arrogant man in front of me talk so shamelessly about his significant other, I was officially grateful to his boyfriend’s brother, and hoped he would always interfere and cause problems with their relationship. I felt completely awful for the boyfriend; I honestly have no idea who he was, but this asshole sitting in front of me named Brandon Flowers did not deserve to have him. “Well, I'm sorry to hear that,” I replied flatly, obviously not meaning a single word that I said. “I um, I’m gonna go have a smoke before we begin, I’ll be back in like, 5 minutes.” I left the room; tuning his words out as I ascended the steps that would take me out to the fire escape so I could have my cigarette, with only one thing plaguing my mind: Gerard. I wanted for him to know that I enjoy his company more than anything, and that I enjoy everything that we do together, not just when we are being intimate. The feeling for wanting to stress that point across continued to grow as I lit up my cigarette, so much that I needed to hear his voice just to let him know I do miss him and care for him. I wouldn’t necessarily say those things to him, but hopefully a phone call to him will make him see that I am interested in him; not just being in bed with him like some asshole lead singers feel about their significant others. With that thought in mind, I pulled my phone out of my pocket and found his number on speed dial, and

pressed the button to call him as butterflies began to swarm around in my stomach at the mere thought of hearing his voice. “Hello, sugar..” “What are you thinking about, babe?” Gerard’s soft, velvety voice brought me out of the obnoxious morning that I had with the asshole that I am being forced to work with, and back to the happiest time I have had since Gerard left me this morning. “I’m thinking about you, sugar,” I replied honestly, kissing his lips very softly. “Just thinking about how grateful I am that you are here with me right now.” He gave me a sweet grin, as his cheeks tinted a slight shade of pink. “You are amazing, Frankie,” he replied, still grinning at me as his lips found their way to my own; kissing me softly. “And you are beautiful,” I retaliated, smoothing my fingers through his soft hair. He whimpered softly at the feeling, before placing a soft kiss to scorpion tattoo; his favorite. Smiling at the gesture, I planted a soft kiss of my own to his hair, taking the time to inhale his intoxicating scent; completely loving the way his hair smelt of my shampoo. “Gerard, your hair smells amazing,” I complimented him; sighing softly.

Gerard peered up at me, grinning. “You like it, baby?” “I like it very much,” I replied, smiling at him as well. “It always looks amazing.” Gerard gave me another of his perfect smiles before pressing his lips to mine once again; cupping my face as he did so. “I'm glad that someone actually likes it,” he said in a soft voice upon pulling away; a slightly sad look gracing his perfect features. “What?” I asked, utterly confused. Judging from the somewhat hurt expression on his face, my eyebrows furrowed in annoyance as I came to the conclusion that someone had just recently insulted the way that he wore his hair. “Don’t listen to what anyone says, sugar,” I spoke softly to him, giving him a smile as I again, ran my fingers through his stunningly gorgeous black locks. “Whoever doesn't think your hair is super fucking sexy is a complete idiot,” I continued; causing Gerard’s sweet laughter to filter through the room around us. He gifted me with another sweet kiss, and was all smiles once he pulled away. All hints of hurt and sadness from before was completely wiped away, as I saw the complete joy in his eyes as he stared back at me. “Really, Frankie…” he trailed off, his facial expression becoming thoughtful once again. “I'm glad that you like it. I like having it longer rather than shorter.” “Hmm… it is sexy long, but I’m sure it looks just as good short. It doesn't matter what you do with it, Gee; whether it's long or it’s short, you'll still be gorgeous,” I assured him, pressing soft kisses to the top of his

shoulder-length strands of hair; as my arms held his body securely to mine. “I like every part of you, not just your hair.” “Frankie..” he trailed off; the smile on his face quickly meeting my own. “You are so sweet to me baby, thank you,” he gushed, his smile never leaving his face. “You make everything so much better…” “I’m glad, sugar,” I grinned, once more engaging him in another soft kiss. I was thrilled that I could make him forget about his worries just as easily as he made me forget about my own. “You definitely make everything so much better for me, too.” As we exchanged another sweet smile, my hand reached up to caress the side of his face as our lips melted together once again. His hand slid under my shirt, his fingers lightly gripping the skin on my waist very gently; causing my body to shiver against his as a soft moan slipped past my lips at the contact. This amazing kiss continued for a few moments as our clothed bodies moved teasingly against one another’s, as nimble fingers traveled over previously visited places they were beginning to know quite well. But again, I pulled away before things could get too heated between us. I meant what I said earlier; about enjoying every single thing that Gerard and I do together. I don’t want him to think that is all that I’m using him for, because that isn’t the case at all. I want to take advantage of the fact that Gerard is with me right now instead of with his boyfriend, and prove to him why being here with me is not a mistake. My plan for right now is to simply hold his beautiful body closely to mine, and to show him that I do care for

him. I studied the way his hair fell around the curves his gorgeous face, framing his pale skin beautifully. I took note of how spectacular the sparkle in his eyes glistened as they peered back into my own. I paid special attention to the way the sweet, delicious curves of his lips looked as they tugged up into a breath-taking smile. There was no denying it; Gerard was a genuinely beautiful person, inside and out. And for some reason, he was here with me. “Beautiful…” I murmured, tracing my finger over his cheekbones as my lips melted into a sweet kiss upon his once again. “You are so damn beautiful, Gee.” “Not nearly as beautiful as you, Frankie,” he replied, grinning softly at me before he connected our lips again, this time more deeply than before. His fingers trailed lightly through my hair, causing me to moan softly into his mouth at the amazing feeling. “Fuck, baby, you are so sexy,” he spoke seductively against my lips, his lips crashing hard against mine once again as his body grinded softly up against my own; effectively causing more moans to filter throughout the otherwise quiet room around us. “I swear, the littlest thing that you do turns me on, babe. Everything you do is so fucking sexy, Frankie...” I smiled widely at his words, effectively pulling his lips and his body into mine; loving the way he moaned out at the delicious friction that was created as our lower halves grinded together. “You Gerard, are the sexy one,” I murmured against

his lips, trailing them down lower to plant soft kisses to his neck; relishing in the soft moans he emitted just for me. He was making it increasingly hard for me, literally, to keep my desperate fingers from roaming his terribly tempting body. His hands became a bit desperate as well, as his slightly cold fingers were now sliding under the waistband of my boxers; causing tingles to shoot throughout my flushed body. But before things could go any further, I felt a familiar little ball of fur hopping up onto the couch down around mine and Gerard’s ankles, which of course caused Gerard to break apart from the steamy kiss we were sharing; obviously a bit startled from the interruption. “Zero!” I called out, watching as he climbed up our legs to rest securely in between us. Gerard giggled at the interruption, a wide smile on his face as he looked upon our little visitor. Zero glanced happily up at Gerard, which made me grin. Zero normally hated company, but the fact that Gerard seemed okay by him warmed my heart completely. “Aww; I think he's jealous, Frankie,” Gerard smiled; lightly petting the top of Zero’s head as he placed a soft kiss to my temple. “It’s adorable how much he likes you,” I mused, watching as Zero ignored me completely and instead, climbed up on Gerard’s chest to cuddle with him. “He doesn't act like that with anyone other than Gabe and me.”

Gerard gave me a warm smile. “I'm really glad that he doesn't hate me,” he grinned, petting Zero but still leaning over to press yet another spectacular kiss to my lips. “Little dogs are the most evil; no offense to him, of course,” he replied, chuckling a bit as he rested his head on my shoulder. “Does he like anyone besides you, me, and Gabe?” “Honestly, no,” I answered him, looking on in complete adoration at how sweet Gerard’s interaction with Zero was. “Zero absolutely hates most people.” “Aww,” Gerard cooed, softly petting my little Terrier. “What does he do to the people that he doesn't like?” he asked; giggling as Zero fell from his chest into the small space between us. “Typical small dog revenge. You know; he growls at them, he bites their ankles,” I giggled, watching as Gerard’s face lit up in amusement. “That's how you can tell if they're good for you or not. Zero knows best.” Gerard giggled as well, as he continued to stroke my Zero’s soft fur. “He takes the term 'ankle-biter' quite literally then. That's cute,” he grinned; pushing yet another kiss to my temple. It felt amazing. “Yeah,” I grinned, immensely enjoying our sweet moment together. “I guess he does.” “God Frankie,” Gerard began, his words trailing off as a sweet smile made its way upon his face. “Zero is so cute, he almost doesn’t seem real!”

“I know. I feel the same way, he’s like a little stuffed animal or something,” I grinned, and placed a soft kiss upon his hair; adoring the way he was still stroking my Zero’s fur so lightly. “What kind of dog is he?” Gerard asked, giving me another sweet smile. “He’s a Westie,” I spoke proudly; petting Zero’s soft fur as well. As one arm remained wrapped around Gerard, the fingers that were petting Zero found their way to Gerard’s, and they became linked together on top of my precious dog. “He’s a form of Terrier.” “He is so sweet,” Gerard gushed, once more nuzzling himself against my shoulder, as the other remained interlaced with Gerard’s. “How old is he?” He asked, wrinkling his nose a bit as Zero began to lick along his jaw. “I’ve had him for a little over three years- Oh no little buddy, that's for me,” I corrected my Terrier; scooping him up and putting him on the floor. “You can cuddle with us, but once you start stealing Gerard’s kisses that’s when I have to put you away. You’ve caused enough interruption for one night,” I scolded him, watching as he rested his head in his little paws; seemingly knowing that he was ‘punished’. Gerard giggled at us, before leaning his head against his elbow so he could look down properly at me. “Don’t worry baby…” he replied, pressing a soft kiss to my lips. “You’re the only one that’s getting my kisses tonight.” “Mmm, I love the sound of that,” I murmured, pressing

a hungry kiss to his lips as well. “I'm just a little bit curious…” “About what, babe?” He asked, smiling at me as he trailed the backs of his fingers across one of my cheeks. Again, just being this close to him felt immaculate. “Well, you seemed a little anxious to come over when we were on the phone earlier. Don’t get me wrong; I'm not complaining at all,” I assured him. “In fact, I was really hoping to see you again tonight…” My words trailed off, so I could place a soft kiss to his lips; seduction dripping from my last few words. “And I was really hoping that you'd want to see me again, especially so soon after our amazing night and morning together; but I wasn't expecting this sort of closeness with you for another few days... how did you manage to sneak away to come and see me again tonight?” After asking that question, I literally wanted to push my head through the ceiling fan for asking such a stupid question. Gerard’s smile, however, eased my worries yet again as he pressed another soft, longing kiss to my lips. “Well…” he spoke slowly; giving me a grin. “For one, I missed you,” he admitted, before placing another soft kiss to my lips. I melted; gripping onto his hand tightly. “And during missing you and wanting to hear your voice again... I picked a fight with the boyfriend,” he finished; which caused me to raise an eyebrow. “Oh?” I questioned, glancing curiously at him. “You picked a fight with him? Over what?”

“Well…” Gerard sighed, but gave a weak smile. “...I got home from work today, and he started coming on to me,” he began, which made my eyes widen a bit. “I told him that I wasn't in the mood, and when he didn't back off, I picked a fight over how my trip to L.A. went…” he trailed off yet again, glancing at me as he awaited some form of a response. “Way to go, Gee!” I exclaimed; clutching his body tighter. I pressed a soft kiss to his hair, and continued, “That is awesome sugar, I'm so proud of you.” I couldn’t stop the smile from forming on my face as he pushed a soft kiss to my lips. I was of course ecstatic that Gerard didn’t want any action from his boyfriend; but what excited me the most was that Gerard had very casually brushed his boyfriend off of him, especially when he wasn’t in the mood. And what made me the most ecstatic, was that Gerard had picked a fight with him to be here with me. “Is that how you were able to come over here to spend time with me?” I asked, smoothing his hair back softly with my fingers. “Part of it,” Gerard grinned; nuzzling his face into my neck. I wrapped my arms around his body a bit tighter as he pressed a soft kiss to my skin; causing a content sigh to slip past my lips. “Honestly, I was going to come see you tonight anyways; it was just a matter of coming up with a good excuse for leaving. It just so wound up being incredibly easy,” he replied with a smile; kissing my jaw lightly. Once again, I melted. “Well sugar…” I grinned, biting my lip. “I have to be

honest with you when I say that I love it when you choose spending time with me over him.” Gerard didn’t say anything; instead, he allowed his lips to do the talking. They melted completely against my own, as his body did the same. This kiss felt so particularly good, my body tingled as Gerard’s fingers flitted lightly across my flushed, heated body. After a few moments of deep, passionate kisses, I broke apart from his lips; completely falling in love with the crooked, content smile he was giving me. His fingers were tracing random designs on my stomach through underneath the fabric of my shirt; sending tingles wherever his fingers touched. “Frankie…” he began, seeming a bit apprehensive. “Are you sure you're okay with just cuddling here with me?" “Gerard…” I trailed off, kissing his lips again very, very gently. I cradled the side of his face within one of my hands, and stared deeply into his eyes as I spoke my next few words. “Baby, I want you to know that I enjoy every single second that I am lucky enough to be with you; especially when we are lying together just like this…” His face trembled a bit, as he placed a soft kiss to the palm of my hand. “I want you to know that I’m not using you for sex. Sure, the sex that we do have is incredibly amazing, but this…” I trailed off, smiling softly at him. “This is just as amazing, sugar. Just being with you in any way, shape, or form is all I could ask you for.” Gerard seemed to melt at my words, which made me

ecstatic that he understood what I meant. His lips melted into mine once again, deeply this time, as he cradled the side of my face like I had done to him earlier. “Frankie, I'm glad you feel like that, baby,” he said in a soft voice, tracing the shape of my lips softly with his fingers; before planting an equally soft kiss to them. “Because I enjoy every single moment that we get to spend together as well... I could literally do this with you for hours.” Grinning widely at him, I instantly connected our lips together; it was as if I was physically unable to keep myself from kissing him. “I’m so glad you’re here with me, Gee,” I said in a soft voice, leaning my forehead to rest against his. “But, again I’m a little bit curious.” Gerard raised an eyebrow, giving me the okay to ask my question. “What would you have done if the excuse you gave your boyfriend didn’t work?” I asked, my question sounding rather thoughtful as I focused my attention on his fingers, which were tracing the outline of the letters on my right hand. “I'd have told him that I was just gonna go hang around my art studio and get some work done there,” Gerard replied with a slight shrug; keeping his head rested in the crook of my neck. “I see,” I nodded, my eyes slipping shut at the blissful feeling of having Gerard in my arms, before his words registered in my mind; making my body sit straight up. “Wait, what?!” I questioned him, my voice taking on a surprised tone.

“Jesus; Frankie, what is it?” He questioned, giving me a bewildered look. “I’m sorry sugar,” I giggled, taking in his somewhat frazzled expression. It looked as if he were trying to figure out what he had said that caused me to deprive him of using my chest as his pillow. “Gerard; back up just a second, sugar,” I started to say; my mind running wild as his words again replayed over and over in my mind. “You have an art studio?!” From the sexy smile on his face, to the way he pulled my lips into his, I had my answer. This was going to be fun.

Chapter 21 [[Gerard's POV]] I couldn't help but let a soft smile adorn my face as I drove; feeling Frank's thumb run across my knuckles as our fingers remained interlaced as I drove. I glanced over to him with a smile and gave his hand a gentle squeeze before I lifted our linked hands to my lips and pressed an adoring kiss to the back of his; inwardly jumping up and down at the fact that Frank had shown such an interest in wanting to see my art studio and couldn't help but compare him to Brandon in that respect... Brandon's never shown an interest in this part of my life. I saw Frank grin out of the corner of my eye and he scooted closer to me, leaning into my side. "I'm so excited to be seeing your studio, sugar," he said to me with a grin; kissing our entwined hands just like I had.

I smiled at him once more and pressed a soft kiss to his hair. "I'm excited for you to see it too, baby," I said, a smile still on my face as I again tried not to compare him to Brandon too much; knowing that I wouldn’t be getting the results that I should have. I softly trailed my thumb along Frank's knuckles every few moments, almost absentmindedly as I tried not to focus on how much the fact that Frank was showing more interest in this part of my life than what my own boyfriend did irk me. Frank slid closer to me after another few moments and snuggled more into my side as I drove; noticing a smile spread over his face as I wrapped an arm around his shoulders in order to hold him even closer, soon hearing a content sigh leave his lips before he leaned up and pushed a soft kiss to my cheek. "I'm very excited for this; but I think I'm more intrigued, to be honest," he said thoughtfully; snuggling even further into me again. "I mean, I work in a studio day in and day out; what kind of studio do you have?" I smiled at the way that he kissed my cheek, feeling it tingle where his lips had brushed against my skin. "It's an art studio slash gallery," I answered his question, giving him yet another smile and placed a soft kiss to his hair before I was forced to turn my attention back to the road in front of me. "You know; I think I figured you'd be some sort of artist," he said thoughtfully, snuggling up to my side again and placing a soft kiss to my neck before his lips drifted to hover just over my ear. "I mean, I know how good you are with your hands..." he said, a seductive tone to his voice as he playfully bit my ear lobe; causing me to picture one of his sexy smirks

appearing on his beautiful face. I smirked slightly and shivered at the way he bit my ear; biting back a moan as I attempted to focus on driving and not this very tantalizing distraction next to me. "Oh really?" I questioned, giving him a playful smile and pressing a light kiss to his soft and very kissable lips as I was forced to abide by the traffic laws and stop at a red light. "Mmhm..." he murmured against my lips, deepening our kiss and weaving the fingers of the hand that wasn't laced with mine within my hair; his other hand giving mine a squeeze as he released a soft moan into my mouth as we continued to kiss. The both of us reluctantly pulled away after a few more long moments as we heard cars honking behind us; signaling the light had turned green. "Yes, sugar," he answered my question from a few moments before. "As amazing with your hands as you are, I can just imagine how amazing your artwork must be." I gave him a billionth smile and pressed another quick kiss to his lips before beginning to drive again; my arm still wrapped around his shoulders in order to continue holding him close to me. "I'm really excited to be showing all of this to you, Frankie," I admitted, my thumb gently tracing across the knuckles of his fingers that were still laced with mine, again, in habit. "Yeah?" he asked, his voice adopting a very intrigued tone. "Why to me?" he questioned; his fingers giving mine a soft squeeze, making me glance at him out of the corner of my eye to see his eyes sparkling with curiosity.

I smiled and pressed a soft kiss to his sweet smelling hair. "Because you're the first person besides family that I'm showing this to," I answered his question; the only people that I’ve shown the studio to are Mikey and my parents. I kissed his hair again before I was forced to return my gaze to the road in order to keep us on the path to the studio. "Really?" he asked, his voice sounding elated as I peeked at him again to see him grinning. "Wow..." he sighed out; smiling as he innocently kissed my neck. ”I'm honored, sugar," he said; still grinning. I smiled yet again and gave his hand another soft squeeze; completely happy that he seemed excited by that. "I'm glad you are, baby," I said, again keeping myself from mentioning that Brandon isn't really interested in this kind of thing about me to him since I wasn’t sure if I really wanted him to know that… "I love that you're sharing this with me, Gerard," he said, placing a kiss to the corner of my mouth as he snuggled even closer to me; placing another kiss to my cheek. Almost as if he wanted me to know that this was special to him somehow. I smiled and held him just as close to me; loving the fact that this seemed to mean a lot to him due to the honored tone in his voice. "I love that I'm sharing this with you, too, Frankie," I told him, smiling and kissing his temple adoringly; lingering gently against his skin for a brief moment before I had to make a left turn; realizing that we were only a bit a ways from the studio now. Frank gently pressed a kiss to my lips before

snuggling closer to my side again, the both of us remaining quiet as we came even closer to the studio; another smile spreading across my features as he gently pressed another soft kiss to the back of my hand, which was still laced with his and hadn’t separated from it since we’d gotten into the car. I felt the ever present tingles on my skin from where his lips had touched and felt myself somehow becoming even more addicted to him. --I smiled once we had entered the studio and Frank immediately gazed in awe at one of the paintings that I had mounted up on one of the walls; one that I had affectionately dubbed "Demolition Lovers" and had finished just under a month ago. I couldn’t resist walking up behind him and wrapping my arms around his waist to hold him securely as he continued to gaze at it; pushing a rather un-innocent and sensual kiss to the side of his neck, and waiting to see his reaction as my lips lingered against his skin. "Mmm..." he sighed out softly; tilting his head to the side in order to allow me more of his neck and letting my kisses continue to become steadily more sensual. One of his arms was resting on top of mine, which was still wrapped around his waist and his fingertips gently began to stroke the skin of my wrist as his other hand reached back to weave within my hair; a soft moan escaping his lips. "Sugar... you can't do that... unless..." he trailed off, moaning out a bit less softly than before as my lips continued kissing his sensitive skin. “I want you to do something for me, baby…” I

murmured, playfully nipping at his tattoo before my lips wandered up to his hear. “Please…?” I murmured in a charming and seductive voice, lightly licking the outer shell of his ear. “Anything, Gee…” he breathed after gasping softly, leaning back into me as my fingers lightly rubbed the skin of his stomach through the shirt that he was wearing. "Break in this art studio with me..." I trailed off seductively, unable to resist pushing more kisses to his neck as my arms remained securely wrapped around his waist; beginning to lightly suck at his skin as well as pressing soft and sensual kisses to it. I was beginning to crave him even more than what I had earlier when we were on the couch and had been cutely interrupted by Zero. "Gerard..." he moaned out in a turned on voice; turning around within my grasp so that he could kiss me, rather hard, as his arms wrapped around my waist and pulled my hips into his. This caused the both of us to moan out at the pleasurable contact in unison. "Fuck yes, baby... I'll break in this studio with you," he said. I grinned once more at his acceptance of my offer and kissed his lips deeply again; my hands settling on his hips as our kisses became more and more lustful, but also still somehow remained adoring. I pulled away from his lips after a few more minutes of kissing to glance around the room; quickly reattaching our lips as I spotted a canvas laying spread across the floor a few feet away and began to direct him over to it with me.

He let me lay him down on said canvas; our lips not detaching once as he continued to press his lips back against mine. I smiled against his lips and continued to kiss him for another few moments before pulling away and giving him an adoring smile before my head dipped down to begin kissing and sucking at his neck again; my lips instantly seeking out his scorpion tattoo in habit. One of my hands began sliding up under Frank's shirt a few moments later to begin lightly roaming along the soft skin of his chest and stomach. Frank let out a shiver at the feeling; a few slightly stifled moans spilling past his pink lips. My lips obviously brushing over some weak spots in his neck as his fingers wandered up under my shirt as well; beginning to run his fingers sensually up and down my back as his lips placed soft kisses to my hair and the side of my face as I continued to pay attention to his neck. I smiled into his skin and let out a shiver of my own as one of his fingertips lightly trailed up the length of my spine; pressing a few more soft kisses to Frank's neck and sucking lightly once more before pulling away and kissing his lips longingly instead so that I could begin to get his shirt unbuttoned for him. "Mmm..." he moaned out softly against my lips; his pressing back just as longingly into mine as I continued to unbutton his shirt, his fingers that were underneath my shirt lightly dragging over my skin and causing me to shiver. "Fuck..." I murmured, kissing him even more longingly at his actions and finally finished unbuttoning his shirt.

I soon began to let my fingers roam the sensitive and warm skin of his chest and stomach. "Mmm... Gee..." he moaned softly against my lips again as my fingers lightly traced the outline of his 'Search and Destroy' tattoo; arching into my touch as his tongue slid across my lower lip. I quickly obliged him and opened my mouth slightly; allowing his tongue in to explore, and soon one of his heavenly moans vibrated against my lips. I softly pushed my tongue back against Frank’s; absolutely in love with all of the kisses like this that we shared together as often as we could and sighed contently into his mouth. My fingers still lightly dancing along his warm skin for a few moments before I got him completely out of his shirt as our kiss continued. "Gee..." he breathed against my lips; his lips instantly kissing a trail to my neck where he pushed soft and sensual kisses to my skin. His fingers going to unbutton my shirt as well; soft moans spilling from my lips as his soft lips continued fluttering against my skin; all of his actions completely turning me on as I allowed him to slip my shirt off of my shoulders. I sighed in relief once it was off of me and buried my face contently into his hair as the sensual kisses to my neck continued. Frank moaned softly into my skin in response; lightly sucking at what he knew to be a sensitive spot on my neck before trailing his lips down to my exposed shoulder. He soon began to suck at that as well as his hands sensually rubbed my chest and my stomach, as if he were simply feeling me as much as he could.

I sighed blissfully and let Frank have free roam of my body; my hands continuing to roam his skin as his continued to roam mine. I soon let my fingers trail down Frank's stomach to wrap around his belt buckle; unbuckling it before gently prying Frank off of me so that I could begin to kiss his chest without difficulty. Frank let me do as I pleased; leaning back as I overtook his body with kisses, me feeling goosebumps arising from beneath my lips as I kissed particularly sensitive spots. His hands were still roaming over the skin of my back, earning more shivers from me as I kissed a path down his chest and stomach. I soon finished unbuckling his belt completely and unbuttoned the jeans he was wearing. "You're so beautiful, baby," I murmured into the skin of his upper stomach; unable to resist saying it as I unzipped his pants. “I’m nothing compared to you, sugar,” he replied, softly trailing his fingers through my hair as he gazed at me with an adoring expression on his beautiful face. I smiled back at him and placed another kiss to his baby smooth skin as I gently trailed my fingers along his lower stomach; eventually hooking them in the waistband of his unbuttoned jeans and sliding them down slightly as my lips trailed lower as well. I picked a sensitive spot just under his bellybutton to begin softly kissing, sucking, and licking at. “Mmm… baby, that feels so good…” he murmured, a pleasured tone in his voice as his breathing became slightly labored as his stomach began to rise and fall quite rapidly in pace with his breathing; his fingers

continuing to trail softly through my hair and over the skin of my upper back and shoulders. I shivered yet again as his hands kept roaming over my skin and placed more soft and sensual kisses to his in return, getting him out of his jeans completely after another few moments and letting my hands rest on his thighs as my lips trailed to just above the waistband of his boxers; lightly slipping my tongue underneath said waistband and trailing it along the skin there. “Mmm…” he moaned out again, sounding as if he were nearly losing control and eagerly bucked his hips up; still trailing his fingers throughout my hair as his other hand continued to roam my back and shoulders. Everything about the way he was touching me was completely sensual. I smirked slightly at his reactions to all that I was doing to him and folded the waistband of his boxers down some; exposing more of his highly sensitive skin to me and quickly began to devour it with my lips, simply unable to get enough of the way he tasted and let my hands slide his boxers down his hips a bit more. I found myself falling absolutely in love with the way that he was caressing my skin and trailing his fingers through my hair… Brandon had never been like that with me. “Gee… baby…” he breathed in a highly pleasured tone between the soft moans and whimpers that spilled past his lips; seeming to completely submit to me as he allowed me to do as I pleased with him. “Fuck… don’t stop…” I smiled into his skin upon hearing his words and

continued with devouring it; sliding his boxers even further down his hips and letting my lips drift to the skin around the base of his growing erection as more and more of it became exposed to me. I was unable to resist sucking at the skin there; knowing that it was much more sensitive than the skin on his lower stomach. “Uhhh… Gerard…” he sighed blissfully. “You know just what to do to drive me completely crazy, baby.” “I’m glad I do, Frankie,” I told him with a smile; briefly pulling away from his skin in order to get him completely out of his boxers and pressed kisses to the insides of his thighs once they were finally off of him. I was simply unable to keep myself from being all over him as my lips lingered against his skin. Frank’s soft moans and whimpers continued to sound as my lips drifted closer and closer to his cock; which was completely hard and probably causing him some discomfort. “Gee… please…” he whimpered, not finishing his sentence and instead bucking his hips up slightly. I grinned at the way that he was obviously eager for what I was going to do to him and settled myself in between his legs once more; the soft kisses and light sucking that I had been doing earlier resuming at his base and soon beginning to wander up the length of his hard-on. I wasn’t teasing him too much anymore; but I still couldn’t resist doing it a little bit, loving the way that he always squirmed for me. Frank let out a blissful sigh of content, obviously pleased with what I was doing to him and his fingers

resumed their previous positions of either in my hair or resting on my upper back. I couldn’t help but smile inwardly as his fingers resumed their previous resting places and flicked my tongue out of my mouth to lightly drag it along certain sensitive areas of his erection; knowing by heart which places were particularly sensitive. And I soon found myself briefly licking my lips before slowly wrapping them around his tip, swirling my tongue as well. “Gerard…” he moaned out my name in an absolutely pleasured voice and arched his back as my lips wrapped slightly tighter around him now. “Fuck, baby; that feels so good…” I inwardly smiled at the obvious pleasure in his voice and began to lightly suck on what of him was in my mouth; deciding to keep things a bit gentle for now seeing as we had all the time that we needed and swirled my tongue around his tip again a bit teasingly before taking more of his member into my mouth. “Baby…” he sighed, moans still slipping from his mouth as I continued to pleasure him; seeming to enjoy the way that I was taking my time with doing this to him. I sucked slightly harder in response to all of the beautiful sounds he was making for me, my hands resting softly against his thighs as I swirled my tongue around what was in my mouth again a few times before bobbing my head down a bit further. I found myself loving the fact that I was the one getting to do this to him, the one that he was moaning for. “Gerard…” he moaned out my name again, almost

repeatedly; letting me know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was me he was thinking of, and the moans also sort of letting me know that he was appreciating all of this. His fingers slightly tightened their grip on my hair, although not painfully. I couldn’t help but moan softly from around him as his grip on my hair slightly tightened; liking how he was gripping it just firmly enough to let me know that he was there and began to suck him a bit harder again in response. I soon bobbed back up his erection and sucking there for a few moments before bobbing back down again, this time a bit further than before. I couldn’t resist swirling my tongue around his member again and took the time to enjoy the way he felt and tasted in my mouth. “Fuck…” he sighed blissfully; tossing his head back in pleasure, which also made his stomach dip slightly in a very sexy way. “I love the way you suck me, baby…” he said in a voice clouded with lust and pleasure. “You are so fucking good at it…” I smirked inwardly at his words and bobbed my head down even further again and began to suck harder now that even more of him was in my mouth. I let one of my hands come up to begin to pump what of his erection wasn’t in my mouth; the other remaining on one of his thighs and lightly tracing random shapes into his skin. “Oh, fuck, Gee…” he moaned out louder than before now, pleasured whimpers and moans dripping like a waterfall from his lips; obviously still enjoying what I was doing to him. “You make me feel so damn good, sugar…”

I smiled inwardly again for the millionth time at his words, again sucking his erection even harder in response; showing him how much I liked all of the things that he was saying to me. I eventually removed my hand from pumping him in order to take a bit more of him into my mouth; nearly deep-throating him, but not quite just yet, as I still wanted to take my time with this. Moans began to fall more frequently from Frank’s lips as I had nearly all of him in my mouth; seeming to have no intention of making me hurry with this as his fingers shifted from gripping my hair to softly stroking it as the fingers of his other hand lightly massaged my shoulder. His stomach was still dipping in a sexy way as more soft moans escaped him at the continued pressure of my sucking. I shivered lightly as Frank stroked my hair and massaged my shoulder; again falling absolutely in love with the things he would do whilst I was giving him head like this. His tender touches caused me more pleasure in giving head than I'd ever felt before, and encouraged me to swirl my tongue around his length again before deciding to bob the rest of the way down his member so I could deep-throat him. I grinned inwardly again as I got the reaction that I’d wanted from this; a loud moan spilled past Frank’s lips and the tender stroking of my hair disappeared and was replaced with his fingers lacing within it again, and the tender massaging of my shoulder was replaced with his fingers dragging down my back. I quickly began to make swallowing movements with

the muscles in my throat considering how much I loved doing this to him. I also found myself liking the way that he was gripping my hair now, a bit rougher than before but still not painfully. “If you keep that up, baby, I won’t last much longer,” he informed me; his breathing coming out in pants as even more soft moans spilled out. I swirled my tongue around him yet again to acknowledge his words and the fact that he was close; adding a bit more pressure into the way that I was making swallowing movements around him in order to give him more pleasure. “Gee…” he breathed, obviously feeling the way that my actions had accelerated and let out another low and breathless moan. “I’m coming, baby…” he managed to say before his head tossed back and his back arched again in pleasure; his grip on my hair also tightening. I inwardly smiled yet again as his orgasm consumed him; swallowing all that he spilled into my mouth and bobbing back a little bit, but still continuing to suck in order to let him ride out his orgasm, and also allowing him to buck his hips slightly into my mouth. “Baby…” he sighed blissfully as he gazed down at me, beckoning me forward with one of his fingers before pulling my body on top of his as our lips connected passionately; obviously not minding the way that I probably tasted of him. I eagerly kissed him back, some of my fingers weaving within his soft hair as our kiss continued; absolutely loving how passionate and sensual each kiss that we shared was. “Mmm, baby…” he sighed out blissfully as he eventually pulled away from my lips, gazing at me lovingly and grinning softly as he placed yet another

tender kiss to my lips. “Baby, you are amazing,” he said with a warm smile. “That felt so, so good…” I smiled at him and pressed another kiss to his lips. “I’m glad you enjoyed it, babe,” I told him, gently smoothing his hair away from his face for him in habit as I enjoyed how close he was holding me to his body. “Are you kidding?” he grinned, kissing me deeply this time. “I loved it, Gee,” he admitted, nuzzling his forehead into my cheek as he simply cradled me close to him. “I’m so glad you did, babe,” I smiled yet again and pressed a kiss to the side of his face, my arms loosely wrapping around his neck as I savored the feeling of us simply cuddling like this and softly stroked the hair on the back of his head. Frank soon let out a soft sigh and continued to cradle me close we exchanged a series of soft and still tender kisses to one another’s lips or whatever part of the other’s face we could. I couldn’t help but smile again at the way we were acting together; thoroughly enjoying this and continuing to stroke his hair as he held me. I felt completely content with simply being here like this with him as I softly placed a kiss to the corner of his mouth. After another few moments of him calming down, Frank fingers soon began to slowly trail down my sides until they reached my lower back; gently directing me so that we were both laying on our sides, with me half on top of him. His lips immediately attached to my neck as he ground up against me through my clothing, his fingers gently resting along my naked waist. I

moaned softly in response and immediately tilted my head to the side so he could have all of the skin that he wanted; moaning once more as he ground up against me again before letting out a blissful sigh. Frank connected our lips passionately again as his fingers trailed down to my belt buckle; swiftly undoing it and unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. He slid both my pants and my boxers down my legs as his lips left mine and left a sensual trail of kisses, starting at my jaw, to down my chest and stomach; stopping once he reached my the skin of my stomach and admiring the marks that he had left behind on me. He finished getting me out of my pants and boxers before lightly tracing his fingers over the marks, placing soft kisses to the paths that his fingers had traced. I shivered at both the feeling of Frank’s fingers and the feelings of his lips, watching all of his actions intently as my marked up skin continued to be paid attention to. I felt completely in love with this type of contact from him and began to gently stroke his soft hair as he pressed more kisses to my stomach and soon felt those kisses begin to trail downwards once again. He paid extra attention to the skin on my lower stomach as well as to the skin on my hips; knowing just how crazy him sucking and kissing there made me feel and let his lips trail to the skin above my erection. He lightly began kissing and sucking at the skin there as well as the skin around the sides of it, purposefully avoiding my erection in itself as one of his hands gripped my waist and the other freely roamed different parts of my body.

I couldn’t help but moan out as his soft lips came into contact with such sensitive skin. My fingers continued to softly stroke his hair as I shivered at the feeling of his free hand wandering my body. “Babe…” I murmured contently as his lips graced one of my hyper-sensitive marked up hips again. He lightly sucked at the skin for a few moments, completely aware of how much it turned me on when he was teasing me like this, before trailing his lips back down to my hard-on; blowing a soft stream of air onto it. I moaned softly again at the feeling of the small cool gusts of air ghosting over my heated skin; my fingers weaving within his hair and instead of gently stroking it, I began to lightly massage his scalp, while continuing to watch his actions intently. He grinned at my actions before placing soft and sensual kisses up the length of my erection, before lightly swirling his tongue around my tip and taking me into his mouth. I moaned at all of the sensations my erection was feeling. “Fuck…” I breathed out in response to the feelings, beginning to feel small bubbles of anticipation flitting around in my stomach. “How bad do you want this, baby?” he asked me in a sensual and slightly teasing tone, as his tongue darted out of his mouth to seductively lick along the sides of my cock. “Mmm… so fucking badly, Frankie,” I said in response to his question; moaning out for him yet again as he licked along the side of my cock once more. He grinned at my response, apparently getting the answer that he wanted, before grasping my hips and

bringing them downwards some so that he could wrap his mouth around my hard-on. I moaned softly at the position we were in, him on his back underneath me as I hovered over him as he sucked me off, finding all of this incredibly sexy and wove my fingers a bit more firmly within his hair in response to the feeling of his mouth surrounding me. I let out a blissful sigh a few moments later as he began to apply sucking pressure. “Fuck…” I breathed out yet again, still gently massaging his scalp; although a bit more firmly than before. I moaned out again after another few moments as he took a bit more of me into his mouth, loving the way that he went about doing this to me and sighing out in both content and pleasurable bliss; another low moan coming out as he began to suck a bit harder. He pulled away from my hard-on after a few minutes of sucking me, and I was just about to give him a questioning glance before his mouth surrounding me again and he soon deep-throated me; a soft moan escaping him as he did so. “Fuck… Frankie…” I moaned out a bit louder than before at his actions; tilting my head back in pleasure and thoroughly enjoying the pleasurable vibrations that shot through my member as he moaned. My grip on his hair tightened slightly in the midst of all the pleasure I was receiving and my breathing began to come out in slight pants. “I love when you do that…” he admitted as my fingers tightened within his hair, and he pulled away from me briefly once again so that he could speak. “And fuck, baby; I love the way it feels when your delicious cock is in my mouth…” he said, his voice seductive once

more as his lips encircled me again and he began to set up a steady rhythm of sucking. “Mmm… I’m glad you enjoy it so much, babe; I know I do…” I said, moaning out as the steady rhythm of sucking continued. Getting lost in the sensations of his warm and wet mouth around me just as I always had as my head tilted back in bliss; completely savoring all of the sensations that my body was experiencing. “I’ll do this for as long as you want me to…” he said before his lips wrapped around my dick for another few moments. “All night, if you want…” he trailed off, only half kidding as his fingers gently trailed over the curves of my hips and my ass as the sensual sucking resumed. I moaned again at the feelings and tilted my head back in pleasure once more; once again getting lost within the completely amazing feelings of his mouth around me. “Fuck… if you keep this up, I’m not gonna last much longer…” I warned him, beginning to feel the very first warning signs of my orgasm approaching. He smirked in delight from around me and increased the pressure of his lips, sucking me even harder than before as he began to help me thrust into his mouth; seeming to like the method of sucking me off that he was using. A few moans louder than before spilled past my lips at the harder sucking; feeling the slight burning that had been in my stomach begin to intensify, soon intensifying even more as I continued to slightly thrust into his mouth. “Baby… fuck…” I moaned, my body tensing up before I spilled my load into his mouth with a loud moan of his name.

Frank graciously swallowed all that I had to give and continued to suck me for a few moments to allow me to ride out my orgasm before pulling away and pressing a series of soft kisses to my now deflated cock. He then traveled back up the length of my body and held me close to him as he connected our lips once more. “Baby, you always taste so good…” he said, grinning softly as he pulled me into another kiss. I eagerly kissed him back and held him just as close as he was holding me; absolutely in love with the feeling of holding him like this. “I’m glad you think so, babe,” I said against his lips, also smiling against them, before quickly engaging him in another kiss. “Fuck yes, I think so,” he replied with another grin. "Actually, you're going to have a hard time with trying to make me keep my lips off of you. I've become quite addicted to the way you taste baby, and with the way I crave you..." he trailed off, that beautiful and sexy grin still on his face as he placed another soft kiss to my lips. "Just letting you know, I want to be able to have your delicious taste in my mouth as often as possible,” he said as his arms lightly wound around my neck. I smiled at his words and cradled him closely still, my arms wrapping loosely around his waist. "I don't think I'll ever object to having your lips on me, baby,” I told him, kissing the corner of his mouth. "I'm just as addicted to the way you taste," I said with another smile, kissing the opposite corner of his mouth. Frank smiled and moved his face so that it was his lips that I was kissing once more and lightly trailed his fingers up and down the length of my spine, earning a

few shivers from me as he did so. “Thank you for bringing me here, Gee,” he said in a soft voice, grinning adoringly at me. "And thank you for giving me the honor of being the one to break in this art studio with you." I grinned adoringly at him as well and planted yet another kiss to those soft lips of his; making this kiss just as longing as the ones that I had shared earlier with him. "It's no problem whatsoever, baby," I smiled. "But something tells me that we're not done breaking in this studio just yet...”

Chapter 22 [[Frank's POV]] “But something tells me that we're not done breaking in this studio just yet…” The look in Gerard’s eyes as he spoke those incredibly sexy words, and the equally sexy smirk on his face instantly made my exhausted body crave him more than I think I have ever craved anything, or anyone, before in my entire life. “Gerard…” I breathed out, as my fingers trailed up and down the length of his back; feeling him as much as I possibly could. Every second that ticked by brought us closer to the moment where our visit together would be over, and I didn’t want to waste a moment of being so close to him like this. His words repeated over and over again in my head as my body acted on complete impulse, by wrapping one hand tightly around his lower back as my other hand now cradled the side of his face; studying the curves of his

smile as my lips reached up to connect hungrily to his own. I kissed him good and hard, making sure to let him know that his words were of course correct. “I get that feeling, too, Gee…” I confirmed once our kiss was over, and I had gained a little bit of my breathing back. My arm was still wrapped around him somewhat possessively in order to hold his gorgeous body more closely to my own. I felt him shiver as my fingers once again ran up and down his back, as his lips collided with mine for the millionth time tonight and he eagerly began to kiss me. I felt butterflies once again invade my body as his arms wrapped even tighter around me, holding me close to him just as possessively as I was holding onto him. I then felt the most incredible shockwaves flutter throughout my entire being; from the top of my head down to my toes, from my lips to my cock, as Gerard lightly slid his tongue along my lower lip, and flicked it against my lip ring. “Oh fuck,” I murmured, as my body instantly began to writhe and squirm from below him; moaning out at that amazingly sexy motion. “Baby, I love it when you do that…” I trailed off, with a lust-filled look in my eyes as I stared back at him; my fingers lightly beginning to stroke along his back again. “You must know that you get me so fucking hot for you when you do that…” Gerard smiled at me, and leaned his lips forward so that he could kiss me once again. “I'd be lying if I said that I didn't know that,” he replied with a slight smirk,

again leaning forward to kiss my lips before trailing them along my jaw; infinitely turning me on. “It gets me so hot for you, too…” Gerard added, smirking at me. I didn’t get to see it for long, because his lips became immersed within the skin on my neck, which caused me to moan out for him yet again. I began trailing my fingers quite possessively across Gerard's skin as he moaned out softly against my neck, before he leaned up to connect our lips together quite passionately. His fingers danced gracefully across the entire length of my body; traveling down until they reached my leg, which he wrapped very sexily around him. He successfully brought our bodies even closer together with that one very sexy movement. I loved how he was making me do things like that to him; it proved that he wanted me again just as much as I wanted and craved him. “Everything that you do makes me want you so fucking bad, Frankie…” he spoke in an erotic tone; his words continuing to drive me crazy, and making me want him even more than I did before. Our lips connected lightly once again, before his parted from mine to plant soft, sensual kisses to my jaw and neck. “Oh really?” I questioned playfully, clearly knowing the answer already. “How about when I do... this?” I teased, as my lips attached to Gerard's neck, and eventually down to his shoulder. I began to suck rather sensually on his skin; knowing that it drove him completely crazy. He moaned out softly at my actions as my lips

continued to dance across his sweet-tasting skin. “Mmm…” he sighed out blissfully, as his lips landed upon my hair. “It makes me weak for you,” he replied softly, to which my actions ceased momentarily so that I could look at him. He was smiling softly at me, and I couldn’t resist but to capture his lips with yet another sweet kiss. I pulled away not too long after; smiling at him as I smoothed his hair back that had fallen in front of his face. “You always make me weak for you, Gee,” I replied, completely honest. “Like when you kiss me like that…” Gerard gave me another gorgeous smile, before he leaned in to press another tender kiss to my lips; lingering somewhat adoringly against them as he did so. “And you always make me weak for you too, Frankie,” he replied in return, as his lips continued to flutter softly against my own. “Even just your smile makes me weak,” he added, giving me a sweet grin as he kissed the corner of my mouth. I giggled slightly as my heart completely melted, sighing in complete content as my fingers began to affectionately stroke through the back of his hair. “Oh, sugar... you have no idea how much I love being here with you,” I began, taking Gerard’s long fingers within my own, and planted a soft kiss to them. “I don't care where we are, or what we do; as long as it's you that I'm with… it's by far the best part of my day.” Gerard grinned down at me as he mimicked my actions of kissing our entwined fingers, before leaning in to kiss my lips once again. “It's by far the best part of mine too, baby,” he smiled against our kiss, before

gently kissing my jaw. I grinned at his sweet kisses, and tilted my head back so that Gerard could place more kisses wherever he saw fit to my skin. In the midst of this, even though my body was completely worn out from all that we had done together thus far; from this morning to the incredibly hot blowjobs we had just exchanged, I still completely craved him. Just feeling his gorgeous body on top of mine like that, as well as the feeling of his soft, delicious lips fluttering across my skin like they were now did things to me that I simply could not control. My arms wove tightly around his body again, and without notice I flipped his body over so that I was the one hovering over him; looking down at him with the most seductive smirk that I could give him. He grinned wildly up at me, as his hands began to roam up my torso now that I was on top of him. “What are you up to, baby?” Gerard questioned with a curious expression on his face, as his fingers gently began tracing the shape of the tattoo on my chest. “Helping you finish breaking in this studio…” I replied rather suggestively, as my lips once again collided hungrily with his. Our lower halves grinded together as I leaned in to kiss him like that, causing me to instantly crave what his body was capable of doing to me so desperately. “I mean, if you still want me too…” He grinned up at me, and immediately captured my lips in another hungry kiss; as we both moaned out loudly in unison as our lower halves grinded together once more. “Mmm…” he moaned out sexily; as his hands slid down my sides to rest lightly on my hips. “Of course I want you too, babe.”

“I’m sorry, Gee; I just can't help myself…” I admitted, as my lips fluttered to random parts of Gerard's skin that I had long ago pegged as sensitive. “I don't know what it is that you do to me, but you always make me want you... so... fucking... badly...” I said each word between a soft, sensual kiss; my voice taking on one of complete need and utter seduction as our lips instantly found their way to one another’s yet again. Our fingers locked with one another, as our bodies continued to grind softly against each other. Gerard moaned softly into my mouth again as our bodies moved so perfectly together, and lightly pushed his hips up into mine as his lips parted to grant my tongue the access into his sweet-tasting mouth that I so desperately desired. I tasted as much of him as I could; completely loving how beautiful he tasted and how submissive he was being for me. That in itself was such a huge turn-on. “Oh baby…” I sighed out amongst his lips. I began to kiss him once again; only this time, his tongue joined my own and together, they collided blissfully with one another. I felt him sigh contently into my mouth, as his hands sensually continued to roam up and down my sides; lightly touching any part of my body that he possibly could. His fingers then ghosted over my lower back, and I could not help but let out the soft moan that was emitted at the very soft, butterfly-flutter of those talented fingers of his. My body was shivering as our lips broke apart, and my breathing had become rather labored. I may have

been on top of him, but I was in no way the dominant one. I loved how it felt when he was in control of me; it was literally my favorite feeling in the entire world, to have someone as beautiful as Gerard have such control over me. I loved when I was the one in control of him, too; it just felt wrong for me to take control now, considering this was his fantasy that we were making come true in his art studio. With that in mind, I wanted to make sure that his fantasy was indeed, coming true. “So Gee,” I began, sitting up half-way on the side of him; though my fingers never left his body, not for a second. “Since this is your art studio, and I am your guest, I'm thinking that whatever we do next is completely your call,” I said to him, as my fingers continued to sensually travel down the length of his body, which was facing me. “Whatever you want baby, tell me what you want for me to do.” Gerard’s facial expression became thoughtful as I said those words, and he began to glance around the room; to the blank canvas beneath us, to the numerous cans of paint that he had stacked against the wall to the left of us, then back to me. His eyes widened, and a smirk crossed his face, as he leaned his body up so that he could kiss me. “Frankie baby,” he said with a very sexy smirk. “Can we really do anything that I want?” I was a bit apprehensive about whatever it was that he had in mind, but this was Gerard. I could never deny him anything; I haven’t thus far, and I’m pretty sure that I never, ever will.

“Anything,” I affirmed, as my lips again collided against his own. “Because I want to get really, really dirty with you…” he trailed off, as his lips wandered down to begin sucking on my neck. Soft moans instantly left my lips; the feeling was just too good. “Are you okay with getting really, really dirty with me?” “With you?” I grinned at his question, peering down at what we were laying on and then at the cans of paint as well, and got exactly what it was that Gerard was trying to imply. “Baby, I'd love to get really, really dirty with you…” I was so turned on by his idea, that my lips attacked the skin on his neck, and began to suck on it as hard as I possibly could. “I want to get fucking filthy with you…” “Mmm, Frankie…” he moaned out for me, as his fingers wove within my hair to keep me in place. I sucked on his delicious skin for a few moments, before he allowed me to break apart from him. Gerard was grinning triumphantly as he leaned in to press a deep kiss to my lips. “I was hoping you'd say that, baby,” Gerard replied gleefully, before kissing me rather fervently; effectively taking my breath away once again. He then parted away from me and our canvas haven, and sauntered over to inspect the different cans of paint. I watched him curiously, and felt my adrenaline pulsating wildly throughout my body at what we were about to do. I was completely addicted to the way that he was about to share something like this with me.

“So Gee, I guess this means that you're gonna turn me into one of your masterpieces?” I grinned at him, completely kidding. “Of course, baby,” Gerard replied as he let out a soft laugh, before turning to grin at me. “It’s very easy to create art when your muse is as beautiful as you are, Frankie.” I blushed at his words. “Well, I happen to believe that you’re only as beautiful as the art that you create,” I said to him, before getting up from the blank canvas to join him. “All of your work is completely mesmerizing Gerard. It’s no surprise at all that it would be, because you sugar, are completely mesmerizing as well.” My fingers wove around his naked waist and into his hair, as my lips connected very tenderly with his own. I kissed him for what seems like hours, though I know it was no more than a minute or two. It didn’t matter; that kiss left me lightheaded and floating. It was a good thing that Gerard was holding on to me. “You mesmerize me, Frankie,” he said to me, before placing one more tender kiss to my lips. “Now come on, help me decide what colors you want to be. I have them all,” he instructed me, gesturing to the cans of paint that were stacked up neatly in rows along the wall. “You're the artist, you pick,” I replied, grinning adoringly at him. “Though I do like green…” I trailed off; my grin still directed at him. “I doubt that you have my favorite shade of green, though.”

“What's your favorite shade?” He asked, grinning back at me as soft kisses were placed to each corner of my mouth. I smiled; one, because Gerard was in my arms. Two, because he was kissing me. And three, because he had taken the bait and asked me that question. “Well…” I said, before placing the softest, most tender kiss upon his lips that I could possibly give him. “You see, Gee; I'd never seen it before, until I met you,” I continued, somewhat hinting at what color I was talking about. “Oh?” Gerard asked; gifting me with a very sweet grin. I nodded. “The first time I looked in your eyes, I couldn't get that gorgeous hazel-green color out of my head…” I spoke with a soft grin, as my fingers traced the curves of his face. “I've never seen anything like it.” Gerard’s facial expression was one of absolute adoration as his arms wrapped around my neck, and he connected our lips more passionately than our previous kisses. He kissed me so deeply, so adoringly; and I did the same, kissing him with as much fervor as I could possibly muster. I was elated that my words had that much of a profound effect on him, and that I had gotten the exact response that I was hoping for from him. My arm that was wrapped gently around his waist became tighter, and my other hand now cupped the side of his face as our deep, passionate kiss continued. I was completely unable to get enough of him. I felt Gerard smile against our kiss, and this kiss

continued for a few more moments before he reluctantly pulled away from my lips, and gave me quite a seductive smile. He unwrapped himself from around me and headed back to his canvas; removing the amazingly comfortable velvet curtain that we’d used earlier for a cushiony sheet during our blowjob extravaganza, and situated it onto the floor. He then laid out a clear tarp-like thing over it, and replaced the canvas which would soon become covered in paint. I had to admit, watching Gerard as ‘the artist at work’ was a major turn-on; he was just so beautiful, and every movement that he made was so elegant and pretty. I just liked to watch him. After situating his workspace to his liking, he sauntered over toward me again; wrapping his arms around me while he leaned in to place a soft kiss to my lips. I kissed him back and held him there for a few moments, not wanting to let him go; though my desire for him was growing with every soft flutter of his lips, and every soft, elegant movement of his fingers across my skin. It wasn’t necessarily the sex that I craved with Gerard, it was being intimate with him. It was being close to him, and sharing such tender moments like this with him. It was the most incredible feeling, to be able to feel every inch of his body, while he felt every inch of mine. “Oh Frankie,” he murmured upon pulling away from me, and placed one more kiss to my lips. “Baby, I can’t wait to do this with you.” He wore a dazzling smile upon his face as I held his body even closer to my own, as my fingers trailed lightly down his back. “I can’t either, Gee,” I replied,

smiling at him. He placed another soft kiss to my lips; still smiling at me as he unwrapped himself from around me to resume his current project. I watched as he retrieved several cans of paint and brought them over to the canvas; setting them alongside it. He opened one of the cans, and spilled the yellow paint all over the previously blank canvas. It was so interesting to see what he would do next. I walked up behind him, and placed sensual kisses to his neck as my arms wove around his chest and stomach. “It's always so hot to watch a really sexy artist at work…” I murmured against his skin; as my lips kissed from his ear down to his shoulder. He moaned out for me and tilted his head slightly, just like he always does in order to let me have all of his succulent skin that I wanted. I grinned against his skin; I loved that he would always let me do as I pleased with him. “Mmm…” he moaned again, as his fingers weaved within my hair. “I'm glad you think so, baby,” he said, as his head tilted once more so that he could kiss my temple. He then proceeded to open up another can of paint, this one blue, and with my lips still attached to his skin, he poured the paint onto the canvas. I watched every single one of his movements while holding him closely like that, and placed as many soft, sensual kisses amongst his perfect skin as I could; the butterflies that I’d felt now swarming in excited anticipation at what he and I were about to accomplish together. “I can't wait to get dirty with you, baby,” I

murmured sensually in his ear, before nibbling softly on his earlobe. My kisses to the sensitive spots on his skin became more and more sensual, and I could feel him squirming within my grasp as I’d hit one sensitive spot, and then another, and then another… “I can't wait to get dirty with you either, Frankie,” he told me as he turned his body around so that he was facing me, and I noticed that a mischievous smile had formed onto his gorgeous face as he leaned in to kiss me. Without even knowing what was happening, I felt him wrap his arms around me, and soon felt him lowering me so that I was laying on top of the now paint-covered canvas. Our lips were attached throughout all of this, and the discomfort from the cold paint was completely drowned out by the feeling of his warm body lightly crawling on top of me. “Now, Frankie; do you prefer to be drenched in purple paint or a very bright red?” he asked with a charming grin once our lips had parted; again leaning in to gently kiss my lips again. I thought about his question for a moment, before replying, “Red. Purple will remind me too much of Gabe,” I admitted honestly, though another thought crossed my mind at that exact moment. “Though if we do purple I can give this to him for Christmas. So you know, either way is win/win,” I grinned, leaning up slightly so that I could kiss his lips again; though I was only kidding about my last response. Gerard let out a light laugh. “Is it bad for me to say that for some reason, I imagine that Gabe would like

this gift?” He asked, as he pressed another gorgeous kiss to my lips before he climbed off of me in order to kneel beside me, and grabbed the red can of paint. “He totally would, 'cause he's such a perv,” I replied, rolling my eyes as I rolled over onto my side, and propped my head up on my elbow so I could get a better view of him. “So definitely, we'll go with red,” I affirmed, as I noticed that random parts of his body was covered in random splotches of blue and yellow paint. “And may I just say, Gerard, that you look amazing in blue.” “Thank you, baby,” Gerard replied, as he let out another soft laugh. He leaned in to plant a very tender kiss to my lips once again, and ran his fingers adoringly over the side of my face. “And so do you,” he added, as he popped open the new can of paint. He then poured about half of it on to my body, but I barely even noticed that my body was being covered in the very bright colored liquid. I was so consumed with watching him, and studying every single movement that he made. “Red suits you, Frankie,” Gerard said with a playful smile. It was then that I noticed that yes, my body was covered in very cold, very red paint; as well as the canvas that I was laying on top of. “This shit is cold!” I exclaimed; giggling as more paint was drizzled on top of me. I then reached over to grip Gerard’s hand, and tugged his body back down on top of mine; covering the front of his body with the same paint that was covering mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and my fingers began to toy mindlessly with his soft black locks of gorgeous hair.

“It is safe and you know... non-toxic, right?” I questioned; finally becoming a little bit apprehensive now that the paint has gone everywhere. “Of course,” Gerard smiled at me, leaning down to grant me a kiss. “I have a brother who would probably be dumb enough to try to eat this shit. Trust me, it’s safe.” I laughed at his response. “You know, Gabe probably would be, too,” I giggled, rolling my eyes playfully. I quickly dismissed those thoughts of Gabe aside as I leaned over to swirl my fingers in one of the puddles of paint, and began to run them along Gerard's back. I felt him shiver beneath my touch as my paintcovered fingers continued to roam along his back. I leaned up to kiss him again; as the fronts of our bodies became even more decorated in the red liquid. As our lips continued to move together, I felt our kiss becoming more and more sensual; and as his perfect body continued to move so beautifully on top of my own, I felt my desire for him growing even further than before. “Mmm…” I moaned out amongst his lips as his fingers gracefully began to travel down my chest. “I didn't know that making art could be so much fun,” I mused; giggling a bit before I slid my hands down along the small of Gerard's back. Again, I felt his body shiver at the contact, which caused him to press his hips up lightly into my own. The moans that were emitted simultaneously from the both of us were louder than the ones we’d been

sharing, and those beautiful sounds encouraged him to do it again; only this time I met him halfway by lifting my own hips into his. His lips slid elegantly down the side of my neck as he repeated his actions, and I was there to meet him every single time by sliding my hips into his. “Mmm... Gee…” I whimpered softly at the amazing feeling of all that he was doing to me. “Baby, that feels so good…” I admitted, as my body lifted upward into Gerard's once again. My head instantly tilted to the side in order to grant Gerard even more access to my neck; as my fingers cradled the back of his head, as if to hold him in place and prevent his lips from parting away from my body. “It definitely does,” Gerard agreed, as he moaned out softly into my skin as our hips met again; so beautifully. He began to suck lightly at my skin, not gently but not too roughly, either. It felt just right, as one of his hands began to roam up my chest as a slow, sensual, steady rhythm of his beautiful body grinding softly into mine was set up. I moaned out for him again; completely unable to stop himself from doing so. “Gerard…” I murmured a bit breathlessly. My eagerness was beginning to get the better of me as our grinding continued, as well as the movement of his delicious lips upon my highly sensitive skin. It all felt so teasingly wonderful. “Baby, I need you inside of me soon…” I felt Gerard smile softly into my skin at my words, and then felt him increase the pressure of his lips upon my

skin for a few more moments. “Anything you want, baby,” he promised, as he pulled away from my neck, and began kissing my lips this time as his fingers began to trail sensually down my chest and stomach. I began to get lost in our kiss, before I felt Gerard's fingers hovering right in front of my entrance. “Whoa, baby wait…” I said, abruptly breaking apart from our kiss and sat up; slightly worried about what we were about to do. “Your fingers.. they're covered in paint.. are you sure that this is safe?” Gerard let out a laugh and pressed a soft, gentle kiss to my lips again. “Funny story about that…” he trailed off, smiling as he reached for one of the empty paint cans. “Read the label for under 'uses'.” I took the empty can from him, and did as he instructed for me to do. “Non-toxic, safe, and can be used for many uses around the home or business…” I read aloud. I skimmed over most of what the paint label said until I got to the part that was titled ‘uses’. I saw the typical things you’d expect to see under that label, and then began to giggle almost uncontrollably as my eyes read over what it was that Gerard had wanted for me to see. “…lubricant.” I then tossed the empty can aside, and laid back down; pulling Gerard down on top of me as I did so. “Carry on,” I grinned, as our lips once again found their way to one another. I felt Gerard smile against my lips as his fingers trailed back to my entrance; as his tongue slid so gracefully inside of my parted lips. I moaned out at the amazing feeling, and repeated his actions so that our tongues

were dancing to a slow, sensual tune. I then felt one of his fingers enter inside of me; and was forced to break our kiss because of the overwhelming, amazing feeling. “Gee…” I sighed contently as I felt his finger begin to move in and out of me; slowly at first, and gripped his upper back tightly. My forehead was now resting against the side of his face as I cradled his body closer to me. “How’s that, baby?” Gerard asked, as he placed tender kiss after tender kiss to the side of my face. I tilted my head to the side so that it was my lips that he was kissing, and sighed out blissfully as several more soft kisses were planted upon my lips. “Beautiful, Gee,” I replied, as I leaned back against the canvas. I soon felt him insert a second finger inside of me, which caused me so much pleasure that I could barely even think straight. I shut my eyes in order to help savor this completely blissful feeling, and began roaming my fingers across his wonderland of a body. I lightly began to trace random designs over his back and over his well-toned chest with my paint-covered fingers. I felt him shiver softly beneath my touch, and soon felt his lips connecting softly to mine once again in a deep, passionate kiss. He proceeded to kiss me, while still fingering me, before adding in the third and final finger. I moaned out in absolute pleasure as he began to move them in scissoring movements, and swirled my fingers again in one of the random pools of color that

was surrounding us and began to trace the pattern of a blue-colored heart upon Gerard's chest; smiling at him before focusing my attention on the utmost pleasure that he was bringing me. Gerard smiled at the mini-masterpiece that I had created on his chest, and continued to kiss me for a few more moments, before his beautiful lips trailed down to his favorite tattoo of mine; sucking and nipping playfully at the skin as his fingers continued to move in and out of me in scissor-like motions. “Ahh…” I moaned out quite loudly, as my head tilted off to the side to allow Gerard as much access to my skin that he wanted; my arms wrapping tightly around his back. “Fuck baby… that feels incredible…” I felt Gerard smile into my skin as he pressed a very tender kiss to my neck, which contrasted beautifully to the previous force he had been using to drive me crazy. “I'm so glad that you enjoy when I do this to you,” he said in a soft voice, before I felt his lips journeying a bit further down my neck. I groaned out sexily at the pleasure; tossing my head back for him yet again as he continued to devour my skin. “Mmm... Gee…” I murmured, as one arm remained locked around him, while the other reached out to trail down his chest and his lower stomach. “Come on baby, I need you,” I said breathlessly after a few more moments of the amazing feeling of him fingering me. I simply couldn’t take it any longer, it felt so damn good. Gerard smiled at me then, and slowly withdrew his fingers from inside of my body. “I'm so glad that you

need me as much as I need you, Frankie,” he admitted with a shy grin, as his lips reattached to my own. I sat up slightly, so that I could begin to lube Gerard up; dipping my hand into the can of pink paint that hadn’t been used yet, and began to rub my paintcovered hand all over Gerard's rock-hard erection. I pumped his length sensually, causing him to moan out for me as he leaned his forehead against my shoulder; lightly kissing my skin as he continued to moan at the pleasure I hope that he was feeling. “Mmm, Frankie... I love when you touch me like this, baby,” Gerard murmured; softly kissing my shoulder once again. I smiled at the sweet kisses, and redirected his lips to my own as I finished coating him, and sighed contently as Gerard wrapped his arms tightly around my body and gently laid me back down on the canvas. “Tonight has been so amazing, baby,” I said to him, sighing out blissfully as he settled himself between my legs. “Thank you again so much for bringing me here,” I spoke softly as I peered into Gerard's breath-taking hazel eyes; stroking his hair softly as he finished positioning himself on top of me. He smiled at me and leaned downward a bit to kiss me again; longingly. “Thank you for wanting to see all of this so much,” he said in response with a gorgeous smile; while leaning in to kiss me. Our lips softly moved together as Gerard slowly began to push himself inside of me; the feeling of him finally being inside of me after the way he had fingered me earlier felt so good that I could barely stand it.

I moaned out enthusiastically at the incredible feeling, as my eyes slipped momentarily shut once Gerard had entered me fully. My lips collided hard against Gerard's; kissing him deeply and firmly. Gerard hadn’t even begun to move yet, but already the pleasure was invading my entire being. “Holy fuck baby,” I moaned out, as my fingers began to trail sensually down his back. “How do you always make me feel so fucking good?” Gerard smiled at me, before connecting our lips together again. “I could ask you the same question, babe,” Gerard replied with a charming smile, as his powerful cock continued to hold still inside of me. “Oh, Frankie... you feel so fucking amazing, baby,” Gerard sighed, as his eyes fluttered shut as mine had done earlier. I mimicked Gerard's actions almost completely, as the overwhelming urge for him to fuck me nearly became too much for me to handle. “Come on baby,” I said to him, eyeing him seductively as my fingernails dragged sensually down his back. “Fuck me so good…” Gerard smirked at me and again pressed a very sensual kiss to my lips. “Gladly, Frankie,” he told me, before pulling away from my lips. He allowed his hands to settle on my hips, as he began to set up a slow, steady rhythm of thrusting. I moaned out softly but steadily as Gerard's thrusting remained at that amazingly sensual pace. I wrapped my arms lazily around his shoulders, as my fingers lazily began stroking throughout his hair. I made sure to keep eye contact with him the entire time, and

gave him a loving smile as he leaned in to kiss me every few moments. His pace gradually quickened, but it remained steady; as his hands lightly began to massage my hips. It all felt so immaculate. I moaned out a bit louder at the quickened pace, and adjusted my body accordingly so that I could meet Gerard's thrusts halfway; intensifying every movement. “Gee…” I panted his name, as my back arched into one of his harder thrusts. Gerard and I moaned out simultaneously as I did that; it caused him to thrust in deeper, and harder, and faster than he could before. I sighed out blissfully as he resumed his previous pace, but realized that he was making each of his thrusts a bit harder now. “Gee-” I panted a bit louder now, and more frequently as Gerard's thrusts steadily became more harder and more powerful. I could feel him inch closer toward that oh so pleasurable spot with each and every hard thrust. “Oh, Frankie…” His body language was so easy for me to read. He would slightly change his angling every couple of hard thrusts, and when he did that, I could feel him advancing closer and closer to that moment where he would have me seeing stars and screaming his name. I panted harder, and moaned louder; chanting Gerard's name with every thrust that got me closer to that one, inexplicable moment of absolute pleasure. I arched my back as he thrusted in particularly hard; but unbeknownst to me, he had changed his angling

just slightly, which caused him to hit my prostate dead-on. “Gerard-” I nearly screamed, as my back arched yet again, and caused him to hit it for the second time in a row. “Fuck, baby…” “Right there, Frankie?” Gerard asked, grinning in what looked to be triumph as he obviously knew that he’d found my spot. He kept his angling where it was and continued with the same rhythm of thrusting that he had built up; although it was slightly faster now. “Fuck yes, baby…” I growled out sexily for him, as my head tilted back and my back arched up once again to meet his thrusts. My body was writhing in sheer ecstasy from beneath him, as Gerard continued to ravage my body in the most pleasurable way possible. “Mmm…” Gerard growled out as well. “That's a fucking sexy sound, baby,” he told me; greedily attaching his lips to my neck again as more of my skin became exposed to him, as he kept up with his nowrapid rhythm of fucking me; so good, so hard, and so beautifully fulfilling. I moaned out once more as he struck my spot again, before duplicating the sound Gerard was referring to earlier. “You're the only one that's ever gotten to hear it, sugar,” I smiled at him; lightly stroking Gerard's hair as my other hand traveled down his back again. “...'cause you're the only one that's ever made me feel this good.” Gerard smiled softly at me as he leaned in to press a very loving kiss to my lips. “I'm so glad that I am,

baby,” he told me; as I felt his body shiver from on top of me as my fingers scratched lightly down his back. “Because I can honestly say, that you're the only one that's ever made me feel this good, too,” he replied, before his lips disappeared to softly begin sucking on my neck again. I smiled and shut my eyes as I savored the incredible feeling of not only Gerard fucking me, or sucking deliciously hard on my skin; but at his words. I felt victorious that I was the one that accomplished making him feel this good, as well as getting to be a part of so many wonderful and important things with him. He retracted his lips so that he could smile at me, and softly began to stroke the side of my face with the backs of his fingers. “I'm glad baby…” I sighed out contently; absolutely loving how beautiful he looked from on top of me. I gently reached out to caress the side of his face, and smiled as he leaned into my touch. I attempted to swallow the butterflies that I felt forming as he leaned forward so that our lips could collide in a series of soft, tender kisses. I kissed him back as adoringly as I possibly could, only to release a moan into his mouth as one of his hands left from around my hips in order to begin jerking me off. “Gerard…” I growled out his name sexily once more for him, and leaned my head back against the canvas as I gripped the skin on his back rather possessively; my fingers sensually dragging across his skin as all of the pleasure that I had been feeling from all that Gerard was doing to me began to completely overwhelm me. I didn’t want to cum just yet though, so I needed to concentrate on making him feel as

good as I could before I did so. “Sugar, you are spectacular,” I sighed out blissfully, as our lips collided passionately once again. It didn’t matter how many times I had the absolute honor of feeling his lips upon my own; the sparks that I felt from every soft flutter of his lips left my mind reeling. His kisses left me breathless, and they made my heartbeat quicken and sometimes, it felt like it had stopped beating altogether. I felt him smile against my lips, before he playfully began to nibble on my lip ring; which he knew drove me absolutely crazy. “Mmm, Frankie… so are you, baby,” he told me; kissing me deeply once again as he continued to sensually thrust deeply inside of me, as well as steadily pump my erection in time with said thrusts. “Gee…” I murmured weakly; knowing damn good and well that I wouldn’t be able to fight off my rapidly approaching orgasm for much longer. I arched my back again, just in time for Gerard to thrust directly into my spot. “Fuck baby, I'm almost there…” “Mmm... me too, Frankie,” he breathed out against my lips; moaning slightly louder than before. “Fuck, you feel too damn good, baby…” I got even more turned on at Gerard's moans, and after several hard thrusts and powerful pumps to my erection later, I felt myself teetering on the edge of my erection, and knew that I wouldn’t last not more than a minute longer. “Cum with me?” I requested, as a smile etched across my features. I bucked my hips up as he thrusted in to

hopefully encourage his orgasm, as well. Gerard smiled in return and leaned in to kiss my lips once again. “Of course, baby,” he replied softly, as more seemingly loving kisses were planted upon my lips. He thrusted hard inside of me a few more times, before I felt his gorgeous body begin to tense up; and just one thrust later I felt him spilling his seed deep inside of me, which was accompanied by another loud moan of my name in that amazingly sexy voice of his. As my orgasm blissfully consumed me, I moaned out Gerard’s name quite loudly as well. I released hard onto both of our chests, which clashed beautifully against the red paint that covered the fronts of our bodies. I felt completely blissful and continued to moan out for him in sheer pleasure as Gerard continued to thrust inside of me in order to let us to ride out each of our intoxicating orgasms. “Frankie…” Gerard sighed contently, as his movements began to gradually slow down; though he still continued to fervently kiss me as he cradled my body closely to him. I kissed him back with as much adoration as I could pour into that kiss, before breaking apart due to lack of oxygen just as Gerard's thrusting came to an end. “Oh Gee…” I sighed; cradling his body just as closely to mine as he was holding onto me. “That felt so fucking good, baby…” “It definitely did,” he nodded in agreement; as he slowly began to pull himself out of me, and collapsed down on the canvas next to me. He pulled my body

closely to his, and in the process, his elbow tipped over that can of pink paint from earlier. It smeared in with the paint from earlier and made it mix together even more; creating an even more beautiful picture than it already was. It went everywhere; all over his back and his arm but he didn’t seem to mind. He simply snuggled my body closely as we continued to bask in the intoxicating high that we were both obviously feeling. I held Gerard's body tightly as well, cuddling him as closely as I could. I stared adoringly at him as my fingers reached up to cup the side of his face, and sighed out blissfully as he leaned into my touch. I couldn’t get over this completely mesmerizing feeling; the feeling that only Gerard has ever made me feel before. “That was honestly one of the most amazing things I've ever done in my entire life, baby,” I admitted, stroking his skin softly. “I never dreamed that anything like this would ever be possible…” Gerard smiled softly at me, and reached out to gently caress the skin on my side that was exposed to him. “I'm so glad that you liked it, baby,” he replied; grinning at me still. “It was even more amazing than I could have dreamed,” he added shyly, as he leaned forward to connect his lips softly to mine once again. I still felt lightheaded from the blissful orgasm that Gerard had given me, and now felt that same high intensify from this amazing kiss. I did my best to pour every emotion that I was feeling for him into this kiss, since I still couldn’t find the right words to comprehend them just yet. When it was over, soft

smiles replaced where our lips had just kissed, as I stared blissfully into the gorgeous hazel-green of his eyes. “I haven't known you for very long, Gee, but…” I began, deciding to go out on a limb as he stared back just as deeply in my eyes. “All of the things that we've done together have been just so amazing, baby. I honestly can't imagine my life without you in it…” I let out the breath that I didn’t even realize I was holding as I said those words to him, and didn’t care one bit whether I had said too much or not. Even though I still didn’t quite understand how deep my feelings were for him just yet, he needed to know how I felt. The only thing that I did know was that those feelings were beginning to flow a lot deeper than what they had been; but for some reason, I wasn’t afraid of them. Not yet, anyway. The gorgeous smile on his beautiful face assured me that my words had been well-received. He softly lifted his hand up so that it now caressed the side of my face. “I can’t imagine my life without you in it either, Frankie,” Gerard admitted as well, as he pulled me in for yet another soft, blissful kiss. I sighed out contently amongst our kiss. It seemed as if Gerard couldn’t keep his lips off of me, very much in the same way that I couldn’t keep mine off of him. I still wasn’t afraid of my feelings for him; how could I be, when he was kissing me so softly like this, or when he was holding my body pressed against his so gently like this? I was not for one second afraid of my feelings for him, because they could not be stopped even if he wanted for them to end. I tried not to dwell too much

on them, however, and instead focused all of my attention on this moment where Gerard belongs to me, and I belong to him. My lips moved passionately against his, and my arms held his body so tightly as if to show him that I didn’t ever want to let him go. I completely lost myself within Gerard's arms, and within his lips, as I proceeded to kiss him until I couldn’t breathe anymore and was forced to break apart from him. And as I lay there within his arms, staring blissfully at him as we continued to recover from our orgasms as well as that breathtaking kiss, is when I actually started to think about things. “Baby, how are we getting home?” I asked him, as I leaned up slightly to observe just how messy we had gotten. Paint covered the vast majority that was our bodies; it was in his hair, smudged along his face from where I’d tenderly caressed it, and was quite simply everywhere. “We are drenched in paint, I don't wanna fuck up your car.” Gerard laughed. “You know, I did that once, and had to completely redo the entire front interior of my car because it got so ruined. Needless to say, I learned my lesson, and decided on the perfect thing to do with all of the empty space that is in the back,” he replied, nodding over in the direction of a locked door that I had failed to see earlier. “I actually have a shower back there especially for occasions like this. I have a thing for getting a little crazy with paint, though this is by far the dirtiest that I’ve ever gotten while painting,” he informed me with a grin; lightly kissing the side of my face.

“Oh?” I asked, as I leaned in to kiss his lips yet again. “Well, seeing as I’ve been a very dirty boy lately…” I trailed off, and smirked quite seductively at him. “I think I might just need you to help clean me up…” “Frankie…” Gerard grinned widely at me as he placed yet another tender kiss to my lips. “You sure have been,” he replied playfully as he dipped his finger in one of the puddles of paint, and drew the shape of a heart on my exposed hip. He then placed a tender kiss to my shoulder, before once again connecting them to my lips. “Mm-hmm…” I murmured against his lips, as my fingers trailed delicately along his exposed side. I then pulled his paint-covered body even closer to mine, and continued to kiss him with everything that I had. He broke apart from me soon after, smiling beautifully at me. “Come on, baby; we need to get you cleaned up,” Gerard said, as he placed a rather playful kiss to my scorpion tattoo. He then helped me up off of the canvas, and pulled me tightly into his arms. “Thank you so much for coming here with me tonight, Frankie,” he whispered softly in my ear, before placing a soft kiss to my temple. I melted within his arms, and kissed the side of his face that was available to me. “You’re welcome, baby. Thank you for choosing me,” I replied, as I rested my forehead against the side of his face. “I don’t ever want to forget this.” He thought about my words for a moment, before

grinning widely at me. “Hold that thought,” he said, before leaning in to plant a very sweet kiss to my lips. “And that,” he added, before breaking apart from me completely. He jogged over toward a large desk on the other side of the room, and retrieved an expensive looking camera from within one of its drawers. “Trust me baby, I don’t want to forget this either,” he admitted as he advanced toward me again, and planted yet another soft, breathtaking kiss upon my lips. “You don’t mind, do you?” “Not at all,” I grinned, my heart melting once again at his words; and again at his actions. “Good!” He exclaimed, and set the camera up on top of a tripod that he had retrieved from out of one of the closets. He pressed a few buttons on the camera and grinned as he jogged back over to me. “Frankie, you are my favorite muse, and by far the prettiest painting that I’ve ever seen,” he told me with a grin, as his arms wove tightly around my body once again. I held him just as tightly as our lips met, and the camera clicked. It continued to click, and we continued to kiss. It was as if the camera didn’t exist and neither did anything else; it was just me and my Gerard, and this one very incredible night that we have been able to share together. “Frankie,” Gerard said once our kiss had ended, as his fingers softly stroked the back of my hair. “I need you to do one more thing for me.”

“Anything,” I told him, as he wrapped his arms even more tightly around me, and rested his forehead against my temple. “Stay with me tonight…” I felt shivers run down my spine at his request, as he placed soft kisses to my skin. I rested my lips upon his hair and nodded; as my grip on his body tightened. “Of course I will, Gee…” It looks like our night together is still far from over...

Chapter 23 [[Frank's POV]] I couldn’t stop smiling. Once Gerard dropped me off at home, all that I could think of was the beautiful night that he and I had spent together, as well as getting to wake up to his gorgeous face once again. Waking up next to him, in his arms, is something that is quickly becoming one of my favorite things in the world to do. After getting dressed and taking Zero out for his morning walk, I became more and more aware of the fact that soon, my buzz from spending yet another blissful night with Gerard would soon be completely ruined by having to go to work to face Brandon Flowers all fucking day. Something about that guy completely rubs me the wrong way. Something about his mere presence makes me want to claw his fucking eyes out.

As I advanced out toward my car to head to the studio, I did the only logical thing that I could think of, and dug my cell phone from out of my pocket to call the only person that I could think of that would be able to keep me in such high spirits. After three rings, however, I began to regret my decision to call him. He was probably still asleep, and I hated to be the one to wake him up considering I’ve suffered his backlash for waking him up too early before, but this was an emergency. “Mmmfhg... 'ello, Frankie-love,” came my best friend’s very groggy sleep-filled voice. “Good morning, Gabey,” I greeted him cheerfully, and automatically began to feel better about my day. “Don’t you know what today is?” “No,” was Gabe’s simple reply. “Why don’t you enlighten me?” “It’s bring your bestie to work day!” I exclaimed, and heard him chuckle lightly from his end of the line. “So that means I need you to get up and get dressed, because you’re coming to work with me today,” I explained, and I could practically feel him bolting right up out of bed as he mumbled a few obscenities under his breath. Something that I said must have finally made sense to his sleepy mind. “Frankie, what morning'?!” the fuck do you mean 'good

I couldn’t help but giggle, I’ve been in this situation

with him too many times to count. He was about to yell at me, I could feel it. “You know I'm always willing to come to work with you, but Jesus Christ! Why do you have to be at work so God damn early?” “Well-” I attempted to explain, but he kept on rambling. “I mean, it's the music industry, Frankie. We aren't supposed to be at work 'til the crack of six... in the evening!” Gabe spoke, very wisely, might I add. “I know, Gabe, and I'm sorry!” I finally cut him off. “You don't understand, I'm desperate. I don't want to go to work and be all alone with the Killers all day,” I explained; an obvious pout in my voice as I explained to my best friend just why I didn’t simply ‘want’ him to come to work with me, I needed him to. “Please?” I heard Gabe let out a deep sigh, and I could practically hear the excuses running around in his head that he could give me that would allow my permission for him to go back to sleep. “Why don't I just come and hang out around noon or something?” He asked, and my face fell. “Noon?” I questioned; the whine evident in my voice. “Gabe, that pretty much defeats the purpose of me needing you to come to work with me!” I shot back at him, before letting out a deep sigh. “You're gonna make me beg, aren't you?” Gabe let out a rather loud yawn, followed immediately

by a giggle. “No, I'll spare you your dignity,” he replied, and I began to smile as I heard some shuffling around on his end. “But you gotta bring breakfast,” he added, this time with an obvious grin in his voice. “Done,” I replied gleefully. “You wanna meet me somewhere or just meet up with me at the office?” “I can just meet you at the office,” he promised. “Just give me like, a half an hour and then I'll be there.” “Yes, you are amazing!” I replied excitedly. “I'll make this worth your while, I promise. See ya in a bit.” “Yeah; see ya, Frankie-love,” Gabe replied, before adding, “And remember, you owe me.” “I know I do, I owe you big,” I affirmed, which cut off the list of demands that he was beginning to name off. “Love you!” “Love you too!” I grinned as Gabe said those words and hung up my phone. Having already anticipated how our conversation was going to go, I had pulled up and parked in front of Gabe’s favorite bakery. I headed inside, and got one of each of his favorite things before I headed toward the studio. The clock on my dashboard informed me that I still had at least 45 minutes until The Killers arrived, so that gave me plenty of time to have Gabe to myself before work actually began. As promised, about ten minutes after getting situated in my office, I heard Gabe’s signature knock before

seeing him burst through the door. “Yes!” I exclaimed, and got up from my spot on the couch to very literally tackle him. “Hello best friend of mine, who I love very dearly,” I greeted him with a cheerful smile, and began to plant numerous kisses to his smiling cheek as I continued to cuddle him. He wrapped his arms around my body in return, and retaliated with several kisses of his own. “Hello bestie of mine, who I also love very dearly,” Gabe spoke in return, and gave me an analyzing glance as I let go of him. “You totally had sex with Gerard last night, didn't you?” He questioned, and gave me a smirk because he knew that after I left him at the bar it was Gerard that I went to go see. “What on earth makes you say that?” I asked him; the grin on my face becoming quite wide at the mention of Gerard. He took a seat on the couch and folded his arms behind his head, before shooting me another knowing glance as he awaited my answer to his question. I couldn’t even attempt to keep a straight face, and began to giggle as I curled up next to him. “Yes, Gabriel, I did,” I replied finally. I was completely unable to contain my excitement any longer; I needed to talk about what had happened last night. “You won't ever believe what we did.” “Try me,” Gabe retaliated, and wrapped one of his long arms around my shoulder; placing a light kiss to my temple as we both got comfortable.

“Well,” I began; my grin growing even wider as I recalled in my memory every last detail of my night with Gerard. “After I left you, I went home and Gerard met up with me there. Then…” I trailed off, and gazed up at him. “Gabe, I swear you'll never believe where he took me.” Gabe grinned at me and placed another tender kiss to my temple before he let me go. “Where did he take you?” He asked, as he reached over to the coffee table in front of us to retrieve the bag of pastries that I had bought for him. “Well, it turns out that Gerard is an artist,” I explained, to which Gabe raised an appreciative eyebrow to. “An artist, huh?” He asked, before giving a smile. “That’s impressive!” “It is,” I nodded, and gave a smile of my own. “Gerard has this art gallery/studio place in the city. And he took me there…” I went on; the grin on my face even brighter as the highlight of my story was coming up. “…and that's where we spent our night together.” “Aww, Frankie! That’s awesome!” Gabe gushed at my story, and leaned his head against my shoulder as he began to consume his breakfast. “How long has his studio been open for?” “...It isn't open yet.” Gabe glanced up at me, and gave me a grin that I’m sure matched my own. “It isn’t?” I shook my head. “He um, took me there before he let

the public see it…” I trailed off, and bit my lip. “...even before he took his boyfriend there to see it.” Gabe took in a sharp breath and very nearly choked on his strawberry croissant. “Are you fucking kidding me?” He asked me; his eyes wide in shock as he swallowed the food that was in his mouth. “I am not,” I sighed happily, as I recalled more of the details that made up my spectacular night with the very sexy Gerard. “He said the only people that have seen his gallery so far were his family. And judging from the way that he speaks about his boyfriend, I'm pretty sure that small group doesn’t include him.” “Oh wow…” Gabe breathed out, and shook his head in awe. He then set his pastry down on a napkin, and took a sip of his coffee before speaking again. “What was his studio like?” “It was fucking beautiful,” I replied quickly; my facial expression taking on one of amazement. “Seriously, he's got this dark and gorgeous style that he uses... I don't even know how to explain it, it's just fucking beautiful. I'll have to show you once it opens up, because it's fucking awesome. You'll love it,” I gushed, and earned a bright smile from Gabe for my efforts. “I'll definitely be looking forward to that, Frankie-love,” he said, before sipping more of his coffee, and reclining himself back into the rather comfy couch we have been sitting on. “So the studio is where you guys had the sex?” Gabe asked, as he wiggled his eyebrows at me. “…Yeah. We um…” I trailed off, as a rather dreamy

expression overtook my face. “We did some painting while we were there, too…” “Oh?” Gabe raised his eyebrow in interest, as a curious grin crossed his face that I’m sure mirrored my own. “What'd you and Gerard paint?” “Well…” I trailed off, and eyed the canvas that was lying on my desk across the room. “You see Gabe, he actually let me keep it, so I brought it here for you to see…” I continued, and got up from my spot next to him so that I could show him the masterpiece that Gerard and I had created the night before. “What do you think?” I asked, as I held the canvas up proudly for my best friend to see. He tilted his head to the side and gazed quizzically at the canvas. “Frankie darling,” Gabe began, and again wiggled his eyebrows at me. “Are the dirty thoughts that are running through my head when I look at this picture justified?” “Fuck yes they are,” I grinned, and set the painting down on the path that I had cleared on the coffee table; gazing lovingly at it. “Gabe, I can't even begin to tell you how amazing last night was. Every night this past week Gerard has found some sort of way to completely blow my mind,” I said to him; speaking the words that I’ve already said so many times to my best friend, but this time, they somehow held a whole new meaning to them. “Gerard keeps me on my toes, and just when I think sex with him can't get any better, he goes and does something ridiculously sexy like bringing me to his art

studio and then asks me once we get there to help him break in said art studio with him,” I elaborated further. “Me, Gabe; not his boyfriend. Last night not only did Gerard choose me over the boyfriend once again, but he chose me for something that was obviously very special to him.” “Wow…” Gabe breathed out once again, as he propped his elbow up on the armrest, and rested his head on one of his hands. “That's seriously fucking amazing, Frankie-love,” he mused thoughtfully, before re-adjusting his signature hat that he always wore. “You do realize how fucking huge this is, right?” He asked, and peered at me with a serious look. “I mean… this relationship that you two have is getting deeper, and I can tell just by looking at you and by the stories that you tell me that you aren’t the only one that’s falling here. Am I right?” I sighed. “I hope so,” I replied, and gave him a smile. “I really fucking hope so, Gabe.” He nodded. “I do too,” Gabe replied thoughtfully, before nudging me with a devious smirk on his face. “Tell me more about your night, and why I’ve got this feeling that the sex that went into this incredibly sexy painting isn't the only sexual thing that you two did together last night.” “Oh um…” I trailed off, before blushing at my best friend’s words. “Before we got crazy with painting, Gerard gave me quite possibly the best blowjob I think that I have ever gotten, so in return, I gave him the best blowjob that I could possibly give him,” I replied, and stole a piece of one of Gabe's pastry things.

“And when that was over, I felt as if I didn't do a good enough job of helping him ‘break in his studio’…” “And that’s when the idea for paint sex came along?” He questioned, and once more wiggling his eyebrows at me. “Yes. And it was spectacular,” I replied, grinning widely as I recalled the exact feelings that only Gerard has ever caused me to feel. Gabe glanced at me curiously. “Was the paint sex idea his?” I nodded. “It was.” “I see,” Gabe mused, and continued to gaze curiously at me. “Frankie, did Gerard volunteer this information about his gallery or did you ask him something that would trigger him to tell you that he had a gallery?” “I cant remember,” I replied truthfully. “But he did just offer up the information about having a gallery, that much I do know.” “Do you know what this means?” Gabe asked; grinning widely at me as he pulled me into a tight embrace. “Not really?” I questioned rather than stated, and earned a kiss to my cheek in response. “Frankie, he dropped the little fact that he has a gallery to see if you would be interested,” Gabe explained. “And you were, weren’t you?”

“Yeah,” I nodded, and rolled my eyes at how he was able to just guess my exact actions like that. “I am that transparent, I know.” “Don’t get bent out of shape, Frankie! This is a good thing!” Gabe exclaimed, and squeezed my body tighter. “Yeah?” I questioned, and gave him a smile. “Fuck yeah,” Gabe replied enthusiastically, and gladly returned my smile. “When Gerard mentioned his gallery, he probably did so without even thinking about it. But when he did, you were genuinely interested in seeing it, and Gerard saw that.” As Gabe continued on, I could see the happiness in his eyes and I could hear the excitement in his voice as he spoke. It meant the world to me that I had someone to share these experiences with, and that he was genuinely excited to hear about everything that I had to share with him. “Frankie, Gerard didn’t plan on what happened last night until he got to your place and you showed interest in seeing his gallery,” Gabe continued on. “When he took you there is when things changed.” “You think so?” I asked; utterly grateful that he was explaining all of the things that were previously jumbled together in my mind. All of the things that Gabe was saying was finally making those jumbled thoughts make complete sense to me. “I know so!” Gabe grinned. “Something that you did

turned him on so fucking much and he just knew! Fuck Frank, Gerard knew once you were there at his studio with him that you were the chosen one that he was going to pick to fulfill that incredibly sexy fantasy with; not his boyfriend.” He took a sip of his coffee, before continuing, “And let’s face it, even if Gerard had brought his boyfriend there, I’m sure the urge to jump his bones wouldn’t have been there at all, but the urge that Gerard got once he brought you to his gallery was obviously there! Frankie, this is so fucking huge!” “Yes, I know!” I replied excitedly. “Which is why I am sort of freaking out and needed you here with me today to help me get through the day in one piece without losing my fucking mind!” “Gerard wants you, Frank. Not just your dick, he wants you,” he mused with a bright grin, as he placed his hands on my shoulders and shook my body lightly. “And for fuck’s sake, you guys had paint sex! I wanna fucking have paint sex!” “You have to!” I exclaimed in interruption, which earned a few giggles from my best friend. “Gabe, you need to fucking try it!” “You’re so right,” Gabe replied thoughtfully, and gave me a soft smile. “I should make friends with your little loverboy and ask if I can rent out his studio so my sugar baby and I can have a paint-filled sexual adventure.” “Yeah, you really fucking should!” I replied, with obvious excitement in my voice at his idea. “Oh my

God, Gabe; I think that it would be adorable if you and my Gerard were to randomly hang out,” I admitted with a grin as I glanced quickly at him; before just as quickly glancing away from him. Realization about the situation that Gerard and I have gotten ourselves into was creeping up on me just as quickly as time was slipping away from us; we would have to head into the studio soon so that I could get to work with The Killers. And more than that, I had just referred to Gerard as ‘my’ Gerard. Whether I’ve done it before or not, it doesn’t matter. This time, I am very, very aware of this fact; and it is beginning to scare the living hell out of me. “It would be adorable,” Gabe trailed off thoughtfully, before catching the way that something had suddenly crossed my mind. His gaze became curious once again as he took in my sudden change of demeanor. “What's up, Frankie-love?” Gabe asked, as he raised one of his eyebrows at me. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost!” My throat had gone dry. My hands began to involuntarily shake, and I felt like I was on a rollercoaster and had forgotten to strap myself in. I tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear, which was scented with Gerard’s shampoo because I’d washed it as we showered together to get all of the paint off of us last night, and turned to face my best friend. “Gabe… I'm fucked,” I replied; my voice completely shaking with honestly. “Gerard is literally the only

thing that I can think about; even more so than before. He dropped me off at home… literally, not more than two hours ago and I already miss the way that he kisses me and I am aching to be with him again,” I continued on, before adding, “And I don’t mean ‘with him’ as in intimately, I mean just with him.” As more scenarios about missing Gerard ran through my head; the way that he kisses me, the way that it felt when he touched me in even the simplest or sexiest of ways… the way that it felt when we simply lay tangled up in the sheets together, and the way it felt when Gerard and I were intimate with one another… all of those feelings were crashing around in my head, and the predicament that I have gotten myself in became quite apparent as even more thoughts plagued my mind. The way that Gerard smiled, the way that Gerard laughed; all of those things were more than enough to make me very aware of the fact that our relationship is growing into something far more than just a simple affair. “…I am so fucking screwed,” I spoke defeatedly, and buried my face in his shoulder. Gabe leaned up from the comfortable position that we had been sitting in, and turned so that he was facing me completely. I let out a shaky yet blissful sigh as he pulled me into an even tighter embrace than before. “Aww, Frankie,” my best friend sighed, as he placed a very tender and comforting kiss to my cheek. “That's seriously the most adorable thing that I think I’ve ever heard,” he admitted; which for some reason took me completely by surprise.

“You think so?” I asked, as I emerged from hiding in his shoulder. I couldn’t stop the slight grin from forming on my face as I saw the thoughtful look on Gabe’s face. “It's not desperate and pathetic?” “No,” Gabe replied quickly, and gave me a confused look. “Why would it be desperate and pathetic?” “Well… I mean, I just met him, and we're both involved with other people,” I began, and watched as Gabe rolled his eyes at my response. But before he could argue me, I decided to keep talking before he could throw his two cents in. These things were finally on the tip of my tongue rather than just jumbled around in my mind, and I needed to say them out loud before I lost my courage to. “Even with both of those things, I can't help but feel like there's something very big happening between us. I'm trying not to see that there’s something there, and I'm trying so hard to ignore it, but I can't,” I explained, and watched Gabe’s smile soften as he soothingly massaged my shoulders. “It’s like the harder I try to deny it, the more painfully clear that it becomes that there is something very special about the way that I feel about him.” “Frankie darling, come here. Now,” Gabe instructed me, and pulled me into his arms once again. I rested my head against his chest and wrapped my arms around his waist, snuggling against him as his long arms enveloped me in a soothing embrace that I so desperately needed. “First of all, you are not involved with anyone else,” Gabe said, and ran his fingers soothingly through my hair. “That shit’s been over for a long time, so don’t even start with that.”

“Yeah, I know that, but Gerard doesn’t,” I argued him. “Gerard knows that I'm married and I know that he has a boyfriend. Whether there's still a connection between me and the wife is irrelevant; the thing that is relevant is that Gerard is a very sweet guy, and... I feel like I'm corrupting him.” I sighed deeply then, before looking Gabe straight in his eyes. “I need you to be completely honest with what I’m about to ask you,” I said to him, to which he nodded. “I always am, Frankie,” he replied, and gave me a soft smile. “I know you are,” I smiled back, before taking yet another deep breath. “Should I back away from Gerard before we go any further, and let him be with his boyfriend, or should I keep stealing him night after night like I have been and keep my fingers crossed that I don't get him in trouble?” “Oh Frankie,” Gabe said in response to my words, as he let out a light laugh. “You're not stealing him night after night,” Gabe disagreed with me, as he placed another soothing kiss to the side of my face. “I mean, you give Gerard back, so technically you’re only borrowing him,” Gabe continued to rationalize our situation, but I needed to cut him off. “But that's the thing, Gabe,” I interrupted, and tilted my head up slightly so that I could look at him. “Every time that Gerard and I are together, it's getting that

much harder to give him back. Am I selfish for wanting to keep him?” Gabe smiled at me, and again ran his fingers softly through my hair. “Frankie, from the way it sounds, it's getting harder for Gerard to leave you, as well,” he replied thoughtfully, and continued to smile at me. “And no, I don't think that you’re being selfish; and fuck no, you should in no way back away from what you have going with Gerard,” Gabe replied in a very firm voice. “He is the best thing that’s come along in your life in God knows how long, and I refuse to stand by and watch you end this because it isn’t ‘morally’ right.” Gabe stopped for a quick sip of his coffee, before smiling at me once again. “Because I know that its right in every other way, isn’t it?” “It is,” I replied quietly, and rested my head in the crook of Gabe’s neck. “I thought so,” Gabe replied with a light sigh, before wrapping his arms even tighter around me. “Frankie, I know what it's like to be falling for someone really fast and really fucking hard. And believe me, I know that it’s fucking miserable not being able to see said person as often as you’d like. I don't wanna see my bestie go through that…” Gabe's soft-spoken words trailed off as he broke apart from our embrace so that he could look at me, and gave me a soft smile as he smoothed my hair away from my face. “But I also don’t wanna see you go through the pain of not having Gerard anymore either,” Gabe added, very

wisely. “You’ve been hurt far too many times in your life, and I think that Gerard is just what you need because he makes you happier than I’ve ever seen you. I don’t fucking care what anyone says, because you more than deserve this relationship with him.” My face broke into a huge smile upon hearing my best friend’s words; though his opinions about my affair with Gerard might have been a bit biased, it felt so good to know that my intentions with Gerard weren’t completely selfish. “Thank you Gabe,” I murmured softly, before leaning in to kiss his cheek. “No need to thank me, Frankie-love. I’m only stating the obvious, you know,” Gabe replied. “I mean, look at how into one another you two are. Trying to keep you from seeing him would be like slapping God in the face, because you can’t just ignore things like this.” I grinned at his analogies, but I still didn’t feel completely at ease just yet. “I cant just ignore the way that I’m feeling for him either,” I replied, to which Gabe nodded. “Fuck, I knew that this was gonna happen,” I sighed, and gazed helplessly at my best friend. “I don't want to just stop seeing him, truly, I don't.” I thought for a moment, before adding, “If I had it my way, I think I’d wish to keep Gerard all to myself, but it isn't fair to ask him to leave his boyfriend just yet.” Gabe raised an eyebrow at me, and I could tell that he was waiting for an explanation. “You’re right, but I wanna hear your reasoning first before I give you

mine.” “Well…” I trailed off, and thought about my response for a moment. “Truthfully, I still know very little about him. I mean, I feel that I know enough about Gerard to know that I am like you said, falling quite hard and quite fast for him,” I admitted, sighing as those words fell from my lips for the first time. I realized as I heard the words aloud just how true they were. “I really just don't know what the fuck I'm supposed to do.” Gabe sighed as well, as he gave my body another gentle squeeze. “Well... I say, don’t do anything, except for what you’ve been doing,” Gabe suggested, and shifted slightly so that I could see the grin that he was giving me. “And, by the way, I think that it's pretty apparent that Gerard is falling for you too, Frankie,” Gabe added; his smile growing even bigger as he once again wrapped his arms around me, and cuddled my body closely to his chest. “Just give him time, because I know that sooner rather than later, he’s going to realize that you're the much better choice for him rather than his lame-ass boyfriend.” “You really think so?” I asked him, as I nuzzled my face into his chest. “Yes Frankie,” Gabe replied, as he began to run his fingers through my hair. “I mean, Gerard took you to his art gallery. I think that it's really fucking obvious that he's well on his way to seeing that, too.”

I broke apart from him then so that I could show my best friend just how widely his words made me smile. “Thank you,” I said to him, before wrapping his skinny body in the biggest embrace imaginable. “I know that if I had asked anyone else they'd have told me to stop being a selfish asshole and to let him go,” I added, and gazed happily at him. “That's why I love you, because you know what's best for me,” I continued on with a huge grin, and nuzzled my forehead softly against Gabe’s cheek. “You know that I want nothing but the best for you, Frankie-love,” Gabe said to me, with happiness piercing his words. “And I know that someday everything is gonna work out, and you’re going to have everything that you want; especially Gerard.” “I guess I'll just have to wait around and see,” I said with a slight smile. I couldn’t stop the excitement that his words brought me. That feeling was short-lived however, as I looked at the clock, and realized that it was nearly fifteen minutes past ten o’clock. The Killers were undoubtedly in the studio already, and were not going to be very pleased at the fact that I was going to show up late this morning. “Fuck, it's after ten already. We have to go,” I sighed and stood up; stretching my worn out limbs as I did so. “You get to meet Brandon Flowers,” I said to Gabe as he stood up as well, and mimicked my actions exactly. “Aren't you excited?” Gabe let out a light laugh at my sarcastic tone and equally sarcastic smirk. “Oh yes, Frankie; I’m fucking

pumped,” he replied, and rolled his eyes slightly. “Watch, I'll probably hate him more than you do,” he said with another laugh, as we each grabbed our respective coffee cups from where they rested on the table in front of us. “That’s highly doubtful,” I replied as we exited my office. Gabe looped his arm around my waist, and together we began to walk down the hall so that we could get into the elevator that would take us up to the studio on the top floor. “However, fifty bucks says you'll want to kick his face in before the morning is through,” I added with a grin, to which Gabe laughed. “I'll take your money, Frankie,” Gabe replied, as the elevator doors shut behind us. “I'll make sure to last at least until after lunch time before I want to knock his face in,” he spoke his prediction, and shook hands with me upon making our bet to make it official. The elevator then stopped at our floor and the gold doors opened in front of us, and I let out a sigh at the thought of The Killers awaiting me on the other end of those large double gold-plated doors at the end of the hallway. Gabe noticed my sigh and gave my body a gentle squeeze as we exited the elevator. “It’s okay Frankie, I’m here,” Gabe assured me, before placing a light kiss to my temple. I smiled; Gabe always gave me the courage that I needed in order to go through with anything that I had to face, no matter what it was. “I know,” I grinned at him and tightened the grip that I had around Gabe’s thin waist, before opening the door to the studio to reveal Dave, Mark, and Ronnie sitting

around on the various sofas and chairs surrounded the room; but they weren’t alone.


In the middle of the room stood Brandon Flowers, chatting away with Rob Callahan, who was the executive that was in charge of overseeing the production of their album. In other words, he was my boss. In the midst of their conversation, everyone’s eyes averted to Gabe and I; though the only face that was lit up into a smile was that of my superior. “Frank Iero; just the man that I came here to see!” Rob Callahan greeted me warmly, before his eyes lit up as he noticed who had walked in along with me. “And God damn, if it isn’t the fabulous Mr. Saporta!” Gabe and I exchanged a grin; it was like old times being in the same room with both Gabe and Rob again. “I swear this must be fate, I was hoping to get in touch with both of you today!” Rob added, and had dropped whatever conversation he was having with Brandon and was now absorbed in whatever had brought Gabe back to the same recording studio where Cobra Starship recorded their latest album. “’Morning, Mr. Callahan,” I grinned, and shook my boss’s hand. There was really no need for formalities considering we were friends, but it felt right to do so, especially in front of a band like the Killers. “’Morning Frankie,” Rob greeted me in return. He smiled at my gesture, before returning his attention

back to Gabe. “Really Gabe, it’s so good to see you. I was just thinking on my way up here to come and talk to Frank that I would need him to help me get in touch with you, but it seems that you’re both one step ahead of me!” “Yeah, I knew you were in need of my awesomeness,” Gabe replied smugly, though my boss and I both knew that he was only joking. “How’s it been, Rob?” Gabe asked him, as he gave the middle-aged man in front of us a bone-crushing hug. “Whoa Gabe!” Rob wheezed, though he gave my best friend a warm hug as well. Once Gabe let him go, Rob looked up at my best friend with the brightest of smiles. “What do I owe the pleasure of seeing you back home with us?” “Why don’t you tell him, Frankie?” Gabe asked me, and shot me a smirk. “You are my slave for the day, remember?” “Don’t you mean for the rest of my life?” I shot back at him, which earned an ‘aww’ from my best friend and from my boss; and a death glare from Brandon Flowers. I couldn't help but smile. “Gabe is home from tour and was bored out of his mind, so I told him that he could come and supervise today,” I replied to my boss’s question; rolling my eyes playfully as Gabe gave me a light shove.

“Please,” Gabe cut in, and rolled his eyes in the same fashion as I had just done. “Frankie knows that he’s never as good as he can be without me here,” Gabe piped in, and flashed Rob his dazzling smile that could get him away with murder. “You know I’ve gotta make sure that Frankie isn’t slackin’ on his pimping and producing skills!” Gabe added in a completely serious voice, though Rob and I failed to keep our straight faces. “Glad to see that you haven’t changed much,” Rob replied, and gave a laugh at Gabe’s antics. “How’s touring been?” “Touring has been amazing, but I couldn’t wait to come home this time. I met someone special, you know,” Gabe replied, and proceeded to tell the executive in charge of production all about the adventures of he and his ‘sugar baby’. In the midst of their conversation, I averted my gaze to Brandon Flowers, who was watching the spectacle between Rob and Gabe with quite a disdain-filled look. Again, I smiled. “What brings you here today, Rob?” Gabe asked once he was done talking about 'the love of his life', and leaned into my side quite casually. It took quite an effort to contain my laughter; Gabe was never formal with anyone. Rob Callahan smiled at the two of us, and reached into the pocket of his fancy designer suit to retrieve an

envelope, and handed it to me. “I’m here to invite Frankie to my little shindig at the Plaza on Saturday night; but since you’re here, I’m extending the invitation to you as well, Gabe. As a matter of fact; invite all of the Cobras, I’d love to see all of them again,” he replied, and handed me the invitation. “Thanks,” I replied, and flashed him my best smile as I looked over the very fancy piece of stationary that now rested in my hands. “We'll be there, for sure.” “Wow, celebrating twenty years in the business,” Gabe said, as he peered at the invitation with me. “That’s fucking awesome; congrats Rob!” Gabe grinned, and gave my boss a high five. “You should totally come out with me later on to celebrate. Shots on me!” I smiled at Gabe and Rob's interaction; though it was nothing that I wasn’t used to. Gabe and Rob had an amazing relationship. When Pete Wentz introduced me to the distraught, bankrupt, yet very sharply dressed Gabe Saporta, Rob was one of the only people in the company that was willing to take a risk on a little unknown band with a very shaky future called Cobra Starship. Rob and I owed a lot to Gabe for basically shaping our careers into what they’ve grown into today. It was said that taking a chance on the band would be career suicide, especially for Rob who at the time was a sound mixer whose career had never taken off and was about to get laid off due to budget cuts within the company. Taking a chance on Cobra Starship is what saved his career and got him promoted to the executive that he is today because nobody else

backed the band like he did. The making of their albums have always been very special to me and to Rob, and the relationship that the three of us have built is one that has grown substantially over the years. As Gabe and Rob continued to ‘make plans’ about going out for shots after work, I decided to be polite and greet each member of the Killers, who for some reason all seemed in very high spirits this morning. This was quite a change; normally their eyes were bloodshot and they showed up to work as if they weren’t even aware that they were about to make a new record. Even Brandon seemed more jovial than usual, except for the moments where his attention would wrap around Gabe’s presence and daggers would be glared in my best friend’s direction. This was truly shaping up to actually be a lot of fun, I could tell. “That's quite an offer Gabe, but I'll have to take you up on the shots some other time. Sherri needs me down at some benefit gala thing tonight; but next time!” Rob replied, and I could tell that he was only half-lying. “But you guys are definitely coming on Saturday right? I need you there, both of you. You know I cant celebrate my career in the music biz without my two shining stars,” Rob asked, to which Gabe and I exchanged a smile. I’m pretty sure I heard Brandon scoff. “Absolutely,” I replied to him with a smile. “Gabe and I will be there, with all of the Cobras.” “Excellent!” Rob exclaimed, and gave everyone in the

room a bright smile. “Make sure you bring your special someones with you, too,” Rob said to Gabe and me as he headed toward the door. “And oh; I forgot to tell you! I've just asked the Killers to perform at the event! You guys are in for a real treat.” “Wow, congrats guys,” I said, and put on my best smile as I glanced in Brandon’s direction, who was wearing the most smug smile imaginable on his face. Not wanting to let my distaste for him show while my boss was in the room, I glanced over at Gabe to see that he was giving Brandon a fake smile that matched my own perfectly. “Sweet,” Gabe spoke up suddenly, and thankfully broke through the tension that was building up in the atmosphere around us. “I’ve been a Killers fan for quite awhile, I’m sure it’ll be fun,” Gabe mused thoughtfully as he collapsed down on one of the vacant couches and flashed the band a wide grin. “And who are you?” Brandon blurted out randomly in Gabe’s direction; eyeing my best friend with what can only be described as complete and utter hatred. I rolled my eyes; even though Gabe was just polite to him and paid his band a compliment, Brandon was still acting like a complete asshole to him. “Are you kidding me?” Rob spoke up suddenly to Brandon. “This is Gabe Saporta from Cobra Starship. His band is one of our shining stars,” Rob explained. “Oh yeah?” Brandon asked, and threw a smirk on Gabe’s direction. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard of them.”

“I’ll send you a copy of their album,” Rob replied, as a bright smile crossed his face. “Who knows, maybe you two will hit it off and we can throw together some sort of Cobra/Killers show!” “Oh, I think that would work splendidly,” I cut in, and somehow managed to keep a perfectly straight face. Gabe snorted, and tried to cover it up with a cough as Brandon stared wide-eyed with horror between Gabe, Rob, and myself. “Next Cobra album is in the works, Rob. Gabe’s gotta rest up his voice so we can begin recording again soon,” I answered on Gabe’s behalf; deciding that it would be best to take control of the situation. “Yeah, I suppose that's true,” Rob sighed, yet gave each of us a warm smile. “Well, keep me posted on how the album is progressing! I'm expecting good things very soon!” Rob added; now turning into executive mode as he eyed me and each of the Killers expectantly. “You got it, sir,” I said to him, before grinning at Brandon, who fake smiled right back at me. I then hurriedly returned my attention back to Rob, and exclaimed enthusiastically, “See you Saturday!” “You guys have a great day!” Rob called out over his shoulder before he exited the room; lightly shutting the door behind him which left me, Gabe, and the Killers to do nothing but look at each other with nothing in the world to say to one another. Realizing that I was the one in charge now, I took the initiative to put on a real smile so that we could get

started with the business at hand. But before I could open my mouth to speak, Gabe had already beaten me to it. “Good morning, everyone,” my best friend spoke politely to the band, and flashed each of them that signature dazzling grin of his as he stretched his long limbs out across the length of the couch. Their serious lack of reply was enough to make me dislike this group of guys even more. “Guys, this is Gabe. He's gonna be hanging out with us today,” I explained, and flashed my best friend a warm smile. “Gabe, these are the Killers; that's Ronnie, Dave, Mark, and Brandon.” The members of the Killers finally mumbled their hello’s to my best friend. It took everything that I had not to roll my eyes at their less than inviting response. Gabe might have been a brightly colorful character, but he wasn’t hurting anyone. There was absolutely no need for them to reply to him the way that they did. “How's everyone's day going so far?” I asked, after deciding to shrug off their less than warm welcome. “Alright, I guess,” Brandon shrugged and stared analytically at his cuticles. “Can you explain to me the reason that Gabe is hanging out with us today?” He asked with a raised eyebrow as Gabe peered up at us from the magazine he had just recently disappeared behind. The rest of the guys simply disappeared into the sound booth to leave the three of us to work things out; obviously not wanting to get involved in this.

I raised my eyebrow as well at Brandon's animosity toward my best friend, and completely let go of the way that I was being amiable toward him. “Well Brandon, Gabe is here on my behalf because I asked him to be,” I replied to him in a sharp voice. “Technically, he serves no purpose for this record other than simply being my muse. I work better with having him around so judging how the day goes, he might be around quite often. I suggest that you and the rest of the Killers get used to it.” Gabe smiled at me from behind his magazine, before winking at me. I returned his smile and his wink, before turning my attention back to Brandon. “I'm sure you two are going to get along famously,” I said to him, and gave him a genuine smile. “I'm sure we will,” Brandon replied to me, before scowling some more in Gabe’s direction before redirecting his gaze at me; his scowl magically morphing into a warm smile. “So this party on Saturday night, you gonna bring your amazing boyfriend with you?” “I'm hoping to,” I replied with a grin; the mere idea of possibly getting to go to another party with Gerard as my date was enough to fill my stomach with excited butterflies. “You bringing yours?" “Definitely,” Brandon replied, with a confident look on his face. “I'm looking forward to having you meet him,” he added, and relaxed back in the chair that he had been sitting in. “I'd like to meet him, actually,” I replied; and ignored the chuckles that came from Gabe on the couch as I

stayed focused on what Brandon and I were talking about. “And don't worry, I'm sure you'll get to meet mine too. You'll meet him eventually, I'm sure.” Brandon smirked. “I'll be looking forward to that as well.” “You know what I'm looking forward to?” Gabe asked; randomly throwing his two cents into the conversation as Brandon and I both looked at him. “Taking my sugar baby to a party!” Gabe answered his own question, which made me burst into laughter. “I'll bet you are,” I grinned at him; all smiles due to the fact that Gabe was here to brighten my day, as well as from this morning and my wonderful night with Gerard. The mere thought of him caused those butterflies that I always felt when thinking of him to flutter around inside of me even crazier than before, but this time, not in the same blissful way as before. The possibly of getting to see Gerard on Saturday night was there, but it was only that: a possibility. What if Gerard already had plans? He could be working, or worse; he could be spending that night with his boyfriend. The thought of Gerard and his boyfriend being together actually caused me to feel so nervous that I was beginning to feel sick. Not wanting Brandon to pick up on my sudden change in demeanor, I quickly did my best to try to change the subject. “So how about we get started?” I said to Brandon with a smile, and watched as that devious smile crept across his face as he stood up from his chair.

“Sounds good,” he called out over his shoulder, before disappearing into the sound booth and leaving me alone with Gabe. Once he was gone, I let out the breath that I didn’t even know I had been holding, and ran a frustrated hand through my hair. “You know Frankie, I think I may actually win our bet,” Gabe interrupted the silence with a light giggle. “I mean, even after all of the shit he just said, I think I handled myself quite well. He hasn’t crossed that line just yet that’ll make me wanna bash his face in,” Gabe added; his voice taking on a playful tone. “Yeah, well it's still early,” I replied with a smirk, before my nervousness overpowered my emotions and my face once again fell. “Frankie?” Gabe questioned in a concerned tone, as he tossed his magazine aside and sat up. “What’s the matter?” I let out yet another sigh, as I began to drum my fingers anxiously on the soundboard in front of me. “Do you think that Gerard will want to come to the party with me?” I asked him, before running my hand once again through my hair. Gabe gave me a soft smile. “I don't see why he wouldn't,” he replied, and patted the free space that he had made on the couch cushion next to him. “It's obvious that he loves spending time with you, so I definitely don't see why he wouldn't want to go to another party with you,” he continued on, as I crossed the room to curl up into his side; not caring one bit

that I was supposed to be working. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate with all of the things on my mind anyway; I needed Gabe here to clear my head and keep me sane so that I could work. “I mean, you guys went to my party together, and I know how much fun you had that night. I fucking saw it!” Gabe grinned, as he placed a soft kiss to my hair. “We did,” I replied happily, and wrapped my arms around Gabe’s slender body and snuggled up against him; becoming lost in his long mess of arms. “So I'm not crazy for wanting to invite him?” “Absolutely not. You’d be crazy for not inviting him,” Gabe assured me, as he began to run his fingers soothingly through my hair. “Besides…” Gabe’s words trailed off, which piqued my attention enough to cause me to look up at him. He wore a smirk on his face as he replied, “Gerard is mad smokin’ hot, and you showing up with him will cause Brandon to lose his fucking mind because his boyfriend can’t possibly be that good looking.” We both burst into laughter at his last few words, and I was more grateful than ever for having Gabe here with me to settle my nerves. I pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek and rested my forehead against his skin, as I sighed blissfully at the new thoughts that were now plaguing my head that featured me and Gerard going out with Gabe and Mikey on Saturday night. “Me, you, Gerard, and Mikey,” I spoke out loud; my voice thoughtful. “Fuck, that’ll be awesome if can all go to that party together,” I spoke somewhat excitedly

as I continued to plant more kisses to the side of Gabe’s face; all of my previous anxiousness now gone and replaced with my favorite type of Gerardbutterflies. Gabe shifted slightly on the couch so that he could face me, and kissed the side of my face excitedly in return. “Hell yeah, it'll be awesome!” Gabe grinned in response, and cupped either side of my face softly. “Me, you, Gerard, and Mikey,” he repeated, and smiled widely at me. “It’s gonna be awesome Frankie, just wait and see.” I smiled brightly at his words and leaned in once again to cuddle my best friend tightly, still placing kisses to the side of his face because I was so excited that all of my feelings for the time being were sorted and that I could finally get through the day in one piece. But more than that; the possibly of getting to go out with Gerard accompanying me again in just a few days had me floating on the highest cloud. In the midst of our excitement, neither of us heard that the door to the next room had opened, and that we weren’t alone anymore. Gabe and I were in our own little world, not caring one bit about the outside world until I heard Brandon’s voice mutter, “Now I see why Frank brought him here for.” Gabe abruptly broke apart from me and scowled at him, though Brandon didn’t notice as he kept on walking out of the studio. However, I noticed, and grinned in triumph at the death glare that Gabe was still giving to him though Brandon was already gone.

“If that motherfucker doesn’t watch his mouth, I’m gonna beat him in his pretty fuckin’ face,” Gabe spoke in an angry tone; his eyes set to kill as he cracked each of his knuckles. He then turned his attention to me, and gave me a questioning look. “Why the hell do you look so happy?” I simply patted his cheek and smiled. “…'cause I just won fifty bucks.”

Chapter 24 [[Gerard’s POV]] I let out a soft sigh of boredom as I laid back on the bed that Brandon and I shared, thankful that he hadn’t returned home just yet and that I was having some peace and quiet without him nagging me for sex. But damn, I was bored. I sent a glance to my phone and began to debate whether or not to call my little brother or just try and doze off or something; but the decision was made for me as I let out a soft laugh upon hearing my phone vibrating and ringing against the nightstand; my brother’s familiar ringtone beginning to permeate the silent air of my bedroom. I sat up some and reached over to the nightstand so that I could pick the gadget up; pushing the ‘talk’ button as I did so and holding my Blackberry up to my ear. “What’s up, Mikes?” I greeted my brother, laying back on the bed once more and resting my head back on my pillow; glad that I had someone to hopefully distract me from my boredom.

“I’m so fucking bored it isn’t funny, bro,” my little brother answered me in a rather exasperated voice from his end of the line, as I got a mental image of him trailing his hand through his hair. “Gabe’s watching some random-ass show that I refuse to watch and I’m contemplating whether or not to just throw our goddamn TV out the fucking window… but I decided to call you instead,” he added, and let out a sigh. “Wanna come over or something?” “I can’t, Mikey,” I answered his question, raising an eyebrow at it even though he couldn’t see me since I thought that we had agreed on Gabe not meeting me as Mikey’s brother for a while yet. “What?” Mikey asked, seemingly taken aback by my answer. “Why the fuck not?” “…Gabe?” I asked rather than stated, trailing my fingers through my hair and resting back further onto my bed. Mikey went silent for a few moments, seeming to realize now that Gabe was home and that we had agreed he wouldn’t meet me as Mikey’s brother for a while yet. “Oh, I’m stupid; ignore me,” he said with a light laugh. “Can I come over there then?” he asked. “If not, you’re buying me a new TV.” I couldn’t help but let out a light laugh at his words, and even though he couldn’t see me; nodded my head. “Of course you can, Mikey,” I answered. “I’m bored as fuck too,” I added, sitting up now so that I could head downstairs to find us something to drink for the night.

“Good! I’ll be there in two minutes, bro!” Mikey said in an excited voice, taking the phone away from his ear. “Gabey baby, I’m going out!” he said in the background before he disconnected our call. Making me laugh again and shake my head slightly before I tucked my phone into my pocket to set about getting things set up for us. “’Sup, bro!” Mikey said happily as he entered my kitchen in the midst of my pouring drinks for the two of us and gave me an adoring smile. “Geez, I know I work with you all day; but I feel like I never get to see you,” he mused. “Today was fucking busy, that’s for sure. What’s it with Tuesdays always being our busy day?” he asked, immediately setting up a conversation and making me smile. “I have no idea,” I answered his question, handing him a glass of the liquor I’d been pouring and giving him a quick hug before beginning to lead him into the living room. “It’s fucking hectic, that’s for sure,” I mused as well, heading over to the couch to spread myself on it as I sipped at my drink. “Fuck yeah, it is,” Mikey said as he fell into the recliner, and kicked his feet up on it. “So what’s up with you, bro? Anything interesting going on?” he asked, taking a sip of his drink as he obviously wanted me to tell him something about Frank and I. “Uhm… yeah, you could put it that way,” I said, as a wide grin began to make its way across my face. Knowing that Mikey would freak out when I told him

that I had taken Frank to my studio and tried to hide my broad grin behind my drink so as not to give that away. “I saw Frank last night,” I decided to start off that way. “I figured you did,” Mikey grinned broadly, curling his feet up beneath him as he gave me his full attention. “Wait, Brandon’s not here, right?” he asked, apparently wanting to make sure before we discussed the topic in further detail. “No, he had a dinner with the guys or something,” I said, giving a light shrug since I hadn’t really asked for specifics on what Brandon would be doing tonight since I had been distracted earlier when he’d said that he’d be home late. “Ah,” he said, seeming to catch on to the slight change in my demeanor. “So… you saw Frankie last night…” he said, grinning and leaning over to give me a light nudge. “What happened?” he asked curiously, taking a sip of his drink before placing one of his hands underneath his chin as his elbow rested against the armrest of the recliner. “Uhm… well, I went over; and we hung out for a little while,” I began, grinning again and running a hand through my hair. “And then I sort of… took him to the art studio,” I added, somehow grinning even wider as I sipped some more of my drink and waited for his reaction. Mikey nearly spat out the sip of his drink that he had taken as I spoke, glancing over at me with wide eyes; nearly to the point where they were threatening to pop out of his skull. “You what?!” he exclaimed,

looking as if he wanted to flail around. “Bro, you took him where?!” he asked, eyes still looking as if they wanted to pop out of his head as he leaned forward in his seat. “…To the art studio,” I confirmed, having gotten just the reaction from my little brother that I’d been hoping for and expected as amazing memories of Frank’s and I’s night together began to flutter through my mind’s eye. Causing a grin to spread across my face once more as I took yet another sip of my drink. “Wow. Just… fucking wow,” Mikey said, taking a breath as he continued to grin widely. “I can’t fucking believe that!” he exclaimed, but then seemed to rethink his words. “Wait, yeah; I guess I can, I forget he isn’t Brandon,” he said, rolling his eyes at the mention of my boyfriend. “Did you ask Frank to go there with you?” “Well… him and I were just laying on his couch cuddling,” I recalled, that unresistable smile at the memories of having Frank in my arms like that and holding him and being held spreading across my face. “And I off handedly mentioned the studio; and he shot straight up and was like “You have a what?!”,” I recalled, letting out a light laugh at the memory. “So when I confirmed that I did indeed have a studio… it didn’t really need to be verbally established that that’s where we were going,” I mused with another light laugh, sipping at my drink some more. “…So right away he wanted to see it?” Mikey asked, seemingly utterly enthralled by my answer to his previous question. “You didn’t even have to ask, did you?” he questioned next, sipping some more at his

drink as he waited for my answer and gave me a rather curious look. “No, I didn’t,” I replied with a slightly dreamy sigh as amazing memories continued to flood my mind. “He was curious the moment he heard about it,” I finished, leaning back comfortably into the couch. Mikey seemed unable to stop grinning as he stood up off of his chair and walked over to me, before pulling me into a very tight hug. “I need to hug you,” he said, giving me a squeeze. “Yes, I just need to hug you very tightly right now,” he said, squeezing me even tighter than before as his face buried itself within my hair. I laughed lightly and gave my little brother a squeeze in return. “I’m taking it you’re happy he wanted to see the studio, then?” I asked with a soft laugh, taking another sip of my drink as he pulled away from me slightly. “…Yeah,” Mikey said, giving me a smile and making me wonder what else he would be so happy about. “Yes, bro, I am,” he said, grinning and placing a mushy kiss to my hair before going back to his seat and picking up his drink again. “So wow. You took him to your studio… your studio that only me, mom, and dad had seen as of before last night, right?” “Yeah, I did,” I answered his question, grinning yet again. “He knows that he was the first person besides immediate family to see it, and he loved that,” I said, honestly unable to stop grinning like a tool at the thoughts of just how amazing Frank is as I sipped at my drink some more again.

“I fucking bet he did!” Mikey exclaimed, still grinning widely as well. “Aww, bro…” he trailed off, smiling softly for some reason. “Fuck, I’m so happy for you!” he gushed, his grin coming back and becoming curious now. “More! I need to know more! What all happened?” “Uhm… well, we get there and he’s like… entranced by all of the artwork that I have hanging up there now,” I said, grinning as I let out another sigh, getting more comfortable on the couch so that I could tell Mikey the story that he wanted. “So… in seeing how much he liked all of my art and everything; I couldn’t resist how irresistible he was… and asked him to ‘break in’ the studio with me,” I grinned, waiting to see Mikey’s reaction to that; and deciding to tell him the entire story since he’d probably be hearing it all from Gabe later on. Mikey’s eyes widened drastically again; to the point where they were looking about ready to bug out of his head once more. And he gaped at me as a broad smile began to cross his face. “Oh my god…” he said, after finally seeming to process what all I had just said as he continued to gape. “Bro, when you decided to get your own studio; do you remember what you said to me?” he asked, obviously knowing that I would remember. “Do you remember how you told me that being able to ‘break in’ the studio with someone was one of the top three reasons you wanted a studio of your own?” “I do, Mikes,” I replied, giving him another grin as I sipped at my drink some more. Realizing that I would have to get another one soon.

“…And you chose Frankie to be the one that ‘broke in’ the art studio with you,” Mikey said, seemingly unable to stop grinning as he sipped some more at his drink as well. “Go on…” I couldn’t help but let out another light laugh and took another sip of my drink as I debated at exactly which point in mine and Frank’s night I should begin. “Well… first we started off with amazing blowjobs,” I said, knowing that my little brother would figure out that blowjobs weren’t the only things that Frank and I got ourselves up to as I sipped even more at my drink. “Blowjobs are always a good place to start…” Mikey mused, a light smirk covering his features. “But you asked him to break in the studio… my Spidey senses are telling me that that’s not where the night ended,” he said, grinning at me as the mega-dork in him came out. I burst out laughing in response to my little brother’s dorkiness and couldn’t help but shake my head at it as well. “It wasn’t…” I told him. “Then, after that… we stumbled upon a canvas… and decided to put that and some paint to good use,” I said, wondering if Mikey would get my hint as I gazed at him with a rather amused expression on my face. “So you painted?” Mikey asked, trying to put two and two together. “I thought you said you…” he trailed off, stopping as his eyes widened in shock again. “Oh my fucking god! Bro!” he exclaimed, flailing around dramatically in the chair as his eyes again looked like they were going to pop right out of his skull.

“Oh your fucking god, what?” I asked, wanting him to guess what had happened last night as I laughed at his behavior again; unable to get enough of just how entranced my brother was in my story and hung off of my every word as I finished off my drink. “Paint sex!” he exclaimed. “You and Frank totally had sex in paint! And turned your amazing experience into a work of fucking art!” he squealed slightly, finishing off his drink as well before giggling as everything seemed to make sense in that little head of his. I couldn’t keep myself from laughing again and somehow managed to grin even wider as Mikey made his guess, seeming to pluck everything right out of my head. “We definitely did,” I answered him with a nod of my head, getting up and taking his glass from him so that I could go and pour us some more drinks. “Oh man,” he said a bit loudly, so that I could hear him from the kitchen. “That’s so fucking cool, bro. So Frankie’s like… your dream guy. He turned one of your innermost fantasies into a reality,” he said just as loudly. “Fuck, that’s so awesome…” he continued; basically talking to himself even though he obviously wanted me to hear. “It definitely is,” I agreed with him, coming back into the living room after pouring the both of us drinks and sipping mine as I handed him his. “And then we also spent the night at the studio,” I said, finishing my story as I sat back down and again let out a soft sigh at the memories flooding through my head. His eyes widened slightly once more again, and his smile softened slightly. “Did you really?” he asked in a

soft voice, seemingly utterly amazed as he continued to hold on to my every word. “He stayed there with you?” Mikey asked next, knowing that he himself has stayed there too many nights to count as he took a sip of his drink. “Yeah, he did,” I sighed dreamily; sipping more of my drink as well and finding myself inwardly thankful that I got to have this type of brotherly conversation with my little brother whenever I needed it. “Bro…” he trailed off, his voice still soft as he took a breath. “Did you ask him to stay?” he asked next, seeming to be trying to comprehend. “Yeah, I did,” I replied, biting my lip slightly as I just now began to comprehend just how deep my feelings for Frank were already beginning to run. “These past few nights, he’s asked you to stay with him, right?” he asked, trying to get things straight. “Like, you’ve stayed with him at his place ‘cause he’s asked you to, right?” “Yeah,” I answered his question; nodding my head as well to confirm it as I took another sip of my drink. Mikey gave me another one of his soft grins. “Last night, Gerard, you asked him to stay with you,” he stated the obvious, sighing dreamily. “…and he did. He did every little thing you asked of him, willingly and more than happily, I’m sure. Am I right?” “He did,” I grinned at the memories again, simply unable to keep myself from smiling as vivid mental images of Frank and I continued to run through my

head. “Bro, this is huge!” he exclaimed happily, taking another sip of his drink; although this one larger than the ones previous. “What are you thinking about right now?” “Do you really have to ask, Mikes?” I questioned him in a playful voice and gave him an equally as playful smile. “I think you know,” I added, knowing that he undoubtedly knew that I was thinking about just how amazing Frank is. “Well duh, smartass,” he said with a smirk, tossing a random cushion at me. “Have you talked to him today?” “We’ve sent each other a few texts, but that’s about it,” I answered him, sipping more of my drink and leaning back comfortably into the couch once more as well. “Well… how did this morning go?” he asked. “Or the rest of the night, for that matter? How did it feel having someone you could actually cuddle with sleep in that bed with you?” he asked me, referring to how sometimes in the midst of his desperation of missing Gabe when he was on tour he would come to my art studio when I was painting and force me to let him sleep in the bed with me there. And I wasn’t cruel… so I always let him. “A lot better than having you in it, of course,” I teased him playfully, smiling equally as playfully at him and tossing the cushion he had thrown at me a few moments ago back at him.

“I bet,” he giggled, catching the cushion and using it as a pillow. “I’m so glad you found someone, bro,” he said in a dreamy voice; sipping his drink some more before his eyes fluttered shut somewhat. “And I know that this is probably wrong of me to say, but-” he said, taking a breath. “I really don’t think that you should stop seeing Frank.” “You don’t?” I asked him, raising one of my eyebrows since I know that he’s cautioned me before to stop seeing him; that this affair was a bit too risky. “I have waited so fucking long to see you smiling like you are right now again, I don’t want you to be miserable anymore,” he said, obviously knowing that this whole thing was morally corrupt but not giving a damn. “I just want you to be happy, bro. And it’s clear that Frankie’s the one who makes you happy.” Mikey took another sip of his drink a few moments later, apparently beginning to feel a bit tipsy but it didn’t seem to really affect him all that much. “And this is probably even more wrong for me to say and also crazy,” he said. “But I don’t think you should break up with Brandon…” he mused. “Not yet, anyway.” My eyes widened slightly as I sent another curious look in my brother’s direction; a bit surprised by him telling me that I should break up with my boyfriend… but not just yet. “What makes you say that?” I asked him, my voice just as curious as my expression as I began to also feel the effects of my drinking as I took another sip of my glass; although it didn’t really affect my thinking.

"Well... okay you just met Frank. He's making you feel amazing and wonderful and euphoric, and that's awesome. So keep that, keep it like it is... a secret. If you keep seeing him and you feel as if you can't keep him a secret anymore, then break up with Brandon,” he began to explain, rationalizing things. "Because I'd hate for you to break things off with Brandon for him, and let's say... he isn't willing to divorce his wife or something stupid like that, then you'll be alone. And I don't want to see that happen." I nodded my head as he spoke and also sipped at my drink some more. “I see what you’re saying, Mikes,” I said thoughtfully. “Although; I think you might have an ulterior motive in saying that… you’ve never really liked Brandon,” I said, giving my little brother a raised eyebrow. “He’s never given me a reason to like him,” he retorted. “You’ve been together for what, two years now? And he’s never taken the time to win me over,” he took another sip of his drink. “You’ve been with Frank, however; for only a week, and he already has.” “How has he won you over?” I asked him in a curious voice; wondering if Frank’s won him over through me or through Gabe, seeing as how the two were best friends. “He just has,” my little brother grinned. "I get both sides of the story from you and from Gabe, remember? When he comes home beaming from hanging out with Frank, he can't keep his mouth shut about how happy his best friend is, which in turn makes him really happy... which makes me really

happy, because the people I love are all really happy,” he grinned some more. I grinned as well and let out a light laugh. “I can see how he’s won you over then,” I mused, taking another sip of my drink; which was steadily becoming empty. “So I’m guessing Gabe enjoys stories just as much as you do?” I questioned, arching an eyebrow in his direction. “Oh does he,” Mikey mused. "I have to say, not that our sex life has needed any livening, your antics with Frank night after night has done wonders for me and him. He jumps my bones the second he comes through the door,” he said with a broad grin, finishing off his drink. "We're all just a bunch of very happy and very fulfilled people, and I don't want that to go away, which is why I want you to keep seeing Frank." I laughed lightly again and shook my head at my brother’s words. “I guess I can see why you don’t want that to stop then, Mikes,” I mused, giving him a smile before getting up so that I could pour us both another drink seeing as we would both have a bit of time to sober up after this one before Mikey had to head home. “Maybe I’m being selfish,” Mikey said in a thoughtful voice, obviously a tad bit drunk. "But I hated having to hide my happiness from you. You've never met Gabe yet for a reason, and I kept him my big secret from you for all these months because I didn't want you to feel bad because I was happy and you weren't." “…Not that I did a very good job of hiding him,” he added soon after speaking, laughing again.

I laughed as well and collapsed back onto the couch yet again after handing him his new drink. “You didn’t,” I said. “Especially when he went away and you were so fucking miserable without him,” I mused, remembering hating my little brother being in pain like he was without Gabe as I sipped at my new drink; beginning to feel a bit more tipsy as well. "But that's why I'm saying, keep Frank a secret until you can't anymore. When you feel like you're about to burst because you can't hold it all in anymore, that's when I think you'll be ready to actually be with him," he said in a thoughtful voice. "I don't think either of you are ready for that just yet." “Yeah, definitely not,” I agreed with him as I also nodded my head. “And probably not for a while,” I mused, giving a light shrug of my shoulders as I sipped some more at my drink. “No, not for a while,” Mikey said, apparently glad that I agreed with him. "I don't want you to ruin what you guys have by jumping in too deep too quickly. Your feelings are so blurred right now, you need to make sense of them before you decide to do anything major with him." “And I can tell that you’re having a hell of a time trying to sort through your feelings for him,” he said, sending me an… understanding glance. “…Is it that obvious?” I asked, raising my eyebrow at my brother; since he was completely right, I was having the damnedest time trying to comprehend just how I felt for Frank.

“Uh, yeah,” Mikey said, letting out another laugh. "I recognize that face all too well bro. It's déjà vu watching what you're going through with him; it's exactly what I went through when Gabe and I first started seeing each other,” he grinned. "I see a lot of Gabe and me in you and Frank, and that's what makes me so happy." I couldn’t help but laugh softly again and sipped some more of my drink whilst doing so. “What do see that’s so similar to you and Gabe?” I asked him in a curious voice. “Your ridiculous hopeless longing for him,” he grinned again. "It's adorable, bro. You saw him just this morning, and spent all night with him last night, and you're dying to see him again. You'd see Frank right this second if you could, wouldn't you?" “Yeah… I would,” I admitted with a light sigh; since again, my little brother read me like a fucking book as I finished off my drink after biting my lip for a few moments. “I bet he’s thinking the same thing,” he grinned yet again, finishing his drink as well and setting the empty glass on the coffee table. "Fuck, I can't wait 'til we can all actually hang out together. It figures that since I'm finally ready for you to meet Gabe, you can't.” I laughed again and shook my head as well. “I’m sure it’ll happen sometime soon, we just need to figure out exactly how to break it to him and Frank that we’re related,” I said with a sigh; trying to think of a way to break it to them to suggest to my little brother, but

coming up with nothing and shaking my head again as a result of that. “Timing, bro!” Mikey exclaimed enthusiastically. "That's something you really need to take into consideration, especially with something as wonderful as your relationship with Frank. Things are going to fall into place with him, and right now they're all over the place which means... it isn't a good time at all to break the news about something that big. Not just yet, anyway." “Right,” I agreed with him again. "But I hate to imagine how long it might take for things to actually fall into place with him, he and Gabe might end up pissed off at us later on if it takes such a long time and we reveal our secret," I said rationally, even though I was still rather tipsy. “Dammit bro,” Mikey groaned, grabbing the pillow next to him and throwing it at me again. “You’re right…” he trailed off, seeming to lack anything useful to add to our conversation. “It doesn't seem like a big deal to us, but I know for them it will be. Gabe's such a drama queen and after I've heard him ramble for so long about Frank and his new guy, he won't be happy that I sat there smiling and gushing like a fucking fool because the guy that he's been talking about has been you all along, and I didn't say anything.” I began to bite my lip again as a thoughtful expression spread across my face. “Maybe you could just start dropping hints or something?” I asked, grabbing the pillow that he had thrown at me and placing it underneath my head.

“Yeah, I guess. It’ll work out. I mean, it has to,” he said, reclining back in the chair. "Gabe speaks so highly of you, Gerard. I really can't wait for you to meet him," he said with a smile, glancing over at me. “Well… officially, you know. As my brother.” I chuckled lightly again and gave him a smile. “I can’t wait to meet him either, Mikes,” I replied honestly. “I really can’t wait, bro!” Mikey said excitedly. "You know, Gabe's been saying it too, he can't wait for all of us to get together. I have to keep stalling of course, but he's been talking about having you and Frank over for dinner, and to invite you places with us... it sounds really nice, bro. I've waited for so long to be able to do that with both of you,” he continued in a dreamy voice, giving a sigh as he gazed at me again. I smiled at the dreamy tone in my little brother’s voice and reclined further into the couch. “All in time, Mikes,” I said in a wise voice. He sighed just as dreamily as he had spoken and kicked back in the recliner a little bit more; seeming to get more comfortable as his slight drunkenness began to fully set in and let his eyes drift shut as he relaxed. We both enjoyed the peacefulness of this moment; but the peacefulness was interrupted rather suddenly as the front door opened and Brandon entered the house rather loudly. “Baby!” my boyfriend spoke with a drunken slur; an obvious sex-crazed look in his eyes as he gazed at me, and then scowled upon seeing my little brother in the recliner. “…and Mikey,” he added.

I sighed as Brandon greeted me and ran a hand wearily over my face; the pleasurable buzz that I had gotten from my drinks instantly vanishing. “Uhm… hi, hun,” I greeted him, putting one of my trademarked fake smiles on my face as my boyfriend began to walk over to me. He kneeled down on the couch in front of me before placing a sloppy and very drunken kiss to my lips; his scruffy facial hair not feeling very pleasant as his hands wandered up under my shirt and he began to feel me up, obviously not caring if my little brother was in the same room as us. “Hey hun…” Brandon murmured in what was supposed to be a seductive voice, as his lips wandered to my ear. “How much longer is your little brother going to be here for?” he asked me as he began to suck at my neck; his facial hair again not feeling very pleasant and feeling nothing like the way that it felt when Frank would suck at my neck. I let out a sigh and rolled my eyes in annoyance, sitting up a bit more to make it a bit harder for him to touch me and also make it so that Brandon’s drunken self couldn’t just fall all over me. “I’m not sure,” I answered his question, feeling relieved that me sitting up some also relieved some of the discomfort of his facial hair against my neck. Brandon seemed a bit annoyed by the lack of contact and situated himself so that he was in between my legs and wrapped his arms around me; making it nearly impossible for me to escape. “Come on, hun…” he murmured. “I think you should tell him to get lost,” he said in my ear; beginning to suck at my skin once more and apparently not giving a damn whether or

not it felt good to me… he just wanted some. “You’re drunk,” I stated the obvious; lightly pushing him away from me since it didn’t take much force due to the alcohol flowing throughout his system. "You know how I feel about getting up to anything when you're wasted; why don't you just let me get you to bed instead?" I offered, knowing that there was undoubtedly an annoyed expression on my face as I held my boyfriend nearly an arm’s length away from me. Brandon mumbled something incoherently and pressed another drunken kiss to my lips before he allowed me to help him up; grasping tightly onto me as soon as we were both on our feet. “See ya, Mikey,” Brandon called out over his shoulder as I began to help him towards the staircase; his goodbye not sounding all that sincere as he placed more kisses to the side of my face. I heard Mikey say his goodbye in response; just as insincerely as Brandon’s and then I heard him let out a sigh as I began to help Brandon’s drunken form up the stairs and ignored the kisses that were being placed to my face. “Did you have a good time with the guys?” I asked Brandon in a soft voice once we were nearly halfway up the stairs, hoping that keeping Brandon talking would prevent him from kissing me so sloppily. “Yeah, especially after the hellish time we had at the studio today,” Brandon said in an annoyed voice, seeming to remember everything about his day regardless of the drunken state he was currently in. “I fucking hate our producer, and his stupid little boyfriend,” he murmured as we entered the bedroom;

his drunkenness seeming to overpower him now. I let out a sigh and lightly shook my head as I escorted him over to the bed. “Why do you hate them?” I asked in an interested tone; turning on the light on the nightstand so that we could actually see as I sat him down on our bed. “They’re fucking… awful…” he slurred, obviously unable to form a coherent reason why he hated them in his drunken state. “Hate his stupid hat… and stupid glasses…” he murmured some more and snuggled into his pillow before sighing in relief as I began to help him get undressed. He smelled like a fucking keg or something, I didn’t want to have to wash our sheets because he fell asleep in his clothes. I shook my head again as he muttered more obscenities and ‘I hate them both…’s under his breath and lightly set his clothing on the chair conveniently placed about six or seven feet away from the bed. “Goodnight, Brandon,” I murmured as he snuggled into his pillow before reaching over to turn out the light. “Where you going?” he asked, suddenly a bit more alert as he reached out and pulled me back towards him. I sighed softly as Brandon pulled me back to him again and brushed some of my hair away from my face. “To hang out with Mikey for a little bit longer and then probably drive him home,” I answered his question. Brandon sat up slightly with a frown, but then a thought seemed to flash over him and he looked as if

he suddenly remembered something. “Okay… I’ll let you go,” he said with a grin, planting another kiss to my lips. “…on one condition,” he added with a smirk. I gazed at the smirk on Brandon’s face a bit warily, wondering what was running through my boyfriend’s head. “What is it?” I asked, arching one of my eyebrows. "Nothing big, I just need you to come to this thing with me on Saturday night. Just come with me, that's all I need you to do,” he said completely innocently, smiling at the suddenly surprised look on my face. “That’s all I need for you to do,” he repeated, as if reaffirming it in my head. “That’s all?” I asked in disbelief; wondering why I was getting off so easy and he hadn’t pulled a fast one on me and asked for a sexual favor or something. “That’s all,” he smiled sweetly; reaching out and caressing the side of my face as he gazed at me, awaiting my answer. “Uhm… yeah, I’ll go,” I answered him after briefly thinking of whether or not I was doing anything on Saturday night with Mikey or something; sighing inwardly as the feel of Brandon caressing my face felt nothing like the way it felt when Frank would repeat his very actions. “Good. Then you can go,” he said with another smile; leaning so that he could kiss me again. “See you when you get home,” he said, before snuggling into his pillow again and allowing his eyes to drift shut.

“See you,” I murmured, turning off the light before leaving the room so that I could head downstairs to my little brother, and giving a soft smile in his direction as I found that he was still in the same chair. “Sorry about that,” I apologized to him with a slight roll of my eyes, and sat back down on the couch and finding myself very relieved that Brandon hadn’t tried to force me to lay with him until he fell asleep or something. “That was quick,” Mikey mused. “I was just about to leave,” he said, appearing grateful that I was back and apparently unscathed. “He hasn’t changed much, has he?” he asked me, his voice sounding rather disappointed as he gazed at me questioningly. “Not much,” I agreed with him with a slight shake of my head. “Hopefully he’ll pass out soon though,” I shrugged lightly; hoping that Brandon will since he got me to agree to go to that event/party with him on Saturday. “Yeah…” Mikey said, watching me as I let out a relieved sigh and giving a slight smile as he thought about his next words. “I guess it’s a good thing I was here, huh?” he asked, grinning at me now like he was here to ‘save’ me again or something and obviously liking it. I let out a light laugh at my brother’s words and reclined back into the couch again. “Of course it was, Mikey,” I said. “I might as well call you Jesus, because you’re my savior,” I continued in a sarcastically playful voice as I rolled my eyes lightly again; picking up a pillow and playfully tossing it in his general direction.

Mikey seemed to beam at my words and gave me a bright grin. “Yep. Bow to me, peasant,” he grinned broadly, before briefly shutting his eyes again. “I’m about to fall asleep, bro,” he murmured with a drunken smile. “I might need you to take me home.” I laughed lightly, knowing that I was sober enough to drive and glancing around the room to see where my car keys were. “Do you just want me to take you there now, then?” I asked, trailing my fingers through my hair in habit to get it out of my face. Mikey gave a nod, before shaking his head to keep himself awake. “Yeah, or I can just call my sugar baby to come get me and risk exposing the fact that we’re brothers,” he shrugged, and gave a grin as I stood up so that I could grab my keys off of the mantel. I then shook my head at his words and walked over to help my little brother off of the chair that he had sunk into. “Please, Gabe is probably too entranced in one of those TV shows you refuse to watch,” I teased him, before beginning to lead my little brother to the front door so that I could take him home. “Ugh… don’t remind me,” Mikey whined, and wrapped his long arms around my body and leaned into me as we walked out to my car. I chuckled at my little brother’s whining and helped him into the passenger’s side of the car before feeling my phone beginning to vibrate from my pocket. I raised an eyebrow and pulled it out of said pocket, unlocking my phone so that I could view the text. From: Frankie

Time: 2:12 am Message: I really wish that you were here so I could kiss you goodnight. <3 I couldn't stop the grin from forming on my face upon reading Frankie's sweet words. "I really wish I was too, baby..."

Chapter 25 [[Frank's POV]] After sending Gerard that message, I waited for a few moments to see if he would reply to me. If he was alone and in the clear, he would reply instantly. Most of the time, not even a minute or two separated our messages to one another. However, if he didn’t respond right away, that could only mean one thing: his boyfriend was around, and Gerard couldn’t reply. I gazed at the clock on the wall, which informed me that it was nearly 2:30 AM. Surely he was asleep by now, what was I thinking? Sighing, I slipped off of my comfortable position on the couch and headed toward the bathroom to brush my teeth and get ready to go to bed myself; phone in hand, of course, just in case Gerard was awake and had decided to text or call me back. As I sauntered down the hallway, I could feel every inch of my body screaming out in agony still due to the constant workout that Gerard had been giving me. These past few magical nights with him have me so worn out, but the aching joints and muscles that I felt

as a cause of those blissful, beautiful nights were all so worth it. But not only was I physically worn out, my mind was also emotionally drained, as well. My mind was constantly running wild with thoughts of Gerard; of his beautiful smile whenever he would gaze upon me, or his adorable laugh whenever I would randomly discover one of his sensitive, ticklish spots on his body. I smiled; one of my favorite moments with him happened just the night before. As I lay in Gerard’s bed with him, in his home away from home, I couldn’t help but feel amazed at how wonderful it felt to be invited by Gerard to stay with him. Every night up until now the role had been reversed, and I had been the one that invited him to stay with me. But not tonight. Tonight, after the most spectacular painting had ever been created, and after the best series of kisses that we shared while capturing all of our moments on film, and after the shower that we shared together to get all of the paint off of our bodies after such an amazing adventure… here I am, lying in Gerard’s bed, in Gerard’s arms, lazily stroking his chest as soft kisses are placed to his skin. As Gerard giggles out from beneath me, I realize that this is quite possibly my new favorite place in the world. “Frankie…” he begins, and continues to softly run his fingers through my newly washed hair, which smells of his shampoo. It is by far my new favorite scent. More soft kisses from me, more adorable laughter from him.

The words “Frankie,stop…” fall from his lips, followed by another onslaught of giggles. I do as he says, but only so I can smirk playfully up at his gorgeous, and slightly red face. “But baby, I can’t…” I tease him, and crawl up his body so that I can tenderly kiss his lips. “You know I love it when you laugh like that…” Gerard smiles at me, a smile so beautiful, that I just have to kiss him again. “And you know I love it when you do that … I just…” Gerard’s words are breathless, and the face that he is giving me is simply adorable as he tries to find the right words that will get me to stop my current attack on his body. “I’m so ticklish, baby, please…” His look is pleading, yet still so adorable. His fingers trace down my arm that’s supporting my weight, and my body collapses down on top of him. Luckily, he’s there to catch me in a soft, sweet kiss; and my mind is completely made up. This is indeed, my new favorite place in the world… Upon snapping out of my little daydream, I realize that I’ve been brushing my teeth for nearly five minutes now. After rinsing my mouth out and drying my face with a towel, my scorpion tattoo caught my eye in the mirror. The ink there was littered with evidence that it

was by far, Gerard’s favorite tattoo of mine. Through my muscle shirt, I could see tiny beginnings of some of the other marks that he had left on me, and my curiosity got the better of me as I lifted the fabric off of my body so I could see just how much of my skin Gerard had claimed as his. As my eyes scanned over my ink-covered skin, I gave a smirk at all of the gorgeous marks that Gerard had left on my body that served as constant reminders that he had indeed, been there. All of these marks were proof that none of this was a dream; Gerard was very real, and these feelings and emotions that I’ve been feeling for him are more real than anything that I’ve ever felt. I gazed at my phone, discarded on the marble sink in front of me, and grabbed it to see if maybe in my flashback fantasyland of Gerard that maybe I had missed something. No new messages. Sighing, I leaned forward and braced myself on the sink, and took a deep breath as I feebly attempted to collect myself. My emotions were everywhere, and to make things worse, I think I just heard knocking at my door. “You’re imagining things, that’s not him,” I scolded myself; hoping to get a grip on things. But then, another knock, followed by Zero’s very un-intimidating little bark. A smile crept on my face as I departed the bathroom and made my way toward the door; eager and hopeful that it would be Gerard standing on the other side of that door.

As my fingers turned the knob and pulled the door forward, I was met with none other than Gerard’s gorgeous face, dressed up in a shy, yet playful smile. “Gee…” I breathed out once I saw him; for some reason completely in shock that he was actually on my doorstep. “Hi Frankie,” Gerard greeted me, and flashed me yet another one of his absolutely gorgeous smiles; leaving me mesmerized, as always. I quickly pulled him close to me, as one of my hands traveled up to support the side of his face; giving him a starry-eyed gaze as I peered upon him. “What are you doing here, baby?” Gerard giggled at my rather silly question, and allowed his arms to encircle my waist so he could hold onto me just as tightly. His hand then mimicked my own, and cradled the side of my face as he leaned in to plant a very soft, very tender kiss to my lips. I pressed my lips back against his; feeling so very much in love with the warm, fuzzy feeling that was rapidly spreading through my body as our lips moved together like that. Gerard broke apart just moments after, and smiled at me. “I’m giving you your goodnight kiss, of course,” he said, and I couldn’t help but kiss him once more. “Best good night kiss ever,” I replied, and giggled slightly before realizing that Gerard was here, giving me a kiss good night, because I had just sent him a message saying that I wished that he were here for me to kiss him good night.

“Did you stop by just for that?” I asked him, and completely melted into his arms as he held me even closer to him. My eyes were hopeful as I gazed upon him; and the soft smile that he gave me in return told me that the hope that I felt for him being able to stay, if only for a little while, was not in vain. “Partially,” Gerard murmured; and gave my body a soft squeeze as he leaned in to kiss me just as softly once again. “I wanted to see you… if only for a few minutes,” Gerard added, as his hands fell to lightly rest against my lower back as he continued to hold me closely. “I missed you…” “I missed you too…” I murmured, and leaned in to once again kiss Gerard’s waiting lips. “Come on baby,” I said with a grin, and lead him into my penthouse with our fingers entwined. Since I figured that Gerard didn’t have much time, I laid down on the couch and pulled his body down on top of mine. I wasted absolutely no time at all as I wrapped an arm to securely wrap around Gerard's body, as the other reached up to gently cup his gorgeous face; smiling at him for a moment before kissing him once more. “I'm so fucking glad that you're here, Gerard,” I said to him; smiling amongst our kiss as I did so. “I'm glad I'm here too, baby,” Gerard replied, as he let out a content sigh against my lips and kissed me back just as softly. “I love getting to spend time with you.” “I love it too,” I spoke softly, and gave him an adoring

grin as I continued to hold Gerard's body tightly to my own. “How was your day, love?” Gerard smiled at my question as he rested his head in the crook of my neck. “It was alright. I got to hang out with my brother for a while,” Gerard replied, as he placed a soft kiss to my skin. “Yours?” “That's awesome,” I said in response to Gerard spending time with his brother, and gave a genuine smile at the thought. “Gabe came to hang out with me at work today; that was a lot of fucking fun.” “That does sound awesome,” Gerard giggled at my response, and placed another soft kiss to my skin. “It was,” I replied, as my fingers found their way to begin softly stroking Gerard’s hair. “My day was awesome, but I pretty much crashed the second I got home. I’d actually just gotten up a little while ago, just before I sent you that message.” “I thought so,” Gerard said with a smile. “You still look a little bit tired, baby,” he mused, before nuzzling his face into my neck. I smiled at the way that Gerard snuggled his body closer into mine, and pressed a soft kiss to his hair. “It's because you've kept me up these past few nights…” I told him, and gave Gerard a charming grin as he glanced up at me. “Fuck sleeping, if that's the case,” I said with a smile, as I lightly grazed my fingers across his cheek. “What's the point in dreaming about you if I can actually have you here with me?”

Gerard gave me another adoring grin as he leaned up to softly kiss my lips. “You're adorable, baby,” Gerard said to me with a smile; his lips fluttering against mine as he spoke. I shook my head. “It's you, gorgeous, that's the adorable one,” I disagreed with him. “Having you next to me is what makes me look good.” “You melt me, baby,” Gerard replied with a smile, as he rested his forehead lightly against mine; but only for a moment. He popped up suddenly, as if something had just flashed in his memory. “Oh Frankie, I almost forgot!” I gazed at him curiously, as he leaned in to kiss my lips briefly. “I brought you a present,” he added, which caused me to smile. “Oh?” I questioned, and watched as his hand disappeared into his bag, which had been discarded down on the floor beside us when we’d first gotten comfortable. “What is it baby?” He gave me another grin, before retrieving something that was very prettily decorated from within his bag. “Well, I found the time today to have those photos that we took last night developed…” Gerard said, grinning shyly at me as he placed what was apparently a photo album in my hands. “Did you?” I asked, my eyes wide and my heart pounding as I held the album in my hands.

“I can't wait to see them…” I said with an adoring grin as Gerard settled himself next to me rather than lying on top of me like he had been. I wrapped my arm around him and held him closely; leaning over to softly kiss his lips before turning my attention to the album in front of me. There was a picture of our fingers on the cover; they were entwined, and in the shape of a love heart. Underneath the picture, it read, “Frankie and Gee”. I smiled; and flipped the album open to the first page. Gerard snuggled into my side as I opened the album and peered at the first picture; utterly blown away by how beautiful the two of us looked. “Oh Gee…” I breathed out, as I continued to stare upon the first picture. “Baby, we are fucking gorgeous,” I said with a grin; unable to help myself from speaking the truth. In the picture, our arms were wrapped around one another; his around my waist and mine draped lazily around his neck, as we peered quite dreamily at one another. It was as if the camera truly didn’t exist, because none of this was an act that we put on for the camera. This is how Gerard and I simply were when we are together, and now, I have this album full of photos here to prove it. “We definitely are, Frankie,” Gerard grinned in agreement, and nuzzled his nose softly into my cheek after kissing it, as his arms encircled my waist to hold me closely to him. I sighed out blissfully as Gerard took hold of my body like that, and flipped forward to the second page.

“Gerard…” I breathed out once more; utterly entranced as I ran my fingers along the new picture. It was of us in the same position as before, but now I was kissing Gerard’s cheek and he was smiling so beautifully as I did so. As I gazed upon the perfection in my lap, and gave a gentle squeeze to the perfection laying next to me, I could clearly feel myself falling even more so than before for him. “Baby, you are beautiful…” Gerard placed his fingers alongside my chin, and tilted my face toward his. An adoring kiss was soon placed to my lips, as his fingers moved down to cradle the side of my neck as he kissed me. “You're the beautiful one, Frankie,” he whispered amongst my lips, and I could feel my need and absolute want for him growing by the second as I melted completely at Gerard's words and into his embrace. My fingers fell from the album and now completely encircled his body, as one of my hands moved up to gently hold the side of Gerard's face as well; kissing him deeply and unable to resist sliding my tongue in between Gerard's slightly parted lips. He responded instantly with a light moan before his tongue soon found mine; lightly massaging one another’s as his thumb gently swept across my jawbone. I sighed out blissfully at his actions and continued to hold him closely; though shifting slightly so that we were now facing one another. Gerard sighed out contently once more, as his arms re-wrapped around my body; immediately kissing me back just as deeply as before as my body successfully melted even further

into his embrace. “Oh, Gee…” I moaned out, feeling utterly weak for him as he kissed me like that. I loved the feeling of simply being close to him like this more than anything. Being close with him like this, in his arms with his legs entwined with mine, as his lips move beautifully against my own, is all that I could ever want. “Baby…” I sighed out amongst his lips, before breaking our kiss to stare dreamily at him once more. “Do you have to leave me tonight?” I dreaded his response, but I needed to know if I could take my time with him or if I needed to savor this moment because he would soon have to leave me. “Well, baby…” Gerard began, before leaning in to press yet another tender kiss to my lips. “I may have told a tiny little lie to you earlier,” Gerard added, although he gave me a smile. “Oh?” I questioned playfully, knowing that Gerard would never lie to me about anything major as I placed a soft kiss to his cheek. “Yes baby,” Gerard affirmed; his lips still curved up into a smile as he ran his fingers through my hair. “You see, my real intentions in coming over was so that I could kiss you good morning... I mean, if I can stay…” I let out a light laugh at the way that Gerard was gazing upon me. His smile was half charming and half

pleading; clearly already knowing that my answer was going to be yes. “Baby, you know you don't ever have to ask me if you can stay with me,” I informed him with a smile, as my fingers glided gently across the curves of his cheekbones. “I want that kiss good morning more than anything.” Gerard grinned brightly upon me, before our lips met once more in yet another breathtaking, passionate kiss that left me wanting so much more. As our kiss ended, my smile grew bigger, because another beautiful night with Gerard was just about to begin. * “Ronnie, I really liked the way that last take sounded,” I said into the microphone that allowed me to communicate with the members of the band that were stuck inside of the sound booth. “Try it again, just like that last time, and I think that’ll be it for the first verse.” He gave me a thumbs up before doing as I’d requested of him, and I couldn’t help but smile. This morning at the studio was Gabe-less, but even without him, it was going quite painless because everyone actually appeared sober and ready for work today. All of course, with the exception of Brandon Flowers. For some odd reason, he was sitting next to me, with his arms folded behind his head as he leaned back in

his chair. His leg was crossed over his knee, in a very feminine way, and he would not shut up. Up until now, I’d been able to block him out, but he seemed to go against everything that I was trying to make progress on. “You liked that?” He questioned, and I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was giving me a disapproving look. “Yep,” I nodded, and continued to concentrate on pressing in the right sequence on the sound board in front of me; wanting very much to get this rough demo finished by the end of the day so that we could send it over to the mixers to give it a listen before we recorded a more polished version for the actual demo. “I don’t like it.” I sighed inwardly as Brandon spoke again, and tried my best to ignore him. I’m not entirely sure why his voice was distracting me so much. Maybe because it happened to come from my current least favorite person, or maybe because Brandon just had to contradict me and go against anything that could possibly be construed as progress. Either way, because of his random outburst, I pressed the wrong button on the soundboard and deleted all of the progress that we had made in the past half hour that had to do with Ronnie’s drum session. “God dammit,” I spoke rather loudly, as my fist came down to slam against the counter. “Oh, I’m sorry; did I disrupt your work?” Brandon asked, and shot me a smile. I didn’t like it; it meant

that he was obviously up to no good. “I sure hope that we don’t have to start over. I mean, if he’s going to redo it he might wanna redo it… oh, I don’t know… better?” “Don’t worry, it saved,” I lied, and made a mental note to tell Ronnie that we’d continue it in just a little while. “Take five, Ronnie, then we’ll continue right where we left off,” I said to the drummer, before giving in to see why Brandon Flowers was taking on the roll of a very annoying mosquito that refused to quit buzzing in my ear. “What can I do for you, Brandon?” I asked him, complete with my best fake smile. “Oh, nothing,” Brandon sighed, and gave his cuticles an analyzing look. “I was just telling the guys a little earlier about how I got my absolutely stunning boyfriend to agree to come to the party with me,” he mused, as he sipped at the energy drink that he was holding in his hands. “Have you talked to your boyfriend yet?” “About the party?” I questioned, as my fake smile turned into a smirk. “No, not yet. Truthfully that was the last thing on my mind last night when he was over…” I had to stop talking for a moment to smile at the way that Brandon’s cocky smirk turned into a scowl, and inwardly rolled my eyes at him. “But don’t worry, I plan to today, at some point,” I affirmed, and gave yet another smile at Brandon’s interest. It was as if this was some sort of competition

between the two of us, to see which one of us had the hotter boyfriend. The thought was simply laughable; my Gerard would clearly win, hands down. “Make sure you do,” Brandon smirked. “Like I told you yesterday, I'm actually looking forward to meeting him,” he mused, and grabbed a hold of the latest issue of Alternative Press that was lying out in front of him. “I’m actually looking forward to meeting your boyfriend, too,” I said to him, before attempting to fix the botched drum session from earlier. “So... where's Gabe today?” I rolled my eyes as he spoke again, especially about my best friend. The magazine that he was reading did nothing to hide the smirk on his face as he asked me that question; he was obviously overjoyed about Gabe’s absence. “He's at a photo shoot for our friend Pete's new clothing line,” I murmured; not really wanting to divulge too much into Gabe’s day to day activities. “Why, you miss him already?” I questioned him with a wide smile; trying my hardest to resist the urge to laugh. Brandon gave a visible shudder at my question and nearly choked on his energy drink. “Ugh, fuck no,” he replied dryly, as he coughed and tried to maintain his composure. I full out grinned at his response. “Well, I'm sorry you feel that way,” I said to the lead singer, with a very wide smile on my face. “But, as luck would have it, I'm

actually signing Gabe on to be my new assistant.” I could see what little color was left of Brandon’s face slowly seeping away. “But, you have an assistant already!” He fought me, to which I nodded. “I do, but Casey gets so busy with all of the other things that he’s got going on. He’s up to his neck in paperwork and simply doesn't have enough time to balance everything out,” I explained, to which Brandon scowled. “He can’t be here like Gabe can, and since Gabe has all of this free time on his hands, he's gonna be filling in for the lack of time that Casey can put in for this record.” Brandon’s eyes widened a bit, as if in horror as I spoke those words to him. “Seriously?” “Yeah,” I confirmed, and shot him my best ‘sympathetic’ smile. “But I mean, if you're against it, you can maybe talk to Mr. Callahan about it, but…” I trailed off, and gave another sympathetic glance in Brandon’s direction. “He is sort of the one that okayed it, and he doesn’t really like when people try to undermine his authority,” I mused; knowing damn well that Brandon wouldn't have the nerve to go to my boss after seeing how absolutely star struck Rob had gotten over Gabe just the day before. Brandon’s eyes narrowed at the mention of Mr. Callahan, and sighed. “I'm okay with it,” Brandon replied dryly, as he continued to thumb through the magazine. “Good!” I replied with an enthusiastic smile. “On that note, I think it may be a good idea for us to get started

again. Maybe we can get out of here early if we get this new track done today.” I hoped this would work; I seriously couldn’t wait to get home, considering Gabe was going to be busy all afternoon and wasn’t going to be able to make it to the studio to keep me company. “Sounds good to me,” Brandon replied, before finishing off his energy drink and standing up so that he could head into the sound booth to get started on the project at hand. I rolled my eyes as Brandon walked away and pulled out my phone to call Gabe. “Hello Frankie-love!” Gabe answered after two rings, and I could hear him yelling at the photographer on the other end ‘to stop his fucking pictures because his bestie was calling him.’ “Hello, Gabriel; my best friend, supermodel extraordinaire, and hottest lead singer from the greatest band ever,” I replied, with a broad smile on my face as I was getting to the best part. “And might I add, my super sexy new assistant,” I informed him of his newest position, and heard him yelp with excitement in the background. “Fuck yes!” He exclaimed; and I could practically hear him smiling. “Rob gave the okay about me being hired on?” “Of course he did,” I replied, and gave a smile at his excitement. “You know he'd okay anything if it involves you. And anything that involves you and I

together... well, he knows that it can't fail, because we're the fucking best,” I added, with a wide grin on my face as I did so. “Hell yeah we are,” Gabe replied, his voice sounding confident. “Oh Frankie, I’m so excited about this!” “Me too Gabe,” I replied happily. “But listen, I gotta go. We’re trying to finish this track early so I can go home; but tonight, if you’re free, I’m thinking that you and I are long overdue for a date night.” “Fuck yes we are! We still have lots of lost time to make up for!” Gabe replied enthusiastically. “Hell yes we do,” I smiled. “We’re celebrating your new career as my assistant, plus catching up on bestie time that we’ve missed out on. I still miss you like crazy, and I’ve seen you every day since you’ve been home.” “Aww, I miss you too, Frankie-love,” Gabe replied, and gave a longing sigh. “Don’t you worry though, tonight it’s just me and you. Let me know where you want me to meet you and at what time, and I’ll be there.” “I will,” I said, smiling so very happily at the thought of us having another one of our epic date nights scheduled for that evening. “See you tonight, Gabey baby.” “Hell yes you will. See you tonight, Frankie-love!” I hung up with him then; my grin wide and my heart fluttering because the possibilities were endless for what my best friend and I could get up to tonight.

But first, I had a date with the Killers. “Alright, Ronnie; let’s go over that drum solo one more time,” I said into the microphone once more, and after hearing Brandon whine, I couldn’t wait for the day to be over so my night with Gabe could finally begin. * Around 9:00, I walked into the restaurant that Gabe and I had agreed to meet at, and felt an overwhelming happiness seep through my system because tonight, he and I were having another one of our date nights. I had missed these nights out with him so very much while he was away on tour, and having him back at home was sort of like being back home myself. Whenever he is gone, he always takes a part of me with him. A very large part of me, that cannot wait for him to return home so we can begin our adventures again. Tonight, we are most certainly going to have one of our most epic adventures yet. “Good evening sir,” the hostess greeted me with a somewhat rehearsed smile on her face. “Do you have a reservation?” I smiled. “Yes, it’s under Iero,” I informed her, and watched as her smile brightened significantly. “Of course, Mr. Iero,” she repeated, as she grabbed two menus and gestured for me to follow her. She led me to a table that was in a more secluded section that was dimly lit, roped off by a curtain that was sure to

make for a very intimate dining experience. The only thought running through my mind as the hostess told me that the waiter would be with me shortly was, I couldn’t want to bring Gerard here. But tonight, it was all about Gabe, and I couldn’t wait for him to get here so we could begin our big night out. “Is there anything else that I can do for you?” She asked, and shot me another vibrant smile. “Yeah,” I replied, and grinned as she gave me her undivided attention. “There’s a gentleman by the name of Gabe Saporta that’s coming here to meet me. He’s the most handsome man that you will ever see in your life; not to mention that he will be dressed to kill. Make sure you send him my way when he gets here, okay?” “Of course,” she replied with that same bubbly smile, and excused herself after receiving my instructions. I grinned as well; my description of my best friend was very accurate. I picked up the menu that she had placed in front of me and peered at it; instantly seeing at least twelve things that my best friend would love. When the waiter came, I ordered the most expensive bottle of champagne that the restaurant had to offer. No expense was going to spared tonight; my best friend deserved only the best and tonight was going to be one that I hoped that he would remember forever. Our waiter came back shortly after and brought this elaborate looking bucket of ice that contained our $450 bottle of champagne in it, along with two elaborately decorated crystal glasses.

“Would you like me to pour some for you now, or do you want to wait until your guest arrives?” Our waiter, Chris, asked once he’d popped the cork off of our bottle of champagne. “I’ll take care of it once he gets here,” I told him, and smiled as he walked away and I was left alone to await my best friend’s arrival. About five minutes later, the curtain re-opened and in came my best friend, whose eyes lit up once he saw me and the fancy little set-up that we had going on. “Frankie!” He exclaimed, and immediately wrapped his long arms tightly around my body. “I missed you so much today!” He added; his voice rather dramatic, as if it had been weeks or even months since we had last seen each other. He kissed my cheek just as dramatically; his lips lingering against my skin as he squeezed my body tightly once more. “I missed you too, Gabriel!” I grinned, and squeezed my best friend back just as tightly. After returning his rather dramatic kiss, I gazed excitedly at him; my smile reflecting my happiness as I continued to hold onto him closely. “I'm so fucking happy that finally, I get a chance to repay you for all of those times that you took me out on tour with you as your assistant. I can never thank you enough for all of those absolutely amazing adventures that we were able to have because you gave me the best job I could ever hope to have,” I said

to him; my eyes glazed over with complete adoration for the man standing in front of me. “I'm so fucking happy that you've got this job as my assistant, and that we are going to be able to spend every fucking day together.” “Aww, Frankie-love,” Gabe sighed happily, and gave me an equally as adoring smile before gently kissing my cheek once more. “I'm so fucking happy too,” he replied, and gave my body another gentle squeeze before letting me go so that we could each take our seats. “Days with you and nights with my sugar baby; life is perfect,” Gabe sighed contently, as he reached across the table and took my hand in his, and gave it a gentle squeeze. I smiled at his gesture; he was always very affectionate like this with me when we were out together. It felt comforting, to know that even though he had Mikey and I had Gerard, we could still show affection to one another like this. “Aww,” I sighed happily, and gave my best friend another adoring smile as I lightly brushed my thumb over Gabe's fingers. “Fuck yes, life is very fucking close to perfect,” I agreed, as I took hold of the champagne bottle and poured some of the very expensive liquor in each of our glasses. “I've got you back in town, and now… I've got someone special to spend most of my nights with, too,” I replied very happily, and let out a rather dreamy sigh as I handed Gabe his glass. “Aww, Frankie!” Gabe cooed excitedly, as he once again gave my fingers a gentle squeeze. “I seriously

can't get over how happy I am for you that you have Gerard to spend most of your nights with now,” he spoke with a wide grin; as his fingers gently brushed over my knuckles once more. “This definitely calls for a celebration,” he mused, and lightly clinked his glass with mine. “Hell yes it does; especially since I got to see him again last night,” I agreed, as we each took a sip out of our glasses, and watched as a grin stretched widely across my best friend’s face. “You saw Gerard again last night?” He asked in a dreamy voice; his eyes glazing over with what could only be described as pure happiness. “Yes, I did,” I affirmed, and smiled as a dreamy expression that matched his perfectly spread across my face. “I sent him a text last night, telling him that I wished that I could kiss him goodnight, and not more than a half hour later he was at my doorstep and I was kissing him.” “Seriously?” Gabe asked in that same dreamy voice; his face still lit up into a vibrant smile as I nodded. “Frankie... that's so cute!” “It’s very cute,” I agreed happily, and gave another dreamy sigh as I recalled the gorgeous memories of my night with Gerard. “Of course that ‘kiss good night’ lead to a ‘kiss good morning’, which then led to a ‘kiss good-bye’ when he left me to go to work this morning,” I added; and watched as Gabe’s smile grew wider as more of the details to my story were being revealed.

“You got to spend the night with him again?” Gabe questioned; his eyes wide and his smile even wider. I nodded happily. “He is so sweet Gabe; he is making it so hard for me to even think straight,” I said, before consuming a bit more of that exquisite-tasting champagne. “All day long my thoughts are consumed with him, and I've gotta tell you…” My words trailed off, as I gave my best friend yet another brilliant smile. “I fucking love it.” “That's so amazing, Frankie,” he spoke dreamily as well; his grin somehow even wider than my own. “I definitely love it too,” he added, and began to giggle as we each consumed some more of our expensive champagne. “Damn, it’s crazy how Gerard just keeps making me love him more and more,” he mused, with yet another wide grin adorning his very attractive face. My smile grew to match his as he said those words; I loved that he thought so highly of my relationship with Gerard. It was truly very rare for him to approve of anyone that I dated, because his standards for who I chose to date were normally so high that nobody would ever be able to pass them. Gerard apparently did, and with great ease, it seemed. “So, I want to know everything,” he grinned at me; obviously wanting to get down to the really juicy stuff. “You said he originally came over to kiss you goodnight?”

I grinned at his curiosity. “I think maybe that was his original intention, but once he was there and he kissed me the way that he did, it was pretty much a given that he was going to stay,” I replied thoughtfully, and brushed my thumb over Gabe's knuckles once more. “He um, sort of told me after about an hour of nothing but making out, that his original intention was to kiss me good morning, and Gabe…” my words trailed off, as my lips curved up into a playful smile. “He gave me the cutest little smile; and who am I to deny my Gerard anything that he wants?” “Aww! Frankie, that's so adorable! I can definitely see why you didn't deny him anything,” Gabe mused; giggling once more. “But… seriously; you guys spent an entire hour just making out?” “Yes,” I replied, again in a very dreamy voice. “At first, I knew that he may have had to leave at any moment, so I wanted to spend every single second that I was lucky enough to have with him showing him just how much I simply wanted him there with me,” I explained, and took a quick sip of my champagne, before I remembered something very important. “And…” I trailed off, as an even dreamier smile made its way across my face as I pulled the album that Gerard had given to me of our paint-filled night of fun out of my bag for Gabe to see. “He um, brought me those,” I said; biting my lip ring as I handed the photo album over to my best friend. I watched Gabe carefully, and immediately knew by

the look on his face and the gleam in his eye as he ran his fingers gently over the album’s cover that the decision to share these very intimate pictures with him was the right thing to do. It didn’t phase me at all that Gabe was about to see Gerard and I naked, though our bodies were covered in paint, because what Gerard and I had created that night was what I considered to be the most beautiful art ever made. Though the pictures were incredibly sexy, they were also absolutely gorgeous because they captured Gerard and I in such a beautiful moment. It meant the world to me that I could not only tell Gabe about that amazing night, but I could also share these photos of Gerard and me from that night when he and I stood there together in his studio, kissing one another and holding our paint-covered bodies closely to one another as we simply enjoyed the moment that we had stolen and made our own. “Wow…” Gabe sighed out dreamily, as his eyes scanned across one of the pictures. “Frankie… you two are absolutely beautiful together,” Gabe spoke softly, his eyes glistening with happiness as he scanned across more of the pictures. “Thanks,” I replied just as softly, and watched him as he continued to look through the pictures. “These are so gorgeous, Frankie,” he repeated, and looked up to smile happily at me. “Pictures are such proof, and these… they say so much to me. And from all of the things that you’ve been saying to me…” Gabe’s grin was so wide as his words trailed off; almost making it seem as if he were keeping his words

inside of his head on purpose. The elated look on his face said it all, though. “Why do I get the feeling that the very amazing paint sex that you two had that night was only the beginning to something even bigger?” Gabe asked me, as a curious expression crossed his face. “Like, that night, I mean. These were taken after you had sex, right?” I nodded. “Wow…” Gabe sighed, and I could tell that this little fact was making him even happier. “Frankie, the fact that you had that amazing experience with him is one thing, but the fact that the real fireworks continued to take place afterward…” A bright grin covered my face as I again, nodded at his words. “And like last night…” I began; obviously adding fuel to the thoughts that were going on inside of Gabe's head. “When he came over, sex was the last thing on either of our minds.” “Really?” He asked in that same soft, dreamy voice that he had been using all night. The look in his eyes matched his tone exactly. I nodded. “The thrill of everything was simply that he was there with me…” I said those words with a smile, and continued to gaze dreamily at my best friend. “It didn't matter what we did, it just mattered that for that fraction of time, Gerard was mine and I was his.” “Aww…” Gabe sighed out, looking as if he were literally melting at all of the things that I was telling

him. “Frankie, that's so amazing to hear,” he said happily, and gently shut the album before handing it back to me. A thought then seemed to cross his mind as he peered questioningly at me. “So wait, you guys didn't have sex last night?” I couldn’t stop the mischievous grin from forming on my face at his question. “Well... not right away,” I replied, before safely tucking my precious memories with Gerard away in my bag. “And what's so gorgeous about the way that things happened between us last night was that it all progressed so fucking beautifully.” “How so?” Gabe asked; utterly entranced as always with my stories about Gerard. “Well,” I paused for a moment, to try to think of a way to better explain things for him. “We began on the couch, and all we did was make out while lying there with one another. I never thought I could feel so fulfilled simply from kissing someone, and even after we headed into the bedroom we didn’t rush right into sex. For what seems like hours we just kept on kissing,” I explained further, and smiled as he nodded in understanding. “Clothes gradually came off, but it was never for one second lustful. We spent forever just simply touching one another…” “Wow…” Gabe sighed again, as he reached for the bottle of champagne to refill our nearly empty glasses.

“Seriously Frankie; that all sounds so fucking amazing,” Gabe added, after thinking about my story for a few moments. “I'm presuming that the sex was epically amazing, then?” He asked curiously with a wide grin; obviously wanting me to tell him everything like I always do. “So fucking epic,” I replied, as I retrieved my newly refilled glass from my best friend. “We barely slept…” I recalled with a grin, and sighed dreamily once more as I went to take a sip of my champagne, but stopped right before my lips touched the glass. “And I am completely and utterly falling for him,” I stated proudly, and gave my best friend the very happiest of smiles; one that Gabe returned just as happily. “So I guess that means that we have a lot to celebrate tonight,” Gabe said happily, as he again clinked his champagne glass with mine. I grinned back at him, my eyes shining with absolute happiness because in that moment, I was happier than I had been in a really long time. “Fuck, I'm so happy for you and Gerard,” he added with a happy smile; his words making me grin like a fool. “I'm so happy for you and Mikey,” I countered him; an elated happiness completely filling my insides as I peered upon my best friend. “I can't remember the last time we both felt this way. Except for…” I trailed off; silently cursing myself for bringing up a sensitive subject between the two of us. “Well, you know,” I added quietly, as a small smile

tugged up the corners of my lips. I didn’t want to delve too far into our past, back when things were very serious and damn near perfect between us. Gabe nodded his head in understanding and sipped from his champagne again. “Except for the good ol' days,” he replied with a sigh, but gave me a bright and adoring smile as he interlaced his fingers with mine once again. “But yes; you're happy for me and my sugar baby, and I'm happy for you and yours,” he grinned happily once more, as he grazed his thumb gently across my skin. “Oh, and speaking of my sugar baby; he sends his apologies for not being able to make it to dinner tonight,” he mentioned; obviously remembering my message to him earlier that told him to invite Mikey along tonight with us as well, even though we had earlier agreed that it would be just me and him. “Tell him it's fine,” I replied, and gave a wistful sigh. “Fuck, it'll be fun when we can extend our date nights to... sugar baby date nights, too,” I mused; unable to stop the elated grin from forming on my face at the thought. “I can't wait to bring Gerard out as my date again... is it wrong that I like showing him off?" Gabe giggled at my question and shook his head in response to it. “It's definitely not wrong,” he assured me, still giggling a bit as he finished off the rest of his latest glass of champagne. “Gerard is fine as hell; its only right for you to wanna show him off.” I grinned at his words, and took it upon myself to pour some more champagne for him. He grinned at my gesture, and placed a tender kiss to my hand.

“Thank you, Frankie-love,” he said to me, which earned him my millionth smile of the night. “And don’t worry, we’ve got Rob’s party on Saturday night,” he added, which made my eyes widen as the party dawned on me. “Have you asked him to go with you yet?” “I haven’t,” I replied defeatedly, as a bad feeling began to settle in the pit of my stomach as I realized that the party was just two nights away. “I sort of forgot about it ‘til just a minute ago when you mentioned it; I hope that Gerard will be free and can come with me,” I added, rather nervously as I tapped my fingers anxiously against my champagne glass. Gabe gave me a reassuring smile. “I hope he can come with you too, Frankie,” he replied in a sure voice; sighing wistfully as he took another swig of his champagne. “It'd be totally fucking awesome if you and Gerard and me and my sugar baby got to hang out.” “Yeah; and a fucking nightmare if he can't,” I replied, as that bad feeling only grew worse. “Brandon's expecting to meet my sugar baby then; Gerard has to come with me,” I explained; my voice a bit frantic as I pulled my phone out of my pocket for the first time since before coming into the restaurant, and sighed disappointedly as I saw that Gerard hadn’t tried to contact me. The last time I talked to him was around lunch time, and it was nearly 10:30. “Don’t look so down Frankie,” Gabe said in a comforting voice; interrupting my thoughts with a gentle squeeze of my fingers. I gazed up at him from

staring dejectedly at my phone, and saw him smiling affectionately at me. “I'm sure that he'll want to go with you, and if he can’t, I’m sure that he’ll figure out a way for him to be able to,” Gabe spoke in reassurance; which actually made me feel better. “When was the last time you talked to him?” He asked curiously, and gestured to the phone in my free hand. “Earlier this afternoon, he said he was really busy at work…” I replied to his question, and sighed once more as I checked my messages; honestly disappointed when I saw that he hadn’t tried to contact me within the last two minutes. “I figured that since I was lucky enough to see him last night, he wouldn't be available again tonight,” I continued to say, and felt my uneasy feeling growing within the pit of my stomach. For the first time in days, I was beginning to feel a little bit nervous about my relationship with Gerard. “Fuck, I think I need something a little bit stronger than this,” I said flatly, and rolled my eyes as I finished off what was left in my champagne glass. “Stronger liquor sounds good,” Gabe mused thoughtfully, before giving me another smile. “But you said that you and Gerard didn't really sleep last night; I imagine that he's taking tonight to recover,” Gabe said with a light chuckle, and shot me a knowing glance. I knew he was right. “I hope so,” I replied hopelessly, before realizing that I didn’t want my negative mood to affect our celebration. I put on a smile, and re-filled our glasses

once again before raising my glass to toast with his. “But anyway, tonight's about you, my dearest best friend in the entire world,” I said to Gabe with a genuine, brilliant smile on my face. “And Rob actually said that we could order whatever we fucking wanted from this place, so we can get as drunk as we fucking want to.” “No shit!” Gabe replied excitedly; nearly spitting out a mouthful of champagne as he did so. “Hell yes, he did,” I replied, and gave him another smile. “He's got our bill covered for tonight,” I said to my best friend and new assistant with a wide grin, and saw his eyes light up as I said those magical words to him. “Poor guy doesn't know what he's gotten himself into,” Gabe mused; chuckling some more as he picked up the menu to glance through it. “But again; remind me to send him a really nice present for all that he's done for me.” “And you know, the awesome thing is that when I told him that I needed a new assistant to take care of the things that Casey is too busy for, he was the one that suggested me hiring you,” I said to him; unable to resist the urge to laugh as I recalled how I had to keep a straight face when talking to my boss that morning about getting Gabe to come work on the Killers project. “Did he really?” Gabe asked in a cute voice; an elated grin on his face as he stroked his thumb gently over my fingers.

I nodded, and grinned happily at him. “When I told him I needed a new assistant, he thought about it for a moment, before asking how long you were back in town for. So, what's awesome is that Rob thinks that he's responsible for all of this; how precious is that?” “It’s so precious,” Gabe mused. “I'm glad that he suggested me. I mean, he knows how much fun we have when we’re together, and when we’re working creatively on something together great things are bound to happen,” he added, and flashed me yet another bright smile. “The only thing that would make this entire thing even more perfect would be if he hated the Killers too.” “Ugh,” I groaned and rolled my eyes at the mention of the Killers, and chugged about half of the expensive, yet oh-so-delicious liquid that remained in my glass. “I wish he hadn't have talked me into this,” I sighed, as I propped my head up on my elbow. “I had my doubts about working with them, because we're just so different,” I explained, as Gabe nodded. “I've never had this much trouble getting through and making a connection with a band before; and I know that it's not going to get any better because Brandon and I hate each other.” I gave an aggravated groan at the mention of my least favorite person, and gave my absolute favorite person a helpless glance. “What the fuck am I supposed to do?” I asked him, before giving another frustrated sigh. Gabe shook his head at my question. “I think that the

Killers are just socially inept; excluding Brandon, because he's just a straight up dick,” Gabe mused thoughtfully; cracking a smirk at me. “So true,” I agreed, and actually giggled at Gabe’s words. I loved that no matter what was going on, he was always able to make me smile. “However, I’m sure that this will be a good album; one that deserves to have your name on it as producer… which is why I’m gonna tell you to stick it out,” Gabe added, very wisely. I nodded at his words; his reasoning for everything was always spot on. “And besides; why quit now when its so much fucking fun to fuck with Brandon's head?” “Yeah really,” I mused, and gave a smile at the thought of getting to fuck with Brandon’s head. “Gabe, you know my antics are always in good fun, but that motherfucker…” I trailed off, and clenched my jaw and grasped onto Gabe’s hand a bit tighter, as if for added emphasis. “What is it, Frankie?” Gabe asked; giving me his undivided attention as he always did whenever he knew that I had something important on my mind. “For some reason, this is personal,” I admitted with a sigh. “I hate that it is; I mean, we're making a record together and this is supposed to be a good thing,” I explained, and couldn’t help but sigh exasperatedly once again. “We're supposed to enjoy the making of this album because when it’s finished, the album will stick with them for the rest of their career, and he's making this so god damn difficult,” I continued; my

voice taking on a bit of an angry tone. “I just wish that he didn't have to be such a fucking prick.” “Well, its quite obvious that the guy needs to get laid,” Gabe shrugged, and shook his head in dismay. “But you know, he's too much of a dick that even his boyfriend won't fuck him, so; would it be too forward if I were to get him like... a blow up doll or something?” His comment made me burst into laughter, as a better idea crossed my mind. “That; or we could hook him up with Giselle. Now that's a match made in hell,” I said with a charming grin, which caused Gabe to burst out laughing this time. “It would be,” Gabe mused, before rolling his eyes. “But that bitch has done so much shit to herself that I doubt even straight men can get it up over her,” he added with another shrug; before consuming a bit more of his champagne. “Speaking of,” I began, and rolled my eyes as well. “She keeps bugging the fuck out of me, asking me when I'm coming back from L.A. I might just need my new assistant to tell her that I'll be re-locating to LA for the duration of the new record,” I told my best friend, before a wicked smile crossed his face. “I’d be happy to,” Gabe replied, as his devious grin remained. “Anything else you might need for me to do?”

“Well,” I began, and smiled as I thought of about twenty different things that Gabe would take great pride in doing. “It's sort of your job now to help me make sure that my finances are being taken care of and not being used in careless ways.” Gabe’s grin grew even brighter at his new assignment, and nodded in acceptance of my words. “So that means I should be... ahem, blocking a few certain credit cards then,” he mused; giving a very evil look at the thought. “I have complete faith in whatever you do,” I winked at him, and gave my best friend an adoring glance. “This really is your dream job, isn't it?” I asked rhetorically, as a smirk crossed Gabe’s face. “You get paid to hang out with me, and fuck with the heads of two people that you absolutely fucking hate. What more could you possibly ask for?” Gabe made a thoughtful face at my question and sipped some more of his champagne. “World domination,” Gabe replied seriously; but giggled again as a happy smile spread across his very attractive face. “I really couldn't ask for much more, Frankie-love; except for the answer to why my sugar baby loves me so much... you know, since I don't really get it,” he replied with a shrug; and allowed me to see a bit of his insecurity that basically only I have ever seen. I gave my best friend an adoring smile and linked our fingers together again. “Because you, my darling Gabriel, are the absolute

best in the entire world,” I began to explain to him; a bright smile on my face as I did so. “Not everyone loves you, but that's because you haven't allowed them to see the real you that basically only Mikey and I have been lucky enough to see.” Gabe cracked a tiny smile at my words, but I could tell that he was still unconvinced. I smiled wider; I was more than happy to continue with trying to persuade him. “And since Mikey has seen what I've seen; probably even more than I’ve seen, he can't possibly help but to love you,” I explained further, and smiled as my words finally seemed to get through to him. “You make a good point,” Gabe mused; and gave my fingers a loving squeeze. “But still; my sugar baby is amazing, Frankie. He could have anyone that he fucking wants; someone who won't leave him all the time like I have to. It breaks his heart when we are apart from one another, yet he somehow still chooses to be with me. I honestly don’t get why he puts up with that, or why he puts up with me.” “Because you’re you, Gabe, and nobody else can possibly give him what you can,” I argued him, a smile on my face as I did so. “Sure, you may have to leave him, but it’s not like you have a say in the matter, because you have to. Touring is what you do for a living; and Mikey knew that about you when he first got involved with you, so it isn't like you intentionally do that to hurt him.” “Yeah…” Gabe's smile brightened and mine did as well; I knew that I was getting through to him. “But-”

“But nothing. You love him, and he knows that you love him,” I said with a smile; knowing that there was no way he could fight me on that. “You're right; he can have anybody... but so can you. I'm sure that he feels like he's the lucky one because he's able to be with you; and that you chose him.” “Thank you, Frankie-love,” Gabe smiled at me, and brushed his thumb gently over my fingers once again. “I get what you’re saying, though I think that it's something that I'll never fully understand.” “I think that you're not meant to understand,” I said with a smile. “Because seriously; the biggest part of your charm lies in your cockiness, which allows you to do whatever the fuck you want whenever the fuck you want,” I explained, and smiled as Gabe’s lips tugged up into a smirk. He knew I was right. “When it came to Mikey, you were weakened by him, and your cockiness completely disappeared,” I elaborated further, to which Gabe gave me a full-on grin. “He had you under his spell, not the other way around. You broke all of the walls that you put up around yourself, and I've never seen you do that for anyone before,” I continued, and gave my best friend a very adoring grin. “Mikey saw the charming, adorable, super sweet Gabe that I've come to know and love, and that's how I knew that he was special and that he was right for you. He embraced my favorite version of you and never once tried to change you, and that’s what made me fall for him.”

Gabe gave me the biggest smile he had given me all night, as he leaned over the table to place a very soft kiss on my cheek. “I think that you're completely right, Frankie-love,” he spoke in a sweet voice, as his lips lingered against my skin. “Especially about the ‘him having me under his spell thing’,” he added with a light chuckle, which caused me to giggle as well. “I know I'm right,” I said with a charming smirk, and retaliated Gabe’s soft kiss with one of my own. “You know how protective I am with you, and how I absolutely wouldn't stand for it if Mikey wasn't right for you. I saw the way that you two were together, and I just knew; and I still know that you'll take care of him and that he's gonna take care of you,” I said with a soft smile, as I brushed my thumb gently across his cheek as he remained leaned over the table like he had been. “He sort of has to. God better have mercy for him if he doesn't, because I won't,” I added; only half-joking because I only want the absolute very best for my absolute very best friend. Gabe began to laugh as he planted yet another series of kisses all over my face. “I love you, Frankie,” he said to me, gazing adoringly at me as he remained close to me. “I love you too, Gabriel,” I said in return, meaning it in the most brotherly of ways as I gave him an equally as adoring smile; staring at him for a moment and realizing more than ever just how very lucky I am and how thankful I am for having Gabe Saporta in my life. “I always have, and I always will.”

“Same here, Frankie-love,” Gabe replied; giving me yet another grin as he pressed his lips to my cheek once more, before returning to his seat. I gave him another sweet smile, and opened my mouth to speak again before my phone began going off; a wide grin instantly stretching from ear to ear because I knew right away who it was. “It's Gerard,” I said happily, and smiled as Gabe gestured for me to answer it. “Hey sugar; can you hang on for a sec?” I asked upon answering it; not wanting to be rude and have a conversation with him in front of Gabe. “Of course, Frankie,” Gerard replied, which made my smile grow significantly upon simply hearing his voice. I quickly got up from my chair and gave Gabe a soft kiss on his temple. “I’ll be right back, Gabey. Order whatever you want,” I said to him; my lips still pressed against his skin as I quickly wrapped my arms around him. “Okay, Frankie-love,” Gabe smiled back at me, before allowing me to go outside so that I could have a more private moment with Gerard. I exited through the fancy front doors to the restaurant and was finally able to give Gerard my undivided attention. “Hey Gee; sorry about that,” I spoke in a sweet voice to him, and pulled out my pack of cigarettes since I was long overdue for one and lit it up; my back now resting against the granite wall of the restaurant as I awaited Gerard’s response.

“No problem, babe,” Gerard said in return; his voice instantly making me smile. “What are you up to?” “I'm just out with Gabe. We're having one of our date nights,” I informed him; smiling because I really liked that I could share that sort of information with him without him getting jealous over it. “That sounds exciting,” Gerard replied with a light chuckle. “Are you having a good time?” “Always, though tonight’s a little bit more special than our typical date nights, because we're celebrating the newest addition to his growing list of occupations; this time as my new assistant,” I said to him, and took a long drag off of my cigarette. “Aww! Frankie, it’s awesome that Gabe is going to be your new assistant,” Gerard said in a sweet voice; his words very literally making me melt. “Tell him I said congrats.” “I will,” I said with a smile, before my curiosity got the better of me. “What are you up to, babe?” I asked finally; ever so curious and very literally itching to know since I hadn't heard from him all night. “I just kicked my brother's ass in like, three different board games,” Gerard replied in an amused voice, and began to laugh that sweet little laugh of his that I’ve become so very addicted to. “He's somewhere moping around, so I figured I’d call you while I had the chance.” “Now that's fucking awesome!” I exclaimed; utterly happy that Gerard was spending the night hanging out

with his brother; not with his boyfriend. “Bro nights are always the best; I'm glad you're having fun.” “I am having fun but…” Gerard trailed off, as he let out a sigh. “I miss you,” he admitted; his words filled with an obvious longing that made it hard for me to not drop everything and rush straight to wherever he was so that I could be with him again. “I miss you too, Gerard,” I admitted in a soft voice; though I was so very happy with how our night apart from one another was being spent. “A lot, actually.” “Same here, babe,” Gerard replied, as he gave another sigh. “What are you doing for lunch tomorrow?” “Nothing so far…” I grinned in response; suddenly my heart was beating quicker than before as the smile on my face somehow grew even wider. “Unless you had something in mind?” “Well…” Gerard began; and I could literally hear him smiling. “I was thinking that we could maybe meet up tomorrow for lunch or something,” he replied, in a tone that made me long for him even more. “Tomorrow's gonna be a slow day for me; so I should have a pretty decent break.” “I'd love to,” I replied happily, my tone not doing much to hide the fact that I would literally drop anything and everything to be there for him whenever he asked for me to be. “I know that I just saw you this morning, but I can't wait to see you again,” I added; and didn’t care that I was allowing him to see that I was obviously longing for him. I think that I actually wanted for him

to know that I was. “I can't wait to see you again either, baby,” Gerard replied in an honest tone; his words making my heart flutter as I finished off my cigarette. “I’m glad, sugar,” I said with a smile, before realizing it had been a few minutes since I had come out and left Gabe inside alone. I didn’t want to be a bad best friend; even though he knew that I had left him to come and speak with Gerard, tonight was still about Gabe. “I’m sorry, Gee; I hate to do this, but I left Gabe inside and I need to get back to him,” I said with a sigh, and hoped that Gerard would understand. “Call me later?” “Of course, baby; I should probably get back to my brother as well,” Gerard said in reply; obviously knowing what it was like when it came to having a ‘bro night’ and needing to there for them. “Have a fun date with Gabe,” he added; which again made me smile because he was so encouraging and understanding of my relationship with Gabe. That was so important to me. “I will, babe; have fun with your brother, too,” I replied; smiling again at the thought of who Gerard was spending his night with. So happy, that I got a rather brilliant idea because of it. “And Gee; for every game that you beat him at, I’m going to up with some sort of special prize for you,” I added; smirking as my mind began to run wild with ideas for how to drive him crazy on our date tomorrow. “Well, don't be appalled when I tell you just how many

things I wind up beating him at, then,” Gerard giggled. “I’ll talk to you later, baby.” “I can't wait,” I told him honestly; all of the champagne that I had consumed earlier having nothing to do with my words. “Bye, Gee.” “Bye, Frankie.” I sighed happily as I hung up with Gerard, and waited a few moments to contain my excitement before heading back inside to Gabe; wrapping my arms around my best friend and squeezing him excitedly the moment that I reached him. “Sorry Gabey,” I said to him, and placed a tender kiss to the side of his face. “No worries, Frankie-love,” Gabe replied, and wrapped his arms around me in return. “You know that I don’t mind letting Gerard interrupt our dates, but only because he makes you so happy,” he affirmed; and pressed his lips adoringly to the side of my face. “He does,” I sighed dreamily; my obvious euphoria showing after I had gotten to talk to him. “Oh Gabe, he makes me so happy,” I affirmed, and gazed dreamily at my best friend as he re-filled our champagne glasses, and set my glass in front of me. “We're going out for lunch tomorrow.” “I knew it,” Gabe grinned excitedly at what I had just told him. “And I can tell just by how big your smiling that Gerard is the one that asked you out.” “Correct,” I replied in a dreamy voice, and picked my

newly refilled glass to clink it with his, before consuming the expensive and delicious champagne with a smile on my face. “So since he and I are going out for lunch tomorrow, that means you get an hour... or two or hopefully three to do whatever your little heart desires,” I informed my new assistant, and watched as his eyes lit up into a brilliant grin. “I'll definitely remember that, Frankie-love,” Gabe replied with a nod, as his grin grew even wider. “But man; its fucking awesome that you and Gerard are going out. Just remember to ask him to the party,” he reminded me; and I instantly grinned at him in return. “Yes; thank you, my very lovely and talented assistant,” I said to my best friend; my eyes shining with adoration for him as I gazed upon him. “See, you're gonna be fucking awesome at your new job as my assistant,” I mused; though having to giggle because Gabe always does things like this for me. “Though of course, we'll have to look into changing that title to ‘super amazing super bestie’, and making that title official, because that's the real position that you play in my life.” “Aww; Frankie, you’re making me blush,” Gabe cooed, as he took another sip of his champagne. I grinned. “We have so much to celebrate tonight, Gabe,” I said thoughtfully, and finished off some more of my champagne as well; and smirked as I picked up the very nearly empty bottle of expensive champagne. “And what do you know, we're almost out of

champagne,” I mused; my slight drunkenness finally making its presence known considering we’ve each had at least six or seven glasses each. Maybe more; I’d lost count long ago. “Such a shame,” Gabe sighed, and took the bottle from me to refill our glasses once more; which officially finished the bottle off. “What do you suggest we do about this dilemma, boss?” “Well,” I began, and gave him a mischievous grin. “The night is ours, Gabe; so let's own it.” Gabe’s eyes lit up at my suggestion. “What do you have in mind for us to do?” he asked me curiously; and I could practically see the ideas swimming around in his head as he awaited my answer. “Well, first of all we need more liquor,” I replied; stating the obvious. “Fuck yes, that’s important,” Gabe mused, and helped me grab our waiter’s attention as he was walking by. “Are you guys ready to order?” The waiter, whose name I had long forgotten asked, and I nodded. “Yes; we need another bottle of this amazing stuff, but to go,” I said to him, before sending a broad grin over in my best friend’s direction. “And our check, please.” “Coming right up,” our waiter said with a smile, and headed off to fulfill our request. “Okay; here’s what we’re gonna do,” I said to Gabe once out waiter was gone, whose eyes were shining

with excitement as he awaited what I was going to say. “We're gonna drink this new champagne straight out of the bottle, and walk around New York like we fucking own the place,” I mused, with a slightly drunken smirk on my face as I reached across the table to once again lace my fingers with my best friend. “You mean like we always do?” Gabe mused, as he ran his thumb gently across my knuckles; gazing excitedly at me. “Fuck yes,” I grinned; excitement coursing through my veins just knowing that our adventure was about to continue. “Just like the good old days.” “Sounds like a fucking plan,” Gabe replied excitedly, as we gave one final toast of the remaining champagne that was left in our glasses. We finished those off just as the waiter brought us our new bottle of champagne. After taking care of our $900 bill, my best friend and I were walking out of the restaurant, fingers linked, with only our new bottle of champagne guiding us toward our next adventure.

Chapter 26 [[Gerard’s POV]] I let out a sigh and bit my lip as I felt the all too familiar butterflies of anticipation swirling around in my stomach; I was getting to see Frank after having had to go a night without him, and I couldn’t fucking wait for it. I missed him so much more than I should, and I couldn’t tell whether or not that was a good or

bad thing. I lightly nibbled on my lower lip a bit, leaning back casually against the outer wall of the restaurant that we had arranged to meet up at; having decided not to go in just yet since I’d wanted a cigarette, and I was a bit too anxious to see Frank to just sit inside. And possibly risk a scene inside of devouring him; since he’d undoubtedly be looking very, very sexy. Like always. I let out another sigh to myself, and inhaled deeply on the cigarette that was currently stuck in between my lips; feeling a small sense of relief as the relaxing feeling of the nicotine swirling around in my lungs made my nerves a little bit easier to bare. I took a quick glance at my watch; there was still three minutes until he was supposed to be getting here… I then forced myself to resist the urge to smack myself right across my own fucking face, God; I was acting like such a girl. Mikey was right. I continued with smoking my cigarette for another few minutes, until it was pretty much gone, and then felt a broad grin spreading its way across my face as I saw a familiar car pull into the restaurant parking lot. Taking one last good, deep inhale from my cigarette before stubbing it out in a nearby ashtray; my teeth now habitually wrapping around my bottom lip as the car parked, and I soon saw that very, very familiar and fucking beautiful man step out of it. He looked over in my direction, a grin spreading across his face as well, before he locked his car and tucked his keys into his pocket; beginning to make his way over to me. “Hello, gorgeous,” he said with a charming smile once he was closer to me; gently pulling me into his arms and bringing one of his tattooed hands up to caress

the side of my face as he leaned in to place a very, very soft kiss to my lips. One that inwardly sent my emotions reeling and the butterflies in my stomach into even more of a chaos than before. “I missed you,” he murmured softly, his lips still fluttering against my own as he spoke; and soon pressed his lips tenderly to mine once more. I happily, and rather lovingly, kissed him back; letting my hands move to rest against his strong shoulders as our lips continued to linger together. “Hello, beautiful,” I greeted him a few moments later, in that customary fashion that I was so in love with, as I slowly pulled away from his lips and gave him an affectionate smile. Utterly blown away by how unbelievably sexy he was looking today, all for me, since it was obvious we’d both spiffed ourselves up rather nicely for one another. Although, I wasn’t sure just how long all of the nice clothes, and perfectly groomed hair would remain on the both of us; as I couldn’t resist but to kiss him once again. “I missed you, too…” I murmured to him. “So much, baby,” I added softly, giving him another smile and pulling his familiar body even closer to mine. He grinned that absolutely dazzling grin of his that I was so fucking in love with as I pulled him close to me; his arms tenderly wrapping around my body as well and gripping me close to him in return, appearing to savor this moment just as much as I was. “I’m so glad you wanted to meet up with me today,” he admitted softly, giving me a slightly shy smile as he did so. “I have missed you so fucking much,” he admitted further, before cupping my face in his hands once more and placing a very longing, and lingering kiss to my lips.

I kissed him back just as lingeringly and longingly as I always do; allowing my arms to move to wrap gently around his waist to hold him close still as our lips remained pressed together so very beautifully. “I missed you more,” I told him playfully against his lips; giving him an equally as playful smile before I kissed him lovingly once more and softly let my hands rub his waist and lower back through the shirt that he was wearing. “Not a chance, baby,” he argued me; his words and tone playful as well, as his lips continued to flutter against mine as he spoke as he held me even closer to him. Another, somewhat more firm, longing kiss being placed to my lips before he began to softly trail his lips down to my neck; obviously not caring if we were in public, and I didn’t care either. I’d completely missed the feeling of getting to be like this with him during our little time spent apart; and I was only too happy to indulge him this. “Last night was absolute torture without you…” he murmured against my ear in quite a sensual manner; his tongue very lightly, and rather subtly, flicking out against my earlobe. I tightened my grip around his body in response to all of the things that he was doing and saying to me, as I bit down on my lower lip instinctively to restrain sounds at the feeling of his soft lips against the tender flesh of my neck and the equally as amazing feeling of his tongue flicking against my earlobe. “Mmm… I could say the same exact thing to you, Frankie,” I murmured to him in reply, softly placing kisses of my own to his jaw as my hands softly continued roaming his back. Already feeling want for him beginning to build up as his lips continued pressing so softly against

my neck, and gently continuing to place kisses to whatever parts of Frank’s sweet tasting skin that I could; it not needing to be verbally established that it was highly doubtful we’d both be able to actually sit through lunch. “Oh sugar… I missed being close to you like this,” he told me in a soft murmur; still holding my body just as tightly as before, although his grasp now became a bit more sensual, and his arms moved to my lower waist. He pulled away from my neck, and gifted me with another of his absolutely beautiful smiles, as one of his hands came up to caress the side of my face again. His thumb softly swept across my cheekbone, as he gazed deeply within my eyes for a few moments, before his fingers gently traced over my lips; which weren’t even an inch away from his. I couldn’t help but softly press my lips against his fingers, before leaning in and placing yet another tender and affectionate kiss to his soft and very amazing lips. “I’ve missed being like this, too, baby,” I murmured against them, letting out a content sigh soon after and resting my forehead gently against his. Very much enjoying this moment of his body being pressed so closely to mine; and inwardly knowing that I wanted more, but was content with this for right now as I leaned in and kissed him again; unable to resist like always, and made this kiss a bit deeper than the ones previous to it. I felt one of his hands gently slide up the back of my shirt to rest lightly against the small of my back; his hips soon pressing lightly into mine as well as he sighed out softly amongst my lips. Our kiss deepened a bit more; and he soon took it a step further, his

tongue gently sliding out of his mouth and slowly running along my lower lip to let me know that he wanted in. I sighed against his lips as well, and lightly leaned back against the wall that he had me pressed into; holding him close to me still and very happily obliging him by parting my lips slightly so that his tongue could have access to my mouth, very eager to taste him again as I always am as I moved my arms up to wrap around his neck, some of my fingers gently entwining within his soft hair. He began to kiss me even more passionately than before; taking advantage of the current position he had me in and gripping my body just as closely as he pressed his hips teasingly into mine once more. My body remaining pinned in between him and the wall as a moan escaped my lips at the feeling and our tongues continued to passionately dance together. “Mmm…” I sighed against his lips, unable to help myself in doing so as I eagerly pressed my hips back into his in return. My tongue still continuing to brush up against and rub along his as we continued to taste each other; still very much enjoying this impassioned kiss as I tightened my hold around his body some more and gently twirled locks of his soft hair in between my fingers. Want and intense feelings for the man in my arms beginning to crowd my brain as I felt an idea click to get the both of us away from here, and off to some time for ourselves. “Oh, Gerard…” he sighed out, pulling away from my lips after another few moments of intensified kissing and gazing intently into my eyes once more, a happy

grin gracing his absolutely beautiful face. “I love when you kiss me that way,” he told me, readjusting his hold on my body in a rather loving fashion and somehow managing to press our bodies even more into one another’s. I gave him yet another one of my grins and lovingly squeezed his body in return. “And I love kissing you that way,” I told him in return, being completely honest with him as I always am as I tenderly pressed my lips up against his once more, and then rested our foreheads gently together again after pulling away. Simply holding Frank close to me and completely savoring the feeling of him being in my arms again; even though we’d only spent a night apart. Brandon was always away for months, and it never felt like this with him. Frank let out a happy sigh as we continued to hold each other close, one of his hands coming up to caress the side of my face once more, and he softly ran his fingers along my skin. “How long do we have together, sugar?” he asked me, his fingers still gently tracing along my skin. I took a moment to think about just how much time we would have together, mentally racking through my schedule; and finding myself very, very grateful for the fact that today was a slow day, as another grin made its way across my face, and I leaned in to place yet another very amazing kiss to Frank’s lips. “Since it’s such a slow day for me…” I began, lightly brushing our lips together again. “I’d say somewhere in the general vicinity of three hours,” I completed with a grin, letting one of my hands gently move to rest against the side of his tattooed neck as I placed

another kiss to his lips before letting my lips stray to his neck like his had done to mine. Gently placing soft, and sometimes sensual, kisses to that very tantalizingly sweet tasting skin of his. “Wow…” he sighed out happily; appearing utterly excited about the time that I had to give to him as his content sighs morphed into soft moans as I kissed particularly sensitive patches of his skin. His fingers gently left my face and softly entwined within my hair, as the hand that was still at the small of my back softly caressed the sensitive skin there as he allowed me to be the dominant one for now. His fingers gently trailed further down the small of my back, and lightly settled slightly underneath the waistband of my pants and boxers. “Three hours, you say…?” he murmured, as my words seemed to catch up with him as I continued paying attention to his soft skin; more soft sighs leaving his lips. “Just you and me?” he asked me further, his head tilting somewhat as my lips lightly trailed to different patches of his skin. I smiled against his skin and allowed my lips to trail to the, what I knew to be sensitive, scorpion that rested on the side of his neck; lightly beginning to suck at it after placing a few rather loving kisses to it. “Just you and me, baby,” I confirmed to him, my voice slightly seductive, as my grip on his body remained secure in order to keep him close as I continued to enjoy the way that he tasted. “Gerard…” he sighed out in a pleasured voice, another perfect smile gracing his features. “I know it’s only been a day without you, but…” he began to say;

cutting himself off as another moan emitted from his lips as my lips kissed that sensitive tattoo, and he soon gently redirected my gaze so that I was looking at him once more. Our eyes deeply connecting once more, and I felt myself feeling ready to get lost in those amazing hazel-ish eyes. “One day without you is far, far too long,” he finished, leaning close to me once again and engaging my lips in yet another passion filled kiss. I immediately began to kiss him back just as passionately; absolutely unable to get enough of the absolutely amazing kisses like this that I always shared with him as I let out another content sounding sigh against his lips. “Mmm… baby, it’s definitely too long,” I agreed with him wholeheartedly, my voice a soft murmur, as my words drowned a bit against his lips as they continued to press together and I softly began to let my hands roam his torso. Frank let out a soft whimper as I began to touch him like that; his lips beginning to press back into mine a bit more desperately than before. “Baby…” he sighed out, his fingers that were currently entwined within my hair tightening their grasp a little bit. “Please… I need you…” I couldn’t help but smile against his lips upon hearing his words, and immediately began to kiss him a bit more deeply in response to them. “Anything you want, baby,” I murmured softly against his lips, my hands continuing to gently trail over his torso as I kissed him again, before slowly pulling away from him and gently releasing him from my grasp; and instead linking our fingers together so that I could begin to lead him to my car. The thought of just how close to my studio this

restaurant that we wouldn’t be eating lunch at was; and I inwardly began to look forward to taking Frank there with me again. He grinned at my response and gave my fingers a soft squeeze, following behind me to my car and obviously wanting to get out of here as well and spend our time together… ahem, alone. “I just want you,” he told me in a soft voice, his arms gently wrapping around my body once more to hold me close to him as we approached my car as he began to place very, very soft and sensual kisses to my neck. I couldn’t help but let out soft sounds of obvious pleasure as he kissed my neck so softly like that and wrapped my arms gently around his body in return; allowing him to do as he pleased with me as I placed soft kisses to the side of his face and hair. “I just want you, too, baby,” I told him in return, tenderly kissing the side of his face once more before reaching into my pocket so that I could get my car keys out and unlock said vehicle for us. He grinned happily as I said those words to him, and he gently pulled my body into his once more; cupping either side of my face in his tattooed hands once again and connecting our lips together once again in yet another very loving kiss. I kissed him back just as lovingly as always; a soft smile on my lips as I kissed him like this, so lovingly, and held his body close as well; cradling him close to my chest. “Mmm… baby,” I sighed out contently against his lips, my breathing slightly irregular due to how amazing all of the kisses that we’ve shared have been as I unlocked my car and pressed yet another

kiss to Frank’s lips before beginning to lead him to the passenger’s side. He flashed me that dazzling grin of his once more before following me the rest of the way to his side of the car; our arms still wrapped around each other as I led him, and we reluctantly let go of each other so that I could open his door for him as he kissed my cheek. “Thank you, sugar,” he said to me in a sweet voice, kissing my lips very deeply once yet again before sliding into the car. I gave Frank yet another one of my charming smiles and enjoyed the way that his taste lingered on my lips from all of the deep kisses that we’ve shared already, knowing that only more were to come. “No problem, baby,” I told him in reply, shutting the door behind him now that he was in the car and walking over to my side, Very eager to get the both of us to the both of us to the studio and best utilize our time together. --Frank broke apart from sucking at the skin of my neck as I stopped the car at our destination, grinning brightly at me as he realized that I had taken us back to the studio once more; apparently thrilled with it. “Baby…” he sighed out, gently tilting my face towards his again as I attempted to regain control again after he broke away from my sensitive skin again, as he placed a very soft kiss to my lips. “I couldn’t wait ‘til you brought me back here with you again…” I kissed him back just as softly; one of my hands resuming its familiar station on the side of Frank’s soft and tattooed neck, another soft sigh escaping my lips.

“Mmm… I’m glad you like it here,” I told him with another grin, pressing another kiss to his lips before sliding out of the car once I had turned it off and walking around to his side so that I could let him out as well. He grinned again as I helped him out of my car, immediately pulling me into his arms once again after I had shut the door once he was outside of the car; his arms wrapping tenderly around my body as we held each other close whilst beginning to walk towards the entrance of the studio together, his lips softly connecting to whatever parts of my skin that they could. “I love it here, baby,” he told me, his eyes clouded in adoration as he continued to look at me. “But I love it anywhere, as long as you are there with me.” I grinned yet again at the things that he was saying to me, and couldn’t help but pull the absolutely beautiful man with me into yet another deep kiss. “I’m so glad that you do, Frankie,” I murmured softly against his soft, and slightly kiss bruised lips; deeply kissing them once more before pulling away so that I could unlock the door to my studio and let us inside. Frank followed me inside the studio with a somewhat shy, and very adorable, smile on his face; watching me as I walked around to various spots and began to flick most of the lights on. He gently pulled me close to him again once I was finished with getting the place lit up so we wouldn’t stumble around and things like that; settling one of his hands on the side of my face, as he gazed intently within my eyes once more. “You are so beautiful, Gerard,” he told me; his voice sounding utterly honest as he softly reconnected our

lips in yet another very, very gentle and tender kiss. I gently allowed my arms to encircle his waist and kissed him back just as softly, giving his body an affectionate kiss as I let out a content sigh against his soft and very sweet tasting lips. “You’re the beautiful one, Frankie,” I told him in a soft voice; giving him another loving smile, and not even attempting to resist the urge to kiss him for quite possibly the 100th time today. He grinned a bit shyly at me again as I told him that, simply deepening our soft kiss a bit in response as his arms remained gently wrapped around my body. “I hope you know that I intend on kissing you like this for the entire next three hours,” he murmured, only half jokingly amongst my lips as he placed more kisses to them and gripped my body a bit closer than before to his. “I just can’t get enough of how sweet you taste…” he added, as he lightly licked amongst my lips; letting me know he wanted to taste all of me. I couldn’t help but moan a bit against his lips; and kissed him softly once yet again, but still rather deeply. “I definitely won’t be objecting to that, baby,” I told him with a playful smile as I let my hands move to settle on his hips; gripping lightly as I gave in to the urge to place even more kisses to his delectable lips. “Good,” he said with a light giggle amongst my soft kisses. “Because now that you’ve got me here…” he trailed off a bit suggestively, as he lips began to stray to the side of my neck; and he soon began to kiss my overtly sensitive skin very sensually. “I completely belong to you,” he told me, still kissing my skin as he hands began to wander up my shirt again and he

caressed the skin of my lower back; sort of holding me in place. “We can do whatever you want, baby. As long as it involves you being within reach of me to kiss you like this.” I couldn’t help but shiver at the feeling of his hands caressing my lower back, as a soft moan emitted from my lips at the way he kissed my skin and said those words to me. “Mmm… baby, I just want to be as close as possible to you,” I told him, gently guiding his lips back up to mine and kissing him a bit deeper than all the previous kisses that we’ve shared, as I also wrapped my arms tighter and more securely around his body. He moaned softly as I kissed him that way; and his arms also tightened around me in response to it. “That’s all I want, too, baby,” he admitted, a bit weakly, as he peered up at me; want obvious in his eyes, and I’m sure that it was obvious in mine too, as he began to kiss me even more passionately than before. Appearing to want this moment with me, as much as I wanted this moment with him. I kissed him back just as passionately for another few moments; my hold on his body growing tighter, and rather possessive, for a short while before I pulled away due to lack of air, his kisses leaving me absolutely breathless as they always do. “Oh, Frankie…” I murmured, kissing him deeply again before gently pulling away from his body; instead, linking our hands together as I began to lead him to the little ‘bedroom’ in the back, not wanting to waste any more of the time that I had with him today. “Baby…” he said randomly; his arms wrapping gently

around me again as we walked and he began to plant kisses to my skin. “I’m so fucking glad you brought me back here…” he said, his voice sounding seductive without even meaning to, as his lips continued to land on various parts of my sensitive neck. I moaned softly again at the feeling of his lips pressing against my neck like that; before a pleasured and content sounding sigh slipped past my lips. “Mmm… you are?” I asked him; my voice sounding both playful and seductive at the same time as I held his body close in return and placed another deep kiss to his lips. “Mmm…” he sighed just as contently, a smile landing upon his face after he pulled away from another of our highly amazing kisses. “Fuck yes, I am,” he replied in a rather turned-on voice; pulling my body close to his again and holding tightly onto me. “Especially after that very amazing time that we had together the last time you brought me here…” he replied suggestively, peering longingly at me for another few moments before leaning in and placing another series of fervent kisses to my lips. I kissed Frank back each and every time; completely unable to get enough of these absolutely amazing kisses as I continued holding his utterly delicious body very closely to mine as I let out yet another content sounding sigh against his lips. “Mmm… good…” I murmured against his lips, kissing him deeply once yet again. “Because I have absolutely no intentions of wasting any of the time that we have together…” I told him in just as suggestive a voice as the one that he had been using; half smirking and half grinning playfully at him as I pressed our lips heatedly together

yet again, my hands moving and resettling on his waist. He allowed another pleasured moan to drown within my mouth as I kissed him after saying those words to him; able to feel his dick hardening a bit since we were pressed so closely together as he became a bit weak within my arms and held onto my body even tighter than before. “Well, gorgeous,” he said with a smile amongst our kiss. "I'm glad to hear it, because for the next… two hours and twenty five minutes, I intend on showing you just how fucking badly I have missed feeling you so close to me…" he trailed off suggestively, as he began to lead me over to the bed that I had set up in the room that we were now in. “Mmm… I love the sounds of that…” I told him; kissing him very, very deeply once more before I lightly hoisted him up some and gently deposited him on the bed and crawling on top of him. Our lips remaining connected the entire time since I quite simply still couldn’t get enough of kissing him like this and indulged myself by slipping my tongue out of my mouth, and lightly sliding it along his lower lip to play with his lip ring a bit; knowing just how weak he gets over it as I hovered over him. “Gerard…” he sighed out weakly as I began to tease his lip ring like that, appearing to be utterly weakened by all of my actions as he gripped my body very tightly once more; lying underneath me seemingly completely at my mercy as his lips continued to press deeply into mine, and one set of his fingers entangled within my hair as the other began to run up under my shirt again. His fingertips softly ghosting across the sensitive skin of my torso.

I sighed in contentment against his lips for quite possibly the hundredth time today at the feeling of his fingers running along my skin once more, as my tongue continued to play with his lip ring for another few moments; before I lightly slipped it past his slightly parted lips to enter his mouth, wanting to taste even more of him as I continued to grip his body so very closely. Soon gently one of my hands up to rest against the side of his tattooed neck as we continued to kiss. His tongue instantly began to entwine with mine in return; as we both let out content sighs soon afterwards, his fingers slightly tightened their grips on my hair as his other fingers slid out from under my shirt and to the front of it. He then began to unbutton my shirt in a skilled manner, using only his one hand as he mostly just focused on kissing me as amazingly as he always, alwaysdoes. I continued with kissing him so very deeply, as well, soft moans leaving my lips from the feeling of his fingers lightly brushing against the highly sensitive and still rather marked up skin of my chest; my hand continued to caress the side of his neck for another few moments before I moved it away and shifted us slightly so that I could begin to work on getting his shirt unbuttoned in return; very, very much looking forward to getting to have him yet again. He moaned out enthusiastically as I began to unbutton his shirt as well, deepening our kiss momentarily as he continued with unbuttoning my shirt as well; soon happily sliding that off of my shoulders and slowly breaking apart from our kiss so that he could peer up

at me. “Oh baby…” he said in a dreamy sounding voice, gazing adoringly up at me as his fingers gently began to over the newly exposed skin of my chest. “There's honestly no place else in the world that I would rather be than right here, with you," he told me, gently leaning up to connect our lips yet again; seemingly unable to help himself as his fingers continued to wander along my skin. I couldn’t help but shiver again at the feeling of Frank’s hands wandering along my skin so very wonderfully like that and kissed him back just as deeply. "There's no other place I'd rather be, either, Frankie…" I murmured softly against his, slightly swollen from our kissing, lips; meaning every word completely as I finished unbuttoning his shirt, and slid the garment off of his shoulders as well. Soon allowing my hands to begin roaming the warm, soft, and inked skin of Frank’s chest as I pressed our bodies even closer than before somehow and kissed him as passionately as I possibly could. I couldn’t help but smile at the way that he moaned out rather pleasuredly against my lips; the both of us obviously needing and wanting one another, as his tongue gently slipped in between my lips once again as his arms continued to grip my body tightly to his. I was vaguely aware of his fingers lightly tracing love hearts on whatever patches of my skin they roamed as I let out soft moans into his mouth and entangled my tongue with his in return. I was completely unable to get enough of the absolutely amazing feeling of being with him like this; shifting to be pressed even closer against him, if at all possible, as I gently trailed my fingers along the

length of his torso to begin sensually roaming the ‘Search and Destroy’ tattoo located on his lower abdomen. He moaned instantly in response to feeling my fingers trailing sensually along his skin like that; kissing me even more passionately than before, and giving me the exact reaction that I had been hoping for. He pulled away from my lips after another few moments of intense kissing, his breathing rather labored as he continued to clutch my body both tightly and possessively. Something flashed in his eyes, and he gave me a playful smirk; before his grip around my body tightened even further than before and he quickly flipped us over, his body hovering over mine now as he began to trail kisses to my neck. I moaned out pretty much immediately in response to his lips pressing against the side of my highly sensitive neck like that; utterly turned on by the way he had flipped us over like that, and immediately tilting my head to the side to allow him all of the skin of my neck that he could possibly want as I continued letting my hands sensually roam his torso. Tracing over all of the designs that he had inked into his smooth skin that I knew by heart, unable to get enough of just simply feeling him. Frank settled himself comfortably in between my legs as he continued to rest on top of me as he brought up a hand to gently caress the side of my neck; feeling him grin against my skin as I exposed it to him like that and allowed him to do as he pleased with me, as he graciously began to suck up whatever it was of my skin that he could possibly want. His lips kissing and sucking sensually at the areas that he’s had plenty of

time to discover were sensitive, as the fingers of his other hand journeyed down to quite possibly the most sensitive point on my body; my hip. I couldn’t help but let out a rather loud moan at all of the things he was doing to me; each and every one of them feeling nothing but completely amazing as I felt tingles where he was touching my hip, and sparks of pleasure shooting throughout my body with each and every sensitive spot on my neck his lips graced. My mind a haze of pleasure and him right now as my arms wrapped tightly around his body once more. “Oh baby…” I breathed out, keeping my skin exposed for him to devour as he pleased, as I let out a blissful sounding sigh at all of the things that he was doing to me. “Mmm…” he sighed out amongst my skin, I could feel him smiling against it. “Yes, love?” he questioned me playfully, before pulling away from my neck and pressing his lips deeply to mine once yet again. Our kiss becoming very, very passionate just like all the others as he lightly began to grind against me. I kissed him back with every ounce of passion I could possibly muster, moaning out lowly into his mouth as he ground into me like that and let out another blissful sounding sigh. “Fuck… that feels so good…” I moaned, moving my hands down to grip his completely sexy hips once more so that I could help him grind into me and grind into him in return. Feeling my dick rapidly becoming hard and knowing that he was experiencing the exact same thing; I could literally feel it. He moaned out as I gripped his hips; feeling him becoming even more turned on as he flicked his

tongue out against my lips and began to grind harder into me in response to it. I could feel him smirking against my lips as he undoubtedly felt that I was just as hard as he was, and he decided to take advantage of it; he moved his hand that was on my hip down to my belt buckle, skillfully setting about unbuckling it as his lips trailed sensually to the side of my neck once more. I moaned out yet again at the multiple pleasurable feelings my body was experiencing, still thoroughly enjoying the way it felt having his lips against the side of my neck once more and the furthered pleasure of him still grinding into me rather hard. Continuing to allow him to do absolutely whatever he pleased with me as I began to let my hands roam his tattooed back as he finished unbuckling my belt and set about unbuttoning and unzipping my pants; still unable to get enough of feeling his soft skin underneath my fingertips. He sighed contently amongst my skin again and continued with kissing my neck again; finishing unbuttoning and unzipping my pants before he trailed his lips a bit further down my body to gently begin sucking at my collarbone. Obviously intent on paying attention to every sensitive patch of my skin that he possibly could as he also still continued to grind into me. “Frankie…” I breathed out softly, in a very content sounding voice as Frank’s lips continued to grace the oh so sensitive parts of my body that he knew by heart, more soft moans leaving my lips as my fingers continued to roam his tattooed back as he ground into me. Lightly tracing along the lines of where I knew the

jack-o-lantern on his back was before lightly trailing my fingertips further down his back; lightly resting them in the crevice of his lower back, helping him grind into me as I still ground into him in return. “Gee…” he breathed out just as softly; slowly pulling his lips away from my neck once more to place another kiss to my lips. This one very, very soft yet also very passionate as he also brought one of his hands up to cradle the side of my face again, his other arm still wrapped securely around me to hold me close to him as he continued to grind into me just like before. I kissed Frank back just as softly and passionately; letting out another content sounding sigh against the very amazing lips that were pressed against mine, since everything felt… right right here in this moment with him, where it was just me and him; just like this. My fingers softly continued to caress his lower back as we did all of this and I enjoyed the continued sensations of him grinding into me like he was; wanting to be as close to him as I possibly could as I allowed my fingers to begin straying to toy with his belt buckle. He moaned softly as I began to unbuckle the annoying thing, his fingertips very sensually trailing down my torso, and along my sensitive sides; to hook in the waistband of my pants and boxers. He deepened our kiss some as he slowly began to slide both articles of clothing down my hips, and then eventually to my thighs; freeing my erection from the cotton confines that it was trapped again, and then a few moments later; lightly brushed the tips of his fingers along the length of my erection.

I moaned out lowly at the feeling of him touching me like that, the sudden pleasure of it making my mind completely haze for a few moments; before I passionately reconnected my lips to his yet again, managing to gather my thoughts enough while doing so to finish getting his belt undone, before I trailed my hands back up his torso and rested them against his chest. Very much enjoying the way that it felt perfectly toned beneath my palms as I continued with kissing him so very passionately and pleasure began to flow throughout my system. I felt him grin against my lips as I reacted to the things that he was doing to me, and he lightly began to stroke me; very, very gently at first, yet also very sensually as his lips moved just as sensually amongst mine. “Does that feel good, sugar?” he asked me, the words a soft murmur as his lips brushed against mine as he spoke; and he gave me one of his fucking beautiful smiles. Seeming to enjoy touching me as much as I enjoyed being touched. I couldn’t help but moan again at the way it felt to have him touching me like this, the way that he was stroking me feeling very amazing as I nodded my head in response to his question. “Mmm… so fucking good, baby…” I told him honestly; pressing our lips together in yet another fervently passionate, yet soft, kiss as my arms wrapped around his body once more to continue to grip him close to me. “I’m glad, baby,” he grinned once again at my words, obviously happy to hear that I was very much enjoying the feeling of him touching me like this. "Because you know, I fucking love getting to pleasure you this way…

and every which way…” he added, deepening our already passionate kiss as his tongue lightly delved between my lips to entangle with my tongue once more as his sensual pace of stroking my erection continued. I moaned out for the countless time against his lips and entwined my tongue with his in return; beginning to let my fingers lightly, and also lovingly, roam over whichever parts of his body I deemed fit. Just simply for the sake of feeling him as much as I possibly could. "Mmm... I fucking love you pleasuring me this, and every other which way, too, Frankie...” I told him honestly again, moaning softly against his lips as the stroking still continued and letting out another blissful sigh soon after. "I'd do it every minute of every day if I could, baby," he replied, his voice sounding just as honest as mine was and his lips continued moving passionately amongst mine; his amazing hand still continuing with that sensual rhythm. "I live to hear you moan like that... and see that gorgeous expression upon your face whenever I touch you like this..." he told me, making me inwardly melt. "I just want to be with you like this for as long as I possibly can..." he added, and I could sense a hidden meaning swimming behind his words as he gazed intently into my eyes while saying these words to me; before he placed another tender kiss to my lips, before allowing his lips to resume their familiar places on the most sensitive patches of skin on my neck. I moaned yet again at all of the feelings, and immediately tilted my head once more to expose all of the skin that I possibly could to Frank’s eager lips;

very, very much enjoying every single moment of this. “Mmm… baby…” I sighed out in complete and utter bliss, another soft sigh falling past my lips a few moments later as I felt myself getting lost in all of the pleasure that he was bringing me. Along with the swirling emotions that I was feeling for him coming along in surges, the only thing that I was sure of being I couldn’t get enough of him, ever. He sucked up as much of my skin as he could, beginning at my neck and then soon journeying down to my chest; kissing every one of the marks that he had left behind on my usually pale and mark-less skin during the time that we have known each other; and seeking out all of my sensitive spots, causing me to emit even more sounds of absolute pleasure. He didn’t ignore a single patch of my sensitive flesh during the journey that his lips were taking, and his fingers continued jerking me off all the while. I moaned out with every flutter of his soft, and still slightly swollen, lips over my skin and rapidly felt myself somehow managing to feel even more pleasured than before by all that he was doing to me. I continued to lay beneath him, putting myself completely at his mercy and allowing him to do whatever he pleased with me; and I fucking loved it. “Fuck…” I murmured softly, letting my fingers trail over whatever parts of his skin that I could. He smirked against my skin at my continued reactions to the things that he was doing; sending a devilish look my way as his lips hovered just over my extremely sensitive hip, which was quite possibly his favorite spot on my body, judging by the marks that decorated it, and he began to suck at it some more.

“Oh baby…” he sighed out, as his tongue ran over my hip as well. "I swear, I could do this for hours..." he said in a seductive, pleasured tone as he grins up at me. I moaned out extremely loudly for him in response to the way that he was paying such attention to my hip; utterly turned on by him and his words as I tilted my rather weakly back against the pillows. “Oh fuck, baby…” I murmured, my breathing coming out a bit labored due to all that he continued to do to me and the sexy way of which he did them as I gazed down slightly at the seductive figure that was on top of me. “I definitely wouldn’t object to that…” I told him, ever so completely honest with him as I always have been. He gave me a seductive grin as I said those words to him, and lightly began crawling back up my body so that he could plant another very deep, and very hungry, kiss to my lips; obviously wanting that feeling just as much as I did, as he let out a content sigh against my lips as well. “One of these days then… I’m going to hold you to it,” he said with a charming grin on his gorgeous face, as he peered a bit dreamily at me once more. I gave him a grin in return, and couldn’t help but kiss his lips once again as well, lingering lovingly against them like I always do. “Mmm… definitely feel free to,” I encouraged him with a playful tinge in my voice; kissing him softly once yet again as I began to trail my fingers down his torso once more to finish what I’d started and finish getting his pants unbuttoned and unzipped as I began to place a trail of kisses all along his jaw. Eventually straying my lips to the side of his neck like he had done to mine, and paying particular

attention to the already heavily hickey-d scorpion tattoo that dwelled on the right side of his neck. “Oh Gerard…” he sighed out in a highly pleasured sounding voice, his head lolling back a bit due to what I was doing to him as I paid attention to his sensitive skin. His hand resumed the original sensitive pace of stroking my erection, and I knew that it was becoming an unspoken agreement that neither of us wanted to rush this, at all. I moaned again as his hand resumed stroking my erection like that and began sucking at his tattoo a bit harder in response; unable to get enough of the sweet way his skin tasted as I always was as I held his body as closely as I possibly could to mine and eventually trailed my lips down a bit lower on his skin. Settling them in a place lower on his neck, hunting out sensitive spots on his neck like he had done to me as my fingers strayed down inside his boxers somewhat. He continued to moan out at all of my actions, making me feel inwardly happy that he appeared to be enjoying all of this nearly as much as I was; as I let my fingers journey a bit more into his boxers as I still continued with paying attention to the sensitive parts of his neck. And soon enough, I felt the pace in which he was stroking me becoming a slight bit faster. I moaned out into his skin yet again as I felt the pace of his hand quickening some; biting down playfully on his sensitive neck in response to it, and sucking a bit harder at it as well. Knowing that I would probably wind up leaving another mark, yet not really giving a damn at all. “Mmm… fuck…” I murmured against his skin, still feeling completely and utterly pleasured by

the feeling of him touching me like this; as my fingers moved away from Frank’s skin and out of his boxers to hook in the waistband of his pants and begin to get him out of them. “Gerard-“ he gasped out as I bit down on his neck, apparently very turned on by it as he teasingly ran his thumb over my slit and his tongue teasingly flicked out against my earlobe. "I love the way your amazing cock feels beneath my touch, baby..." he murmured sensually against my ear, his tongue flicking out against the lobe once more. "But not nearly as much as I'm gonna love when you’re so fucking deep inside of me again..." he murmured just as seductively as before, obviously knowing that him dirty talking me like that would turn me on even more if at all possible as I felt his thumb flicking over my slit once again. I somehow managed to feel myself impossibly becoming even harder as he said those words to me; and felt yet another huge wave of want for the fucking sexy man with me beginning to override my mind. I quickly separated my lips from his skin to passionately collide them with his own once more, as my arms wrapped around his body once again, and I quickly flipped us over, regaining control of the situation as I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the bottle of lube that was conveniently located there. “Mmm… baby…” he growled out in a very fucking sexy sounding voice, his lips moving very sensually amongst mine still as his arms wrapped possessively around my body once more. "You have no idea how fucking hot it is whenever you do that..." he told me in that same turned on voice he was using before. "I love it when you just fucking take me..."

I gave Frank a playful half grin, half smirk, and continued with passionately kissing him for another few moments. “Mmm… I’m glad you enjoy it so much, baby,” I told him, setting the bottle of lube on the bed next to us and finishing ridding him of all his clothing. "You turn me on so fucking much..." I said in all honesty, kissing his soft and kiss bruised/swollen lips again, before placing kisses to each corner of his mouth, and then eventually moving on to his jaw for a few moments. He smiled again at my words, and softly returned each and every kiss that I placed to his lips; gifting me with yet another of his gorgeous smiles. "I'm so glad that I have the same affect on you, as you have on me then," he told me, honesty in his expression as he tilted his head back some to allow my lips to roam his skin as I gently strayed them to the upper part of his neck, and his legs sensually wrapped around my waist to bring my body even closer to his than before. I gave Frank another smile and placed some more soft and loving kisses to the tasty skin of his neck before straying my lips back to his; kissing him deeply to keep myself from saying exactly how all of the emotions I felt for him made me feel and instead pouring everything I felt for him into this one, very amazing, kiss. And unable to help myself as I gently ground up against him once again since our, now naked, bodies were pressed so closely together. “Oh… Gerard,” he sighed out as I ground against him like that, seemingly utterly entranced by it as he lightly began to grind into me in return, and his lips connected desperately to mine once yet again. “Baby,

that feels so good…” I kissed him back with an equal amount of desperation, unable to get enough of these absolutely amazing kisses still and the equally as amazing feeling of our bodies grinding against one another’s like they were and I let a soft moan drown into his mouth. “It does, baby…” I breathed out in agreement with him, holding his body as absolutely close to mine as I could and reaching for the slightly discarded bottle of lube once more as I kissed him as absolutely deeply as I possibly could. "I don't ever, ever want for this to end..."

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