Student: Duong Ngoc Canh Class: K54CA ± Group 2 Writing Task 1 - Portfolio

Line Graph
The two line graphs illustrate the changes in smoking and alcohol consumed in some contries: Japan, Turkey, Holland and USA between 1960 and 2000. In term of smoking pattern, in three nations: USA, Japan, Holland, the general trend was downwards. For next period of ten years, Japan and USA had till a slight reduction. While Holland experienced a dramatic decline of the number of smokers from 60% to 45%. For the period 1980-2000, these three countries remained the same trend of slight dicrease of the percentage of smoker went down slightly. About the alcohol consumption, From 1960 to 1980, the consumption rose dramatically in Holland and there was also a moderate increase in USA. Until 2000 there was a gradual decrease in these two countries. In different situation, for the period of forty years, the consumption in Turkey has no change. Except for only a slight rise in 1970s before reduce to previous figure in the next decade.

there was a growth by 10% and 8% respectively in 2000 but they till have a small rate. It is clear that Asia is the most populous continent with the rate of population is over a half. Describing maps The maps show the developments which took place at the seaside resort of Templeton between 1990 and 2005. In summary. For the percentage of people who live in Africa and Latin America. the resort was a much greener residential area with a large number of tree and individual houses. The proportion of Asian and Europe is down. The other regions till remained in a few the same rate. The most noticeable is that all of the trees south-west of the resort were cut down and replaced . but during the next 25 years the resort experienced a number of dramatic changes. but they are till the great parts of world population. Europe always takes the second place despite of the reduction from 25% in 1900 to 14% in 2000.Pie Chart The two pie charts show the changes in world population by region at the beginning and the end of the 20th century. In 1980.

by some buildings. the woodland was cleared to make way for a factory. a comparision of the two maps reveals a change from a largely rural to a mainly urban landscape. Only a few trees near the river remainded. Futher developments were the construction of a airport near the school and below the school. Especially. . Overall. Moreover a new supermarket is constructed above. A new ferry is built at the south-east and the railway is also appended from the east to west.

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