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Social Media History Historically.  How to Impl ment a Social Media Business Strategy. I. However. . we will examine how social media culture and social networking platforms are having a major impact nowadays on business communication. Social media started with the creation of phones. how can someone employ strategies within his company to increase profitability. a new era has begun. Then. Here¶s the plan we will follow:  Soci l M i Hi tory.  Conclusion. policy makers who un erstan a fun amental shift is taking place in how corporates communicate. since the 50¶s. internet came and with it. for key stake hol ers. How can these tools be utilised. men needed to meet in order to talk. Phone users were technophiles and information addicts trapped in a telecom monopoly long before Skype or ³free nights and weekends´ existed. practices and processes. share ideas and discuss them or just to hang out and have fun.Introduction : Soci l M i in B in i .  How much social media share is worth?  Who is doing it right?  Social Media Business in Morocco. In this report. to chat. sustain reputation and empower his employees to be brand ambassadors. the evolution in technology had made a huge revolution in the means of communication.

and combined article. the site dies from lack of massive adoption.). launched in 97 and closed in 2000. the first one in 2001 when SNS were used to leverage business networks.highlights the major SNS (social network site) stressing the two following important waves. Back then few people agree to meet 'strangers' online and too few applications allow it to be more than an online address book enabling users to send emails. From the beginnings in 97 and the social familial and friendship use. MySpace. Six Degrees. etc. . and 2003 when SNS hit the mainstream and start proliferating worldwide (with site like LinkedIn. Too early a precursor. the timeline .The first recognizable social network site.

2. or perhaps that on Twitter shares and messages are less engaged with ± indeed recent research from Sysomos showed that over 70% of all Tweets get no response. they generate $1. How much is a social media share is worth? In order to have a concrete idea about this. Eventbrite is. and sells out events. That this is the most valuable type of share is not surprising ± Facebook has grown with events and users are accustomed to inviting people to or accepting events on the platform. leading to fewer clicks and so fewer ticket sales.43 ± almost a sixth the value of a Like on Facebook. every time an event was shared that resulted in $1. Events are a prime candidate for social shopping and this study by Eventbrite highlights just how powerful it is. things which connect people with similar interests.78 in ticket sales. here¶s an example of Event rite. then were you to share a jazz event with you then the chances of this appealing to them is quite high. at least in the event ticketing market.90. If you love jazz and connect with people like you in social media. Twitter: $0. Facebook: $2. promotes.43. Facebook resulted in the highest average ticket sales per share with every µLike¶ on the social network resulting in $2. This is a surprisingly powerful number and shows the growing importance of social shopping ± using recommendations in social networks and online communities to influence purchase decisions. recommendations and shares in social media can lead to significant ticket sales. undoubtedly. Drilling down into this number shows how valuable different types of share are: 1. a corporate in USA that manages. Every time people share an event from Eventbrite with their friends and contacts in social media. on average. This figure comes from a recent study by the event ticketing site which analysed their user data and how shares in social media tracked back to ticket sales. LinkedIn shares are the second most valuable with an average of $0. with each share worth $0. perhaps. 3. The study by Eventbrite found that. by their nature. This is much less than for shares on Facebook but is still significant driver of sales.II.78 in ticket sales. These numbers are impressive and the data from Eventbrite is a great insight into social shopping and how. .52 in ticket sales.90 in ticket sales generated every time an event is shared on the social network. LinkedIn: $0. Shares on Twitter are the least valuable of all three means.52. This is. a prime candidate to be benefiting from social shopping before others. So Twitter messages may be less engaging than those on Facebook. Events are. Overall this is a very important driver of traffic and sales for Eventbrite ± it is the sites biggest referrer of traffic and every µLike¶ drives 11 visits back to the site. People are using social media to connect with people who have similar interests and passions to them ± this makes for a potentially valuable territory for social shopping. a sign that connections on Twitter are less focused than on Facebook.

Figure out why you¶re getting on the social media bandwagon and what you want to accomplish with it. Christopher Barger. Make your brand a little more ³human´ to the outside world. This step is absolutely necessary if you plan to develop your own internal metrics tracking. I can¶t tell you how many times I¶ve seen an organization¶s list of objectives and knew there was no way they could implement everything at once or in the timeframe they intended.III. and show people the smarts. Increase awareness of the strength of your current product lineup. Having well-defined objectives can assist in prioritization and creating the best way to phase-in a social media strategy.´ . Incorporate audience/consumer feedback into your organization more quickly and effectively than has happened traditionally C. and provide perspective/accurate information about your company The other benefit of defining objectives is that they can guide the timetable for implementation.´ Luis Ramos.´ While that view still exists to some degree today. director of global social media at General Motors. How to implement a social media business strategy Not long ago. they had some specific objectives they wanted to accomplish. Establish goals: Creating a social media strategy is a complex exercise because ³it includes not only looking inside the organization to establish appropriate practices. Ramos suggests including in the strategy the position responsible for updating content as well as the update frequency. Become more responsive to people/consumer audiences B. It¶s now simply part of the way we do marketing today. In this section. it¶s become clear to many that social media is no longer marketing¶s new thing. Developing objectives and a timetable could also prompt a conversation about content management. leaving content to become stale. so he/she can respond to messages and questions within 24 hours. ³Many organizations have grand plans of updating content on a regular basis only to quickly run out of topics. CEO of The Network. but it also includes looking outside the organization to determine the proper degree of engagement. personality and passion of the people behind your logo D. When General Motors put together their social media strategy. a specific employee is typically assigned to create and manage the company¶s social media pages. social media seemed so new and different that it was treated as a kind of marketing that should be tried only by ³experts. we will see the main steps that should be followed to successes in a social media business strategy: 1. As a best practice. outlined the following: A. usage policies and content parameters.

and is in addition to pushing out information of interest to our members. we have an internal blog. even if something doesn¶t work there is value to be gained and lessons to be learned from the µfailure. but volunteers are as well. not everything is going to work. ³We are looking to establish an overall strategy that departments will follow when deciding when and how to use social media. such as flow charts or decision trees. approved messages and in some cases. public relations manager for the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). Listen: A lot can be learned by watching others. µMaking Conversation. ³This includes monitoring and interacting with members (and nonmembers) who reach out to us via these channels. etc. ³Don¶t be afraid to ask questions on and offline so you can learn more´. ³Our employees are very social media savvy and understand how to technically use the sites. Barger explains several things the company did to convey the company¶s approach. and avoiding µpure traditional marketing¶ plays. mentions that not only is PRSA staff involved. Barger encourages companies to remember ³that few ideas should be rejected out of hand. to help employees determine when and how to respond to blogs and inquiries on other social networking sites. We discussed the spirit of the policy and reviewed examples of ineffective social media policies.¶ that focuses on sharing lessons we¶re learning through social media outreach. Diane Gomez.´ I¶ve found many companies developing job aids.´ In addition to posting GM¶s social media policy. Additionally. And one noteworthy item for non-profits is to think about your volunteer base.2. we developed a µ201¶ level µtrain-the-trainer¶ course that introduces more complete tools and tips. Consider your employees: This is very important. authenticity. scheduled time for posting. 3.´ Though she¶s the president of a smaller firm. Finally. Training for our employees focused on the strategic and professional applications of the social media sites. Organizations need to understand their employees¶ level of knowledge and interest and perhaps. Crystal Kendrick used a similar approach with The Voice of Your Customer. Those who¶ve taken this course are authorized to train others within their departments on the basics of social media.´ . ³We posted a 45-minute µSocial Media 101¶ interactive training course on the intranet that gives employees the basics on how/why/where to engage in social media.´ Gomez added they are encouraging staff to participate in social media on behalf of the organization.¶ The only exceptions to this rule are efforts that would contradict the basic etiquette and/or rules of social media ± transparency. but in 95% of the cases. offer training. openness. We use µkey word rich¶ content.

Measure success: Measuring social media success is a very controversial topic as different folks have different opinions on how to properly measure SMM progress. .´ Like GM. She notes.Who will have access to the sites? .to help benchmark your company against your competitors by running the exact same search and parameters before and after your engagement begins.What are the rules about time spent and content posted on the sites? He adds. identify expert users to follow and recommend connections. as well as compare terms.Are there any firewalls that would prevent access? . From there. Check your tech: While most social media doesn¶t need a huge technology investment. ³Before any social media components are engaged. ³Due to some of the technology access restrictions.According to Kendrick. As Ramos reminds us. companies should still take a look at the technology capabilities of the company and make sure the system can support the strategy. industries and geographic regions and joined groups and lists of industry groups to ensure that we maximized our exposure and business opportunities. For me there are two sides to measuring the success of a social media campaign. we began to focus on making connections with persons in target companies. ³The first few weeks were a bit hectic. ³We matched our target customers to the demographics of our connections and identified gaps in our networks. some organizations have opted to build their own internal technology to offer social media type forums without the complexities of changing firewalls or altering access rules. This also allows further features like locking down postings to help control inappropriate content. there needs to be an understanding across the organization of the following: .´ 5. they began to share best practices among employees. That is: y Analytics ± How has the Social Media campaign increased traffic to your site as well as how has it affected the quality of traffic? y Relationships ± what have you learnt about your customers? Have you established better relationships with them? Another good tool to use is Trendpedia which is a blog search engine that allows you to both track and graph topics. this includes making sure social media applications aren¶t hidden behind firewalls.´ 4.

So what this means is that your activity. but can¶t seem to understand how or have met with downright hostile reactions when trying. One glaring exception to this softer approach for some folks is Twitter search. and as a standard block of copy in your weekly HTML email newsletter. in addition to sending it to your subscribers. fans. only perhaps now it¶s threestep² meet and engage in social media. This can go for teasing some aspect of your latest blog post on Twitter or in your Facebook status. housed on your main hub site. you can promote the event in various social media networks and then capture that event and post the audio to your podcast. Twitter search can be used to locate people in your area who are asking for solutions and complaining about problems you can solve and reach out to them directly with a bit of a solution pitch. you need to view your activity on social sites like an effective headline for an ad²the purpose of the headline is not to sell. To generate leads through social media marketing. in your ads. When you hold an event to present information. You can string five blog posts together and make them available as a workshop handout or a bonus for your LinkedIn group. and transcript as a free report for download. 4) Generate leads: So many people want to generate leads in the wide world of social media. or to another audience. or pointing to mentions of your firm in the media. as it builds your overall reputation for good content sharing and helps to buffer the notion that you are simply broadcasting your announcements. like. single act. 2) Amplify: Use your social media activity to create awareness for and amplify your content housed in other places. is one of the secrets to success in the hyper info-driven marketing world in which we find ourselves. It¶s the ultimate permission-based play when done correctly. education-based content. and trust. content elsewhere presents the opportunity to buy. archive it online and Tweet about it too. and subscribers fits into this category. People . Feature links to your social media profiles in your email signature. If you publish a biweekly newsletter. It¶s really the ultimate two-step advertising. needs to focus on creating awareness of your valuable.G 5 tips for getting more from social media marketing 1) Integrate: Don¶t treat your social media activity as something separate from your other marketing initiatives. lead to content elsewhere. In addition. make sure that links to your educational content are featured prominently in your social media profiles and that Facebook fan page visitors and blog subscribers are offered the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter and attend your online and offline events. Never look at any content as a single use. much of what I¶ve mentioned above. Quality over quantity always wins in social media marketing. slides to SlideShare. but to engage and build. Effectively generating leads from social media marketing is really no different than effectively generating leads anywhere²it¶s just that the care you must take to do it right is amplified by the ³no selling allowed´ culture. Make your social media profiles a part of your address copy block and you will soon see adding them to all that you do as an automatic action. on your business cards. know. creating full-blown events on Eventful or Meetup. You can gain permission to market to your social media network and contacts when you can build a level of trust through content sharing and engagement. No one likes to be sold to in any environment² the trick is to let them buy²and this is even more important in social media marketing. single medium. 3) Repurpose: Taking content that appears in one form and twisting it in ways that make it more available in another. Filtering other people¶s great content and pointing this out to your followers. You can also add social features to your newsletter to make it very easy for others to retweet (tweetmeme button) and share on social bookmark sites such as Delicious and digg.

you will be much smarter about your business and industry than most and you may eventually gain the knowledge and confidence to tap the full range of what¶s possible in the wild and wacky world of social media marketing. I would derive tremendous benefit from that level of participation. Blendtec leveraged YouTube¶s subscriber base and tried something fun and original. Lesson: Social media marketing doesn¶t always need to cost a lot of money. the application was shut down as quickly as it started by Facebook. the incentive to use it. IV. Burger King built in the ability to share it. and added just enough humor to make the campaign a hit.who are talking publicly about needing something are offering a form of permission and can be approached as more of a warmed lead. Tom Dickson the CEO of Blendtec. citing privacy concerns. visit social bookmarking sites such as BizSugar. attempts to blend objects in their blender. if you are just getting started. In the video. Burger King has really been pushing the envelope with their marketing. And then just listen and learn. 2. 5) Learn: The pressure to fill the silence can be so overwhelming that they eventually succumb and tweet what they had for lunch. If I did nothing more than listen and occasionally respond when directly engaged. Sadly. This simple idea led to a ³five-fold increase in sales´. and then entered the social space with the ³sacrifice ten friends´ facebook application. you don¶t have to say anything to get tremendous benefit from social media participation. The campaign was a success and continues to entertain and sell. the application was beautifully built and the idea was perfect. sacrificing 200. In fact. Burger King and the Sacrifice Facebook Application Recently. the marketing director of Blendtec. and your industry. 1. Set up an RSS reader and subscribe to blogs.000 users. They first started with whoppervirgins. If you do only this. the campaign was low cost and instantly became a hit. Who is doing it right Let¶s take a look at 10 companies that have done a phenomenal job of taking advantage of social media platforms. this is what you should do before you ever open your 140-character mouth. original video and leveraging an already large user base can be used to increase sales. . The campaign quickly went viral and was adopted by over If you find yourself in this camp. Regardless. Create custom Twitter searches for your brand. Blendtec Blends it on YouTube Who doesn¶t know about the ³Will It Blend´ series on YouTube? Created by George Write.000 friends for free whoppers. and closely follow people on Twitter who have a reputation for putting out great content. and Delicious and read what¶s popular. Creating funny. your competitors.

leading by example is one of the best ways to introduce it to a company. Users get to see how IBM operates. they jump in it. Starbucks then took it a step further and added an ³Ideas in Action´ blog that gives updates to users on the status of changes suggested. or any other topic of choice. Starbucks Asks for Your Advice Social media isn¶t only about using existing websites. 5. but directly asking your consumers what they want. Transparency from the highest position in a company trickles down and increases trust from consumers. and the most popular suggestions are highlighted and reviewed. is better. but sometimes creating your own.000 hits a month (in 2006). but increase the number of blogs and you increase the number of connections.Lesson: Successful and viral campaigns don¶t just test out social media. 3.´ The site allows users to submit suggestions to be voted on by Starbucks consumers. and are given a direct connection with IBM employees. IBM With Lots of Blogs When IBM decided they wanted to start using blogs. Sun Microsystems and the CEO Blog Want your blog to really make a splash? You could learn a lot from Sun Microsystem¶s CEO blog. Few things are better than a CEO that blogs or uses twitter. but the openness on it. By empowering their exceptionally web savvy consumer. Pushing the envelope can create the buzz that makes your campaign memorable. they didn¶t just create one blog. Acting on that information and doing it publicly is key to the success of this campaign. IBM created a way and allowed their employees to write about their experiences. Lesson: Social media is a culture of transparency and honesty that must be embraced. . and even the most inane are approved. Starbucks strengthens their campaign to add a personal touch to coffee. IBM is able to highlight the people behind their products. By giving the industry experts they¶ve hired a voice. To get a better handle on consumer feedback. It¶s not the number of hits that make his blog a social media success. what they¶re working on. 4. Positive and negative comments are allowed. Jonathan Schwartz¶s blog received about 400. Lesson: Having a CEO that blogs is great. Starbucks did just that with ³My Starbucks Idea. they created an entire network. IBM capitalizes on the intelligence of their employees to give consumers insight into what happens behind the scenes. Lesson: Thinking of ways to build your company are great. Leveraging your employees to write about what they love conveys the corporate dedication to the industry.

Lesson: Being active on Twitter is great but tracking and seeing who¶s mentioning you. but the thing that really makes them stand out is how well they monitor discontent. 7. but as things were being fixed and a compromise was ironed out. the public was informed every step of the way. a personality that is friendly. Talking to Zappos is like talking to a friend that happens to sell shoes.6. The Zappos CEO has lent his personality to the company brand. The idea of micro-blogging and the sense of exceptional customer service is ingrained in the corporate culture. Obviously the story was twisted and changed. Comcast has found a way to offer exceptional customer service to their consumers. What makes this a success story for social media is that Scott Monty (Ford¶s community manager) was quick to find out what happened and let us know the true story. is the next step. and to talk to their consumers. Ingraining social media into the culture of a corporation means that every consumer interaction is personal. a Twitter account setup to help Comcast users in need. . and trustworthy. and with it. Comcast on Twitter too Frank is the man behind @comcastcares. Not only that. this is a social media post after all. helpful. better brand loyalty. 8. Complain about Comcast and you can bet you¶ll hear from @comcastcares to see if they can help. Zappos on Twitter Obviously we had to talk about Twitter. Although we don¶t know if social media has shown a direct return on investment for Ford. The reason why Zappos stands out on Twitter is because of their ability to bring the company to life. Ford and Social Media PR The basic story is that there was an internal gaffe where Ford¶s legal department sent out cease and desist letters to forum owners using Ford trademarks. and in the end people were outraged. The most obvious of companies to make Twitter work is Zappos. Lesson: Take a CEO that twitters. Social media allows for the possibility of great customer service. and the Zappos site has a page that aggregates all the streams. funny. They use Twitter to highlight interesting facts. Most Zappos employees have an active account. an online retailer that has really led the way in corporate Twitter use. the public relations fiasco it helped avert (think Motrin) should help make the case for more funding for social media. add in a great personality and you have a recipe for social success.

a network of blogs. Dell¶s social media efforts help create ³$1 million in revenue³. Flickr isn¶t the center of their campaign. truly cultivating a cross-platform community. instead they¶ve gone above and beyond. Graco Uses Pictures on Flickr Social media is about sharing all types of content.Lesson: Social media can be used to inform consumers in real-time of how a corporation is reacting to events that affect the customer. Dell Doing it Everywhere Embracing social media is a huge undertaking. and are very active on Facebook. further humanizing the community around the product. . and involves a large investment. 10. The pictures from these meet-ups are posted to the Flickr page. especially when your demographic is already Internet and technologically savvy. Lesson: Social media doesn¶t have to exist wholly online. Creating cross-platform strategies can lead to the most success. Transparency in the process and access to constant information can help stop a negative story from going viral. Dell didn¶t shy away from these obstacles. Graco takes their strategy one step further by introducing offline marketing in the form of community gatherings. 9. but gaining something from it requires a sound strategy. including photos. Facilitating the sharing is easy. They¶ve created multiple Twitter handles. The photographs help highlight the people behind Graco and the consumers using their products. Blending offline marketing with online efforts can build a community around a brand. Graco did just that. but they promote it heavily with the Graco blog which also creates an incentive for others to submit pictures. Apparently. Lesson: Social media isn¶t all about ROI. by building a community around their product using Flickr. but it is possible. Dell is also one of the few companies to publicly state that they created a return on investment from Twitter.

Digg. but is only fifth in terms of Internet penetration (Internet users / total population) with 32. 2-Search. The first thing that comes to mind is to analyze the audience and the characteristics of profiles that use this channel more. Even in Morocco. family situation or level of education of users. Social Media Business in Morocco Internet statistics in Morocco: Morocco is the second country in number of Internet users in the MENA region just behind Egypt.3 million Moroccans are on Facebook. All this confirms one thing is that Social Media has a bright future ahead of them in Morocco. Myspace. But the question that arises is the extent to which companies can use social media effectively to promote their products and services . interests. Linked in . 2010:  Number of users resident in Morocco: 1.... the social euphoria reached its peak. 3-Social Networks... but also Twitter. 2. And the new Buzz (who might get a place with major fast) .9% of the population connected.. 680 people (or Facebook account) There are other good information that can be use like age. Nobody can deny the formidable effectiveness of social media in spreading awareness of a brand.. Moroccan consumers have become fond of sites like Facebook..V. which amounts to a penetration rate of around 7% of Facebook in Morocco.. In the other hand. when we talk about Social Media. A tour on facebook and this is what comes out February 23. Flickr... . 344. it's not just Facebook or MySpace. Twitter. The 3 most popular activities on the Internet in the MENA and Morocco are: 1-E-Mail.

Proper planning and execution is the key to integrating social media into every organization. that doesn¶t mean developing a strategy is simple. to market their goods. This savvy audience can be turned off if approached in the wrong way. Companies need to use these new tools properly and they¶ll prove to be invaluable in their effort to strengthen existing customer relationships and capture the hearts and minds of new consumers. When technology is leveraged to facilitate and enhance social interaction. . During 2011. corporations are looking for new ways to sell their products and engage their consumers. But tread carefully. more companies are expected to explore and engage in social media activities. a great deal of value can be created.VI. Many have turned to the Internet. While some might categorize using a social networking application as easy. with Social Media in particular. Conclusion As we battle a global recession.

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