Bones Quotes Season 2 The Titan on the Tracks [2.1] Booth: What did you do?

Bones: I read, walked on the beach, chilled... Booth: You chilled? In Darfur? You chilled in Darfur? Bones: What's with the siren? And why are you driving like a maniac? Cam: Why are you still here, Dr. Brennan? Bones: Because I'm not a coroner, and I don't work for you? Cam: You got that half right. Bones: One minute she's holding a severed arm, the next, she's hitting on you. Booth: No, she wasn't hitting on me. Bones: Do you see a skull? Booth: Hey Bones, I'm not looking for a skull. Booth: Oh, homicide! That makes it my case. Cam: One of them's a senator. Bones: That makes a difference? Booth: Facts of life, Bones. Angela: They have a past. Hodgins: Cam and the senator? Angela: Cam and Booth. Look how she touches his arm when he laughs. Hodgins: You touch my arm when I laugh. Angela: No, no. You touch me. It's a big difference. Bones: More like a... (she makes an upward throwing motion) Booth and Zack: Basketball. Zach: You're saying "dude" way too much. Hodgins: This is Warren Lynch. Bones and Zack: Who's Warren Lynch? Cam: Hey, Hodge-Podge, all engines reverse. First we identify beyond a shadow of a doubt, then we get paranoid. Hodgins: Cool. As long as paranoia's on the schedule somewhere. Bones: "Zackaroni"? Zack: Cam noticed that I eat macaroni and cheese every day for lunch. Bones: Every single day? Zack: Yup. Hodgins: It's a... very interesting case. Brennan identified skeletal remains as her mother's. Killed by a blow to the head. Initial suspect was her father, but in the end we arrested a pig farmer hitman in the Witness Protection Program, added wrinkle, butCam: Dr. Hodgins? You're chattering me to death because you're hoping I'll forget you called me a "wanktard". Hodgins: It's a... made up word. No meaning. Booth: That's motive for murder. Bones: How is losing money a motive? Booth: "Casu Consulto." What does that mean? Bones: "Accidentally on purpose." Booth: Why do you know things like this?

She knows what fentanyl is. Angela: That's one of a gajillion examples! Bones: You could tell me the other gajillion minus one.." so it's confusing. Ricky. yeah. Zack: No.. no. I knew that the moment I said it. okay. Booth: Spam? Bones: There were Mason jars in the backseat.. Bones: She wants to authorize all experiments...? Bones: No. due to long-term abuse of his hypothalamic pituitary gonadal axis. Like. I take your point." but your tone says "bad. when's my birthday? Bones: I can get the computer to remind me about birthdays. Hodgins: . bent out of shape. intended to break when the train hit.well. (Hodgins looks to Bones for approval." you know.. Bones: Okay.. Bones: Warren Lynch suffered declining bone mass. and everything we get from the Jeffersonian is framed as "goofy science. she nods) Cam: Why wasn't I told about this? Bones: I encourage independent inquiry. Booth: Mmm-hmm. Why can't we just say. a little. Cam: Your encouragement does not signify my authorization. and the time you dropped a dead monkey down the elevator shaft. Booth: Great. ... Booth: Oh. your words say "good. And I'm from New York. and the jury laughs. Cam: How'd I do? (she leaves) Zack: I think she did quite well. Booth: Nothing says "junkie" like your gonad's axis. I will take action. really.. which means that I will take New York action. a jar? Bones: Anything new. Bones: What's that? Zack: This reminds me of when you interviewed me to be your grad student. you know.Hodgins: It's 70% amorphous silicon dioxide." he makes a joke. Bones: Tell me that's not a real skeleton. Bones: "Task oriented" is a euphemism for "lacking overall perspective. she got all. Cam: Turn this off. Yeah." Angela: Oh. Zackaroni? Booth: Zackaroni? Zack: You shouldn't call me Zackaroni. Zack and Hodgins. that was to show. Zack: I'm from Michigan. Bones: Yeah. Am I clear? Bones: Not at all. Booth: And they got this with SPAM? Bones: Yeah. from a bunch of squints with no connection to the real world. SPAM. No! . Booth: Oh! Like a jar. Cam: Gas chromatography shows there's also fentanyl in the heroin. Cam: If it happens again.. And Cam.and SPAM. we made him out of calcium phosphate and hydroxyapatite. (Bones nods and leaves) Booth: What's that? Hodgins: It's like a common domestic container.. Bones: That wouldn't happen. Bones: What is your SPAM fixation? Booth: Defense lawyer hears "SPAM. they do an experiment with fake bones in SPAM.

Bones: We wait? For how long? Booth: However long it takes. she hasn't made a decision yet.because they're dead.. You know what. Zack provided a skull... (pause. and. forget about where the words are aimed. Bones: Dead. Booth: My mouth moves. Bones: They can't hear you. Dealer: Hey. is that I remember them. but none seem to get across the drawbridge to the princess I know waits within. Bones: Well. Bones: Don't you have to read him his rights before you strangle him? Bones: You shouldn't swallow heroin. Booth: (aside. forget it. to Bones) Could it be the wrong skull? Bones: Zack doesn't make that kind of mistake. talk to the headstone? What do you say? Booth: It looks like I'm talking to the headstone. just so you know that. . And she's good.. safe. Booth: Have you seen the way she stares at human remains before she makes a decision? Cam: Yes. they could be dispensed from clean. Cam: How accurate is this thing? Bones: It's not the machine that's accurate. what do we do while we wait? Booth: This is a stakeout. Booth: Gotta ask. Booth: Because it's basically herding cats. We converse. right. I intimidate people. (points to himself) Cam: God.(Booth is on the phone) Bones: You know.. Angela says that you and Cam had a sexual relationship. Not in alleyways by criminals. Angela: Hey. Bones doesn't intimidate... where'd you find her? Booth: Museum. It's dangerous. Cam: This is not Warren Lynch. the ego! Cam: Finds me intimidating. and this is the face that goes with it. What I say. As in.. Booth: Fine. controlled outlets by trained personnel. Booth: Yeah. Does that affect your view of her? Booth: (phone) Patch me though. to connect. but what I'm really saying is. Cam: You so do not. Booth: Did you take this job because of. quit telling Bones who you think I've slept with. He's also very good. words come out. There's an additive in this heroin that causes overdoses. Booth: You know. . if drugs were legalized... Bones: Well. Bones: She's dead. I tried to initiate conversation about the drug war. right? (Booth laughs) Hey. Cam: Dogs herd cats. and you're a dog person. it's Angela. don't do that. By your old sweetheart.. Booth: Dogs. gone from this world. Booth: You know. but. Angela: We could both get fired. Bones leans over and taps Booth's shoulder) Bones: Excuse me? I'm curious. Booth: You're human remains. you just... Bones: I feel I should alert you. When you.. Bones: You know. (to Bones) Wildly out of line. Booth: Yeah.

(he gets up and leaves. Booth: See. Cam: But you put my people on the stand as expert witnesses and that's a sure thing. Booth: (hands her a bouquet) Just for once. outside) Bones: Do that lying thing! Booth: Could you be more specific? Bones: Tell him. The Boy in the Shroud [2. Booth: Ooh. That's the reason you didn't get Cam's job. Booth: Well. Bones: The part of you with a big gambling problem must love this idea. Bones.2] Booth: It's amazing Bones. great idea. Bones: Booth. Good people don't even know how. That tells me who you are. you buried your mother as Christine Brennan.. except for the "only Lynch could say it" part. grieves her loss. Bones said you probably found him dead. and he came here to talk to her. blah. Booth: Right there. so it doesn't count. Cam: The last place I worked we had a drunk sketch artist. With her dolphin belt buckle that reminded her of you because you both loved dolphins. Zack: Yeah.. Brennan: Does she think I'm new at this? Cam: All I hear is blah. Kay? See how it feels. Bones. Bones: Tell him Lynch said something that only Lynch could say. Bones: That NC-lots of A's. Mmmhmm. the woman that you knew as your mother. but Lynch deserves to be in a coma. Booth: People can be more than one thing. Ruth Keenan. blah. Bones: That does not make him a good man. national championship ring? Turco: And . Booth: It's not that kind of evidence. did I murder the junkie? Booth: No. Bones: Never understood the idea of bringing flowers. Bones: My father was here. Bones. Angela: He killed three people. you father buried your mother in a pair of new shoes in a cemetery. and not by her real name. Booth: Turco knows the lying thing. It's evidence of something else. The Mother and Child in the Bay [2. do what people do. Booth: Because he loves your mother. Angela and Hodgins: Not Zack. (he takes the dolphin out of the evidence bag) Bones: You're tainting evidence.Bones: Good people don't have other people murdered. you can really be snotty sometimes. Hodgins: And put one in a coma.wait. Lynch woke up and gave a statement incriminating him.3] . Something that can't be tainted.

The Truth in the Lye [2. I might as well have walked in on you having sex.Booth: Holy mother of God. I have a process! Brennan: How can I take care of a pig. It's an anthropological inevitability. mid-week. Brennan: Where's the siren on this thing? Zach Addy: Perhaps the point isn't that German is a different language. you lose us all. Hodgins: Tension. Don't doubt it for a second. Angela: This is my bo-ho rocker. Hodgins: These crossed hammers prove that Epps is working for the top level of the illuminati. Brennan: I hurt you a little bit. Humans act upon a hierarchy of needs.4] Brennan: I always wanted a pig. Booth: Oh you didn't and we weren't. artist. Booth: I'm with Bones. Zach Addy: I'm not used to bodies looking so much like actual human beings.5] Brennan: And if you’re not helpless then why did you sleep with her? Booth: Oh I really don’t recall saying that I did! Brennan: Well you didn’t have to. I could hear it in your voice. but that's only because you ran. Cam. Hodgins: I can't just guess. Booth: you have kids and then we'll talk. I can't even take care of plants. All the way. Brennan: It's nothing to be ashamed of Booth. but that it's actually a different language. . Bones: thats alot to ask for a little conversation. Hodgins: My uncle Preston wants to be buried standing up without a casket. take-a-deep-breath-and-pout look. and sex is very highly ranked. The Blonde in the Game [2. Booth: The squints would flee the Jeffersonian like the French army. Angela: If you lose Brennan. party of 2.

.Booth: Thank you Bones. Brennan: Shouldn't we do something? Booth: You kidding? Hodgins being abducted by men in black? It's a dream come true.. Cops do it all the time. you're structured. it's just. now suddenly there's a line? Cam: There's a loop. Booth: You know... it's not rational. Brennan: As are you. you know.I'm the big.6] Cam: It's a bluff. Brennan: It's hard to believe when you see women trying to disguise or change themselves... it's. Hodgins: What if I called you a scrawny twit who couldn't hold a conversation with a 10-year-old? Zach: I don't have much in common with a 10-year-old... Zach: I miss my first microscope. Booth: So you think if we frame Antonio.. very well.. The Girl with the Curl [2. Those were good times. Cam: What mother wouldn't? Booth: Bones? Brennan: No. Booth: You know. The Girl in Suite 2103 [2. Brennan: That girl in pink could really dance but then again Nero could really play the fiddle. um. Brennan: This is what happened when Rome fell.. I mean. it's emotional. Brennan: I don't understand. Anytime.8] Hodgins: You've never fought? Never thrown a punch? Zach: Never saw the logic of it. Cam: He did what? Booth: Oh what. some place deep inside people really know what's important. of course. you know..curvy part. its anger! Zach: I don't get angry. Brennan: Why? Booth: Well. and although I don't know what a twit is. Judge Ramos will confess to save her own son.. people. Booth: Well. I like to think that. you know someone who looks like you wouldn't. you wouldn't. Booth: What? People ate stale donuts? Brennan: Objectification of women. I really appreciate you boiling me down to your anthropological inevitabilities Brennan: Sure. Booth: Or having Hodgins call the FAA with a fake terrorism tip... Beauty as self-esteem.just because of the way you look.. I never understood that. What way do I look? Booth: Well. No! Cam: It's no different than lying to a criminal to get a confession.. some of those kids actually had a good time. . I think.. The Woman in the Sand [2. Hodgins: It's not about logic.7] Hodgins: What is she. Booth: I miss normal people. Bones. and I'm in it! Not only am I in it. a midget stripper? Brennan: I miss organic chemistry class.

but I'm still gonna help you. You know you like that. Thanks. Booth: You know. Booth: Eh. Brennan: Aluminum? Hodgins: The Brits say Al-yu-mini-um. I am thin and do lack muscular definition. well. if you want to stop what we're doing. Hodgins: You got pissed! Zach: No. I don't know. dislike me as much as you want. [Booth nods in reluctant agreement] Hodgins: If you haven't figured out the stun gun. Booth: Yeah. two cell phones with no batteries. my mini kit. [Zach punches Jack in his face] Hodgins: [smiles] Dude! Zach: It's not what you think. make some sacrifices and are delivered or you don't and you end up in hell. Either you do as He says. Brennan: Has it occurred to you that God is a lot like the Grave Digger? Booth: [absently] What? What?! Brennan: He lays down the rules. striking you merely seemed to be the most practical way to get you to be quiet and focus on work . then I am this week's King of the Lab. right? Booth: Yes. but it sounds. 'cause I really don't want to get struck by lightning. then it's almost as though He doesn't care how it works out. Angela: You compete to be King of the Lab? [Hodgins notices her for the first time and becomes embarrassed] Hodgins: [scoffs] No. Booth: Talking and singing and talking and dancing and more singing? You know. Bones. Cam: They'll fire you. And my dissertation will be finished by the end of the month. towels. One less reason to wear a suit. Hodgins: Nice punch though. they won't work. Zach: Thank you. just say so. I'd really appreciate if you didn't say things like that. Grave Digger operates outside statistics. Aliens in a Spaceship [2. Cam: We'll go to a musical. you're a Vulcan and a dull Vulcan at that. that's cool. Hodgins: Aluminum. [he crosses himself] Booth: It was a mistake. Cam: You can fantasize about pulling out your gun and shooting everyone on stage. 'cause I found something huge. because God doesn't make mistakes. ibuprofen. Brennan: We have water.9] Vega: You know what. Putting testicles on the outside didn't seem like such a great idea.objectively. The Grave Digger is not God.but I didn't realize how much it would hurt. [Vega and Janine get up and leave] Brennan: You were kind of mean to them. a . no way to question Him or negotiate. FBI standard ops. Hodgins: Dude. Angela: Mmm. because I want this bastard caught. British. Angela: You're going to pay the ransom.

you are. Angela. if I close my eyes. pumped me full of antibiotics. essentially. I'm. uh. like me. running out of air. Jack: Yeah? Angela: Yeah. I'll be there. of course not.. I would have done it just before we set off the explosion.. where we were like two guys. then maybe I could. Then you should come home with me. (Booth looks at her) Yeah. Okay? I promise you.. You were pumped full of drugs. Booth: Look.. So. See. [Sitting together in a church pew] Brennan: If I were going to pray. Angela: Could you please look at me? You were buried alive. or is it just me? Zach: My palms perspired profusely during that film. camera with a backup battery. Angela: I came to visit you at the hospital. a woman. Cause essentially. a handful of pens. I'm gonna be back in that car. which I had to pay for.. You really should be lying down. a guy.. Angela: I thought they gave you something for that.. I mean. Angela: We're gonna catch him.. We're gonna start tomorrow. we can read to each other if we get bored.. if there was a God. plus the bit of bumper sticker that Brennan found in my leg. Hodgins: [smiling good-naturedly] Well. Booth: And you didn't? Brennan: No. Angela: Okay... I don't know why I didn't tell you about Cam. they let me go home.. so it's a win-win. Hodgins: And if we're buried more than four feet deep? Brennan: Then the concussion will turn our brains to jelly. and.. I'm good to go. If I can figure out the exact alloy of aluminum. you're a guy. maybe we could. [pause] Jack: You know I'm good for that crutch money. and I'm a man. I guess. I'm not. No. Angela: No they didn't... I have to catch him.. but not really. He buries people alive.. You left without being discharged. I . Jack: I can't sleep. together all the time... Hodgins: Hey.10] Hodgins: Anyone else feeling tingly. which there isn't Booth: Shhh! Do you see where we are?! The Headless Witch in the Woods [2.. Brennan: Did I mention Cam? Booth: I just didn't want it to get weird. Jack: What? Angela: When you open your eyes. Booth.. alright? You're a woman. Brennan: [smiles as she holds up a book] And a copy of my novel. buried. Brennan: That would mean that to me. you know. Brennan: Weird? Booth: We're partners. then we can run for Congress. Brennan: No.. Angela. Hodgins: That one's a laser pointer. Brennan: You're very touchy lately.. I never had a relationship like this. Jack: He's out there. when I open them. I'm afraid that. You were operated on without an anesthetic. All of us together... Jack: They packed me. Bones. you know.. except you're not. Dished me up and gave me painkillers. I brought you this.. You stole crutches. Should I feel odd about wanting to hang out with Will? Booth: No. [Holds up a toy teddy bear] Jack: They. Jack: No.

" and he hung up. happy and safe] Judas on a Pole [2. We've got a body. isn't it? Hodgins: Oh man.can see that. last step before he gets his Doctorate. [they embrace tightly.. Zach! How's it going? Zach: So far. Bones: It's a long drive. Bones: I spend half my time with a sniper-trained FBI Agent. (to committee) I'm sorry. what we love. "you and your sister are in danger. if you don't mind. He makes.. maybe he's trying to scare us off. he ain't gonna be nervous. then turns to him] Bones: Booth. Let me show ya.. Booth. more money than I. he touches her on the shoulder to turn her around. no offense. (He pulls her up out of her chair) Bones: Wha. Booth: Shocker.. Let's go. come on. He's very dead. Bones. not people. no. he left public service. Booth: You know what. You can start fresh tomorrow and I've got (she holds out her keys) cold beer in the fridge. Ten times better. don't drink the Moroccan beer. Booth: Come on. what? Why do I always feel like you're abducting me? Bones: His place is much better than yours. Booth: Let me show ya. Booth: What was with Zach back there? Bones: Defending his dissertation.. [smiles at her and she smiles back] Bones: It's a good thing I like being alone. she hesitates. Booth: Come on. Bones: I'm afraid my best isn't good enough. Went up like a Roman candle . (she laughs at her own joke) Cam: This is going to turn out to be some freaky. weird ritualistic thing. hey. Booth: Well. no. Take it. Bones? You're not alone. you know. ya know. it tastes like earwax. no. Okay? [Brennan has turned her back to Booth. (he pulls her up out of the chair) Bones: What? I'm in the middle of something. real life murder and mutilation versus academic clap trap. We do the best we can. Booth: No. Booth: (enters) No. Brennan: I'm merely trying to follow your reasoning. you had no trouble seeing through me. don't I? Booth: Well. Booth: Six months without a break in the case. [Booth has arrested Will. Booth: (sees Bones trying to open a locked door with a credit card) What are ya doin'? Bones: I've been practicing some of the black ops stuff you taught me.11] (Zach is defending his thesis in front of Bones and other board members when Booth walks in.. he joins Brennan in her office] Bones: I sure know how to pick 'em. . they don't like me. Booth: Is he gonna make it? Bones: No. you know. I can read bones. let's go. Booth: I told you. Booth: Oh. our perceptions are always colored by what we hope. Bones: Every FBI Agent in the country is looking for my father. Booth smiles thoughtfully and Brennan looks relieved. what we fear. I feel safe.) Booth: Hey. Russ: He said. no contest. uh... I hope so... I think these are what's left of his intestines. Booth: You're my partner. I'd prefer not to be a woman. ok? It's a guy hug.

I got my own gun. Bones looks annoyed) Bones: Dr.. What makes you think you're allowed? Russ: I love you. lead..Father Coulter tries to close the door on Booth. Ya know what? I am. why did they have to take the company car? Zach: I assume the only way Booth can get his car back. removed from the body. when an older male lays an open hand on a younger male. Bones. (they all follow her in . Bones: Come to my office. Booth: You know what hurts the most? They took the car. Booth: Ya know. Russ. Bones: Can they do that? Just kick you out without any warning? Booth: Well. it's just . Grayson is elderly and arthritic. Cam: Guys. This is a conspiracy. My boss' boss' boss. who else knows about this? Hodgins: Us and you. it conveys doubt. Booth: (takes the credit card) Let me show you how it's done. Bones: Is that part of Dad's message? Father Coulter: That's a personal observation. would be to solve the case on his own and . But if he bumps younger male with a closed fist. Grayson touched me with an open hand on the shoulder.Bones: You know. Bones: You must be annoyed. then stops abruptly) You serious? Russ: Who's that? Booth: Deputy Director Kirby. (pats Bones' shoulder with open hand 3 times) Zach: Not like this. Grayson went like this. that's it. Booth: Okay. Booth: Then don't go home. okay? (he kicks the door open) Bones: I wouldn't let anyone else call you a loser. Hodgins: (laughs. it conveys approval...with the guns . Booth: Let's keep it that way.. Apparently in our culture. I'll take a stand-up crook over a crooked cop any day of the week. my dad's a career criminal. Bones: You mean inappropriately? Zach: I read a book on body language. Got no wheels. might as well let him listen. but Hodgins found some very small fragments Hodgins: Copper.) Russ: She's just gonna tell Agent Booth anyway.. the two guys standing behind me . (hits Bones' shoulder with a fist 3 times) Zach: Like this. What we're dealing with here is that Booth won't be working with us anymore. Hodgins: I've seen this movie. Perhaps he simply needed help getting to his feet like this..seemed to think so.. (pats Bones' shoulder with open hand 3 times) Zach: Not like this. of course. Bones: And didn't tell you? Booth: They're part of the conspiracy. (pushes down on Zach's shoulder 3 times) Father Coulter: It's private message.. Booth: (to himself) Well. Father Coulter: Your father loves you.. Zach: The bullets themselves. doesn't mean it's the truth.god. Dr. polymer. Just because he says Russ is in danger. (hits Bones' shoulder with a fist 3 times. Booth: Yeah. baby. I get killed on the way home. too. Zach: Dr.

you cuff 'em. Booth: Nah. he's your squints. . (Booth enters the office) Booth: Where the hell did you get that? Brennan: The mall. you have to pick one. I can't let you guys do that. Addy. Bones: Both! Bones: I wish you wouldn't keep letting me hug you when I get scared. Bones: Anyone that wants to help Booth. Angela: Lunch is on me. Do me a favor and pat Zach on the shoulder with an open hand. we are all of us. your squints. Woah. That'sBooth: (he puts his finger under her chin. (takes out huge gun from her purse) Angela: Oh my God! That thing is huge. alright? New division of labor: I shoot 'em. Remember that. Booth: Caroline. You want equipment. you hang onto 'em.that we'd help. Hodgins: Truth hurts. no. Booth: No.. (Angela chuckles reading the subtext) Booth: Excuse me. No. You got me. Booth: Well. Booth smiles. Booth: Why are you mad at me? Bones: (sighs) I need a gun. Learn from it and grow. followed by everyone else. dude. you know. Booth: Would that be the one world where you're mad at me for trying to catch your father or the other world where you actually want him caught? Bones: Neither. There's more than one kind of family. not my squints. you don't. Not when it's open season on Brennans. Booth: Hey. It's how you use it. It's pretty big. I'm just. I said. here (he holds up handcuffs and puts them on the table) have these. she can't be going places without me. Anywhere you wanna go. that's like movie huge. Zach: I like the diner! Bones: You know. Booth. Bones.. Max: (to Booth about Bones) You take care of her. Angela: Anywhere. Booth: No. hey.) Cam: (to Zach) Jurors have to take you seriously. I get scared and I'll hug you. Max: I'm sorry.. it's not the size that matters. I'm just one of those people who doesn't get to be in a family. raise their hands. I gotta find Bones. Bones: No. and frankly. you look like a weekend fill-in at a college radio station. no. We'll call it even. Zach: The diner. keep her from gettin' killed. lifting her head) Listen. wow. Booth: What? Why? Does that mean something? The Man in the Cell [2. Bones: Either! Booth: Oh. right? Bigger than the one you have. Dr. mmhmm. If you find somebody that you can trust.. Booth: Oh. Listen to me.12] (Angela and Brennan in her office talking about Epps) Angela: How do you deal with the fear? Brennan: I have this. Booth: (incredulously) The mall? Brennan: Yeah. (she does. I'm your gun.

You try and stop me again. Hodgins: That's right.Thanks. Brennan: That was not good. (Impatiently) Zack. and I should be with Angela.. Angela: (about the newspaper article. [to Brennan] Okay! We're all set. Yeah. I think size is pretty important. Hodgins: Yeah? Angela: (nods) Short men have better leverage... Hodgins: It had to be a gas. Angela: Right.. are you sure it was a powder? Zack: (Insistently) Yes. Hodgins: (His face suddenly lights up) I'm not angry with you anymore! The Girl in the Gator [2.. bigger is always better. Flight number? . This does seem like a private conversation. Zack: .. Booth: The point is that you shouldn't have a gun in the first place. Zack: Did you search electro statically? Hodgins: Yes. Hodgins: I can't find any traces of powder on Cam's clothing. Zack: What about the glass parts still left in the head. Booth: Nah. it was an ice cream truck. and because there are no particles. better be worth dying for. I'll shoot both of you! (Booth walks out as Zack begins his search) Zack: Uuughh.are we having an argument? Hodgins: Of course Zack: Why? Hodgins: Because Cam's dying.13] Booth: I can't hear a thing! Ice Cream Man: The kids love the music! Brennan: Well. to Hodgins) Did you really call me the heart of the operation? Hodgins: Yeah. it had to be a gas. Hodgins: (Yells) Booth! (to Zack) Whatever you got. Angela:If you do have one. Angela: Hey. .. I think you're just the right height. I don't see any kids. Zack: I'm feeling uncomfortable. Booth: You're not helping.. Angela: "Step away please?" Just because you have your doctorate now doesn't mean I won't use you as a swizzle stick.Brennan: Well.on the clothing.. Zack called you short. that's before you called me short. Hodgins: What? Zack: I really need him to come back.. I can't hear anything because of this insane music! [fires two shots into Ice Cream Clown] Ice Cream Man: YOU SHOT MY CLOWN! Booth: [into phone] Okay. Zack: If it were a gas I'd be in the hospital with Cam. Ice Cream Man: The music attracts them! Booth: Look. Booth: (to Hodgins and Zack) I am walking out of here. Hodgins: No particles on her clothing. Zack: It wasn't.

Doc.14] Dr. entrepreneur? Brennan: Pimp. aren't you? I mean. sex books. Wyatt: Why do you answer the phone knowing it'll make me walk away? Hodgins: I clicked on a pop-up and got caught in a pornado. sometimes I think he had the right idea. Booth: Okay. Wyatt: But shooting a clown is not a quiet rebellion. Wyatt: You have a good reason for firing on it? Booth: Yeah. he jumped over that balcony because of her. [chuckles] Y'know. the music was bothering me. you walk away? Dr. fine. The Man in the Mansion [2. great. Dr. Cam: Feminist trash. Hodgins: So. for kicks you read.. Booth: Well. You know how it is.15] Angela: Testosterone spill on Aisle 4. did it? Girl: We met so many guys. Wyatt: Why don't we talk about the case you're working on at the moment? Booth: Why? Dr. you have to spend all day with her? Sully: Yeah. Booth: Hey. You should try it sometime. Wyatt: Interesting that the first word you used to describe him is "rich". gets brutally murdered after confiscating a couple pounds of heroin from one of his kids. you follow a very ancient tradition. Monte: Okay. Wyatt: Well. Wyatt: Ah. Brennan: Keep your eyes open for a metal screw threaded thingy. discovers freedom and fulfillment with an artist who knows how to cry and make love like an animal.Wyatt: You are fit for physical labor. Hodgins: So. The Bodies in the Book [2. Booth: Ah. anthropologically speaking. Brennan: You know. Monte: Man.. works with at-risk youth. I might be able to help. Dr. The first description was dead. Woman finds her power.. I am trained as a forensic psychologist. second. why is it that every time I answer the phone. Dr. an actual woman. I have a dead rich guy. the clown didn't return fire.Dr. leaves her oppressive husband. Sully: I'm guessing she doesn't. .. quite literally. Shooting a clown is. deafening. Dr. You know.

that's concrete. The Priest in the Churchyard [2. Wyatt) Dr. or do we need to serve a warrant on God? Booth: (Grabs the chalice) Brennan: (Trying to get Angela examined by Dr. . yeah.. Wyatt: [stammering] Well. you're handicapped. and I need creative ways Brennan: [interjecting] We do everything together. Bones. You don't have to contend with you. Dr.16] Zack: Positive ID on both sets of remains. Angela: (Looking at both skeletons and their pictures) Wow. Wyatt.17] Booth: Don't knock therapy. Well. Brennan: What exactly do you have to contend with on the job that I don't? Booth: You.Cam: Pretty much. because they're skeletons. Zack. The Killer in the Concrete [2. it's really too bad they never actually met.. Zach: (To Father Donlan) I'm Dr. William Chang and Li-Ling Fan. ok? Dr. (turns to Zack) we should find out who poisoned the victim and arrest him for murder. we need you to do it with her. Cement is an ingredient in concrete. Angela: She was ill and he was ill. that's a real important distinction to make at this juncture. you do that. Zack: Probably the bouncing. Hodgins: Shot. Cam: Because they're deceased? Angela: Yeah. It's a genuine handicap.18] Cop: And when we dug up the cement Brennan: No. Are you one of those priests who smack schoolchildren with rulers? Father Donlan: [icily] That's not allowed anymore. Wyatt has helped me realize there are certain pressures that build up on the job. my heart belongs to another. Angela: (talking about the two skeletons) I am going to draw them a wedding picture. they kind of go together. Cam: Okay. flying mail-order husband.I could but unfortunately. Addy. Seeley Booth: . stabbed. but lived to see another day? Rapstar. Cam: (To Zack) The mortician's lawyer advised him to clam up. the Changs now say that the twenty-five thousand dollars was used to pay off a family debt. (Turns to Angela) Does that count as whimsy? Angela: Well.of dealing with them. Booth: Yeah. they are exactly the same level of hotness. Cam: (regarding the crabs that had eaten away most of the victim's face) Opportunistic little bastards. but more than that. The Boneless Bride in the River [2. Someone really needs to throw a telethon for you. Angela: Ever think that their spirits actually did meet. and they're working to get their bones together here. in the physical plane? Cam: You mean like we're "possessed" into doing their bidding? Angela: (sighs) You know what you people lack? Whimsy. Brennan: (To Lorraine) Do we take this. Cam: Which is zero.

. Cam: Even if they want to pass unnoticed amongst us? Booth: Before taking us over? Hodgins: Oh.. Brennan: Concretehead." Zack: I'd put him at a hundred and thirty. Aliens don't wear loafers. You know. I'll show you mine if you show me yours..Hodgins: Waffle-soled shoes and a track suit. I want to say "anomalous. Player Under Pressure [2. Can I see some ID please? Booth: Well. Hodgins: Pluto's no longer a planet. Booth: Hundred and thirty what? Bones: Years. Nina: Excuse me. cementhead. Cam: Why did I ask? Bones: I bet if you told the agency you were going to identify Colonel Howard to the press. "equivalent to a general" Sanborn? Booth: The telescope is pointed up at the planet Pluto. excuse me. . Cam: You know who wears track suits? Zach: Athletes? Cam: No. people. Cam: Why do you know that? Zack: My knowledge is vast. Cam: Old? Bones: There's an alternate explanation.19] This ep did not go to air as it involved murder on a university campus shortly after the Virgina Tech shootings. Cam: Then that's the one we should go with. I have been a wonderful influence on you. what do you think? Dead? Booth: So we're gonna go with the theory that this was once human? Bones: I've never read about an alien encounter in which the aliens wore loafers. (she's unresponsive) Right. sure. this is harassment.20] (Booth and Bones looking at splattered body parts) Booth: Mmm. It was demoted.. Booth: How much do you wanna bet Hodgins has? Hodgins: This guy is wearing loafers. Here you go." but I'm going to go with "weird. So. Booth: Yeah. Bones: This is. It has a nicer ring. Zack: I can run through the math if you'd like. yeah. they'd be a little more cooperative. Oh. Booth: Send me an email. Booth: Hey. Angela: I can't fight or shoot a gun but I can spit with great accuracy. you mean? Booth: No. Booth: Angela did a facial reconstruction of this cementhead. Spaceman in a Crater [2. huge tubs of lard or retired people.

I ran a check on STC. The one time I did it. Maybe everybody. Hodgins: If they existed. Those can cut through any known substance. Hodgins: How about a light saber? Zack: No. Cam: Don't say that to Booth.. Booth: You asked Angela to marry you? Hodgins: Apparently I didn't do it right.. Did you go out and have drink and exchange confidence? Bones: Yes. Brennan: What's that? Booth: They wear tin little hats. Well. probably to keep aliens from controlling their minds. right? With the dinner and the gettin' down on one knee. doesn't it? Bones: Because the picture's so big? Booth: No. We were waiting for the stick to turn blue or not to turn blue and I realized I wanted to marry her if the stick was blue or not. Bones: It was truly amazing. Hodgins: Did you do it by the book? Booth: Mm-hmm. the violin. Zack. because the universe is so big.Hodgins: Can I ask you a question? Booth: Yeah. Bones: Did you ever get drunk together? James: What? Booth: What my partner is trying to ask. . Zack: Why? Cam: Because he doesn't believe in coincidences. Booth: Do it again! Booth: Go all out this time. if you only knew how irony-packed that is. a woman? Booth: Oh! Hodgins: I mean.. The victim would've been completely dismembered. right? Booth: Yeah. that's what I asked. Bones: Somebody's lying to us. Booth: You had a little bit too much fun.forget the violin. . Hodgins: What's the deal on proposing to. Cam: Why not just have the visitors toss him into the sun? Hodgins: That is a good question. Hodgins: So it's a combination of human and alien technology. Booth: Makes you feel small. Bones. Hodgins: Oh. schizophrenics? Zack: These bones are as human as you are.. what is the absolute proper way to do it? Booth: I don't know. Cam: The foil hat squad funds this guy? Booth is gonna love that. I got shot down flat. Don't you be coming around to boil me in the middle of the night. is if you two were buddies. It's a joke. you know. Brennan: Oh. Cam: No it's not. no. okay? Booth: Hey. They're part of the 'Tinfoil Hat Squad'.

Hodgins: No more. Hodgins: What? Angela: Are you breaking up with me? Hodgins: Why would I get you all dressed up for dinner just to break up? Hodgins: You know. Angela: Mm-hmm. Why wasn't Abby killed too? Cam: (inspecting the murder scene) Funny. unidentified particulates. Hodgins: Whoa. Booth: Try not to mention that to Angela. Booth: Did you eat yet? Bones: I said I'd wait. Bones: See. Please. but I haven't found a written confession yet. Angela: I'm sorry. Hey. My life is so much better since weAngela: Oh my god. I'm done. you are the most amazing woman I have ever met. And you. Angela. Booth: And I can't tell the difference between coral and bone. I fell in love with a free spirit. Zack: You cannot see smell. I had this all laid out in my head.21] Hodgins: It's not like we get a human light bulb in here everyday. The two sweetest words I know. Hodgins: I am madly in love with you. Bones: "Plane" sight. wait a minute. Zack: The blade was moving at a velocity of approximately a hundred and sixteen meters per second. Booth: Okay squint squad. Go ahead. The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House [2. hey. then I'm. I'm just gonna have to deal with it. Hodgins: You are an upsetting woman. Brennan: I'd back down if I were you. he shot a clown once. . Booth: You're done with Angela? Hodgins: (definitively) No. Cam: What is it? Hodgins: Ah ha. Bones: I guess right now it looks to me like marriage is having someone who will slap your enemies and then toss their dead bodies out of airplanes. so I guess we make a great pair.Booth: You know what else I can tell just by looking at you? You smell great. Booth: What's that in American? Booth: Because the warrant includes anything that is in plain sight. Hodgins: I don't understand. Booth: Talk to me squints. and if getting married makes her feel trapped or something. why does she look like a human glow stick? Hodgins: I am not a party trick! Cam: Re-hydrates dried tissues and stops static cling. Get it? It's a pun. as close to English as possible. I can't tell that stuff. Hodgins is gonna propose to Angela tonight. Cam: I don't even want to think about your pillow talk with Angela. speaking of marriage. But.

And I don't want to drive her away like you did with Rebecca. would it. [to Hodgins] Well if there's no bachelor party what do you want me to do? Hodgins: Stand there. . man. he answers) Booth. I did not drive Rebecca away. when you say it like that. Hodgins: You put on that macho front. (his phone rings. Booth. Brennan: I'm the maid of honor. hand over the ring. but inside you understand! Booth: I don't understand. but you seem to have gone way past that.Booth: Right.. We both agreed that it wasn't right. it'sHodgins: But if it had been right. (Hodgins lets go) It's so much easier just to fight and shoot guns. you don't want to get married anymore. Are you joking? Booth: [on the phone with Hodgins] You know you didn't give me much time to put a bachelor party together. So. Hodgins: No bachelor party. Booth: Great.22] Brennan: "I would like to marry you. Brennan: Is that Hodgins? Booth: Yeah he wants me to be his best man." Booth: Kind of sudden. That's what Angela [Booth starts to laugh] told Hodgins. not secure enough to admit that.. excellent okay who's the maid of honor? Hodgins: No idea but most of Angela's friends are really hot. Hodgins: But Angela doesn't. tongue kiss the maid of honor at the reception when people clink glasses. make a toast. I'm on my way. Yeah. Bones. this whole ceramic stuff is making more sense to me.. she's awake. we're going! Stargazer in a Puddle [2. Booth: Whoa. Most guys. because you'd have a life together. Why? Billy Gibbons: Always play it in the key of G Demolished.don't know what that means. Booth: You know. you know. Booth: All right. I need you to figure out what that stuff is. Hodgins: After you asked and she said no. Booth: Nice. Let me think about that Brennan: No. Hodgins: Means a lot. then why not get married. Hodgins: Because then we wouldn't be able to be together. see. it wouldn't matter if you were married or not. knowing that you get it. this is all becoming so clear now! Booth: (laughs) Not really. Bones. Booth: Well. Booth: I have a headache. I'm just trying to catch a murderer. Hodgins: Sure I do. Okay. Hodgins: That which the mind can't grasp.. Abby just (Hodgins hugs Booth) woke up. Hodgins: I.

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