Chapter One

Hello. My name is Imogen Tanner, im 14 years old and i go to prestvielt secondary school in england. I've never really fitted in, i guess you could say. But then again i guess i've never really tried. Maybe if i had of, things would be a lot diffrent. But you cant change what has already been done. Just have to move on and hope things get better. And that is exactly what im doing. Hoping things get better, and hopefully they will... I sat in my room looking out at the sparkily sky and the moon. That big orb in the night sky just staring at me. It too was alone in a world too big to be alone. The same as i was. I was lost in my own imagination thinking why i was alone when there was plenty of people around to keep me company. Yet none of those

people chose to have me as company. But then again most of the people at my school were just snoby bitches that i would never choose to be friends with even if i had no other choice. I'd rather be alone then suffer in silence. I awoke the next morning to the call of my mother. "Imogen, sweetie time to get up. And please try to make it the whole day without running away from those bullies at school okay ? " I sighed. But perked up a little bit because i didnt want to let my mum know that they were actually getting to me. " yes mum i will try but no promises" She smirked and walked off. The smell of burnt toast was fresh in my nostrals. At least she had tried but my brother was having none of it. "mum! i told you im not eating your crappy burnt toast now get out of my face!"

Mum tutted and walked out of the room. Jack looked at me and said "what? its disgusting and im pretty sure you dont want to eat it either ?" I smiled and rubbed his head "just eat some. For moms sake 'kay?" "fine but your eating it tomorrow" "deal" And with that i left for school. I didnt realise it had been snowing until one single snow drop landed on my nose. I never really cared much for the snow. Even when i was a kid, when everybody else was out having fun with snowball fights and making snowmen i was inside wishing i was having as much fun as they were. But whenever i tried to join in they just pelted me with snow and told me to go away. Pretty much where my unpopluarness started. I arrived at the school gates five minutes before the bell went and rushed to my form room before anybody else. But for

some reason it was already full. then before i knew it a voice called "hey Dorkigon your late" It was Dan Bees. He was one of the 'popular' kids and really got a kick out of picking on me. I just ignored him and took my assigned seat. The rest of the day went by pretty fast. and before i knew it, it was lunch time. I sat at my usual table on my own when i saw shadows approaching me. I looked up and i saw Dan Bees, Mark Logen and Vicky clyro. They were the ones i despiced more then anybody else. "hey Dorkigon, gimmie your lunch. Now." ah the usual bully threat. "um hows about no?" They all looked at eachother and laughed and just grabbed it off me. "hey whats the point? just leave me the fuck alone" Before they had a chance to anwser another shadow was approching and my lunch box flew out of Dan Bee's hands and back into mine.

"hey dude what the fuck?" "dude? seriously? get a grip. Picking on a girl isnt going to make you seem any stupider then you already do. So just walk away" And suprisingly they all did without a sound or a mutter. I looked at this mystery boy that helped me. "err thanks, but who are you ?" He looked at me and smiled. "my name is Mac and you just looked like a damsal in distress and thought i'd help. you should come sit with us" and pointed to a table in the shadows in the far end of the dinner hall. I hesitated but gave in and walked over with him to this table of people i'd never seen or noticed before. "guys this is oh i never got your name?" Mac said to me. I smiled shyly. "its Imogen" He smiled back

"what a beautiful name. Well everybody this is Imogen and she's going to be sitting with us if thats okay?" Murmers went around the table when suddenly one girl stood up and walked up to me. Looked me up and down from my converse to my hat. "hey Imogen im Sophie and i'll look after you, cant trust you in Mac's hands" she winked at me Mac scoffed. She led me to the far end of the table where 2 boys were sitting and one other girl. Sophie pused me down into my seat and said "right this is Max" pointed to the boy with Blonde hair blue eyes and a big grin on his face, what was he smirking at. "this is Amie" Pointed at the girl sitting next to max, she was very very pretty, blonde hair also but deep piercing green eyes staring right through me. "and this is Oli" and pointed to the last

person on this side of the table. He looked at me with a stern eye, he also had piercing green eyes. "and yeah Oli and Amie are brother and sister." "twins actually" Amie intergected I smiled. "i always wanted a twin" i admitted Oli pushed the table forward and stormed off. Oh god what had i done? Upset a person i havent even met before? whats wrong with me. Sophie touched my shoulder and said " dont worry he's always like that around new people. Hes not a very trusting person so be careful of him" I laughed nervously. We chatted throughout lunch, just talking about random stuff, i also had Mac keep on staring at me, with so much longing in his eyes it looked painful. I tried not to pay too much attention and just turned back to Sophie. "what lesson do you have next ?" Sophie

asked me, i quickly checked my schedule "i have Modern Technology" Mac smiled. "Mac has that, stick with him and you should be fine" I smiled and then the bell went so i followed Mac to our class, but on our way there we saw Oli, he barged right into me, knocking me to the floor. Mac grabbed him by the shoulder, thrust him against the wall, looked him deep in the eye and said "Apologise. Now" Oli laughed. "you cant use that bullshit on me." Mac flinched. "just stay out of my way next time" Oli said to me and with that he disappeared into the crowd of swarming people. What had he meant, that bullshit? what was mac trying to do? i didnt have time to think about it as Mac grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet. "are you alright?" he asked, clearly

concerned about someone he had only just met. I smiled nervously, we were very close, i could feel his body heat radiating off him. " yeah im fine, we should hurry though or we're gonna be late..." He laughed and we went into the class.

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