days. These memberships are for workers, students, missionaries or anyone living overseas who wants to guarantee air medical [ranspon kat crisis. Is enrolling home in case of a med#

maner. In March of this year, the ICCL released infor. mation decailing the amoum of crime aboard ships over the past three years. The findings included 178 repons of sexual assauh, four robberies and 24 missing persons, as submitted by the 15 participating cruise liners. Con. sidering more than 25 million people boarded cruise ships from North American ports during this time, the numbers still prove that these incidents are rare. Despite the negative news in the wake of such tragic events, the cruise industry seems to be weathering the stonn. "There is more demand for cruises than ever. The ships are full," Crye said. "The industry has grown eight percent for the past 20 years and continues to do so." While the cruising business remains financially healthy and statistics say that it is one of the

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mind or is it a bit paranoid? "It's probably a good idea,
especially if you have a chronic condition," Crye said. Stan Bradley, executive vice president of Air Ambulance Card, agreed. "Cruises today are more far flung," Bradley stated. "People are getting away from the Caribbean/ Mediterranean/South Pacific. As more exotic inter# national travel the risks." Regardless is taking place, people are aware of

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remember that being adventur~ ous is one thing, relying on the local hospital in a third world coumry or uopical island is quite another. WEATHERING THE STORM Last December, the case of George Allen Smith, a newlywed who went missing on a cruise ship, was enough to prompt thc government to step in and hold congressional hearings on the

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safest modes of transportation, the consensus is that you should never let your guard down. "If you have young children, super. vise them. If you don't have con. trol of your faculties, make sure that someone you know and trust is with you," Crye added. Perhaps Garrison summed it up best with "A cruise ship and its crew and passengers arc like a small city, not like your family." .,:-
The Cruise Authority
International Council of Cruise Lines




JULY 2006

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