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Elizabeth An
and Catherine An
Irwin Jazmines

COVER December 2010

06 Crustacean Beverly Hills
Captivates all the Senses!


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Celebrating the Music of
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Pamela and Zoi

Senior Editor’s Note

December 2010
As yet another year comes to an end many find themselves
reflecting on the happenings that took place this past year.
We’re no different here at Hollywood Weekly. We also took a
walk down memory and looked at stories we published that
captured our reader’s eye. With that in mind our December
issue is a compilation of stories taken from various issues
throughout this past year highlighting the Best of Best in

While keeping in mind our philosophy, No Gossip ~ Strictly

Entertainment, we continue to focus on delivering true stories
about those who are in front of the camera to many who
are working behind the scenes of multiple industries related
to entertainment.

We expose those who dream, create and live inspirational

lives. Each story written takes you on a journey through
the lives of extraordinary people. People who are seen on
the red carpet, producing their own films, cooking it up in
the kitchen, establishing their own company or creating a

Some may wonder who are these individuals, where are

they from and how exactly does their work connect them to
the entertainment industry? Quite possibly they are merely
people who believe in creating the life they love to live and
are influencing positive change in Hollywood and beyond! As
you read ahead you will be able to identify this yourself.

In addition to my role as senior editor at Hollywood Weekly I

am founder of INSPYRS, a company based on showcasing the
humanitarian efforts of talented artists and innovators with a
primary focus on “inspyring” others to “Dream It ~ Live It ~
Inspyre It”. And that’s exactly the types of stories we like to
share with our Hollywood Weekly readers.

We hope you enjoy reading our “Best of 2010” issue. We’d

love to hear from you. You can find us on facebook and twit-
ter or visit our website:

Happy Holidays from all of us at Hollywood Weekly!

Peace & Inspyration,
Pamela Spyrs, Senior Editor



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The A-lister hot-spot that defines what

a restaurant experience should entail.

Catherine An & Elizabeth An

Beverly Hills
Captivates all the Senses!
“Crustacean is the Hollywood spot for
Written by: Jenny Werth
friends in the music industry and the
Photo by: Irwin Jazmines
equivalent in the OC is AnQi.”
Toss the An family’s Crustacean is
An Catering was formed; it’s
known as the “star caterer to
restaurant fervor, culinary the stars.” Elizabeth’s baby
inventiveness and pas-
sion for delicious memo-
the Hollywood sister, Catherine An, is man-
aging partner of the catering
ries together and you
end up with Crustacean
spot for friends business and another House of
An restaurant, Tiato. It’s all
Beverly Hills. Few res-
taurant groups have the
in the music kept within the family; even the
secret ingredients in the oh-
impenetrable family bond
that the An family shares.
industry and the so-scrumptious dishes. People
from all over the world consid-
Even fewer boast an 80-
foot, see through ’walk
equivalent in the er Crustacean the ‘go-to’ res-
taurant, and now relish in the
on water’ Koi pond under
your shoes. But, when
OC is AnQi.” opportunity to have their own
events catered with its amazing
it comes to this creative food!
family, nothing is impos-
sible. Crustacean is the flagship restaurant in
the House of An’s award-winning portfolio; but HW: Crustacean is a huge hit in
their other restaurants such as AnQi and Tiato Beverly Hills and the rest of Los
are already winning prestigious awards! CEO of Angeles.... what do you think makes it
Crustacean, Elizabeth An, chats with Hollywood
Weekly about Crustacean’s philosophy for suc-
so unique from other restaurants?
cess, culinary gusto and the exciting things hap- An:. I think the fact that we don’t believe in that whole ‘Hollywood
pening at AnQi! Plus, she shares some of her attitude.’ When a customer comes to the restaurant, they know
they will have a great meal. And Crustacean has an established
mother’s, executive chef Helene An, most cov- atmosphere, it’s not ‘flighty;’ it’s consistent. People know they’re
eted menu items by some of Hollywood’s bright- going to get great, warm hospitality. Celebrities don’t get bom-
barded here, we don’t let paparazzi come into the restaurant
est stars! and bother them. It’s a home away from home. Here the food
is consistent and our staff is always hospitable.
Mind you, the first restaurant in the An fam-
ily was a little deli in San Francisco started
by Elizabeth An’s grandmother in 1971. From HW: Many restaurants are going
there, the empire just continued to flourish. under in this difficult economy... why
Twenty years later in 1991, the
first Crustacean was opened in
San Francisco. And as they say:
the rest is history. Elizabeth An
grew up in the restaurant busi-
ness and soaked in every thing
required to be a triumph. So
really, it’s no surprise she’s had
such great success since open-
ing Crustacean Beverly Hills in
1997. Elizabeth An is a woman
of strong integrity and admi-
rable business sense; she’s as
diverse as Crustacean’s amaz-
ing menu and still finds time to
give back to numerous founda-
tions throughout LA. Recently, The An Family
lamb chops. My mother also has an incred-
ible steamed sea bass dish with ginger scal-
lions and lemongrass.

HW: WHat are some

CeleBrities’ favorite
disHes at CrustaCean?
An: Magic Johnson always comes in for his
garlic noodles…. he came in recently to get
his fix of them. Will Smith loves his crab
puff (an appetizer) and has a double or-
der of it! Leonardo DiCaprio loves his lob-
ster. Catherine Zeta-Jones loves the Mama’s
Dragon Scallop Fried Rice. Jessica Alba has
a private room here that she loves. It’s a
private room for our Hollywood friends.

“80 ft walk-on-water Koi pond HW: HoW Would you

desCriBe your CHain of
does CrustaCean Koi and water lily pond. It’s a classic, old restaurants? is tHere
Continue to tHrive?
world sensibility.
a Common ConCePt or
AN: It’s because we’re a family business so
when things get tough, we slim down and HW: Please disCuss tHe
we put a lot of our own sweat into the res-
taurant to make sure the high caliber and
menu. WHo Came uP
service is still there. Other restaurants that
don’t have the owner interests suffer in a
WitH tHe menu items?
challenging economy. Again, it’s a matter
of consistency. People come to Crustacean
are tHere any ‘family
because they know the food is always con- reCiPes’ on tHe menu? FRIDAY DECEMBER 31
sistent, plus there’s always a family member
on the floor, and the service of the staff Please also inClude WE’RE CELEBRATING ALL DAY & ALL NIGHT!

Live Concert
is always consistent too. We’ve created a
safe haven. any drink sPeCialties with POP-VIOLINIST Josh Vietti

tHat are unique. INDUSTRY FAV Joel Scott with Special Friends

HW: Please disCuss HoW AN: We have a really great bar! We Rick Vanderkleijn RECORDING ARTIST
hired an award wining mixologist and put
you got tHe faBulous and together a fabulous selection of cock-
tails using all natural ingredients. We’re
unique ConCePt of Having a high-end bar but really healthy too. NEW YEAR’S EVE A LA CARTE MENU
11:30AM – 10:00PM
We use only fresh berries, fruit and veg-
a glass floor WitH a vieW etables in our drinks. Our cocktails are SPECIAL DISHES FOR YOU TO CHOOSE FROM

of tHe fisH. WHo did tHe hand muddled and hand pressed. This
is all keeping within the House of An THE GOURMAND’S
interior design of tHe philosophy to ‘eat green, live green and
think green.’ A few popular cocktails are 9:00PM – MIDNIGHT
restaurant? The Beverly and the Lavender Goose-
Berry Mojito. As for the food, Crustacean
is what we call Euro-Vietnamese fine din-
An: I always love to do the impossible. It’s ing. It has a twist of Japanese, Italian
my ‘walk-on-water’ concept. I wanted to and French influences. It’s ‘east-meets-
make it practical and it all came out. I west’ at Crustacean. It’s not Japanese
do all the interior aspects of the restau- or Chinese; it’s Vietnamese with a Euro-
rant myself and then work with an archi- Mediterranean flair. One signature dish
tectural firm. The concept was inspired by that’s a must have is the crab. Be pre-
my grandfather’s family estate in Vietnam. pared to lick your fingers and have a
It makes you feel that you’re eating in the good time! Also be sure to try the
courtyard of our family estate surrounded lobster with garlic noodles. And if you’re
by the bamboo garden while overlooking the not a shell fish lover we have awesome
310.205.8990 HOUSEOFAN.COM

“Crustacean is a celebrity home-away-from-home.”
tHeme BetWeen tHem all?
AN: A. Yes, there is a common thread be-
tween the House of An restaurants. Crustacean
is more traditional while AnQi is more pro-
gressive. AnQi is what we call a ‘California-
Vietnamese’ restaurant. The common thread
is the fact that at each of our restaurants we
always serve the garlic noodles and every-
one loves that! During the holidays in just
one month we did 3000 orders of the garlic
noodles at just Crustacean. Within the House
of An chain you always see the garlic noodles
and a family member in the restaurant! And
with all House of An restaurants there’s al-
ways a little touch of Vietnamese. At Tiato in
Santa Monica, we have our own version of the
eggs benedict and the French toast. It’s called Cathy, Kourtney
Eggs on Bao and Viet toast. There’s always an
Asian sensibility inspiring all our dishes and
Kardashian and
my mother makes sure that she checks every
single recipe.

HW: Please tell me aBout Elizabeth and Dave Stewart Disick
tHe entertainment in tHe of the Eurhythmics at AnQi at Tiato
restaurant. WHat kind of
Elizabeth and
musiC do you Play? Selma Blair
An: We play ‘loungey’ music at Crustacean. at AnQi
There’s a piano bar and lounge and everyday
we have a one to three piece piano band.
HW: Please tell me aBout Party 2010

tHe neW restaurants

House of an oPened!
An: Tiato and AnQi are our new babies, 2011
will be very exciting for House of An. Although
many restaurants were closing down, we
neW year’s eve Parties at CrustaCean and anqi!
opened AnQi in the middle of the recession! This New Year’s Eve there are two fabulous parties to choose from! To
It just turned one! And Tiato was opened this hear the hot pop-violinist Josh Vitti, or recording artist Rick Vanderkleijn, head
July in Santa Monica. AnQi is doing great; on over to Crustacean. He’s going to play three twenty-minute- sets starting
it has a molecular menu and was just voted at 8 p.m. In between there will be a band headed by keyboardist, Joel Scott.
#1 in Southern California by Gayot. Kobe Joel’s played with top musicians such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and
Brian comes in a lot with his wife Vanessa Aretha Franklin. The celebration will include a five-course beautiful dinner by
and Magic Johnson also goes there. And Helene An; a champagne toast, dancing, balloon drop and more. Cost is $140-
all the OC housewives visit AnQi all the time. this includes the meal and concerts. Call 310-205-8990 for reservations.
Taylor Dayne loves it so much she’s singing
there for New Years! Even Ziggie Marley to At AnQi located in the beautiful South Coast Plaza in the OC, there will
Dave Stewart and Robin Thicke has performed be a progressive and hip party! Taylor Dayne is headlining! Plus there will
for us at AnQi. Crustacean is the Hollywood be fantastic theatrical performances and a DJ for dancing! There’s even a
spot for friends in the music industry and the yummy breakfast bar that will be open until 3 a.m. For more information call
equivalent in the OC is AnQi. To continue 714-557-5679.
your Hollywood experience in the OC just go
to AnQi. And don’t miss the fashion show
and dinner at AnQi every other month on
Wednesday evenings! Get reAdy tO CAll in 2011 in Style!

rock With you

Celebrating the music of
the king of Pop latin style
The King Of Pop Latin Style Though Stylist-Bristol begins his It was Seaon’s reputation as “the
sounds simple enough and attractive in account of Rock With You’s origins with best” and in some cases “the only”
concept: a stage show that takes the the sudden death of The King Of Pop, technical “NY On2 Salsa-style” dance
music and moves of Michael Jackson the chain can be traced back to his own instructor that brought the passionate
and re-imagines them with the rhythms beginnings as a child in Guyana. The dancer and the show’s enthusiastic ex-
and flavors of the Latino dance culture, performer may be well traveled and on ecutive producer together. Azevedo,
right? And indeed, the show, which his third passport, but the Caribbean who is also Seaon’s manager and most
runs from December 23rd through and Latin cultures of his youth and vocal supporter says, matter-of-factly
January 2nd at North Hollywood’s his- their artistic traditions are ingrained in when asked what the end goal of this
toric El Portal Theatre, is wildly en- both his conscious mind and his sub- show is, “You’ve GOT to hear him SING!
tertaining and accessible in the most conscious tendencies. Thus when he Seaon has an extraordinarily beautiful,
immediate of ways . . . . but like all moved to New York in his teens to 2 1/2 octave tenor voice with a unique
new productions, getting it to the stage pursue his singing and train in other lyrical quality to it, He’s a natural
has been far more complicated. For performing arts disciplines, it was salsa entertainer and actor, is totally com-
creator, director, choreographer and dancing that kept pulling him in. And fortable on stage, obviously enjoys ev-
lead performer Seaon Stylist-Bristol and while this show incorporates a num- ery minute of what he’s doing, so the
Producer Helen Azevedo, Rock With ber of dance styles, including bacha- audience can’t help but fall in love with
You is the result of years of seem- ta, merengue, reggaeton, Afro-Cuban, him.” Helen Azevedo, a former produc-
ingly unrelated choices and events that jazz and Latin-Jazz, Seaon is still best er, personal manager (Erik Estrada, Viva
placed them on a fortuitously inevitable known and loved around the world as Brazil) and professional dancer in her
track that would land them in the same a salsa dancer, master instructor and own right, lived a separate life where
place at the same critical time for each choreographer, a profession that kept she had been working in the enter-
of them, and for the show. him “traveling every weekend for the tainment industry, in nonprofit manage-
past 15 years. ment and as a university level language
instructor, among other things, until
three years ago when she divorced her
long-time husband and started fresh.
She explains, “the most natural thing
for me to do socially to get back in
“the swing of things” was to go salsa
dancing…But after a few events I real-
ized that two concussions and other
injuries I had suffered in a recent auto
accident had really screwed up my bal-
ance and my footwork.”

Her next task was to find some-

one to help her “retrain” her body to
dance again and especially to turn.
“After many months of searching, all
roads led to Seaon.”

This was just last February . . .

only days after Seaon performed the

which means 2 shows (6pm and
9pm) on Christmas Day and New
Years Day, creating an ideal way to
continue your holiday celebration
with the entire family and expand
Seaon with his mom, his kid brother and the circle to include other friends,
Nikki, Seaon, Hera his grandmother after the SF workshop colleagues and loved ones

And if you think the production

is geared toward a Latin-American
audience, think again! Latin rhythms
are as ubiquitous as Coca Cola to-
day. We expect the audience to be
just as diverse as the music of The
King Of Pop is. “When we did our
Executive workshops, in San Francisco, New
Producer, York, and Germany, we definitely had
Hera and Christina Helen Azevedo Helen Azevedo a wide demographic of nationalities
as well as age groups.” As Helen
explains, putting the show on for the
holidays creates a perfect evening
excursion after “all the presents have
been opened, the monumental din-
ners served and dishes cleaned up
Project Manager, Seaon, post and all the football games watched
Christina Tica, Seaon, show, with his and discussed.”
Asst Choreographer, younger brother,
Erik & Nikki Carina Fourmyle Stefon. The music of Michael Jackson
is powerful in ways that transcend
cultural and physical differences, but
Rock With You: The King Of Pop
first workshop of the show OUTSIDE drew Helen to want to work with Latin Style will showcase a unique
of the salsa community, at the Cowell Seaon. They initially agreed to work interpretation and vision that invites
Theater in San Francisco. This was together as a trade, his instruction yet another culture to “own it” and
also only a few months after Michael for her help promoting the show, further expand and cement the last-
Jackson’s death, an event that but now the relationship has blos- ing Global impact and influence that
Stylist-Bristol says “the Latin commu- somed into a full-on partnership, the famed singer will have. Hopefully,
nity never got a chance to properly and the sky’s the limit in terms of the show that Seaon Stylist Bristol
honor in their own way.” The show what the artist is capable of achiev- and Helen Azevedo have put together
is not a tribute, though, and both ing. Azevedo sees Broadway as an will be as inspiring to the audience
of the principals involved are careful inevitable landing spot for him, either as it has been for them and the rest
to emphasize that they created the in this particular show, or helming of the cast The show is called Rock
event as a stylized celebration of the another dance-musical vehicle. With You. . . and the creators want
music, moves and legacy of Jackson, to do just that. You’ll find yourself
but also a celebration of Latino cul- “As soon as I saw what he was
singing along, dancing in the aisles
ture and the arts. And what better doing, I was knocked out. I loved it
and in your seats. And to cap it off,
time to do this than Christmas???!!! and I wanted to help get it out to the
after every show you can learn a few
mainstream,” It’s so much fun, so joy-
new moves or sharpen your tech-
“I know this will bring some- ous . . . that you can’t help but join
nique as there will be a FREE SALSA
thing different to the holiday season in” she notes about the show, making
in addition to the standard Christmas it clear she is not just an investor or
shows we’re all accustomed to see- someone looking to exploit the situ-
every show!
ing,” he said to me when asked to ation. She has become involved in
explain the choice of Christmas for every aspect of the production and
the short L.A. run, “And we’ll be doing Seaon’s emerging career. She’s in it
some of the songs that Michael did for the long haul and its success will For More Information, Video Clips
as a child with the Jackson Five, in- be hers as well as his. and Online Ticket Purchases, go to:
cluding some Christmas songs.” And
as it is an alternative choice to the In addition, there are a number
usual holiday fare, Rock With You of other artists involved in the show, You can also keep track of show and
is also an alternative to live musi- from the cast to the crew. “It includes cast member activities on Facebook:
cal shows as a genre. Even in Los total of 16 dancers, an eight piece
Angeles, with our enormous Latino Latin-jazz band and the Harmonies RockWithYouTour
population, there are still, unfortu- Girls Choir who will be performing two
medleys and an additional song with For Information About Discounts
nately, a limited number of events
Seaon. The choir will also be the and Ticket Purchases by Phone:
that embrace the Latin community
beneficiary of the show’s Fundraising Call the El Portal Theatre Box Office
as an important constituency of the
mainstream audience, and even fewer Opening Gala on Sunday, January (818) 508-4200
that actually dare to be innovative. 26th after the 7pm show” This family
of performers will bring their sense of
It was this way of thinking, as community to the El Portal Theater
well as improving and reviving her for their nightly shows, including 2
own dancing “chops” that initially shows on Saturdays and Sundays,


It’s a fur thing, and a sure Here kitty, kitty….this fall, a little
thing—this holiday you can’t go wrong leopard makes your look large on
with decking out in faux fur. Gain style. Don’t try to tame this wild 2
some instant style cred when you animal, 2010 is the year to feed your
choose fur-trimmed boots, handbags inner feline. Grab that racy print-
or jackets. We’ve taken note of the ed heel, or cinch that waist with a
way this trend is spreading like wild- touch of cat-like couture---and know then get creative and look to lamé
fire with celebrities--Kim Kardashian you’re not alone. This fall we’ve for new inspiration. Gold-plated blaz-
likes to layer on her blonde faux vest seen Angelina Jolie is wrapping up ers, skirts, handbags and headbands
when traveling, and Olivia Palmero in a stealth leopard trench, Victoria are ruling the runways this winter,
broke out her faux vest early in chilly Beckham’s been carrying her kitty on with glinting new takes on trend-for-
NYC-- a sleek black version she lay- her arm in a chain-strapped handbag, ward pieces.
ered over black skinnys and a dark and Keira Knightly tied on a purr-fect
sweater. Don’t think California is printed scarf. We recently caught Heidi Klum
exempt from this cozy look—as the donning a sequined golden stunner
weather cools here in L.A. we’ll see We spotted some decadent during Milan Fashion Week, and Hilary
even more of this hot look around leopard looks at Ann Taylor at Swank looking ravishing in bustier
town. Westside Pavilion (model is wear- version at the London Film Festival.
ing a-line leopard skirt, Ann Taylor,
Can’t decide which fur is fur you? Westside Pavilion, $118). When we hit the aisles and took
a quick peek inside Love Culture at
While shopping for our favorite Pick a lady-like pencil skirt, the new Santa Monica Place, we fell
faux-fur, we decided to go with a vest pumps or cute cardigan, or step out in love with their collection of gold
from Foreign Exchange in Los Cerritos in a printed sheath, or ballet flats—just tops and accessories. Our faves that
Center that looked that it cost much call a cat a cat, and say that leopard tipped the scales--everything from
more than it’s affordable sticker price is topping your list for winter. sequined tunics to gold and rhine-
of $44. stoned cuff bracelets, all for $20 and
Pick a blend and style that fits under.
your personality—are you wild and #3 THE MUST-HAVE COLOR:
wooly with an edge? Pick a lon- GOLD
ger haired multi-hued vest. Are you #4 THE MUST-HAVE BOOT:
The old adage is being rede-
Jackie O’s refined elegance? Look OVER-THE-KNEE
fined—all that glitters is gold this sea-
for shorter haired single-tone cropped
son. Get your glitz-fix this holiday Over-the-knee boots are so
with this old-school glamour inducing fashion-forward they may make you
metallic. Start with jewelry, yes, but

is your closet stocked with this sea-
son’s on-trend necessities? With so
many stylish trends and looks to choose
from, the task of narrowing down what
to buy and what to pass on by can be

Want to know what will be in our

closet this year? We’ve pared the sea-
son’s trends down to our top five faves
to give you a lust-worthy, and essential,
list to shop from.

question your style identity—“is over-

the-knee for me?” The answer is
yes—the brave, the bashful and some-
where in between--even you can wear
them. So buck up, skivvy into some 3
skinnys and get to shopping, because
these boots aren’t optional. Get right
in a longer riding-boot flat version, or
saddle up to sexy suede stilettos, but
don’t dare to say that model Claudia
If color match
Schiffer, and “Gossip Girl” star Taylor
Momsen, don’t know where it’s at—they
ing makes you
both started the fall wearing boots up cringe, take a trip
to there with boldness. over to M.A.C at
Westside Pavilion
ALDO in Westside Pavilion is our 1 and ask one of
favorite haunt these days for these leg
their color experts
elongating lookers, (model is wearing
knee high leather boots, Aldo, Westside
to choose a true
Pavilion, $130). red for you. This
universally flatter
Aldo carries knee high boots with ing neutral red is
prices ranging from $60 - $250 and easy to fall for—it
when paired with tights and dresses,
looks great on ev ev-
leggings and chunky sweaters, or your
favorite slimming denim, will raise the
ery face. M.A.C’s
roof. color-rich lipsticks
are $14.50 each.


Finally—what’s the accessory that

compliments everything else you’ll buy
this season? Your sassy, bright red LOS CERRITOS CENTER
lips. Pucker up and find the shade 239 Los Cerritos Center
that lights up your complexion, and Cerritos, CA 90703-5422
complements your hair and eye color.
If you have pink undertones to your
skin, pick rowdy raspberry inspired THE OAKS
reds, or blue-based plums. If your skin 350 West Hillcrest Drive
is any shade of olive, choose brazen Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-4216
brown-reds or bubbly poppy hues.

10800 West Pico Blvd., Suite 312
Los Angeles, CA 90064-2187

Today’s con-
temporary artists
are walking on
unmapped land,
where their craft
has been devalued,
their specialties
oversaturated with
talent, and their
audience seemingly
vanishing. For a
woman like Michele
Vreeland, whose
life goal was to
be a working art-
ist, the future can
seem daunting.
“There will
never be another
Vreeland notes
near the end of

our conversation,
which dealt primar-
ily with the strug-
gles of being an

independent artist
and the courage it
takes to attempt
a career in the
By PhIlIP COSORES arts. “There isn’t
any mystery any-
more…and that’s
the taste of the
younger audience,
they don’t want
Indeed it is the in-
formation age and un-
fortunately for Vreeland
and many struggling art-
ists, music is treated like
information; something that people
have a right to rather than a com-
modity that that holds monetary
value. But what is remarkable is not
that she continues plugging along,
it is that she stays positive and
optimistic throughout her artistic
struggles. She notes that she would
“have to deliberately try to stop
making music” in order to get away,
that her creativity is so natural (in
fact, she also is a noted inventor in
addition to a musician) and inherent
to her self that stopping is never
really an option. Her album is called
Never Not Myself, after all.

In her ten years as a record-

ing musician, Vreeland has attracted
fans of all ages, from little girls
to seniors. She notes that” people
in their seventies or eighties have
come up to me and said ‘I haven’t
heard music like that in a long the ease in which free music is ob- Vreeland already has another al-
time,” a complement that must be tained these days, but is quick to bum’s worth of songs that echo the
attributed to her ability to vary her share the blame between artists and style of Never Not Myself, as well
style and genre. She sees the ben- fans. “Artists need to train people as material for a prospective album
efits and detriments this, especially in what they are going to require that would lean towards a younger
when her peers are being tied to of them, if they want to be a fan. and trendier crowd. And if she finds
an “indie” sound that is booming It’s being proven by these websites herself in the same place as she is
commercially. like Facebook that people long for now when those albums run their
“The E.P. that is out right now community and they love connec- course, Vreeland will continue writ-
is really poppy compared to what tion. And it’s always been this way, ing the music she feels, in what-
else is out the for independent mu- but now it’s in front of our eyes.” ever style she is drawn to. Because
sic. But people appreciate it because even though the audience is seeking
This keen observation may be connection by buying a record or
it is in the pop music genre, but it the factor that makes art as market-
is different than the pop songs on seeing a concert, the artist is just
able today as ever, as she contin- as desperate for something real to
the radio, sort of a middle-ground ues, “if as an artist or as a band,
between indie and pop.” happen when they play their own
you can create a sense of commu- handcrafted songs on stage.
And while her sound and nity, then you will find success and
songwriting are attributes, it takes be able to make a living…That’s the And these connections, which
more than just being good to make thing about music, you just cannot Vreeland agrees can come from any
it, especially in the unforgiving town do it by yourself.” date, at any time, are why she will
of Los Angeles, where everyone continually play shows in the L.A.
And though she is a solo art- area, why she is confident that suc-
is out to make it for themselves. ist and produces much of her own
“It’s really all abut the circles that cess can come with these people
work, she did work with a co-pro- behind her and why she wakes up
you create,” she states in regard ducer in Sean Gordon who she says everyday and pursues the living of
“brought a lot to the her dream. No one told her it would
table,” and is open be so hard, but no one told her it
to the possibility of would be so rewarding, either.
working with other
producers and art art-
ists. However, she
qualifies this by add
ing, “it comes down
to finding the right
people, and finding
the right time.”

And right
now, the time is for
Never Not Myself,
an independent al al-
bum that marches
to the beat of it’s
own drum, connect
ing with a variety of
people along its rout.

L.A. Fashion Weekend at Sunset Gower Studios

Mikey Koffman Written By Jenny Werth

launching LA Fashion Weekend at the legendary Sunset

Mikey Koffman is ensuring that Los Gower Studios. And by doing so, she’s ultimately created
a whole new genius of fashion acclaim and recognition in
Los Angeles. But, Mikey, 35, had extensive experience and
Angeles’ talented fashion designers the one thing essential for growing into a success in this
“cutthroat” town: determination.
will continue to be an essential part of “After completing LA fashion week events under
the celebrated fashion week line-ups Smashbox for years, it was important for me to keep the
event going when they left this market,” recalls Mikey.
that light up star-studded catwalks Indeed, Mikey is NOT one to ‘give up.’ So, after
in cosmopolitan cities throughout the Smashbox studios ended the Mercedes Benz LA fashion
week that she had helped establish and produce for many
world. years, she recalls, “at that point I knew I had to keep it
going…. and I felt like the only person who could make
Her incredible fashion influence has quickly diverted it work… (who had) the tenacity and balls to do it was
fashionista’s experienced eyes directly to the West Coast; myself.”
specifically Los Angeles where fashion columnists, their
loyal fashion-savvy apprentices and a fashion-forward audi- Lucky for us, it is simply in her blood to create as-
ence has been taking notice! Hollywood not only gives tounding fashion shows that leave our eyes staring at the
birth to a mind-blowing number of blockbuster movies; but catwalk. “It’s like having a baby,” she says of producing LA
also holds an imperative influence on amazing fashions. fashion weekend. One ‘baby’ she doesn’t intend on letting
Indeed, Hollywood has a history of debuting fashion-state- go. Clearly, simply ‘stopping’ the shows was not in Mikey’s
ments with the star-studded extravaganza that’s called the plans. Instead, she took the reins in her capable hands and
red carpet. But now, the newest “IT” fashion trends have moved the high profile event to the Sunset Gower Studios
become increasingly influential on the Los Angeles fash- in Hollywood creating what’s become an LA spectacle- both
ion weekend’s (LAFW) catwalk. During the October 15th for the fashion attendees and the energized media.
to 17th LAFW show held at the acclaimed Sunset Gower
Studios in Hollywood, each model’s sultry strut down the But then again, it’s not surprising that someone as
catwalk had most of the packed audience jotting down the unique and strong-minded as Mikey has come out on
newest “must-have” items for their closets. And they have top. She’s constructed her life a lot like her prized Harley
Mikey to thank. Davidson Mortorcycle; piece by thoughtful piece. She
gained enough knowledge and experience to create her
Like most of Tinseltown’s remarkable “real life sto- own flourishing company and revolutionize LA’s spot in the
ries;” Mikey wanted to be a cop when she was growing up. ever-extraordinary world of fashion. With an amazing work
She certainly had enough practice; she played with G.I. Joe ethic, she’s created a mini-empire by following her heart
action figures as a child; protected the kids in her school and branching off on her own.
who were being teased by bullies; survived the relentless
violence of the LA projects where she was raised and, And while doing so, Mikey’s found her freedom from
naturally, became a marksman by the age of ten. Well, a a childhood filled with the insecurity that comes from living
‘markswoman.’ in a very tough neighborhood. What sometimes destroys
one person can catapult another into great success. THIS
This being said, it’s really no surprise that this fierce- is the story of Mikey Koffman. She recalls there was a lot
ly independent and self-proclaimed “bad-ass” became the of violence where she grew up. She explains that, “having
producer of Los Angeles Fashion Weekend. It’s also not had that experience, I got the drive to never want to go
a shocker that Mikey’s full service marketing and produc- there again.” The once ambitious girl who literally put out
tion company called The Gallery LA has flourished since fires from discarded Christmas trees in her neighborhood,
she opened it in 2005. Naturally, she had no hesitation has created her own flame throughout Los Angeles and the

world. The smoke from her
personal fire is powerful. In
fact it’s almost surreal.
Keeokjay Designs
And it doesn’t stop
there. From Mikey’s debut
on the hit-reality show The
Real L Word to her sup-
port of multiple foundations
such as numerous eco-
conscious fashion design-
ers and groups to cancer
foundations, she’s rapidly
becoming Hollywood’s “IT”
girl. Sunset Gower’s VP of
Marketing, Terri Melkonian,
sums it up beautifully.
Beth Talbert Test Driving Volt “Mikey’s very charismatic…
there’s something from
within that draws people to
her. She’s very comfortable
with who she is and she
exudes that.” Her qualities
are amazing; she’s honor-
able and has an amazing
work ethic – just fantastic
to work with.” Without
question, since Mikey
started the first LAFW only
three-years-ago, it’s grown
into a red-carpet spectacle
packed with tons of sup-
porting celebrities, A-listers
and VIPS. This year’s LAFW
show was yet another hit in
what promises to be a long
The Chevy Volt career in producing memo-
rable fashion shows. Much to the audience’s delight, the show opened with a
fantastic performance by Christina Milian on Friday. And every day during the
exciting LAFW was filled with amazing fashions shows by some of LA’s most
talented and eco-friendly activists. The weekend ended with Richie Sambora
and Nikki Lund’s White Trash Beautiful fashion show collection on Sunday
evening where his daughter, Ava strutted the cat walk! Plus, this year LAFW
proudly had its first auto sponsor: Chevy’s Electric car, VOLT. Chevy’s exciting
new electronic car, VOLT, could be seen zipping around Sunset Gower’s lot
for attendees’ to test. The VOLT even goes up to 50-miles on only electric-
ity! Naturally, the VOLT’S ‘eco-friendly’ message supported the LA fashion
week’s crucial concept to ‘Go Green,’ and its proud Green Youth Movement
Sponsor (GYM).

Mikey feels “blessed” to be part of something as creative and popular as

LAFW. But, it’s all par for the course for Mikey- she keeps things fresh and
exciting through her various accomplishments. Let it be known that she will
not be returning for the second season of The Real L Word as she’s learned
the hard way that people can edit scenes to suggest she was saying or doing
things that she did not. She will be sorely missed. But without the show,
she will have more free time to do what she does best: create. Create and
move forward. She may be a “bad-ass” but if that’s so, then let it be noted
that she’s one unique bad-ass wrapped up in sweetness, humility and honesty.
Three unusual words to describe a rising star in a town where people tend
to lose themselves before they’ve even arrived. Fortunately for fashion-lovers
and reality-TV-show enthusiasts, Mikey has a firm grasp on herself and her
intentions. We just have to wait and see what she creates next. But, there
is a bit of gossip… first up, she’s turning LA Fashion Weekend into LA Fashion
Week at Sunset Gower Studios from March 13th through the 19th at Sunset
Gower Studios. The week long event will encompass a killer kick off affair
and end with a LA Fashion Week Awards Ceremony! And keep your eyes
on KTLA 5, her broadcast partner for LA Fashion Week. After hosting on air
fashion segments during LA Fashion Week, one never knows when Mikey will
pop up on the air again. The only thing certain is that we’ll be seeing a lot
more of her very soon.

For more information on The Gallery LA please visit

L.A. fashion Weekend RedCARPeT

Heather locklear and

daughter ava sambora
actress Charlotte ross who walked the runway in
on the red Carpet of la dad richie’s White trash
tatiana ali fashion Weekend. Beautiful designs.

singer and
host kimberly

ken davitian from

Borat and get smart

singer Christina milian

introduced her eye-
wear line at the show

ava sambora who

walked the runway in
actress Brenda strong and White dad richie’s White trash
trash Beautiful designer nikki lund. Beautiful designs.
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color gift set that include vi- Essential Fatty Acids + B Complex
Capsules, Detox Cellulite Body Oil, $39
tamin A, C, and E along with
algae extracts to soften skin! a Skin Brush and full directions for


niKi SHAdrOW
scene in la

1: Izabella Miko • Bafta Awards

Red Carpet • Beverly Hills • Bafta

2: Aubrey O’Day • Hennessy Walks

for Life • Bardot,Hollywood • John

3: Sarah Silverman, Kevin Nealon,

Brian Fischler, and Kevin Pollak •
Laugh for Sight • Hollywood Improv
• Petra Rajnicova Photography

4: Rossi Morreale, Chris Gravagna

Victor Daniel, Gary Mancuso •
Singles Gurus Rossi Morreale and host Singles Night
Out in Beverly Hills • Aqua Lounge
in Beverly Hills • Nasim Saleh

5: Zachary Levi • Hennessy Black

cocktails at his 30th birthday bash •
LA Hollywood • Michael Buckner

6: Bryan Fogel (center) & The Cast

1 2 Of Jewtopia • Jewtopia Play, Los
Angeles • Greenway Court Theatre
• Ed Kritzer photography

3 5
6 7

7: Annie Madison, Eric Coleman, Adam Derry,Marcella Kroll • 8: Michael Madden, James Valentine, Adam Levine and Jesse Car-
ADBD Presents: 11:11 Pop Up Art Gallery • ADBD Gallery, Los michael • Bacardi, hosted Maroon 5’s Exclusive Halloween Party •
Angeles • ADBD Photography Hollywood Forever Cemetery • Charley Galley/ WireImage

8 9

9: Craig Martin & Peter Kuyanov (Cafe 50’s owners) • Cafe 50’s 10: Caroline D’Amore & choreographer/dancer brittany hughes
Los Feliz grand opening party by RedLight special events • Cafe • Caroline D’Amore performance • Playhouse, Hollywood • Rick
50’s, Los Feliz • Photo by Christopher Francisco. Williams

with a serious Love for the Game which in this case is

Speaking above music for the souls healing process.

Earlier this summer the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago fea-

the Star’s tured Phil Seed and Detour JazFunk. They performed again
after a marvelous performance at my Birthday Celebration
in May in which I closed the show by singing for all that
(The Voice of Reasoning) were present.

Topic It truly was a pleasure enjoying a beautiful evening with the

likes of the Chicago Skyline and Phil Seed. Detour JazFunk

had the crowd moving and grooving to the beat bringing
back memories from the past and the present. Yes, Doc
Heard is calling for all the Star’s, Celebrities and VIP’S to

for The
come see Chicago’s magical musical wonder every summer
with firework’s in the sky. With Chicago’s new urban jazz
scene Detour JazFunk presents old-school R & B’s soulful

Game and funky grooves combined with classic contemporary


The band is lead by guitarist Phil Seed in which everybody

comes to see, Drummer Ben “Jammin” Johnson who in my
opinion is the best drummer on the planet. Then there is
Today, I greet all my readers with a lethal but electric bassist Kenery Kent Smith and keyboard wizard
legal dose of Love from the straight pathway of Tim Gant who is headed to take a detour with the great
Vocalist Will Downing in Baltimore and Atlantic City. I have
a better day. Yes, Darwin’s doing it again and it’s also had the pleasure of offering the “Voice of Reasoning”
time to shower all the Star’s, Celebrities and VIP’S to Mr. Downing in which I have shared my mountain top
vision after one his amazing performances. I must admit
of today’s world with some of that genuine love. that I will make every attempt to experience Jazzing at the
You know the kind of love that comes from above Shedd every summer and keep close tabs on where Phil
Seed and Detour JazFunk will be performing moving for-
and there is nothing that can change it. ward because they all truly have Love for this game.
Love is truly my best specialty and I have often been told that I Let me tell you about someone who also has a serious
need to teach a class on this particular subject. What I am simply Love for the Game and his name is Jabari Grover Jazz,
trying to say is that class is now in session so please take your Vocalist from Atlanta Georgia. Just hour’s before I was due
seats. Love is what keeps the passion in everything that we pursue to perform at my Birthday Celebration sponsored by the
and gives us the drive to be successful in all our endeavors. Love Hollywood Weekly Magazine, Jabari personally called me
can not be pulled out of the drawer or your pocket on Monday to say that he was honored to know that I had chosen to
and put back on Tuesday until you need it again on Friday evening. perform his song “A Pocket Full of Dreams”. On that very
Love is present at all times and it never goes away, like when they special night Jabari was just minutes from his performance
say “it’s like white on rice” this statement speaks for itself. Love in the Hill’s of Georgia.
is an unconditional deal which has no renegotiation clauses and
remains in place at all times. Brandon Galatz is an upcoming Chicago actor who has
nothing but love for the craft of acting. He has completed
Speaking of Love, it was some serious love in Chicago’s very own three feature films, four theatre productions within the last
Red Kiva Night Club where Owner Julie Palmer showed her classy year and is currently working on an episodic web series,
style power in which the ambiance is to die for at the album release all while attending Conservatory at Act One Studios in
party featuring artist “Russoul” where he performed live. Russoul Chicago. He plans to graduate in 2011 and has recently
was very impressive from the very start displaying a massive dose been offered a role in an upcoming pilot series. Just as
of Love for the Game from the sound check all by itself. He spent all the true professional say Brandon feels we all are still
a great deal of time listening and evaluating the sounds of all the learning and he possess a true Love for the Game.
musicians in the band. I believe Russoul is on his way to the top
Attorney Jason L. Landgraf my friend and now business
partner has a true Love for the Game in which he truly
enjoys making a difference for all of his client being up

Love’s Simplistic Way front and personal with his client first approach. I person-
ally think that Jason would make an excellent Judge due to
his level headed demeanor among other great attributes.
Sometime’s there are words that you truly want to
I invite all of my Stars, Celebrities and VIP’S to call upon
say in the most simplest way, but your biggest fear my services for Motivational Consulting regardless of the
is that price you may have to pay if it is not taken circumstances and to look forward to next month column
with the understanding of God’s heavy hands on for the new year entitled: Let’s get Motivated People.
Please take a journey back to learn more about the “Voice
ones Heart. Sometime I simply want to tell you that of Reasoning” that started in July 2009. I leave you
“ I Love You “ because that is the message I truly one of Darwin’s Creative Strategies Poems entitled: Love’s
want to convey on that particular day. We should not Simplistic Way.
fear the use of these three word’s because “ Love
Never Fell’s “ and ones Heart truly tells what Life Written By: Darwin Heard
Compels during those moments of Love Spells. My (Hollywood Weekly Magazine)
Heart is a tender deep love complete very concrete Email: dheard@heardconsultingroup
super sweet passionate beat space to meet just to Phone: (312) 933-6635
say “ I Love You “ in Love’s Simplistic Way.
Please direct all Letters to:
Heard Consulting Group, Corp
P.O. Box 11353
26 HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY Chicago, IL 60611
Hollywood Weekly’s
A Look Back to the Best of 2010

ivanka trump:
the Powerhouse
Written by toria gaylord

the road down real estate development is nev- recently named The Trump international Hotel
er an easy task, it is full of many unexpected twists &Tower Chicago No. 1 as the Best large City Hotel
and turns, but there was never a question of how in the America for 2010 and the hotelier, designer
businesswoman ivanka Trump would handle the and author speaks candidly with Hollywood Weekly
ride when she got behind the wheel of construct- about success of the Trump Chicago, her attention
ing the Trump Chicago Hotel back in 2008. She had for detail and her love for real estate.
been preparing for it most of her life. From the start,
ivanka, Congratulations to The Trump Chicago’s
ivanka has been blessed with an incredible business
number one ranking as the Best Hotel in America
savvy and strong guiding principles that are hard-
by Travel and leisure magazine.
wired into her dNA and her passion for the Trump
brand has just paid off. Travel and leisure magazine Thank you – it is incredibly exciting.

WHat makes tHe Brunacci, cook for them WHat is your

in their suite! The Spa at
trumP CHiCago Trump is a 23,000 square- favorite Part
Hotel so foot facility that includes of tHe trumP
distinCtive? 11 treatment rooms, a
heated indoor swimming
CHiCago Hotel?
There’s so much to pool, fully-equipped car- When I’m not eat-
this property. The building dio and weight rooms and ing at Sixteen, I love The
itself is architecturally stun- yoga and spinning studios. Spa at Trump. Our signa-
ning; as the second tallest There are also 53 special- ture gemstone massages
building in Chicago – and ly-designed guest rooms feature oils from Dubai
the seventh tallest in the located on the spa level, that are infused with ru-
world – it has now become which are perfect for a bies, sapphires, emeralds
integral part of the city’s spa getaway. and diamonds. That ser-
beautiful skyline. Whether vice, followed by one of
it’s in the guest rooms, As the final phase of our Kate Somerville fa-
Sixteen (the property’s our build-out, we recently cials, is the perfect way
award-winning restaurant) completed the River Walk, to unwind.
or Rebar (the cocktail and which is adjacent to the
sushi lounge), the views of Chicago River and serves I know you were
Lake Michigan, the Chicago as both a gathering place heavily involved in the
River and Chicago’s histor- and a gateway to the design and construction
ic architecture are unpar- famed Michigan Avenue. even down to the staff
alleled. Chicago magazine What really unites all of uniforms.
just named The Terrace these components, though,
is the service. It is nearly My brothers and I
at Trump the city’s best
impossible to find service oversaw the Chicago proj-
outdoor lounge in part be-
as efficient and gracious ect – we worked closely
cause of its amazing views
elsewhere. Our guests with the architects, design-
of the city and the sum-
know that Trump Chicago ers and construction com-
mer fireworks that take
is truly a home away from panies involved to define
place in Chicago every
home. the aesthetic and see it
through implementation.
The hotel’s guest We gave consideration to
every detail, down to the
rooms and suites are
spacious, contemporary
WHat does tHe uniforms worn by the hotel
and luxurious. Every guest reCognition mean staff. I wanted to ensure
room is outfitted with a full to you? that every piece was as
refined as the property
kitchen featuring only the
finest in appliances, china It is an incredible itself. Each look was de-
and stemware. In addition honor for the Trump Hotel signed to reflect the as-
to our great restaurants, Collection, and a testa- sociate’s purpose and the
guests can also order ment to our vision for area of the hotel in which
from an in-room dining building and managing the the uniform is worn. The
menu that was the first best hotels in the world. trick was to balance style
in the country to be cer- Awards like these are great and practicality to create
tified organic – or better motivation to maintain our a fashion statement that
yet, they can request that position, and continually was understated, fluid and
our executive chef, Frank strive for more. contemporary.
To what do you newspapers. Generally, Does your Dad What is next for
I’m in the office by 7:30
attribute your a.m., which is an ideal give you a lot of you in real estate?
successful leader- time to respond to emails advice? We have many op-
ship in real estate or make overseas calls
since so many of the My father’s experi- portunities that we are
development? deals we are doing are ence makes his advice currently pursuing. Earlier
this year, we opened in
abroad. I have meetings invaluable, and I always
I think it’s a com- appreciate his insight Waikiki, and Trump SoHo
and calls straight through just opened in April. We
bination of energy,
until about 6 or 7 p.m. are currently working
drive and focus, asking
thoughtful questions, ne- on Trump Panama and
gotiating with confidence What is the most Trump Toronto. Both are
and taking advantage of Growing up, when challenging part very exciting hotel proj-
the right opportunities,
even when times are
did you realize you of your job now? ects that are opening in
early 2011. Trump Tower
uncertain. wanted to go into Right now, I find Istanbul will also be open-
real estate? myself balancing be- ing next year.
ing young with also be-
I don’t think there
What is a typical has ever been a time
coming – hopefully – a
day like for you? when I imagined going
visionary in business. I What pearls
appreciate every level of
down a different road, detail that goes into our
of wisdom can
My calendar is al-
ways full. A big part of
in large part because I projects and have a thirst you offer to
grew up with real estate.
my job includes scout- Both sides of my family
for being very hands-on, entrepreneurs
which sometimes leads
ing locations for new span generations of de- me to micromanage. starting out?
projects, so I travel fre- velopment, engineering,
quently. When I’m home, Being a business leader I recently published
building and construc- also means thinking big
I usually get up at about tion. Most of my forma- a book called “The Trump
5:30 a.m., exercise and picture and delegating. Card: Playing to Win in
tive memories include a
read through a stack of bulldozer or a construc- Work and Life”. In the
tion site! book, I encourage young
entrepreneurs to get
out there and try differ-
ent things; knowing what
you love is also in part
eliminating the things you
don’t enjoy doing. Young
people in the business
world shouldn’t be afraid
to be bold, work incred-
ibly hard and ask smart
questions. The level of
drive that stems from
passion is what will sepa-
rate someone from being
moderately successful to
being very successful.

CHrista Borden
I Rhyme With Orange
Hallelujah, a singer baptized through fire! Worldly scars to make
Leonard Cohen proud… Christa Borden’s lyrics are written in blood –
inside joke – but the pain is raw and real.
Christa’s life could have been very different. Reality “splits” with each
decision – somewhere, there’s another Christa. A girl who never fought
her addiction. A singer succumbing to her broken heart. Crumbling under
the weight of her own life. But, hey, we don’t live in that reality…
In our world, Christa rose out of lava! Slowly emerging like in some
B-Movie. Standing straight and strong, glowing hot fire red! Reborn,
Rebooted – hell, a complete Redux!
But, let me tell you what I really feel…
You can’t just “manufacture” a true artist. Anthony Burgess told us
this before – it’s unnatural, like “A Clockwork Orange.”
Artists are born out of circumstances. Situa
tions that kill them or create them.
Singer Christa Borden has passed
this test – her CD “I Rhyme With Orange”
testifies! These lyrics touch dormant
chords inside you. Poetic truths that
shake the dust off your soul… No doubt,
she’s the genuine article…

photos: Todd Korgan

By anthony Calderon

This goes deeper than some of her most strongest
Christa’s music degree. songs. Singing Jeff’s praises
Singing, for Christa, is a is Christa’s new pastime.
connection. It grounds her, a
force stronger than gravity… And Jeff’s magic touch
One’s destiny can never be can surely be heard. Christa’s
denied. Regardless of the single “Empty Bottles” has
job Christa might have had – made waves – catchy melody
“title” be damned, she would and soulful lyrics – not your
sing just as sweet… average mix in today’s music.
But nothing Christa does is
Her stroke of luck was average. For starters, she
meeting David Carver. A wrote all songs on her CD;
man who recognized her each one has a consistent
potential – a talented singer sense of truth.
in recovery; en route to a
healthy, productive life. Essen- “Cut Me Loose” deals with
tially, Christa was starting a personal breakup. “Empty
Act Two. Bottles” talks about addic-
tions – primarily how they
The curtain rose here, in feed off each other. Insight
Los Angeles. David became and wisdom that you can
Christa’s friend and Manager. move to…
But, more so, he acted
as her mentor. Helping to But this is part of Christa
keep her sober and living Borden’s image. Unpredict-
clean... They refined Chris- able and original. A stunning
ta’s musical message. David beauty with depth, charm
found Producers to explore and talent – and a resolve to
her style. Huge talents like spread truth through music…
Jeff Trott of Sheryl Crow
Christa wrote “Tonight”
fame – and Christa and Jeff
while leaving for L.A. That
clicked immediately. Creating

decision gave birth to her 3AM Club photos… This point

debut. Soon, she’ll be perform- in her career, it’s only music.
ing with the Goo Goo Dolls. Few artists are as focused on
Along with Fray and pop singer their craft.
Kesha. Part of a Newfoundland
Labor Day Concert… Christa’s father gave her
some advice on art. He told
Not all dreams are realized her, “The pain life brings,
in L.A. But Christa Borden
came to this city formed. The just use it.” Use the pain to
mold was cast, and Christa write her songs, and to sing
just stepped out. them…

You won’t be seeing her It sounds wrong, but her

on TMZ clips… No scandalous pain is now our joy…

photos: irwin Jazmines
HW magazine
knoWs HoW to tHroW a Party Written by tyler fascett

Hollywood Weekly mag- me the scoop on his current Borden. In addition to land- Weekly’s publisher, Prather
azine launched their August project, Creative Collision, ing Christa, their classically Jackson. All Access Music
2010 issue with an industry an LA-based arts and music trained songstress, her first Group editor Mark Strickland
soirée at plush Bar 210 at movement that combines live U.S. magazine cover with came out but kept a low
the Beverly Hilton. I wasn’t music with visual and per- Hollywood Weekly, they had profile catching up with an
at the event long before I formance art. At a quieter arranged for her to belt out associate in a cozy booth
realized there was some- corner table, up and coming a few songs live with her near the stage. I chatted with
thing truly unique going on writer/producer Ben Bostick band at the evening’s event. Ramela, a movie critic, whose
under the soft pools of light discussed his latest feature
in this swanky hotel bar. To film with Kristen, an enter- In the center of the
my left, ordering his second tainment news director. room Danny Bopp, a model
glass of champagne, stood and pro stock car driver
a long time talent manager As the flow of guests in the NASCAR K&N series,
who had just finished ex- into the posh lounge in- and his publicist posed for
plaining to me the best way creased, so did the pho- a few quick photos while
to go about packaging a tographer’s flashes. Chrissy holding court with Hollywood
script. To my right sat a mu- Sutphin and Tasya Swisko,
sic marketing manager from account execs from Luck
Warner Music Group, here to Media & Marketing were on
scope out the artist gracing hand to oversee yet another
Hollywood Weekly’s August superbly executed show-
issue’s cover. Next I spot- case for their client Christa
ted actor and musician Mike
Rossi, who can be seen all
over this season of Bravo’s
smash hit Million Dollar
Listing, chatting up a sultry
brunette obviously absorbed
by his charm. Prying himself
away for a moment, he gave

spot on reviews made me hints of fraud. This event
rethink everything I thought was far different. And for
I knew about modern alter- that matter, the only de-
native comedies. Brandon tectable scent was the
Gibson, the publicity and mouth watering aroma of
branding gun-for-hire who’s truffle oil wafting from the
been ahead of trends in LA plates of gourmet sliders
for years, made his rounds. exiting the Bar 210 kitchen.
I met manager Michael Something very unique, and
Dybnis, who summed up very refreshing was hap-
his client strategy with pening here. This eclectic
his ever-ready slogan, “I’ll cross section of entertain-
keep you famous.” There ment industry profession-
were screenwriters on the als had been assembled by
smoking patio, an about-to- Hollywood Weekly magazine
break fashion designer by with the Hollywood Weekly
the back bar, and an en- brand as their sole com-
tertainment lawyer had just mon bond.
It has been said
At this point, I had to that networking, in its fin-
step back and survey the est form, exists truly as a
scene. Staring out over chemical reaction. Tonight
the now bustling lounge, things were synthesizing
something struck me about all around me. Individuals
my company: these were in totally unrelated areas
the people in the business of the business were mak-
who actually get things ing connections. It wasn’t
done. I’ve been to many about back scratching and
an event in Los Angeles it didn’t matter if the direct
dubbed under the guise of benefits of their relation-
an “Entertainment Industry ships were apparent. Art
Party,” but the majority of and business, talent and
these events consist of re- opportunity, musicians and
cent LA transplants scour- a racecar driver, all thrown
ing a lackluster crowd for together in a pot and sim-
anyone they think they’ll mering. And remarkably it
be able to hustle into fur- felt very organic. Publicists
thering their brilliant (and and PR reps mingled ele-
inexplicably stalled) act- gantly, while the celebrities
ing careers. To a writer and the suits sipped marti-
who’s covered those types nis and perused the pages
of events before, there’s of the Hollywood Weekly
even something olfactory magazines that were dis-
about that whole scene— played throughout the
it’s the smell of shameless lounge. People were genu-
self-promotion, with notes inely enjoying themselves.
of desperation, and subtle

Christa Borden with her Band

Just after 9pm the soulful
sounds of Christa Borden and
her band filled the posh Beverly
Hilton space, and the party
gravitated toward the stage. Her
upbeat “Better than She Can”
energized the room, and her di-
verse selection of cover tunes,
everything from the Eurythmics to
MGMT, kept us in the groove. But
it wasn’t until she hit the eerie,
soul-bearing notes of “Drowning”
that we really got it. It wasn’t just
the tragic beauty of her lyrics
that had us all transfixed, but the
sincerity in her voice.

After her set, I asked Christa

about her song writing process.
She described how, “Sometimes
inspiration is this mythical beast
that drags me out of bed and
forces me to sit at the piano in
the middle of the night and some-
times it is the tiniest moment or
a person I meet.” Though her
muses change, she’s always look-
ing for new ways to be inspired.

I suppose deep down it is

that ever present drive to get a
hold of some solid inspiration, or
maybe sometimes the quest for
a cocktail, that brings us out to
these types of events in the first
place. From what I could tell on
that summer night at Bar 210, no
one left empty handed.

photos: Irwin Jazmines

Each year Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world,
hosts the prestigious World Championships of Performing Arts.

Over 75,000 applicants from 40 countries Talent from around the world take managers, casting directors, producers,
and the USA auditioned for a spot to center stage at the beautiful Westin music industry reps) from Hollywood,
compete at the 14th annual event. Bonaventure Hotel during an exciting, Nashville and New York are invited to
Griff O’Neil, competition president and fiercely spirited week of unsurpassed judge, conduct seminars and “go-sees”
founder, and a former executive of the rounds of outstanding performances July at this conclusive world championships
Miss Universe Pageant, recruited over 17 – 25, 2010. Contestants ages 15 and for talent.
75 scouts and national directors to under will compete for the prestigious
scour the globe for outstanding talent. Junior Grand Champion Performer of the The event’s competition structure
“This is the only Olympic-style talent World title, and talent ages 16 and over reproduces as closely as possible the
competition ever created,” O’Neil stated, will battle for the coveted Senior Grand processes in auditioning and casting for
“and a rare opportunity for the privileged Champion Performer of the World crown. film, television and Broadway. Special
few selected to participate at this elite Hundreds of entertainment industry emphasis is placed on “entertainment
world event.” “movers and shakers” (i.e. agents, value and marketability” during judging.

1 2

This in no way takes away from the Like the Olympics, an important prize each country’s delegates appear in
technical aspect of the performances; is the “gold”. However, overall age national costumes representative of
however judges are looking for that division/competition category plaques their respective countries in a colorful
special charisma (the “it” factor) that and Grand Champion trophies are Parade of Nations. First, second and
most top entertainers have. There also given. The famed Millennium third “Best National Costume” prizes are
are rounds of eliminations thus talent Dance Complex in North Hollywood given. Each year celebrities and industry
must be spectacularly presented in a awards $20,000 in scholarships and the VIPS are inducted into the “Performing
very short time period just as done for prestigious Conservatory for Dramatic Arts Hall of Fame”. Some of the past
auditions. Performance times of one Arts School of Film and Television in beneficiaries are Ann-Margret, Debbie
minute (60 seconds) are strictly enforced. New York $100,000 in scholarships. And Allen, Liza Minnelli, Garth Brooks. This
With entertainment industry personnel the “real prizes” which every contestant year’s honoree is Linda Gray, award
judging, this event really becomes a receives are the invaluable experiences, winning actress, accomplished director,
“giant Hollywood casting call” i.e. “to priceless training and education, and a United Nations Ambassador and one
cast World Champion” dancers, singers, networking opportunities. of the world’s most recognized and
actors, models, instrumentalists and admired stars. Then during the week,
variety artists – junior and senior age Kicking off the week’s slate of events over 5,000 acts will be narrowed through
groups! is the Opening Ceremonies where rounds of eliminations to the “best of the

3 4 5

6 7 8

best” for a spectacular standing-room- some well-known stars, like Elvis Presley, entertainment industry professionals.
only exciting FINALS webcast live around Buddy Holly and Drew Carey. The Some will be signed and move to
the globe. Additionally, documentary genre’s been around on radio and later Hollywood or New York; others will
TV series in selected countries will be TV for nearly 70 years, but the World return home to pursue whatever goals
produced starting with the selection Championships of Performing Arts is by they determine. But what is so critically
process and following the talent through far the biggest of its kind in scale and important is that everyone who has
the competitions and beyond. scope, and seeks to turn the international the honor to experience this one-and-
corridor between a country’s artists and only official world talent championships
With shows like “American Idol” and dreamers – and Hollywood’s “land of has improved and gained inestimable
others vying for face time on TV, it’s no dreams” – into a two-way street as a experience… truly a once-in-a-lifetime
wonder that there’s such a proliferation launch pad for opportunity, recognition opportunity!
of talent looking for a home. After all and reward.
is said and done, talent competitions
are nothing new. Everyone from Frank Contestants competing at the World For information on being a contestant,
Sinatra to Patsy Cline to Britney Spears Championships of Performing Arts Scout or National Director of a country,
has been discovered on talent contests. have that very precious opportunity of please contact: or visit
Talent contest judges initially rejected performing before and networking with the website:

1: Senior Instrumental finalist: Artavazo Tadevosyan (Armenia)

2: Senior Dance Solo finalist from Canada: ERIK PIPESTEM (native Indian)

3: Senior Grand Champion Vocal Solo winner: KIMVERLIE MOLINA (Saudi Arabia)

4: Senior Instrumental finalist: CHEYNESH BAYTUSHKINA ( Russia)

5: Junior Grand Champion Actor: CALE MOON (USA)

6: Junior Vocal Solo finalist: SOFIYA DOLGANOVA BAYTUSHKINA (Russia)

7: Junior Dance Solo finalist: SITARA BAAL (Trinidad and Tobago)

8: Senior Grand Champion Female Model winner: ELIZABETH PETRONELLA (South Africa)

9: Senior Male Model finalist: MICHAEL SVENSSON (Sweden)


image is
Photo Credit david Heisler By Anthony Calderon

When you enter Paul Kim’s “Concrete loft” and experience

downtown l.A.’s skyline through the giant floor to ceiling
windows encircling this legendary space, don’t be surprised
if you hear the Choral Finale of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony
singing in your ears. Too dramatic? i’ll put it another way: if
James Cameron decided to collaborate with imAX and film a
3-d documentary on downtown los Angeles, the view from
Paul’s Concrete loft would be the opening shot…
The Concrete Loft has literally been decorated and Celebrities; theatrical sets for filming motion pictures,
redecorated hundreds of times in a myriad of different television shows, cable series and commercials. The
styles and themes for every visual medium imaginable Concrete Loft functions as a virtual genie, changing itself
– photo shoots for top fashion magazines with A-List into and becoming whatever Paul’s clients’ desire.

Photo Credit Woolf-Haxton

Dior used the Concrete Loft to look what makes Paul Kim’s Image Locations see nothing; and (2) Paul, more than
like an upscale Manhattan Hotel for such a fascinating company… anyone I’ve ever met, has an unwavering,
a photo shoot they were doing with personal interest in keeping people in
Sharon Stone… Recalling this memory Image Locations, the Agency, was born Los Angeles employed…
fondly, Paul pointed to a white bed in on April 1st, 2001. It was the brainchild of
the corner of the Concrete Loft where Paul Kim, who is a native Angeleno, and While scouting for the upcoming
we were talking and said (with a slight is the culmination of two extraordinary “Transformers 3,” Michael Bay needed
smile), “Yeah, Sharon Stone rolled all talents that Paul possesses: (1) he has some shots to represent Washington,
over my bed… It was great.” And as an uncanny ability to spot business D.C. Budget, let’s just say, is not really
amazing as the Loft is, it’s only part of opportunities where most of us would an issue for a Director like Michael Bay,

Photo Credit david Heisler

Cover Photo: (from left back)

Jennifer Sanchez, Patrick Ward-
Perkins, Jason Radspinner, Alice Kim,
Aaron Haxton, Julie Corirossi, Josh ladies: Marisa Sullivan, Jennifer
Woolf, Marisa Sullivan, Paul Kim Sanchez, Julie Corirossi, Alice Kim

image is everything

the stahl House

Hollywood Hills


Photo Credit Jim Wright

the goldstein House

Beverly Hills

so it would have been very easy for Station which could double for the

IMAGE him to pack up and fly to D.C., but why

do that when Paul Kim can transform
intended setting…

his Concrete Loft into the interior set You may have gathered by now that
Michael Bay needed, and CGI can be Image Locations is not your Daddy’s
added to some of the partial views Movie & Print Location business by any

INC. outside the windows – which is exactly

what may happen, scoring one for
Image Locations in getting local L.A.
stretch of the imagination. Paul Kim
can probably best be described as an
extremely business minded, internet-
production workers the jobs instead… savvy artist with swagger…

When Showtime’s “Big Love” needed to Paul’s employees, starting with PR

shoot a scene involving a Mexican jail, Director Marisa Sullivan, also embrace Image Locations found an area around the best of our culture: hip, original,
the infamous Rampart Detective Police educated – tech-wicked – artists in their

image is everything


own right. You couldn’t ask for a better that being cool and making money in those pictures, put them in a manila
staff, and they couldn’t ask for a better big business aren’t mutually exclusive… folder and FedEx them back. The digital
employer. Before my interview with camera changed the business. You now
Paul, Marisa, and my Publisher Prather So, why exactly was Paul’s Image had an image instantaneously. Using the
Jackson got under way in the Concrete Locations able to burst upon the scene internet to e-mail those digital photos of
Loft, Paul told me as a point of pride and immediately grab hold of the locations made everything move faster.
that even during our recent recession movie and photography industry? Paul But we have an added edge: everyone
he kept his entire staff employed, and explained it best: “In the old days, a in my company has some kind of artistic
all of them are covered with health and Production Manager would call a scout background, primarily photography and
dental care. In addition, his company up and ask them to find a particular production, so we know how to get
actually had one of their best years in location. That guy would go out and take in, take the best possible shots that
2009 – 3.6 million, which goes to show pictures – then take the time to develop represent the location for the Production

Managers or Fashion Editors, and send are all scheduled on Marisa’s Blackberry; Image Locations repertoire; they just
them out quickly... So, it’s the speed past cover models Image Locations worked with Justin Bieber and Sean
of the technology, our ability to utilize worked with include Charlize Theron, Kingston, and Beyonce’s latest music
that technology, and maximizing our Rachel McAdams, Eva Longoria, The video was shot at a home in Hollywood
artistic backgrounds to get the job done Pussycat Dolls, L.L. Cool J., a pregnant Hills, which is part of Image Location’s
efficiently that sets us apart…” Maya Rudolph, Taylor Swift, The Jonas vast “library…”
Brothers, Amanda Seyfried, Jaime
And what are some of the “jobs” that Pressly, Heidi Klum, Tony Hawk, Ashley This brings to mind an interesting
Image Locations gets done? In the Greene, Megan Fox, Kate Winslet, Zoe question which hundreds of Angelenos
fashion industry alone, if you went Saldana and the cast of Entourage… call Image Locations every day to
to a newsstand looking to buy every find out: how can you get your house
magazine Image Locations hasn’t worked Many popular cable and television series featured in movies or fashion magazines?
on, you probably wouldn’t spend very have worked with Image Locations, Of course, if your home was designed
much money… Vogue, Vanity Fair, Showtime’s “Californication” and ABC’s by Frank Lloyd Wright, as some of the
Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, People “Castle” being the most recent… And, of homes in Image Locations’ library are,
Magazine, OK! Magazine, In Style, FHM, course, there’s the movie industry – the you’re a clear candidate… For everyone
Allure and Elle just to name a few… aforementioned “Transformers 3” being else, Paul stresses that the home should
As for the “models” on some of these a highlight, as well as Judd Apatow’s be “architecturally unique.” He did admit,
covers – Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, upcoming “Get Him To The Greek.” Music though, that any home can technically
Angelina Jolie and Robert Downey, Jr. Videos have become a fixed feature in work, because it’s all about the needs

of the production – translation: Steven homes are part of Image Locations’ company as current and accessible as
Spielberg might very well be exclusively library… For shooting feature films, possible…
looking for a dilapidated shack, in television and cable series, commercials,
which case, if you own one, hooray for music videos or magazine layouts, What Paul has actually created with
Hollywood! signing up with Image Locations could Image Locations is a harmonious balance
be a great source of extra income for of environmental awareness, economic
Image Locations, however, does many L.A. homeowners… sensitivity to our L.A. workforce, and
generally tend to gravitate toward the Anyone wanting to take a closer look a company that has transformed and
more “modern-looking” homes, so, the at Image Locations can find them easily elevated the business of location scouting
loyal devotion you have for your “hovel,” on either your iPhone or Blackberry by to “fine art.” In short, he has composed
notwithstanding, it probably won’t make accessing their application – all part of a symphonic world befitting of the title
the cut… Surprisingly, many celebrity Paul Kim’s overall vision of keeping his “Beethoven’s 10th…”

Cover Story
renegades “Basically, we just wanted to change the world
of teen finance as we knew it.” That’s how the con-
versation starts with the founders of Plastic Cash
International (PCI), Brian Newberry (CEO) and Danny
Klein (President and CMO). Perched in their Huntington
Beach office on Main Street, overlooking the ocean
above the historic Jack’s Surf Shop and just steps
away from the sand, are two men on a mission. In
fact, they’re on a few missions. Mission One: create a
revolutionary prepaid product that helps this genera-
tion’s teenagers to budget and spend money respon-
sibly. Mission Two: give parents a secure and con-
venient way to manage their teens’ money. Mission
Three: revolutionize the financial industry. And above
all: keep it cool.
photo credit: David Heisler
As former owners of a youth- their banking needs, by talking with made parents’ lives easier. MYPLASH
geared advertising agency, Newberry them, not at them. was just the answer. “We wanted
and Klein first got into marketing to create a product teens would
and branding financial services while What Newberry and Klein fore- want and use that resonated with
creating campaigns for client Bank saw, and acted upon, was the notion their individuality while meeting the
of America. The duo developed the that teens would become the new parents’ core values and needs. We
first wave of “alternative branch- power consumers. They also realized wanted to create a financial tool
ing” campaigns, launching Bank of that teens had no financial tool to to help teens and parents commu-
America mini-branches inside of make purchases at retail and online nicate about finance in a language
Ralphs supermarkets, primarily to other than using a parent’s credit they both could understand,” says
add greater convenience for people card or cash. That was over ten Newberry.
with busy lifestyles. It was all a part years ago, and now it has become
of the genesis of understanding how an absolute reality. A $189.7 billion “With today’s credit card
banking can meet their customers reality in 2006, projected to rise to rules and regulations, and the gen-
halfway. This ideology is a large $208.7 billion by 2011 (marketingvoxx eral state of the world economy,
part of what makes PCI successful study, 2007). This was how the birth there needs to be a way for this
today. of Plastic Cash International and upcoming generation to learn to
its MYPLASH Prepaid Card brand manage their money
Newberry and Klein then fo- came about. safely. We want the
cused their efforts on the youth adults of tomorrow
market. They saw a disconnect to be smart about
between, parents, teens spending, and
and banking, and saving. We want
what happened was informed, yet
remarkable. In 1999, independent
Newberry and Klein cardhold-
partnered up with ers”, says
Maverick Records Klein.
(Warner Bros.) and
created a direct S o
mail campaign and how does
mailed over 1.5 one go about
million compilation capturing this
CD’s to college- group of power
bound consumers? It’s
all about the
infusion of
top recording
artists, action
sports ath-
letes, relevant

h i g h
seniors and
college fresh-
men, linking con-
sumers to label and artist youth brands and movie li-
websites, as well as to BofA’s site. censes that teens like most.
Loan volumes increased as response With MYPLASH, teens can take
rates shot to an astounding 6.5%. control of their wallets, while
They realized early on that teenagers There maintaining the individuality
were becoming powerful consumers, was a and personal identity that is
more so than anyone had predicted, void in the so crucial to them. MYPLASH
and it was all about captivating the marketplace was created from the ground
audience with an approach that was for harnessing up, breaking the conventions set
more teen, and less bank. The key? this teen spend- by the old-guard financial mar-
Deliver the power of music and en- ing power in a cool and safe way, keters. One example is the ever-
tertainment in a platform that met while still providing a product that expanding MYPLASH MALL, where
cardholders get exclusive access to

well. Though PCI’s business model
was primarily developed to provide
great benefits for its MYPLASH
cardholders, Newberry and Klein
have paid very special attention to
the long-term needs of their music,
sports and brand partners. “PCI’s
goal has always been to boost
sales, and drive additional revenue
and awareness for our partners,
while helping to build their fan
base,” says Newberry.

PCI has clearly earned the

respect of top artists, athletes and
brands across the board. “I trust
Brian and Danny to market my ath-
letes in the prepaid space because
they keep MYPLASH core and rel-
discounts on cool youth products dirt bikes with the Metal Mulisha evant for the fans -- and it’s all
from the hottest brands, retailers crew, hanging on the tour bus with about the fans,” says Bob Walker,
and band merchandise sites. “It’s rock band Hinder, surfing with Roxy President of Connexions Sports &
no secret that teens don’t care pro surfer Kassia Meador, and roll- Entertainment, the management
about rent-a-cars and airline miles. ing through the studio with hip hop firm which handles MYPLASH ath-
They want music, band merchan- artist Flo Rida. letes Brian Deegan, Josh Grant and
dise, movie tickets and stuff that Trey Canard.
fits their lifestyle,” says Klein. Perhaps the most notable
aspect of MYPLASH Prepaid Cards “Anyone can see that we
In addition to offering card- are their branding, with brightly aren’t ‘suit and tie’ guys. But that’s
holders the most convenient, hi- adorned cards bearing images of not all that separates us from the
tech benefits MYPLASH offers ex- the hottest, recording artists, ac- crowd. Our lifestyle and experi-
clusive content that brings teens tion sports athletes and lifestyle ences allow us the liberty to think
into the world of their favorite brands. What seems to make these exactly like our cardholders,” says
artists, athletes and brands. One collaborations special is that all Newberry and Klein. “We live and
look at the media page on www. the athletes, and celebrities in- breathe it daily.” Brian (Newberry) and you’ll be riding volved are making a statement as and I surfed competitively, and we
still skate, snowboard, ride dirt
bikes, and do everything in be-
tween to stay connected,” says
Klein. They clearly practice what
they preach.

So, what is next for these

renegades? Continued growth at
retail, while going global, and go-
ing mobile. Starting the company
in the U.S., like many native en-
trepreneurs was the most natural
approach. MYPLASH is now sold
in over 7,000 major retail loca-
tions in the US and growing, mak-
ing it the largest distributed teen
branded prepaid product in the US,
displayed in a dedicated section
on center aisle end caps in the
biggest grocery stores, with over
75 million people a week walking
past its products. PCI isn’t stop-
ping there and is now negotiating
major distribution deals in Canada,
Europe, Mexico, Asia, and South
America. “While expanding is not

only inevitable and important to us, also had to learn a lot of what they for innovation”. Newberry and Klein
the most important aspect of our know today by trial and error. “Failure are truly the renegades of prepaid,
growth is keeping our roster fresh is not a sign of weakness. As long transforming a generation while
and relevant,” says Klein. The duo as you move forward, pick up the throwing the old business models
is so passionate about MYPLASH pieces and build a better model, it’s out the window. For now, all eyes
that their excitement is contagious. a sign of strength. You have to fail
in the industry are fixed on what
As Newberry puts it, “We just have to understand how to succeed. We
they’ll do next, and it seems every-
so much happening this year from couldn’t have gotten here any other
events, and collaborations to our ex- one wants to play in their sandbox.
way,” explains Newberry.

“We didn’t read books on how to reach teens, or how to

surf or skate, for that matter. We just did it, “ says Klein.
“And that is how we approach the MYPLASH product
every day, from a place of true understanding, with a
constant need for innovation”

panding markets. We’re now having With a calling

a hard time choosing who makes the to help society,
roster, as we are getting bombarded reform the finance
with new artists, brands and, now, industry, and still
movie licenses who want to be a have fun, it seems
part of the revolution we not only the men behind
created, but are now the market MYPLASH are here
leaders in. We are excited about our to stay as the
growth and going to the next level, renegade mar-
bringing key partners with us,” says ket leaders in a
Newberry. $200+ billion dol-
lar industry, in the
When asked what these men US alone. Their
would be doing if they hadn’t start- unconventional ap-
ed PCI and developed MYPLASH proach to business
they just laugh. “Well, we wouldn’t and teen finance
be working in a cubical that’s for seems to be do-
sure,” proclaims Newberry. If their ing just what they
die-hard-creative-entrepreneur-to- wanted: changing
the-core spirit wasn’t readily appar- the world – or at
ent, it is now. “We like to break least an industry,
rules, and rewrite them, which is the for the better.
best way to have a positive impact
on an ever-changing society. I don’t “We didn’t
know what we would be doing if we read books on how
weren’t building MYPLASH, but that’s to reach teens,
what it would look like,” says Klein. or how to surf
or skate, for that
As with most serial entrepre- matter. We just
neurs, the road for Newberry and did it, “ says Klein.
Klein has had its fair share of bumps “And that is how
and unexpected turns over the years. we approach the
Aside from shrugging off the count- MYPLASH product
less claims of “you can’t do that” every day, from a
or “you guys will never pull this off” place of true un-
from industry peers and people who derstanding, with
“thought they knew better”, they’ve a constant need


Photo Credit: eva skaya

the Blessings Written by dr. laura Wilhelm

lauraWil intercultural

of a Bigger World
s the first decade of the new exuberant talents shine forth in many of As with paying jobs, I have always
millennium draws to a close, the photos printed with these monthly tried to choose volunteering options
I have been reflecting upon HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY pieces. that were close to my heart. Literacy
the many changes I have tutoring and translation work have al-
observed in the world Because of the Internet, saving lowed me to benefit others with my
since my childhood in the world has never seemed so easy, lifelong love of foreign languages and
the 1960s and 1970s. Happily, many or so hard. Global crises can now be literatures. Groups such as Designers
of these years’ best aspects have re- eliminated with mere clicks of a com- 4 Africa attempt to restore some bal-
turned to guide my actions during the puter mouse. Social media may have ance between the richest and poorest
second phase of my life. a real role in causes such as suicide nations on earth by means of art.
prevention, ensuring that no one with
The idealistic zeal that marked online access need ever feel alone, un- These same poorest nations on
my youth appears to have been loved, or unwanted. earth were among the first to em-
transmitted to the Facebook genera- pathize when terror was unleashed
tion. I don’t have children of my own, However, one may often feel upon America’s proud Twin Towers of
but people half my age keep finding overwhelmed by the work that remains world trade on 9/11. The inconceiv-
their way to me in cyberspace. Their to be done in our globalizing world. ably affluent US may have forgotten

“We must en- our common destiny, but smaller nations

sure that the

only too familiar with tragedy had not.

I know emigre artists in their ear-

ly twenties who often donate products

global market
and profits to American environmental
causes. Their example should humble us
all. The young still have their ears to
the heart of the world and appear very

is embedded in anxious about its condition.

In the words of emerging novel-

broadly shared
ist Todd Riemer (author of INFERNO):
“My writing serves to show a possible
destination, a possible vision of where
we are heading. Though disturbing and

values and prac- dystopian, my vision is one that brings

out the essence of the human experi-
ence; the choice to fight oppression or

tices that reflect

to submit, the choice between what is for Heaven Has no doctrine.
right and what is wrong.” artist: Christine yee
This month I plan to teach my

global social holiday ESL students about Thanksgiving,

Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, and New
Year in quick succession. Our freedom

needs, and that

to pursue seemingly limitless options still
makes America stand out among the
world’s greatest nations. May this sense
of abundance continue to spread across

all the world’s the globe.

A much-loved military intelligence

people share the

officer once joked that he shouldn’t like
me so much since career-wise I was the
enemy, and if he kept listening to me he
might be out of a job.

benefits of glo- Reinventing ourselves as global

citizens may well be the price of peace.
Knowledge empowers only if we act upon

balization.” our convictions.

The more we come to know, the

more we come to care. As long as we
-Kofi Annan keep learning from each other, we’ll be
fluent in no time.

the inferno cover artist is dave kinsey.

Photo Credit: april davis

Photo Credit: nina naydenova

Hollywood Weekly’s
Top Picks for Voice Coaches
Speak Up...
By: Brea Tisdale

Has anyone ever is also currently an Adjunct

Professor in Voice and
told you to speak Speech at UCLA’s School of
up or speak more Theatre, Film, & Television.
clearly? Have you The approach is
ever felt that your psycho-physical and holis-
voice doesn’t reflect tic. She works to integrate
voice, body, thought, imagi-
who you are or ex- nation, emotion,
press your thoughts spirit, psyche –all
and feelings as fully aspects of the
individual into
as you’d like it to?
the voice training. When the
Well it may not be your fault;
voice is integrated a deep
you may just need to learn how
sense of personal connec-
to use your voice more effec-
tion can be communicated.
tively. You can develop a more
responsive and resonant voice Adele is the place
and clear speech. Or perhaps to go if you are an actor.
just explore and discover your Actors discover a deeper
voice and self, deepen your level of the craft of access-
physical awareness to unblock ing the whole voice and self
your voice, opening you to new while working creatively in
possibilities and opportunities. the presence of the acting
moment. Working profes-
You can get all this from
sionals or just any average
Adele Cabot, a voice, acting,
person can find more power
speech, and dialects profes-
through their voice, gain the
sional. She is the founder of
understanding and the tools
LAVoicejoy, The Voice, Speech,
they need to better them-
and Acting Connection in Los
selves and their communica-
Angeles. Ms Cabot offers pri-
tion skills.
vate individual coaching, group
classes, on and off-set coach- LAVoicejoy Studio is a
ing for actors, audition prepa- beautifully renovated studio
ration, corporate seminars, located on the west side,
presentation coaching, voice, near the 10 and 405 free-
acting, speech, dialects –includ- Linklater Voice Teacher (a rigorous 3+ ways. It is a light and airy
ing General American, and personal ex- years intensive training process with newly renovated space with cork floor
ploration work. Ms. Cabot is known for the world-renown voice teacher, Kristin for ease on the body and joints.
her creative yet practical approach. She Linklater and other master teachers)
brings her sense of artistry and play to and has an MFA in Acting from Brooklyn Don’t worry any vocal concern you
each class, session, or workshop. Her College - CUNY. She trained in and might me having, you are welcomed and
own background and training combined practiced Improvisation with Paul Sills safe with LAVoicejoy, The Voice, Speech
with over 25 years of coaching experi- (co-founder of Second City, Chicago), and Acting Connection.
ence in LA, NY, and all over the world and incorporates the principles of The
reflect a sensitive and nuanced mix Alexander Technique and yoga into her
of art and craft. She is a Designated work. She coaches film and theatre and

loose tHe damage
& find your voiCe
I am that person who will constantly sing in
the shower, the car, at work, pretty much any-

By: Brea Tisdale

where. The “problem” (as others would like to describe it) is
that I’m not very good; I am never on pitch, in tune or frankly
even singing the right words. But like so many of us out there
(even if you don’t admit it) we really have a desire to learn
how to sing, whether it be for professional gain or for the
sheer joy of sounding good at the local Karaoke bar. Never
have I met someone that actually gave me the confidence to
think, “I could be a good singer, or actually learn how to sing
and be good at it.” Then I met Roger Burnley, who much to
my shock, told me he doesn’t believe people are tone deaf.
He believes anyone can learn to sing, where there is a will
there is a way.

Roger is originally from Chicago where he began his

singing career in grade school at the mere age of 12. He was
selected to be a member of the Chicago All City High School
chorus, which was quite an honor. It was with this choir and
the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, that he got his first profes-
sional experience.

Roger then moved to New York City where he focused

on Musical Theatre as well as some opera. In 1982 he settled
in Los Angeles where he continued his studies with many dif-
ferent vocal coaches. Roger was dealing with his own vocal
issues, and through this he began developing his own train-
ing techniques and has been teaching voice since 1988. All

of this really began in a unique way Eric Balfour, Dee Dee Warwick, Viola I found to make this truly unique was
when a doctor in Beverly Hills, began Wills, The Beauties with Jason Nesmith that you could correspond back and
referring patients to Roger for rehabili- (son of Mike Nesmith, the Monkees), forth with Roger on a personal level.
tation. The doctor would send over the Solomon Burke, Jr., Pepper MaShay, He doesn’t just send his training videos
“problem” in medical terms (which as and many more session singers, song- to you and leave you there to figure it
we all know can seem like a foreign writers and rising stars. all out by yourself.
language) so Burnley began research-
ing each issue and worked with each As we all know, the Internet is Some people heard I was writ-
patient to take care of his or her vo- a massive vessel for all sorts of good ing an article about Roger and since
cal issues. A lot of this understanding or bad information. Well… Roger has then, I have been getting emails from
came from Roger’s own insecurity in his tapped into the good side. He has just complete strangers telling me how dear
voice; he was always having problems realized his third vocal instructional and special Roger is to them, and what
with his voice. Regardless of all his own video “Roger Burnley’s Singing-Made- an impact he has had on the vocal
personal vocal success, he never really Simple.” But it is so much more than community. I’d have to say I was the
trusted his ability. He felt there was an instructional video; it’s a whole vo- most impressed with Roger and how he
something that he wasn’t doing quite cal training program; it’s one on one uses his talents, patience, the Internet
right. So he always continued to learn. lessons, without having to get out of and his passion to help inspire artists
It was through all this he discovered bed. For every single person that gets and individuals all over the world.
something that he was doing wrong. “Roger Burnley’s Singing-Made-Simple”,
you get access to a members only site. For more information, or to con-
Something in his voice, that was never
Here you can upload questions directly tact Roger, visit: www.RogerBurnley.
corrected, resulting in him damaging
to Roger, upload MP3’s and video for com”
his voice. After coming to the realiza-
tion that no one needed to damage Roger to critique
their voice in order to be a profession- and give feedback,
al singer, Roger began teaching others. read Roger’s blog,
Roger has such a talented ear that and interact with
he can hear right away, when listen- other artists and
ing to his students, what the problem users. Not only
is in their voice. Roger has taught the that, but there are
likes of Macy Gray, Brandy, Ray-J, Macy a few extras that
Gray, Brandy, Ray J, Nona Gaye (Marvin only members get
Gaye’s daughter), James Tormé (son of access to. The
Mel Tormé) Adam Yauch (Beastie Boys), key element that

Inner Accent
Discovering Your
They say laughter is the best medi-
cine; well it is also a terrific teaching
tool. This is the motto that Claudette
Roche, the Accent Coach, lives by. And
her raw talent for discerning and teach-
ing the way we speak is nothing to joke
Born in London, England, Claudette moved to
Montreal, then Toronto, Canada before making Los Angeles
home. Consequently, she found her accent ever changing
as she adapted to her new surroundings. She developed a
love and respect for accents and an exceptionally keen ear
for phonetics from living in four of the most cosmopolitan
cities in the world.

Claudette is an award winning actress and a veteran

of stage and screen, as well. She has appeared on more
than 100 television shows, numerous theatrical plays and
many commercials throughout her career, using her gift for
accents to create a broad range of characters in many of By: Brea Tisdale
her roles. She draws on her own experience when working
with actors to help develop full characters.

She states, “Foreign actors working here need Claudette teaches well-established and
an American accent. It’s crucial to being versatile aspiring actors, working one-on-one in her of-

and more cast-able.” As her students’ testimonials fice, on film/TV production sets or via Skype.
attest, she is astonishingly adept at teaching the She adds, “ There’s no accent I can’t do or
way we Americans really speak. Her attention to teach.” As part of her dedication, she’s in con-
detail is impressive, pointing out to me how we very tact with people from all over the globe, absorbing
often use the word ‘innernet’ for ‘internet’, removing their delicate lilts and rhythms. And she generously
the middle T and barely using the final T. And ‘I’ll Tweets accent how-tos every week.
go’ becomes ‘all go’. She picks up on the slightest
Claudette encourages actors to build a rep-
sounds that many Americans don’t notice we make.
ertoire. Her advice, “Assess your look and learn
accents for which you will most likely be cast. Be
And Claudette’s foreign accent repertoire is prepared to land that next role, no matter what the
amazing. As we chatted, she spoke in a perfectly accent. Book the PAHT and become a STAH.”
neutral American accent but in a flash she switched
to Cockney, Irish, New York, French, Texan, Chinese,
Jamaican and Russian. And what’s so wonderful isn’t
just that she can do accents, it’s that she can teach
them. Within 15 seconds, her accessible technique
had me speaking with a British accent. She wrote
down the word PART and then underneath, wrote
PAHT, saying, “AH is the sound you make when you
see a cute baby.” It’s this rare combination of charm
and talent that sets her aside, it’s not something
we’re all born with. It’s a true gift.

San Francisco
LA meets
When looking for

good voice-over and

acting training, Los
Angeles and New
York usually top
the list. That is un-
til I found Voice One in
San Francisco. For over
twenty years, Voice One
has offered a compre-
hensive voice-over and
acting training program.
Under the direction of owner/founder
and author of the best selling voice-
over book, There’s Money Where
Your Mouth Is, Elaine Clark offers a games, toys, films and TV. Voice One also performs produc-
one-stop-shop to learn how to make tion services in casting, directing, and recording.
money as a professional voice-over, stage, film, Curriculum at Voice One is based on four major com-
and commercial actor. ponents: Sub-text, Technique, Spontaneity, and Style. Core
Why San Francisco rather than LA? Well, the City curriculum classes include four tracks: Commercial, Narration,
(that’s what the locals call it) has it all. It’s known Character, and Business/Marketing. Classes are ongoing
for its creative ad agencies. In fact, many consider throughout the year. During the summer, Voice
San Francisco the 4th largest market in advertising One offers a three-week Summer Fast Track.
after LA, NY, and Chicago. Silicon Valley, home to It includes one full week each of commercial,
By: Brea Tisdale

many high tech companies like Apple, Google, Ebay, narration, and character classes. Students from
and Yahoo, provides a wealth of corporate narration all over the world (including Japan, Germany,
and on-camera spokesperson jobs. The video game China, Canada, and Mexico) train at Voice
industry, which started in the Bay Area, is thriving. One.
Toy companies like Leap Frog guarantee toy voice Every teacher at Voice One is a working
work for many local actors. The independent film professional – actor, producer, director, tal-
business is steady and TV shows, like Trauma, hire ent agent, casting director, or engineer - with
local actors. Plus, the Bay Area has little compa- real life experiences and knowledge to share.
nies like Pixar, Lucas Arts, Skywalker Sound, and Classes are designed to help students become
Electronic Arts in its backyard. professional actors or at the very least be-
The driving force behind Voice One, Elaine come better communicators. What I learned in
Clark, is an award winning actor, director, producer, talking to Ms. Clark is that the job of a great
teacher and playwright. She is a member of SAG communicator is to engage the audience, make
and AFTRA and has performed in hundreds of voice- them feel the message, and take action. That, it turns out,
over and on-camera commercials, industrial narrations, video is harder than you think!

Average class size is around a dozen people but var-

ies based on class structure. The place to start, Intro to
Voice-Over and Acting, is offered every six weeks or so.
Investment is only $30. Weekends and evenings are primary
class times.

Voice One provides a supportive, nurturing environ-

ment that offers students with the tools and strengths
they need to become working professionals in the voice-
over and acting business. So whether you are new to the
business or want to improve your skills, Voice One in San
Francisco has you covered. Indeed, like the title of Ms.
Clark’s book, “There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is!” To
learn more about Voice One, check out www.voiceoneon-, call 415.974.1103, or email

training takes the form of a dedi- years of what Suzanne humbly refers
cated vocal coach who inspires her to as “on the job training” in over 28
students to think outside the box.. shows on and off Broadway, Tours,
In today’s professional environment including a sixteen year affiliation with
it isn’t good enough to be good. the Disney Company, are the founda-
You must bring something fresh and tion for her practical approach. “It’s
original to the table. Tapping into all air compression. In singing, your
your uniqueness and authenticity is body is the instrument; your voice is
what makes us hirable and gives our the music. You sing with a still open
careers longevity. throat. It takes both physical and men-
tal coordination to accomplish this,
In her Alhambra studio Suzanne much like playing tennis or dancing,”
trains students to do just that. “It all explains Suzanne. Summing up, she
begins with developing sound vocal adds, “When a student stops listening
technique,” says Suzanne referring to the sound of his or her own voice
to her use of the time-honored Bel
Canto method, “The speak-
ing and the singing voice
are the same voice. There is
one voice; but many styles
of singing.” Suzanne guides
We profes-
Voice with Song

her students through the

sionals all discovery of this connec-
tion navigating the technical
know how requirements of the music
crucial it which paves the way for cre-
ating compelling moments in
is to find your performance. “This is
training what engages the listener—
critics, casting directors, mu-
that pro- sical directors, and audience
pels us members included. It’s those
to break moments that tip the balance
in your favor and separates
through you from the other hundred
our barri- people they’ve heard,” ex-
plains Suzanne. “Which is
ers of ex- exactly what happened in

By: Brea Tisdale

pectations my career. I was cast in the
first Broadway show I audi-
and craft tioned for. I was the only
to possi- one called back out of the
bilities that three hundred other singers
auditioning that day because
otherwise I had a moment that stood
lie just out from the crowd.”

outside Suzanne points out

that today’s talent are no
our grasp. longer given the same op-
For those who
portunity for preparation as
study and work
in the days of the Hollywood
with Suzanne
studio system when studios
Lukather, that
took young talent under their
and starts focusing on the visceral ex-
wings and trained them to
perience of singing, they are on the
sing, dance, and act. This
right track.”
system produced stars
like Gene Kelly and Fred Suzanne struck me at first im-
Astaire, who were not pri-
pression, as someone who is honest,
marily singers, but had the
passionate, and confident. I am happy
voice training to introduce
some of the most famous to report after getting to know her
standards in the Great more, first impressions are lasting.
American Songbook.
Suzanne Lukather’s professional
Suzanne’s undergradu- affiliations include AEA, SAG, AFM, and
ate and post-graduate study NATS.
at University of California
and Julliard as well as thirty Studio contact: 800.676.5204

“The Science
of Switching”
Steven Memel, one
of our Top Picks for vo-

By: Brea Tisdale

cal technique and perfor-
mance coaches, is leading
a New Revolution. He is
the energy behind and the
inventor of “The Science
of Switching On.” This new
and disruptive technology
is a step-by-step approach
that brings together the vi-
tal elements every artist
must have. It’s the magical
interplay between technical,
emotional, mental, and en-
ergetic elements that make
unforgettable, compelling
He doesn’t’ buy into the idea that there is
performances. right or wrong when it comes to art, there is just
you. He believes that in order to get the most out
I was able to speak with Steven last week and
of your voice you have to develop all parts of
found myself enlightened by what he had to say. I dis-
yourself. “The Science of Switching On,” is the first
covered that he became a teacher at the young age
system that integrates the physical, mental, emo-
of 19 years old. It happened by chance in College;
tional, and energetic parts to deliver the best you.
a teacher pulled him aside and told him that he was
too qualified to be in the class. Steven needed the Steven is committed to
easy credit so he struck a deal with the professor. being a contribution to his
Steven taught part of the class for the rest of the students, and most impor-
semester; and that was when and where the magic tantly to the world. Steven
began. has the ability to open the
door to spontaneous cre-
Steven’s belief in people is beyond extraordinary.
ativity that gives way to im-
He truly believes that there is only one art, and that
mediate transformation. His
art is you. What is refreshing is that Steven doesn’t
students literally step over
adhere to most rules, he finds them limiting. The prin-
the line from good to great.
ciples behind the “The Science of Switching On” are
Steven works with Singers,
based on methods that break patterns and literally
Actors, Voiceover Artists and
take the mask off traditional voice and performance
Public Speakers.

HW’s Top Picks for Acting Coaches
Your Artistic

By: Brea Tisdale

As an actor, one is always schools. Founded by renowned to its approach to Acting, the BHP
looking for a trusted solid com- director and teacher Milton instructs its students in the areas
munity one can be apart of. A Katselas, the BHP has for over thirty of Career Administration and the
community that will allow them years offered ongoing intensive proper Attitude that will help you
to spread their wings, and grow scene-study classes for both the survive and handle any negativity
as a person and as an actor. professional actor and those who that comes up in the pursuit of a
Unfortunately for some they fall in are looking to develop themselves life in the arts.
the wrong place and fortunately into professional actors.
Breaking into the entertain-
for others they fall into a place
The BHP trains actors in a ment industry is hard enough, so
that is established and trusted, The
down-to-earth fashion, with easily don’t let the training and guid-
Beverly Hills Playhouse.
applied techniques to create full, ance you choose be a burden,
The BHP is one of Los Angeles’ believable performances that en- trust a place that was trusted by
oldest and most respected acting lighten and entertain. In addition so many others.

Non- Method

Lesly Kahn & Company is get an audition today and be

not a conservatory program able to book it tomorrow, to in-
promoting love and passion for stantly figure out what the writer
the craft of being unemployed! wrote and make it their own. To
Most acting schools teach one learn to immediately translate
of the several derivatives of casting director “language”
Method Acting (like Strasberg, into actor “language”- so that
Adler, Meisner, etc) For those of you can execute the requested
you unfamiliar with it, Method is adjustments. Here you will also
an acting technique originated learn to survive the ups and
by Stanislavski at the Moscow downs of life as an actor and
Art Theatre in Russia in the late conquer.
1800’s. It’s an incredible thing,
At LK and Company you
but it’s also old. More impor-
will rarely hear about actions,
tantly- it was created for the
objectives, substitution or sense
stage before film and television
memory. There will be no per-
exsited. Method acting prob-
sonal objects, no repetition or
ably isn’t the reason an actor
private moments. At Lesly Kahn
quites college/ the family busi-
they are teaching you to be
ness and/ or pissed off their par-
prepared for real life situations
ents/ dumped their high school
you will face as an actor in Los
sweetheart to do.
Angeles in 2010. So ditch the
So what do people come method, because it won’t get
to Lesly Kahn for? They come to you the job!

How to Ignite Your
Acting Fire By: Brea Tisdale

multiple times. Jentzen cap- Jentzen has created a

tures the essence of artistry in unique series of Power Tools
each individual, incorporating that enable actors to go be-
Chekhov, Adler, Strasberg and yond their limits to bring out
Meisner - she is THE expert in ar- their best performance. “The
tistic creation. Jentzen Technique” generates
consistently strong auditions
Jentzen’s students
and characters that stand out
have booked roles on hit TV
from the pack. “A career is
shows such as Dexter, Lost,
built on one good audition after
Flashforward, The Forgotten,
another,” says Jentzen. “When
Grey’s Anatomy, Madmen,
you consistently give better
Heroes and 24 and in feature
and better auditions, you gen-
films including The Notebook,
erate the confidence to create
Confessions of a Dangerous
professional breakthroughs.”
Mind, Flags of our Fathers,
She goes on to explain that a
In acting, we often hear Zodiac and Resident Evil, to
great actor doesn’t get caught
CD’s, directors and coaches name just a few. Under her
watching themselves, but rath-
talk about listening, connect- tutelage, her actors have also
er lives into the life of the role.
ing and finding your center. gone on to star in Broadway
Actors have to stay grounded productions such as Rent and Just by talking with Kimberly
and learn to navigate through Mama Mia. Jentzen, one will begin to feel
life experiences, emotions and empowered, feel that little act-
Classes start with a warm-
fears. We don’t come out of ing light inside begin to flicker.
up, a visualization exercise
the womb prepared to go Jentzen believes there is a fire
that connects actors internally
after a career in acting; we inside all of us and that we must
and channels their imagina-
need someone to guide and find the energy that ignites it.
tion and concentration. She
direct us. We need a teacher Her book, Acting with Impact:
teaches techniques that build
who can help us tap into our Power Tools to Ignite the Actor’s
the actor’s process: scene
creative force and access our Passion will be available soon
work, monologues and cold
inner-selves. and is a must read for anyone
readings as well as on-camera
wanting to find their fire.
Luckily, actors in Los work, charac-
Angeles have premier act- ter develop-
ing coach, Kimberly Jentzen. ment and script
Jentzen has been coaching breakdown.
successful film, television and Actors develop
theatre actors for more than confidence and
twenty years. She has been hone the skills
featured in numerous publi- necessary to
cations and voted “Favorite book jobs and
Acting Coach” in Los Angeles build successful

The Playground
By: Brea Tisdale

They say kids are some of unique because they absorb involve into the superstars we
the most honest people, they so much, so you are inevita- all know them as.
haven’t been around long bly making a large impact
The challenges Gary and
enough to be “tainted” or jad- on who they will become.
the teachers (who by the way
ed by society. They don’t un- Spatz explains that kids keep
are all actors themselves) find
derstand tact, or the concept you grounded, forcing you
is that you have to keep ev-
behind a “white lie.” They are to be a better teacher, more
erything playful. Gary says that
real, honest and define the def- engaged, conquering chal-
acting is a child’s art form,
inition of living in the moment. lenges. You have to keep the
adults have to give themselves
children constantly involved,
For Gary Spatz, Director permission to pretend, children
so they aren’t “skipping” out
of the “The Playground”, this is on the other hand, are escap-
on you. So he is constantly up-
exactly what he does. When I ing reality at all times. They will
dating his material and lessons,
met Gary I walked into what trust in the reality that you tell
in fact he has a huge library
looked like the most amazing them to be true. So when they
scripts ranging from television
place to hang out, play, dis- escape to the moments on the
shows, past and present, films
cover and find my inner child. script, they exist in this world,
and theatre. So there is always
His studio consists of multiple they are apart of it.
something for everyone, allow-
rooms, with different types of
ing a young actor to really ex- Let’s be honest though
sets, and “playgrounds.” Even
pand his or her wings. dealing with children can be
though it was silent when I was
very difficult at times too, it
there, I could tell these walls Gary worked as an acting
takes a special person to be
were graced with the presence coach and creative consultant
able to do the things Gary
of innocent creativity, laugh- on the Mickey Mouse Club,
Spatz does. He has the es-
ing children and kids learning and he said it was such a plea-
sence of a child, the insight of
what it is to be an actor. sure to watch the kids (which
an adult, and a heart of gold.
I think we all know who these
Gary says it is his privilege The magic that happens over
very famous group of young
to be working with children. He at The Playground you can tell
ones are) stay on the path and
spends all his weekend down is real, honest and empower-
continue their journey. I sup-
at the studio, running around ing, if I wasn’t 25 years old I
pose that is one of the major
“The Playground”. Spatz ex- would have been down at The
benefits to coaching young
plains teaching children is Playground myself!
children, you get to see them

tHe World of
imagination By: Brea Tisdale

You don’t have to travel here in Los Angeles; Theatre

all the way to Russia to learn Tribe-
At Stuart Rogers studio
about some of the wonderful . Which he won an Ovation
you will find yourself filled with
things to come from there (and award for directing and has
knowledge, experience, cre-
no I am not talking just about been nominated for several
ative growth and chance
Vodka). Here in Los Angeles Circle Awards.
to really enter the world of
you can find someone who
So what makes his teach- imagination.
is founded in the teachings
ing so special? The classes are
of Stanislavski, Chekhov and
no more than 26 people, and
many other incredible Russian
the students are put together
acting teachers, that set the
not based on how long they
foundation for what is know as
have been there, or any sort
“the method”. Locally, Stuart
of interview process. They are
Rogers has his studio founded
placed with people that are
in the core and “imagination”
at the same level of them
of these great Russian acting
professionally. So you truly
are surrounded by a group
Stuart is a third generation of your peers, meaning the
entertainment professional; things that you are experienc-
coming from a father who was ing and going through profes-
a prominent theatre producer. sionally, everyone around you
Stuart himself was an actor for in your class is going through
12 years and was a member of the same thing. You grow with
the Circle Rep. Theatre; in fact your professional experience.
he has been in over 50 equity Another thing I enjoyed about
plays. Not only did Stuart em- Stuart’s set-up was that all of
brace himself into the perfor- the teachers involved in the
mance aspect of things, he studio are not teaching be-
also put himself through the cause they couldn’t make it
entire spectrum of the film as an actor, they all at some
and theatre; from sweeping point made it as an actor and
the floors, to stage-managing, are teaching because they
writing, directing and produc- want to be teaching, not be-
ing. Eventually leading him to cause they have to.
have his own theatre company

Exploring Your Voice
By: Brea Tisdale Sometimes we let our nerves, Amy owns and teaches out
feelings or just plain lack of of Isis Studio just a few miles north
knowledge get in the way of let- of the No Ho Arts District. In addi-
ting our true ‘voice’ come out. tion, she is a dialects, voice and
Understanding one’s voice and speech teacher at the Idyllwild
how to use it properly is the most Arts Academy and just finished
important tool one has when giv- coaching CSUN Opera, “Street
ing a speech, communicating on Scene”. By combining Fitzmaurice
a daily level or most importantly with all that she has learned along
when acting. her journey she has developed her
own unique way to help students
Actors are not only sometimes
and clients access their emotions
required to speak in different dia-
and bring those emotions onto
lects; they must be understood/
text. Amy Sue strives for truth; so
heard by the audience. To bet-
much so that what she works to-
ter do this one needs to explore
wards in her teaching is honesty.
how their breath works inside their
One can be truthful in what they
body to produce speech. This
say, but it may not always be
can seem overwhelming to any-
one who is thinking of working with
the voice as a means to reach a Amy Sue is constantly grow-
deeper or different level of acting, ing and learning herself, from
however with the help of Amy Sue other teachers and from working
Fall this process can be much less directly with people. She believes
daunting and perhaps even fun. in the importance of constantly
Amy Sue is a certified Associate expanding and moving forward
Teacher of Fitzmaurice voice yet always staying in a very honest
work® and a certified Colaianni ‘space.’ To this end she has cre-
Speech Practitioner. She received ated the “Methods Workshops”.
her MFA from Roosevelt University Here she gathers teachers from
Conservatory in Chicago & around the globe, from different
Linklater trained by a Master English speaking disciplines (voice,
Designated Linklater Teacher. speech, Shakespeare, movement
etc.) to teach together in one
Amy Sue was introduced to
week. This allows dedicated stu-
Louis Colaianni when having prob-
dents an “all in one” studio train-
lems with a dialect teacher. A
ing experience by working directly
friend of hers recommended him
with Masters of a specific field.
and put them in touch. Through
Louis and his “phonetic pillow” Amy Sue Fall believes in the
technique, Amy Sue fell (even power of the Voice and has the
deeper) in love with voice and love, honesty and dedication to
speech work. After apprenticing back up her extensive training
with him, she started teaching and certification.
Louis’s work at universities across
the US, but eventually the warmer
weather called and she made
the move to Los Angeles seven
years ago.

Let’s Make Believe By: Brea Tisdale

Let’s face it Los Angeles is 15 years experience as an actor;

home to the land of entertain- he got his MFA on the east coast,
ment, dreams and endless pos- where he continued to perform
sibilities. Many of us come here in countless Broadway shows. of multiple rehearsals. It is of up
to try and “make” it. Trying to He finished his studies at the Uta most importance to him that his
achieve what everyone back at Hagen studio. Speiser made it students be prepared for the
home said was impossible, scary his point to understand all the real world, be prepared to be a
or “too risky.” The problem is dis- techniques out there on acting, working, paid actor. It’s also very
covering what is real and what is because he believes techniques important to him that every one
someone trying to take advan- are a process to get you to living of his teachers at the school are
tage of you? Especially for ac- in the imagination in the script. teachers, not “part time” actors.
tors, where does one go to find a He likes to minimize the faking He says that if you are a teach-
good mentor, someone who will and use the imagination, when er, than you are committed to
guide them and teach them in talking and listening. Saying it’s teaching and to the training of
an honest way? And when they about knowing how to make the teaching the craft.
do find these teachers, are they imagination real, his bottom line
Most of Aaron’s students are
going to give them the tools to is “make yourself believe.”
with the studio for two years, and
work professionally or are they
The unique thing about he says that when they leave
only going to teach them how
Aaron is his specialty is film and they are ready for the profes-
to rehearse and perform in a
television since we are locat- sional world and not the world of
closed private classroom?
ed in Los Angeles, the hub of class. Aaron knows the hard work
Enter Aaron Speiser, a man Film and TV. He believes this is and dedication it takes to being
who truly is inspiring and infor- the 21st century and that there an actor and he knows how to
mative to listen to. I found myself should be no rehearsal, in fact harness, prepare and achieve
getting off the phone with Aaron he doesn’t let any of his students results to get actors ready for the
wanting to know more, learn rehearse, he says that in the real working environment.
more, discover more. Aaron has world, you don’t have the luxury

60 beers | full bar | kitchen
6683 hollywood blvd | 323-460-6608 | 7 days 11:30am-2am

Shaun Twiddy

New Talent
Aloha, meet 10-year-
old Shaun Twiddy
from Hawaii

He is an actor, model,
singer, ukulele player,
bowler and aspiring

By the first grade, he

had already gotten
a role as an extra on
“Lost.” Shaun was
very curious about
how television shows
are produced, and how
the cameramen and
Hair color: black director work.
Eye color: brown Shaun’s agent believes
Height: 4’ 6” Shaun will be the next
Ron Howard because
Weight: 62 lbs of this. He also likes
being in front of the
camera and meeting
Cell: (808) 368-7993 new friends.

email: (310) 836-2446 Beverly Hills (773) 973-1251 Chicago


(32 3 ) 9 6 5 - 0 5 5 5




sHar monroe


Photo Credit: Patrick Bastien Photography


la tHeatre Beat
Winter is finally here, and though

it’s really cold now for southern Questa Gleason and directed by Chelsea Sutton, it runs
December 3 through December 19 at The Eclectic Company
California, our local theatres are hot- Theatre in Valley Village. For tickets call 818-508-3003
or visit
ter than ever with new shows, like:

“Island of Brilliance” the play revolves around Eve,

a unique young college woman who displays unusual hon-
esty and generosity. When her older sister (who has an
IQ of forty) begins reciting poetry, her life is disrupted
in a complex series of events that shape Eve’s future.
Written by Dawn O’Leary and directed by Wynn Marlow, it
runs December 2 through January 16 at Pacific Resident
Theatre in Venice. For tickets call 310-822-8392 or visit

“Radio City Christmas Spectacular” The West

coast production was specifically designed for large-scale
venues and replicates on a grand scale the exact produc-
tion of The Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall.
Audiences are taken on a theatrical journey that the entire
family can enjoy together. Children thrill as Santa takes
the audience on a magical sleigh ride to the North Pole,
while parents marvel at the unparalleled precision dance
of the Radio City Rockettes. The Christmas Spectacular is
truly unique in its universal appeal to people of all ages.
“Remembering The Ladies” salutes the legendary From small children to grandparents, this dazzling holiday
ladies with song, story and film clips, featuring memorable production is guaranteed to bring smiles to their faces and
moments from the legendary careers of Judy Garland, help create wonderful family memories to last a lifetime.
Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Debbie Reynolds, Carol The production is enhanced by an immense LED screen
Channing, Shirley Bassey, Liza Minnelli, Lucille Ball, Lena that transports the audience from a wintry landscape to
Horne, Peggy Lee, Edith Piaf and more. Written by Toni Times Square to Santa’s Workshop right before their very
Morrell and directed by Karen G. Cadle, it runs December eyes. The larger than life sets and awe-inspiring special
2 through December 31 at the El Portal Theatre in North effects allow families to connect with both the intimacy
Hollywood. For tickets call 818-508-4200 or visit www. and grandness of The Christmas Spectacular as they are immersed in the warmth and grandeur of the holiday
spirit. From the moment guests settle into their seats,
the audience becomes part of the spectacular’s magical
experience. Fan-favorites like the legendary “Parade of the
Wooden Soldiers,” which continues to set the standard as
the signature Rockette number for precision performance,
and the “Living Nativity” remain a vital part of the show’s
core. And the Rockettes will undoubtedly bring the audi-
ence to their feet with a Rockette finale “Let Christmas
Shine,” which honors and celebrates the Rockettes as the
stars of the show. Directed and choreographed by Linda
Haberman, it runs December 6 through December 7 at
the Honda Center in Anaheim, and December 9 through
December 12 at the Nokia Theatre LA Live in Los Angeles.
For tickets call 800-745-3000 or visit www.ticketmas-

“Bullshot Crummond and the Invisible Bride of

“Traveling Carnival Freakshow” A holiday-themed Death” Vile Teutonic arch-villain Otto Von Bruno and his
show featuring an amalgam of elements of theatre, dance, femme fatale companion Lenya have gained control of a
burlesque and cabaret. Written by Chelsea Sutton and

powerful and effective invisibility formula. They pursue a are to be hunted, thrown into prison or killed. Can the
fiendish plot to steal the Crown Jewels of Britain as they Animal Kingdom ban together and save the Wolf’s tail
plan a course to achieve world domination. Only two peo- in time? The story is humorous, with a message that
ple stand in the way of the wicked Von Bruno and Lenya: is universal. Written and directed by Vinnie Torrente, it
The intrepid adventurer Bullshot Crummond, champion of runs through December 12 at the Raven Theatre in North
all that is good and British - and his beautiful bride Hollywood. For tickets call 323-960-7726 or visit www.
Rosemary. But to retrieve the Crown Jewels, Bullshot and
Rosemary must not only defeat Von Bruno and Lenya, but
also the Moroccan terrorist and self-rule fanatic Al Shaitan
and his army of cutthroats. Written and directed by Ron
House, it runs December 10 through January 16 at the
Whitmore-Lindley Theatre in North Hollywood. For tickets
call 800-595-4849 or visit

“The First Jo-el” is a comedic parody of the story

of the nativity with the help of Piano Man, Billy Joel. Let
go of that New York State of Mind, and Say Goodbye to
Hollywood, and hello to Bethlehem! She’s Got a pregnant
Way About Her, but when they Tell Her About It that
there’s no room at the inn, Joseph and Mary are Movin’
Out to the manger. Come out and enjoy yourself for The
Longest Time! Written and directed by Matt Walker, it runs
December 10 through January 16 at the Falcon Theatre
in Burbank. For tickets call 818-955-8101 or visit www. “Uptown Downtown” Leslie Uggams stars in this dazzling musical evening where, in stories and song, she
recreates her extraordinary journey from uptown to down-
“Julia” set against a crumbling urban backdrop, this town, from Mitch Miller to “Roots,” from the Apollo Theater
is a touching and tender examination of a fifty-year-old to Broadway. Directed by Michael Bush with musical direc-
love – lost and reclaimed. Written by Vince Melocchi and tion by Don Rebic, it runs through December 12 at the
directed by Guillermo Cienfuegos, it runs December 11 Pasadena Playhouse in Pasadena. For tickets call 626-
through January 30 at Pacific Resident Theatre in Venice. 356-7529 or visit
For tickets call 310-822-8392 or visit www.pacificresi- “Broadway Holiday” features much loved holiday
tunes as well as hits ranging from classic shows such as
“Calligraphy” Take one part stable cousin in Los My Fair Lady and South Pacific, through groundbreakers
Angeles, one part sexy blonde-wig-sporting cousin in Tokyo, like West Side Story and Chicago, to current blockbusters
and two parts aging mothers. Add ice, tension, shake it up, like Jersey Boys, and Wicked – performed by five top per-
and serve. Written by Velena Hasu Houston and directed formers from Broadway and a three-piece band. Created
by Jon Lawrence Rivera, it runs through December 12 at by Neil Berg, it runs December 17 through January 2 at
Los Angeles Theatre Center in Los Angeles. For tickets the Gil Cates Theater in the Geffen Playhouse in Westwood
call 866-411-4111 or visit Village. For tickets call 310-208-5454 or visit www.gef-
“Nightsong for the Boatman” Harry Appleman, an
aging, washed-up poet, plays dice with fate and loses.
Through various cunning contrivances, he tries to avoid
his mortality. He discovers his humanity when he learns
he can’t sacrifice his daughter, but a tricky graduate stu-
dent will do. Written by Jovanka Bach and directed by
John Stark, it runs through December 12 at the Odyssey
Theatre in West Los Angeles. For tickets call 310-477-
2055 or visit

“Cinderella: A Musical Extravaganza” takes the

traditional children’s fairytale and sets it to today’s music
and places it in a unique setting that has a comical twist
and incredible magic such as a pumpkin turning into a
carriage with real live ponies right before your very eyes.
Produced and directed by The Lythgoe Family, it runs
through December 19 at the El Portal Theatre in North
Hollywood. For tickets call 818-508-4200 or visit www.
“The Animals and Me” is about the rights of all “A Christmas Carol” is an all-new musical adapta-
mankind, as seen through the eyes of animals, as Wolf tion of the classic Christmas story. Written by Charles
and his family are stripped of everything they own. They

Dickens and directed by Christina Harris, it runs through in South Pasadena. For tickets call 866-811-4111 or visit
December 23 at the Sierra Madre Playhouse in Sierra
Madre. For tickets call 626-355-4318 or visit www.sier-
“Daddy Long Legs” is an exquisitely moving story of
a young orphan girl named Jerusha as she blossoms into
“Rock with You, The King of Pop’s Latin Side” is a a beautiful, intelligent and vivacious woman at the turn of
celebration of music and dance masterpieces made famous the last century. A trustee of the John Grier Orphanage of-
by the late, great Michael Jackson, done with a Latino beat fers Jerusha a proper education, but the benefactor’s only
and re-orchestrated in rhythms such as Salsa, Cha-cha-cha, requirements are that Jerusha never know his identity, and
Merengue, Bachata, Reggaeton and even some Latin Hip that she write him monthly (though he will not respond).
Hop. Written and directed by Seaon Stylist Bristol, it runs She sees him once in shadows and invents a nickname
December 23 through January 2 at the El Portal Theatre in for her mysterious patron—Daddy Long Legs. Her letters
North Hollywood. For tickets call 818-508-4200 or visit to him paint a moving portrait of her lonely life in the or- phanage, the development of her mind and spirit, and the
growing personal relationship that she develops with her
unseen benefactor. Written by John Caird and Paul Gordon,
it runs through December 26 at the Laguna Playhouse in
Laguna. For tickets call 949-497-2787 or visit www.

“A Christmas Carol” is a musical adaptation of

the classic holiday tale. Written by Charles Dickens and
directed by Tim Dietlein, it runs through December 24 at
the Glendale Centre Theatre in Glendale. For tickets call “Inspecting Carol” when a financially-strapped
818-244-8481 or visit Midwestern regional theater company is informed that their
annual endowment grant is in question, and an inspector
“A Christmas Carol” is the traditional staging of the will be paying a visit to decide their fate, a case of mistak-
classic holiday tale with many of the familiar actors seen en identity wreaks havoc and puts a riotous spin on their
in this production in previous years. Written by Charles already unusual version of “A Christmas Carol.” Written by
Dickens and directed by John-David Keller, it runs through Daniel Sullivan and The Seattle Repertory Company and
December 26 at the South Coast Repertory theatre in directed by Chris Winfield, it runs through January 2 at the
Costa Mesa. For tickets call 714-708-5555 or visit www. Lonny Chapman Theatre in North Hollywood. For tickets call 818-700-4878 or visit

“West Side Story” this musical follows the doomed

love story of two star-crossed lovers from rival gangs - the

“Sweet Mama String Bean: A Celebration of Blues

Woman Ethel Waters” is about legendary performer Ethel
Waters, star of radio, TV, Broadway and feature films, who Jets (a working-class white gang) and the Sharks (first-
was the daughter of a 12-year-old rape victim, but worked generation Puerto Ricans). Tony, a member of the Jets,
her way up through vaudeville to become a celebrated falls in love with Maria, sister of Bernardo, the leader of
blues singer and star in 12 Broadway productions, ulti- the Sharks. Directed by David Saint and choreographed by
mately becoming one of the highest paid entertainers in Joey McKneely, it runs through January 2 at the Pantages
America. Written by Vallimar Jansen and William L. Stout, it Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets call 800-982-2787 or
runs through December 31 at the Fremont Centre Theatre visit

la tHeatre Beat

Happy Holidays

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our publishers, ed-

itors, and support staff, for their tireless, ongoing efforts devoted
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Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all!