Q. discuss advantages/Disadvantages of Mealy vs Moore Design?

---------------------------------------------------------------------mealy vs moore machine ====================== The advantage of the Moore model is a simplification of the behaviour. The use o f a Mealy FSM leads often to a reduction of the number of states. Moore model is very easy to code. The program of Mealy is complex ---------------------------------------------------------------------difference between mealy and moore ================================== So if I can make state table of Both Designs mealy would always be my first choi ce. right? ---------------------------------------------------------------------difference between mealy and moore machine ========================================== See Mealy is faster than moore. Mealy Next state output is the function of state and input but the Moore next state is a function of previous state only --------------------------------------------------------------------difference between moore and mealy ================================== Whether it is mealy or moore,next state depends on both input a well as present state.only the difference is Output where u will take. ...in mealy,output depends on present input as well as state. but,in moore output is function of state only. so what are the advantages and disadvantages...? ================================================ mealy will be faster.In the sense that,output will change as soon as the input t ransition accoding to the logic. In moore,it has to wait for one clock cycle sin ce it changes with the state. Mealy is fast but it is asynchronous. since the output changes as soon as the in puts change according to the logic. so what is the problem...? ========================= problem is glitches [A glitch is a short-lived fault in a system]....for any asy nchronously behaving circuit will have glitches. And the most important disadvantage of Mealy is that It may lead to Metastabilit y. people will prefer moore as it is synchronous and u can convert mealy machine in to moore by just taking the registered output. generally,Moore will have more no of states compared to mealy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------Metastability --> ============= is a general scientific concept which describes states of delicate equilibrium. A system is in a metastable state when it is in equilibrium (not changing with t ime) but is susceptible to fall into lower-energy states with only slight intera ction. It is analogous to being at the bottom of a small valley when there is a

.deeper valley close by a local stability of a system at a local (but not global) minimum of a potential.

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