This article is directed to vedic astrologers or jyotish students who are familiar with the basic Jyotish concepts

and terminology, and it can be too difficult for beginners to understand. Part 1 Om Gam Ganapataye Namah! Astrology can be a very helpful tool to assess health matters on a individual, and a great help for doctors and medical practitioners to diagnose, prevent and treat diseases. Since diseases are related to Karma, and the Grahas are the instruments trough which the law of Karma operates, we can asses the general health of a person, the organs-areas of the body which can be prone to diseases, injuries or weaknesses, the different periods of time when those diseases or injuries are more likely to occur, the time they may last and the prescription of the best medical treatment and astrological remedies. There are many factors in a birth chart that can indicate weakness of a particular organ or area of the body. There are also protective factors which help or counteract the negative effects. Therefore, the jyotishi’s job is to look at the different signs and determine the weight of them on the overall situation. Just a single affliction to one part of the body can show some inconvenient situation regarding that organ. If there are benefic influences on that organ, the problem could show only occasionally or with only little repercussions, or the problem can be healed, whereas when we see many indications showing a weakness on a particular organ of the body and without protective influences, then a more difficult or incurable disease or injury of that part of the body will occur. Let’s analyze the more important health significations to look for on a chart: Significations of the planets: Each planet is a "Karaka" o "significator" meaning, it represents certain body parts and functions. Its condition, placement, dignity, aspects and strength will be one of the factors to determine the health situation. (The following underlined significations are the ones mention by B. Parashara Hora Sastra or Phaladeepika) The Sun The Sun is a general significator for health, strength and vitality on a chart. More specifically, it relates to the bones, right eye, sight, heart and stomach. Afflictions of the Sun can cause headaches, fever, Pitta diseases (which can manifest in the liver and gall bladder), bone problems, baldness, deficient blood circulation, heart problems, eye disease or stomach disease.

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On a psychological level the Sun rules the Self and personality and its affliction can cause low selfesteem, weak personality, ego conflicts or irritability. The Moon The Moon is also an important significator for health and vitality and general strength of a chart. It is considered the most important Graha in vedic astrology. The moon represents the mind and emotions, it is related with Kapha dosha (and Vata) and is very much related with the fluids of the body, the mucus and phlegm, the blood, the left eye, the sense of taste, the female reproductive organs, the breast and milk, the chest area, the longs. Afflictions to the Moon can be cause mental, psychological and emotional problems, psychiatric diseases, excess or lack of sleep, dullness or laziness. Mars Mars represents the muscles, head, testicles, virility, bone marrow, sight, bile, blood pressure, hemoglobin, injuries, accidents, violence, as well as general vigor and vitality. The afflictions and influences of Mars on other organs can cause cuts, wounds, surgery, injury by weapons, itching of the skin, bone fractures, hemorrhoids, miscarriages and abortions. It rules the Pitta constitution, aggravation and type of diseases. In the psychological level it can create an aggressive or violent nature and even crime. Mercury Mercury has a combination of the 3 ayurvedic doshas: vata, pitta and kapha. It rules over the skin, sense of smell, memory, intelligence, speech, consciousness, respiratory canal, intestines, throat. Its afflictions can be a cause for mental aberrations, defective speech, nervous breakdown, lack of discrimination, skin diseases, impotence, ear diseases, deafness, and bad dreams. Jupiter Jupiter is a Kapha or phlegmatic planet. It rules over fat of the body, the liver, gall bladder, spleen, sense of sound, ears. Its afflictions can cause liver disorder, diabetes, obesity, ear disorders, laziness, feet and hips problems. Being Jupiter a great natural benefic planet, if it is well placed and strong it can be a great protection against diseases. Jupiter strong in an angle house is said to protect from a great number of afflictions. Being it a slow moving planet, its related diseases tend to last for long time or may become chronic. Venus Venus is a Vata and Kapha planet (wind and phlegm) It rules semen and seminal fluid, sense of taste, sexual organs, reproductive system, sexuality, face. Its afflictions can be related with sexual problems or aberrations, diseases of the sexual- generativeurinary organs, venereal disease, eye disease, kidney stones and ailments, laziness and endocrinal diseases. Saturn Saturn governs mainly the Vata or airy humor. It rules over the muscles, sense of touch, nerves, joints, legs, knees, ankles. Being the slowest moving planet and naturaly related with suffering and pain, it rules over chronic, incurable and long lasting diseases. Its related afflictions can be: Vata disorders, cancer, tumors, stomach troubles, excess of gas, joint problems, paralysis, exhaustion and fatigue, and mental disorders like depression, melancholy, fears or even suicidal tendencies.

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surgery. being Aries the first house of the Zodiac. phobias. There is a correlation between the houses with the same concept. fevers.0 http://www. umbilical region. Afflictions of the planets: Affliction to the planets can cause weakness. neck. wounds.PDF4Free v2. He is also a general significator for disease. cuts.). kidneys PDF Creator . viral infections. Taurus the second and so on. accidents. Rahu afflicting the Moon can create several mental and physical disorders Rahu in particularly rules over poison. 8th or 12th (unless in its own house or exaltation sign) Aspected or conjoined by malefic planets or planets ruling the dushtana houses or the 3rd or11th lords Hemmed in between two malefic planets. upper abdomen and liver Virgo and the 6th house represent the Hips. Aries and the 1st house represent the head Taurus and the 2nd house represent the face.). disease or injury of the respective organ or body area. compulsive behavior.).) lower abdomen. personification of time. Weak or badly placed in the Vargas (divisional charts) Combusted (too close to the Sun) Defeated in planetary war In close conjunction with Rahu or Ketu Being “sandhi” with less than one degree of the beginning or end of a sign. The aspect or conjunction of a benefic planet or the lord of the trikona houses on the afflicted planet can help a great deal to neutralize or reduce its damage and indicates a possibility of healing. the belly (ph. A planet can be consider as afflicted when: • • • • • • • • • Placed in its debilitation sign Placed in the dushtana houses: 6th.d. The following underlined significations are the ones mentioned in Parashara H. and mysterious or hard to diagnose . and it can cause injuries. and so on with the other houses and signs.d. intoxication. and can be related to the same kind of afflictions. chest (bphs)and breast Leo and the 5th house represent the stomach (bphs). intestines. worries. and lower back Libra and the 7th house represent the waist (ph. Ketu “Kuj vat Ketu” means that Ketu behaves like Mars.pdf4free. most psychological and psychiatric disorders. being the zodiac a representation of his different body parts. intestinal worms and snake bites.S and Mantreshwara’s Phala Deepika.d.Rahu The scripture says “Shani vat Rahu” meaning that Rahu acts like Saturn.d). the space below the navel(bphs. and mouth Gemini and the 3rd house represent the upper limbs. The 1st house represents Aries. Cancer and the 4th house represent the heart (ph. shoulders. (Bphs. throat. Significations of the Rashis (signs) and Bhavas (Houses) The Vedas and other ancient scriptures describe the sky as the “Kala Purusha” the “Divine cosmic being”. the second house represents Taurus. addictions.). reproductive and urinary organs. arms and hands (Parashara) chest(upper) (phaladeepika). the loin (ph. fears. intestinal worms.

testicles. absorption. calves. mental pain or disease.PDF4Free v2. esophagus (upper part). milk. external genitals. anus. duodenum. pancreas. spleen. ulcers. lower legs. infancy The 1st house represents the body and its strenght. mouth. Alternate house for disease (6th from the 6th ) 12th house: feet. 5th house: the upper abdomen. thighs 10th house: Knees. hair.Scorpio and the 8th house represent the private parts. lungs. (some exceptions occur when the a dushtana lord is placed in another dushtana house creating a vipareet yoga. kidneys. mental . thinking. A retrograde planet is placed on that house. The ruler of the house is placed in its debilitation sign. learning process. tongue.0 http://www. the native may have to undergo some pain or disease related to those houses but it is usually overcome and turned into something good) The house is hemmed in between two malefic planets. 2nd house: face. diaphragm emotional wellbeing. semen. legs. losses. The 8th house is also very important in medical astrology as it is the house of longevity and death. Afflictions to the houses A house can be considered as afflicted and the corresponding body parts will suffer when: • • • • • • • • • • • There is a debilitated planet on that house. lungs. PDF Creator . hands. accidents. pain. hospitalization. prostate gland. chronic or incurable diseases. clavicles. 6th house: intestines. birth. and mental suffering and struggle. 9th house: Hips. right eye. body appearance. digestion. uterus. 11th house: left ear. teeth. The ruler of a dushtana house or the 3rd or 11th lords is placed on that house. ovaries.pdf4free. weak in the vargas combusted or defeated in planetary war There is a combustion or planetary war on that house The ruler of the house is placed in a dushtana house (with the same exceptions of vipareet yoga) The ruler of the house is aspected by a malefic or a dushtana lord. pregnancy. sleeping disorders. right ear. anus and rectum Sagittarius and the 9th house represent the thighs and hips Capricorn and the 10th house represent the knees Aquarius and the 11th house represent the calves(ph. but they seem to have a malefic influence on the house they are located. heart. sexual pleasure. neck throat. Retrograde planets are not necessary malefic to all the significations of the house. joints in general. eating habits. they are actually strong. sexuality. sexual organs. lower intestine 8th house: external genital organs. The ruler of the house is hemmed in between two malefic planets The ruler of the house is in close conjunction with Rahu or Ketu The house is aspected by malefic planets or dushtana lords. breast.) and ankles(bphs) Pisces and the 12th house represent the feet and sleep More detailed meaning of the houses: 1st house: head. liver.d. shoulders. surgery. gall bladder. wounds. speech. and rules over injuries. nose. physical fitness 4th house: Chest. mind. 7th house: urinary tract. lower back The 6th house is the house of diseases and health in general. ankles. arms. stomach. nails 3rd house: ears. Anyway. perineum. and it is one of the most important houses to analize in order to determine the general strength and health of a person. appendix. form of death. brain. which tends to destroy the negative implications.

There is a mention in the Vamana Purana about this signification: 1. 25.pdf4free. It is their imbalance or aggravation that causes the . 7. The 3 Doshas are: Vata The Air element (and ether) It is seated on the low intestines and is related with the gases in the body.PDF4Free v2. 12. who taught the science of Jyotish. 24. 11. 15.The aspect or conjunction of a benefic planet or the lord of the trikona houses on the afflicted house can help a great deal to neutralize or reduce its damage and indicates a possibility of healing. 8. also called “Doshas” literally meaning “faults” which constitute the body and must be kept in balance for perfect health. 13. 6. 9. 16. 3. 17. 19. 4. 18. 22. 5. 26. Most traditional ayurvedic doctors in India work together with Jyotish as a tool for diagnose and for determine the most suitable treatment for diseases. The principle of ayurveda is based on the 3 “Dhatus” humors. 21. 10. therefore Ayurveda can be translated as “The science of life” or the science of health. Aswini Bharani Krittika Rohini Mrgashira Aridra Punarvasu Pushyami Aslesha Magha Purvaphalguni Uttaraphalguni Hasta Chittra Swati Vishakha Anuradha Jyeshta Moola Purvashada Uttarashada Sravana Dhanishta Satabisha Purvabhadra Uttarabhadra Revati The knee Head Waist Legs the two eyes Hair fingers mouth nails nose sexual organs sexual organs the hands forehead teeth the upper limbs heart tongue both feet both thighs both thighs the ears back both sides of the chin the two sides of the body the two sides of the body The armpits Jyotish and ayurveda Ayurveda is the Vedic healing method or medical system. 2. Ayur means life and Veda means knowledge or science. PDF Creator . 27. also originated from the ancient Rishis. Signification of the Nakshatras The 27 stars or constellations are used by vedic astrology since the ancient times and they are very relavent to many aspects of life including health and each Nakshatra can be related with certain part or organ of the physical body. 14. 23.0 http://www. 20.

but being ruled by Saturn is likely to aggravate Vata as well) Taurus. (since Ketu behaves like Mars it also has a Pitta component) The signs Aries. For example. Astrology can also help to determinate which of the doshas is more likely to become aggravated. Pitta The fire element Fire is the element that allows the processes of digestion and assimilation. Aquarius (air signs) and Virgo are Vata signs (Virgo has a Kapha component too) How to determine the ayurvedic constitution by the birth chart.pdf4free. and what organs it can affect. defecating. Every person has a different combination and proportion of the 3 doshas which forms his or her inherent nature what is called the ayurvedic constitution or Prakruti. rheumatic and joint problems.0 http://www. The nature of the doshas will be related with the cause of a particular disease and that will be very important to determine the appropriate treatment. Sagittarius (fire signs) and Capricorn are Pitta signs (Capricorn has a mix of Pitta and Kapha because its an earth sign. height. Scorpio and Pisces are Kapha signs (Scorpio has a mix of Kapha and Pitta because it is ruled by Mars) Gemini. respiratory ailments. Leo. form of the eyes. asthma. excessive fat. Its imbalances can cause excessive phlegm and mucus. liver and gall bladder disorders. sinusitis. The ayurvedic constitution can be seen on the birth chart. size. According to Parashara: Sun is Pitta Moon is Vata and Kapha Mars is Pitta Mercury has a blend of the 3 humors Jupiter is Kapha Venus is Kapha and Vata Saturn is Vata Rahu is Vata Ketu is Vata. Some of them are: Observation of the body shape. transformation and chemical reactions in the body. and when. Kapha is a combination of earth and water elements It is the phlegm element which lubricates and protects the body and provides stability and strength. Observation of the pulse and temperature of the body. sleeping. laziness or lethargy. Cancer. tongue.Vata imbalances tend to create excessive gas and disturbed digestion. a few people may suffer from head aches. behavior and personality. but the cause of them could be very different in each of them depending on which dosha is the culprit. Observation of the eating preferences. obesity. Libra.PDF4Free v2. Each planet has an ayurvedic constitution or dosha associated. skin rashes. irritation and an aggressive . nails. mental agitation and nervousness. which can create ulcers. Phlegm is produce on the respiratory system but it gets seated mainly on the stomach. PDF Creator . and other daily habits as well as mental trends. Its imbalances can create excessive gastric acids and bile. in which periods of life. infections. The first thing an ayurvedic practitioner will do is to determine that proportion of the doshas in the individual constitution by several means.

Again we have to consider the Moon sign. as well as planets in conjunction with the Sun or aspecting the Sun. another Vata planet is conjunct the exact degree of the ascendant. We can see the strong influence of a very strong retrograde Saturn on the ascendant (Saturn is also the highest in shad bala strength) Rahu. but only in a smaller percentage. always cold. with a lot of intestinal gas and digestive . planets located here or aspecting or conjoining its lord are also important factors for determine the dosha and part of the body which is more likely to become aggravated and create disease. Any Planet which is very strong and tends to dominate the chart can be the giver of the main constitution. The 8th house is related to severe or chronic diseases and its Sign and planets located here can indicate the dosha and body parts likely to cause troubles. the Sun is the Karaka or significator of the 1st house and an important influence on the constitution. the strength of its lord. This will be easier to determine when there are more than one planet showing the same ayurvedic dosha. especially if the Moon is strong on the chart.• • • • • • The most important place to see the body and its nature is the 1st house or ascendant. which is aspected by Saturn and Rahu The influence of Mars on the 6th house and the Moon in Sagittarius show her secondary nature as Pitta.0 http://www. The Sign of the ascendant. She is very thin. the strength of its ruling planet and the nature of a planet placed on the ascendant will be an important influence on the constitution. Look at the Sign it is placed. conjunctions or aspects to the Moon. but also in man. more so if it is aspecting or related with the houses mentioned before. PDF Creator . The lagna lord Jupiter is conjunct Ketu(vata) and mercury in Virgo (a vata sign) She lost al lot of weight and was physically very weak during the moon Maha dasha. Example 1 is a case of a typical Vata Type.PDF4Free v2. The Moon is the next important factor. Strong planes aspecting the ascendant can also be a strong influence. never gain weight. Mind is very agitated. Next to the ascendant.pdf4free. The 6th house is the house of health and disease and its Sign. more so in the case of woman.

He suffered from knee injuries. frustration and irritability. Mars is aspecting the Sun. He is physically strong. He is prone to anger. due to the position of Saturn debilitated on the 8th house. During the Jupiter Dasha she started to gain a lot of weight.Example 2 case of Kapha . ruled by Jupiter who is aspecting the Sun. the lagna and the lagna lord Jupiter. plus the fiery energy of Ketu. big bones with a tendency to obesity.pdf4free. excess mucus and sinusitis.0 http://www. Venus and Jupiter are the strongest planets in shad bala. Venus is on the 6th house. The native has a big body. which can be seen on the affliction to the lagna lord in the 10th house by Mars and Ketu and aspected by Saturn and Rahu PDF Creator .PDF4Free v2. She gains weight easily and has a difficulty to control the eating habit (the lord of the 2nd house of eating is on the 6th house) The ruler of the 6th house is debilitated and aspecting the 2nd house) She has some Vata derangements too. competitive and very fond of physical exercises. The Sun is conjunct the lagna degree in Sagittarius. We can se the strong Full Moon on the ascendant. The Sun is in Pisces. Example 3 is a typical Pitta type.

Functional malefic planets Besides their inherent benefic or malefic nature. but it shows malefic effects from the medical point of view. the 6th house. likes to impose his personality and desires.Example 4 is another typical Pitta type. and in my own experience in observation of charts. Natural malefic planets: • The natural malefic planets are: Saturn. it is important to determine which planets behave as benefic or malefic for each ascendant and actually for each individual chart.pdf4free. its malefic influence will be diminish very much. white hair. aggressive. the lords of the 3rd. Rahu. always afflicting somehow the body organs involved. If the planet is strong or exalted it helps the house it rules but it actually damages more the house it is located. fond of physical exercise. competitive.0 . Mars and Sun are the strongest planets in shad bala. likes to eat but doesn’t put on weight. the planets can behave as benefic or malefic according to which houses they rule. where an exalted malefic planet can still bring success in certain areas of life.PDF4Free v2. Benefic and malefic planets Health and disease are caused by the effect of benefic or malefic planets. especially during its Mahadasha or bhuktis. This is not always truth in some other significations of the houses. According to some authors and researchers. Sun. the mere presence of any of those natural malefic planets on a house can be enough to harm somehow the body part related to that house or sign. aspecting the lagna in tight orb. If that malefic planet is a functional benefic by ruling a benefic house like trikonas. Mars is the lagna lord. Ketu. but it will still cause at least some minor discomfort or injuries. 6th and 11th houses act as malefics. as there are always exceptions and multiple factors working at the same time. • As a general rule. Some planets are naturally benefic in their inherent nature of expansion. There are general rules set by Parashara and other classical authors. dominating the whole chart. Mars. and there may not be a disease related. vitality and blessings but they can become malefic and give negative effects for health and other areas of life when the rule difficult houses or even when they are conjunct by malefic planets. but those rules need to be applied carefully and without dogmatism. strong PDF Creator . the waning Moon and Mercury when associated with another malefic. strongly placed in Aries. Therefore. harming the organs indicated by the houses they are http://www.

The same situation has been observed in Scorpio lagna.0 http://www. That may not be always truth from the more material life point of view. like for Taurus and Scorpio lagnas) • Jupiter or Venus strongly placed on an angle to the lagna tend to protect the native in general. Their Dashas and transit usually weakens or afflicts the part of the body related to the house they are placed or transiting. . This is the case of Saturn for Libra and Taurus lagnas and Mars for Cancer and Leo lagnas and Venus for Capricorn and Aquarius PDF Creator . 8th. unless they become functional malefics by ruling difficult houses. where Mars rules also the 6th house being that the moolatrikona house. and un-afflicted Mercury This planets tend to bless and protect the houses they are located or they aspect. the rulers of the trikona houses (1. That view is supported and documented by Prof. Venus being the moolatrikona lord of the 8th house. Functional benefics • As a general rule. The yoga Karaka planets • When a planet is the ruler of a Kendra (angle) house and a trikona (trine) house at the same time it is call a “yoga Karaka” planet and is capable of producing very good Yogas and auspicious results. unless their moolatrikona house is a “good” house. they loose some of the benefic effect.pdf4free. like the trines • The lords of the 2nd 8th and 12th houses are considered neutral by Parashara. but they are definitely harmful for the health. but still they are great malefics from the medical astrology point of view. they always tend to harm the organs related to the houses they are located • The ruler of the ascendant is consider as always benefic.K Choudury and his “system’s approach” • Rahu and Ketu are always malefic from the health point of view and will tend to harm the organs of the houses they are placed or they aspect.and 9) are benefic and bring protection from disease. the natural benefics when they rule the angles. Natural benefics: • Jupiter. 6th.5. where they can bring certain amount of success. they tend to give malefic results. • The lord of the lagna is always a benefic (with some exceptions mentioned before.located. Planets ruling angles • As a general rule set by Parashara. and the malefics ruling angles loose part of their malefic effect. has shown malefic health effect on the houses it is placed. but if they rule another malefic house like 3rd.PDF4Free v2. 11th or 12th and if those are their moolatrikona houses. even if it rules another malefic house. V. but experience has shown that in case of Taurus ascendant. waxing Moon.

accidents or wounds.PDF4Free v2. violence. and is also an important significator for the 1st house and 1st house lord and very important for health. cuts. at least some weakness and discomfort in the house it is located and the houses it aspects. enemies and obstacles in general. significator of the self. wounds or surgery. The 8 th house The 8 th is the house of death (or longevity). chronic diseases. it indicates a good resistance to disease. Saturn and Mars. That can apply to many areas of life but when talking about health. The importance of the dushtana houses Houses 6th .• lagnas. The 8 th house is also the house of longevity and its situation can tell about PDF Creator . obstructions. esoterical and other areas of life. The ruler of the 6 th house placed in the ascendant or conjunct the lagna lord. It is capable of harming the houses and planets it is located or aspects. a good strength to "fight back" diseases. But a strong 6 th house lord can be good for resisting diseases in general. but their affliction tends to be milder than if they were ruling bad houses. The Dashas of the Gnati Karaka can be bad for health. This is so when the 6 th lord is in it's own house or exaltation sign.pdf4free. The Jaimini Chara Karakas • The planet which has the highest degree on the chart is called the Atma Karaka. is usually an indicator of health problems.0 http://www. The dashas of the 6 th lord or planets occupying the 6 th house can be difficult in term of health and manifest injuries wound or accidents. in the best case. Even though the 8 th house can be good for some . they can still harm the body organs related to the house they occupy or aspect. or when the 6 th house or 6 th lord are conjunct or aspected by benefic planets. and it is also related with accidents. The 6 th house The 6 th is the house of diseases in general. Planets occupying the 8 th house or conjoined or aspected by the 8 th house lord will tend to suffer and create disease. In my observation and according to some modern authors and researchers. pain and suffering. It is mostly related with acute diseases (whereas the 8 th house relates mostly with chronic kind of diseases) If this house and its lord are strong. and it is the most malefic house in terms of disease. • The Gnati Karaka is the planet second from the lowest in degree and it is a significator for diseases and 6th house matters. it can still affect and damage the body parts represented by the house it is located. even as Yoga Karakas. it is definitely an adverse house for health. 8th and 12th are called the "dushtana: houses and they are very important for determine the health situation or propensities of a person. as well as fights and aggression. the 6 th lord always produce affliction or. If it is afflicted it can weaken the overall health and the house it is located.

PDF4Free v2. signifying the "loss of health".com . piles) or bring chronic type of diseases. 6 th or 11 th houses Factors which reduce the life span • • • • • • • The 8 th house and 8 th house lord afflicted or debilitated Malefics in the lagna or aspecting the lagna or lagna lord Lagna lord afflicted or debilitated Afflicted Saturn Afflicted Moon and Sun Empty Kendra houses Malefics occupying the angles or trines and benefics occupying the dushtanas The12th house The 12 th is the house of loss. and even death. and afflicting other areas of life as well. Even though this house can be positive for spiritual realization and search for Moksha. The parts of the body related to the houses where the 12 th lord is placed or the houses whose lord is placed on the 12 th house tend to suffer affliction. PDF Creator . Anyways this is not absolutely truth all the times. and it can show some problems (see charts 5 and 6) • The ruler of the 8 th on the 6 th ar the ruler of the 6 th on the 8 th is seen again and again to cause problems related with the genital organs or anus (hemorrhoids. this is called Vipareet Yoga and it is consider a good placement with destroys evils. hospitalization. 8 th lord on the 11 th house strong and well aspected Saturn in its own house Benefic planets in the lagna (better if they rule good houses) Strong and well aspected lagna and lagna lord Un-afflicted moon and Sun Angle houses occupied by benefics Benefics in Kendra (angular) houses or trikona (trines) houses Malefics in 3 rd .0 http://www. or conjunct or aspected by it can be difficult times for health. It can also cause accidents. The Maha Dasha and Bhukti Dashas of the 12 th lord or planets placed on the 12 th house can cause disease.pdf4free. Vipareet Yogas When the ruler of a dushtana house is placed on another dushtana house. diseases and troubles in general. even thou. it is an adverse house for health. separation and detachment. there are other factors to be considered as well The Maha Dasha and Bhukti Dashas of the planet ruling the 8 th house or planets occupying the 8 th house.the life span of a person. Factors which benefit longevity: • • • • • • • • • • • • The 8 th lord on its own house Saturn in the 8 th house (Saturn is a karaka for longevity) Saturn aspecting the 8 th house or the 8 th lord Benefic aspects on the 8 th house or 8 th lord. even causing death.

has special malefic signification. Weak or ill disposed planets in the Drekkana chart can also show potentials for diseases. who can cause disease during their Dashas and bhuktis. Planets that may be strong and well placed in the rashi. many modern authors and researchers are using it and I have seen in my experience and research that it is a very important chart for health issues. Whan the Navamsha chart is cast. The Drekkana Chart The . and desire is the cause of all sufferings according to the yogis and ayurveda.0 http://www. 1/3 rd division or decanate division is also considered very important for medical astrology. showing the "loss of longevity" therefore acquiring killing capabilities. The ruler of the 64 th navamsha or the planets located on the 64 th navamsha or tha planets aspected by those are specially adverse for health. The beginning of the 8 th house from the Moon in the Rashi chart is called the 64 th navamsha and has a malefic significance. The 8 th house from the navamsha lagna is also a very adverse place. The 8 th house from the ascendant of the Drekkana chart is called the 22 nd Drekkana and. Navamsha and others. The shashtamsa chart Even though the shashtamsa chart is not mention by Parashara and is not part of the shodasavarga.• The ruler of the 6 th house in the 12 th house or the ruler of the 12 th on the 6 th is seen to cause insomnia or other sleep disorders. The 7 th house is the 12 th house from the 8 th house.pdf4free. planets placed there of planets aspected by those. The trimsamsa chart PDF Creator . Sometimes a planet seems strong and benefic on the Rashi chart but if it is afflicted on the Navamsha or other several Vargas it can bring adverse results.PDF4Free v2. if afflicted. We should watch carefully its ruler planet. The 8 th and 12 th house lords and planets associated with them ca become Maraka or Killers during their periods and transits. (it comes from the tajika astrology). The "Maraka" planets The ruler of the 2 nd and 7 th houses as well as planets located on those houses or conjunct their lord are call "Maraka" or "killer" planets and can cause death or disease during their Dashas and Bhuktis. and it can be read as a normal chart to see the general indicators. The Drekkana is basically related with the strong desires of a person. like the 64 th navamsha. the 64 th navamsha corresponds to the 4 th house from the Moon in the navamsha. The divisional charts or Vargas: In order to have a better view of the situation of a chart is important to analyze de divisional charts or "Vargas" to get further information that can confirm whatever is indicated on the rashi chart The use of the Navamsha is always very important to see the benefic or malefic placement and influence of a planet. addictions or sexual difficulties. debilitated on badly placed in the shashtamsa can bring adverse results for health in general or on their dashas and transits.

com . the 6 th house and its ruler. accidents. widely used and recognized Dasha system is the Vimshottari Dasha. Planets badly placed on the Rashi and on the trimsamsa can cause problems and difficult dashas. Besides the Vimshottari Dasha. The most praised. Vedic astrology offers a tremendously effective and reliable system of prediction which is the Dasha systems. appropriate diet. Dasha of the ruler of the 6 th house tends to create diseases. Difficult Dashas or sub Dashas • • • • • • Dashas or sub-dashas of debilitated planets are usually bad for health manifesting a disease related to the organ the planet signifies. lagna lord.bhukti lords. Dasha of the Gnati Karaka can behave as the 6 th house lord. looking in particularly to the lagna. it is very helpful to use a second or more Dasha systems to double check the indications and have better predictions. Focus is on the planets related to the dushtana houses and their connection to the rashi chart. which can be somehow improved or at least reduce the difficulties by taking preventive healthy habits. either by conjunction.PDF4Free v2. aspect or being themselves the dasha. or the houses the planet rules or is located. This is specially truth if Mars or Ketu are involved. Analyze the karakas. PDF Creator . proper medicine and astrological remedies.This is the divisional chart related with affliction misfortune and disease. That is also very much recommended by Dr Charak in his medical astrology books. The transits are used to fine tune the time and prediction. significators of the body organs and see their situation on the Vargas.pdf4free. How to analyze the divisional charts: • • • • • Analyze de Navamsha and shashtamsa chart like a normal chart.0 http://www. Analyze the rashi lagna lord and see how it is placed on the Navamsa . Analyze the dasha and bhukti lord and its placement in the Vargas Analyze the Moon and its placement or affliction in the Vargas Timing of the diseases or difficult periods One of the important uses of astrology in medicine is to be able to predict difficult periods for health. wounds or surgery. Dasha analysis The Maha dashas of the afflicting or afflicted planets in the sub-dasha of another afflicting or afflicted planet tend to trigger the onset of the disease indicated on the chart. Dasha of an afflicted lagna lord can trigger diseases Dashas of malefic planets aspecting the lagna or lagna lord can create disease. shashtamsa or other vargas. Personally I have been researching with the Yogini Dasha and getting very good results with it.

joint pain. hospitalization. Mars. accidents. An afflicted or weak house or a house with low ashtakavarga points The adverse transits of Mars or Ketu can bring sudden or acute diseases.PDF4Free v2. is very reliable and difficult to fail. start a long lasting or chronic disease. Rahu. unless there are alleviating factors like favorable aspects. loss and expenses. then the result will be very clear and difficult to change and a prediction can be made with certainty. It is important to watch the transits of the lagna ruler over bad . Dashas of planets which are combusted or defeated in planetary war. Those sensitive points can be: • • • • • • • • • The lagna The lagna lord The Moon The Sun A debilitated or afflicted planet The Dasha lord The sub-dasha lord A debilitated or afflicted planet. One way to make an unmistakable prediction is to look at the chart from the lagna and then look at the same indications from the Moon and from the Sun. PDF Creator . injuries by fire. The Sudharshana chakra. Application of astrological remedies Jyotish astrology can not only help to understand the cause of the problems on the chart and predict their manifestation. the Moon lagna and Sun lagna This system. worries. The effect of transits (Gochara) The manifestation of a disease is usually a combination of an adverse Dasha and an adverse transit happening at the same time. the 6 th lord or the Dasha lord over or aspecting sensitive places of the chart can be the triggering factor that manifests the affliction. or when it is aspected by malefic planets The transit of Saturn. recommended by Parashara Maharishi. Ketu. The adverse transits of Saturn or Rahu can bring pain. Dashas of planets placed in the dushtana houses or conjunct or aspected by their lords.0 http://www.• • • • • Dasha of the 8 th house lord or planet located on the 8 th house or aspected by the 8 th lord tend to trigger the onset of chronic and painful diseases. Dashas of any planet conjunct or aspected by malefic planets can create disease. but it also offers some ways to help to diminish. wounds. If we find that a particular planet or house is afflicted in the 3 of them. fall from grace. Vata aggravation.pdf4free. the 8 th lord. neutralize or overcome the obstacles or diseases. Dasha of the 12 th house lord can create disease. which can last for long time. low ashtakavarga houses. cold. stagnation. Pitta aggravation or surgery.

which correspond to the planetary energies and when they are worn. The planetary energies affect us in our astral bodies. strengthening. it can be a sign that the situation can be alleviated or prevented by several means. Quarts crystal Minimum carats 3 Planet Sun Moon Mars Ocean Pearl 2 5 Red coral 3 PDF Creator . the situation may be too difficult to prevent. usually when we see some benefic aspect over the problem. but they are more abundant and therefore their prize is more affordable by most people.PDF4Free v2. Use of Gemstones: One way to apply astrological remedies is through the use of appropriate gemstones. with all sorts of negative aspects and without benefic aspects. shamans.This is truth only to a certain extent. amplifying and harmonizing the weak or distorted energy of those corresponding planets. Moonstone. since some karmas are not possible to change. they are mentioned in the classical scriptures and are consider as the best and more powerful stones. Certain gemstones have a particular energy wavelength.pdf4free. Whenever we see on the chart many significations showing the same affliction. and astrologers. Gemstones can be wore in the body to strength the important benefic planets like the ruler of the ascendant. The gems for each planet are as follows: Maha Ratna (principal gem) Ruby Minimum carats 2 Upa Ratna (alternative gem) Red Garnet Cultured pearl. healers. The different diseases and problems in life are seen in the chart in the form of weak benefic planets and the influence of malefic planets. avoid or change. That power of the Gemstones has been acknowledged and used since immemorial times by different spiritual traditions. but not as much as the first type. Some of those gems are very precious and rare. therefore they usually require a bigger size to be as effective.0 http://www. they create an influence on our astral body. psychic and healing properties. There are different categories of gemstones used in Jyotish The Maha Ratnas . therefore they can be very expensive. But many . for their spiritual. that even with a relatively small size and weight can have notorious effects. the ruler of the trines houses or benefics throwing good aspects on the afflicted planets. The Upa-Ratnas are also powerful stones.

PDF4Free v2. they may not all be good for everyone. and the whole individual chart has to be analyzed carefully. as they tend to bring adverse effects.pdf4free. Even though all the gems have a healing potential. Using the wrong gemstones can amplify the adverse or afflicting energies on the chart. not synthetic ones.Mercury Esmerald Yellow Sapphire Diamond 2 Jade. bubbles. There are several criteria to choose astrological healing gems. and of the best possible and affordable quality. cracks. Avoid dull. but some points are important. They must have the following requisites: • • • They must be natural stones. unfortunately) • They must not have any fissures.5 3 -5 Saturn Rahu Ketu Blue Sapphire Hessonite Cat's eye 2 2 2 5 5 5 It is very important to say that the gemstones used for astrological and healing purposes should be flawless. turquoise 5 Jupiter 2 5 Venus 1. cavities. Natural zircon Amethyst. They should not be irradiated neither chemically treated or stained (most gemstones used in modern jewelry go through some of this processes to improve their color. citrine White sapphire. Aquamarine Yellow topaz.0 http://www. Green tourmaline. holes. 8 th and 12 th should be avoided as a general rule. Gemstones corresponding to the planets which rule the inauspicious houses. as they distort the energy and can cause the . rests of foreign materials or other minerals • They must be of a bright and homogeneous color and have a good luster. the subject has not been exposed in enough detail in the classical scriptures. PDF Creator . • Gemstones with defects should not be used. ridges. spots or dirt. 6 th . Lapis lazuli Agate Tiger's eye. foggy or smoky kind of gems. Quartz crystal. • They must not have impurities. adverse effect. causing more harm than good.

Advaita Brahman Whenever a planet is causing suffering by its malefic effect it can be propitiated by a ritual ceremony or Puja. originated from the Tantric tradition.9 th and planets forming auspicious Yogas are usually the best to be used. Pujas. Saraswati Saturn: Brahma. is by wearing of an amulet (kavach) which contains either a geometrical Yantra. Siva Ketu: Ganesha. Siva. which can protect from the influence of negative astral energies. Durga. a fire ceremony or Homa or a sacrificial worship or Yagnas done in honor of the presiding deities. It also works as an invocation and surrender of the ego to God aspiring to the Divine Grace to help us to overcome our . when the energy of the planet is strong and favorable. (Unless their moolatrikona sign belongs to a malefic house) The ascendant Lord's gem will strength the health and expression of the person as well as the Moon's ruling planet gem will strength the mind and emotions. (Subramanya. Use of Kavach and Yantras: Another way to help to strength the auspicious planetary energies. vedic astrology applies the propitiation of the malefic planets by spiritual practices and offerings. Krishna Mars: lord Kartikeya. the Divine Mother. The malefic or disease causing planets should not be strengthened trough gems. Lakshmi. mystical diagram. Durga.pdf4free. Siva. Indra. Yama. Narashimha Mercury: Vishnu. each planet has a presiding Deity which can be invoked by mantra to protect the astral body from negative influences. The regular practice of Mantra creates a very powerful protective energy on the astral body and mind.0 http://www. Ganesha Venus: Sachi. offerings and rituals: Besides strengthening the benefic planets by means of gems or yantras. Kali Rahu: Adishesha (sneak). Rama Moon: Varuna. but we can attune to their more positive aspects trough the use of Mantras and pujas. specific for each planet. but the most recommended and effective way is to repeat the Moksha Mantras of the presiding deity. It is also important to choose an astrologically auspicious date and time (Muhurtha) to start wearing the gem. Budha Jupiter: Brihaspati. Parvati. Since the planets are manifestations of God for the purpose of providing with the effects of previous Karmas.PDF4Free v2. Mantra Sastra is an exact science by which one can tune to a particular mental or psychic wavelength. Use of Mantras. The whole universe is manifested through sound vibrations. Siva. There are specific mantras for each Planet. of the corresponding planet or planets. Krishna. Some of them are: Sun: Agni. PDF Creator . There are different references on the scriptures about the presiding deities of the planets. Skanda). or the numerological Yantra.

Yoga and spiritual practices: Since all diseases and sufferings are caused by previous Papas or negative karmas. and use of energy. It is like an arrow that has been released and it is too late to change its . Separate from the wicked and ignorant. acting as some sort of mental program.0 http://www. even if part of it has not yet shown itself. but the main relationship between the planets and the needed lessons to learn are: Sun: Working out some Ego issues. The total of these attitudes and samskaras form what we call personality. It is the karma which is flourishing in this life. but they are all based on the developing of self-discipline of the mind and emotions to bring them from a gross level into a tune with the Divine mind and Dharma or cosmic order. present. This is the essence of Yoga. accept. hatha yoga. which are the tendencies of thought and behavior deep.rooted in the subconscious mind. and work out that situation in the best possible way.PDF4Free v2. we need to understand. Gnana yoga. Moon: Learning to control and purify the mind and emotions. Understanding that is the key to the use of astrology as a healing path. Mars: Develop courage and initiative without a selfish purpose. Learning to respect the Father and elders. Uplift and channel the emotions trough Bhakti. and that is what creates our karma. Meditate on the Atman. destiny and diseases. Understanding and recognition of the samskaras is the key to understand past. Develop mental peace. physical and mental strength for defense of dharmic principles alone. There are different Yogic Disciplines like Raja Yoga. Understanding who we really are. This mental program tends to continually repeat the same attitudes. Respect mother. Yoga is considered by the Rishis themselves as the method for transcending and liberating one from the effects of karma. Therefore. learn and practice non violence. Of course each chart has to be analyzed as a whole. the only real way of changing its result is by changing the mental patterns that caused the karma and learning the corresponding spiritual or evolutionary lesson needed at our level. finding the peace and light within the Self. Apply intelligence for PDF Creator . Mercury: Learn discrimination and proper use of intellect. "Prarabda" is that part of the karma that we cannot change. Samskaras create conditioning thought patterns. pure love and devotion to God. Protect righteousness and justice.pdf4free. Jyotish is a tool used to comprehend personal karma and the "samskaras". bhakti Yoga. predict the future and apply the appropriate changes in life. Karma Yoga. Each afflicted or afflicting Planet is showing a need to learn certain lesson or to strength certain aspect of the mind and personality. Learning how to use and relate with power position and authority in a Dharmic way. Samskaras can be changed. motherhood and woman. Destroy and detach from unnecessary possessions or negative patterns. Develop a one-pointed mind.

Sublimate the intellect into intuition. being practical at the same time. avoiding attachment to sensual pleasures. Work hard for the benefit of others without expectations. Develop strict inner discipline but without repression of the human love and compassion. austerities. Jupiter: Develop a mature faith. Be aware and sublimate the strong inner desires. Beware of wrong type of spiritual practices which can damage or open too much the astral body. Learn to deal honestly on business. Venus: Learn to enjoy life in a healthy and sattvic way. Aspire for knowledge and impart knowledge to others selflessly. fasting and seclusion for spiritual practice. faith devotion and detachment. Accept a honest. mature and wise person as Guru and learn about spiritual knowledge. Transform the need of love from a physical level into a spiritual and divine compassion. Recognize the beauty of the creation as a manifestation of the divine presence and grace. as an offering to God. philosophy and believe system. Speak the truth alone.pdf4free. Develop inner strength and capacity to bear the hardships of life. Sublimate the sexual energy. Rahu: Rahu's afflictions can be related with negative astral entities and subconscious turmoil coming from unresolved situations from previous lives. Overcome fear by developing spiritual strength. Learn proper relationship with teachers. righteousness and justice in daily life. Practice of concentration. Respect and support religious people and values. Serve the Sick. without becoming obsessed and without expecting powers or astral experiences.PDF4Free v2.0 http://www. Ketu: Ketu shows a need to detach and renounce from the lower Ego and materialistic attachments. Ketu feels guilty about the personal ego PDF Creator .spiritual and selfless purposes. afflicted and poor people. Follow dharma. It indicated a need to understand the unconscious and subconscious mind and bring the unresolved issues into a conscious state. Saturn: Saturn indicates areas that we have to focus and develop responsibility. Recognize the beauty of woman and the female qualities as a manifestation of the divine mother or cosmic Shakti. Ketu shows something we may have done too much on the past and now there is a need to compensate that. Channel and express your personal ambitions and desires toward a higher and spiritual . Avoid negative places and people and any kind of intoxication.

only Devotion and total surrender to God. Understanding their patterns is most important for solving and working out the karmas.0 http://www. study of ancient spiritual disciplines and Vedanta philosophy. PDF Creator . The best way to manage the Ketu energy is by spiritual practices like seclusion. the desires and repulsions that swing the mind and steal the inner peace. Finally. meditation. Both Rahu and Ketu show the play of Raga and Dwesha. removal of the ignorance of Ego and realization of the Self as Atman can be the real remedy for disease and any karmic suffering. .PDF4Free .pdf4free. following the intuition understand death and the ephemeral nature of the material and sensual world.and mistakes done in the past.

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