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Assignment 1

I would like to market our company newest GPS system (Global Positioning
System) from US to Malaysia. Our company F-GloTech had established since year
2000, the first product of our company create is a watch compass and electronic
compass. Following to the technology keep upgrading, our company had created GPS
last year, and now we even do better on it and add more function to the GPS system.
The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a U.S. space-based global navigation satellite
system. It provides reliable positioning, navigation, and timing services to worldwide
users on a continuous basis in all weather, day and night, anywhere on or near the
Earth. There are many current uses for the Global Positioning System (GPS) and
many more that have not yet been thought of or implemented. The history of
navigation and how GPS works are important. How it compares to other navigational
systems and its uses outside of navigation will be discussed as well. GPS permits
land, sea, and airborne users to determine their three-dimensional position, velocity,
and time. It can be used by anyone with a receiver anywhere on the planet, at any time
of day or night, in any type of weather. GPS, the Global Positioning System, is the
only system today able to show you your exact position on Earth at anytime,
anywhere, and in any weather. GPS satellites orbit 11,000 nautical miles above Earth.
They are monitored continuously at ground stations located around the world. The
satellites transmit signals that can be detected by anyone with a GPS receiver.

As the report of the GPS user for the past 3 years, we found that 10 of the
Malaysian out of 1 will use this GPS system. For the past 3 years, the total spend in
GPS market in Malaysia is about US$900 Million and for the following year will
increasing more than this. So this is why F-GloTech wants to develop GPS in
Malaysia. As for in Malaysia, there is not much company that create the GPS system
machine. The most popular in GPS is GARMIN; GARMIN Company provides maps
to all GPS user. It also created their GPS machine to sell to the customer as their maps
is the one of the most convenience and most useful in Malaysia. The operating profit
of the company was $500 million during 2007, an increase of 63.6% over 2006. The
net profit was $420 million in 2007, an increase of 66.3% over 2006. So, what we see
is that GARMIN had taken about 50% market for the GPS machine and maps. Use of
digital signaling and media broadcasts has increased the demand for the use of
network applications fitted with GPS tools, thereby paving the way for cheaper and
more reliable GPS devices, our Company F-GloTech decide to created more cheaper
GPS machine that actually can met the customer needs. For the research we found, the
cheapest GPS machines develop in Malaysia is about US$100 and the most expensive
is about US$800. There is a big different with the sizes, the program, software, maps
and even function. So what our Company try to create is at Mid-Range price for our
customer, so actually we can aim for normal standard living customer and also high
standard living customer to buy our machine.
A situation analysis for GPS is detecting and tracking moving objects within a
limited space over a predetermined time period and for analyzing object combinations
and episodes in relation to time as well as situations during the period of time,
includes at least one tracking unit which has at least one sub-unit which is arranged
and oriented to detect the limited space and moving and stationary objects disposed
therein, and a central position data processing unit which for each real object
determines a global position of the object in the detected space and generates a global
object identification and an associated time-dependent global position data set. Each
tracking unit has a data transmission unit connected to the central position data
processing unit and allows bidirectional communication so that the central position
data processing unit can simultaneously transmit data to each at least one tracking
unit. Most of people use GPS is for going to a place to another place, they can easily
just key in the place name or the address, then the machine will show the maps that
where to move from the place we at.

For our company SWOT analysis, we found that for the strength for our company
is better and have a position in US now. This is because we are the company who
created most convenience GPS machine to our customer. And our reputation in
market is good in US here, so this is a good view for our customer in Malaysia.
As for the weaknesses, at beginning we had shortage of consultants at operating level
in Malaysia. But for this, our company will try to cultivate or train more professional
in Malaysia and also from US here to service our customer better. And for the
Opportunities, we had more opportunities in Malaysian here. This is because the price
of the existing company sell GPS machine in Malaysia is very expensive and the
quality is not there. This actually not met the customer needs. But for our machine, we
had do research and analysis it, so our GPS machine sure will satisfy our customer
with the quality and the price we offered. And last for the Threats, at beginning we
will have more threats because of our product is import from US, so the customer in
Malaysian will think that there is not convenience if there is any problem with their
machine and for upgrading the software. But our company had an idea for our
customer; we will do a Value Chain just like Dell Company do so. We will serve our
customer solve their problem all through online; even they can directly talk to the
technician online. If the problem still cannot be solved, we will send someone nearer
to the customer location the fix the problem. For all this analysis, probably our
companies need some time to figure out how to do all the process. But our company
will serve better as fast as we can.

The key issues we have here is Capabilities and uses of Global Positioning
System's equipment, Future outlook of the GPS equipment and devices market,
Forces propelling the GPS industry, Opportunities in GPS market, Challenges for the
growth of GPS market. For all this issues here, our company had already set
maximum 3 years to have a very successful market in Malaysia. As for the
capabilities and uses of GPS equipment, this GPS actually can be use more than 10,
20 years. As a technology now, we will also upgrading to the newest system, as we
our product is from US. For the future outlook, for a GPS machine there is a wide
future outlook. This is because, we had examined that more and more people will rely
with the machine to go anywhere. Eventhough now handphone had the same function
as the machine but most of the customer still prefers to use the GPS machine. And
probably there is many challenges for the growth of GPS market, because now we
still have the opportunities to develop for the GPS machine, so we our company will
try use the shorten time to let the entire customer know how good is our product. And
will have a market position in Malaysia. So, after few years if there is other’s
company want do develop the same product, they will actually more difficult to
success in this field.

Our objective is to preserve and build on the successes of the Navstar Global
Positioning System (GPS) by creating a new architecture for the assured delivery of
enhanced position, velocity, and timing (PVT) signals, and related services to meet
the needs of the next generation of GPS users. The GPS program includes an
integrated space segment (SS) and control segment (CS) system that incorporates the
Nuclear Detonation Detection System (NUDET) and defines the Signal-in-Space
(SIS) to User Equipment (UE) interface. The system should provide a best value
solution with the flexibility to anticipate and respond to future military and civilian
needs. The GPS security infrastructure should provide user access to and protection
of the entire system. The GPS system should facilitate the incorporation of additional
mission capabilities. Our goals include improving time-to-market, adapting quickly to
growth, and aggressively implementing technology enhancements; “We’ve decreased
time-to-resolution on issues, improved productivity, and increased confidence. Our
product had been verified by quality policy ISO9000, 9001, 9002, 9004, and 14000.
All our product there is in good quality control and a good managing process at all the

For our marketing strategy, probably we will do a very huge launching ceremony
at the most crowded place at Malaysia that is in Kuala Lumpur. We will target for few
most crowded place to have our launching fair there. Before the launching, we also
created a new website for Malaysia that is, and for our main
website is This is to let our customer easier to get our newest
information on the website. We also provide free registration as a member on the
website we have. So, before we launching at Kuala Lumpur we already send all the
information through internet, we also created a group fans at Friendster and Facebook,
as now is the most popular website in the world. We also will do all kind of
advertisement as we want to be very successful develop in Malaysia market. We will
do media advertising, we will advertise our product at the most popular channel in
Malaysia like RTM 2, RTM3, NTV7, 8TV and so on. We will also advertise by print
our product picture on the buses and taxis. For the launching ceremony we had, we
will use banner to hang all over the crowded place at Kuala Lumpur, at roadside, at
lamp post, at restaurant and so on. This is to let more customers to getting know our
newest product develop in Malaysia. We have an in-house advertising agency that
handles all of the company's promotional and communication needs. Included in this
department are artists, writers, designers, media buyers, event coordinators, video
producers and public relations specialists. All production processes are handled in-
house. We are continually looking for skilled, energetic individuals to join our F-
Glotech team. These jobs include quality, international shipping, manufacturing,
office service, planning, purchasing, receiving, returns and warehouse.We will also do
business partner together with GARMIN as they are the main GPS Company at
Malaysia. At the launching day, we will let all our customer try our newest product,
we will have technician there to teach our customer how to use our product.

Our GPS machine has many functions such as MP3, Games, Calendar, Notepads,
Camera, Clock, and Calculator and so on. The newest function we add is that, our
GPS machine can use for surfing net. We had the Wireless system that can connect
anytime to the place have Wireless Coverage. And there is also a memory card slot
that our customer can put games and songs in the memory card to play in the
machine. The machines also include cable to easy access with computer. One of the
best things is that, we provide the very low price for everytime upgrading the newest
software and maps. Our customer can use the machine to get through to our website,
and download the software with paying by credit card. If customer who does not have
credit card, there can go to the near outlets we had to upgrading their machine. Why
want to purchase our GPS machine is because we support sales activities by
understanding your customers’ businesses better, qualify prospective partners and
suppliers, keep fully up to date on your competitors’ business structure, strategy and
prospects, and obtain the most up to date company information available.

For our budgets for our product develops in Malaysia is about US$250 Million
for the first years. If the market is moving fast, probably more than this amount.
Because of just launching in Malaysia, we need to spend a lot for advertising
promotion and so on. As a US company, worldwide people know that US people
spend a lot for advertising. The percentages show the highest in US. So, the cost of
advertising will spend about 50% and above for our newest product. We target our
product sell about 3000 set of our product in the first year. We have 2 types of GPS
machine that with different sizes that let customer choose. One is 4 inch that sells for
the price US$220 converts to Ringgit Malaysia is about RM650++ and another is 7
inch that sell for US$ 350 converts to Ringgit Malaysia is about RM1000++. So, for
customer can choose what are the sizes there needs. But for the first 100 customer
who bought our GPS machine, they will probably enjoy a 20% discount and also free
pouch and others free gifts. We also provide members card to let the customer enjoy
more discounts if themselves or their immediate family or friends want to buy for
another GPS machine.

For our control, the Control Segment consists of a system of tracking stations
located around the world. The Master Control facility is located at Schriever Air Force
Base. These monitor stations measure signals from the SVs which are incorporated
into orbital models for each satellites. The models compute precise orbital data
(ephemeris) and SV clock corrections for each satellite. The Master Control station
uploads ephemeris and clock data to the SVs. The SVs then send subsets of the orbital
ephemeris data to GPS receivers over radio signals. The GPS Navigation Message
consists of time-tagged data bits marking the time of transmission of each subframe at
the time they are transmitted by the SV. A data bit frame consists of 1500 bits divided
into five 300-bit subframes. A data frame is transmitted every thirty seconds. Three
six-second subframes contain orbital and clock data. SV Clock corrections are sent in
subframe one and precise SV orbital data sets for the transmitting SV are sent in
subframes two and three. Subframes four and five are used to transmit different pages
of system data. An entire set of twenty-five frames (125 subframes) makes up the
complete Navigation Message that is sent over a 12.5 minute period.