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Project: Manufacturing and selling of healthy sugar free and fat free Ice Creams. Specially made for health conscious and sweet tooth people.Company profile: Name: Ice Age The Healthy Ice Cream Parlor Product: Sugar free and Fat free healthy Ice Creams. Proposed Flavors: World famous Vanilla and 20 different mouth watering flavors. Investments: Total capital investment require:7 core Borrowed capital (loan from HSBC bank): 3 core Total partners investment start on production:4 core . Health conscious desert.

. Thus. It is important for the company to understand the consumer behavior before it goes into such a market. The company will follow a strategic positioning approach for the target market. It is important for us to adopt a different strategy for the Bangladesh market since it is composed of quality buyers as well as those who will buy for their family. the sustainable competitive advantage of a quality product will give it a strong base to build the market. Ice Age Ltd. The Bangladeshi consumer for the first time will have a premium product which is eco-friendly. The most important factor for the success of Ice Age Ltd. The manufacturing of all types of ice creams will be done at its production site and then will be transported to its parlors established in the heart of the city. is entering the Bangladesh market with an aim of establishing its brand as a necessity of the Bangladeshi buyers. The intensity of the business environment. Ice Age Ltd. Business strategy: Our business strategy will include the determination of the most beneficial product market in term of establishing itself in this new product segment. we shall introduce some new strategies so as to establish our self in the Bangladesh market and develop a strong customer base. The project will have great significance in the present day context of increasing weight and illness among the youth as well as adults due to increasing fat and sugar intake due to increasing content of sweetener in the Ice Creams and juices. Company is setting up an Ice Cream manufacturing and selling parlor. healthy and affordable. brand is the perception of the consumer and to what extent it can build a positive image in the consumer’s mind. has kept into account the income and behavioral factor of the Bangladeshi buyers while designing the products.Introduction: Founded in Dhaka Ice Age Ltd.

Product Range Internal Analysis External Analysis Competitors Analysis Environment Analysis Marketing Strategies Future Plans Conclusion .The model of marketing strategy by Ice Age Ltd.


000 .00.000 3.000 25.00. will then offer a new product.00.000 1.00.000 70. The third growth vector will apply the same products to the new markets.000 50. Budget: Name of Costs: Land for factory and branch Factory and branch building Machine Advertisement Raw materials Decoration Vehicles Insurance and Others Amount(tk.00.00. Ice Age Ltd.000 25.) 1.00.00. The second growth vector will involves product expansion while staying in the current market.00.000 30. It will be aimed not only for the existing market but also for the price conscious segment. The fourth growth vector will be to diversify into new product markets. will attempt to attract customers from competitors through its strategic positioning and will establish strong brand equity.The first growth vector will involves gaining penetration with the existing product-market Ice Age Ltd. We shall concentrate on the second growth vector and study the strategy with respect to the Ice Cream market.00.00.

Ice Age Ltd. Since internal analysis is so use full and the life cycle as well as pricing is totally depended upon this analysis.According to the recent studies. has taken proper and fully effective steps in analyzing all the need and requirements of the company. most of the newly launched product or services fail due to improper analysis of their internal and external needs. During internal analysis the promoter should take care of the following things: • • • • • • • • • Raw material requirement Power supply Labor requirement Working force Capital Working capital Internal rules and regulations Proper management Proper material handling . A company should most effectively and efficiently take care of all the internal matters and needs.

more opportunities and on the other hand the company having more of weaknesses and threats.e. Market Share The market share of the players in the two wheeler auto market needs to be studied to know which company is in the booming stage and which company is in its closure stage. Also the advertisement and promotional share needs to be studied. . It needs to be compared to get an overall analysis of all the major companies and to know the company having better strengths.Competitor analysis Competitors are the main threat for our company. Opportunities and Threats of the company products and its competitors at a glance. market share helps us know the current market leader and market follower so that our company can develop an efficient marketing strategy for its product range after analyzing the current market player’s position. So first we have to analysis all competitors to establish our company. SWOT Analysis The SWOT Analysis i. Sometimes they buy some brand due to the price or sometimes due to the features. Studying the consumer’s mindset is of vital importance as perception of individuals at the buying stage of various brands is unpredictable and ever changing. Weaknesses. Thus. We have to give better and best Quality to customer. the Analysis of the Strengths. Consumer Mindset The consumers always have a different loyalty status for different brands.

. (Estimated) .45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 1st Qtr natural sub zero others The above diagram represents the sales of the famous Ice Cream parlors in Bangladesh and their sales before Ice Age entered the market 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 1st Qtr natural ice age sub zero others This diagram represents the sales pattern of all the Ice Cream parlors in Bangladesh including Ice Age Ice Cream Parlor after one year from the launch of Ice Age Ltd..

The perceived differences are greater than the real differences in the product. To create awareness and develop franchise for a new brand requires enormous initial expenditure is required on launch advertisements. . income and changes in lifestyle. marketing function has greater importance in the Ice Cream industry. The business rests on the two aspects that are brand equity and distribution network. Market research and test marketing become inevitable. companies spend enormous sums on product launches. which involves repositioning of brands with sizable marketing support.High initial launch cost There is a large front-ended investment made in new products including cost of product development. test marketing and most importantly its launch. gains consumer acceptance and turnover rises. Launch costs are as high as 50-100% of revenue in the first year and these costs progressively reduce as the brand matures. The players have to reach out to mass population and compete with several other brands. Unlike industrial products. Marketing driven In relative terms. advertisement expenditure varies from 5 . For established brands. With increasing competition. it is difficult to differentiate products on technical or functional grounds. free samples and product promotions. Market research Customers purchase decisions are based on perceptions about brands. It is common to give occasional push by re-launches.12% depending on the categories. They also keep on changing with fashion. market research.

Price. “Ice Age” – the healthy ice cream parlor offers a wide range of sugar free and fat free ice creams. And coming up with line extensions with regular frequency. When we look at the Bangladesh Ice Cream market we see that the leader’s naturals have constantly maintained its market leadership by constantly differentiating on the basis of new flavors. Promotion. The only alternative for Ice Age Ltd. Age Ice Creams are totally fat free and sugar free with the same original taste. Ice Age is a healthy ice cream parlor which targets the higher middle class and rich class of the society. to survive in this industry will be to differentiate itself. as per the different factors of marketing mix 4 Different strategies are made to market in the developing cities in Bangladesh. This differentiation could be on the basis of the marketing mix.The differentiations concept is to make the product different from those of its competitor. . (Product. Place) Thus. The ice creams are specially made keeping in mind all the health conscious people as well as youth and people who suffer from illness like diabetes.

Often. these connoisseurs will often exchange tips with each other on what to try. They are willing to pay more money for a good dessert. consumption occasion (at home. On the other hand. Therefore. it seems reasonable to divide consumers into insensitive. they buy from specialty stores. The two most important variables are probably price sensitivity and the taste-calorie tradeoff.Segmentation variables Several variables differentiate consumers who prefer different kinds of Desserts. value-conscious.” With four levels of price sensitivity and three levels of taste-calorie tradeoffs. balance seekers. and highly price sensitive groups. These consumers want high quality ingredients and tend to be very brand conscious. Segments Based on Combinations of Variables Price sensitivity is clearly a matter of a degree. On the other hand. Frequent or “heavy” users of frozen desserts would a great target. but will tend to switch brands if their favorite dessert is . and other consumers are unwilling to sacrifice the taste provided by calorie-rich desserts. leaving them with less worry about weight gain. therefore. but is addressed already to some extent by price sensitivity. twelve combinations emerge. Consumers today tend to be increasingly health conscious. but may also indulge in super-premium ice cream. Because their high level of involvement. Serving size preference is an important issue. “Price Insensitive Indulgers” are consumers who take their dessert experiences seriously and will let neither price nor calories get in the way of their desserts. at work. In terms of the taste-quality dimension. such as bakeries. there is a large market that will not buy desserts that are priced too high. price sensitivity. price sensitive. They can be quite unforgiving to the brand if they have a bad experience. at a social event. but this group is not readily identifiable and reachable—these consumers are not likely to have distinct media habits or to frequent particular stores. for example. reasonable categories might be taste dominated. one might be able to make large margins selling to that market. such as frequency of consumption. The more important segments will be discussed. The reason that price sensitivity is especially important is that some consumers will pay high prices for a product of high quality. There are also certain people who have high metabolisms or engage in strenuous activity. taste. with each consumer being somewhere on the continuum from extremely price insensitive to extremely sensitive. some of the manufacturers will want to provide value-priced frozen desserts that may sacrifice quality somewhat. and many will therefore want to limit the amount of calories in the desserts they consume. and desired serving size. during recreation or at a restaurant). desserts are consumed for pleasure. relative importance of calories vs. and calorie “misers. However. The “Dessert Pragmatists” represent a large group of consumers who enjoy good desserts but are concerned about both price and quality.

“Sophisticated Waist liners” are greatly concerned about their figures and dread calories. Often. They buy ice cream and other sweets frequently and eat large portions. they tend to avoid high fat ice-creams. this group will prefer small serving sizes of rich desserts.not on sale. This group predominantly consists mostly of women. On the other hand. “Budget Conscious Realists” consist of consumers who are very price sensitive and are moderately concerned about calories. or store brands. but money is limited. Strengths: • • • • • • Less fixed cost required Healthy No side effects Less consumption of sugar Less consumption of fats Reduces chances of illness like diabetes . this group includes modest income families. “Value Gluttons” are concerned about price but are less concerned about calories. This group enjoys sophistication in selecting high quality products and is very status conscious. Typically. generics. This group tends to shop in upscale supermarkets and in convenience stores. They therefore often buy regional and store brands. They tend to buy branded products and pay attention to calorie contents on the containers. Parents are concerned about the amount of calories that they and their children consume. or families headed by a single parent. This group tends to buy what is on sale. so they tend end up buying what is less expensive. A dessert has to be relatively inexpensive for them to buy it. large families. They care about taste and will not buy a low fat concoctions without taste. Some are affluent while others are willing to make financial sacrifices to stay healthy. and desserts are often consumed in a social setting.

• • • • Useful for health conscious people Tasty with health Variety Eco-friendly Weaknesses: • Slightly high in price due to use of special products Opportunities: • • • Introduction of new flavors Easy in achieving break even point Prices can be reduced in short run Threats: • Lot of competition from existing Ice Cream parlors offering sugar free ice creams .

• • • • • • • • • Introduction of new product in the market Completely fat free ice cream 98.) "Light" ice cream contains at least 50% less total fat or 33% fewer calories than the referenced product (the average of leading regional or national brands.99% sugar free ice cream Eco-friendly Healthy Zero side effects Ice creams for all age groups Total health conscious product Blend to suite the taste buds with health in mind . but what does it really mean? Where Ice Age does stands?? Ice cream is a frozen food made from a mixture of dairy products.) "Low fat" ice cream contains a maximum of 3 grams of total fat per serving "Nonfat" ice cream contains less than 0.5 grams of total fat per serving. "Reduced fat" ice cream contains at least 25% less total fat than the referenced product (either an average of leading brands. or the company's own brand. containing at least 10% milk fat.Ice Age Ltd… introduces Ice Age Ice Creams – The Healthy Ice Cream Parlor which brings to you a new generation of ice creams. There is plenty of information on food labels. There are many choices in today’s ice cream case to suit a wide variety of consumers taste.

Keeping this segmentation in mind the management has taken steps to open its shops at the following places in Dhaka: Banani Baily road Baridhara Mirpur Uttara The main production of all the products will be done at the main unit based at “Gazipur” and then will be transported to all its shops at different places all over Dhaka. . The segmentation of Ice Age ice creams is done on the basics of “Demographic segmentation” and “psychographic segmentation”.• • • Variety of flavors for the first time in sugar free and fat free concept More than 30 different flavors to choose from Same taste Ice Age Ltd… will be establishing its marketing throughout Dhaka .Ice Age ice creams being an entirely new product in the market will initially operate only in Gulshan-2 till further expansion. Ice Age ice creams being fat free and sugar free requires some extra integrants and products which increases the cost of the ice cream by 15 – 20 %.

After deep research and market survey it was found out that the company will meet its break even point of production within 1 year of its expected sales of 50000 units per month. etc… and after analyzing this data the finance manger Mr. cost of production. transportation cost. Like Channel –I. After considering all the factors i. IUB. Musfiqul Islam the cost of per scoop of ice cream will BDT 70 which would earn the company a profit of 20% on cost. so we are selling the product at high price but not more than our competitors. We also distribute lift lets.We will give all the retailers/direct-dealers a good profit margin than our competitors are providing them We will also give them incentives Television advertisements: Advertisements to promote and market our product will be shown on leading television channels. . North South University. AIUB. which is entering a market. Musfiqul Islam coated the price list according to the material requirement of the product and the making charges with considering all other of the store also. The pricing strategy adopted by Ice Age Ltd.e. According to Mr. store charges. We will arrange some concerts in different varsities like. for its two wheeler electronic bikes is SKIMMING PRICING because it is a total new brand. East West etc.

000 to 60. Sub zero. Due to our new technique of production and distribution. sales promotions. As the company progresses in 3 – 4 months the management has lots of plans about the future expansion of the healthy eating concept through-out state.A.50. One of the dreams of the promoters of Ice Age Ice Creams is to spread the concept of healthy eating through-out the S. Their combined sale figures through-out the month is about 1. even after entering the market on platform basis and investing more on the special inputs our cost nearly 15% more than the cost of our competitors. etc… are the leading ice cream parlors in Dhaka. will have a good advertising strategies. etc… are not on a continuous stretch because these parlors are in the market for sometimes…… Ice Age ice creams being on a starting stage. but with the concept of healthy eating we accept our sales to be around 50. sales promotions. .R. Naturals..Ice Age Ltd… is an entirely new concept in the segment of frozen deserts.000 units per month. In today’s world of ice creams. Move n pick. offers to attract more customers and to make them more familiar to our brand. Their advertising strategies.A. Due to our special fat free and sugar free ice creams all age groups will be able to enjoy the same old taste of ice creams but with a dash of health. because of this reason the management has decided that currently there would only be 5 outlets of the companies ice cream parlor through out Dhaka.000 units. through-out the country and then through-out the world…. Give franchise to reputed dealers through-out Dhaka To slowly start a manufacturing unit first in Chittagong and Sylhet. offers.C countries.

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