After studing Indian climatic conditions ELT has selected the most sustainable material. Green Wall is manufactured out of 100% re-cyclable PPCP or Hypoline polymers which have speciality about being whether proof even along sea shore where Aluminum & other metals can get corroded very quickly. Similarly India is the country where we have varied climates. Root zone temperature is one of the most important factor that decides the plant growth. ELT uses heat resistant material & sustainability is the top priority for us. Our green walls have already successfully sustained climates from .2 degree celsius in New Delhi on 9 Jan 2010 early morning & the max. almost 44.5 onsite max. temperature on 17 April 2010. ELT provides standard panels of size 1’ x 1’ x 4”. Since the panel is single member without joint & also of optimum size. It rarely requires to custom made sizes. Since the size is standard , all the benefits of standardization available. Panels can also be made custom made. Only edge details are required to be designed & manufactured as per the need of site conditions using different materials like Powder coated materials, S.S., fiber glass, wood or Stone. ELT advocates & suggests the 4” depth, after considering load factors & ELT’s research on behavior of absorbing roots in normal garden & also vertical panels. ELT has many options for installation. It can be install on walls, structures or even on 2 dowels. Thus it can be installed on vertical members or horizontal members as well. This is the only one system of this kind which can also be installed on vertical members. ELT has developed purely indigenous and longevity enabled growth medium in India, in 2008 and will not be required to be changed for lot many years to come as the medium does not change its physical properties for years to come. ELT India has introduced this most sustainable Living wall system / vertical garden system in 2008 itself. It has completed its study in all respect before marketing them. ELT already has satisfied customers where installations are more than 21 months old. The material used is poly propylene. It is selected after considering Indian climate & varied conditions. Universality of application & sustainability of the system is given top priority without being prejudiced to any materials. Considering salt spray along sea-shore & also max. temperatures across India, we have specially kept away from low cost / low performance metals. This is to assure the long life of the system & the performance of plants during extreme temperatures during summer & winter. ELT has itʼs own designed & patented system which has history since 2003. It has deep roots of research and innovation. ELT has very serious approach towards clientʼs need and it has own back up teams in Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune & Surat. Soon the units in Banglore & Ahemadabad will start. ELT EasyGreen is a proud member of Canadian Building Council. ELT Green Living wall system can contribute to the following Potential Leed Points: 1 Point for Reduced site disturbance. Protect or Restore space (on Roof) 2 points storm water Management. Rate. Quality & Treatment. 1 point Landscape & Exterior design to Reduce Heat Islands 2 points Water efficient Landscaping 1 point Innovative waste water technologies 2 points optimized Energy Performance 2 points recycled content 2 points Local / Regional Materials 4 points Innovation in Design. 17 Potential LEED points.

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