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Time: 15 minutes
Level: Intermediate
Gender: F/M
Age: 15-16
Materials: Pictures/ Handouts
Interaction: Ss/Ss – T/Ss
Assumptions: Ss are able to listen to the records like this.
Anticipated Problems: None.

By the end of the lesson, the students
1) will have improved their listening skills by hearing a speech about perfumes.
2) will have had better understanding for the listening a text.
3) will have practiced for specific information.
4) will have improved their speaking skills by talking about themselves as a talking perfume

Time : 2 min.
Materials : Picture
Interaction: T/Ss-Ss/Ss
What the students do : Ss share their ideas about perfumes and help the teacher create a
mind map.
Grouping : Whole Class
- To motivate the students to get to the topic.
- To give students a reason for listening.
- To activate their background information.
- To draw students’ attention to the topic.

1) The teacher sticks a picture of a perfume bottle in the middle of the board.
2) The teacher asks ss “When I say ‘perfume’, what springs to your mind?”
3) The teacher asks students to brainstorm about the perfume.
4) The teacher listens to the students’ phrases and makes a mind map on the board.

Time : 10 min. (5 min. for each session)
Materials : Handouts - Pictures
Interaction: T/Ss-Ss/Ss
What the students do : Ss are asked to understand the listening text in detail at the end of the
Grouping : Two groups for the first session, four groups for the second session.

• First Listening
- To get students to understand the conversation in general.
- To get students to have the main idea about the text.

1) The teacher gives handouts to students.
2) The teacher wants students to put a tick for the phrases they hear.
3) After listening once, the teacher divides ss into two.
4) Ss lines up as two groups.
5) There are mixed pictures about the words they tick on the wall.
6) Ss are asked to find the couples of the pictures and to stick them on the board.
7) After they finish, ss sit down, and the teacher checks the answers through the handouts
and compares the pictures on the board.

• Second Listening
- To get students have more specific information about the text.
- To get them understand the text in detail.

1) Teacher wants ss to read the uncompleted sentences.
2) After students look at the sentences, they listen to the text again to fill in the gaps.
3) Then teacher divided ss into groups of four.
4) Teacher distributes board pages to students.
5) Ss write their answers on the board pages according to the teacher’s instruction.
6) Then ss answer the questions one by one as a group and stick their board pages on the
7) After each group sticks their pages, a shape of perfume bottle is on the board, and all
students see the answers on the board.

Time : 3 min.
Materials : Music
Interaction: Ss/Ss – T/Ss
What the students do : They draw a shape while listening to music. After that, they become
perfume bottles in the shape of their drawings. Then they talk about their history, how nice
fragrance they have, who uses them etc. as a perfume bottle.
Grouping : Individual
Aims :
- To improve their speaking skills with the help of creativity.

1) Ss had a big perfume shape on the board after second listening activity.
2) The teacher asks ss, “Have you ever wanted to be a perfume bottle?”.
3) The teacher starts a melody and asks them to draw any shape whatever they want
while listening to the melody.
4) After they finish, they become a perfume bottle in the shape of their drawings, and
will talk about their history, how nice fragrance they have, who uses them etc. as a
talking perfume bottle.