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Nicolas Derrien

513 S. Lazelle St. ~ Columbus Ohio 43206 ~ 614-2086038 ~

SKS Microfinance Ltd May 31, 2010

Ashoka Raghupathi Chambers
D No. 1-10-60 to 62
Opp Shoppers Stop
Begumpet, Hyderabad- 500 016

Dear Sir, Madam,

The microfinance movement as a means to eradicate poverty is not new but has gained increased
momentum in recent years as individuals and investors alike have realized its potential. With
management experience, one year of MBA school completed at a top American university (where I am
majoring in finance and strategy and will study abroad at the Indian Institute of Management-
Ahmedabad), international travel experience including India and fluency in three languages, and a
passion for helping those at the bottom of the income pyramid, I believe I bring a unique set of skills
that will help SKS continue its remarkable growth and put it in position to one day achieve its mission
of eradicating poverty.

Firstly, I possess three years of management experience in the retail industry leading teams of up
to 100 people. My success in this role (please refer to attached resume) demonstrates my ability to lead a
large and diverse group of people towards a common goal. My leadership style was driven by a
customer-first strategy and fairness towards all who worked for me, in line with your values of
customer-first and ethics.

Secondly, with one year of MBA school to complement my work experience, I am learning the
skills needed to apply business solutions to real world problems. Furthermore, as a finance and strategy
major, I am adding the necessary specific tools to pursue a career in the microfinance field. Gaining
experience at SKS this summer would allow me to tailor my education this fall at IIM-A in a way that
would benefit the organization and my own development, should a return full time to SKS be possible
next year.

Next, I have traveled extensively throughout the world and speak three languages (French and
Spanish in addition to English) fluently. This should serve your organization well as it continues to
expand across India and other parts of the world. Also, having already spent 6 weeks traveling across
India, where I gained a deep appreciation and respect for the culture and people, my transition to your
country will not come with any large surprise.

Lastly, I bring passion to share in SKS’s mission of eradicating poverty. In this year of school, I
have already contributed on a knowledge management consulting project for the World Bank and
another consulting assignment for a social entrepreneur in Honduras. These projects gave both the
recipients and me valuable knowledge to move forward with.

I thank you very much for your consideration and welcome an open discussion with your
organization to discuss possible opportunities for this summer and beyond.


Nicolas Derrien
MBA Class of 2011
Fisher College of Business
The Ohio State University