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Beyond Duality

Published by Taoshobuddha Meditations Trinidad, West indies

“Samaduhkhasukhah svasthah” in paraphrase this means one who is beyond dualities. Duality is the world. The reality is beyond dualities. Mind functions in terms of duality and cannot see the integrating oneness in all things. All things are interconnected and derive from the same cosmic material. The stuff of creation is one. Multiplicity is a functional utility and only applicable in relative circumstances. In the realm of meditation, multiplicity not only has no relevance, but is an impediment. To see the truth one needs to delve into the ocean of oneness where all things dissolve into each other. The Hindus call this creative stuff as Brahman. It is from this Brahman that all things in existence are wrought into being. The forms certainly will change and continue to evolve into new shapes and forms. But the essential stuff from which it is fashioned is one. The world is apparently diverse and variegated but it is called a universe – a singular composition. The Creator is the created. Meditation is the process by which one goes back to the original face. The face of the creator. When one encounters this original face he sees it as a mere reflection of himself. Not himself as seen in the mirror but a reflection of himself as seen the inner abyss of the atma (soul, heart, being). Himself seeing himself is enlightenment. To go beyond duality is to be on the sojourn to life eternal. Meditation Times is only a catalyst in the sojourn. We plod the seeker to go within himself and discover his own way. Our way cannot be your way and may in fact be a hindrance to discover

Swami Anand Neelambar your way. As long as the seeker remains attached to the words of Meditation Times he cannot progress on the pathless path. The way is no way. White clouds floating with no purpose, no direction that is the way. It exists for the mere bliss of existing. Meditation Times takes this opportunity to extend a fruitful sojourn as we enter into a new era and new decade in the 21st century. The new dawn is reflective of new beginnings and renewed opportunities. As we take impetus for our sojourn we gather courage in the fact that other buddhas have crossed the threshold and assured us that the path is within human reach. The way is not impossible, and in fact, I take personal solace in the utterance of Swami Vivekananda: it is not important that we attain realization but rather that the journey is started. To even begin the sojourn is in itself a great benediction and culmination of spiritual austerities. The grace of the Masters is the only requirement to enter the pathless path of meditation. We welcome all our readers to a new dawn and may they continue to support and encourage us. And I close with the reminder of Swami Vivekananda: it is not important that we attain realization but rather that the journey is started.

Message from Taoshobuddha

We are once again at the threshold where we are moving from one realm to another. From one end the year 2010 has disappeared in the unknown oblivion. And another year has ushered in. Thus moves the wheel of time. This is change. The change takes place around the eternal axle that never changes. Therefore I was wondering what should be the message when love has embodied itself as Jesus and time unfolds into a new dimension. It is most appropriate to overflow Buddha-Field. BE A LIGHT UNTO YOURSELF!

Buddha-field Mystery beyond the Known
A Buddha-field is one of the most mysterious and rarest phenomena in the entire existence. A Buddha-field is one of the most mysterious phenomena in the entire existence. It implies whenever someone is awakened, his consciousness radiates a certain aura around him. Whoever is receptive and available, can be transformed by this radiating energy from an AWAKENED BEING. The very presence of the awakened one can hit you so deep that your dormant energy starts becoming alive once again. innumerable number of books on almost an inconceivable range to topics, audio, video and other devices have begun to act like thousands of mirrors now reflecting the light of the being that radiates through this presence.

In India there is a temple made totally of small pieces of mirror. When you enter the temple you are suddenly surrounded by your image reflecting from every nook and It has been described as a sleeping corner. In thousands of ways: from the serpent being awakened. When the energy ceiling, to the floor; from one corner to that was lying coiled, looking almost dead, another; and all around the walls the is hit by the energy of the awakened one, image of the one inside reflects in many a it comes into life and begins to uncoil myriad ways. Each reflection represents itself. This phenomenon you in your totality. It is A Buddha-field is one of the most not that the piece of of uncoiling energy in the presence of the mysterious phenomena in the mirror is going to reflect awakened one is called only a certain part of entire existence. Kundalini in the East. you. The mirrors reflect Kundalini simply means you in totality. Your the serpent power. whole being is reflected through these mirrors. And those thousands of mirrors all The Buddha-field works like a network. reflect you. In the hands of a skilled master it need not be confined to a small area alone. Just take a lit candle inside with you and Instead it spreads beyond the dimensions you will be surprised at the effect of the of the known. This is the reason I began flame. Just one flame suddenly becomes these meditations sessions, books and thousands of flames, and all the reflections talks. Through this network of audio video create a tremendously awesome panorama and PDF, I am expanding the BUDDHA - of light. The man who had made the FIELD beyond the horizons to the temple was one of the richest men in COSMIC LEVEL. All these efforts are like India. He simply loved to make unique putting a mirror in front of a light. The things. mirror does not produce light, however it can reflect light. And when a single light is He simply created a unique piece of surrounded by thousands of mirrors it can beauty, architecture, and something which create a LIGHT OF IMMENSE QUANTITY has no parallel in the whole world. and Beauty. In the same way these

However he did not know the meaning of the creation. This temple represents the BUDDHAFIELD in a material way through myriads of reflections. An ENLIGHTENED ONE creates thousands of seekers around him like reflecting mirrors. They are not awakened yet but they are aspiring to be awakened. They have not yet reached the ultimate. The flower has not yet blossomed. But like a bud they are very receptive, open, and available. In the presence of the master they can at least function as mirrors very easily. Then one Buddha gives birth millions of buddhas. Buddhahood or awakening is the seed that gives birth to millions of seed buddhas.

belong. Certainly you he can and will ultimately reflect me. Through these writings, audio, videos I am creating a network to connect to millions of seekers world over. And soon these millions of people will start reflecting the light. Also they are going to create a network of energy enveloping the whole earth. Just as one sun rises in the morning, but it is reflected by all the oceans, the lakes, the rivers, and the ponds. Small ponds too reflect the same sun as the biggest ocean. Just one sun rises, and millions of places start reflecting it. And it is not only the ocean, lake, river, ponds alone reflecting instead there are other reflections too. The reflections through the ocean, lakes, ponds, mountain tops are gross. There are other reflections too that are more subtle.

Through this network I have created communes so that thousands of seekers can come to sojourn and learn to reflect my BUDDHA – NATURE or AWARENESS. Even before the sun comes above the Remember never imitate a buddha. horizon, the birds suddenly start singing Reflection and imitation are two totally the inner harmony. They are awakened, different things. The mirror something tremendously never imitates you. The An ENLIGHTENED ONE beautiful has happened to mirror simply reflects you as creates thousands of them, and otherwise from you are. An awakened one where will the song arise? seekers around him like And they are so full of life! acts as a mirror so that you can see your reflection in the The flowers open their reflecting mirrors. awakening of the master. petals… these are reflections Thus the seekers begin to reflect the light too. There is no obligation on their part. of the Buddha. And in the process one day They can remain buds. There is no are awakened. obligation on the part of the birds. They may decide not to sing, but something Soon one who comes within this energy- irresistible has happened within which is field begins to reflect the light through beyond their control…. gestures, reflected consciousness and many other ways. His way of thinking When the sun is rising, something is rising changes! Now he looks at the world and its in them too through their life energy, or phenomenon differently. In the process their Kundalini. Of course a bird cannot he has to be a mirror. In this process time become a buddha, but it can at least sing, and space make no difference. If you are dance, fly in the sky just out of sheer joy, available to me, and you are as close to and open his wings as an indication of me as you are then it does not matter to freedom, and aliveness. The bird can now which farthest corner of the earth you

claim the whole sky as its own field of play. And all the flowers – from the smallest grass flower to the biggest lotus – they suddenly all fall into a symphony. They forget all their differences. They forget that there are poor flowers and rich flowers too. That there is the proletariat and there are the bourgeois; suddenly all classes disappear. And in their flowering, in their opening, in their blossoming they release whatsoever they have. They give back to existence as a gift whatever existence has given to them. This is what a Buddha does. He does not keep it, or hoard it. Buddha gives it back a thousand fold. He multiplies it, because what was – apparently – not in the seed, what was not in the roots, what was not in the tree, in the branches, in the leaves… has suddenly come to blossom in the flower - all the colors, all the fragrance and all the beauty too. But they waited long in the dark night for the sun to rise. The presence of the inner sun suddenly gets reflected in millions of ways and creates a network of light, life, joy, fullness, and overflowing ecstasy. This is Buddha-field. One man getting awakened means the sun has risen. It is the declaration that the dark night of the soul is at an end. But it is possible only if there are millions of people spread all over the earth to create a connectedness. With this net of energy we may be able to transform many people who had no idea, or who had never dreamed that there is something more than a mundane life. I am reminded of a story. It is not indeed a story instead a real fact. It is so strange and significant that it looks almost like a story. In South America in a hidden valley deep in the mountains, a small community of people was discovered that lived there. The community was not more than three

hundred but all blind. It was strange. What had happened to these people? What calamity had fallen on them that they are all blind? One man, very adventurous, a scientific enquirer, wanted to know what had happened to these people. Entire humanity was afraid to go into the valley. It was dangerous. If three hundred people are blind, perhaps there is something wrong in the air, or something wrong in the water, or something wrong in the food. Who knows what is wrong? You may go blind! But this courageous young man entered the valley and was surprised. He did not turn blind. He figured out what was happening. There was a certain fly in the mountains. Every child was born with eyes, like any other child is born elsewhere. But within three, four months if the fly bites the child he will go blind. Three or four months were too long a time, and the fly was a common fly, all around, everywhere. So everybody was born with eyes, but nobody ever remembered that once he had eyes because he had lost them so early in life – when he was two months old, at the most four months old. But the fly‘s bite was not capable of destroying a young man‘s eyes. So anybody who had passed at least one year was beyond the reach of the fly. It needed only the very vulnerable child. The man wanted to help them because he had found the cause. The cause could be removed and those common children could be saved. While he was working on the plans of how to destroy the fly, those primitive people used to laugh at the madman. They used to laugh because they could not believe that they had eyes. And of course they were three hundred and he was alone and there was no way to

prove that he had eyes. Those three hundred people had never heard about eyes – he was just a poet, a dreamer! But living with them he fell in love with a girl of the community. He wanted to marry the girl. But the community put a condition: ―You will have to drop this illusion that you have eyes. And to make certain, we have our elders who will check you. If they find something that you call eyes, they will destroy them… because you have something which you should not have. No human being has eyes. Something is wrong with you.

beauty and they would never be aware of her beauty. It was his eyes that had given the glimpse of the beauty of the woman. He had seen so many women, but he finally settled for this blind woman. Although she was blind, she had something indescribable, something otherworldly. But to lose one‘s eyes to get that woman seems to be a very strange bargain, because in losing your eyes you will be also losing that woman. You will never be able to see her again. Then all women are equal. To a blind man what difference does it make that you have a homely woman or a professional? It does not matter at all.

―You can marry the girl of our community, but the condition is that you have to become part of our community. Also you No, he could not manage to convince have to become blind. The choice is your. himself to lose his eyes, because his eyes Either you have to leave us alone and were the source of the experience of the never disturb. Since you have come it has beauty. In the middle of the night he been a continuous disturbance. You have escaped from the valley. And this is not a been corrupting our youth, by putting in story, it is a historical fact. their minds the idea of eyes. We have never heard even from our elders or our I wondered humanity has progressed. It has come a long way forefathers about Human imbecility remains the same. from the days of eyes. We have always lived this way. And Only mask has changed. And now they Krishna, Socrates and Buddha. They have we do not need eyes. wear better masks than their ancestors, not moved a single What will we do with Human but behind the mask is hidden the same inch! eyes? We are perfectly happy and uncivilized, uncultured and ignorant imbecility remains the same. Only mask has content. consciousness. changed. And now ―You have disturbed they wear better our peace and now you want to enter into masks than their ancestors, but behind the our community. You have two choices mask is hidden the same uncivilized, either you lose your eyes and marry, or uncultured and ignorant consciousness. you forget all about this love affair and Humanity is not able to accept the leave the valley and never return again.‖ stranger. It is not vast enough to absorb The young man thought for the whole the new, the unknown, and all that is not night. He really loved the woman, but this yet experienced. Humanity becomes was stupid, the condition was simply irritated and annoyed too. It wants to idiotic, that he had to lose his eyes. In fact destroy your eyes, because humanity is he loved the woman because of her eyes. blind and your eyes will remind the She was so beautiful, and all those three humanity about its blindness. hundred people were not aware of her

I would rather rely on individuals. In that way I can spread my message far and wide. I want to protect your eyes. They are very vulnerable because you are in the situation of a child and just a fly can destroy your eyes. And these people are not flies, they are monsters. The Buddha-field has expanded its area, but its strategy has changed. Now I will depend on the individuals. The awakened

ones can move around the world, to faraway regions. And still there will be a connecting link with me. Wherever there is an aspiring heart I am there to reflect. He will reflect me and my light. He will transmit my energy, and my understanding as well. This is the energy-field or Buddhafield – a mystery beyond the known!

Truth Lies Beyond…

The contacts of senses with objects, O son of Kunti, which cause heat and cold, pleasure and pain, have a beginning and an end; they are impermanent. Therefore endure them bravely, O descendant of Bharata. Through this sutra Yogeshwara explains the theory of PERCEPTION in Vedanta. Accordingly an object is perceived not BY the sense-organs instead THROUGH them. Try to understand the difference between these two words ‗BY‘ and ‗Through‘. You pass through a door neither from nor by. The Indriyas or sense – organs are instruments through which the ego gathers the knowledge of the various objects. Ego is the perceiver. If the perceiver is not actually contacting the objects through the sense-organs, the objects, as such, cannot bring any perception to him. Therefore the interaction between these sense organs and the objects is essential. Man is in a state of disharmony because of inner imbalance between consciousness, ego, and mind. The conflict between body and mind gives birth to certain types of diseases. And the conflict between intellect and mind breeds in mental disease. Thus the life continues as the life of duality. Your body is the visible soul. And soul is the invisible body. Body is manifest. And soul remains unmanifest. Both body and soul are part of one synergistic harmony. However because of imbalance between consciousness, ego and mind this synergistic harmony remains missing. Body and mind are the part of one organic whole. Accept your body. Love your body. The harmony that body creates will certainly become door to meditation one day. Love your body. Respect your body. Be grateful to your body. Only then the journey of transcendence is possible. Each individual has a different body-mind realm. Mind is yoked to sense-organs. Through the interaction between senseorgans and the objects stimuli reaches the mind. Two individual mind frames can never be the same. As a result the same

objects can give two different types of short period, in the world-of-objects where experiences to two different individuals. change alone is the changeless law. The object remaining the same, if it can give different experiences, it is evident The wise understands the finite nature of that it is because of the difference in the the changeable objects-of-the-world. All mental composition of the individuals. It is these objects have a beginning and an also observed that, the objects that were end. Thus the wise never despair the least, the cause of fancy during a certain stage of things THAT ARE, or of things THAT ARE in one's life become a nuisance to the NOT in any way. Heat and cold, success or same individual after a time. As time failure, pain or joy - none of these can passes on, the mental frame of the ever be permanent. Neither the sorrow nor individual also changes. In short, it is very happiness remains. One unfolds into the clear that the external other. Life unfolds into Your body is the visible death and the process objects can convey their stimuli and give us an soul. And soul is the goes on. experience only when invisible body. Body is Since every situation, our minds come in manifest. And soul remains keeps on changing on its contact with the objects through the senseunmanifest. Both body and own, it would be foolish organs. to get ourselves upset at soul are part of one every change visible. synergistic harmony. Wise understands that Indeed it is wisdom to the objects of the world suffer them meekly with are in a state of the comfort and constant change. These are constantly consolation of the knowledge of their finite coming into existence and perishing too. nature. The wise goes through life, both in The wise will not allow him to be tossed joy and sorrow, in success and failure, in about by the existence or non-existence of pain and joy, with the constant the finite things of the world. In the flood awareness: ‗Even this will pass away.‘ of time, things and incidents, circumstances and environments flow up The external world of challenges is finite. to our present from the unknown FUTURE. Indeed it has a beginning and an end. Not In the process these give us vivid only that, Bhagwan adds, ‗they are experiences of varied intensity. However impermanent by their very nature.‘ The the nature, of these experiences cannot word ‗impermanent‘ means that the same remain permanent. And these must pass object gives pleasure at one moment and on to become one with the entire PAST. at another moment, pain to the Nothing can remain the same, even for a experiencer. This inconsistency is indicated by the term 'anitya' in the Sutra.

Choice keeps you dualistic and choicelessness takes you to a life of beyondness. Serenity is the outcome of inner harmony. Harmony comes when consciousness, ego and mind are in harmony. He is beyond duality. He is not in the waves. He has got the taste of the ocean.

The man of serenity is not disturbed by anything because he accepts all that comes. Sadness comes, he accepts it. Joy comes, he accepts it. He has no preference or no choice. He lives in a choiceless state of consciousness. Whatever happens he allows. He is totally open to it. He drinks it. He absorbs it. He has no likes and dislikes. No preferences, no choices too! He is not against sadness, he is not against anger, he is not against sex, and he is not against love either. He is neither against nor for. He is simply serene. This is the state of BEYONDNESS. If you choose, immediately you are disturbed. Try and watch it. Whenever you choose you will be disturbed. Choice brings disturbance. Choice means alternatives. To be this or to be that, to be or not to be is the way of choice. Choice means you are standing at a crossroad. And now the question arises which road to follow? If you go to the right, who knows? It may just lead you into a cul-de-sac. Maybe the left was the right choice. Who knows? How to decide? The moment you choose, you become disturbed. And you always choose against yourself, against a part of yourself. One part of you says, ―Choose this,‖ while another part says, ―Choose that.‖ Now you have to decide. With decision you will be divided. The part that was saying, ―Do not

choose this,‖ has been denied, and rejected. That rejected, or denied part will take revenge. Sooner or later it will say, ―Now see what happened: now repent. Therefore never choose this, or that. This was wrong. Choice keeps you dualistic and choicelessness takes you to a life of beyondness. And the same would have happened if you had chosen the other. The man who chooses remains disturbed. Serenity means a state of choicelessness. Choicelessness is the mirror that reflects all that comes in front of such a mirror. Just as a mirror, simply reflects, without any choice. An ugly man comes, mirror reflects. A beautiful man comes, it reflects too. It has no choice; there is no question of choice. Just reflecting is the way of mirror. Sadness comes, and the man of serenity says, ―I am sadness. This moment, this is how I am. This moment, this is my reality.‖ He does not compare either: ―The last moment was better, I was joyous. Now I am sad.‖ He never compares two moments. He never hankers for something else in the future. Whatsoever is, he is totally relaxed with it. This is serenity — and out of serenity comes real knowing. This is EQUANIMITY – EQUI-BALANCE. This is what Yogeshwar tells Arjuna through the Sutra mentioned earlier.

The realm beyond the heart – BEING
Mind is limited. So is it capabilities. It is like a bio-computer. It is not your whole being. The heart is far bigger than the mind. And beyond the heart is your being, which is bigger than the heart. And beyond your being is the universal being — which is infinite. To enter into these mysteries you will need a SERENE MIND that does not disturb you. Mind symbolizes ego. Ego creates shadows in the layers of consciousness. Shadow goes on lengthening as the light of awareness fades. And then one enters into a life of duality. When you come in the company of a master the energy-field creates a longing for inward journey in you

and you are at the threshold of a new beginning. Such an occasion of deepest longing has to come in the life of every seeker. You are here only for this kind of happening. It is just the beginning. In the beginning it is very natural for the mind to create doubts. There is no need to be angry with the mind. This is BEYONDSNESS. Mind cannot understand it. This is beyond the scope of mind. And naturally the mind wants you to remain rational, reasonable, and sane. The mind creates doubts for the simple reason that it wants to protect you. It is not against you, it is trying to protect you so that you do not get into some crazy space. But it is only in the beginning that the mind creates doubts. And this is the time when the master and the energy-field of the master helps you not to be bothered with what your mind is saying, but to explore the new that is now arising in you. You are feeling light descending from an unknown horizon. Shadows are disappearing. And a luminous body is arising within you. This is the body of light. The mind can accept a skeleton. However it cannot accept a body of light. Mind is very primitive. It still believes in matter. But the Physicists have come to the conclusion that there is no matter at all. Only energy exists. But the energy particles are moving at such a tremendous speed that they create the illusion of solidness. It is just like the movement of the blades of a fan. When the fan is running you cannot see the three wings separately. The blades create a circle. If it moved with the speed of light, the way electrons move in a pillar, then you could sit on the fan and you would not fall, and you would not feel that something is changing under you and there are gaps. Because before you could

feel the gap, the other wing of the fan would have come in and you would not feel anything. The speed makes it a solid thing. All that looks solid only looks solid. But mind is very primitive. The heart is neither primitive nor contemporary. The heart is eternal. It knows no divisions of time. So the heart can see without any doubt the body of light. In fact, that body is truer than the solid body that we see. It is so the body of light implies the body of electrons, or pure electricity. It happened after the Second World War. A soldier returned home. He had been away from home for five years, and naturally he was in a hurry to meet his wife. As he hugged his wife he got a shock — such an electric shock, he fell flat on the ground. He said, ―My God, what has happened?‖ For five years the wife had been waiting and waiting and waiting with such intensity, her electric forces had been accumulating. Doctors were called. They could not even take her hand to check her pulse — immediate shocks. Then the electrician was called, hoping that something may happen. Now it is no longer physical. Instead something electrical has gone wrong. The electrician was very much afraid. He said, ―First take this bulb in your hand.‖ He gave the woman a five-candle bulb to put in her hand, and the bulb lit up. That was the first happening of its type. The entire body of the woman was throbbing with electricity. Because of her, research started into human electricity, and now it is an established fact that every human body has electricity. If your eyes are very perceptive, you can see the electric aura around the body. It is the same Aura that you have seen around

the photographs of Nanak, Kabir, Krishna, Rama, and Buddha. Those circles around the faces are not fictions. They are not the imaginations of the painters. They have been seen by disciples, and the meditators.

start becoming aware of your inner being. Remember your inner being is surrounded by a light.

Masters have called it the ASTRAL BODY, or the BODY OF LIGHT. This body is made of starlight. This is why it is called And now in the ‗astral‘. Just Mind is limited. So is it capabilities. Soviet Union, there remember that it is not It is a bio-computer. It is not your is a photographer within the domain of whole being. The heart is far bigger who even takes the mind. Therefore tell than the mind. And beyond the photographs of this the mind, ―This is none heart is your being, which is bigger electrical energy. He of your business. You than the heart. And beyond your has developed very do your thing.‖ And being is the universal being — sensitive plates. His there are many more which is infinite. To enter into these name is Kirlian. And things. Existence is not mysteries you will need a SERENE because of his name, limited to the mind this photography has alone. Existence is far… MIND that does not disturb you. become known as bigger, and far more Kirlian‘s mysterious. Photography. He has become famous world-wide. If he takes your photo, it will You have all the possibilities that any not just be you but also surrounding your mystic has ever experienced anywhere in the world. Such experience requires a whole body an AURA OF LIGHT. certain state of INNER SILENCE. And And strangely enough, if somebody‘s hand silence is BEYOND MIND. In the absence has been cut off in an accident and Kirlian of inner silence those doubts can go on takes a photograph, the hand is not there disturbing you. This is why I emphasize in the photograph but the aura of the hand before entering the mysterious world, first is still there. The electrical body is still silence the mind. Discipline the mind so intact and nothing has been disturbed; that silence overflows. In that state there only the physical part has been dropped is no room for thinking. With inner off. Suppose one of your fingers has been serenity when you enter the mysterious cut off for some reason or accident; but in world the mind does not come in the way. the photograph four fingers will show a Also it does not raise awkward questions darker image of the physical finger with a for which you have no answer furthermore lighter shade around it, and one finger will you will not have to worry that mind be simply the lighter electric shade. But cannot understand your answers. the shade will still be there. Mind is limited. So is it capabilities. It And this is not only with the human body. is a bio-computer. It is not your whole Kirlian said this applies even with flowers. being. The heart is far bigger than the Pick a petal from a rose flower and Kirlian mind. And beyond the heart is your can say which petal has been taken out being, which is bigger than the heart. because his photograph will show the And beyond your being is the missing petal‘s electric aura. universal being — which is infinite. To enter into these mysteries you will So when you come within the energy-field need a SERENE MIND that does not of a master you start becoming silent, and disturb you.

Meditation and Holy places Symbol of Beyondness


ll holy places have been created as the place for meditation. Meditation at such places takes the seeker beyond the horizons of the known to the realm of the Unknown.

Buddhists. But Kailas is absolutely desolate. It has no houses and no human population, no worshipers, and no priests. But whoever sits in meditation in Kailas will find it fully inhabited.

I have told you many things to explain From the moment you reach Kailas, if the significance of a HOLY PLACE. But you are capable of going into meditation that is not enough. There are many you will say that is inhabited by many things connected with such places which souls and wonderful ones too. But if you cannot be understood by the ordinary go there and cannot meditate, then human consciousness. However they do Kailas is empty for you. There is no happen. Such things provision for meditation cannot be intellectually The word TIRTHA is sacred. It is such places. You will clarified or made into that my means a sort of jumping board remember mathematical formulas, emphasis is on from where one can take a dive individual but they do happen. This meditation. into the infinite ocean of divinity. is not only true about And when this happens holy place instead at the you will experience a shrines as well. You will experience the very strong subtle presence. This is aura of the beyondness only if you mystical and BEYOND THE meditate. DIMENSION OF THE KNOWN. All these holy places have now become so much commercialized and ridden with noise that there is no opportunity for serene meditation. I will tell you of two or three things that happen when you sit somewhere alone in meditation. You are unlikely to be aware of the presence of the few souls that may be around you. But in a HOLY PILGRIM, such an experience can be very strong. It may become so deep sometimes that you feel your own presence less than that of the other souls. And meditating in the company of such souls takes you to the realm of the beyond. For example, Kailas has been a holy place for Hindus as well as for Tibetan The word TIRTHA is sacred. It means a sort of jumping board from where one can take a dive into the infinite ocean of divinity. The Jaina word TIRTHANKARA means a creator of a TIRTHA, or a place of pilgrimage. A person can only be called a TIRTHANKARA if he has charged an area into which ordinary people can enter, open themselves up and begin their inner search. Jainas call them not incarnations but TIRTHANKARAS. A TIRTHANKARA is a greater phenomenon than an incarnation, because if the divine enters a human form it is good, but if a man makes a place for others to enter the divine, it is a far higher event.

To be alone – the experience of the beyond
As you start coming closer and closer to your centre your behavior on the circumference too changes. It becomes more and more loving, compassionate, calm, and friendly. It becomes less greedy, less angry, less jealous, and less possessive. It becomes more and more a song, a dance, as if suddenly a spring has come to you and thousands of flowers have blossomed. To live at the center of the being is the greatest challenge. One who has learned the art to be ALONE has indeed experienced that which is BEYOND. Man can live either on the circumference or at the centre. To live at the circumference is easy, because everybody is living there. But to live at the centre is a great challenge. There you will be living all alone. You will not find a crowd there. And to be alone needs the greatest courage in the world. That is why very few people have been able to know their innermost core. The journey to innerness is absolutely solitary. Meditation prepares you for this journey. It transforms your LONELINESS into the vastness of ALONENESS. Indeed the miracle of meditation is transforming your solitariness into solitude. There is vast difference between the feeling of loneliness and the experience of aloneness, between solitariness and solitude. Solitariness or loneliness is negative and ugly. Solitude or Aloneness is positive and beautiful too. Solitariness is like a wound. Like a black hole it stays inside you, hat goes on hurting. One wants to cover it, and escape away from it. Thus one wants somebody to be with so one can forget one‘s solitariness. Solitude is like Everest. It is a virgin peak. Just a single moment of it is more valuable than the whole life of living with the crowds. The whole life of so-called relationships is just utter madness compared to a single moment of solitude. It is so healthy and so wholesome. And the same is true about loneliness and aloneness. Loneliness is negative, aloneness is positive. Loneliness means you are missing the other, aloneness means you are enjoying yourself. Meditation transforms the negative into the positive, the miserable into the blissful. Once you have tasted the joy of being alone, the beauty of solitude, you can rush in — then there is no problem, then the journey is an immense joy. And one thing more each moment the joy becomes bigger and bigger. Each moment it is more and more incredible. Each moment you are stuck with wonder because you were thinking that you had reached the last — now what more there can be? But again there is more. Once you reach one peak suddenly you see another peak waiting ahead of you. Each peak that comes is always higher and higher. And this goes on like an unending voyage to an unknown dimension. As you start coming closer and closer to your centre your behavior on the circumference too changes. It becomes more and more loving, compassionate, calm, and friendly. It becomes less greedy, less angry, less jealous, and less possessive. It becomes more and more a song, a dance, as if suddenly a spring has come to you and thousands of flowers have blossomed.

And when you have It is like the fast moving There is vast difference between reached to the very train that everything far the feeling of loneliness and the centre of your being behind. The ego is no more experience of aloneness, between you have known all there so you are no more solitariness and solitude. that is worth there. But in a way you are knowing. Knowing for the first time but oneself one knows all. The name of that EGOLESSLY. With ‗YOU‘ left far behind innermost core is the SUPREME SELF. It only SELF remains! This is the essence of is not YOUR- SELF. YOU are left far the SUPREME SELF - the Egoless behind. YOU are left on the circumference. Experience of One‘s Being.

The Osho – Consciousness Beyond the known

Question – Beloved Osho, why it is so difficult for Sannyasins to have any deep relationship with Non-Sannyasins explain? Osho – It is natural. To be a sannyasin means you are deprogrammed. To relate with non-sannyasins is bound to be difficult because they are programmed people. Their programmed minds and your deprogrammed minds cannot have anything in common. You will think them stupid; they will think you licentious, rebellious. There is no possibility of communication. It will become more and more difficult the more sannyasins get deeper into meditation. Then those people will not be able to understand at all. They will think that you have been corrupted, you have been brain washed, and you have been hypnotized. All kinds of condemnation will come upon you from their side. And from

your side, you cannot conceive how people can go on believing in such stupid ideas. Everything they believe in will look idiotic — their God, their heaven and hell, and their churches, their prayers. You have become an outsider. You do not belong to the crowd. You have been able to see something of which they are not aware. It is just like a man having eyes trying to communicate with a group which is blind. There will be a thousand and one difficulties. You cannot mention colors, you cannot mention light; you cannot mention a beautiful sunset, because they will start laughing: ―You are living in fantasies — these things don‘t exist.‖ And for you the problem is that you know they exist, and you know that these people are blind and they need some treatment for their eyes. But you cannot force them; they don‘t think they are blind. They simply think that this is how one has to be. And they are in the majority. They may even violently force your eyes to be destroyed just to help you, so that you don‘t talk nonsense. You talk about colors and rainbows and flowers and sunsets and stars — which are not part of their mind at all. But they are powerful. They are in the majority; they have the government in their hands — they can do anything they want. And you cannot do anything against them, nor would the heart of a sannyasin like to do anything against them — you can only feel compassion for them. You can try to convince them, argue with them, but your arguments and your efforts to convince them are not going to lead you anywhere, because you are speaking two different languages. It is one of the most difficult things, and it has always been so. Not only to sannyasins, but to all people of greater perceptivity, greater sensitivity, the masses have been antagonistic. Vincent

van Gogh… just a few days ago I saw a copy of one of his paintings in which he makes his stars like spirals. Nobody has painted stars like spirals — you don‘t see them as spirals. He was condemned even by the painters of his day. All the critics were against him; all the painters thought that he was crazy. Every night you can see the stars, but have you ever seen spirals? It was just a few months ago that astronomers came to realize that every star is a spiral. The distance is so much — that‘s why we cannot see the spiral. But it is strange how Vincent van Gogh got the idea. He was not a physicist — he had no instruments. It took one hundred years for scientists to develop delicate instruments, sensitive instruments which can see stars as they actually are. But he had painted them a hundred years ago exactly as they are finding them now. Their photographs and Vincent van Gogh‘s paintings are exactly the same! But the poor fellow was not understood at all. He was turned out of his home because his parents were poor, and they said, ―We cannot afford to keep you. You are now grown up. We have given you all the education that we could manage — now you can become a priest in a church. We cannot afford for you to be a painter.‖ His father was working in a coal mine; his parents were really poor, and you cannot say anything against them. And Vincent van Gogh‘s first works are just coal sketches — but they are tremendously beautiful. Now even those coal sketches have a value of millions of dollars. But his parents would not give him money for paints, for canvases, and finally they had to turn him out. One of his friends took pity on van Gogh and asked him to stay with him until he got some employment. And he fell in love with the sister of the friend — just love at

first sight. The first day in the house of the friend, he proposed to the girl. The girl simply laughed; they were more comfortably-off people — better educated, middle class, higher than Vincent van Gogh and his family. She could not believe that this poor beggar could even dare to ask her. Jokingly, she said, ―Can you give me any proof of your love? Can you put your hand on this candle?‖ — it was burning by their side. He said, ―Yes!‖ and he kept his hand on the burning candle. His whole hand was burnt. The woman got frightened: this man seems to be mad also! She pulled his hand away, but he said, ―Why are you pulling it away? Let me keep it there until you say yes.‖ The whole family gathered there. They pulled him away from the candle — he had burned his hand for his whole life — and he was turned out of the house the next day. A man of great sensitivity — but no woman was ready to love him, because he looked crazy. Nobody was buying his paintings, and still he went on painting. His brother was employed — his younger brother — and was sending van Gogh the exact amount of money so that he could have his food every day. Each week he would send money — enough for one week only. And Vincent van Gogh would only eat four days in the week, and three days he would fast and purchase canvases and paints. And nobody was buying his paintings. People were simply laughing and saying, ―He is simply mad! We have never seen such paintings. What is he doing?‖ But it seems whatever he was doing is going to come true, slowly, slowly. If his vision of stars is now confirmed by

physics, it is simply a miracle that with bare eyes, he could see that they are spirals. Nobody in the whole of history has even thought about it, so you cannot think that he borrowed the thought from somebody. Nobody has seen stars like that. And he could not prove anything; he simply went on saying, ―This is how I see them.‖ But everybody laughed, because they also could see the stars but they didn‘t see spirals. This tremendous sensitivity… but he was misunderstood everywhere. And finally when he was only thirty-three, they drove him mad. Hungry, starving, and everybody laughing and condemning… not a single painting was sold. His brother tried to send a man with money and said, ―At least purchase one painting. He will have the consolation that somebody has purchased one painting.‖ The man went — he had no idea about painting. Van Gogh was so ecstatic that somebody had come finally to purchase a painting — so he was showing him all his paintings. And the man said, ―Don‘t waste my time — any will do. This is the money.‖ You can understand how much van Gogh would have been shocked. He simply said, ―That means this money has been given to you by my brother — because you are not even looking at the paintings. I cannot sell any painting to you. These paintings are not for people who cannot understand them. And just tell my brother never to do such a thing to me — it hurts more.‖ And it was found actually that that was the case. Van Gogh died without selling a single painting. Now only two hundred paintings have survived, and each painting is worth not less that one million dollars; each painting has a certain quality that has never been found in any other painting.

He became mad, but he continued to paint even while he was mad; in his madhouse he continued to paint. Even the paintings he has done in the madhouse are tremendously beautiful. Perhaps he was not mad; perhaps he was simply forced by the medical profession and other painters to feel that he was doing mad things. After one year he was released, because he was absolutely nonviolent; he created no trouble for anybody, he simply continued to paint. In fact he was not willing to leave because it was far easier in the hospital. The hospital was paying everything for his paintings, and he was getting food for seven days, so this was far easier than to be outside. But they forced him; they said, ―We don‘t think you are mad, and if you are mad then there is no way to cure you. You simply get out.‖ Outside he could not manage and simply committed suicide. He wrote a letter to his brother in which he says, ―What is the point of living in a world where nobody understands you? And there is no hope that anybody will ever understand me — at least not in my life. It is better to withdraw.‖ So this is not only with sannyasins, it is an old story. People of immense qualities, but with a different perspective and different sensitivity than the ordinary mind has, have been tortured, and there has been no way to communicate. All that the sannyasins can do, rather than arguing with those people, is accept whatever condemnation they have and still ask them, ―Do you see that we are happier than you? Do you see that we love more than you? Can you see that we are more silent, more integrated than you? We may be brainwashed, hypnotized — all your condemnations we accept.‖ Just raise the question, ―Are you more contented than we are? Although we have nothing, are

you less worried than we are? Although we don‘t have anything that makes us not worry, and we have everything that would make you commit suicide.‖ Don‘t argue — simply make it clear to them, ―We are homeless, we don‘t have any money, we don‘t belong to any society, we have abandoned all the nations, all the religions. Still, we are happy. We don‘t know what is going to happen tomorrow, but today is enough. When tomorrow comes it will take care of itself.‖ Rather than intellectual arguments, existential comparison perhaps may help them. Perhaps they may start thinking about it, that there is some truth in it. And that is the only possible way to bring them closer. And once they are closer and open and ready to listen, then there is every possibility of communion. First, you have to melt the ice — and that is the biggest problem. Once the ice is melted, then things become easier. So first, accept all their condemnation rather than retaliating, arguing against it. That will not help. What is going to help is to just accept what they are saying, then make an existential comparison and tell them, ―You can think about it, and if you feel that we have got something that you have not got, we are ready to share it with you.‖ And those people are in misery. They may be pretending they are not, but they are in misery, they are in suffering. If you can just make a question arise in their mind, so that they can look at their fake masks and can see their reality for a moment, they will be ready to listen to you. There is no other way. You cannot force, you cannot argue, because on that ground the conflict cannot be resolved. It can be resolved only on existential grounds. And

that‘s where many sannyasins miss the point. If people say, ―You are hypnotized,‖ you start arguing, ―We are not!‖ No, you should say, ―It is possible; you may be right, we may be hypnotized. But what do you think: being in misery and not hypnotized, or being in bliss and being hypnotized — what alternative will you choose? And what is wrong in being hypnotized? Have you ever been hypnotized? Do you know what it is? Have you ever experienced anything of it — or just heard the word?‖ There are millions of people who have just heard words, and they go on throwing those words around: hypnotism, mesmerism, brainwashing — and they don‘t understand a thing they are saying. So rather than arguing, you can say, ―If you know about brainwashing, I am ready: brainwash me, so I can see what brainwashing is. If you know what hypnotism is, hypnotize me, so I can experience what hypnotism is.‖ Make one thing certainly clear to them: ―You don‘t know — you are simply throwing words about.‖ I was a student of a professor, and there was always conflict with him for the simple reason that he went on throwing words about and he did not know what they meant. I would insist, ―You explain that word. And I will not be satisfied only by an intellectual explanation. I am ready — brainwash me, hypnotize me, I am ready.‖ But he was just throwing words about. He reported to the vice-chancellor of that university that I was a continual trouble because I would contest each word, that he had to prove…. The vice-chancellor asked me to come to see him. The professor was present there — I

immediately understood what the problem was. The vice-chancellor said to me, ―Why do you create trouble?‖ I said, ―I don‘t create trouble. You just wait and see.‖ I asked that professor — he was a Bengali man, Professor Bhattacharya — I asked, ―Have you read the book written by Ouspensky, TRACTATUS LOGICO PHILOSOPHICUS?‖ He said, ―Yes! It is such a famous book. I loved it when I read it.‖ And I told the vice-chancellor, ―Phone the library and enquire if there is any such book — because I have simply made up the name of the book. There is a book TRACTATUS LOGICO PHILOSOPHICUS, but it is not written by P.D. Ouspensky, it is written by Ludwig Wittgenstein — and this man has never seen the book. This is my whole problem in the class. ―Do you think I am creating trouble or is this man the trouble? Can‘t he be honest and say, `I have never heard of such a book‘? But he cannot accept his ignorance — about anything.‖ The vice-chancellor phoned to the librarian; the librarian said, ―P.D. Ouspensky has never written such a book. There is a book of this name, but the author is Ludwig Wittgenstein.‖ The vice-chancellor said to the professor, ―You have to understand that if you don‘t know, you should not pretend to know. And this boy has made his point absolutely clear.‖ I said to the vice-chancellor, ―This has been happening almost every day. This man never goes to the library. I have looked through the whole philosophy department in the library: his name is not on a single book‘s card. And I have looked in his house, because he lives by the side of one of my friends‖ — who was a professor of economics — ―and the houses are joined together, they are sharing half

and half. So I just made an arrangement with my friend, `Someday let me into his house. I want to see what books he has.‘ ―And all that he has are magazines like PLAYBOY, which I don‘t think have any philosophy. I have not seen a single book which is concerned with philosophy — and he is a professor of philosophy! And do you think a professor of philosophy reading PLAYBOY is going to discuss philosophy with me? He has passed his examinations — that must have been thirty years ago, but in thirty years philosophy has moved on further and further.‖ That was the last time that the professor allowed me in the class. The next day when I went into the class he said, ―Listen, you may be right. Yesterday you put me in such a bad situation — I don‘t want to argue at all. Either you promise me not to argue in the class or just don‘t come to my class.‖ I said, ―I always wanted not to come to your class because it is so worthless. But you have to give me ninety percent attendance.‖ He said, ―I will give you one hundred percent, but don‘t come to my class.‖ I said, ―Can I come to your house sometime?‖ He said, ―I don‘t want to see your face!‖ I said, ―It is up to you: if you have decided to remain retarded, what can I do? But once in a while I will try to come to your house, because I want to help you to come out of your retardedness.‖ He was very angry with the economics professor: ―You allowed him in my house to look into my books — and certainly there are no books, just magazines and other things. He brought the whole thing before the vice-chancellor, and I felt so insulted!‖

I went to the vice-chancellor and I said, ―This is the situation: he is willing to give me hundred percent attendance, but he does not want me to attend the class. And I want to inform you that this is absolutely criminal. You go to the class and check how many days I have been present.‖ The vice-chancellor did it; he went to the class at the end of the month, and I was marked as present the whole month. He asked Bhattacharya, ―Are you sure that this person has been present the whole month?‖ Bhattacharya became suspicious that I must have been doing something behind his back. He said, ―Yes, I am certain; otherwise why should I give him that percentage of attendance unless he was present?‖ The vice-chancellor asked the students. They said, ―No, we have not seen him for one month.‖ Bhattacharya came to my room in the hostel that evening and said, ―Please, come to the class from tomorrow. I am very sorry, and I accept that I don‘t know anything about the latest developments in philosophy. But you have given me so much trouble that if you don‘t come to my class, I am going to lose my job.‖ I said, ―Don‘t be worried — I will not do any harm to you. I simply want you to understand that you should not throw names around. You go on throwing names around like Martin Heidegger, Jaspers — you know nothing about these people, and I have been wasting my whole nights with these people. You simply stop! What is the point? — if you are not knowledgeable, accept it. ―I am trying to become knowledgeable, and I think it honorable of you to recognize that you DON‘T know. I don‘t think there is any disrespect in it, because one cannot know everything in the whole

world. There are millions of things, for everybody that he does not know. So you learn one thing: when you don‘t know, you have to accept in the class that you don‘t know.‖ That discussion with him… I went to the class the next day and he really accepted three times in one hour that he did not know anything about something. And afterwards he thanked me, ―It was such a great release and freedom to say, `I don‘t know.‘ I have never known such a relief. It was a tension and anguish to tell a lie, knowing perfectly well that I didn‘t know this man, this philosophy, and still saying I do — because this was my conditioning, that the professor has to know everything, at least more than the student.‖ I said, ―Forget that, and there is no problem‖ — and since that day there was no problem. In fact, even in the class he would stop sometimes and ask me, ―Perhaps you have some idea about this that you can explain to the class.‖ He had been a much disrespected person. However eventually he became a person very respected by the students — just by accepting that he was ignorant about some things. His humbleness created respectability. It is a difficult task with people, and you have to deal with different people in different ways. No certain method can be given, because it may work with one person, it may not work with another person. So you have to be very watchful about the person to see what will work.

One thing is certain, that they are all in suffering, all in tension and anguish, and they all want to get out of it. So from there you have to find your clue, and the key. And if you are watchful enough, you can always find the clue and the key, and a communion is possible. And you have nothing to lose. That person really wants to lose many things — his misery, his suffering, his anguish. And he has nothing else; his whole being is full of hell. Don‘t fight with the person. Try to accept whatever he is saying. Ask him questions about what he says and let him feel that he knows nothing about these things. Once he accepts his ignorance about anything, you have a loophole from where you can enter into his being. His knowledge is a protection of his personality, his ego. So first you have to make a dent somewhere. So just listen to him and ask a few questions, and you will be able to find where he is just absolutely ignorant. Then you can make possible a little space to connect through. And let him feel your love, your compassion, your peace, your blissfulness. It will take a little time for him to ask you, ―What has happened to you?‖ But sooner or later he is bound to ask, because he is sick, and nobody wants to remain sick. If you can prove that you have come out of the ordinary sickness of human beings… Only then can a sannyasin have a communication with non-sannyasin. Source – Osho Book ―Light on the Path‖

Witnessing – Dimension beyond Duality
When you watch events, circumstances and situations without evaluation know this as WITNESS.
You think unabated; you imagine things that are never there. But you never watch. Watching is a totally different process. It means you do not have any likes, any dislikes.

You do not condemn anything. You do not appreciate either. You simply see and you are aware and you are alert but not dead like a mirror. You are aware. You are watching what is happening. But you are neural. You see a rose flower. Instead of being verbose remember this is the moment to connect to the being of the flower. You reflect it and you watch it. But never say anything about the rose. Never bring words between you and the rose because all those words are useless. When you are confronting a real rose why bring words in? Why destroy the reality of the rose by bringing interpretations of the past? You may be quoting great poets — Shelley, Yeats and Keats. Have you ever wondered by quoting them you are bringing between you and the rose a barrier? Leave your eyes utterly empty. Do not fall asleep. Watch, just look silently. Be a witness. Watching means looking at things without any evaluation, neither saying it is not good nor saying it is bad. Because nothing is good and nothing is bad. Things are simply what they are. A rose is a rose and a thorn is a thorn. Neither the thorn is bad nor is the rose good. If man disappears from the earth, roses will be there, thorns will be there, but there will be nobody to say that roses are good and thorns are bad. It is our mind that creates these values. And these go on changing. This is duality. And to go beyond duality is bliss. Just a hundred years ago nobody would have ever thought to put a cactus in one‘s home. A cactus is all thorns. If you had brought a cactus into your home, people would have thought you were mad. It will be considered that something had gone wrong with you! But now to grow roses in your home is orthodox. The avant-garde or forward thinking people grow cactuses. They are the really considered cultured people. They keep cactus plants in their bedrooms too — poisonous, dangerous, but the cactus is ―in‖ and the rose is ―out.‖ What a metamorphosis is this? In this century, ugly things have become beautiful and beautiful things have become ugly. Picasso is valuable — one of the ugliest

painters the world has ever known! Just two hundred or three hundred years ago he would have been forced to live in a mental asylum if he had painted things like this. He would have been thought insane, utterly insane. And the world of Michelangelo is a totally different world. A different valuation existed. The world of Leonardo da Vinci is a totally different world. Fashions go on changing. Every day man goes on changing. Nothing is, in fact, good or bad, beautiful or ugly. It all depends on you. Whatsoever you start thinking is good, and beautiful, that alone becomes good and beautiful. It depends what your criteria are, what your values are. But in reality, nothing is good and nothing is bad. Things are simply what they are. If you witness then there is no question of choice. Then a choiceless awareness arises in you. J. Krishnamurti goes on saying this. It is basically the message of Buddha. The followers of Krishnamurti think that he is teaching something very original. It has nothing original in it. It is essentially the message of Buddha. It is not J. Krishnamurti‘s invention. In another sense it is original. It is original in the sense that it is his experience. He also knows it as much as Buddha knew, but it is not new or original in the sense of being new. It is original in the sense that it has originated in him. He is not repeating Buddha that is true. He is not imitating Buddha that is true. He is simply saying what HE has known. But whatsoever he has known is the same truth as Buddha‘s truth. In fact, there are not two truths in the world, so all the awakened ones know the same truth again and again. Their language is different, their expression is different. And it is bound to be so. Twenty-five centuries have passed since Buddha. How can I speak the same language PALI and Sanskrit that Buddha spoke? And how could Buddha have spoken the language

that I speak – English or Hindi or Persian? That is impossible. But as the followers go on claiming that the teachings of my master is absolutely original. This is new ignorance. It is basically the same

teaching as Buddha‘s: choiceless awareness. That is the meaning of ―reflect‖ and ―watch.‖ Therefore, BE AWARE, but never choose. If you choose, you lose watching. The moment you choose you will start clinging and then reflection is lost.

Dying with God’s name on mind - Resurrection

It rarely happens that a person dies with God on his mind BAULS say that there is only one way to come out of the stupor man lives in, and that is remembrance of God: NAM-SMARAN, remembrance of His name. That has always been part of the basic techniques on the path of love — to remember Him. And when a devotee, with deep reverence, remembers the name of God, his whole being is thrilled, his energy starts rushing upwards. Ordinarily the energy is rushing downwards; that is the way of sex. If you really cry the name of God, whatsoever it is — Ram, Allah, or whatsoever, all names are His — the very cry, the very remembrance hits somewhere near the SAHASRAR, the seventh chakra, in the head. If remembrance is not just ritual, if with deep love and reverence and devotion and surrender you have called the name of God, suddenly there comes a change in your body energies. The energy that was going to the sex center starts rising high.

The Bauls say, God has reversed the acts of the play. The land talks in paradox and the flowers devour the heads of fruits, and the gentle vine, roaring, strangles the tree. The moon rises in the day, and the sun at night with shining rays. The blood is white, and on the lake of blood float a pair of swans, copulating continuously in a jungle of lust and love. All the great mystics have described it: when the energies start rushing upwards, when gravitation no longer affects your energy, when your energy is functioning under another Law, the law of grace; when you are pulled up, when you are falling up, when you are rushing upwards as if the sky is pulling you, then man comes to know a totally different world. Everything is upside-down — or maybe it is really right side-up — but everything changes. Kabir has said that when it happened to him, he saw the ocean burning and the fire very cold. He saw fishes running on dry land, and he saw trees whose roots were in the sky and whose branches were coming to the earth. These are just symbolic sayings. EVERYTHING we had known while sex-energy was running downwards is affected by it. When the sex-energy rushes up, a TOTALLY different world is revealed. Then you don‘t see this world because your eyes are no more the same. You are in a new dimension, just diametrically opposite to the old. But ordinarily our whole concept of life is centered on sex. Whatsoever we do: we earn money, we earn money for sex; we try to earn fame, but we earn fame for sex. Even sometimes very innocent activities which you cannot connect with sex are connected with sex if the person is still infatuated with lust. It is difficult to see how a person who is running after fame is running after sex. Ask the psychologists. They say women are more attracted by fame than by anything else. They are not so attracted by the face, handsomeness, as they are attracted by achievement. An achiever, one who has much money, power, prestige, is more attractive to women than anybody else, because a woman is constantly in search of somebody to lean upon. You may be beautiful, but if you have no power you cannot give any guarantee and security to the woman. If you are powerful, maybe you are not beautiful, you are not intelligent, but that doesn‘t matter. But it you are powerful, reliable, the woman can lean on your shoulders. There is a certain guarantee in you. Men are attracted by physical proportions, body-beauty; a woman is more attracted by fame, prestige, power, achievement. So if men are too mad after power, the arithmetic is simple. Even in the face of death or in the face of danger people go on lusting.

THE grip of lust is such that you cannot see the danger ahead. The grip of lust is such that you cannot even see death ahead. In fact, a very strange phenomenon happens: the more a person comes close to his death, the more lustful he becomes. Because sex gives a feeling of life, one clings more to sexuality. Old people may not be physically able to move into sexuality, but then they start moving in their fantasies. It almost always happens. I have watched many people die. It rarely happens that a person dies with God on his mind. Almost always, nine out of ten people die with sex on their minds when they die, and that becomes the beginning of another life. Sex on the mind becomes the beginning of another sex life. But it has to be so if you have not been working hard to go beyond it, to go beyond its grip. If you have not been struggling hard to release yourself from its clutches, then it is going to be so — because at the moment of death you start thinking more of sex, because sex seems to be just the opposite of death. Sex is birth; mind fantasizes about sex. And when the last moment has come when the body is going to disappear, a bout of energy, the last bout, streams into your head, overpowers you. If you die with sex on the mind, you will be moving again into the wheel of life, what the Hindus call ANAGAMIN, coming and going, coming and going; a repetitious circle. Reference: Osho “The Beloved, Vol 2″

Beyond Enlightenment
Is it possible to become Enlightened in a Dream? Not only possible — whenever it happens, it always happens in a dream. Whatsoever you think is your waking consciousness, that too is not waking; that too is dreaming. While sitting here in front of me, do you think you are awake? I don‘t see it. I can hear your snore. And if you listen minutely, you will be able to hear it yourself: a deep snoring inside, a deep sleep — and dreams and dreams. In sleep, only dreams can happen. That‘s what we have been insisting in this country continuously: that your world is illusory, it is MAYA. When Shankara says the world is MAYA, he‘s not talking about HIS world. He‘s talking about YOUR world. Because in sleep, how can you know that which is real? The sleep distorts. A totally different world is created by sleep: a world of dream. Whatsoever you call your life is made of the same stuff as dreams. It is dream-stuff. So, whenever you become awakened and enlightened it will always be in a dream. Buddha became enlightened — or Jesus, or Zarathustra, or Lao Tzu — they all became enlightened in a dream. The dream was shattered; they awoke out of sleep. They looked around: the dream was never found anywhere; it was a totally different thing. That is what they call God, nirvana, truth, Brahma, or the kingdom of God. That is what they call it. It is not your world; it is a waking. Enlightenment is just an awakening out of sleep. It is to become aware. You are lost in your dreams. Your subjectivity is completely engulfed by the dreams. It is just like when you go to see a movie. You know well that there is

nothing on the screen. Still, you get deceived. When the movie starts, the screen is full of pictures. Just a play of light and darkness, just very subtle dream-stuff, and you are lost. You forget yourself. You forget the spectator, you become part of it. Sometimes you cry and weep when some tragedy happens on the screen. Sometimes you laugh; sometimes you become very tense. You follow all that is happening on the screen. There is nothing happening, but for two, three hours, you are completely lost. This is what life is..For seventy years, eighty years, you are completely lost. Buddha is one who becomes awakened in a movie house and suddenly shakes himself and understands that there is nothing — only a wide screen covered with white and black shades; just covered with false, dreamlike stuff. He laughs — not at what he is seeing; he laughs at himself — and comes back home. There is no point being there now. He has understood. He is no more a part of sleep; he has become awakened. Try this. One day, go to the movies and watch how you become so unaware that that which is not real starts becoming real. Then bring yourself back and back, again and again. Become aware. Give a jerk to the body, look again, and remember it is a white screen and there is nothing there. Then again watch. Within seconds you are again gone. Again your consciousness has been taken possession of by the dream stuff. Again you are enjoying, or moving with the story. Remember again! This is the same process that a Buddha is doing in the world. A movie house can be a perfect meditation place if you can remember. The day you can remember continuously for three hours that there is nothing…. And remember, don‘t repeat this: that there is nothing. That won‘t help. It has to be KNOWN that there is

nothing. You have to remember constantly that you are a witness you have to watch that you are not affected by anything happening there. When three-dimensional movies came for the first time, they created a stir in the world. When a new three-dimensional movie was shown for the first time in London…. A horse was coming, running. People got scared. It was a threedimensional movie; the horse was almost real. People even gave way for the horse to pass by. It looked so real! Your reality is just a three-dimensional dream. One has to awake. And awakening is always bound to be in a dream, so it matters not what type of dream you are seeing. That‘s why I say there is no need to change the dream. You can wake up wherever you are. You may be seeing yourself as a sinner, a criminal; you may be in a prison. Or, you may be thinking of yourself as a great mahatma. You may be in a temple being worshipped by thousands and thousands of people. It makes no difference. The mahatma is as much in a dream if he believes what he is seeing and if he‘s affected by the worship that is being done to him. If somebody insults him and he feels angry, annoyed, then he is in a dream as much as the sinner in prison. It is not at all relevant to change the dream: to first become a mahatma instead of a criminal. From the sinner you become a saint. It is foolish. Why waste time when you can wake up directly from wherever you are? You can become enlightened while you are imprisoned, you can become enlightened directly from where you are. You are a sinner, okay — because sin is as much a dream as all your sainthood. The awakening is the same. In the night, you dreamt that you are a murderer. By the morning, when you wake

up, you are not worried. You don‘t go on saying, ―I will repent. I have been a murderer in my dream.‖ You simply laugh at the whole thing. You don‘t condemn yourself, because it was a dream. Or, you see in a dream that you have become a great mahatma, a great soul: a saint, worshipped by millions. In the morning when you wake up, you don‘t go on telling people how great a mahatma you were in the dream! There is a Zen story. A great master woke up in the morning. He called his chief disciple and said, ―Come to me. I had a dream, I will tell it to you. Interpret it.‖ If the disciple was a Freud or a Jung or an Adler, he would have been tremendously happy, and he would have immediately started interpreting the dream. But the disciple was a meditator not a Jung, not a Freud. He said, ―You wait. Don‘t talk rubbish. I will bring water so you can wash your face.‖ He brought a bowl of water. While the master was washing his face, another disciple passed. The master said, ―Come here. I had a dream. Would you like to interpret it?‖ The disciple looked. He said, ―Wait. The tea is ready and I will bring you a cup of tea. Then you will come to your senses!‖ A dream is not worth even interpretation.

The master was happy. It is said he danced that day. He said, ―At least two disciples….‖ He said, ―If you had interpreted my dream, I would have thrown you out of my monastery‖ — because a dream is nonsense, and then trying to interpret it is even a higher nonsense. What the disciples did was the best interpretation. The first one brought a bowl of water and said to the old master, ―You just wash your face so that you become more awake.‖ The other brought tea. ―Just drink tea, a little hot tea, and that will bring you back to your senses. You will be more conscious.‖ Consciousness is needed, not interpretation. All dreams are the same: there are not good dreams and bad dreams. How can there be good dreams and bad dreams? Both are unreal. In unreality you cannot make a distinction between good and bad. Moral, immoral; sinner, saint — all are dreams. Don‘t try to change one dream for another. All are chains. Steel or gold, it doesn‘t matter. Wake up! All the awakened ones are just standing there with bowls of water and a hot cup of tea…. Reference: Osho: “Come Follow to You, Vol 2″


Death is Celebration – Beyond Duality
HOW A SHEIKH SHOULD LEAVE THE WORLD is the realization of this awareness. yh Kya raj hE saik@ mSt beoud ik Ab tUne cZme #nayt hqa lI vhI mykda hE mgr sUna sUna vhI jamae mIna mgr oalI oalI #nayt ka r<g Aaj bdla huAa hE vh hE< ya< jama bdl kr bEQe hu@ jra Apne cZme hkIkI se deoae n yh jam oalI n vaeh jam oalI.
What is this secret that physically you are no more? Everything is same yet still something has changed. Today the form or nature of grace is different. Look at things through your inner vision and you will find no place devoid of that SUBTLE PRESENCE! Life is the beginning. And death is considered as the end. Life and death are two sides of the same coin. Or these are two ends of life‟s tunnel. One end is life and the other is death. I am not calling these as entrance and exit. The entrance and exit are meaningful only in relation to the realm you are in. For example you are in a room then this is your realm. Going out of the room will be exit and vice versa. On the other hand if the room door opens into another area which is your realm. Then what meant to be exit in relation to the room will mean entry in relation to the other area. So too is the case of life and death. Or journey from one realm to another! You are entering form the known unknown or the subtle one. to the

One unfolds into the other. Life/death is the door to beyond. Life and death are like a door sign which has on one side written „Life‟ and „Death‟ on the other side. As an individual you have to go beyond both life and death only then you can one day attain to fruition. If life is a yagna as Hindus call their way of ritualistic worship then death is the culmination or the final offering in that holy sacrificial fire of life – the ultimate. Death will determine how you have lived your life full of awareness or unconsciousness. If you have wasted your

life in useless pursuits of duality, conflict, and negation of life force then life has been a waste. Then in the moments of death there will be fear, pain and loss. On the other hand if life has been full of awareness then you will exit from the life joyfully, full of awareness, singing and dancing. Life of such a man of awareness is a blessing and death is even a bigger blessing – benediction. Remember when a master – a man of awareness leaves the world tremendous energy is released. And if you are aware you can be enlightened that very moment. The life energy that was encaged within the narrowness of the body-mind realm is now being released. Normally your awareness is only that of the body-mind realm so we continue to lament at such an occasion. And you forget all your scriptures and sermons that soul never dies. This has not become part of your awareness and inner growth. Anything that remains on the surface can never transform you. And even you make efforts to remember this you will forget. For any teaching to be part of your awareness first has to grow within you as part of your growth. Only then it will evolve from deep within. This alone can transform you and give you moment to moment awareness of that which is. In the absence your efforts will prove futile.
Tasuwware sheikh – Taoshobuddha

the state of life beyond. Or what we generally call as death. Before I take you through this composition and the process of Tasawwuf something of the composer! This is one of the compositions of Mirza Ghalib. In this he has brought out the falsafa of life. Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan, Ghalib a great classical Urdu and Persian poet of the Indian subcontinent was born in Agra during the terminal period of Mughal rule on 27 December 1796. He is considered to be the most popular and influential poet of the Urdu language. Ghalib today remains popular amongst Urdu speakers not only in India and Pakistan but also amongst diaspora communities around the worl d. Ghalib mea ns dom inant. This is the pen name that he used. He had seven children but none survived. This pain echoes in some of Ghalib's ghazals. He died on 15 February 1869. The house where he lived in Gali Qasim Jaan, Ballimaran, Chandni Chowk, in Delhi, has now been turned into 'Ghalib Memorial' and houses a permanent exhibition on him.

hjarae< Ovaihze @esI ik hr Ovihz pe dm inkle bhut inkle mere Arman leikn i)r -I km inkle.
Life and death are two poles of existence. Death is more total and significant than life. Life is just trivial and superfluous. Death is far deeper! Through death you grow into real life. And through life you can only reach death. Life is a continuous journey. All that you understand by life is desire just a journey towards death. The entire life is a journey of desire and nothing else. Once you know that life is just a journey, and then you will be less interested in life. Your interest in death will

Desirelessness is the path that leads to the experience of totality. It leads to the experience of the immortal within. However each one of us is inflicted by myriad desires. Desires imply life. Desires continue to plague human mind in a continuum. This is chain reaction. One leads to the other. And the process continues unabated. And Desirelessness is

increase. Once you are interested in death, you can delve deeper in life. You will not want to remain on the circumference. Life implies desire. Desire to live! Desire to be in every possible way! Desirelessness implies being closed to the outer world of duality. This is conscious death. This is death through Maraqba. It is only in death that you resurrect.

death. Then you experience a life that is existential and eternal but without death. Both death and Desirelessness are synonymous. When through Maraqba you attain to the state of Desirelessness you have in fact tasted death. This is the death of all that is finite. This is fana as well. Desirelessness is immortality.

To reach the domain of immortality you By nature you cannot be interested in have to pass through the door consciously. death. In every possible way, you want to We die many times but only escape death. You are afraid of death. unconsciously. You consider death as What is the reason? You have made our something inauspicious and ugly. You die life a garden, while you have completely most of the time, in a state of sleep or deserted the domain of death. And while unconscious. You are so afraid of everyone is afraid of moving from an oasis death that the moment death approaches to a desert. Death is not far. It is now and you become afraid and unconscious. When here. We are dying every moment. It is you die in this state, you are re-born. The true physiologically, psychologically, and whole process repeats itself. And, thus, emotionally. Every moment cells die in our continues the saga of the journey of the body and in their place new cells are born. being. But you are not concerned with Human skin constantly changes. While we death. Once you are ready to experience are dying, we continue to be concerned death rather than life, then you can pass about life. Such concern about life is just a through the door of death consciously. deep concern, a fear. Death is right there. This is what Maraqba is. Maraqba implies It is deep inside. And not only there but is to pass through the door of death growing constantly. What you need to do consciously. To die consciously is Maraqba. is take an 180-degree turn. When you are However, you cannot wait for death, concerned with death, then life will unfold because death happens every moment. a new meaning to you. And the door is not This is what Maraqba is. somewhere outside. Once you are at ease with death, without Maraqba implies to pass Also, it is not a any fear you enter into normal door that you through the door of death know. The door is a deathless life. A life consciously. To die consciously inside you. It is right of tranquility and bliss! The moment you come there now. is Maraqba. to know death you will encounter life – What is necessary for eternal. Death is the door from the this is to accept the very act of death. superfluous life on the circumference. Once you have accepted death, feel it When you pass through this door you every moment, live it, and be aware of it. enter the domain of life that you have Then suddenly the door opens. And never known. A dimensionless domain of through this door you begin to glimpse the eternity! A dimensionless domain of life eternal. It is only through death you deeper, eternal, deathless life! From the can experience eternity. It can be said that life on the circumference, which is nothing meditation is conscious death, a voluntary but death, you pass through the door of death. This is just a process of deepening

within or drowning within. You are no more on the surface, instead you are moving deeper into your being. By Death is meant moving away from the surface. Moving away from the life of desires! Desirelessness is Maraqba. This is death. A conscious death! From times immemorial this blossoming of flowers in the garden of the existence has been happening and shall continue erelong. Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Pythagoras, Heraclitus, Bodhidharma, Mahabir, Lau Tzu, Chung Tzu, Krishna, Rama, Raman, Ram Krishna, Vivekanand, Nanak, Kabir, Mira, Rabia, Mira, Osho, Shah Bahauddin, Al HilajMansoor, Bayzid Bistami, Sheikh Ahmad Al Farooqui, Sheikh Baqui Billah, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani, Sufi, Ram Chandra, Sufi Raghuber Dayal, Sufi Brij Mohan Lal, Milerapa, Rumi, Kabir, Guru Gobind Singh are just to name a few. LOOK AT THESE LILLIES. THEY ARE FAR MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN SOLOMON IN HIS MOST PRECIOUS ATTIRE.


Celebrating the Dissolution of Consciousness
OSHO: Many years ago when Dr Amrito asked Osho how would you like to celebrate your death? An Elightened Osho responded – „Take me to Buddha hall for tem minutes! And from there take me straight to the burning Ghat for cremation!‟ Introspect, these words. Can any ordinary person say such words? No! Not at all! Only a Buddha! The enlightened one can really say so. Such is Osho! What really overwhelms me is the tremendous awareness in this statement. One thing is certain! No one takes the living one for cremation. If it be so then at what precise moment did Osho leave the finite existence? Of course he did not leave before he came to the Buddha hall. Also he did not leave during the ten minutes when he was in the Buddha hall. Then when did he leave. First Osho gave the living message of a Buddha. And coming to the end of the ten minute period he allowed his being to dissolve into the entire cosmos, it is at this precise moment Osho leave the world. The purpose of life is fulfilled. The flower has now dissolved into the vastness of the existence.

Only an enlightened one can really live life like this. And when life is lived like this then death becomes a celebration. RAM KRISHNA PARAMHANSA: A being of tremendous awakening he had liking for a particular dish. During the meditation sessions he will run inside to the kitchen to enquire of the menu for the day. This was quite embarrassing for everyone. At this Sharda said, „Your this behavior and the desire for food is quite embarrassing for even your disciples. You cannot resist that you have to come to the kitchen even during the meditation or prayer sessions.‟ Hearing this awakened or enlightened Ram Krishna said, „There is nothing that can hold me to this life. I have crossed all obstacles. My work on this earth is not over as yet. As a result I had to create a conscious desire so that I can stay on earth until my work is over. The day I turn my face from the food remember three day after that I will be no more alive.‟ Everyone thought this as another excuse of the master. But no one could tune in to his awareness or his inner state of awakening. It happened. Ram Krishna was suffering from throat cancer. He was resting on the bed. Sharda brought the platter of food for him and said that she had prepared his favourite dish. Awakened Ram Krishna looked at Sharda as if to remind her of something and then turned his face away from the food to the other side. Hearing this Sharda remembered the words many years ago, „The day I turn my face away from food three days after that I will not be alive.‟ The platter slipped from the hands of Sharda.

Exactly three day after that Ram Krishna entered Samadhi. Introspect on this. Life was celebration and death too a celebration for Ram Krishna Paramhansa. MILEREPA: Milerepa is a Tibetan master. He lived in a temple. He was on his death bed. His disciples were surrounding him. Sound of Om continued to echo inside the room. Everyone realized that no one was creating this sound and yet still this sound was in the room. Anxiously each looked for the source of this echo but could not find. Then someone put his easy of one part of Milerapa it was confirmed that the sound was coming from each cell of his body. This is celebration of death that a master can give a taste. AL HILLAJ MANSOOR: He used to go on the public places and declare „ANAAL HAQ‟ – I am the light, I am the truth. This is blasphemy according to Islamic tradition. Only Holy Prophet Peace be upon Him is Anaal haq. Even his master Junnaid had the courage to say this. Junnaid used to tell Hillaj not to say such things although he knows this to be true. At this Hillaj would say what he can do if Allah wants him to declare. Hillaj was caught and killed. People would ask Hillage what is ultimate. Hillaj invited him to come next day to the place of execution. Hillaj‟s limbs were being cut but he kept on laughing and the sound „Anaal Haq’ continued to echo.

BUDDHA: Someone asked where you will go after you die. Buddha took a candle lit it. As the candle was lit the light spread and then suddenly Buddha put off the flame. Then addressing the commune Buddha asked one moment ago the candle was lit and then suddenly the flame was out. From where the light came and where it did disappeared. The light came from nowhere and disappeared in the vastness of „NOWHERE‟. THUS CAME THUS GONE. ‘TATHAGATA’ Buddha is said to have told Anand that he is now going to enter the existence MAHAPARI NIRVANA or simply death. As was about to enter a man named ‘SUBHADRA’ came running. He wanted to meet Buddha. Many a times he wanted to come but the world and its affairs kept him away. He was stopped by Anand that Buddha has gone to enter MahaPari Nirvana. This is the last moment of his life. Buddha heard this. So he asked Anand to allow the person to come in. Also he said something very significant. Buddha said, „I do not want the humanity to know that Buddha was alive and he refused to meet someone.‟ Such was the awareness of Buddha. SUFI NAQSHBANDI RAMCHANDRA: On August 14, 1931 when he entered Mahasamadhi he went on explaining that life force or rooh has now left a particular part of the body. He continued to explain this until the life force reached the vocal cord. After that no more explanation as the voice ceased. And all those who were present in the room experienced witness a bight lighted ball came out of his mount

and disappeared in the unknown filling the entire room with its incandescence for a moment. Ordinary human beings cannot witness the dissolution of a master. The room had only a few enlightened ones. SUFI NAQSHBANI RAGHUBER DAYAL: June 7, 1947 it was afternoon enlightened Sheikh had his afternoon snack. Thereafter purposely he sent everyone away for one reason or the other. He was all alone. Then he sat in meditation and consciously allowed the life force to release the finite realm of the body. Thus the sheikh entered conscious dissolution! Samadhi. A

SUFI NAQSHBANDI BRIJ MOHAN LAL: Sheikh Brij Mohan Lal exhibited this awareness throughout life. When life is full of such awareness death becomes a benediction, a celebration. Such a life living and even death becomes a song, a dance, and a celebration. After the marriage of his daughter Gyatri to Sufi Lakshmi Sahai (the coauthor in this book) sheikh was completely detached from life. It appeared as if he was waiting for the final moment of dissolution. Journeying along the ocean of life nourishing and nurturing all those who came in his company the life of Sheikh Brij Mohan Lal continued. Then came the January 6th 1955 when the Sufi Master set for the final journey full of awareness and understanding that time has now come for the final transcendence and dissolution into the vastness of the existence. His program for journey to Mumbai (Bombay then) began. Along the journey many came to seek his blessings.

To everyone he gave the hint for the final journey. At the same time he veiled the cognition of all those who visited him enroute. Such things are kept a secret from ordinary human consciousness. Ordinary human consciousness has not yet transcended beyond his life and death. First the aspirant has to transcend beyond individual life and death. And then he goes beyond the cosmic dissolution and evolution. Or simply cosmic life and death! Only an individual who has experienced cosmic life and death in the moments of solitude can really witness soul‟s journey to the life beyond. And such secrets can only be revealed to such a person. I had experienced this when during my visit to India I met my uncle Sufi Master Sufi Onkar Nath. During this meeting a hint was given that this is our last meeting. But I could not reveal this to anyone. When such secrets are revealed you are plunged in the ocean of bliss and serenity full of gratitude. A master is not body. The body must undergo its metamorphosis. But the Rooh is ever indestructible. Rooh is the incarnation of the whole or Allah as Noor within the finiteness of the body. Sheikh‟s program for the return journey was not published in the monthly magazine. And no one could notice this. It was only after the demise that it was noticed that the Sufi did not allow his return program be published. When someone is no more how could he plan anything then? His return journey was to be planned by others. This is the reason it was not published. On January 17th, 1955 he reached the city of Mumbai early in the morning. And in the evening congregation amidst disciple his discourse had the message of forgiveness. He spoke of „forgiveness‟ in the light of a Hindu Scripture – Ram Charit Manas. The talk centered the understanding of the one who

is beyond narrowness. Generally it is not easy for anyone to forget and forgive. We seem to forgive only on the surface and deep down the seed of forgiveness never grows in the barren soil. The story narrates the fierce battle between the demon king Ravana and Ram was over as Ravana was slain. Now, Ravana is no more. And with this all enmity also vanished. But such is not the case. We continue to nourish and nurture the seeds of acrimony even after the person is no more. Thus you continue to live in the graveyards of the putrefied emotions. Ravana‟s dead body lay in the battlefield. He is still counting for the final journey of the Rooh or the soul. Rama went close by. And in a flash the soul of Ravana dissolved in the vastness of Rama. As this happened the soul or Rooh of Sheikh Brij Mohan Lal left the finite existence to merge in Totality! Fruition happened. Totality merged into totality. KABIR: Kabir moved from Banaras a place where he lived all his life to nearby place that was considered as profane. People come from all quarters to die I Banaras and Kabir moved from such a holy city to a profane place for the last days of his life. Kabir died in Maghar a place nearly 13 miles from Banaras. After his death there was quarrel among his Hindu and Muslim disciples over his funeral. Each wanted the funeral his way. It was found the next day when the crowd gathered still undecided about the funeral. And when the sheet covering the body was removed the body of Kabir had disappeared and instead the remains of the body were remains of mortal body. I can go on and on about other masters as well.

Just as a master lived, celebrating, singing and dancing each finite moment! So should he die singing, dancing and celebrating as the river of life merges in the vastness of the ocean of existence…Total Acceptance! This is fana or dissolution. Total acceptance… total welcome…with a spirit of deep gratitude… a deep let go…. just total gratefulness for the life…The Whole! A master knows very well his journey on this earth in this form is now complete...there is no returning …no more lives… Now he is no longer confined to this space …he is beyond the body…he is beyond the mind…he is beyond time… Now he will become available to many more. At this moment, all those around should be in deep silence with the master everything is for a period…everything has its time…. Seasons come…seasons go…. The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening… Life keeps on moving… Once I was a child…in my mother‟s arm...helpless…then my body grew older…. One day, it would be time for me to be in the arms of existence…. We are here but for a time…nothing really is ours to keep…there should be no “this is mine…and that is mine.”

Whatever is given…welcome it…. Use it…enjoy it…but always with the remembrance that it is a gift…. We have been given the gift of life through this body.... Welcome it…use it…enjoy it…give reverence and thanks for this gift…. Enjoy this gift of life…celebrate this gift of life…Live life in its totality…but always with the remembrance that this life is a gift… Therefore, we should not be possessive of this body…it was a gift…a gift given to us by the existence and one day this gift …the gift of this body will be no more…I It will be a time to let it go… There is a commonly used statement…” let go and let God”… Nothings last forever….everything passes…the joys...the sorrow.. A lover was once there…now he is gone…an accidental meeting…now it is time for a separation…a time to let go A child was born…now he has died…a time to let go…. Be a witness…be aware…the emotions and feelings in this life do not last forever…in the morning you were happy, now in the evening you have become sad…just be a witness…knowing that all this shall pass… When sadness comes your way…release the tears…no need for fear… Just with the remembrance that this too shall pass….

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Books will teach you something of the outward aspects of the inward, and so will Meditation Talks. Without them you will make really no progress in inward journey. Remember the outward is the conductor to the inward. But why should we not be able to do so without books? For the same reason, remember you cannot think without words. I have to give you words so that your thinking pattern can change. Once your thinking pattern is changed then one day I will take away the word from you and then I will connect you to your inner silence. This is journey from WORD to WORDLESS. This is the work of a MASTER. Whenever the darkness of ignorance, despair, and disappointment stare in your face, a passage from here and there will certainly revive the inner cords of your being and thus will continue the inward journey. This is my certitude.


omeone asked why do I go on writing so many books, almost an inconceivable number and go on giving talks not only on Sufi Path instead on all conceivable Paths of Spiritual Attainment? Books will teach you something of the outward aspects of the inward, and so will meditation talks. Without them you will make really no progress in inward journey. Remember the outward is the conductor to the inward. But why should we not be able to do so without books? For the same reason, remember you cannot think without words. I have to give you words so that your thinking pattern can change. Once your thinking pattern is changed then one day I will connect you to your inner silence. You have been reared on books. Your mind is so altered by books and talks, by hearing and speaking, that the inward can only speak to you through the outward. Whatever you pretend you can perceive! Man ultimately becomes what one pretends to be. However the tragedy is that you are not interested in books. I have to create designs for interest in books again. This is Naqshbandi Design. Books are the Tawwazjoh or the energy field that the master creates as Designs for Transformation.