Brian Shapiro’s

The Group of Well Dressed Men
Film Studies, Spring 2010

Brian D. Shapiro 4/15/2010

but their slick leather shoes sent them two steps back for every one step forward. polyester suits. panic slowly finding its way into the CapCom’s voice as it began to plead for a response. and they had to figure out what went wrong. they wouldn’t have dared chirp. discussed the situation. test subjects and personnel inter mingling. The protective gear lay lifeless on the floor of the outbuilding. Everything was intact throughout the facility. but obviously something wasn’t right with their man inside. but what happened? Nothing in the manual. making them look like a line of penguins on their march inland from the sea. As the men’s stares stretched into the distance they slowly surveyed the damage to the valley. the devastation was invisible to the naked eye. the translucent plastic sheeting creating a strange show of movement within as the men and women searched for ways to remove themselves from their desolate prisons. not a twitch. if there had been any birds left. This didn’t dissuade them. Silence. not a sound. their man was the safest person on the planet at that instant. The com went un answered. the power should have been shut off. but as the scientist’s strained they saw nothing. Confusion quickly settled throughout the facility. and break the weighted silence. nothing worth noting in the log. they had only been out of contact for a mere 30 seconds. but it was apparent to everyone that something was not right with the situation. The men finally made it to the ridgeline. all the best and brightest had been on the job that hour. The devastation had been kept to just the valley. Groups of test subjects slowly began to make their way out of the small secure units that had been their homes for the last month. There should have been no issues with protection in the suit. but things still went horribly wrong. and get up there fast. they power surge had been minimal. skinny ties and shiny shoes that scuffed in the scrabble of the rocky soil sweated as they slipped and stumbled up the hillside. The alarms should have sounded. or constant training had . The image on the monitor would have given away any movement. no response. a low static hiss responding each one of their questions. All the safety checks had been in place.The group of well dressed men. luckily only the personnel who had actually been in the complex could of possibly been affected by the destruction. sweat glistening off of their brows below that perfectly quaffed hair. straining to see what was left of their fail-proof plan. but the only warning was the uneasiness everyone felt. slowly coming to terms with their fates. Something had gone horribly wrong. They needed to get up to the top. the damage had to be surveyed. the hair rising on the nape of their necks.

Two and fro sets of hands pointed. their anxiety evident in the frantic hand gestures of some. arms that were hidden in pockets began to rise quickly as if to defend against some onslaught of words from some other polyester clad knight. it still took effort to slowly twist and rotate the joints of the suit. what made it all the more impressive is that he was able to manipulate the joints and remove the suit in only 30 seconds while the system was down. The CRT tubes in the monitors where slow to warm.prepared them scientists for this. something was obviously not right with the direction the listening array was pointing. looking as though some sad fate awaited their sad gaping data intakes. and the facility. following the deadpan looks from the array towards the epicenter of the blast. Men strained to see into the distance. and the others with hands shoved deep in pockets and shoulders so shrugged that no size of shoulder pads would make them look like distinguished men. The well dressed men began to slip and slide down the front side of the gravel strewn ridge. a jumble of what looked like wood poles with pyramids toppled on their sides. they could see that the all the sensors in the array had shifted their eerie gaze in one direction. What began as anxiety for the well dressed men began to turn into heated debate. each of the insignificant little pyramids strained in the direction of the shielded outbuilding. But for now all they could see was their own reflections in the monitors where the skeleton of composites and metals lay still. The few brave enough to point. the bottom of the pyramids. Trying to breathe with a shallow breath cause him more strain then anything. wires and sensory dangling useless from his hip. He had been trained to move slowly and purposely to use the protective gear. Where was their man on the inside? The group of well dressed men continued to stare out across the valley. It was if the man had just vaporized into thin air. hollow. and operations reset itself. and empty. anything that could tell them what it was that went very wrong. From the distance they the men were at. Instead of gaping open mouthed at the series of plastic sheeted cubes that made up the test bed. as much as engineers thought they knew how the human body moved. it had all come down to that 45 . the picture had a slight strangeness to it that might be resolved once the picture sharpened and they could see inside the shielded helmet. Disregarding their own safety they began to gallop across the valley floor in anticipation of finding something. The man on the inside stood motion-less in his jumpsuit. The man inside stood there motionless going over the last 2 hrs. going between the array. brought the others attention to the listening array.

I’ll be with her in hours” He can feel his feet beginning to cramp. The scientists had began the sweet .. Things played out in slow motion in his head as he tried to control his breathing. Scamper up the low hill to the top.seconds.two minutes fifteen seconds until he never has to wonder again.. “Highly peculiar. Three more minutes until civilian clothes. It’s GO time! Was he too early? Was he too late? Only a sprint to the door will tell.Itch. something doesn’t add up” Were the immediate responses culminating in the Crescendo of “LOCK DOWN THE COMPOUND!” The group of well dressed men. six seconds. “black Dickies. tick ticking away giving a subtle hint to the events that were about to take place.. The man inside is hit with a blast of heat and bright light as he rushes through the door of the outbuilding. I have an itch” The group of well dressed men continued their trek across the valley. “Itch. so no one could have seen the man inside showing a bit more curiosity about the CCTV console then is normally given such a mundane item. Jesus. “Course wool does not suite a jumpsuit” he thinks. and he didn’t want to trip the sensors. letting the listening array point them in the direction of the blast. “only 30 seconds until the second diversion. white t” He thought “How long has it been since he wore black Dickies. This was all peculiar. a stumble. I have to Itch” Thinks their man inside. sweat pouring down his back. sending hushed words among the men. there laying amongst the scrub and rubble of the intentionally desolate location is something well out of place. mangled metal.two minutes.Everything is in play. “Shallow Breaths” he thought. and the second wave of chaos that was about to sweet the facility. only three more minutes. between shifts... again forgetting their attire sprinted quickly towards the outbuilding and an unknown outcome which could go wrong for all of those involved. And such a simply timing device as an egg timer with a popsicle stick would go undetected in the sweep of the control room. a fall. the faint tick. gasping as he tries to reach the edge... Sweat. making the jumpsuit stick to him.. an array of shredded multi colored wires all collapsed into a heap that looked as though a giant of a man had intentionally compressed everything into the valley floor... a handprint in the silty sand surrounding the outbuilding. The canister of foam had been placed neatly within the computer console hours before hand. it was all the time he was able to use from the blast. heavy breath. it’s in sight. and a white t? how long had it been since he embraced her?. and make his itching even worse. 500 feet from the outbuilding something stops the men in their tracks.

sweat pouring down his brow. then “POP!” a loud sound was heard coming from the CCTV Console. slowly encapsulating the console and destroying the tapes in the heat of the exothermic reaction and rendering the surveillance system useless. Gurgling a creamy substance began to ooze from the vents dripping down the front of the panel and expanding into a large blob of hard yellow foam. the fish eye lens distorting the corners of the room. scan right. Just then the man inside burst through the door and headed up the same silty embankment cresting the top breathing heavy. propelling him toward the future he and dreamt of for so many long months. Freedom was just over the ridge he could glimpse the high mountains beyond the small embankment spurring him up. barking into their walkie talkies for a system wide lockdown. golden hair and soft scent kept his feet moving forward. The thought of her bright blue eyes. naked feet blistered from the heat. up and over... bleeding from the few cuts he received. nothing. just mere hours from seeing her again and a return to the life he once knew. Sweep complete. black and white.of the outbuilding with the CCTV system. the technician backed away with a look of confusion as a loud hissing like air being let out of a balloon started to come from the access door below him. stark white and sterile in contrast to the cloud of cigarette smoke and stale sweat that permeated the control room. slowly the cameras scanned the two 20x20 foot rooms. “Shit” Something had gone horribly wrong. . Moving from the lifeless protective suit on the floor the camera scanned left in the first half of its 180 degree arch. At that very moment over the PA an all points lockdown was implemented. almost free. Something was going terribly wrong. The well dressed men stumbled and slid up the last silty rise towards the outbuilding.. millimeter by millimeter the camera took in each detail in the room..

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