SolidWorks tutorial: modeling an Allen screw

Written by: Agus Fikri Rosjadi

SolidWorks is a 3D computer-aided design (CAD) program that runs on Microsoft Windows platform. Solidworks developed by SolidWorks Corporation, a subsidiary of Dassault Systèmes, S. A.

How to create a part in SolidWorks
When we make a part or component in Solidworks, typically begin with define a Plane > make a Sketch > add Dimensions > exit sketch > choose Feature > fill out parameter value in Feature Property.

Make an Allen screw in Solidworks
This tutorial exercise provides step by step instruction on creating an Allen screw. All the screw dimensions in this tutorial didn’t follow any international standard, just for shape representation. Follow the steps shown below. 1. open SolidWorks > click New > choose Part > click OK 2. Make body of screw. • Choose front plane, click sketch, make rectangle, click Smart Dimension, change the dimension value of rectangle (50 x 10 mm), click OK to exit, see the origin point position on upper right, click Tools > Sketch tools > make chamfer 4 mm, as shown in Figure 1.

blogspot. Figure 2. . choose revolve 360 degree. as shown in Figure • Figure 1. Exit sketch. click feature.

click sketch.mcadtutorials.> exit sketch Figure 3. .com 3.blogspot. • Choose right plane. Make sweep cut for thread. make a triangle with position as shown in Figure 3.

as shown in Figure 5. choose a plane as shown in Figure 4. Figure 5. then make a circle with diameter equal with diameter from body of screw (diameter 20 mm). choose pitch = 4 mm. revolution = 12. • Figure 4.mcadtutorials. start angle = 90 • Click icon feature helix and spiral at toolbar. 75.”feature manager” will be appear at left side.blogspot. Exit sketch. .

Make a head of screw. 4. put on a plane at top part from body of screw as shown in Figure 7. Figure 7.mcadtutorials. Figure 6. • The resultant body of screw would be as shown in Figure 6. • Make a circle and then extrude 10 mm.

• Figure 9.mcadtutorials. Figure 10. make a fillet with 4 mm as shown in Figure 8. make polygon with 6 sides as shown in Figure 9. • Figure 8.blogspot. . Then extrude cut with depth 8 mm as shown in Figure • After extruded. After fillet done.

The resultant an Allen screw would be as shown in Figure 11.blogspot. . Figure 5.mcadtutorials.

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