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The University of Miskolc is the third largest institution of higher education in Hungary. Throughout its history, the
University, which can look back on a past of 260 years, has always occupied a significant position in the cultivation of
sciences, in the development of education and training, in the national and international professional and scientific
community, and its intellectual influence has always reached beyond the boundaries of the country.
As a result of the consistent development policy of its 260-year-old history, the University of Miskolc is involved in
research and training work both in an extremely wide area of technical and engineering sciences and in a broad profile of
the social and humanistic sciences, offering unique possibilities in several professional fields.
The University of Miskolc is the institution of higher education in Hungary offering training in the highest number of
branches of studies, thus providing ample opportunities in various fields of inter- and multidisciplinary training and fits
best the concept of university in the truest sense of the word. Its development has enabled the University to build extensive
and close co-operation links with a great number of institution of higher education in the East and West in the fields of
training, research and student exchange, in addition to implementing scientific and technological transfer in many respects
between Eastern and Western Europe, for years now.
Among the students of the University, whose number has doubled in the past five years to reach about 14,000 today, there
are a great number of foreign students benefiting from the training offered in English language for them. This offers them
a valuable opportunity in international outlook, in enhancing their knowledge, in checking their grounding as well as in
getting acquainted with a new culture. Foreign students coming to Miskolc are given a warm welcome, and offered help in
adjustment and support in promoting their own culture. Worthy graduates are given the opportunity to take part in
organised Ph.D. training - open to foreign applicants as well - or in other forms of postgraduate training
The University of Miskolc is situated in the north-eastern part of the country, in the centre of one of the national
agglomerations of industrial, economic and humanistic culture, and has acted as the professional-scientific and
intellectual centre and workshop of the region for decades. The town is situated at the foot of the largest mountain range of
Hungary, and is surrounded by historical monuments in the vicinity of internationally renowned baths and world famous
caves, offering generous opportunities for relaxation and the regeneration of intellectual and creative powers.
On the basis of our achievements, we are confident when meeting the challenges of the scientific-technological revolution
and the rapid development of the related fields of sciences facing a university competitive in training and research at the
threshold of the third millennium.
Courses offered through the English language medium:
Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
• Materials Engineering
• Metallurgical Engineering
Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering
• Petroleum Engineering
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
• Computer Aided Design
• Computer Aided Technology Planning
• Microelectronics and Information Engineering
• Computer Science (B.Sc.)
Ph.D. courses are available at each faculty. For detailed list of accredited programs please contact the University.

Tutorial System
The University of Miskolc attaches great importance to the tutorial system which covers the first year of studies. Tutors
give both general and academic assistance. Students visit their tutors in groups of two at intervals of one to two weeks, but
tutors are available for individual interviews when required. On the academic side tutors guide the student in his academic
progress towards a successful completion of the course. On the personal side the tutor assists the students in adapting to
university life.

M.Sc. Degree Courses

At present most of the engineering programs offered are of full time five-year courses which lead to the award of the M.Sc.
degree. The courses are designed to provide knowledge and understanding of engineering science and its applications
required by professional mining, metallurgical and mechanical engineers. In addition to this they are intended to achieve
this goal as a part of an educational process and not merely as a preparation for a profession.
Although engineering is concerned with practical matters high proficiency in engineering calls for a firm grounding in the
field of natural sciences. This provides the foundation on which the building of engineering sciences as applied ones should
rest. The students taking these courses will therefore find that a lot of time is spent on solving problems on paper
employing the principles of mechanics, physics, chemistry, etc. in mathematical formulation.
The academic year is divided into two semesters. The first five semesters are devoted to general engineering courses
embodying Mathematics, Physics, Mechanics and Chemistry.
During the last five semesters various engineering subjects are taught to a high standard. The majority of these subjects
involve work on special, smaller projects which are aimed at developing the ability of how to approach, analyse and solve
engineering problems. In the tenth semester there are few formal lectures and examinations. Instead, each student has to
work on a larger industrial or research project - proposed by a firm or by the department the student belongs to - with the
guidance of a member of the teaching staff specialised in that project field. After carrying out the project each student
should submit a report of thesis containing the resolution. Upon defending his/her thesis successfully in the presence of an
examination committee and passing the final comprehensive examinations the student in awarded the Master of Science
degree in engineering.

Pre-Engineering Course
The pre-engineering course offered in English is of one year’s duration. The main objective of this program is to develop a
command of the working language. A further goal is to bring students up to the level required for academic success in basic
engineering subjects. Successful completion of a pre-engineering course will permit the student to join a degree course.

Financial Means for Living and Studying

Fees and expenses detailed below are realistic. Since any material uncertainty may endanger the successful completion of
the course it is worth estimating the financial means needed for living and studying.
The table below provides and estimate for monthly expenses so as to assist students in budgeting for the academic year.
The amounts are given in USD. Precise determination of the living costs is, however, almost impossible because of the
differences of individual needs.
Living costs for one person/month:
Housing (including rent, heating, water and electricity) USD 250
Food, clothing, transport and books USD 200
Monthly total USD 450
The University of Miskolc can not provide scholarship or any other financial aids or part time job.

Medical insurance
As for medical care there is a possibility of making a national insurance agreement (contract) with the Central Office of
National Health Service. It will entitle students to medical care and hospital treatment free of charge by paying and
insurance premium of approximately USD 25 per month. This contract is to be made individually in the Central Office of
National Health Service.

Tuition fees
All tuition fees for the first semester must be paid prior to enrolment. At the time, you will need to show proof that you
have paid your first semester fee via check or bank transfer. In case of late or partial payment of tuition fees, the University
reserves the right to refuse enrolment.
Tuition fees for the academic year 2005/2006 are as follows:
Pre-engineering course: USD 2,400 per semester
M.Sc. courses: USD 3,600 per semester
Computer Science course: USD 3,600 per semester
Ph.D. course: USD 4,200 per semester
The tuition fee is not transferable to any other person.
If you are granted a visa, your tuition fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Please inform us in writing if your visa application was refused. In this case, we will first contact the Embassy for
confirmation and after getting it, your tuition fee will be transferred back to you.
To those applicants who failed to apply for a visa or withdrew their applications for admission for any other reason
than visa refusal, the tuition fee can only be transferred back after deducting an administration charge of USD 50.

Note: 1/ Tuition fees are determined yearly.

2/ After enrolment, tuition fees are not refundable.
3/ Please inquire if there is any handling fee for your money transfer to ensure that full tuition amount has been

Enrolment takes place: from 5 to 9 September 2005.
All accepted new undergraduate students are expected to report to the Office of International Relations, building A/3,
first floor, room No. 117/a.
Remember to obtain your entry visa - student visa - before departure from your country. To obtain a visa you have to
contact the nearest Hungarian Embassy or Consulate and present the Letter of Admission from the University of Miskolc,
the proof of payment of the first semester tuition fees and a passport valid at least until March 2007. Please note, that
the visa allows you one entry to Hungary and valid for 15 days only, therefore please do not arrive before enrolment starts.
After arrival you have to apply immediately for residence permit in Hungary in the Office of International Relations.
Start of the first semester academic program for all students is: 12 September 2005.
Newly enrolled first-year students only
Placement tests: 25-26 August 2005 in Mathematics, Physics and English.
Students, who achieve acceptable results in these tests will receive confirmation of their places in the first year program.
Students found to have inadequate skills in English, Mathematics or Physics will be directed to the Pre-Engineering
Note: Students, who arrive after 12 September 2005 may join the Pre-Engineering Course only.

Mailing address, bank account

If you need any information please do not hesitate to contact us:
mailing address: University of Miskolc
Office of International Relations
H-3515 Miskolc - Egyetemváros

Phone / Fax: + 36 46 363901

internet web-site:

Bank account: Beneficiary: University of Miskolc, Hungary

Magyar Nemzeti Bank Budapest
(Hungarian National Bank)

Note: Students’ name and registration number according to the Letter of Admission should be attached to the payments
otherwise payments may not be identified and students may not be enrolled.

Application / Enrolment information for 2005/2006

Application and Admission
Your completed application form must arrive at the University by 31 July 2005. Additional applications may be considered
up until 15 August 2005 depending on the number of candidates admitted.
Your application will be considered if you include a draft check or copy of transfer for the non-refundable application fee
of USD 30 and all the following documents:
• copy of your passport (personal data and validity only)
• copy of general certificate of your education (G.C.E.) or any equivalent secondary school diploma
• official transcripts, degree/diploma of any higher education already completed
• 4 passport-size photographs
• certificate of medical fitness
Note: notarised English translations required for all written documents except your passport.
The Letter of Admission will be sent to you after your complete application has been reviewed and your registration fee
has arrived.

Unfortunately, the University of Miskolc cannot provide scholarship or any other financial aids or accommodation in a
student hostel for foreign students. After arrival you can get accommodation in a hotel before you rent a flat in the town.
Your advisor assists you.

Visa requirements – residence permit

To enter the country you need a student visa, which can be obtained from the local Hungarian Embassy in your country. If
there is no embassy in your country, you have to contact the nearest one in a neighbouring country. Please note that the
student visa is a prerequisite of your residence permit (entering the country with a tourist visa will not be accepted by the
police, even if you have a Letter of Acceptance from the university). Contact the embassy before departure and get all
necessary information for your visa application. Make sure that your passport is valid for at least 12 months after entering
Hungary, otherwise your visa application can be refused.
In order to get the visa, you have to pay the tuition fee for the first semester in advance. You have to prove the transfer of the tuition
fee at the Hungarian Embassy as well.

Be careful since the student visa is valid only for 15 days after entering Hungary. You will have to apply for a residence
permit before your visa expires.
Fee-paying student will be expected to present an evidence that they possess the necessary financial means for living. This
can be certified by
- a certain amount of Hungarian of foreign currency
- bank certificate of a current account at any bank
- financial instruments accepted in Hungary (e.g. cheques, passbooks, etc.)

When all documents are presented and accepted, students will be given a residence permit and it has to be extended at least
2 weeks before its expiry.
Hungarian Embassies and Consulates:

Immigration Information, police matters

A foreigner is obliged to register his/her temporary residence at the competent immigration office within three days in case
his/her stay in Hungary exceeds thirty days from the date of entry.

The application in case of change in the temporary place of residence can be registered at the notary of the municipality of
the new temporary place of residence or of the competent immigration office personally or by way of a legal representative
within three days.
At the same time with the registration you have to present:
- personal data (name, date and place of birth, mother,s name, residence)
- nationality
- passport number, validity
- address of temporary place of residence
- date of registering the temporary place of residence and for how long can you stay at the accommodation
- type and number of document for stay (visa, residence permit)
- date and place of crossing the border

The issued visa of the foreigner must be invalidated by the competent immigration office if the foreigner does not keep the
conditions of the visa issue during his/her stay.

University of Miskolc

Full Name: __________________________________________________________

First (Forename) MI Last (Family Name)
µ Male µ Female
Place of Birth: _______________________________________________________
City Country

Date of Birth: ________________________________________________________

Day Month Year

Citizenship: _________________________ Marital status: _________________

Native Language: ____________________________________________________

Mailing Address:

No. Street City

Country Postal Code P.O.Box (if any)

___________________________________________________________ E-mail

Educational Report:
Secondary School Certificate (G.C.E.)

Name of School:______________________________________________________

Place of Issue: _______________________________________________________

City Country

Date of Issue: ________________________________________________________

Day Month Year

Degree(s) already held (if any)

Degree: ________________ Field of Science: ______________________________

Name of University/College: _____________________________________________

Year of Graduation: _________________

Date....................................... ..........................................................

Transfer students
are admitted on the basis of their previous studies

Specialization Degree Please tick

Faculty your
Available Sought choice
Materials Science Materials Engineering M. Sc. µ

and Engineering Metallurgical Engineering M. Sc. µ

Earth Science and Engineering Petroleum Engineering M. Sc. µ

Mechanical Engineering Computer Aided Design M. Sc. µ
Computer Aided Technology Planning M. Sc. µ
Microelectronics and Information M. Sc. µ
Computer Science (Mathematics) B. Sc. µ
Language of Instruction: µ Hungarian µ English
Courses will be launched only with at least 10 students enrolled.
Petroleum Engineering programme is only for students with BSc degree

Law / only in Hungarian language µ

Economics / only in Hungarian language µ

Is a one-year pre-engineering / preparatory course needed? µ Yes µ No

Date of proposed entrance: ...........................................

Ph. D. Courses
For a detailed list of accredited programs please contact : Office of International Relations (rekstudy@uni-,
or: www.

Our bank account is:

Beneficiary: University of Miskolc, Hungary
Magyar Nemzeti Bank Budapest
(Hungarian National Bank)

Please return this form together with the required documents* to :

University of Miskolc, Office of International Relations
H-3515 Miskolc-Egyetemváros, Hungary
Tel/Fax: +36 46 363 901

*Your application will be considered if you include a draft check or copy of transfer for the non-refundable registration fee
of USD 30 and all the following officially attested documents: (In the case of payment by cheque, the amount is USD 50
and must be made payable to the University of Miskolc, Hungary as beneficiary.)
• a copy of your passport (personal data and validity only)
• a copy of general certificate of your education (G.C.E.) or any equivalent secondary school diploma
• an official transcripts, degree/diploma of any higher education already completed
• 4 passport-size photographs
• a certificate of medical fitness
Note: notarised English translations required for all written documents except your passport.