Written in Raw Ink By J.R. Hairabedian
Let us be grateful to live in a free society where our imagination is not controlled and we can still entertain each other by tales we tell. I thank the many people that work so hard to make possible, so to carry these words to you. This is a book on the not so far future, a tomorrow you wish you hadn’t woke up to. When the world is turned upside down and everything you depend on is gone, when you no-longer know anybody and you ask God, “What did I do wrong?” Low and behold to your dismay; the sky cracks open, and a bright light blinds you. Then this loud deep voice echoes from above, “Sorry John, your just part of a Democracy.” Our hour had come: the year is 2012, a time when God changes His face. The children of men, no longer see Him as their Loving Father, but the All Mighty, All Powerful Creator whose name was so holy to say, it was lost. They shake in fear and tremble in fright as they await death.. In a single breath His anger rolls back the ground, and a fiery blink of an eye the sky shows color never seen; and it last until all turns black for day upon days end. The world after being torn apart by catastrophic disasters at a magnitude never even to be imagined, nature has stripped the earth naked., and the world is turned into a barren wasteland. Electricity can no longer be harnessed as a power source; mans technology is made useless. Knowing this was to happen; a secret society known as the Masson’s rises to power with all the answers, they knew it was going to happen; they have been planning for it for a thousand years. For it is written in: The Masonic Prophecy. The story is about a relationship between man and machine, a super hero named Johnny and a computer aboard a satellite warship in space. Johnny leads a band of men on horseback, belonging to the American Christian Freedom Fighters, across the No-Mans -Land into a Temple zone; their mission, destroy Annex Twenty. The masons have been busy punching computer chips into the hands of civilians; the Annex is where it is being done. Absent are the last four hundred or so pages; the complete novel totals 720. I hide them as some bargaining power that I too can have my pork. I do apologize for any countable mistakes; I’m not proficient in the English language as I would like to be. I thank God for Microsoft Office and Word Perfect, for without it none of this would have been possible; I don’t use the pen name Raw Ink for nothing. Capital needed for publishing purposes: After reading the following pages and you are a serious investor; then consider participating in the investment for publication of this novel, The Masonic Prophecy. Please contact me at the following phone number 562 693-8960, or e-mail me at The industry of book publication is in the middle of a revolutionary phase. If you are an Old School Publisher, please don’t be offended by this innovated method of solicitation:, “a book cannot be judged by the cover.” Also Wanted: Private or in house Traditional Publishing Company; Book Agent, and Editor This book ‘The Masonic Prophecy” was written by J.R Hairabedian and the work is his alone maintained in Copyright at the Library of Congress.; no part may be copied, reproduced, or used for profit in any form or fashion without written permission from the owner; this statement supersedes all and any other agreements entered whether drawn by; tension of me ogle from a minuscule font.. Lack of Counsel; attorneys

disdain the impecunious artist I’ve become. Manifold word declarations, the true cause of A.D.D. Lethargic mumbo jumbo, hocus pocus trickery or me plain stupidity. Since the 2007 copy write of this book scientific concepts within the first chapter surfaced in a major film, as did the plot setting of a post wasted world in another. Copy-write violations are not always easy to prove, but any infringement of this material will be dealt with to the fullest of the law. This Story is fictional and you should only fear what is real. Any resemblance to an actual fictional character is mere coincidence and you should consider yourself lucky. The I.G. Farben/Abrams Building is a real place and does exist. The United States Government has closed the doors to all work done there and has turned over the building to German Government, where it is now part of the University of Frankfurt. Those Governments that restrict expression oppress the imagination; what is lost is at the cost to all mankind.

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