Teletalk Teletalk Bangladesh Limited is a public limited company, registered under the Registrar of the Joint stock companies

of Bangladesh. Total shares owned by the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. We continue to grow and engage our customers through our clear commitment to offering high quality products and services as well as leading customer retention and loyalty programmers. Teletalk continues to be a part of the revolution that¶s connecting millions of Bangladeshi people and around the world. Teletalk Bangladesh limited was established keeping a specific role in mind. Teletalk has forged ahead and strengthened its path over the years and achieved some feats truly to be proud of, as the only Bangladeshi mobile operator and the only operator with 100% native technical and engineering human resource base, Teletalk thrives to become the true people¶s phone ± ³Amader Phone´. Product offered: Teletalk offers an array of different packages. In addition to offering the fundamental pre-paid and post-paid mobile services, it offers a wide range of value added products and services such as, SMS, GPRS, mobile data services, infotainment services, SMS banking, Caller Ring Back Tone, Ringtones download, Picture Messaging, MMS, Voice Greetings. The pre-paid packages areü Standard ü Shapla (Pre-paid) ü Shadheen And the post-paid packages areü Standard (rajanigandha) ü Shapla (Post-paid)

Teletalk Customer Care Point(CCP)

Teletalk has established their customer care point only in the divisional cities and the big citied only. In their CCP¶s they provides free services to their customer and also sells the mobile hand sets, and mobile accessories. SWOT Analysis According to the executive opinion we have analyzed the SWOT of the company. According to a executive of GP their-

With the momentum that has been developed on the back of the government¶s deregulation process. Operators covered for Bangladesh include: Bangalink/Sheba (Orascom Tel). In the figure below BMI (business monitor international) had forecasted a rapid growth and average y-o-y growth of 56% per year between year 2007 and 2011. IEMR¶s Mobile Forecast on Bangladesh provides over 65 operational and financial metrics for the Bangladesh wireless market. therefore. 2008 ? 2010. Co. 2) The level of competition in the wireless market will continue to increase. & they use the frequency of BTCL Which is covered all around the country. Opportunity: great opportunity to expand market by present network system which adopt the Wi-Max technology. The three largest operators in the country (Bangalink/Sheba.9 million in 2008 to 58.285 in 2010. By end-2007. (ibid) .2 million in 2010. the strong growth seemed likely to continue. Market penetration should be reached by 50% by the end of 2009 and can be increased by 75% during the forecasted period. but its market share (by subscribers) will decrease from 45. That sounds like a great potential market. GrameenPhone.298 in 2008 to 0. owned public ltd. and Warid BTTB. We. GrameenPhone (Telenor). So. TM Int¶l (Telekom Malaysia).0% to 42. 3) The largest operator in the country will continue to be GrameenPhone (Telenor). forecast that the level of wireless penetration will increase steadily in Bangladesh from our projected 29.7% in 2010. v Forecast about telecommunication market in Bangladesh: Over the last two to three years. PBTL (SingTel). Our Mobile Forecasts are updated quarterly and are available for one-time delivery or through regular updates.Strength: Govt. Notable highlights of the 3Q08 Bangladesh Mobile Forecast include: 1) Total subscribers in Bangladesh will increase from the projected 46. We cover quarterly historical data starting in 1Q2004 and ending in 1Q2008. mobile subscribers will be 115millions. We also provide four-year forecasts at the operator level going out to 2010.9% in the forecast period. Threat: other potential GSM companies. and the HHI index will go down from 0. by the year 2011. the subscriber base had reached 34 million and was continuing to grow at an annual rate of around 60%. the number of mobile subscribers in Bangladesh has been more than or close to more than doubling on an annual basis. Weakness: Poor customer service & bad product design. according to the forecast.0% in 2008 to 34. and TM International) will be losing market shares to Warid.

134 Banglaphone 0.424 5. Manzurul Alam.372 0.). 55. owed company.521 Peoples Telecom Ltd.600 December 2007 BTTB 872. According to BTRC. And the average growth rate falls in the range of 1 million subscribers per month. Now the call rate of PSTN has been reduced than the previous rate. 112. Chairman BTRC while answering a question. has given the latest information.495 56.314. 30. Co.110 38. As of April 2008.000 58.949 38. Accept BTCL all other PSTN use wireless system CDMA (Code division multiple access) technology. Among these BTTB was only govt.026 1. Mr.529 51. 3.173 56. 8.000 59. 27.804 0.scribd.232 S.265 149. The raise of private PSTN companies made the market of PSTN in the country very competitive.809 Jalalabad Telecom Ltd. the total number of mobile phone subscribers stands at 40.467 46. Ltd.560 Telebarta Ltd.026 Total 1.409 Ranks Telecom Ltd.919 *Subscribers in Thousands Source: BRTC http://www. Here the list of PSTN subscribers of the country is shown in a figure with their customer size bellow: Operators Subscribers Subscribers September 2008 872.211 17. The total number of Mobile Phone Subscribers has reached 32. in august this year and now it is working as a name BTCL (Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Ltd.186.074 10.948 Onetel Communication Ltd.126 National Telecom Ltd.400 Dhaka Telephone Co. (ISL) 8. when BMI¶s expectation was about 35 millions. 32. Figure: BMI forecast v Brief about PSTN Operators in Bangladesh: Beside the six mobile telecommunication companies there are twelve PSTN (public switched telephone network) ± companies in Bangladesh.961 Westec .085 17. 17.930 14.424 4.026 1.364 48. which has been converted into Public Ltd. 17.018 14.436 9.328.793 Sheba Phone Ltd.409 148.A Telecom System Ltd.34 millions.The reality is close to the forecast.33 million at the end of October 2007.496 53.487 Subscribers October2008 873.

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