(Chetan Bhagat)
The novel is based on the true story of young businessmen who made some mistakes in his life. The story is a mixture of business, cricket passion and religion. In a small city, Ahedabad lived three good friends named Ishan, Omi and Govind.Ishan is a good cricket player and always aimed to be in the cricket team. But his dream never became reality. His dad wanted him to be some meaningful job and didn’t want him to waste his time in any sport which created problems between him and his dad. Govind is good at maths.He scored well in his studies. Due to lack of money he did not do engineering but it did not bother him much as he never wanted to work under anyone. He wanted to be a businessman and he was good at it as he believed less in emotions and was more practical than the other two friends. His mother owns a sweet shop which is the only income in the house. Omi is a stupid, good at nothing, a simple Hindu boy. His father is a priest and he never wants to be a priest after his father. But he did not know what his aim is. Govind cared about his friends and wanted to do something about their future. All three of them get together and discuss about their life.-Govind comes up with an idea to start a business, a sports store and that the focus will be on cricket as it is the most popular sport played. Ishan and Omi liked the idea and support him. But the problem was money for a shop deposit. Omi convinces his maternal uncle for a shop in a temple premises on rental basis with out any deposit. They named the shop “Team India Cricket Shop”. Due to Ishan, they had lots of customer coming in as he gave tips on how to play cricket and Govind was good at business. The shop did well and they got a good profit. Since the shop was doing well Govind wanted to expand the business. He thought of shifting the shopoe from the temple premises to a new shopping mall under construction at Navrangpura. For which they need more money. Hence Isham decides to take cricket coaching and Govind will take math’s tuition. One day Ishan told Govind that his sister wanted maths tuition as she is weak at it and she wanted to do well in maths to clear the medical entrance test.Govind had enough student and no time, but he couldn’t disappointed his best friend. So he agrees to take tuition classes for Vidya. Ishans sister, was very difficult task as she had no interest in maths and she gets distracted very fast. From the children visit their shop Ishan comes to know about Ali, who is very good at hitting shots. Ishan meets the boy and finds that the boy is really talented and gifted by good skills. He takes Ali to a doctor as after Ali hits a few ball and he gets head ache. After examine Ali doctor tells Ishan that the boy had got hyper-reflex that proves to be a gift for cricket.Ali’s reflexes are ten times better than any normal person. His brain can analyze fast, it also tires quickly that is why he gets the headache.

Ishan decided to give cricket coaching to Ali whereas Govind decides to teach him Maths with request from Ali’s father. he had even taken loan from Omi’s mama and put all the money in the shop.the last match of the series was held in Goa.But the relationship with her changed on her birthday on the terrace with a cake. Govind pulls Ali but was late by a second as became selfish about his own life.Ali was trained for a week by experts.They offered Ali scholarship but with one condition that Ali should be a citizen of Australia which Ali refuses.In one of the buildings which collapsed was one where Govind had invested all his money. He wanted to know their opinion on Ali. Cutler . Mama and his people started burning Muslims all over. Finally they reached the stadium but the security guard stopped them from entering the VIP stand. Fred in Goa. All four of them reach Australia after a few months they met by experts. Mama and his people appeared at the bank gate and tell them to leave the Muslim boy. Govind had missed Vidya in Australia . The three friends try their best to stop the angry Hindus out side the gate.Govind was totally shattered. They even killed Ali’s parents. it is said that Muslims burnt the boggy as they had some argument with Hindu Karsevaks. Destruction was less compare to other places but many new buildings collapsed and hundred of them lost their life . That was his first mistake investing all his and his friends’ money. He fell in love and had physical relationship with his best friend’s sister. There they met Fred Ali. This was his third mistake if he hadn’t been selfish. they even tried to bribe them but in vain. He is a politician in a secular party.Ishan convinced Govind and Omi to go to Goa.The test match of the India –Australia series was the magic cure for the quake. After few days he regained from the shock and started his life all over again –shops. it was physical now and that was his second mistake. Which results in fight between the hindu group and Ish.He discarded the thought of selfishness and pulled Ali but Ali’s wrist was hurt by the strike. but they were not in a state to listen and wanted to kill Ali which Ishan will never allow. Ishan. But Govind somehow handled the situation and got in to the VIP area.This incident created riots between Hindu and Muslims. Greener and Mr. but while returning back from Ayodhya the train boggy in which the group was traveling was burnt and Mama’s son died. a player from the Australian this fight Omi is killed by his own men in an attempt to kill Ali.the chairman of the Australian Sports Academy and the head of the AIS scholarship programmer respectively . he could have saved Ali without hurting him. Ahmedbad was one of them. It started with a kiss but crossed the limit the relationship was not just emotional anymore. The three of them tries to explain Mama and his people not to harm him. On the last day Fred introduces them to Mr.Ishans wanted Ali to meet Australian team. tuitions etc.Mama’s anger grew and he again strikes the thrishul towards Ali. Everything was going well until the day there was an earthquake in Gujarat which affected lots of places. He agrees to test Ali Fred was very impressed by Ali and invites all four of them to Australia and also offered the air tickets. Omi’s mama organized some young people to go to Ayodhya temple and on this trip went Mama’s son Dhiraj too. Govind and Omi take Ali with them in a ruined bank building and hide him there. . Govind & Omi. thinking that he might end up like Omi.

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