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Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Manik Bhowmik Designation:

Lecturer and Head M.E.Tele (J.U.), BE (Electrical & Comm Engg)(A.U) Microwave engg,Micro Strip Antenna

Qualification: Areas of Interest: Email:

Dr Aniruddha Mondal Designation:

Assistant Professor, Electronics & Communication Engineering

Ph.D.(University Of Calcutta, Department Of Electronic Science), Qualification: Post Doctorate [IITK, Donguuk University(South Korea)] Growth: III-V Semiconductor , Characterization. Nanotechnology: Nanowire Growth (OAD and GLAD) , Characterization. Fabrication: Hybrid and High Efficiency Hetero Junction Nanowire Solar cell. 09436767198

Research Interest:

Phone No: Email:

Biman Debbarma Designation:

Lecturer B.Sc (Engg) Electronics, NIT Jamshedpur Digital Communication System

Qualification: Areas of Interest:

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27-12-2010 21:33 (mailto:atanunita@gmail. Nano Science & Qualification: Areas of Interest: Email: Atanu Choudhury Designation: Lecturer Qualification: BE.D (IIT-Kharagpur) Low-Power VLSI Design and (mailto:debnath_kamalesh@rediffmail.(VIT).com ( Qualification: Areas of Interest: Email: Somnath Roy Designation: Lecturer Qualification: BE. Physical Design Dr.Digital VLSI Design.Tech (JU). M. Thermal-Aware Design. M. ME(JU) Areas of Interest: Email: Control Systems. Signal & system. of ECE http://nitagartala. M. Nano-Scaled Design Issues.pradhan@gmail. ( Kamalesh Debnath Designation: Lecturer BE. Nano Electronics debnath_kamalesh@rediffmail.Tech and 2 of 3 27-12-2010 21:33 .com (mailto:som. Sambhu Nath Pradhan Designation: Assistant Professor B.Tech.Tech.Antenna. Signal & Systems. CAD for VLSI. Optimization Techniques sambhu.NIT Agartala > Dept.Analog VLSL Design som.html Email: bimandebbarma@indiatimes.VLSI Design Areas of Interest: Email: Device Modelling.

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