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Question: Graham’s Law is correlated with

Select Answer: (A) Diffusion (B) Osmoregulation (C) Osmosis (D) Adsorption Question: Diapedesis is Select Answer: Movement of WBC to the site of injury Bursting of WBC Formation of pus Formation of WBC Question: The process of photosynthesis is performed in presence of Select Answer: sun moon stars all the above Question: Bivalved siliceous shell or frustlule occur inSelect Answer: Diatoms

Radiolarians Zooflagellates Archaebacteria Question: The formation of seedless fruit is called Select Answer: parthenocarpy parthenogenesis androgenesis Gynogenesis Question: In a fully turgid cell Select Answer: OP = DPD OP = zero DPD = zero DPD = WP Question: Stomata open in the leaves? Select Answer: due to ausmotic pressure due to weapor pressure they are habitual to do so due to turger pressure .

Question: The best supporting fact that “Viruses are Living” is that viruses… Select Answer: Duplicate themselves Penetrate cell membrane Are made of chemicals Cause disease Question: Earthworm belongs to the phylum: Select Answer: Arthropoda Annelida Mollusca None of these Question: The unwinding of DNA duplex is performed by an enzyme called : Select Answer: Lygase Maltase Gyrase Lactase Question: Fertilizin is found on-Select Answer: Sperms .

All except two of its families contain the pigments that are collectively called betalains. Some of the families of the order are enumerated below. Molluginaceae Select the correct answer using the codes given below : Select Answer: . Aizoaceae III. Chenopodiaceae IV. Amaranthaceae II.Eggs Sertoli cells Follicle cells surrounding cell Ledig's cells Question: The largest cell in angiosperm embryosac is Select Answer: egg antipodal cell central cell synergid Question: Which one of the following statements is correct ? Select Answer: Cyanobacteria are abundant in both fresh and salt water Some cyanobacteria have flagella and chloroplasts Gram positive bacteria have only lipopolysaccharides in their cell wall Archaebacteria have walls which contain only peptidoglycan Question: Centrospermae is regarded a natural order of angiosperms. Caryophyllaceae V. Which two families lack betalains ? I.

I and II II and III III and IV IV and V Question: Ornithine cycle was explained by Select Answer: Henseleit Krebs Krebs and Henseleit Ornithine Question: Argentaffin Cells are found in Select Answer: a) Pancreas b) Internal Ear c) Gastric Glands d) Crypts of Lizberkuhun Question: Nerve cells in the brain How many nerve cells are in the brain? Select Answer: 10 million 100 million .

UCA . Question: Which one of the following theories about problem solving would support the statement that a’ problem arises when it is necessary for a person to choose from more than one alternative? Select Answer: Gestalt insight theory Information processing Implicit trial and error Mediated generalization Question: Which one of the following pairs of codons is correctly matched with their function or the signal for the particular amino acid ? Select Answer: (1) UUA.10 billion 100 billion Question: Strain is: Select Answer: New length upon original length after a load is applied Original length upon new length after a load is applied Force applied to change the length.Leucine . Difference between the two lengths upon original length.

Alanine (3) UAG. UGA .(2) GUU. GCU . ACG .Stop (4) AUG.Start/Methionine Question: Additional segment of DNA present in the bacteria other than nucleoid is Select Answer: Glyoxysomes Mesosomes plasmids polysomes oxysomes Question: Chlorophyll a is found in all Select Answer: Autotrophs Higher plants Algae Oxygen liberation photosynthesis Question: Dentist's nerve Which cranial nerve is also called Dentist's nerve ? Select Answer: sixth cranial nerve Fifth cranial nerve Third cranial nerve First cranial nerve .

which of the following is formed? Select Answer: Gills Heart Myotme Archentron Question: Brain ventricles are line by Select Answer: Neurons Schwann cells Neuroglia Ependymal cells .Question: During gastrulation.