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iCCSA Exam-Dec-21-2010

1. Which of the following is the default spool directory for packages: a. /var/spool b. /var/sadm/pkg c. /tmp d. /var/spool/pkg Which of the following commands can be used to remove a patch? a. rmpatch b. patchrm c. pkgrm -p d. patchadd -d Which of the following commands can be used to list all installed patches? [select all that apply] a. show -p b. patchinfo c. patchlist all d. patchadd -p Which /etc/inittab keyword identifies the default runlevel? a. initdefault b. defaultinit c. sysinit d. boot Which of the following is the last phase in trhe Solaris boot proccess? a. init b. Boot PROM c. Kernel Initialization d. Boot Programs Which of the following is the correct format of the /etc/inittab file? a. rstate:id:actio:process b. id:action:rstate:process c. id:rstate:action:process d. process:action:rstate:id Which of the following default directories are used to store kernel modules? [Select all that apply] a. /kernel b. /usr/kernel c. /var/kernel d. /etc/system e. /etc/kernel Which of the following commands can be used to change to system run levels 2 or 3? [Select all that apply] a. init b. reboot c. shutdown d. poweroff e. uadmin f. halt How many runlevels are there in Solaris 10? a. 6 b. 7 c. 8 d. 9









/etc/fstab b. setacl b. id 18. /opt b. How to find all files in the system belong to user X ? a. as regular user. find /-name X –print 15. If a machine have / directory. but using /usr and /export/home somewhere else. find /-user X -print c. In the /usr/skel directory d. as root. standalone . userfacl 17. /etc/vfstab d. run crontab -1 c. as root. then this machine is a. Command used to set ACL a. all process belong to the user 19. dataless b. /var d. b. What is the Command used to see hostid a. diskless c. all jobs belong to the user d. all jobs b. How to find free space in Unix? 12. run crontab -e 16. How to c0t0 disk 0 slice 7 on /export/home 13. How to list crontab? a. /etc/dfs/dfstab c. What file contains a list of file systems to be automatically mounted at boot up? a. find /-name user X -print d. run /etc/default/cron/root d. When you install a machine. name c. find /-owner X -print b. Where are the used account initialization file templates stored? a. In the /skel directory 11. What do ps do without option? a. In the /etc/skel directory c. / 20. /etc/rc2. /usr c. run crontab -1 b. which partitions is default included? a. setfacl c. all process c. finger b.d/S74autofs 14.10. Under the user account home directories. uname d. as regular user.

28. syslog D. 31. 24. Solaris. 26.conf B. 22.conf A icmp traceroute A Samba B. 38. 23. 39. 40. 30. 32. 25.conf sshd.0 C B xorg. D B A&D A A C A&B A C B df and du commands are mount /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s7 /export/home C B A&B B C C A&B A . 35. 33. 29. 27.LInux 21. Monthly B mke2fs /dev/hdd1 disable in in xinetd /etc/xinetd. 36. D sudo C /etc/motd C C which C enable=1 B yum clean dbcache B -F C hd0. 37. 34.