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Dominica Update

September 2010
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 The Lord has been gracious to allow our support to increase over the past two months. Thank you for praying. We are now seeing God answer those prayers. To God be the glory!  Both of the mothers highlighted in the last Update have been granted by the Lord safe and healthy deliveries. Martha is recovering well after delivering our eighth child, Eric Nathaniel, by Csection on July 20. Axel and Nicky are rejoicing in the safe arrival of their daughter born September 2. Jedidah is their first child.  The Lord has provided some wonderful meetings the past few weeks in Georgia and Virginia. An added blessing and surprise was to meet many in Georgia who knew my godly grandmother, Ethel Cornelius, and continue to call her blessed.

Middleham Falls deep in the World Heritage site, Morne Trios Piton National Park. Dominica is well known for her natural national treasures in her rain forest reserves, which include hundreds of rivers, dozens of waterfalls, numerous species of breathtaking flora and fauna, and exotic wildlife. It is also home to the second largest thermally active crater lake in the world, Boiling Lake. However, Dominica needs the Gospel. Like

 As our support increases, please pray for the Lord’s guidance concerning setting a definite date of departure to return to Dominica.  Pray with us that the Lord will continue to open doors for us to share our burden for Dominica.  Pray for the Lord’s provision of all we need to return to Dominica.  Keep praying earnestly for the work God is raising up in Marigot and for wisdom and endurance for Axel and Nicky as they serve the Lord there.

1Thessalonians 5:24 Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.

the rest of the Caribbean, Dominica is a religious island on the one hand and extensively immoral on the other. The culture of immorality not only permeates society in general, it is also rampant within its religions, including the Bible-believing churches. By God’s grace we desire to continue not only to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ but to live the Gospel. The Dominicans need to see the Gospel at work in our lives, turning us from sin. Like Paul’s desire for the Ephesian believers, we desire the young believers at the Open Bible Church of Marigot to know “what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power which He worked in Christ when He raised Him from the dead.”

Ronald Georges

Prayer Focus
Ronald Georges and I met around 1998. Our meeting was certainly out of the ordinary. Ronald was driving a truck down the road when he saw me and stopped his truck. After walking over to me with the clear signs and smells of alcohol, he began to curse me out for being white. After he finished his rant and realized that I was not retaliating,

he abruptly stopped, looked at me, and declared, “You know, you’re all right.” Ever since then we have been friends. However, he would not let me share the Gospel with him until several years later when the Lord allowed his drinking to poison his liver. I visited him in the hospital, and he listened for the first time as I shared with him the good news of Jesus Christ. He did not seem to hear what I said but told me he would never drink again. I was grieved to see him again taking to drink. After we returned from our second furlough, we began services in the village of Marigot, following the Lord’s leading to start a church there. After three months Ronald called and told us he wanted me to baptize him. We were astonished and a little confused, so we invited him to come to a service and take our Sunday dinner with us. After dinner I sat down with him and explained again the Gospel, being careful to let him understand that baptism had nothing to do with becoming a Christian. With joy and great rejoicing, Ronald bowed his head and received Christ as His Savior.
An aerial view of a Tree Fern

Ronald has not been assembling with the believers for some time. Please pray that he will yield to the Lord’s chastening and humble himself before the Lord. Thank you for praying faithfully with us about these requests. God is answering and will do all for His own purpose and glory.

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