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Chapter 1 What are the Requirements for Getting Six Pack Abs.............................................................. 8 How It All Started – My Story ............................................ 14 Why Most People Fail With Their Attempt to Get Six Pack Abs ............................................ 20 Why Cardio Is Not The Most Effective Way to Lose Body Fat .......................................................... 38 The Type of Cardio That Can Help You Get Six Pack Abs .......................................................... 48 The Most Effective Type of Exercise For Six Pack Abs ................................................................... 64 What About Ab Exercises Will They Work? ................................................................... 78 Ab Exercises That Will Bring You Closer To Your Goal ........................................................... 88 The Top Six Pack Exercises You Must Be Doing Regularly..................................................... 98 How To Design your Own Gym That Will Get You Results ................................................ 112 How to Motivate Yourself To Stay Consistent With Your Workout Program ....................... 124 Workout Frequency How Often Do You Need To Work The Abs?................................... 142
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Let’s Talk Nutrition: Your Key To A Six Pack .............. 148 Must You Use a Low Carb Diet To Get Six Pack Abs? ........................................................ 172 Meal Frequency and Six Pack Abs ................................... 186 Top Nutritional Strategies For Success ........................... 194 Booze and Your Six Pack What You Need To Know ................................................ 206 The Importance of Going Off Your Diet To Get Six Pack Abs ....................................... 214 Six Pack Abs and Muscle Building Do They Go Together? .................................................... 222 Genetics: Can You Really Defy It? .................................. 226 Sample Six Pack Ab Workout ........................................... 230 Supplements For Six Pack Abs ......................................... 232 Outside Factors That Prevent You From Getting A Six Pack................................................... 240 Maintaining Your Six Pack – It Does Get Easier .......... 246 Monitoring Your Progress ................................................. 252 The Six Pack Mindset Do You Have What It Takes? .......................................... 258

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" © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 6 All Rights Reserved . This book is dedicated to her. my readers and DEDICATION "I want to thank Sara. the love of my life for making me who I am.www. and to you.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 7 All Rights Reserved .

you know they are committed to their workout. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 8 All Rights Reserved . they have been working hard in the gym and are following some type of diet plan. there is a very good chance that one of your primary goals is obtaining that elusive set of abs. There is no doubt about it. Let’s face it.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. they wouldn’t be sporting the midsection that they are. If they weren’ CHAPTER 1 WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS FOR GETTING SIX PACK ABS Whether you are currently heavily involved in your workout program or just getting started on things. When you see someone walking down the street with a set of six pack abs.

illustrate fitness perfection.www. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 9 All Rights Reserved . Only those individuals who have the tenacity to preserver with their training and eating habits will develop six pack abs because they are often one of the last things to come when working on various body parts.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. you want this for yourself. You want to be the person that others talk about when the topic of fitness and being in top shape is comes up. You want to be the person that others come to for advice when they’re struggling on their program and don’t quite understand what they are doing wrong. You want to be the one people look at with envy – wishing that they too could get their abs looking just as good as yours. They. whether you want to admit it or Now. Six pack abs do this.

Throughout all of this. So. Six pack abs is just as much a science as it is making it to the gym. we will talk about what the most effective techniques are for toning these muscles. you can make this happen for yourself. If you simply read through this manual and gain an understanding of the principles but don’t actually put them into action.www. then you’re going to struggle.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. but if you aren’t using the correct techniques you’re not going to get very far. and we will discuss other factors not related to exercise that have as much as 90% of an impact on the final result (if you thought exercise was the key to six pack abs. Action is Luckily. Don’t get me wrong. There is no mistaking that. you’re not doing yourself much good. If you don’t approach it in the right manner though. if you approach six pack abs in the right manner. well. you are very mistaken). what you are doing in the gym is going to be very important. We will identify the common mistakes people are making when trying to obtain six pack abs. in this manual we are going to take a good look at all the factors that will affect how well you progress with your mission to get six pack abs. you must keep in mind that knowledge is only as good as it’s put to use. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 10 All Rights Reserved .

It’s never going to be as easy as making a couple of small changes to your workout. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 11 All Rights Reserved . adjusting a few foods in the diet. the sooner you will reach your goals. Keep learning. Finally. you’ve got abs. If you notice that something isn’t working for you. apart from maybe the 2% genetically very lucky individuals who are just naturally incredibly lean. Everyone has to work hard. but don’t stop there. That’s what’s going to get you to the end finish line where you can feel proud that you are now the new owner of set of six pack abs. Others. go through the learning process. keep progressing. Others will have to really watch their carbohydrate intake. keep pushing. You have to work hard. Some individuals will need to do more cardio training. This is rare though so the sooner you can accept the fact work must be put in. they may do better actually removing some cardio from their current program. remember that everyone will have a slightly different path to six pack abs.www. It’s best to learn your own body and what it responds too. Also remember that abs do not happen So. and poof. change it.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.

The sooner you get started. hold tight. If you aren’t. but you should see a general trend towards the direction you’re trying to go. and then go from there. the sooner you’re going to see the results you’re looking for. If you try a new principle out and in three days you haven’t seen dramatic results. you may not see miraculous changes. let’s get right to it – your mission to six pack abs. You should always give any new adjustment seven to ten days before evaluating With this though. Even then.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. then you need to figure out what you can do differently so you are. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 12 All Rights Reserved . So. it’s important to know when something isn’t working or when you just haven’t given it enough time to work.www. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 13 All Rights Reserved .www.

and Nutritional CHAPTER 2 HOW IT ALL STARTED – MY STORY Before diving right into all the technical details.E.R.O. C. radio stations. the best shape of my life. and in what was then. let’s start by discussing briefly my own story and quest for six pack abs. Instructor. I was lean. strong. I am a Certified Personal Trainer. During my early years while I was learning about exercise science in university.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.www. I also hold a degree in Health and Exercise Science and have made appearances in numerous magazines. My six pack was solid and it seemed like I was just on top of my game. As many of you already know. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 14 All Rights Reserved . as well as online websites.

I would have to do it.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. particularly if you worked very hard to obtain them. and I no longer was sporting around that same six pack of abs I used to be so proud of. At this point. my own body started to After I graduated though and began my career helping others realize their true potential with their fitness and health goals. This sparked my motivation again. As you can image. This was frustrating. you almost ‘own’ them. I came up with the notion that I would either prove to the world that I could get my six pack abs back in sixteen © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 15 All Rights Reserved . once you obtain six pack abs. vanish almost (and it can happen quickly if you’re not careful) can be quite hard to take.www. I no longer was preparing the types of meals I used to eat back in college while being so lean. Letting them slip. I was tired of not holding myself to my workouts and figured that if others were following me. Like a fire inside of me. there would be no choice. I no longer had the time to commit to the gym sessions I used to do. I had that drive back – that drive to regain my six pack abs and take my fitness to a whole new level that I had never experienced before. I decided to go public with my goal.

© 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 16 All Rights Reserved . I built my website and put it weeks or less or else I was basically making a fool of myself as a trainer. I then made my quest for six pack abs.www. I am proud to be the owner of my former six pack abs once again and am in the best shape of my life. I wanted to help others learn from my experience and get motivated that they too could do just the same. and I achieved my goal – in front of everyone. I wrote about all the different things I was doing along the way. I took videos of myself doing exercise. In addition to this.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. In front of thousands of followers. I also wanted to show to everyone else out there that it is possible if you put in the work. Now.

The thing to remember here is that many people do maintain some secrets. what will they have left to set them apart – to set them ahead? © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 17 All Rights Reserved . or journaling every day about your progress. you’re not going to get anywhere in the game of six pack abs.www. Without If I can do this. I know you can too. and accountable as in not letting your mindset slip into one that’s not going to help keep you on track to your goals. accountable in terms of eating the right types of foods. joining a group of people who are all involved with the same goal (a fitness or workout group of sorts). If they let the cat out of the bag. What’s the moral of the story with all of this though? The moral is that you must be accountable. By reading through all this information. you will get an insider’s look at the exact methods I used to obtain my body and how it all played out. Accountable in terms of getting your workouts in.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Whether this means telling others about your plans like I did. do whatever it is that will keep you accountable. That is one thing I can promise you.

If you are just getting started into fitness. So. Some of this stuff you might have heard before. everything else will just fall into place and pretty soon you’ll be your own walking six pack ab encyclopedia. this might seem overwhelming. you’ll catch on Nothing. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 18 All Rights Reserved .www. just this once. But. but other information will be brand new. we’re going to reveal all the secrets about six pack abs. Once you know the basics. it’s time for you to create one of your own. but trust me. now that you know my story.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.

com © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 19 All Rights Reserved .www.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.

whether they haven’t made it any type of goal whatsoever (highly unlikely).www. most people will fail in their attempt to get six pack CHAPTER 3 WHY MOST PEOPLE FAIL WITH THEIR ATTEMPT TO GET SIX PACK ABS Not surprisingly.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Let’s look at some of the bigger reasons why people fail in their quest to a lean and toned midsection. This should come as no surprise because if you walk around your local gym. it’ll be come fairly obvious that most people are not sporting six pack abs. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 20 All Rights Reserved . six pack abs are a rarity. haven’t been using the correct techniques. or haven’t been putting forth enough effort – whatever the case. So.

how long did it take you to put on that weight? I’m guessing it didn’t happen over the course of a few Short-Term Expectations The first primary reason why people tend to fail with their hopes in getting six pack abs is because they have such short-term expectations that realistically. your body is built to prefer to be overweight. they are setting themselves up to fail. Think about it this way. it’s going to be harder to lose the weight than it was to gain it. So then why do you expect to lose this weight over the course of a few weeks? If anything. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 21 All Rights Reserved .16WeeksToSixPackAbs. As much as you may hate to hear it. If you’re currently overweight.

you’re already fighting a losing battle. For me. Plus. it likely won’t be © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 22 All Rights Reserved . add to that that I was extremely diligent with my training and diet and you’ve got yourself a powerful combination for getting results. No. Therefore. When you’re trying to get leaner. who would fare better – an overweight individual or one who was incredibly lean. some genetically lucky individuals have trouble keeping weight on. your body is going to fight you – and fight you hard. If you’re in the 10-15% body fat category right In ancient times when people went for days without food. if you expect to get six pack abs in two weeks time. but they are an entirely other group of people and a group that likely won’t be reading this). so it made things easier from a time standpoint. I wasn’t extremely overweight when I started my journey. and had a metabolism comparable to that of a Ferrari? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that answer out and this is why it’s much harder for you to lose body fat than it was to gain it (again this is for most people. You must be realistic. you can expect to get abs fairly rapidly.www. had a high amount of muscle mass.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.

it’s going to take a bit of time. But. The point of this topic is that you need to keep a level head and not rely on short term expectations. If you’re 15-20% body fat or above. If you want to get your six pack. Think long term here. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 23 All Rights Reserved . the fact of the matter is most women don’t want to get that lean anyway.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Then. thus there’s nothing to worry about. if you want to keep your six pack. you should see good definition if you’re doing things right. it does get easier – more on that point. It just means that you won’t be quite as ‘shredded and cut’ as your male counterpart may be if he chooses to get that lean. that will be a life-long effort (but not to worry. Note that women will always have higher levels of body fat in comparison with men (this is a requirement in order for them to give birth). but in a few months two weeks.www. so they should not expect to ever reach body fat levels as low as men. Does this mean if you’re a woman you can’t get a six pack? Certainly not. then you’ve got a bit more work to do and should give yourself 3-6 months before you can see visible abs. later).

When you starve yourself though. The primary problem with starvation diets is that they cause you to lose muscle mass rapidly. This is yet another reason why males tend to lean up faster than females. the faster you will drop the body fat. Next. they have a lot more lean muscle mass tissue. this is a very bad thing. Your muscle mass is your calorie burning engine. Starvation Moving on…. you come off that starvation diet and start eating normally again (or. if you’ve really been © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 24 All Rights Reserved . The more of it you have. This muscle mass loss then causes a decrease in your metabolic rate. gets rid of the most metabolically active tissue in your body that it can while keeping you alive (theoretically. but obviously the body cannot get rid of that). Sound familiar? If so. Starvation Diets Now let’s talk about what many of you have likely tried before. your body senses the fact that not very much food is coming in and as a result. Bad.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. the brain is the most metabolically active tissue.www.

) Very bad. These two people will look entirely different even though there is only a 10 pound difference on the scale.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. you’ve got a slow metabolism coupled with a lot of excess calories. another big issue some people have is actually © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 25 All Rights Reserved .www. This is an important point that you need to wrap your mind around if you hope to achieve results. Left to go on long enough you might entirely recomposition your body so now rather than sitting at say 150 pounds and 14% body fat. you’ll proceed to go on another starvation diet to try and get rid of the body fat you gained back and the cycle continues. Starvation diets do not work and using one will only prolong your road to getting a six pack. eating much more than you otherwise starving yourself you may proceed to binge eat for two or three weeks. Now. you’re sitting at 160 pounds and 26% body fat. What do you think is going to happen in this situation? You’re going to gain back more body fat. Then. Incorrect Ab Muscle Activation Next.

they are not. when performing abdominal crunches.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. You should feel the muscle fibers activating their abdominal muscles properly. Some people. For instance. they might pull upwards with their arms. when doing crunches. zeroing in on contracting and releasing the tension that drives that muscle. particularly on any ab exercise that involves hanging leg raises or lying leg raises. rather than squeezing the abs to do the movement. you need to be really focusing in on the muscle in particular. In order to get effective ab activation.www. thus are really wasting their time in the gym. Likewise. What’s more is that often these are the exact same people who at the same time are spending hours slaving away on the ab mats. even though they think they are working their abs. Due to this fact. they may recruit their hip flexors to do most of the workout. When you do this. that’s when you’ll see noticeable results with your workouts. the tension starting to build. will use a whole bunch of muscles that aren’t even the abs at all. and you want to hold that tension at the top of the movement (this is always good to do for © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 26 All Rights Reserved .

thus they are worked maximum effects). you’ll find that you get a better workout overall. you’ll let them come almost down. you help prevent the abdominals from relaxing throughout the exercise. Also. Finally. another important thing to know is that the abdominals cannot really be separated into distinct upper and lower abdominal muscles.www. Note though that you should never just ‘release the tension’. While you can certainly do exercises that will tend to target either the upper or lower abs slightly more. the full movement should keep the abdominals slightly tensed as it’s on the lowering phase that you’ll also be feeling the abs contract effectively. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 27 All Rights Reserved . and then feel the tension releasing slowly as you lower back down to the ground. By working the abs in this manner. you will not let the legs completely drop down to the floor. the entire core will still be worked. Instead. and then they will be lifted up once again to the starting position. if you avoid going to the absolute bottom of the movement. What this essentially means is if say you are doing lying leg raises.

16WeeksToSixPackAbs.www. what it does impact is the degree to which your stomach appears Improper Posture Another reason why certain individuals will really struggle with their quest to get abs is because they have very poor posture. While posture doesn’t really have any direct impact on body fat levels or anything like that. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 28 All Rights Reserved .

which will definitely make your six pack abs disappear in a hurry. you’re going to find that the lower belly starts to protrude outwards. If you’re constantly injured.www. you’ll also reduce your chances of becoming injured with your workouts when you are using proper posture. this goal isn’t really specific and the might lack clear direction of © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 29 All Rights Reserved . While they may have the goal to get six pack abs. which again is definitely going to have its benefits. the abs aren’t exactly ‘gone forever’.com If you’re constantly slouched over. as the body will move through the range of movement better and all the muscles that need to be stimulated will be. Finally.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. having proper posture will also make all the exercise you complete in the gym more effective. it’s going to be pretty hard to ever really make much progress at all with your workouts. Additionally. While again. Lack of Direction Another issue that’s far too frequently seen amongst those who are not meeting their goals for getting six pack abs is having a lack of direction. practicing proper posture on an ongoing basis will make them appear flatter all the time and eventually holding in your stomach will become a habit.

they go into the gym and perform a variety of different exercises. then you will get the results you’re hoping to achieve. a lack of planning means a lack of results. If you do this. You should be doing research beforehand (such as reading the abdominal workout strategies in this guide) and then implementing those. If it isn’t the path to get there. have a clear action plan and a list of well defined goals. hoping something works out in the end and they find themselves satisfied with the end result. And it should be noted too that you must not let yourself become swayed by other people. Taking a shot-gun approach to getting six pack abs is not going to prove to be successful and you’ll likely just end up wasting time. Try your plan out. zero in and focus on the goal.www. Instead. then you can go © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 30 All Rights Reserved . This is a very bad position to be in because far too often. Instead. If you are on one plan and then hear from someone else that they’ve got the latest and greatest workout program guaranteed to get you results.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. you need to stay focused.

training through fatigue might just leave you © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 31 All Rights Reserved . Stay with a technique for at least a couple of weeks before really assessing its effectiveness. If you jump around too much. accomplishing nothing. While in some cases this is not going to be appropriate – say if you haven’t worked out all week and your body is telling you ‘no’ (this would just be a cause of pure laziness). it may not be the best idea to push through yet another cardio session that to something else. Definitely give other points some consideration.www. you’ll just wind up going in circles. For example. in many cases. if you have been working hard all week long and are feeling exhausted. It’s a fine line to walk on and you need to learn your own body. your body might actually be telling you something very important and you should be paying attention to it.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Not Listening To Your Body Another big mistake that many people often make with their six pack ab training programs is not entirely listening to their body. In some cases it is okay to keep pushing. This goes back to the point about giving your plan time to work. but don’t let them crowd your judgment on what you are currently doing. while in other cases. injured. backing off your workout and giving the body a day to rest would be a smart move. If you’re on a smart diet program and workout plan. if you’re on a low carb diet and are constantly starving. tired. overly fatigued. Doing so is not going to set you back. This is not the case and the sooner they can learn this. the better off they will be. In this case. This is going to be very problematic and more than likely. it may be time to eat more carbs for a day or two. The problem is some individuals get into too ridged of a mindset and think that swaying whatsoever is going to be disastrous. is not going to produce anywhere near the results you’re going for.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. all while being on a very low calorie diet. run-down. combined with 4 sessions of hard weight training. Similarly. and even cause your metabolism to slow down. feeling drained. This is often the case in women who are doing hour long cardio sessions six days a week. if anything it’ll help you progress along quicker. all of these factors should be taken care of for you – enough rest during the workout week as well as periodic diet breaks © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 32 All Rights Reserved . on and on it goes.

how intense the diet is.www. overall stress in your life.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Often recovery rates are quite dependant on factors such as age. sleep quality. you may only be able to handle one or two sessions. Because of to prevent drops in hormones that slow the metabolic rate. and so on. While one person might be able to handle three sessions of HIIT per week. When you get too many of these working against you. The more you can learn about the different aspects of what you should be doing. Everyone has a slightly different physiological makeup and will tolerate levels of stress slightly differently. current fitness level. otherwise you will just backtrack in progress. the closer you will come to obtaining success. outside activities (whether or not you have an active job). you should not attempt to place more stress than your body can handle without recovering on it. If you aren’t on a smart plan though. This is yet another reason why reading information such as this manual will really work to your advantage. then you will need to look after this yourself. The similar principle applies for that of weight training. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 33 All Rights Reserved .

then some more soda while watching TV.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. As little as 3% dehydration can have profound impacts © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 34 All Rights Reserved . Go to work.www. if you’re lucky). milk. It is what will help cleanse your body of toxins and help to make you feel better overall. where you proceed to drink another 3-4 cups of coffee. Does this describe your day? Get up and down a cup of coffee (maybe you do get in a glass or water or juice here. and decaf coffee and teas can help to add extra water to the system. yet another thing that trips many people up on their quest to a six pack is dehydration. Where’s the water? While other liquids such as juice. A Low Water Intake Moving you are most certainly going to feel it as far as your recovery is concerned. maybe stopping for a diet coke at lunch. you are seriously dehydrated. battling any fatigue you experience while on the diet. Pure water is what you really want to focus on here. If that’s you. they are not going to do so like pure water would. Come home. have a beer with supper.

16WeeksToSixPackAbs.www. you should be thinking of keeping them tight and firm whenever you’re standing or moving around. This point goes along with the point mentioned on posture. That’s not to say you need to spend the rest of the day fiercely squeezing your abs as that would be a bit impractical. Be sure you’re drinking extra water both before and after your workout sessions. If you want to maximize your abdominals and get your six pack showing through. Doing so will increase the tension on the abs and help © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 35 All Rights Reserved . the last big issue that many people have with getting abs is working them for twenty minutes a day and then letting them go ‘loose’ for the rest of the day. But. 23 Hours and 40 Minutes Of Loose Abs Finally. as well as throughout the rest of the day. don’t let them go lose the remainder of the day. Drink before you feel thirsty – that is how you can guarantee that you don’t wind up dehydrated in the long run. making it absolutely vital that you are making sure you’re well hydrated throughout the day. 20 Minutes of Ab on your energy levels and how you feel overall.

This will help to bring your metabolic hormones back to where they should be so that once you do start up on the diet again. If you were using a very low calorie diet before prior to reading this manual. By making sure you are not making any of these critical errors you will be putting your best foot forward to getting the results that you seek. then you should start doing things the © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 36 All Rights Reserved . While again this is not going to automatically reduce the body fat. If you are already making these them get used to not hanging out being so loose and unfirm. then it’s time to change your course of actions immediately. You can obviously notice the big difference with this when you go to squeeze your abs and how much they suck in. you’re not already working against yourself. I would strongly recommend you take two weeks at eat at around maintenance calorie intake (14-15 times your current body weight in pounds). it will have an impact on the overall appearance of your ab muscles.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. This brings us to a conclusion on why most people fail on their question for obtaining a six pack. From there.www.

let’s move on and talk about cardio training and getting six pack abs.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 37 All Rights Reserved .com right way so you can put your best foot forward on the quest to getting six pack abs. so we’re going to help set the record straight on this one.www. Now. Many of you are likely to be abusing cardio at this point.

you’re on a mission and that mission is to increase your cardio time each week until those pesky layers of fat are finally kicked out of what seems like their permanent home on your body. when you decide you’re going to start up on a fat loss program.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 38 All Rights Reserved CHAPTER 4 WHY CARDIO IS NOT THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO LOSE BODY FAT If you’re like about 80% of the population. the first thing you do is head over the cardio equipment. Yes. that’s right.

long slower duration cardio is not one of them. Hours and hours done on the cardio machines are not going to bring you closer to your goal. and bringing body fat levels down significantly – at least not the type of cardio most people are doing on their hour long bouts that they partake This is clearly obvious as if you ever take the time to walk through your gym you’ll likely find all the cardio machines jam packed. depending of course on the nature of the cardio and the © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 39 All Rights Reserved . Cardio will help you burn calories. On average you might burn somewhere between 5-10 calories per minute while doing your cardio session. but it’s not going to do a great deal in the way of reshaping your body. This is particularly the case if you do this exercise in the month of January when everyone’s on their ‘fitness kick-off’ to the New Year. Let’s take a closer look at why cardio is not the most effective way to lose body fat. Cardio is a One-Time Calorie Burner While certain exercises will cause your metabolism to increase. The sad thing though is that these people are making a fatal mistake.www. increasing your metabolic rate. that much is true.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.

So. Cardio Can Actually Decrease Muscle Mass Next up.www. but the next day. this could have you burning about 150-600 calories.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. if you go for thirty to sixty minutes. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 40 All Rights Reserved . Who really has time to be spending an hour on the cardio machine each day? You’d be much better of spending more of your time doing activities that actually cause the body to burn more calories 24/7. Because of this fact. cardio also has the tendency to decrease the muscle mass tissue in the body. you’ll need to be doing cardio sessions pretty much daily on an ongoing basis. If you look at a marathon runner in comparison with a sprinter. this becomes obvious. if you hope to consistently make any kind of progress with your fat loss then. Obviously 600 calories will definitely help you with your weight loss that day. The marathon runner has a very low amount of muscle tissue while the sprinter is typically well defined and contains a much higher degree of intensity in which you perform it (those doing running for example will burn almost twice as many calories per minute as those who are walking). it’s not overly useful.

Then, if you examine the types of training each of these runners is doing, it should become clearly apparent why this might be the case. The marathon running is spending hours performing moderate intensity cardio, which sends signals to the body to get lighter. Clearly it would be much easier for your body to transport itself over miles each day if it wasn’t lugging a large degree of heavy muscle tissue, so this is just what it tries to do. It attempts to make itself lighter, so the job then becomes much easier. Hence you lose muscle mass. Now, with the sprinter, they are not performing long duration running activities and additional muscle mass will actually help power them faster through their sprinting activities, hence additional muscle is often actually built with this type of cardio training (depending on the nature of the diet, however). This is why you often find such a discrepancy in the body types of the two different athletes. In addition to this, if you really assess the two different body types, many times the sprinter is actually a lot leaner than the marathon runner. The marathon runner may very well be thin, but he or she is not actually as low in body fat
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as the sprinter is. This is again in correlation with the fact that fat mass is not as dense as muscle mass, and because of this fact, you’ll find the resting metabolic rates of sprinters much higher than those of marathon runners. Cardio Causes Cortisol To Increase Moving on, another strike against longer duration, moderate paced cardio sessions is that they tend to cause an increase in cortisol throughout the body. Cortisol is a hormone that is secreted by the body in stressful situations as a coping mechanism. The problem comes though when the body feels like it is in a state of stress over a prolonged period of time, and releases cortisol throughout the body on an ongoing basis. When that occurs, that’s when you start to see issues with fat loss popping up. First, with high levels of cortisol circulating

throughout the body, your body is in a catabolic state (tissue breakdown), meaning that again, you’re much more likely to be dropping muscle mass. Secondly, cortisol actually encourages the storage of body fat around the abdominal region, thus you’re really
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going to be working against your goal when this scenario is at play. Doing whatever you can to prevent high levels of cortisol will be essential because being on a hypocalorie diet, you’re already going to see small increases just because of that fact. So, that’s the second big reason why long sessions of cardio are not going to be a smart plan for trying to get six pack abs. Cardio Causes Increased Feelings of Hunger If you ask most people what the top factor they struggle with while on a diet is they will likely tell you being hungry. Being hungry is something that we all hate and unfortunately, many people find that long duration cardio sessions actually increase hunger levels past normal. So, while you may burn off an additional 300 calories that day because of the cardio, if that cardio makes you go off and eat another 400 back, you’ve now just taken one step backwards in the game of weight loss. Again, this is not what you want. You’d be better off going without the cardio and
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working more on your diet for fat loss. That’s not to say some cardio isn’t good, some is very productive to fat loss and overall health, but you have to watch yourself from crossing the line from enough to too much. Cardio Can Cause Overuse Injuries Another big issue with a higher amount of cardio added into your training sessions is that it’s far more likely to lead to overuse injuries. Obviously if you are injured it’s going to be incredibly difficult to do any type of workouts altogether, therefore this is yet another big reason why you must avoid a high volume of moderate intensity cardio. For example, if you’re a regular runner and are out there pounding the pavement for five hours every week, you will most definitely develop wear and tear on the knees and ankles over time. If this is left to go on long enough, you could very well find yourself facing a stress fracture in the years to come. Overuse injuries can very easily also develop into chronic injuries, which again will definitely make staying active in the long term that much harder. Numerous studies have demonstrated as well that it’s
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those people who combine a proper diet with an exercise program who maintain their weight loss over the long run (compared with those who just use diet alone). Therefore, it’s vital that you are able to exercise for years to come. If you aren’t, then you will be at a very high risk of weight regain as the years pass by. Cardio Decreases Recovery Finally, the last problem with a high volume of cardio in your six pack ab program is that it’s going to impair recovery from other exercises that are more critical when it comes to getting six pack abs.

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it gets hard to get out of and you wind up in a plateau and frustrated. Once you get caught up in the viscous cardio cycle. then you’re really shorting yourself of results.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. at which point time becomes another brutal factor to contend with? Basically. You are not going to get very far from doing them and they are likely to only make you backtrack as far as results are concerned. hopefully from these points you can now see why long sessions of cardio are not worth your time. if you work your way up to doing enough volume of moderate intensity cardio. it just gets hard. Then you also have to add this to the fact that it may become harder to schedule your cardio and lifting sessions. Should you be doing all your moderate cardio after the weight lifting session? Before? During a whole other session. You’re far better off using smart cardio methods and © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 46 All Rights Reserved If you are not able to get into the gym and do exercises that really count (weight training – more on this later). that’s still going to hinder things. While it is higher intensity cardio that does tend to take longer to recover from. So.

com then taking control over other aspects that enable fat loss to take place. The sooner you stop the better off you will be. I understand that if you’ve been doing hours of cardio each day dropping this off might feel scary. Most people do not find they gain weight back when reducing their cardio and often.www. So. namely the diet and weight training (more to come). let’s look at the cardio that does work.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. now that we’ve discussed moderate intensity cardio. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 47 All Rights Reserved . the exact opposite happens and they start losing weight faster because their metabolism starts to move back to normal. but go slowly and start now.

With this type of cardio. will be CHAPTER 5 THE TYPE OF CARDIO THAT CAN HELP YOU GET SIX PACK ABS So. we’ve discussed that hours of cardio each week is not the best way to approach getting your goals. instead of working at only © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 48 All Rights Reserved . what is? Something commonly referred to as HIIT. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and make no mistake about it. If you really want to reach this goal though. If that’s the case. this is how you should go about doing so.www. But. no one said getting six pack abs was easy.

The Benefits of HIIT Increased Metabolic Rate The first major benefit of HIIT training is that you are going to bump your metabolism up not only while doing the workout.www.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Let’s look a little one pace for a whole thirty to sixty minutes. but it’s also going to greatly cut down on the total duration of time you must spend doing your cardio sessions. This is not only going to ease boredom. you’re going to vary your pace as you go. with HIIT it’s not unusual to see an increase in © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 49 All Rights Reserved . but also in the hours following the session. Whereas with moderate paced cardio you might have seen an increase of about 20-30 calories after the session was completed.

Lean Muscle Building The second big benefit you’ll get when you implement HIIT training into your program is at the very 150-300 calories burned additionally after it’s completed. So. not only are you burning calories faster while doing it. This proves to be useful because again. If you were eating in a calorie surplus (which you won’t be due to the fact that you’re dieting). Talk about a two pronged approach to fat loss. you’re left with a very low metabolic rate which makes further fat loss that much harder. but you’re burning calories faster after while you’re sitting at your desk in the office. Since you aren’t in that surplus though. your muscle mass is the calorie burning engine of your body. you could actually see a gain of lean muscle mass when doing HIIT. it’s more likely that you’ll just work towards maintaining your current muscle mass. Without it.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. lean muscle maintenance. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 50 All Rights Reserved .

After doing a few weeks of HIIT. Considering the fact that most HIIT sessions only take © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 51 All Rights Reserved . another thing you’re going to appreciate from HIIT training is the fact that it will call for a decreased need for total gym time. Those who are participating in performance oriented sports will really benefit from this in particular.www. as it will enable them to increase their skill level and prevent fatigue while playing. you will also likely notice that your resting heart rate goes down. you’re going to have to do interval sprints at some point. Decreased Gym Time If you’re someone who leads a very active and busy Dramatically Improved Fitness Level Another benefit that HIIT offers over that of more traditional forms of cardio training is the increase in fitness level that’s typically seen. While you can obtain a certain level of fitness with moderate paced sessions.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. in order to really crank your anaerobic fitness up a notch. which is a good indicator that you are in fact improving your fitness level.

you’re going to decrease the muscle glycogen that is naturally stored in the muscle tissue and is used as the primary source of fuel for this type of exercise. Increased Rate of Muscle Glycogen Storage 20-30 minutes a couple of times a week.www. slowly the body will grow capable of storing more muscle glycogen. you really cannot beat HIIT training. if you were formerly doing moderate paced cardio sessions for an hour five days a week. For every minute invested. This is due to the fact that when you perform HIIT sprints. meaning you then have more fuel to get through any workouts you choose to do. you can easily see how this would translate into a lot more free time for you.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. session after session. After the workout is over and you proceed to eat carbohydrates (which is why it is essential to be eating carbs after a session like this). Also note that another added benefit of HIIT is © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 52 All Rights Reserved . the last big benefit of HIIT is that it will cause your body to increase its ability to store muscle glycogen. then your body is going to suck those carbohydrates up and store them in the tissues of the body. As it does this.

how exactly you should go about doing HIIT training. This will help get the blood flowing to the muscle tissues and prepare them for the © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 53 All Rights Reserved .16WeeksToSixPackAbs. When doing HIIT workouts. you should always be starting with a proper warm-up. This translates to a fantastic overall workout where you have really pushed your body to its limits and are seeing how far you can take things. meaning that you’re going to be doing intervals where you work at a very hard pace. How To Do HIIT Which now brings us to what you’re likely wondering at this point. If you are of the fitness level to be doing HIIT. as you can see. there are a number of benefits to including HIIT in your workout program. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. As stated increasing the muscles ability to oxidize fats as fuel during lower intensity exercises. supplemented with intervals where you work at a much less difficult pace. So. it would be silly not to do these workouts at least once a week as part of an overall fat loss program. which can also greatly help out with the fat burning process.www.

Some people would rather do shorter intervals of around 20-30 seconds.www.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. how long you choose to do the intervals will vary from individual and your own personal preferences. then you progress to your intervals. you’re working at 85 or 90% maximum when using the longer one minute intervals. for the very high intensity intervals (20-30 seconds). Note that if you opt for the longer intervals. When it comes to rest. long enough to warm up the body properly. while you might be working at 100% maximum for twenty seconds. but not so long that you overly fatigue the working muscles. Now. while others like doing minute long intervals. you’re going to likely be using a slightly lower total intensity level since you will not be able to maintain the level of intensity for a whole minute that you otherwise would if you were just doing the 20 second intervals. you’ll want to be utilizing rest © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 54 All Rights Reserved . After the warm-up has been completed. So. This warm-up should last for about 5-10 higher intensity work that’s to come.

you would sprint for thirty seconds and then rest for a minute and a half to two minutes. This should last between 20-30 minutes total. then rest for forty seconds to a minute. So. then you might be able to get away with a 1:1 periods that are double or possibly even triple the time in length. this again will obviously depend on the length of intervals you are doing. If you are doing thirty second sprints. so you’d sprint for the minute and then perform active rest for another minute. This will vary again from individual to individual and how hard they choose to push themselves during the interval period. Generally though. The harder you push. coupled with a five minute warm up and cool down. anywhere from five to fifteen intervals total is what you’re looking for.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. for instance you would sprint for twenty seconds. If you are doing the longer interval sprints (say one minute in length). © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 55 All Rights Reserved .www. the longer your rest period is going to have to be in comparison. Finally. when considering the total number of intervals you perform. depending on the length and number of intervals you’re doing.

so if you don’t watch out. it’s time to assess how you can go about adding this HIIT to the rest of your training program. Since you have to make sure you’re overall program plan is well balanced and you are not risking overtraining. Considering Twice a Day Workouts The first way you can incorporate your HIIT into your workout program is with twice a day workouts. now that we’ve looked at why HIIT is so much more beneficial than many of the other forms of cardio training that you’ve previously been doing.www. you could wind up with injuries and stalled progress very quickly. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 56 All Rights Reserved . since it will still allow you to keep your three full days off to rest (or perform very light cardio activities only – meant for simple relaxation purposes only). HIIT training is a much more intense form of cardio than moderate paced. This is a good solution for those who are on four day upper/lower Moving on now.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Incorporating HIIT With The Rest of Your Training Regime So. it is vital that you don’t skip this step. let’s look at how you can incorporate your HIIT with the rest of your program.

or alternatively.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. you can either place your HIIT sessions on upper body days or lower body In this scenario. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 57 All Rights Reserved . If you were to do the sprint training on upper body days. then you have to factor in whether you will be recovered enough after doing a lower body weight lifting session (as in the case if you do your leg workout on Monday/Thursday). you’re legs will only be worked very hard twice per week.www. If you are going to do them on the same day. whether you will be able to perform your best during your leg workouts if you are doing your upper body sessions first. Most people will opt to go with doing their sprint training on the upper body days. but the choice is entirely up to you. Ideally you would lift during the morning and then go back and do your HIIT during the evening hours. The advantage to placing them on lower body days is that while those days will be particularly brutal. I would strongly recommend trying to spread them out by at least five or six hours and being sure you are getting in really great nutrition between the sessions. simply because doing a leg workout and HIIT on the same day is very demanding.

16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Since both weight lifting and sprinting will be heavily working the CNS. if you happen to be on a full body workout splits performed three times a week. which should be enough to prevent overtraining from setting in. you don’t want to be doing one or the other almost every day or you will wind up seriously burnout and not feeling well. look at your lifting program. so unless you have very good recovery abilities. This will still leave a total of two full days for recovery. If you were say lifting twice a week on a full day workout program (for the really time strapped). Is one or two enough? Or should you be doing more? Again.www. How Much HIIT You Should Be Doing Now. but a full body program is pretty demanding on the Off Day HIIT Sessions Now. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 58 All Rights Reserved . Another option would obviously be doing them on days you do your weight lifting workouts. you might want to do your HIIT on two days of the week that you have off. then you could potentially do up to three sessions of HIIT as well. this typically isn’t the best of options. another question you might be wondering is how many sessions of HIIT you should be doing total.

No more than 6 or 7 intense workout sessions should ever be performed in a single week (keeping with the two lower intensity/off day protocol).www. The less strict the diet. Also note that those who are more strict diets will need to do even less. the less exercise you’re going to be able to handle. the more you can theoretically A good rule of thumb is that you want at least one full day off for complete rest each week and one day where the only exercise you’re doing is lower intensity. however. You ideally want to start with as little HIIT as possible © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 59 All Rights Reserved . There is a limit where all of a sudden exercise is no longer going to compensate for a poor diet regardless of what you’re doing. So.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. This does not mean. that you can significantly start increasing your food intake if you spend hours and hours in the gym. Don’t think you can just double up on your workouts though as some of you may see five days of potential workout days at two workouts a day – that means 10 intense exercise sessions a week. The less food you’re consuming. look at your weight lifting and see where there is room. Wrong. Essentially food intake has an indirect relation to exercise output.

If you start out doing five sessions of HIIT a week. and this will be talked about later on in this guide. This is not to say you shouldn’t expect to work for fat loss – you should. what are you going to do when you are no longer losing weight? Increase that even more? That’s likely not going to be a good idea. The body only has so much recovery ability – period. it’s better to start out with one or two sessions and see how fat loss goes. with regards to nutrition. often it’s a better idea to adjust things on the dietary front rather than adding a lot more exercise anyway. It comes to a point where no amount of food is going to change this regardless of what you do. you can add more in if needed. The way you should always look at it is you want to do as little work as possible to get to your results. but you want to treat your © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 60 All Rights Reserved .com to get weight loss moving. Even when you do hit a plateau. Finally. if you come across a plateau. Then.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.www. Instead. just that you always want to start conservative so you have somewhere to go.

you want to be sure you’re eating carbohydrates both before and after the workout session to supply this energy. just like your weight lifting pre and post workout sprint sessions just like you would a weight lifting session. a protein source will be important so that there is a readily available pool of amino acids for the working muscles to draw upon after the session is completed to start the repair process of as quickly as possible. you will no longer doubt its effectiveness. So. It will take some getting used to since you will be © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 61 All Rights Reserved . that concludes this portion of the book on HIIT training.www. just like all other workouts. In addition to this.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. It really is a much better way to be doing your cardio as far as fat loss is concerned. Finally. you’re also going to want to keep fat intake to a minimum during this period as additional fat intake is not going to help accomplish the goals you are trying to accomplish at this point. After you begin doing it and see some of the results that are derived from HIIT. Since the body is going to be using stored muscle glycogen to perform the workout. pushing your comfort zone.www. you will definitely find that you’re far happier you did and left your hour long cardio sessions of the past in the past. but once you do get used to it. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 62 All Rights Reserved .

com © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 63 All Rights Reserved .16WeeksToSixPackAbs.www.

it’s time to look at the most effective exercise for getting six pack abs – weight CHAPTER 6 THE MOST EFFECTIVE TYPE OF EXERCISE FOR SIX PACK ABS Now that we’ve covered cardio training. Why weight training? Weigh training is the type of exercise that is going to help boost your metabolic rate on a daily basis by increasing © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 64 All Rights Reserved .www.

© 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 65 All Rights Reserved .16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Weight training is also a form of exercise that is going to entirely reshape your the amount of lean muscle tissue you have. more often than not you’ll wind up just looking like a smaller version of your current self. Since most of you want to completely change your body. While cardio may help you lose weight. further increasing the fat loss benefits you’ll see. for you this means reshaping it so that it has a new body composition (more lean muscle mass and less total body fat). your body is going to have to expend a higher number of calories just on the process of repair. Not to mention that after you do a heavy weight lifting session.www.

but much more likely with a solid weight lifting program. but also still allows for enough rest during the week. First. Which one you choose will depend on your current skill level.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.www. there are a number of different set-ups you can use. weight training is what you should most be looking into. what type of equipment you are able to use. followed by lower body movements on the other two. when it comes to your gym sessions. Performing © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 66 All Rights Reserved . how much time you have available to commit. let’s look at the traditional four day split. The primary benefit to this is that it allows you to spend a bit more time on each section of the body. and your own individual recovery rates. Therefore. Designing a Weight Lifting Program For Maximum Six Pack Ab Definition When it comes to designing a weight lifting program that is going to help you achieve maximum ab definition. The four day split workout program is a workout program where you will perform upper body movements on two days out of the This type of process is very unlikely to happen with cardio training.

www. solid effort. put in a good. you’re definitely going to be faltering. so without that in weight training exercises daily would be a very bad plan as you’d soon wind up overtrained and would more than likely experience very high levels of fatigue because of this. Now. Instead. 4 day split. going back to the upper/lower.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. it will be performed in a set-up such as this: Monday – Upper body workout Tuesday – Lower body workout Wednesday – Off or cardio training Thursday – Upper body workout Friday – Lower body workout Saturday and Sunday – Off or cardio What you will want to do is choose 2-3 ‘bigger’ weight © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 67 All Rights Reserved . you want to get into the gym 3-4 days each week. and then allow your body some time to relax and repair itself so that when you go back in the next time. It is this breakdown-repair process that essentially causes you to make progress with your program. you’re stronger.

It is the big movements though that are going to really deliver the lifting movements to start the day’s workout off.www. Here are the exercise classifications (note that varieties of any given exercise can and should be used).16WeeksToSixPackAbs. and then follow that with another 2-3 more isolated exercises that are going to zero in and target one body part in particular. ‘Big’ Upper Body Movements Bench Press Incline Press Shoulder Press Bent Over Row Horizontal Row Pull-Ups Lat Pull-Down Dips © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 68 All Rights Reserved . as they are going to utilize a number of muscles at once. both increasing the calorie burn while you’re doing them. as well as increase the amount of calories you need to expend to recover from them. ‘Big’ Lower Body Movements Squat Deadlift (stiff legged and Romanian) Step Ups Leg Press ‘Isolated’ Upper Body Movements Bicep Curl Incline Curls Tricep Rope Push-Downs Tricep Kickbacks/Extensions Side Lateral Raises Front Lateral Raises ‘Isolated Lower Body Movements’ Calf Raises Leg Extensions Hamstring Curls Most people will choose to do 3-4 sets of the bigger © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 69 All Rights Reserved .

for the isolated exercises. Then.www. they’ll decrease the total number of sets to exercises. SEE SIX PACK ABS FORMULA? JUST INSERT RIGHT IN?? Fitting Cardio In With Your Weight Training Program Now. you have something you can change around to get it going again. First you need to make the decision whether you will do higher intensity cardio.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Hopefully you realized in the cardio section that higher intensity cardio is the way to go. The reason behind this is because then if you notice your fat loss starting to slow. and move the rep range up a bit higher to around 8-12 reps per set total (note that the weight will correspondingly be decreased). or if you will stick with moderate paced cardio. you want to do as little cardio training as you can to start seeing fat loss results. so unless you are either going to use a very strict diet (in which case the intensity © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 70 All Rights Reserved . next comes planning for your cardio training. As touched upon in the cardio section. once you’ve chosen the workout you are going to use. lifting a heavier weight that allows them to fatigue within the 6-8 rep range.

in an entirely separate session altogether. Either reduce back on the number of days you’re doing.www. etc). or in some cases. being sure you allow one full day off each week to rest. If at any point you are starting to find that your strength levels are seriously going down or you are becoming ill quite frequently (a low immune system is one of the signs of overtraining).com from the weight training is going to be enough for you to worry about) or you are not at the conditioning level yet to be able to do higher intensity cardio. and then you’re set to go. the this is a very good signal that it’s time to back off the exercise slightly.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Ideally you will do your high intensity cardio 1-2 times week. after upper body days. reduce back on the total volume of exercise performed. if the situation is severe © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 71 All Rights Reserved . Implement this cardio into the program in one of the manners described in the cardio section (after lower body days. Remember that you should constantly be monitoring how you are doing with the volume of exercise you have in the workout program. this should be the form that you choose. enough. you may need to take a full week off training entirely to allow your body to recovery maximally. but more © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 72 All Rights Reserved .16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Being sure you are tracking this is vital to your success because overtraining will slow down your progress as far as reaching maximum levels of strength is concerned.

it’s going to cause the body to release more cortisol. Too much training is probably one of the biggest issues many people face when trying to get six pack abs as they always get stuck in the mindset that if some is good. more is better. You really must know when you’re crossing that line into importantly. More is not better. shouldn’t you be focused on losing weight? The important thing to keep in mind here is that losing weight and losing fat are two entirely different things.www. If you’re losing weight. After all. Won’t Weight Training Make Me Heavier? One question that some of you might be having right now is whether or not weight training is actually going to cause you to become heavier. Smarter is better. you’re going to find yourself with a slowed metabolism and a much softer appearance. more is just more. If you are losing fat. In some cases. you might actually see the scale go © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 73 All Rights Reserved . especially if you’re just starting with your workout program. if your goal is to get a six pack. you’re doing great.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. which encourages fat accumulation in the stomach area as mention previously.

but usually these options are not available for most people. while gaining muscle mass. What’s going on? What’s happening is you’re losing fat mass. along with a whole other host of factors. you’re on the mark. but could theoretically weigh more. time of the day. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 74 All Rights Reserved up first even though there is a strong possibility that your pant size is actually dropping. previous exercise performed.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. however often the handheld scales you purchase are highly swayed by such factors as hydration status. A much better indicator is total body fat percentages. the best way to judge progress is simply going to be by looking in the mirror. Therefore. Since muscle is over twice as dense as fat. you look smaller. If you look like you’re getting leaner and your pants are fitting smaller. so again you run into problems. One option may be getting a DEXA performed or going for underwater weighing at your local university. This is one big reason why scales are not a good way to judge progress.

The number one reason why people gain weight as they get older is not directly because their body’s metabolism slows down.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. It’s because they lose muscle mass due to inactivity which causes the metabolism to slow Moving away from worrying so much what that scale weight says is critical because you’ll only play a psychological game with yourself that’s likely to hold you back in the long run. it cannot be stressed enough that weight training is going to be the way to maintain your six pack after you achieve it into the future. Weight Training and Six Pack Abs – Looking Into The Future Finally. the key way they can go about preventing © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 75 All Rights Reserved . Therefore.

all it’s really going to take is 30 minutes. Your weight lifting program is going not only help maintain the muscle tone in the abdominal region. so there really isn’t an excuse for losing your fitness level over the long-term. For you. but it’s also going to help keep the muscle definition all over the rest of your body as well. Once you’ve developed the amount of muscle mass you’re looking for and have reached a level of leanness you’re satisfied with. this means more food and less weight gain. Most people notice that as they get older they do start to become ‘softer’. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 76 All Rights Reserved .com this weight gain is simply to continue to stimulate their muscle mass. weight training needs to be your exercise of choice. which is the direct result of not having as much muscle tone any longer.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. provided you are also following a sound diet at the same time.www. Sound like a good deal? You bet it is. which is why if you only have a limited time span to exercise. Most people should be able to find this amount of time during their day. hence they will continue to maintain their higher metabolic rate. 2-3 times a week to maintain your body.

other good news is that if you do fall off the bandwagon for a while. Obtaining certain goals is always hardest the first time around. It’s far more superior than cardio as far as long term results are concerned and will help entirely change your body. so take comfort in knowing this fact. If you are looking for a body make-over.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 77 All Rights Reserved . weight training is your vehicle to get you there. hopefully now you can see that weight training is the real ticket to six pack abs. In addition to this. it’s going to be easier to get back to your previous level of fitness if you jump back on and get going.

or something of the like that have talked about them. The Cause Behind Six Pack Abs Before even getting into what type of ab exercises you should be doing. Abdominal exercise. The reason for this being that no matter how many © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 78 All Rights Reserved . are not going to really do much in terms of getting you a six pack.www. do ab exercises really get you closer to your goal of six pack abs? That’s what we need to discuss. None. while still very beneficial (we’ll get to that in a second). TV shows. That role can pretty much be described in one simple word.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. the first thing that needs to get cleared up is the role that actual ab exercises play with you getting a six CHAPTER 7 WHAT ABOUT AB EXERCISES – WILL THEY WORK? Now we’ve come to the point where actual ab exercises need to be discussed. At some point or another you’ve more than likely been shown certain ab exercises that are aimed to help you get a six pack or have seen various infomercials. magazine articles. But.

www. Why Ab Training Is Important Now. this does not mean doing abdominal © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 79 All Rights Reserved . He’s lean and his abs are showing. no matter how many sit-ups you perform per session. and no matter how many creative ab movements you can think up. unless your body fat level is low enough. Once this balance is tilted in the opposite direction and enough time is given. Did he have a set of six pack abs? Chances are good he did. To illustrate this point.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Think he spends hours each day doing ab exercises? Definitely not. it’s just some of us put them into hiding through years of overeating and undermoving. the abs will begin to show once hours of your life you spend crunching away on the ab mats. you are not going to be able to see your abs. The reason he has a set of six pack abs is because he hasn’t accumulated all the layers of body fat covering them yet. while specific abdominal exercises aren’t really going to do a whole lot in terms of getting your six pack abs to show through. We are all born with six pack abs. think back to a time you saw a five or six year old boy running around the playground.

When the core muscles are strong. they will be able to effectively offset some of the forces that are placed upon them from various directions. many of which often involve a lot of twisting and turning of the exercises on a regular basis is not important. Since chronic back problems often start from issues such as these. Every day you are faced with a variety of movements. thus the tendons and ligaments surrounding the vertebra will not feel such a direct force. Decreased Injury Risk One of the biggest reasons why you should be including ab work in your regular workout program is due to the decreased risk of injuries you will experience when you do. making it important that your core is nicely developed and can prevent the spinal column from suffering from an injury when this twisting happens. doing what you can to help the body handle it © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 80 All Rights Reserved .16WeeksToSixPackAbs. All it takes is one wrong move and you could wind up in a great deal of pain. There are a number of reasons why they should be incorporated into any six pack abdominal program which we will now take a look at.

com is a very smart move. bench press. lunges. If the core is weak. The abdominal muscles are going to work as helper muscles for almost every movement you do.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. you are not going to be able to lift as much weight as the muscles under tension (the chest on the bench press for example) are going to have to © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 81 All Rights Reserved . the abs are likely working to at least some degree. bicep curls. Greater Performance on Your Other Lifts A second reason why you should be including abdominal exercises in your workout program on a regular basis is because they will help increase the performance you show on the rest of your lifts.www. shoulder presses – you name it. from squats.

another aspect that having strong abs helps out with is maintaining control over the stomach itself.www. so you aren’t going to get the same type of results on your weight training program as you would if you had a stronger core. Better Control Over Your Stomach When Not Exercising Now. This will take away from the force they are able to output for the actual lift itself. what does it look like? Chances are it’s rather lose. If you were to look down at your stomach right compensate for this weakened core and help increase balancing abilities as well.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. probably soft to the touch (unless you are already very lean). and the lower abs may be © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 82 All Rights Reserved .

and second. because sucking in your stomach and tensing those ab muscles also dramatically improves your posture. Back problems can also come from too much time spent using incorrect posture. this is what will also help them appear leaner (since they are not going to be as loose and soft as they are right now). you’re in a very relaxed position right protruding outwards slightly. First.www. Ideally you want the stomach muscles to always be maintaining some type of muscle tone for a couple of reasons. so here again. the better you will be at maintaining this position until it becomes so natural you do it almost automatically. Since when you straighten up and use correct posture your whole entire abdominal region tends to look better. The more often you work on squeezing and tensing the stomach muscles. not to mention you project much more confidence to others. utilizing the right spinal pattern is critical. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 83 All Rights Reserved . If I’m right. this is a very important benefit.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.

So. depending on what the particular movement pattern you’re trying to get into calls for (different sports will vary on this factor). In addition to all of the factors listed above. having a strong core is almost always going to help with performance levels.www. as you can clearly see. doing ab exercises is definitely worth your while. either competitively or just Increased Sports Performance Finally. you safeguard yourself for this as well as increase your ability to move and twist comfortably. If you’re someone who is participating in any type of organized sport activity.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. another thing that ab exercises can potentially do as well is help to reshape the ab muscles. slightly altering © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 84 All Rights Reserved . If it happens to be a contact sport (such as hockey or football) then the risk for injuries increases tenfold. the last reason why you should be including abdominal training as part of your overall workout program is because of spots performance. Sports in particular are going to subject you to those tension forces we were mentioning earlier. so you will definitely be someone who is at an increased risk of injury if you are playing frequently. By doing core training.

doing weighted abdominal crunches can help make the muscles larger. so many women will shy away from weighted exercises entirely. hiding definition. Obviously building larger ab muscles does change the way your waist looks though. there is a point where body fat levels will still be too much and overtake them. Now there are limits to this – obviously no matter how big your abs get. which could potentially mean you don’t have to get down to quite as low of body fat levels in order to see definition. For example.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.www. but if you’re right around the 12-13%. this can be a factor that can help. there are far better ways to utilize your time. this brings us to a close on the topic of why you should be doing abdominal exercises with your weight training program. So. Spending about 10-15 minutes on ab training 2-3 times a week should be sufficient enough to get the ball rolling and get the benefits talked about above. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 85 All Rights Reserved . if you don’t mind having a slightly wider their appearance. You definitely don’t want to be spending hours on ab exercises as it’s true.

Many people are not doing their abdominal exercises correctly though hence problems do start to present themselves. So with that. it’s not so much a matter of quantity when it comes to ab training. If you’re doing the exercises properly.www. we’ll move on and discuss what you should and shouldn’t be As you’re about to learn.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. you aren’t going to need to do numerous sets and reps because they will be stimulating the muscles enough in the right manner. it’s a matter of quality. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 86 All Rights Reserved .

com © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 87 All Rights Reserved .16WeeksToSixPackAbs.www.

the options are almost limitless. keeping some factors in mind will help ensure that you are making the right choices and maximizing what you get from your abdominal workouts. There are so many different pieces of equipment out there today that are all meant to help work the abs. When it comes to choosing between all the different variations available. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 88 All Rights Reserved .www. making it very easy to add variety and intensity to any abdominal CHAPTER 8 AB EXERCISES THAT WILL BRING YOU CLOSER TO YOUR GOAL When it comes to finding abdominal exercises to round out your workout program.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.

try performing them on something © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 89 All Rights Reserved .com Here are the main principles you want to follow.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Decrease Your Base of Support First up. increasing the difficulty of the movement.www. if you’re performing V-Sits. Likewise. This decreases the total surface area that is supporting your body. try doing this movement while lifting one leg off of the floor. one of the most effective ways to make whatever ab exercise you happen to be doing harder is to decrease your base of support. For example. if you’re performing a traditional plank exercise with both feet firmly planted on the floor. rather than performing them on the floor which will give you a very good base of support.

try holding a V-sit off of a box or aerobics step. For example. The same thing applies to the abs. Obviously the curl where you move through the entire range of motion will be more beneficial.www. Since you don’t have as much ‘ground’ to work with (material under your body) the abs will be called into play to a greater extent. take the bicep curl. This concept also applies to your regular weight lifting exercises as well. thus aren’t really all that © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 90 All Rights Reserved .16WeeksToSixPackAbs. By using a larger range of motion. Increase Your Range of Motion Moving on. another thing you want to look for when trying to choose your abdominal workouts is that they are encompassing as large of a range of motion as possible. Many ab exercises (crunches for example) are actually utilizing a small range of that will reduce your overall stability. What do you think you’re going to benefit from more: doing a curl and only going halfway down the body. or doing the full curl and extending the wrist all the way down to the thigh and back up again. you will call a higher number of muscle fibers into play as you execute the movement. For example.

If you can.www. place your back over a ball and extending down further and then crunch back up. This will increase the range of movement and thus work the abs harder. if you’re say doing leg raises while laying on your back. be sure you are going all the way up and down with your movement. On every abdominal exercise you do. rather than shorting yourself and only going from 90 to 45 degrees. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 91 All Rights Reserved effective. To increase the effectiveness of these movements. then this is a good indication you could be getting more out of the workout. Likewise. ask yourself if you can go any further.

back extensions. it will thus call the abdominals into play.www. but you can also doing movements such as leg raises. The exercise ball is really a great piece of equipment to have around to include throughout your entire workout program so it’s definitely something to strongly consider investing in. on the exercise ball instead. or doing movements you would normally do on the floor. Due to the fact that this will throw you off balance. the next way to increase the effectiveness of your abdominal exercises is to add some instability to the workout. making them work harder to © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 92 All Rights Reserved . ‘clocks’. Other ways to decrease the stability as you go about your workout is by doing movements on a bosu ball. This is done by again decreasing your base of support. The exercise options with a ball are really limitless if you get creative so it will really help you continually stimulate the abdominal muscles.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. prone ball roll-outs. and the plank on the ball to name just a few. You can perform not only crunches on an exercise Add Instability Moving on. furthering the gains you see because of it.

proving just how simple it can be to get a great abdominal workout in if you know some basic concepts to use while putting together your workout program. Squats are the typical exercise done on these. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 93 All Rights Reserved . but you can also simply stand and try and hold one leg up off the floor.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. you will almost guarantee you’re working from a few different angles and that the abs don’t ever get too comfortable with your routine. An exercise as simple as that can actually be highly effective at activating the abdominal muscles. consider doing cable crossovers where you actually pull the cable across the body using the abdominal muscles. By doing so.www. if you’re always doing crunches on the floor. For maintain your body position. another way you can increase the intensity of your abdominal workouts and see faster results is by being sure you are working the abs from a variety of different angles on a regular basis. Ideally you should be changing out at least one exercise from your workout on a regular basis and swapping it for something else. Use Different Angles Moving on.

there are many other effective © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 94 All Rights Reserved . Use A Variety of Equipment Along with changing the angle at which you’re hitting your abs. you know you’re on the right track. consider doing side crunches or doing some type of bicycle movement. and other products that basically state you have to do little or no work but will see big results’. Your body will tell you what’s working and what isn’t.www. you can transform them into a great ab workout. if you’re usually always doing straight abdominal crunches on a mat. While it’s still going to be a fairly similar manner. increasing their total stimulation. While you have to watch out for ‘ab gimmicks’ such as those ab stimulation devices. but by altering your angles and positioning slightly. don’t be afraid to experiment every so Most people will do these while working their chest. you should also be altering the types of equipment you’re using as well. So. In a similar manner. The main point to get across here is that small tweaks to your usual ab exercises can make a big difference.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. it is going to hit the muscles slightly differently. so as long as you can focus on continually getting those abs contracting.

they sure as heck © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 95 All Rights Reserved .16WeeksToSixPackAbs. medicine balls (which are used to create dynamic abdominal workouts). bosu balls. increasing your range of motion. helping reducing instability. or decreasing your base of support. making them a convenient solution for those who are trying to get in shape without going to a gym or expending a lot of money. Think about the last time you saw someone doing hanging leg raises.www. All of these pieces of equipment will hit one or more of the above points – targeting the abs from different abdominal devices out there that do work. Perform the Movement Slower Finally. the last requirement to know for creating an effective abdominal workout that takes your six pack to the next level and helps improve the overall conditioning level of your core is doing the movements more slowly. Most of them are also very cheap to purchase and can easily be used at home. and resistance tubing bands. Were they whipping their legs up and down as fast as humanly possible? If so. Such examples of these devices include abdominal exercise balls. ab rollers (that you place both hands on while you roll out).

it is incredibly easy to cheat on them if you get enough momentum going and in some instances. they shouldn’t be called into play so much that they are extremely sore the next day. On some exercise it is normal for them to be worked slightly (lying leg raises for instance). You can get a good indication if you’re cheating on your ab workout if you wake up the next morning and your hip flexors are sore (the tiny muscles that are right between your upper thigh and hip bone). something is wrong there.www. when it comes to the vast majority of the abdominal exercises out there. thus if they are sore. but they are the muscles that are most often stimulated when someone is cheating on an ab exercise.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. weren’t working their abs effectively. The hip flexor test is a good way to gauge how well you are performing your ab exercises. you won’t even be working the ab muscles at all. but even still. you know what you’re doing. or not doing (that ab exercise properly). These muscles are typically not worked all that much in everyday life. If they are. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 96 All Rights Reserved .

Whatever you do. Always focus on your breathing when doing your ab exercises as well.www. as this will naturally help you to slow down as you progress throughout them. Should I include an actual list of ab exercises in this section now? Pictures going here? At the end? …. do not let yourself just ‘fall’ back down on the lower portion. as that’s when you’re really going to feel the contraction.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. That downward phase is just as important as the upward phase. Six pack ab blue print is supposed to be the next chapter… but if this is included under resistance training section? © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 97 All Rights Reserved . In most Doing whatever ab exercise you are currently working on a bit slower is one way to ensure that you’re using the abs to help you move through the movement. it’s actually a good idea to do the lowering portion of the ab exercise slightly slower than the initial lifting portion. so don’t lose sight over this. and also to feel the contraction more itself as well. as that shorts yourself out of half the exercise – and half the benefits.

Using one or two of these exercises along with another 1-2 of your own personal choice in any given workout is a great place to start.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. we’re still going to discuss right now some of the top ab exercises that you should be doing on a regular basis that will really deliver results. the following exercise are going to be the ones that offer maximum stimulation and are good to use as mainstays in any ab workout program. Also do remember that you can add weight to many ab © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 98 All Rights Reserved . As you progress along your six pack ab training. you’ll also likely find that many of the following exercises can be expanded on to make them slightly more difficult and up the intensity in which the abdominals are worked.www. while you should have a pretty clear indication on how to set up your workouts at this point. While these are not the only exercises you should be doing – as mentioned CHAPTER 9 THE TOP SIX PACK EXERCISES YOU MUST BE DOING REGULARLY Now. incorporating in a variety is essential.

let’s get down to the top ab exercises you should be doing. then doing weighted ab work may not be something you will want to touch.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. That is perfectly fine however as there are plenty of other exercises that you can do instead to further work the ab exercises and this can be a good thing.www. if you’re looking for an exercise that is going to stimulate the abdominals as much as possible. which will really get those deep abdominal tissues working maximally as they try and stabilize the body. PAGE | 99 © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca All Rights Reserved . The Plank The first exercise which should be included as part of your abdominal training program is referred to as the plank. You can also increase the effectiveness of the plank exercise in a number of ways. First. So. but it’s going to depend on your overall goals. while also working the spinal column muscles as well as the upper body. If you’re a woman who is primarily concerned about aesthetics. you could place either your feet or your hands up on a stability ball. Basically. this exercise is it.

be sure you are not overlooking it. one leg and the opposite arm off the floor while you maintain the proper position.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Then. but will call the abdominal muscles into play to a larger extent). causing the abdominals to really come into play. Finally. This will throw the whole body of course. with all the different variations on this exercise (you can also do side planks as well to work the oblique muscles a bit more). This goes back to the abdominal principle of decreasing your base of support. pick up that dumbbell with one hand and perform a few rows (note it will be a short range of motion. once you’re in the position comfortably. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 100 All Rights Reserved .com Another way to up the challenge of this exercise is by lifting one leg or even better. Ideally you would work your way up to holding the position for one full minute before adding the more advanced options. To further push that position.www. One hand and one foot are always going to be better than two feet and two hands. So. try moving the leg out to the side slightly. a third way to increase the difficulty while also getting a bit of a back workout as well is to position a 2-5 pound dumbbell in front of one hand.

while having the feet up on a regular sized exercise © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 101 All Rights Reserved .com Prone Ball Roll-Outs Another great exercise to really stimulate the abdominal muscles deep within the core are prone ball rollouts. rather than both legs. basically your best bet is to just try and perform it using one leg to pull the ball inwards.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. To increase the difficulty of this exercise. This exercise does have a tendency to work the hip flexors to a slight extent however. so you’ll really want to watch when performing it that you are fully focused on contracting those abdominal muscles.www. Also note that if you get extremely advanced at this movement. This will reduce the surface area of the body with which you have to stabilize yourself with. you may be able to place your hands up on two smaller exercise balls (5-10 pound weighted balls work good for this). This exercise is different from other traditional abdominal exercises you might have done because of the fact that you will be stomach down when performing it. That is what will really help ensure that you’re stimulating them maximally and aren’t ‘cheating’ yourself out of results. working along the same principle as the one arm plank position.

When done right. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 102 All Rights Reserved .16WeeksToSixPackAbs.www. Compare this to your standard crunch where you are just moving in the upwards direction and you can clearly see why it would be more beneficial. this movement is great because it will help stimulate the muscle fibers over a larger range of motion (the up portion. and then twisting to both sides). This will also work many of the muscles in the upper body in addition to the core as they work to keep you ball. The Bicycle Another exercise that most people are already familiar with and may even be doing is the bicycle.

Some people will choose to hold a weighted plate while doing this movement. as the additional weight is just going to increase the chances of you relying on those hip flexors. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 103 All Rights Reserved . but I would really warn you against doing so. you’ll be working the hip flexors more than anything else. This exercise in particular is also one that you want to focus on doing a bit more slowly. so it’s really important you’re using proper form. If you aren’ Many people do have the tendency to cheat on this movement however.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.www. as that’s another factor that impacts how well it works the muscle tissues you’re trying to target. You must be absolutely sure you are performing the exercise using proper form first.

com For some people. Because of the dynamic nature of these movements. it can definitely help so give that a try next time you’re doing them. another exercise that will definitely help to work the oblique muscles and really help to promote a strong core are medicine ball twists. For this exercise. they also find that it helps to think of placing their tongue on the roof of their mouth while doing the movement to help ensure they aren’t using their back and arms to lift throughout the movement. As strange as that may sound. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 104 All Rights Reserved . Medicine Ball Twists Along with the bicycle.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. essentially you are to do it with a partner.www. twisting from side to side while passing off a medicine ball.

To increase the intensity of this exercise. you enhance the results you are going to obtain. Do note though that you will need to build up to being able to do this since it is much more intense and isn’t something that you’re likely to be able to start off with you will work the core in a much different way than if you had been doing abdominal crunches for example. Yet another way you can also increase the demands this exercise places upon you is by sitting or kneeling on an exercise ball.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.www. just that if you add other varieties of movements. Also be sure when you’re doing this exercise that you switch and do it to the other side as well so you get a good balanced workout. increasing the results you’ll see. enhancing the workout entirely. you can just increase the weight used with the medicine ball. you will definitely stimulate the ab tissues deep within your core. If you were constantly only twisting to © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 105 All Rights Reserved . thus increasing the resistance level that’s experienced. That’s not to say abdominal crunches are not worthwhile – they still are. thereby decreasing your total base of support. In doing so.

It will still work your abs to some extent (more so than traditional push-ups). consider placing the feet rather than the hands on the ball. but right away you will notice there is a big difference in the difficulty level. if you are looking to decrease the intensity of the exercise slightly. You can place your hands in a triangular position to mimic tricep push-ups or. those muscles are going to become stronger and this could lead to spinal issues down the road.www. You can do many different variations on the push-up movement as well – it doesn’t just have to be standard pushups. Push-Ups On An Exercise Ball Another good exercise to include in your abdominal workout program is push-ups on an exercise ball.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Sit-Up With A Twist Another similar exercise to the bicycle that will © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 106 All Rights Reserved . Before doing this exercise you will need to make sure you can successfully complete regular push-ups however. This movement is going to really target the arms as well as deep within the core tissue. as the abs are needed to maintain stability of the body. so be sure you work on that one side of the body.

What you really want to focus on when doing this exercises is being sure you are moving slowly throughout the movement. For this exercise. In addition to this.www. moving it to the other side before you lower again to complete that rep. Some individuals will also choose to hold a weighted plate while doing this movement. as the greater the range of motion you utilize. thus potentially decreasing the amount you’re truly working the enhance the stimulation on the abdominal muscles are situps with a twist. the better this workout becomes. which will call the muscles into play to a greater extent. just be aware that doing so will increase your reliance on the hip flexor muscles.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 107 All Rights Reserved . another technique that you can use is to place an object on one side of you so that you must twist and pick it up. be sure you are trying to twist as far as possible to the side after you perform the sit up. If you want to force yourself to increase the range of motion on this exercise. the big difference is the legs are placed on the floor and do not move throughout the exercise as they would if you were doing bicycle crunches.

Unless you are really good at focusing in on just contracting the abs for the movement. Save the weights for another exercise and instead. some people will strap weights to their ankles (or alternatively use one of those ankle weight wraps). it can be all too tempting to push the body off using the wall. Hanging Leg Raises PROOFED UP TO HERE! Hanging leg raises are another exercise that when done properly will work the entire six pack area. however this may not be the best Whatever technique you use to perform this exercise though. just focus on using proper form for this one. When you have that wall behind you. just be sure that you’re trying to maintain the tension on your abs throughout the entire time rather than using momentum to get you up and perform the twisting action. this will more than likely cause you to just work the legs and hip flexors. using that action to force the legs up and perform the leg raise. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 108 All Rights Reserved . Your best bet when doing this movement is to try and hang somewhere where you won’t be resting against a wall. taking much of the tension completely off the abdominals.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.www. With this movement.

Most people do choose to hold a weighted plate over their chest while performing this exercise.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Note though that actually getting bigger muscles will depend on diet as well. Doing one © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 109 All Rights Reserved . this brings us to a close of the top abdominal exercises you should include on a regular basis. the last abdominal exercise that’s worthwhile for you to be performing on a regular basis is a decline abdominal Decline Abdominal Crunch Finally.www. So. For those who are primarily concerned with keeping their waist very slender however may choose to not use a weight for the simple fact that doing so could potentially increase the size of the actual muscle tissues slightly. This movement forces you to increase your range of motion over and above what you would use if you were doing a regular crunch. so you’re far less likely to see increases in the size of the muscle tissues if you’re eating a lower calorie diet. which is definitely fine. therefore you’ll see greater benefits from it. increasing the intensity. This will increase the resistance with which you are going to work against.

Always do remember though that the actual ab exercises you are doing are only a very small part of the big puzzle. results are going to elude or two of these each workout will guarantee you set out on the right foot. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 110 All Rights Reserved . if you are not following a sound diet and are not using a good overall weight lifting program. giving it your best shot at getting a six pack as far as the specific abdominal training you are doing is concerned. Even if you are doing the best abdominal exercises possible. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 111 All Rights Reserved .

if you are not following the program plan you have in place.www. as you probably can guess from the information we’ve gone over already in this guide. you aren’t going to be getting closer to seeing a six pack. one of the most critical aspects of any six pack ab training program is going to be CHAPTER 10 HOW TO DESIGN YOUR OWN GYM THAT WILL GET YOU RESULTS Now. If you are not going to the gym. if you are not doing your workouts. Adherence needs to the be the top priority for you because even someone who is on a mediocre training program who actually goes to the gym will see better results © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 112 All Rights Reserved .

www. you will be sorry. If this describes you. it’s getting to the gym and back that poses the biggest struggle. If you fall to believe many of those ‘ab traps’ out there that state you can get abs in only a few minutes a day (many of those electronic devices are making this claim). a home gym © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 113 All Rights Reserved . Some people need that gym atmosphere to motivate them. You need to work to get results. It’s that than someone who has a perfect workout program designed. for some of you. one way to actually boost your adherence is to build your own home gym so it’s conveniently located only steps away. getting back on the topic of adherence. while for others. yet never does it.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. So.

however. First. Home Cardio Options Getting in some cardio is going to be important. you’ll definitely be avoiding those options. Someone who is building a gym in their spare bedroom is going to have a lot less space capability compared with someone who has an entire basement to utilize. if you’re looking to only spend a few hundred dollars. let’s look at home cardio equipment. When it comes to designing that home gym. not only for helping you get closer to seeing six pack abs. Price is the second biggest factor that’s going to impact what you’re able to do with a home gym. Maintaining a healthy heart is going to be vital in the long run for good health. so this is © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 114 All Rights Reserved . there are many ways you can go about doing this and a lot will depend upon your budget and space availability. but also for general health sake. Since many of the larger pieces of fitness equipment are going to run you $500 upwards. might just be the perfect option to keep you right on track.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.www. this is one thing to keep in mind.

I’d place running/walking and using the elliptical slightly higher than biking in terms of overall results that can be something you must not overlook. Far too many people wind up purchasing cardio machines only for them to become expensive clothes hangers. well then the choice is obvious what you should get. treadmills. and bikes are generally good options. Period. elliptical trainers.www. Adherence always takes top priority. For the individuals out there on a higher priced budget.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. If you’re going to purchase a more top of the line © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 115 All Rights Reserved . but again if you absolutely hate running or using an elliptical but love biking. which is something you need to avoid.

but paying for the service technician doesn’t exactly come cheap either. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 116 All Rights Reserved . Skipping is also comparable in terms of calorie burn with running. you may not need to consider the warranty quite as much. there are still options. walk around the house for the rest period). Skipping for one is a terrific way to blast fat and can very easily be used for HIIT interval training (skip for the interval. then you likely should also look into getting a warranty to protect your investment.www. Having that back up warranty will be in your best interests and give you a peace of mind.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. less damage will be done while walking compared with running. don’t despair. making it very effective for fat loss. so it’s not quite as vital. If you’re just planning on walking on the treadmill and are the only one using it. Treadmills especially. Not only can parts get fairly model of treadmill or elliptical trainer (or spend any more than $1000 for that matter). if you plan to do a decent amount of running on them will suffer from wear and tear over time. If you aren’t looking to spend as much on cardio equipment. and this will have to be dealt with.

16WeeksToSixPackAbs. another option is running up and down your staircase (or if you live in an apartment. so that’s what you need to assess beforehand. Finally. Again this is totally workable with HIIT sprints. and can be used for more moderate paced cardio – you simply walk up the stairs rather than run. This will largely depend upon what kind of cardiovascular shape you are already in. stair running is going to provide a really terrific glute workout on top of cardiovascular benefits. up and down the staircase outside of your door). Not into stairs or skipping? Finding a box that you can step up and down on is yet another way to get that heart rate up and get in a workout. but for many people it’s an option that is always there. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 117 All Rights Reserved . there is always running and walking outside for those who would purchase a Moving on. Some people will do fine using aerobic steps for this while others will need to crank it up a notch and use a much higher step or bench to get better benefits. Either way you look at it though.www. yet cannot afford it. Some individuals may be limited with this by climate or the particular neighborhood they live in. making it a cardio option that will deliver.

you definitely do not need to purchase a whole home gym if you don’t want to. While you can. it’s one that you must not overlook. let’s now talk about strength equipment. Luckily. and can often be much higher priced than cardio equipment. in fact.www.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Strength Training Options Since strength training is probably the most important part of your workout program. Again the same principles apply to your strength equipment as did to your cardio equipment. so even if it’s just you getting out and going for a walk for ten to fifteen minutes when you can. some exercise is always going to be better than none. likely even more so. The first piece of equipment that I would recommend that everyone does try and purchase. if at all possible. Strength equipment – or at least the larger home gyms. are going to take up a good amount of space. There are those dumbbell sets out there that allow you to easily adjust them © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 118 All Rights Reserved .com Remember. there’s nothing wrong with doing so if you have the funds available and the budget. it will still add up and help in the end. Moving on. is a set of dumbbells that range in weights. it just will not be a necessity.

Now. 5 pound plates. then if you’re still looking to purchase some of the heavier forms of weight lifting equipment. That will then enable you to perform pretty much all the major lifts and create a very effective home workout. One thing that does deserve mention is that I would advise against purchasing a smith machine. and then 7.www. then the next best options will be a bench press and a squat rack. Usually with these dumbbell sets you will get to suite your own needs. 25 pounds. After that. to step that up a notch.5 pound plates. Having a higher weight range such as this will be important as you progress. if you still have funds available. then I would look into a barbell along with some heavier weighted plates (10 pounds. rather than having to buy a whole new set of dumbbells). this is © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 119 All Rights Reserved . and so on. Basically. and also for most males as they are naturally stronger and 15 pound weights are just not going to be nearly challenging enough. rows. This would then enable you to do such exercise as deadlifts.5 pound plates. etc). barbell shoulder presses. This makes it easy to upgrade when needed (since then you only need to purchase a few more plates.

These machines may seem nice since they provide an easy way to workout without a one machine you don’t really want to use because it will force the body into an unnatural movement pattern – one in which it’s quite likely you could become injured using. The dumbbell recommendation stated earlier is relatively cost effective. After that. then rubber tubing bands are a good option for those looking to create a dynamic workout and are not quite as concerned with maximum strength development. For those of you who are not looking to spend quite that much money. but many of the newer models of squat racks will also have safety hooks you can use if you are feeling like you may not be able to complete the lift. so that should be one thing to strongly consider (before the remainder of the equipment recommended). then you move into other options that can help you still get in a great workout without having to spend as much on equipment. Rubber tubing is easy to transport around and will take up minimal space. so it’s a great option for those that don’t have a lot of room or those who are traveling quite © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 120 All Rights Reserved .

medicine balls (weighted). You want to be including stretching frequently since this is what will help reduce your risk of injuries. After tubing. reverse flyes. as well as help reduce the soreness that you experience right after a workout is completed.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. tricep kickbacks. increase the range of motion you’re able to effectively work over throughout the rest of the exercises you perform. pectoral flyes. it shouldn’t need to be mentioned but just in © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 121 All Rights Reserved . but in some cases you can perform some exercises that will work additional body parts as well. You can simply toss the tubing into your suitcase and you’re pretty much ready to go as far as workout gear is concerned. and bosu frequently. deadlifts. and shoulder presses can all be performed using simple tubing. ab rollers.www. squats. Finally. Exercises such a bicep curls. then you have the various pieces of exercise equipment such as exercise balls. These are most often used to work the core muscles. Having a good mat to stretch on after your workout is over is also a good thing to have – many people leave out the stretching component of their workout program which is a big mistake.

Most important is that you are comfortable using the home gym so that you find yourself doing your workouts regularly. Having that additional support system under your feet is important. If you do suffer from knee or back pain. Many people who are working out in their basements will basically be on direct cement. If you are unsure how to perform any of the exercises you need to be doing using dumbbells.www. but rather. Often it’s not an injury that’s just going to ‘hit’.com case. which can get very hard on the joints over time. you may also want to additionally look into purchasing some type of mat to put down around the entire area you plan to workout. day after day of all the pounding that goes on will add up over time until it’s strong enough that your joints finally start to experience pain as a result.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. make © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 122 All Rights Reserved . that ends our discussion on designing a home gym that will help you meet your goals. So. or with any of the other equipment you choose to buy. just to further help prevent any pain from arising. most importantly you will want to invest in a good pair of cushioned running shoes. weight machines. Taking preventative measures then will help ensure the pain doesn’t start in the first place.

© 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 123 All Rights Reserved .16WeeksToSixPackAbs. you will regret it – guaranteed. If you don’t. so be sure you’re taking the time to learn how to do things properly right from the start. This can be done at a regular gym and then you simply will transport your workout to your own house after learning the basic sure you book a session with a personal trainer who will show you how first. Not using correct form when doing an exercise is one of the top reasons why people get injured.www.

Most of you reading this book probably place getting a six pack fairly close to the top reason since this is after all. why you’re here. it’s time to discuss how you can go about motivating yourself to stay consistent with your gym CHAPTER 11 HOW TO MOTIVATE YOURSELF TO STAY CONSISTENT WITH YOUR WORKOUT PROGRAM Now that we’ve discussed how you can go about setting up your home gym.www. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 124 All Rights Reserved . Different people will have different reasons for wanting to work out.

What every one of you should be doing is getting out a piece of paper and writing down what your top goals are. enhancing your metabolic rate. are typically the individuals who become lifelong exercise enthusiasts. This only makes sense though because we as humans are typically not likely to want to do something we hate. you may also have improving overall health.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Studies have demonstrated that those individuals who do have more health related goals are more likely to stick with their workout program over the long run due to the fact that they aren’t going to just lose interest once they have obtained a certain weight loss or built a certain amount of In addition to this. Whatever your reason. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 125 All Rights Reserved . decreasing risk of injuries as you get older. individuals who actually train themselves to enjoy the process of exercise – who thoroughly feel very good when their body is moving. increasing your energy levels. Keep in mind that ideally you will want to have some aesthetic goals as well as some more long-term health benefit related goals. boosting the amount of physical strength you possess. and the list goes on as goals you are looking to achieve.www. Furthermore. first and foremost it’s important to identify it.

Here is what the SMART principle is all about. What you need to do is use the SMART goal setting principle here. going back to your goals. Don’t tell me you want to lose weight.www. making sure that whatever mode of exercise you choose is something you enjoy is important. Tell me how much weight you want to lose. you must be sure you’re goal is So. This will dramatically increase the chances that you do make it to your goal and know exactly when you do. Now.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Do you want to lose 5 pounds? 10 pounds? 40 pounds? Be as specific as possible. “S” – specific First. Better yet would be to state how many pounds of body fat you want to lose. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 126 All Rights Reserved .

the goal of having more energy isn’t something you can really measure. “M”.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. state exactly how. Having the combination of both will be helpful.www. In this case though you can still get a general sense of whether improvements are being made. If you do have these goals. try and set a few as well that you can measure directly. how do you know when you’ve obtained it? In some cases the goal isn’t going to be directly measurable. Likewise. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 127 All Rights Reserved . You want to be able to measure your goal so you know where you stand towards its progress. if you’re looking to get because losing weight and losing body fat can be incredibly different things.measurable Next up is measurable. If you can’t measure your goal. For instance. Do you want to add 20 pounds to your bench press? Do you want to be able to squat twice your weight? Do you want to increase all lifts you have right now by 30%? Don’t generalize.

would you make the goal of running a marathon? This just wouldn’t be a good idea because in order to train for such an event you need a lot of free time (at least a couple of solid consecutive hours on weekends for your long run). have two kids. Goals need to be at least somewhat attainable. Nothing will be more discouraging than if you set a goal where you have an extremely low chance of ever actually attaining it. capabilities. Not to mention that marathon training will definitely leave you feeling drained. you’re going to “A” – attainable Moving on. otherwise you’re already fighting a losing battle. so if you need plenty of energy to get through everything else in ‘life’. and training status. if you have a job where you are working 60 hours a week. the next thing you need to be sure you have covered is that your goal is in fact attainable. There is no way around this fact.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 128 All Rights Reserved . For instance. as well as host of other obligations. Your goal needs to be something that you could obtain given your current lifestyle.

“R” – realistic. Next up we have goals that are realistic. Just like you want your goal to be attainable, you also want it to be realistic. Some people have the tendency to set goals that are too far-fetched and aren’t even realistic. For instance, if you’re currently a 5’10” male who weighs in at 130 pounds, don’t set a goal to compete in a bodybuilding competition at the year. Keep in mind here that the body can only build so much muscle at once, so trying to push for more when it’s basically physiologically impossible is just going to defeat your efforts. Likewise, if you have 60 pounds to lose, don’t expect to do this in a month. You’d be surprised at just how many people, despite it taking years to get to the weight they are at, then think that they can lose it all in a few months time. Being realistic will help you stay sane and ensure you are approaching your training with the proper mindset that is needed for success. “T” – timeline. Finally, the last thing that needs to be in place in order for a goal to be SMART is for it to have a timeline.

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This is a big one and something we are all guilty of at one point or another. How many times have you said you’d do something by a certain date only to find that date come and go? It happens extremely frequently and is something that all of us do struggle with to some extent. What you want to do is set a realistic time frame for yourself and then stick to it. This way, you have something to monitor your progress against. If you notice you only have a few weeks left to get to your goal, you might just find yourself working harder. Obviously you have to have the mental capabilities to actually hold yourself to that timeline, but having a firm date in mind definitely will help. For this reason, setting a goal with someone else (even if they aren’t the same goals – each of you has a goal to reach by the same date) can really help with adherence to that timeline. So, there you have the basic concept of SMART goal setting. The more often you set goals for yourself using this guideline the better you will get at it and the more natural it will come to you.
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It should also be mentioned that your goal should be re-adjusted on a regular basis. Ideally you want to set a few short-term goals that will help you get closer to your longterm goal. This way, you will not only get a good feeling when you see yourself reach your short-term goal, but then you can set another short-term goal to get you one step further. This enables you to stay more accurate with regards to the various aspects of your goals since you will be on a shorter time line and will be able to gauge your own individual capabilities. After you have set your goals, be sure they are somewhere that you will see them frequently, as simply reminding yourself of what you’re working towards will help you keep pushing onwards. Now, let’s move on and discuss some of the other things you can do to keep yourself motivated on the path to maintaining your workout program. Join a Group First up, one great way to stay motivated on the path to results is to join a group that is dedicated towards a similar goal that you’re working towards. Various groups to
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consider include running groups, yoga groups, fitness groups who meet up regularly for weekend active pursuits, or even recreational sports teams. By surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals you are more likely to keep yourself active and spend more of your down time active. Since every little bit of activity you do will all add up and help at the end of the day, this really can make quite a bit difference in the grand scheme of things. Rather than spending your Saturday lounging around watching movies all day, if you get out and go rock climbing with a group of fitness minded friends for instance, you’ll burn hundreds of calories more than you would have and be one step closer to reaching your fitness goals. Find Pictures Another great technique for motivating yourself towards your end goal of six pack abs is to find pictures of what you wish to look like. Once you’ve found these pictures, place them somewhere that you will see them on a regular basis – whether it’s in your dresser mirror, on your fridge, or in the drawer where you keep your workout clothing. Wherever it is, make sure you see it at least once a day.
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Simply having that imagine in mind will help push yourself harder in the gym and your results will improve. Take Pictures On the flip side, another thing that works for many people is actually taking pictures of themselves rather than looking at other people. The reason this works well because it then allows you to see the type of progress you’ve made so far on your path to getting fit. If you’ve lose 10 pounds over time, you may not really notice all that much by looking in the mirror right now, but when you look back at a picture of you before and a picture of you now, the difference can be quite remarkable. By keeping these progress pictures around you, you help demonstrate to yourself that you can accomplish your goal when you work hard. That’s very often enough to keep people pushing along the pathway to great results. In some cases, you might even come across before/after contests that you can enter, which will then really help drive you further towards your goal. It’s amazing
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Get a Body Fat Test Done While many of you might be using the bathroom scale to measure progress. Place a Bet Another way to boost your motivational levels is to place a friendly bet with someone. It can be extremely discouraging to step on the bathroom scale only to see it’s higher than what a prize can do for many people when it comes to getting out of bed 45 minutes earlier to squeeze in a quick workout. Since many of you out there probably have a good competitive nature about yourself.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. The bathroom scale does not indicate all that well the type of weight you’re losing – or in some cases. this is not the best of options. this is actually a very good thing. you are able to monitor this value much more accurately and will know exactly what’s going on with your body as a result of your training and dieting efforts. but if this is due primarily to a gain in lean muscle mass. this additional challenge can bring out the best in © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 134 All Rights Reserved . that you are actually gaining muscle mass. By getting a body fat test done though.

or better yet. a night at the movies. Even if you don’t have the money to spend on such a thing. Agree to do something with your workout partner where the loser pays. the date to be accomplished. so set every detail that you can – the specifics of the goal. what the winner gets. Be sure if you are going to use this point though that you are very specific about what the bet is and what the requirements are. a meal out (can be either a reward meal or a healthier option).com you and help you stick with the training that needs to get done. Plan Ahead Another thing that can help to keep your motivation levels higher is to always be thinking and planning ahead. a fun bet can sometimes also get the job done. it’s when they don’t plan and life © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 135 All Rights Reserved . Any misconceptions can pose to be big problems.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. This bet can be for money. etc. bet something like a weekend away. For some people.www. whatever it is you want. It’s just that competitive nature that some people crave that will get them more motivated with their workouts.

chances are you’re not going to get started. When you have confidence in your abilities to achieve your goals and know that you can carry through. Or. Likewise. It’s kind of like the cycle that just keeps going. how motivated do you think you’re going to be to even keep trying? Not very gets busy that they lose motivation. you likely will keep doing so. If you are on the positive end of the cycle and are hitting your workouts on time all the time.www. if you’re on the negative side of things and are constantly missing your workouts. By planning ahead you give yourself the confidence that you are equipped to stay on the plan. motivation is naturally higher due to your own internal positive self-talk.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. If you find yourself constantly failing to make it to your workouts. they wind up out for a longer time than they had anticipated and don’t have any healthy snacks on hand. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 136 All Rights Reserved . They realize how much they still have to get done in their day and their workout is the first thing to go. they are at that drive-thru window the minute their stomach starts to rumble. Hence.

Once you get over that. Use a Reward System Moving on.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. but would rather set a reward stating that if they accomplish one certain goal by a certain The hardest part is that initial hump. they can sometimes work opposite to what you’re intending. Others may not need a daily reward. For some people. they get that prize. Whatever keeps you focused – that’s what you should use. PAGE | 137 © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca All Rights Reserved . One thing that is interesting to note with this though is that studies have actually demonstrated that when it comes to money rewards. another thing you can do is implement a solid reward system. This could come as adding a check mark next to the calendar indicating that you did complete your workout that day.www. they need a daily reward of some type. motivation will come more naturally and it’ll become more habit to do what you need to do. 10 check-marks and you get to buy yourself a new CD to workout to. Different people will use different types of rewards.

00 after every workout completed (to be put into a fund for a larger rewards – a vacation away. but maybe avoid that direct money reward type of feeling to your system. punishment can have various effects on different individuals.www. you were going to do this to yourself (take away your nightly TV show. when the situation came to life and you didn’t do what you intended. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 138 All Rights Reserved . you have to actually be able to implement the punishment. so it is something you really need to think hard about before using. etc)? Then. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t ever use any type of material reward – you can. in some cases they become disinterested. if you used to enjoy working out simply because it made you feel For example. It seems when people are paid for something they formerly enjoyed without pay. How many times have you told yourself that if you didn’t do something. but now you are giving yourself $5. you might just find yourself not liking your workout nearly as much. not allow yourself to get your manicure that month.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. First off. Another aspect of this that should be mentioned is the punishment end of the reward system. Again. etc). a new car.

So. the last thing you can do to promote healthy motivational levels is ensuring you are completely comfortable with both your program and working out in general. it put a much more positive tone to the whole fitness/wellness approach. That’s a basic quality of life and something that’s true regardless of who you are. which is always a good thing.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. A positive mindset can go a long way. While obviously exercise itself can make the body feel slightly uncomfortable at certain times – this is unavoidable and if you only ever stayed in your comfort zone you likely wouldn’t see that great of results. Focusing on rewards is typically much better than focusing on punishments. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 139 All Rights Reserved . but many of us don’ that punishment just kind of fell by the wayside? Many of us do this because we as humans don’t like to self-administer punishment. Plus. just keep that in mind.www. taking control over factors you can influence that impact comfort levels will be important. Some people do have the self-control to dish punishments. Make Sure You’re Comfortable Finally.

com For example. that wraps up our discussion on how to motivate yourself to maintain your workout program. Likewise.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. the better off you’ll be. Don’t wear something too tight if it makes you not want to go to the gym. if you struggle to drive to the gym each day. put some thought into creating your own home gym as we discussed above. It’s a simple way to take care of a problem that may keep you out of the gym altogether. The fewer excuses you have available to you.www. You want maximum comfort while doing your workouts because it will definitely promote better adherence rates. it can be an excuse you will use to get out of your workout. When even one thing such as this is off. So. make sure your workout clothes make you feel comfortable. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 140 All Rights Reserved . consider joining a women’s only gym. be sure your running shoes are fitting well and are supportive. If you’re a woman who is slightly tentative about working out with some of the stronger males who tend to dominate the free weight section of the gym. Also.

16WeeksToSixPackAbs.www. When you do you will be rewarded by having a constant effort in the gym which translates over to results. Now. maybe you want to focus on increasing your Keep in mind that every person will have their own technique that makes them ‘tick’ – essentially that keeps them coming back for more. Your motivational techniques should vary depending on your goal as they both will fit hand in hand together. For example. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 141 All Rights Reserved . What motivates one person may do absolutely nothing for another person. once you’ve achieved that. Keep in mind too that motivational levels and what serves to motivate you will change as you progress along. you’re no longer going to be motivated by that any longer. while before you might have been motivated to fit into a certain dress size. It’s up to you to try a variety of different methods and see what works best for you.

They’ve heard that the abs are more of an ‘endurance’ muscle.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. and as such. you should aim to be working them close to every day.www. now let’s talk about frequency – how often should you be working out in order to get the best CHAPTER 12 WORKOUT FREQUENCY HOW OFTEN DO YOU NEED TO WORK THE ABS? Moving on. But how true is this really? Are your abs much more © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 142 All Rights Reserved . can take training every single day as a way to get better results. Many people believe that in order to really target the abs. now that we’ve covered the types of workouts and ab exercises that will get you your results.

you aren’t really going to be doing much for your abs in the first place anyway. just like your other muscles. if that’s the case. you aren’t going to need this recovery time in there. it is not true that they are should be trained in a much different manner than your other muscles.www. well. If you go into the gym and nail them hard day after day after day. then. you aren’t going to see many © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 143 All Rights Reserved . Without that overloading stimulus. Now. the abs will require an overloading stimulus that creates tiny muscle tears in the tissue itself. You’d be fine working the abs every day. Essentially. when are they growing back stronger? They aren’t. But. if you aren’t really applying much of an overloading stimulus to the abs (say you are just performing basic crunches that doesn’t really pose much of a challenge to your body). after which they have to build themselves back up stronger than different than any other muscle in the body? While it is true that the abs are going to be working at various times throughout the day – essentially any movement you make the abs will be working to a slight extent.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.

you want to be working the abs approximately two to three times each benefits in terms of increased core-abdominal strength – and that is of course. why you are doing your ab workouts. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 144 All Rights Reserved .www. Note that since you are going to be working your abs with all the exercises you perform in your workout since they will act as stabilizers. So. now that we’ve established that working your abs every single workout is not a good idea. this further reduces just how much you have to work them while doing your abdominal sessions in particular. correct? (since we already established seeing your abs is more of a function of body fat levels than anything). what is? Ideally.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.

Someone working their abs using 100% correct form once a week is going to get far superior results compared with someone working their abs with improper form 4 days a week. and correspondingly. since form is what determines how effectively you target the ab muscles. and The most important thing when doing your abdominal workouts is going to be on really focusing on form. Sequence of Ab Training Sessions After you’ve gotten it figured out how many days total you’re going to spend training the abs. Then what? Do you just skip it and wait until Friday? Or. must you have one day of rest in between each abdominal training session you do? That is the question some people wonder.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.www. can you do the ab workout on Thursday instead? © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 145 All Rights Reserved . the degree of results you obtain. Wednesday. Let’s say you’re scheduled to do your ab workouts on Monday. then something comes up and you don’t get a chance to do Wednesday’s ab workout. then the next thing you have to consider is the sequence you are going to use to do these sessions – or more importantly.

www. then you might be able to get away with doing a workout on both days. you should be working at an intensity level that is going to promote stronger abs that will require that 48 hours of rest. just like any other muscle group. Again. therefore working them Thursday and then again on Friday would deny them enough time to rest and recover. and you’re just as well off spending more time on the day off focused on cardio or proper weight lifting exercises. In this situation. but again you need to then question whether those exercises are doing much in the first place anyway? If your goal is strength. if you weren’t really doing overly intensive abdominal exercises in the first place. Even if you are only getting in two core workouts a © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 146 All Rights Reserved . even though it will mean working the abs less that week. If your goal was strictly to reveal your abs and not so much about strength. then the ab workouts aren’t going to play that much of a critical role as was already discussed anyway. the abs do need time to rest after they have been worked. you’re probably better off just waiting until Friday to do them.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.

© 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 147 All Rights Reserved . and they do fine with that amount of volume.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. It’s only those who have very good recovery abilities who will work legs (for example) three times week. that should be plenty to notice improvements in the fitness level and get you where you want to be. therefore the abs will as well. that’s what will be most week. As long as you are making the time you do spend doing abs count.

Now we come to the issue that is probably the most important one throughout this entire manual – nutrition. Nutrition is basically going to make or break your six pack ab program. Without proper nutrition in place, results will elude you. If proper nutrition is in place, you may not even have to have absolutely perfect workouts – the nutrition will do the work for you.

While exercise is definitely a big part of the game, you cannot exercise your way to a six pack. You can however,
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eat your way to a six pack, or rather, in most cases, eat yourself away from a six pack. Your diet should be your primary focus. When it comes to nutrition, the most important thing you will want to factor in is how many calories you are consuming. If you are eating too many calories, regardless of where those calories are coming from, you are not going to lose weight. This fact is very simple and something that you absolutely must accept if you are to succeed with fat loss. One major mistake many people often make is falling for the belief that how much of what they eat isn’t going to matter so long as they are eating healthy foods. This is very wrong. How much you eat is definitely going to determine how successful you are at weight loss because if the body has more calories coming in than it can expend in any given day, it will be storing body fat. Like it or not this is a basic law of physics that you simply cannot defy. If you take in more calories than your body burns on a daily basis, you gain weight. If you take in
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fewer, you lose weight. If you take in the same amount, you maintain your body weight. In the past, you have been taking in more calories than the body burned over the course of the day, hence you did not see weight loss happening. Now, you need to reverse that.

The Self-Reporting Bias When discussing total calorie intake, we often come across something that really impacts a lot of people - that being the self-reporting bias of information. Essentially, unless you have been carefully monitoring your calorie intake for a period of time, there’s a high chance that you are going to overestimate exactly how many calories
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you’re burning during your workouts or underestimate exactly how much food you are really eating. This is often the case when someone is claiming that they have been eating X amount of calories (a relatively, but not extremely low number – one in which you would expect to see weight loss happening), and yet, they aren’t losing weight at all. The probability is high that they are mistaken about exactly how many calories they are taking in and they are eating far more than what they think. This makes a difference. To combat this problem, what you really must take the time to do for a few weeks is measure out all your food. Annoying? – Yes. Necessary? You betcha. By doing so, you will help first gain an understanding of what a proper portion looks like. If you think that the pasta restaurant meal you get is a typical one serving of grains, you are highly misled. Most people are now realizing that restaurant meals
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are incredibly calorie dense with huge portions, but even still, they underestimate portions of every day foods. That morning bowl of cereal – how many servings of grains are you actually eating? Most people consume an easy 2-3 in that meal alone. That bagel you had for lunch – there’s another 3-4. Rice with dinner – another 2-4. It adds up quickly and when you’re trying to watch your weight it really does work against you. Measuring will help you sort this out quickly.

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even colors can stimulate you to eat (ever © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 153 All Rights Reserved . the hands on your clock indicating it’s lunch time (time to eat!). therefore automatically you’re restricted with food choices and it’s easier to lose weight. TV commercials showing others eating delicious foods. Is Calorie Counting Necessary? Which brings us to the next question many of you have – is calorie counting really necessary to get results? In a word – yes.www. in most cases it won’ Usually all it takes is a week or two of measuring some of the common foods where it’s easy to underestimate to get back on track again. Realize that we as humans eat for a number of reasons other than hunger – not too mention that many things can stimulate hunger. low carb diets eliminate an entire group of foods. smells that you encounter as you walk past the bakery. Almost any successful diet program will have some form of built in calorie counting. Weight Watcher’s uses the ‘Points’ system. While just going by ‘hunger’ can work for a very select group of people. Jenny Craig uses small pre-prepared meals that will have calorie values already worked into them.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.

all around the same calorie value. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 154 All Rights Reserved . orange. calorie counting is a very good idea. chances are you will still be overeating. aren’t the ones reading this book. but they are rare and most likely. Getting back to the point. I’d say a necessity. This becomes even easier if you typically eat similar meals throughout the day – say you have 4 different lunches you alternate between. After you’ve been doing it for a month or so though. and yellow?). which is a big reason why many of us are overweight today. Some people tend to error on the side of not eating enough. If you just rely on eating when you’re hunger. you should find you have a general idea of what you need to be eating and you won’t have to be a walking human calculator anymore.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. By having these meal plans already made. at the start. it pretty much takes the thinking out of it.www. We are constantly bombarded with cues that encourage us to wonder why many fast food restaurants utilize the colors red.

that’s not going to be the end of the world. After you have your calorie intake figured out. carbs. Some variability is expected just because this is bound to happen in ‘real life’ (since we aren’t lab rats fed a 100% controlled diet). It’s our job to work on changing that now. your habits are not helping you. It’s daily 200 calorie surpluses that you more have to worry about. If you find yourself regaining some of the weight you lost while on the plan. it will come naturally and you’ll just have a better sense of how many calories are in many of the foods you are eating.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.www. As time goes on. It’s all about If you are off by 50-100 calories on any given day. and fats) to make sure things are in line on that respect). unfortunately. So. then you simply need to start tracking again just to get yourself back on track. then you can start looking at the individual macronutrients (protein. Eating is a largely habitual process for humans and right now. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 155 All Rights Reserved . don’t think you will have to count calories for the rest of your life if you want to maintain your fitness and body fat levels.

would do best at the higher end of things. So. you aren’t going to be getting weight loss in the first place. This is a bit of a touchy subject because too few calories and you’ll wind up with a slowed metabolism and won’t see the results you’re looking for. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 156 All Rights Reserved . Active individuals (those who have an active job rather than a desk job). the will do very well on an intake of about 10-13 multiplied by their body weight in pounds taken daily. for most individuals.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. now we go about setting up this calorie intake so it’s maximized to get you results. too many calories and as we just discussed. that would mean you would be eating somewhere between 1500 and 1950 calories each day. It’s a fine line that you need to walk on – and get just right. if you weigh 150 pounds. On the flip side. now that you understand just how important it is to be hitting your targeted calorie Setting Up Calorie Intake So. As an easy to use guide.

and if that’s the situation you are while those who are more sedentary (not counting planned exercise) would do better at the lower end. If you find that you are currently eating around 8-9 X BW in calories each day (and you know you are counting accurately) and still aren’t losing weight. while being sure you are eating at least 150 grams of carbohydrates each day (since carbohydrates have the biggest impact on metabolic rate.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. then there is a very good chance that you might already have a slowed metabolism and need to get some things checked out. this is one that you really need to be focusing on when trying to ‘fix’ a damaged metabolism). © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 157 All Rights Reserved . eating at maintenance for 10-14 days.www. it’s not unusual to see this happening. but this should never be started with. Starting somewhere near the middle and then adjusting depending on results is typically the best way to do things. Keep in mind that there are some individuals who just have very stubborn metabolisms who will have to go lower than that 10X BW figure. you likely will need to do a full diet break. going into the 8-9 range. If you’ve been dieting for a longer period of time.

you’ll likely cancel out the calorie deficit you’re creating. your maintenance requirements will lower slightly. Protein is going to be the single most important nutrient when it comes to getting a set of six pack abs because it is what will help protect your lean body mass. if you start out in the middle ground – say 1700 calories and aren’t losing weight. While this may not make much of a difference over 10 Getting back to your desired calorie intake.www. If you are losing weight too fast. then you would increase by 10%. after you’ve figured out how many calories you should be taking in on a daily basis and are actually then making an effort to hit that calorie target. Your lean body mass is essentially what ‘revs’ your © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 158 All Rights Reserved . if you lose 30 pounds and are not adjusting your calorie intake to accommodate. It is important too that you constantly monitor your progress as you go about the diet since as you do lose weight. thus weight loss will stop.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. your next step needs to be looking at your current protein needs. then you would decrease by 10% a week until you are. Meeting Your Protein Requirements Now.

Bear in mind though that this is the amount for those who are eating at a maintenance calorie intake or above. helping to keep it going strong and you losing weight. they are providing enough energy to meet all the daily functions that must be completed. maintenance of the immune system. the development of a variety of hormones in the body. you are not consuming as many calories each day as your body would ideally like (since you are not eating a maintenance calorie intake). etc). When your metabolism metabolism. When you are on a fat loss diet however. Essentially. The general recommendation for active individuals is to consume one gram of protein per pound of body weight each day. there is a chance that your body might © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 159 All Rights Reserved . decreased energy levels.www. therefore. and many other health side effects.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. hence they are only going to be using dietary protein for bodily functions that are meant to use dietary protein (repair and rebuilding of muscle tissues. dry skin. that is when you’re going to experience the negative side effects such as decreased fat loss. coldness.

© 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 160 All Rights Reserved . the body can and will break down dietary protein and convert it to glucose to meet its needs. Obviously it will also be breaking down and using stored body fat as well. providing additional amino acids over and above what is required for basic muscle maintenance purposes. you’ve got some to spare. this is going to leave less incoming protein available to the body for repairing and rebuilding the muscle turn to incoming dietary protein for energy purposes. your protein needs will actually go up while you are dieting. Therefore. This is also why the common thought process that protein needs are higher when trying to build muscle is actually incorrect. This occurs through a process in the body called gluconeogensis. which is a technical term you don’t really need to worry about – just basically know that when you are not eating enough calories.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. In order to prevent this then. If the body then turns to these for energy. which could lead to a loss of muscle mass over time. but it’s not going to solely rely on that source alone – protein will be used as well.www.

but know this for right now. If you hope to © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 161 All Rights Reserved .5 grams per pound of body weight target. Plus. protein also is the macronutrient that will boost your metabolism the most (up to 25% after eating it) as well as help keep you feeling satisfied and not hungry the longest. should not go below 1 grams per pound. closer to the 1. If anything.www. When dieting. ideally). protein is vital. Carbohydrate Intakes Moving on. Since hunger is a big reason people cave on a diet. protein needs are lower when building muscle since you have more incoming calories (but even still. next we come to your carbohydrate intake. This will help to safeguard you against a slowed metabolism. Calories are most important. in addition to decreasing muscle mass loss.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. it would be a smart move to bring your protein intake up slightly. having the higher protein intake makes it much easier to stick with and get results. This will be discussed much more thoroughly in the next chapter. but protein comes in a very close second place.

The truth is that dietary fat does contain over double the amount of calories per gram of nutrient (compared with © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 162 All Rights Reserved . however. Factoring in Dietary Fat Finally. The body has a limited storage for carbohydrates in the muscle tissues (referred to as muscle glycogen). thoughts are changing on that. but at some point during the week. who claimed that an ultra low fat diet was the best way to get results quickly.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. When that is depleted. There is no way around this. The body can perform lower intensity exercise by using fat as a fuel substrate. Dietary fat is a nutrient that was previously shunned by the dietary crowd. you are going to need to consume carbohydrates. but high intensity exercise requires maintain intense levels of exercise. You may not require carbs every single day (again. high intensity exercise will not be able to be performed. Now. you must eat carbs.www. This is due to the different energy pathways the different forms of exercise take. we come to dietary fat intake. see the next chapter for more details).

making sure you are getting 3-6 grams of essential fatty acids as well (often taken in the form of fish oil). First. but it does take protein and carbohydrates). Secondly. It doesn’t take a whole lot of dietary fat to accomplish this goal. dietary fat also helps for satiety purposes. decreasing a number of diseases. improving the cholesterol profile. unsaturated sources of dietary fat as well as essential amino acids also provide numerous health benefits such as maintaining healthy skin and hair.www. which is one big reason we do not recommend you eat it around the workout period (when slow digestion is the opposite of what you’re going for). © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 163 All Rights Reserved . I would recommend not bringing your diet any lower than 15% of the total calories coming from dietary fat. Studies have demonstrated that a meal that contains 7-9 grams of fat tends to ‘stick to your ribs’ a lot better than a meal that does not. and then in that. but dietary fat also has many beneficial properties that make it important to include in your diet. and so on.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. helping to improve insulin sensitivity. Dietary fat really slows the gastric emptying process.

For some people. it’s still important to address alcohol. dietary fat levels as high as 30-50% of your total intake are fine. but you definitely should consider © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 164 All Rights Reserved . Since there really is a limit to how much protein you should be eating (there is never any reason to eat more than 2 grams per pound – 1. It all depends on what you feel best on and what accommodates to your food preferences. Alcohol While it isn’t really a nutrient per say. you’ll be right on target for your total fat If you do this. you have to fill the remainder of your calories with something. they simply do not feel good eating a diet higher in carbohydrates. Remember that you can take fat higher too. As long as the fat is coming from healthy sources and total calories are still kept in check.5 grams is typically the max you should use).www. Most of you likely enjoy a beer or a glass of wine from time to time. Must you give this up to get a six pack? Not necessarily. That’s when dietary fat gets bumped up.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.

16WeeksToSixPackAbs. if you’re currently burning body fat and then have a drink. Once in a while this may not be that much of an issue. You’ll have the alcohol calories and then on top of that you’ll also have the food calories you eat all contributing to your daily total. the body places a high priority on removing it and will stop everything until it’s been cleared from the system. your body is automatically going to switch over from burning fat and start oxidizing that alcohol. Alcohol does contain 7 calories per gram. Also keep in mind that alcohol is a diuretic. Since alcohol is a toxin. Essentially. since most people’s judgment is impacted from drinking alcohol. it’s certainly going to impede your progress. therefore © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 165 All Rights Reserved .com cutting back. you might find it’s much harder to make wise food decisions. In addition to this. so it’s higher than carbs or protein but lower than dietary fat. but the more important thing is that alcohol literally stops the fat oxidation (burning) process.www. thus you’ll end up really packing in a calorie punch. but done on a weekly basis.

overall. the more your metabolism is going to slow. First. Next. which impacts energy levels as well as the metabolic rate. alcohol is something you do want to moderate as much as possible while on a quest to get six pack abs. you will take a series of steps. The more dehydrated you get. Ideally.5 grams per © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 166 All Rights Reserved . Planning Your Diet So. Step it’s going to cause dehydration. you would have a protein consumption of somewhere between 1. Step 1. when it comes now to actually planning out your diet. This is done by multiplying your body by that bodyweight factor of between 10-13 (depending on how active you currently are). and the fewer calories you will burn that day. you will figure out how many calories you should be eating each day. you are to figure out how much protein you should be eating each day.www.2-1. So.

So.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. This then tells you how many calories from protein you should be eating and secondly. PAGE | 167 © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca All Rights Reserved . Divide that number by 9 and you get the total number of fat grams. as stated above. The third step in figuring out your diet is to then determine carb and fat content. but know that. Step 3. if you take your total calorie intake and multiply that by 0. how many calories you now have left to divide up between carbohydrates and dietary fat. unless you are specifically using a Ketogenic diet (more later on that).com pound of body weight each day. that gives you how many calories you should be eating minimum from fat each day. you want to keep fat at least 15% of your total calorie intake and carbs should not go below 105 grams per day.15. Once you have that raw gram number. Remember there are 9 calories per gram of fat and 4 calories per gram of carbs. then you are to multiply this by 4 (calories per gram of protein) and subtract that from your total calorie intake.www. This will be discussed more in the next chapter.

unsweetened oatmeal. and possibly some soy products if you are vegetarian or prefer this type of protein. So. which is just what you’re looking for when aiming for a set of six pack abs. Most of these are solid sources of protein that will not contain a whole lot of additional carbs or fat. fish. lean cuts of red meat. on the protein front you would select foods such as egg whites. low-fat cheese products.www. Obviously for the sake of health and making weight loss easier (better hunger control. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 168 All Rights Reserved . next for your carbohydrate sources focus on foods such as vegetables.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. so multiply 105 by 4 (420) and that gives you how many calories from carbs out of your daily total you must have at minimum. etc). then it comes time to do some research and figure out what foods are going to help get you to your daily total. increased energy levels. After all of these steps are completed. Moving on. you know that you need at least 105 grams of carbs each Likewise. fruits. you will want to choose foods that come from the most natural sources as possible. chicken breasts. whey protein powder. for example.

flax seeds and flaxseed oil. as well as other whole grain cereals. and then depending on the carb and fat ratios of your diet. avocados. choosing foods such as fatty fish. When it comes to vegetables in general. and will definitely make dieting much easier. olive oil. peanut butter. Finally. most often you can pretty much eat as many as you want without limitation provided you are not putting on calorie dense sauces or other condiments. As long as you’re sticking to these foods.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. you’ll find that hunger is much more controllable and your energy levels stay on a much more even keel throughout the day. Apart from the pre/post workout period.www. Always aim to try and have a protein with each meal. it’s worth mentioning that right before and after your workout you should be avoiding dietary fat altogether as it’s at this time you want the digestion process © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 169 All Rights Reserved . sweet brown rice. you want the focus of your sources to be on unsaturated and essential fatty acids. you always want to aim to have at least one vegetable with each meal you eat as these are low in calories. high in fiber. whole grain breads. one of those or both in combination. On to dietary fat. and other nuts. quinoa.

therefore. dietary adherence is critical. The leaner you get. Always remember too that just like workout adherence. Even if you hear that one certain diet is the latest and greatest for fat loss.www. Realize that this is a normal dieting process and something everyone does experience. Having dietary fat at this time is only going to slow that entire process down. But with that (and more details will be provided later in the guide). helping those nutrients get into the muscle tissues where they are to actually speed up. the more you’re likely going to have to reduce your calories to keep things moving. So. if it’s © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 170 All Rights Reserved .16WeeksToSixPackAbs. you are going to have to start incorporating periods of higher calorie eating in when you are eating such a low calorie diet because if you don’t. We will discuss more of these advanced diet concepts shortly. it’s something to be avoided. that metabolism will definitely slow down significantly and further fat loss will become increasingly harder. that now concludes this discussion on a diet for getting six pack abs.

Understanding how low carb diets work is going to be important for you to make a sound decision of whether or not they are for you. We’re going to look at why these diets can be effective. Results might be slower. it seems that low-carb diets are the thing to do right now. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 171 All Rights Reserved . you aren’t going to get literally impossible for you to follow.www.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. each time wondering where they went wrong when they don’t experience the weight loss they were hoping for – or were promised by the particular diet in question. That is what will count the most at the end of the day. Now we’re going to move on and talk a little about one category of diets that you’ve likely heard about before and perhaps even tried – low carb diets. While low-fat diets were the rage of the ‘90’s. Many people forget this and bounce around from diet to diet. whether or not they are a requirement for top level results. but at least you’d be getting results. You’d do far better on a more moderate approach that you could actually manage. but also.

one thing that many people start to ask themselves about is whether the low carb diet approach is going to be far more superior to getting results compared with other more moderate carb approaches. You’ve likely heard someone talking about a low carb © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 172 All Rights Reserved CHAPTER 14 MUST YOU USE A LOW CARB DIET TO GET SIX PACK ABS? When digging deeper into the diet issue of getting a six pack abs.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.

tired. So. and sluggish? If you felt the former. a huge plate of pasta with marinara sauce and a slice of garlic bread. either claiming that it was one of the best things they have ever done or else saying that it made them miserable and that they just couldn’t stick with it. for example. In the first diet at some point or another. therefore limiting the amount of carbohydrates in the diet could potentially help you feel much more energetic as well as help © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 173 All Rights Reserved . The thing to really understand about low carb diets is that they work great for some people but are a complete disaster for others. What you want to do is imagine yourself in a few situations. after eating this meal do you feel highly energized? Or. This means your body doesn’t handle carbohydrates as well as others do. do you feel bloated. you have just eaten a very high carb meal. let’s look at this.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. first off. Now.www. a lower carb diet is something that could work very well for you. Determining whether or not a low carb diet is going to be right for you then is one of the most important things you need to get straight first before even beginning.

In that situation. What many people don’t realize is that there isn’t really anything especially ‘magical’ about low carb diets that cause you to burn fat faster. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 174 All Rights Reserved . chances are you will crash hard on a low carb diet. as that’s what will keep you much happier in the long run.www. you’re better to adopt a diet that isn’t quite as low carb in make the process of dieting a lot easier for you to handle. You will feel fatigued. they will rely on burning fat as fuel more than non-low carb diets will (since you will not be burning off carbohydrates as energy). thus at the end of the day it tends to balance out. but you will also be consuming more dietary fat on a lower carb diet.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. lack strength. If you were someone who felt energized after eating the higher carb meal. Yes. and be all around irritable and unhappy.

com If you take in the same amount of total calories on a low carb diet and on a moderate carb diet (assuming protein intake stays constant). probably the biggest benefit people get when starting a low carb diet is the hunger control they experience. Benefits of a Low Carb Diet So. these same factors are actually probably going to be much more likely to just hinder you.www. Hunger Control First off. at the end of the day both individuals will lose generally the same amount of weight. let’s first start by addressing the benefits you’ll get when you use a low carb diet. which we’ll describe below. One of the large drivers of hunger in the human body is insulin. It’s more that there are certain aspects of low carb diets that do tend to make it easier for a dieter to stick with. which is the hormone that takes sugar out of the blood after carbohydrates are eaten and either stores them in the muscle tissues or transforms them to body fat (if muscle © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 175 All Rights Reserved . But. if you’re someone who does poorly on low carb to start with. thus you’re just shooting yourself in the foot by trying to use one.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.

Since low carb diets tend to control blood sugars very well due to the fact you’re not eating very many carbohydrates in the first place. but provided you are. it’s definitely going to work in your favor. this means that you won’t get nearly the same insulin response as you would on a more moderate carbohydrate glycogen levels are full). another benefit of low carb diets is the fact that since food selection is pretty limited. which drives you to eat more carbohydrates. Obviously you have to be sticking with the diet for this to apply. typically the less you’ll want to eat. The less food you have to choose from. helping to really control hunger levels. Since being on a lower calorie diet naturally leads to feelings of hunger. it’s also going to be easier in terms of managing food intake. After the glucose has been removed from the blood. it’s then that you typically experience low blood sugar levels and hunger strikes again. being on a low carbohydrate diet makes this much more tolerable.www.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 176 All Rights Reserved . Limited Food Selection Next up.

There does come a point in every low carb diet though where muscle glycogen stores are depleted and when that happens. which then won’t do you much good anyway. extreme fatigue does set in. This can also be a downfall of the diet though if you are someone who does prefer to have a wide variety of food on a regular basis. If you get bored eating the same meals over and over again. Steady Energy Levels Finally. you need to be taking certain measures to make sure you aren’t letting your muscle glycogen levels get to very low levels. Basically. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 177 All Rights Reserved . since you aren’t getting those fluctuations in blood sugar levels which have a big impact on energy levels as well. just by nature of removal it makes this diet quite successful for many people. the last benefit that many people find while on a lower carb diet is that they have steadier energy Since many people do crave carbohydrate dense foods and these are the ones they can easily overeat in. you’ll be on a more even keel throughout the entire day.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. so when on a lower carb diet. you might have trouble sticking with the diet altogether.

com This is either accomplished with small amounts of carbs each day or through weekly carb-up periods. you are definitely going to have to be making some alterations to your workout program to help ensure that you’re not © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 178 All Rights Reserved .www. While before you might have been able to perform workouts that lasted longer than one hour in duration. let’s talk about the drawbacks. Also. one of the big side effects you might notice when on a low carb diet is limitations as far as exercise is concerned. as you might have guessed from reading the above. After about two weeks these feelings of fatigue typically subside and you’ll find you are feeling much better overall. now that we’ve discussed the benefits. Limited Exercise Performance First off. When you go on a low carbohydrate diet. So.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. another thing to keep in mind is that many people do feel very tired when first starting a lower carb diet and this is due to their body adapting to the diet. now if you try and do so you find yourself heavily fatigued and wanting to quit after just 45 minutes.

it’s just that total volume will need to be adjusted downwards. Because of this fact. In that case you may not have as much control over © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 179 All Rights Reserved . diet and exercise really go together when using a low carb approach. having to cut back on the total amount of time they spend working out won’t be all that big of a overdoing things.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. fatigue. Doing so would certainly set you up to experience problems – problems that will only cause frustration. For many people. and a lack of progress. You should still definitely be able to lift heavy as you would have if you weren’t on a lower carb diet. Furthermore. you will have to make sure you really reduce back on the amount of higher intensity cardio work you do if you’re also doing a four day weight training program since that could be too much for the body to handle. it becomes more of a problem if you are say an athlete who has to also complete additional practice sessions or games regularly. thus it’s important you don’t overlook this factor.www.

com the total volume of exercise you’re doing. Finally. along with fibrous vegetables. but before and after the workout you will need to be more meticulous about counting your carbohydrates to make sure you’re getting enough to support your exercise. thus you should potentially consider a different diet approach. For individuals who choose not to eat carbs around the workout period. another big thing with low carb diets is that they will require more detailed meal planning. Meal Planning Musts Moving on. particularly around the workout period.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Since dietary fats do contain over twice the amount of calories per gram as carbohydrates or fat. The rest of your meals you might actually find easier to plan since you’ll just be filling your plate with protein. if you aren’t being © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 180 All Rights Reserved . since low carb diets will be higher in dietary fat due to the need to still maintain a high enough calorie intake to prevent metabolic slow-down. they will then need to do a large weekend ‘carb-up’ if they hope to maintain muscle glycogen levels appropriate to support their training. you’ll have to really be careful of portion sizes.www. a small amount of healthy fat.

with a well planned out low carb diet where you are not restricting the amounts of fruits and vegetables you are eating. nutrient deficiencies shouldn’t be a bit deal. you may not have all that much to worry about. Over the shorter term. But. in the long-term.www. low © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 181 All Rights Reserved . but even still. Risk of Nutrient Deficiencies Finally. you might wind up short in dietary fiber and the Bvitamins (which are typically found in whole grain foods). it would be very easy to overeat and find yourself gaining weight rather than losing careful about how much you’re eating. With those people who use extremely low carb diets though (Ketogenic diets) where carbohydrate intake has be less than 5% of total calories consumed. if you are using that vitamin supplement and still eating vegetables. done for years on end. the last issue with low carb diets that’s important to discuss is nutrient deficiencies. it can be far easier to start seeing nutrient deficiencies rising. If you are on a good multi-vitamin and mineral support you can certainly help offset this issue. Now.

This will also keep you out of ketosis. which does tend to be a naturally catabolic process in the body and also gives you poor smelling breath (a byproduct of low carb diets that many people do complain about). filling those grams with plenty of fruits and vegetables. you are burning fat as fuel and keeping insulin levels in the body extremely controlled. many people do report a complete lack of hunger entirely. When in ketosis. as well as commonly state that they © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 182 All Rights Reserved . In this sense. At the very least you should moderate your low carb plan so you’re getting in 100 grams a day.www. there you have some of the cons of the low carbohydrate diet. Overall you have to weigh the benefits versus the cons and see if it’s going to be enough for you to consider such an carbohydrate diets probably aren’t your best plan. rather than carbohydrates. Ketogenic Diets It is also important to mention a bit more about the Ketogenic diet. Essentially this is the extreme low carb diet that is so low that the body has to switch over to burning ketones as fuel. So.

com have an endless supply of energy. Then. then the next way you can approach the diet is to take in a smaller © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 183 All Rights Reserved . consuming somewhere in the range of 4-5 grams of carbohydrates per pound of body weight the first day. and 23 grams of carbohydrates per pound of bodyweight the second day (note fat intake is dropped significantly on these days to around 20-30 grams so calories don’t go enormously high – they will still be higher than diet days. This will help to prevent lean body mass as well as help ensure you have enough protein for other necessary functions in the body.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. some people report the opposite. in addition to the daily diet. and 5% carbohydrates. The macronutrient split for Kegotenic diets (and there isn’t any room for flexibility here) is 30% protein. 65% fat. however). which for most people equates to about that 30% of total calorie intake number assuming a fat loss diet (assuming an intake of around 12 times body weight in pounds).9-1 gram per pound of body weight.www. Protein intake should be at about 0. Or. you can either do that weekly carb-up where we talked about earlier. if you don’t want to do the weekly carb-up. This is again individual though.

They are by no means necessary though in order to lose amount of carbohydrates (typically 25-50 grams) both before and after your training. Ketogenic diets are definitely a diet that does require a bit more planning in terms of exact meal composition. and 70% carbohydrates and still lose fat fine provided total calorie intake was in check and you were getting at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. but some people do really enjoy them. that’s fine. If you want to consider them. this wraps up the talk on low carb diets. just be sure you understand how to set them up and fuel the exercise you choose to do. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 184 All Rights Reserved . Low carb diets done for a long period of time with intense exercise will really impact how you feel unless they’re done properly. You could have a diet that was 15% protein.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. so this point really cannot be stressed enough. So. 15% fat. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 185 All Rights Reserved .www.

that isn’t entirely accurate. Unfortunately. If you’re like most people. at some point or another you’ve heard or read the information that the more frequently you eat. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 186 All Rights Reserved .16WeeksToSixPackAbs. the faster your metabolism will CHAPTER 15 MEAL FREQUENCY AND SIX PACK ABS The next thing to look at when creating your diet designed to get six pack abs is the meal frequency that you use.www.

for every 100 calories you eat of protein. it’s true that your metabolism is going to go up.www. you only burn 2 calories out of 100 that you eat digesting. If you were to say eat 100 calories of straight carbohydrate rich foods.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. First. Not quite ideal as far as fat loss is concerned. Here’s why. now you’re getting a metabolic boost of 25%. if you were to eat 100 calories of pure protein. Now. How much it goes up depends upon two things. if you were to eat those same 100 calories only coming from pure fat. Any time you eat a meal. you would see your metabolism go up by about 4%. That is an incredibly effective way to boost your metabolism so you can eat more calories while stilling losing © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 187 All Rights Reserved . So. This means. That is. you will only ‘net’ about 96 of those since 4 calories are burned off just digesting that food. you would get a metabolic boost of about 2%. for every 100 calories of carbohydrates you eat. the macronutrient composition of the meal will be the primary determining factor of metabolic increases. you only net 75.

Think your metabolism is going to be boosted the same amount if you eat a 200 calorie meal compared to a 600 calorie meal? I definitely don’t think so.www. Individual B is eating 3 meals comprised of 600 calories each. Don’t think this means you should go on an all-protein diet. Therefore. the more metabolic increases you see. eating a higher protein diet is one very good way to achieve this.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. period. the more calories it’s going to have to burn through the process of digestion. There are limits to what’s smart and safe to consume. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 188 All Rights Reserved . let’s say you have two individuals who are both eating 1800 calories a day on their fat loss plan. weight. The second factor that’s going to determine how much your metabolism increases after you eat food is how much food you eat. The more food you give the body to digest. but if you want to get that metabolism running faster. To put this all into perspective. Individual A is eating 6 meals comprised of 300 calories each.

carbohydrates. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 189 All Rights Reserved . So.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.www. Individual A will speed up their metabolism more frequently throughout the day (by eating more frequently) but the amount they speed it up will be half that of what individual B does after each of their meals (since they are half the size).com Both individuals are eating the same amount of total protein. Where meal frequency does come into play though is with dietary adherence. both individuals are pretty much on par for metabolic increases. once everything is said and done. Who speeds their metabolism the most? The answer is that they are both the same. and dietary fat grams.

Likewise. These types of people sometimes feel like they’ve become chained to their diet program because they spend so much time preparing and eating their many meals during the © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 190 All Rights Reserved . you would have a mid-morning snack before lunch hits. you won’t see insulin increase as much. in that example. then it might be better to split your meals up into smaller meals that are served more frequently throughout the day. anyone?). helping to ease the anxiety you might have been feeling with regards to that. On the flip side of the equation. or the thought that you’re going to end up starving after your breakfast and need food before noon.www. some individuals find that having frequent meals literally makes them ‘clockwatchers’ and they find themselves always watching the clock for their next meal. people who deal with blood sugar level fluctuations throughout the day may also want to consider spreading out their meals more frequently. Because you’ll be getting less of a ‘hit’ of carbohydrates with the smaller If you’re someone who finds they start thinking about food when going to long without it. Then. which could solve many problems for you (mid-afternoon slump.

So.www. five meals. This then causes them to eventually just get fed up altogether and throw in the towel. It’s not going to make that big of a difference whether you eat three meals each day. This is why it’s important to first figure out your desired calorie intake and then second. That is what will help you come up with the best meal plan for you. Don’t let yourself be so quick to believe © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 191 All Rights Reserved . which obviously isn’t going to promote a good degree of weight loss. the most important thing really is just about finding out what you prefer. determine how many meals you will eat out of those calories. Obviously if you have 3 meals at 400 calories each compared with 6 meals at 400 calories each. that all of these meals equate to the same calorie day. So. This is assuming of course. keep these points in mind when thinking about meal frequency. four meals. six meals – whatever you want. you will lose a great deal more weight because your calorie intake is half as much.

com that eating ten meals a day is going to skyrocket your metabolic rate so fast you’re literally incinerating body fat faster than you can keep up with. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 192 All Rights Reserved .16WeeksToSixPackAbs.www.

com © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 193 All Rights Reserved .www.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.

Instead. Plan Ahead First off. The more often you can incorporate these points into your plan. scheduling every single meal a week in advance and being sure you never detour from that. you don’t need to become a planning machine. Now. let’s go over some of the top strategies for success. chances are. if there is one thing you could do right now that will make your success rate skyrocket through the roof it’s planning ahead. One big issue many people face on their diet is that they haven’t planned out what they eat and because of this. or at the very least plan a ‘base’ diet that you will eat each day that allows for a couple of extra hundred free calories for wiggle room where you can choose other foods to add to make the diet more interesting. planning is vital. Basically. the better weight loss you will experience.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. you need to plan most of your meals.www. A lack of planning is a surefire way to CHAPTER 16 TOP NUTRITIONAL STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS Now that you’ve learned the basics of dieting to get six pack abs. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 194 All Rights Reserved .

some nuts.www. there’s planning ahead so you have a good idea in mind what meals you are going to be preparing throughout the week and have proper groceries on hand. where you plan for times when you aren’t prepared and have small snacks on they wind up in a situation where their stomach is growling and they are without food. trail mix. The second type of planning is more ‘emergency situation’ planning. Always being sure to carry something with you. This leads them to turn to the closest food option for substance.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. or a protein shake will help get you out of a bind when you find © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 195 All Rights Reserved . whether it’s a pop-top can of tuna. If they had planned ahead though they would already have some type of snack with them that they could then eat to tide them over until they were home again and could have a better meal that’s going to help them reach their goals better. Planning ahead basically encompasses two different aspects. which more often than not is not going to supply the nutrition they should be getting. First.

Have Pre-Chopped Vegetables on Hand Along with the planning aspect just discussed. They report feeling less hungry. Vegetables are virtually calorie-free and can be eaten in great volumes to make the process of dieting a lot easier on you. if I could specify one thing you would yourself facing one. So.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. don’t get ill as frequently. Plan to succeed. have better blood sugar levels.www. and are leaner © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 196 All Rights Reserved . to take this one step further. Individuals who have a higher consumption of vegetables on their diet typically show a higher success rate due to this fact. it would be to always have pre-chopped vegetables on hand. don’t plan to fail.

© 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 197 All Rights Reserved .com than their non-veggie eating counterparts. Some people may prefer to have frozen vegetables on hand instead if they find this makes it easier for them. Eat Slower Moving on. then be sure you take advantage of all the different seasonal varieties that you’ll find throughout the year. another technique that tends to increase the adherence you show to your diet is eating slower during your meals. that is the first thing that needs to change with your diet.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.www. but it will also help increase the nutritional content of your diet as well. Whatever the case. fresh or frozen. If you aren’t getting at least six servings of vegetables a day. Being sure to get plenty of variety will not only keep that boredom under control. Many people get into the habit of eating far too quickly and this causes them to over-consume in calories. A single serving really is not all that big and is easily manageable by almost everyone – there should be no excuses with this. a good section of your fridge/freezer should be dedicated towards vegetables. If you find yourself growing bored with vegetables rather quickly.

then that is fine and you likely don’t need to concern yourself with this factor quite as much since you’re regulating calorie intake anyway. Putting your fork down between bites or taking a twenty minute break before going back in for seconds are both strategies that will definitely help decrease the total amount you eat over the course of the day. Because of this. they find themselves feeling tired and hungry.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. then you’re really going to want to monitor your eating Before they know it they are facing a weight gain and wondering why. If you are sure you count calories during the day and don’t ever find yourself going over your limit. you would have been fine. If you would have just downed a glass of water. If you are one of those people who prefers not to count calories though. Drink More Water It’s really amazing how many people in our society are in a constant state of dehydration. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 198 All Rights Reserved . There’s a very good chance that at one point or another you have actually mistaken hunger for thirst and have eaten as a result.www.

you’d be doing a lot for preventing dehydration from becoming an You should always be drinking water before the point of getting thirsty to ensure that you’re not getting dehydrated in the first place. If you were to aim to drink one glass of water before each meal you eat. Just watch your intake of any calorie-containing beverages when trying to hydrate yourself because many studies have demonstrated that most people do not © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 199 All Rights Reserved .16WeeksToSixPackAbs. then supplement this throughout the day with teas.www. and milk. calorie free water seltzers.

just chicken. First.www. this is a very good thing. As discussed above. Since you need a full © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 200 All Rights Reserved . therefore even if you have a big bottle of juice containing 300 calories. Try and avoid sticking with just egg whites. you could wind up becoming short in one particular amino acid if you do this. you’re not likely to eat 300 fewer calories over the course of the day. The problem with doing so is two-fold. As far as the dieter is concerned. Protein rich foods not only keep you feeling satisfied for a longer period of compensate for calories that are consumed in liquid form.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. but they also boost your metabolic rate up to 25%. just fish. and so on. a diet rich in protein is definitely going to help put you in line to your six pack. including more protein on your diet on a regular basis is one very good way to significantly increase the rate of fat loss you achieve. It is important though to be sure you’re varying your protein intake on a regular basis. Vary Your Protein Source Now let’s talk protein for a second. Considering the fact that fat contains twice as many calories per gram as protein does and carbs only spark your appetite so you want to eat more.

it’s more likely that you’re going to become tired of eating the same source over and over again. Having a good quality. since you will likely have a higher intake of protein on a fat loss diet.www. great tasting protein powder on hand at all times is definitely going to go a long way towards helping you reach your protein intake goals as we just mentioned. you don’t want to risk this. This. should give you plenty of meal options to prevent you from becoming bored. Invest In A Good Protein Powder With more on protein is this point. this powder will really © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 201 All Rights Reserved .16WeeksToSixPackAbs. along with a good variety of vegetables as we just discussed. Keep more variety of protein in your diet so you aren’t as tempted to cheat. when you are stuck with no food on hand and you need some protein. While it is always a better idea to eat whole foods whenever you can since these do typically break down slower in the body and will provide higher satiety effects than a protein would. Secondly. which could leave you craving non-protein foods (like that box of cereal sitting in your pantry).com complement of amino acids in order for all the body’s functions to properly be carried out.

and baking help you out. Lastly. or even sprinkle it on top of your morning bowl of cereal for a protein kick when you need it. When looking for a protein powder. Likewise. you can add protein powder to oatmeal. some sweetener.www. don’t forget that you can bake with protein powders as well. sugar free Jell-O. cottage cheese or yogurt.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. making this a great option for those who are a bit more creative in the kitchen. Combined with a couple of egg whites. make sure you’re looking for one that has very little carbohydrates or fat added to it so it’s pure protein calories you are getting. you can make a great protein pancake with one scoop of protein powder. Utilize Spices Another way to really liven up your meals and make sticking with your diet that much easier is by adding spices © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 202 All Rights Reserved . protein powders are ideal for right around your workouts since they are absorbed quickly. Further. providing your body with the amino acids they need at that exact instant.

More and more often you can find low-sodium or even sodium-free spices available at your local grocery store however. If you just eat more frequently throughout the day. so cutting the salt shouldn’t be a problem. keeping the meals and snacks you do eat slightly lower in to the mix. One thing you will want to watch though is how much sodium the spices you’re looking at contain. not to mention hypertension if that is a concern of yours. Many spices actually offer positive health benefits as well. so being sure to use these often is a very smart move. Some people figure that they can save on calories by skipping meals.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. but this often ends up backfiring in a big way when their appetite comes back with a vengeance and causes them to really overconsume when they finally do give in and eat. helping to prevent yourself from © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 203 All Rights Reserved . as too much sodium can lead to bloating and water weight gain.www. you can help keep your hunger and energy levels on a much more even keel. Never Let Yourself Starve Another habit you’ll also want to get into so you help prevent overeating from taking place is never letting yourself get too hungry before eating.

you would be best advised to keep your hunger levels between the 3-7 level.www. be sure you keep all of these points in mind when trying to be sure you succeed on your diet.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. it’s highly likely that you will then be fully satisfied. higher fat diet. fat does take a little longer to ‘register’ in the body in terms of satiety. Also keep in mind that if you are on a lower carb. Always walk away from the table wanting a little more since by the time the digestion process takes place. Takings this factor into consideration will help ensure that you don’t end up overeating when on a diet that does contain a higher percentage of total calories from fat. Finding out what works best for you and then applying these techniques over and over again will help you be sure you do put your best foot forward. one being completely famished and ten being Thanksgiving dinner full. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 204 All Rights Reserved . don’t expect to instantly be satisfied. So. The satisfaction will more likely occur about 30-60 minutes later once the fat is digested and enters the bloodstream. so if you have a snack of almonds for example. On a scale from one to entering this starvation-binging trap.

com © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 205 All Rights Reserved .www.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.

© 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 206 All Rights Reserved .www. They want to know if drinking is going to be a limiting factor in them obtaining that six CHAPTER 17 BOOZE AND YOUR SIX PACK WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW One question that a lot of people have when trying to obtain their six pack is whether they are going to have to give up their nightly beer. or their weekend out at the bar.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.

alcohol calories will certainly count in your daily totals. you are left with only having a daily calorie allotment for nutrient rich foods of 600-1200 depending on your particular calorie intake level you’re trying to reach for fat loss. they are faced with too high of a calorie intake for fat loss to happen and they aren’t reaching their goals anytime soon. The answer to this question isn’t quite a direct yes or no. That’s not a lot of food.www. but deserves an explanation so you can fully understand the impacts of alcohol on the body and body fat levels. isn’t all that difficult). it’s important to consider the calorie content of the alcohol you are drinking. If you drink away 600 calories by the end of the night (which as you’re about to learn. This is one of the biggest reasons why people gain weight when they are drinking – it’s because like other liquid calories. Calorie Content of Alcohol First. When that happens. There are a number of things to look at here. they don’t compensate for them by eating fewer calories from food. since alcohol does have inhibitory effects on © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 207 All Rights Reserved . and yes.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.

com judgment. and so on. the very first thing you need to be doing right off the bat is counting the calories in the alcohol you consume and make sure that it doesn’t put you too far over your calorie © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 208 All Rights Reserved . These can easily pack in 250-600 calories per serving. unless you’re mixing with diet. but more than protein or carbohydrates contain. If you’re someone who likes hard liquor and soda.www.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. you might as well add another 100 or 150 calories per drink (depending on how much soda is added). Even worse is if you prefer the cocktail types of beverages including coolers. you’re more likely to also eat foods that are much higher in calories than if you were sober. So. Now. adding up very quickly and really packing on the pounds. The bigger issue though comes with what you’re mixing your alcohol with. other frozen beverages. intensifying the problem. This is less than dietary fat contains. if you do decide you are going to have the odd drink. alcohol itself only contains seven calories per gram. long island iced teas. margaritas.

If you fail to do this and are drinking on a regular basis. six pack abs are not going to be something you’re showing off any time soon. it’s also important to keep in mind too that alcohol is going to have a very negative impact on many of systems in the body. If you start suffering from one of these conditions. Alcohol Impacts On The Body While it’s not directly related to alcohol’s effects on six pack abs. which could turn into a full-fledged disease or limit. all of sudden you’re going to be faced with a lot more to worry © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 209 All Rights Reserved .16WeeksToSixPackAbs.www.

kidney.www.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. central nervous system damage. and liver damage • bone deterioration and osteoporosis • brain disease. therefore your goal of getting six pack abs will no longer be the top priority. It should be stated that no matter how important getting a six pack may seem to you. Some of the long term effects of alcohol on the body include: • about than sticking with a diet or workout program. and stokes • deterioration of the testicles and adrenal glands • diabetes (type 2 or non-insulin dependent) • disease of the muscles of the heart • impaired immune response • impaired memory and balance • increased risk of death from all causes © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 210 All Rights Reserved . staying healthy is always a top priority.

© 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 211 All Rights Reserved . Alcohol’s Effects on the Metabolism • malnutrition • nonviral hepatitis • severe psychological depression • skin rashes and sores • ulcers and inflammation of the stomach and intestines So. So.www. when you consume alcohol. Basically.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. using it as fuel. Then you have a drink. the last thing to look at is how alcohol is going to impact the metabolism of the body. Not only is it going to set you back as far as maintaining a lower calorie diet. as you can see there are a very large number of negative health consequences to alcohol consumption. but it’s also going to have all of these potential impacts on the body. it then becomes the body’s primary concern and everything else will be put on pause until the incoming alcohol is dealt with. let’s say you were currently burning off body fat.

as you can see.www. not to mention an issue as far as overall health is concerned. but if we’re talking one drink every night or almost every weekend out drinking Now. fat loss is no longer a priority for your body. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 212 All Rights Reserved . as soon as you start drinking. which will definitely be a limiting factor in you getting the results you’re looking for. that’s going to a problem when it comes to getting results. So. So. Body fat loss stops. keep these points in mind when thinking about whether or not consuming alcohol will be a wise move for you.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. your body switches from burning off that body fat and immediately starts metabolizing the alcohol to try and use it up and get it out of the system. One or two drinks every now and then probably isn’t going to make or break your results. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 213 All Rights Reserved .

© 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 214 All Rights Reserved . one thing that’s not talked about enough in the dieting world that deserves much more mention than it gets due to the fact that it’s probably one of the biggest reasons why people do not get six pack abs is going off your diet to get better results. One big mistake that far too many people on diets make is sticking too closely to a strict diet for too long of a period of CHAPTER 18 THE IMPORTANCE OF GOING OFF YOUR DIET TO GET SIX PACK ABS Now.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Confused? That makes you and a whole bunch of other people.www.

Weight loss stops.www. You start feeling tired. and irritable.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. cranky. What’s going on here? What’s going on is that when you stay on a very low calorie diet for a long period of time. the body has certain mechanisms built in that will really begin to fight you. Essentially. These are all very good signals that your metabolism has now slowed down and you are exhibiting the classic signs of needing a diet break or a reefed. Hunger levels shoot through the roof. Until they realize that they aren’t losing weight any longer and wonder what they are doing wrong – but wait. they are basically doing the absolute best thing they could be doing to keep weight loss moving. the body now senses that it’s starving and is going to do whatever it can to try and stop you from continuing on. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 215 All Rights Reserved .com They think that by being perfect on their diet for months and months on end. they aren’t doing anything wrong! They are following their diet exactly.

hunger levels go down.www. and you just feel generally much more like yourself. you start having signs of more The Anatomy of a Refeed What the term reefed essentially means is that you are taking the time to reefed your body with a higher calorie intake so it gets a better sense that it can speed up once again – you are not trying to starve it. When you do this. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 216 All Rights Reserved .16WeeksToSixPackAbs.

chances are you’re going to notice these symptoms much worse than someone who is using a more moderate carbohydrate approach. the lower your calorie intake has been on that diet.www. Your metabolism is no longer ‘stuck’ on a slow speed. So. bringing their carbohydrates up to around 200 grams a day. Most people will do fine with a two-three day reefed period where they are eating slightly above maintenance values (say body weight times a factor of 16-17 in calories per day). I don’t need to tell you how good of a thing this is. This should help restore muscle glycogen levels as well. fat loss starts happening. if you’ve been on a low carbohydrate diet for a long period of The best part is that when you then begin your diet once again.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. helping to reduce some of the signs of fatigue during your workouts that you might be experiencing. One thing that’s very important to keep in mind with this reefed process though is that all of these events are very closely related to carbohydrate intake alone. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 217 All Rights Reserved . again. Furthermore. the more severe the effects and the larger that reefed is going to have to be.

The Anatomy of a Diet Break Sometimes though a reefed is not enough. for a period of 2-3 weeks. you bring your calorie intake up to maintenance (bw multiplied by 15 for most people).com Do this for 2-3 days and see how you feel. By doing this. which can be a big issue with chronic dieters who have been under-eating for too long. you are going to continue to struggle with weight loss and won’t make the progress you could be © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 218 All Rights Reserved . 2-3 days is simply not going to undo all the damage that has gone on with the metabolism and you’re going to need to do more than that.www. being sure to get at least 100 grams of carbohydrates per day in addition to those that are eaten around training. a full diet break is in order. If you follow this protocol and make sure you are doing this every 3-4 weeks on a diet if you are already fairly lean (every 6-8 weeks if you’re not as lean). If you fail to use this diet break though and just keep going on as is. In that case. This is where.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. you can be sure to keep that metabolism humming along much better. you will help to make sure the thyroid hormones are operating more effectively too.

Being sure to monitor how long you have been on your diet and implementing diet breaks when appropriate will be essential if you want to experience continued weight loss. which is something else that you definitely do need to be concerned with because many intense dieters do start showing distorted eating behaviors after a long enough time on a very strict diet. Plus. it will help ensure that your relationship with foods stays healthier. that constant food restriction. but even making.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. does tend to wear on us after a while. Most people. so giving your mind a break and allowing for a bit more eating freedom every once in a while is a smart move. if doing the refeeds.www. Dieting. after 5-6 months on any diet even with refeeds. It will provide a lot of psychological relief as well. it can really mess them up long term (this is especially the case with dieters who © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 219 All Rights Reserved . They simply forget what ‘normal’ eating is without these diet breaks and in some cases. will not need to worry as much about diet breaks since they will be keeping their metabolism healthier in the first place. a 2 week diet break isn’t a bad idea.

which is never recommended as a sound approach). © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 220 All Rights Reserved .com start to rely on powders or pre-made meals for their weight loss. So.www. It really is the best thing you can do for ongoing results. learn to recognize the signs of needing a diet break or reefed and start implementing them in appropriately.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 221 All Rights Reserved .

being above your maintenance intake © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 222 All Rights Reserved . CHAPTER 19 SIX PACK ABS AND MUSCLE BUILDING DO THEY GO TOGETHER? Another really big issue that comes up quite frequently among people who are trying to get a six pack is whether you can effectively build muscle while working on your abs.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. you need to keep in mind that building muscle and fat loss are two completely opposite processes in the body. essentially causing fat loss to take place. you need to consume fewer calories than you take in on a daily basis because this is what will cause the body to turn to its body fat stores for fuel. For fat loss on the other hand. essentially taking in more than you are burning off each day. In order to build muscle. you will require a surplus of calories. causing you to grow larger and stronger. there are a few very important things to consider.www. As you can see. It’s these excess calories that are then going to be used to help assimilate new muscle tissue. To answer this question.

www. But. then by all means.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. don’t expect your six pack to start showing anytime © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 223 All Rights Reserved .com is opposite of being below. So then the next question you have to ask yourself is whether you are looking to see your abs or build your abs. therefore gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time is pretty much physiologically impossible unless you are very new to working out (in which case. you can definitely obtain that while working to build muscle since that’s the whole point. If you want to actually get the muscles bigger. if you’ve already got a decent amount of body fat covering your abs right now and are working to build muscle. it will sometimes happen for the first little bit while starting a workout and diet program).

Obviously you shouldn’t be gaining pounds of fat along with your muscle. It’s these individuals – the ones who are so scared of even a tiny amount of fat gain. and then focusing on losing body fat second after you’ve obtained the degree of muscle mass you’re going for. Cycling it this way – periods of building muscle with © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 224 All Rights Reserved . If you are so adamant about not gaining any body fat at all. that’s a very rare occurrence. that just wind up spinning their wheels and not seeing any real changes. often you’ll find that you are moving so slowly in terms of gaining muscle that you’re not really making any progress at all. Some individuals figure they can try and build muscle without gaining any fat at all. but aiming for a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio in terms of muscle mass to fat mass gained is a good place to be.www. You’re far better off to just focus on building the muscle first. This is normal and natural. Even if you do everything right. but soon because you’re basically working towards an opposite goal at this point. expect a small amount of fat gain when you build muscle. accepting that you will gain a small amount of body fat.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.

or potentially making very small tweaks in your body in either direction. then chances are you can focus on building muscle and even with the fat you do gain. But for the individual who is already carrying around an extra layer. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 225 All Rights Reserved .www. So. If you are incredibly lean starting periods of losing fat is the surefire strategy to actually seeing good results with your program and not winding up frustrated and throwing in the towel. you’ll still see your six pack (since you do have to gain enough fat in order for the abs to start ‘hiding’). Obviously if you’re perfectly happy at the level of muscle you’re already carrying and are lean. Maintenance is typically easier for most people to do provided they are good at keeping a constant check system on themselves and taking action when they find themselves moving too far in one direction. they will absolutely need to focus on fat loss first if they want to obtain that six pack. hopefully the question of whether you can build muscle while losing fat is now answered and you understand why you should not try and build muscle while getting a six pack at the same time.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. then you will just be maintaining.

you aren’t alone. Many people utter these words as their excuse to why they can’t get a six pack. how much of a six pack is genetic? And if you do really have bad genetics. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 226 All Rights Reserved .16WeeksToSixPackAbs. is this something you can overcome? Let’s look at this a bit more CHAPTER 20 GENETICS: CAN YOU REALLY DEFY IT? Have you ever heard someone say. “I just have really bad genetics”? If so. But.www.

com Metabolic Rate and Genetics First off is your metabolic rate. and then you have individuals who have a much slower metabolism where the problems do tend to come in. While most people will fall into a pretty close range in terms of their metabolic rate (which is based on the amount of lean body mass you have). You have individuals who have a very fast metabolism.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. some people do go to a more extreme end. There are definitely ways you can go about increasing © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 227 All Rights Reserved .www.

There is a lot of variation with the actual appearance © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 228 All Rights Reserved . If you’ve ever looked at two people with clearly defined six packs. Ab Structure and Genetics Moving on.www. then it will be a bit harder for you to get the kind of fat loss you’re looking for to see your six pack abs. there’s a good chance that you’ve been able to spot mild differences between them. some people have very large upper ab muscles while others have smaller upper abs. Likewise. Keep in mind though that it’s just a small handful of people who actually do have medical issues with their thyroid. another thing that genetics will impact is your ab the metabolism through diet and exercise. so don’t be so quick to blame this for your lack of ab definition. Some people have quite large ‘splits’ between their abs – essentially the dividing line is more spaced out than other individuals. but if you actually do have a genetically slow metabolism (known and clinically tested to be hypothyroid). Some individuals tend to have evenly sized ab muscles while other people have abs that range in size across their stomach.

keep that in mind. but even seeing a slight amount of definition will make you feel a lot better about yourself and speak volumes in terms of your dedication and commitment to a good workout and exercise program.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.www. they are likely to wind up only disappointed and upset that they aren’t seeing the results they were going for. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 229 All Rights Reserved . there is a limit to how much you can actually change that appearance. Sometimes people do try and set goals or have a specific image in mind for what they want their abs to look like and it’s actually not really going to be obtainable for them. remember that while genetics might set the absolute limit you can obtain with your abs that does not mean you cannot put forth a very good effort and still get fantastic results. of your abs and while you can definitely build the muscles bigger through weighted ab work. Finally. You may not get cover-model abs. If they keep forcing onwards with their goal. Being realistic with your six pack ab goals will be vital to help ensure that you are going to be capable of getting what you want. CHAPTER 21 SAMPLE SIX PACK AB WORKOUT © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 230 All Rights Reserved .

com © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 231 All Rights Reserved .16WeeksToSixPackAbs.www.

now we come to supplements that are designed to help you get six pack abs. Getting a firmer grasp and understanding over what works and what doesn’t will be vital so you aren’t spending money on products that aren’t really going to do a whole lot for CHAPTER 22 SUPPLEMENTS FOR SIX PACK ABS Moving on.www. If you’ve had the opportunity to walk into any supplement store before you likely already know just how overwhelming it can be when it comes to trying to choose which fat burners you should be using along with which other supplements will aid in your quest to get six pack abs. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 232 All Rights Reserved .

meaning you handle carbohydrates better after eating them. essential fatty acids can also help with nutrient partitioning. Furthermore.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. which means being sure the calories © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 233 All Rights Reserved .www. The only people who don’t need to supplement with fish oil are those who are consuming fatty fish on a very regular basis or are eating flax or flaxseed oil numerous times each day. but it’s also going to help your efforts to get six pack abs because it will increase your insulin sensitivity. Fish Oil First off is fish oil. Getting your required 3-6 grams of essential fatty acids each day is not only going to really promote overall better Here are the supplements that are worth your money.

which is a number of ingredients all combined in one pill (most commercial ‘fat burners’ fall under this © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 234 All Rights Reserved . A Multi-Vitamin Since you are going to be on a reduced calorie intake while trying to obtain six pack you eat go towards your muscle cells rather than the fat cells. for those of you who are rushed for time. a good protein powder supplement is a must.www. But. it’s important to be sure you’re meeting your vitamin and mineral needs. Having a concentrate on hand for around your workouts and a casein on hand for when you’re taking it during the day will help prepare you for times you really need it. Now we come to all the other supplements out there – ones that are targeted towards maximum fat loss. so that’s another supplement you will want to look into. and more commonly you’ll come across supplement ‘stacks’. A good multi-vitamin will help you accomplish this.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Sometimes you’ll come across individual ingredients in supplemental form. you should aim to get the majority of you protein from whole foods. Protein Powder As mention.

category). The thing to keep in mind is often you will pay more for these stack products and they contain a number of ingredients that you don’t really need. So, if price is a concern, many times you’re better off just purchasing the individual ingredient itself, since that’s what will be helping you out the most anyway. These are the ingredients you might want to consider. Caffeine Some studies have demonstrated that caffeine does help increase the rate of fat oxidation in the body as well as boosts the amount of energy you have to workout with. Since how many calories you burn during a workout is tied in with the intensity, it only makes sense this would help. Caffeine also helps reduce hunger in some people, so that’s another added benefit many enjoy. Hoodia Moving on, another supplement many people do find helps them with hunger levels is hoodia gordonii. This is a plant that was used by African hunters to help reduce
© 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 235 All Rights Reserved

hunger on their hunting expeditions so they could stay out longer on their trips. Now, dieters are making use of it and finding it really does reduce hunger levels dramatically. One thing to keep in mind with this though is that if you are noticing its effects quite strongly, it will be critical that you do force yourself to eat the food on your diet. While eating fewer calories is good, you can go too far with this (see the diet section of this guide if you missed that). Ephedra Ephedra has received a great deal of controversy due to some ill-advised people using it and suffering severe consequences with its use. Most commonly it is paired with caffeine (200 mg per 6 mp of ephedra), which tends to produce better effects than just taking the ephedra alone. Ephedra is a nervous system stimulant so it’s going to boost the metabolic rate, increase energy levels, increase alertness, and decrease hunger. Do note though that it is very, very important that you
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start off on a low dose on this and do not go over the recommended dose. Some people do react negatively to this so you need to see how you feel. Furthermore, if you have any type of heart issues at all, this supplement should not be taken. Also, be sure you do see your doctor before starting this supplement to ensure it is safe for you to be taking if you choose to do so. Many of the reported negative cases associated with its use were in people who shouldn’t have been taking it in the first place or were taking a dose that was much higher than recommended.
This is not a supplement you want to mess around with.

Yohimbe Finally, the last supplement you may want to give some thought to is yohimbe. Note that yohimbe should never ever be taken with ephedra though. Yohimbe acts as a vasodilator in the body, therefore increasing blood flow to all of the tissues. This then helps with fat mobilization, especially of stubborn fat, so can be beneficial when you’re getting down to those few last pounds that just do not want to move.

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So, keep these supplements in mind. It is very important to always remember though that no supplement is ever going to make you ‘burn fat’. You burn the fat through hard work; the supplement only makes the work easier for you (reducing your hunger levels so you can stick with the diet easier, boosting energy so you don’t skip workouts, etc). If you take a fat loss supplement and then sit on the couch and proceed to eat way too much food, don’t think you’re miraculously going to lose body fat. It doesn’t work that way and any supplement company who claims it does is blatantly lying to you. Your best bet would probably be to start off using the first three supplements above, combined with a proper diet and exercise program. See what kind of results you’re getting and then potentially decide to include one of the others on the list. Supplements should always supplement a good diet and exercise program – that’s why they’re named the way they are.

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com CHAPTER 23 OUTSIDE FACTORS THAT PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING A SIX PACK Now it’s time to look at some of the outside factors that might come into play. While diet and exercise are going to play the biggest role in the progress you make towards your six pack.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. preventing you from getting the six pack you’re going for. Here are some you need to know. Sleep Sleep is a big issue because when you are low on sleep. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 240 All Rights Reserved .www. or do the opposite and hold you back. there are some lifestyle factors that can take you to that next step as far as muscle definition is concerned.

you’ll virtually be on a continual cycle of binging on high carb foods to try and get the energy you’re missing. so that’s another issue that will cause ongoing problems. will encourage body fat accumulation in the stomach area.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. you can’t go quitting that © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 241 All Rights Reserved .com the body tends to secrete a higher amount of cortisol. Secondly. which as we already saw. the chances are also higher than you’re going to crave carbohydrate rich foods. when you are low on sleep. This is your body sensing fatigue and looking for the next best thing to sleep for energy – fast releasing simple carbohydrates. You’ve probably experienced this after going to work one day on not enough sleep – you couldn’t reach for that box of donuts fast enough.www. Stress Like sleep. making it harder than ever before to stick with your diet. Obviously there are some factors you cannot control – if you have a high stressful job. high levels of stress also cause the secretion of cortisol levels in the body. When you’re continually not getting enough sleep in your day.

this does tend to be very hard on the body when it’s ongoing and long-term. or even doing an activity that you really thoroughly enjoy can help bring stress levels down and help reduce this cortisol response in the just to decrease the stress you experience. But what you can do is take measures that will help decrease your stress levels over time so it’s more manageable. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 242 All Rights Reserved . performing more stress reducing activities such as yoga or meditation. Little things such as learning to say no to obligations that you don’t really need to be doing.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Many disease states have been linked to stress levels so looking after this is an important thing both in the short term and over the long run. Further. with the issue of stress itself.www.

© 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 243 All Rights Reserved .www. Getting this under control is one of the top things you can do with your overall ‘lifestyle’ in order to promote better health and get closer to reaching your six pack. they might be having a negative influence on you. chances are you will join them. Are they involved in health and fitness? Do they frequently look for active pursuits to take part in and watch the foods they are eating? If not. bringing levels back down to a more normal range.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. Your Daily Interactions Another thing that will definitely impact the results you get is who you are in contact with on a regular basis. have difficulty recovering from your workout sessions. Stress is a big aspect of many people’s lives and unfortunately we aren’t currently doing enough to try and control If you are highly stressed out all the time you are going to feel more overrun. Have a good look at the people you hang around with. and will not have as much energy for the workouts themselves. If your closest group of friends is much more interested in sitting in front of the TV most nights snacking on high calorie items.

com While you can deny yourself of the food they are eating for so long. Find a healthy balance between two groups of people. simply that you should try and be around people who are more often.when they talk negatively about your exercise or eating habits and one you will need to address if you ever come across it. This is more the case though when the individual in question is really not supporting their own personal goals and actually trying to hinder their progress. That’s a bigger issue . As long as you’re able to maintain that and not let those more inactive friends impact you. Now. PAGE | 244 © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca All Rights Reserved .www.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. An Erratic Lifestyle Finally. There does come a point in some people’s lives where they do need to evaluate which people are toxic and consider spending a lot less time with them. at one point or another it’s fairly likely you will indulge as well. the last factor that can have an impact on the results you get is if you have a very erratic lifestyle. I’m not saying you should go ‘dumping’ anyone who isn’t doing a lot of exercise. you should be fine.

Obviously if you enjoy a more non-routine lifestyle that’s not something you’re just going to get up and If you’re the type of person who ‘fly’s by the seat of his or her pants’ and never really knows what’s happening one day after the next. Individuals in this situation tend to be more sporadic with their efforts and since getting a six pack is highly dependent on being consistent with your workouts and diet program. The more you can surround yourself with like-minded people and include positive habits in your day that promote getting a six pack.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. you’re likely going to struggle a bit more when it comes to sticking with your workouts and diet program. the greater chance you stand of getting that six pack you want so badly. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 245 All Rights Reserved . but really making an intense effort to be sure you are setting aside a regular time for your workouts and at least planning a couple of the meals out of your day will go a long ways towards helping you see better progress. you can clearly see how this will hinder your results. keep these points in mind. So.

that needs to be the CHAPTER 24 MAINTAINING YOUR SIX PACK – IT DOES GET EASIER Now. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 246 All Rights Reserved .16WeeksToSixPackAbs. So many people are all too focused with just getting there – and with good reason. one issue that many people overlook with the process of getting abs entirely is what happens after you obtain your goal.

© 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 247 All Rights Reserved . keeping in mind what you’ll need to do after getting your six pack is also important unless you want them to be a one-time occurrence that doesn’t stick with you for the long But. Dietary Changes First up are dietary changes. you can increase your calorie intake slightly so you are more on par with maintenance levels.www. Since you are no longer looking to lose body fat. Some people will choose to increase their daily calorie intake while others will choose to keep on a more strict diet during the week but then relax a bit more on the weekends and allow for dietary freedom.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.

© 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 248 All Rights Reserved Whatever method you choose should work but you do need to constantly be monitoring where you’re sitting.

cut back for the next week or two. then obviously you would want to see the scale moving up – just make sure it’s doing so slowly so you’re getting more muscle gain and less fat gain.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. keep constant checks on yourself. If you gain a pound or two. Instead. The absolute worst thing you can do is let yourself slide for too long. adopt some really bad habits.www. Keeping a 3 pound weight range in either direction will help ensure that you are staying where you need to Those that are most successful with maintaining their six pack are those who start taking action immediately if they see themselves gaining weight back. Again. 3 pounds shouldn’t overly effect the appearance of your abs. you can choose to cut back on the amount of © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 249 All Rights Reserved . so if you abide by this you should always be seeing that six pack. The one exception to this is if you are purposely aiming to gain more muscle mass. and really set yourself back far. Exercise Adjustments Next you have exercise adjustments after getting your six pack abs. since you aren’t going to need that large calorie deficit.

You should. that may be a bit too much at once and you could find yourself gaining weight.www. cardio you’re doing if you wish. Always make small adjustments at a time and see how you do. which keeps you burning calories 24/7. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 250 All Rights Reserved . Keep in mind though that if you add more food and cut back on cardio. That will help insure you don’t gain back unwanted weight and wind up in a situation you’re not comfortable with.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. be maintaining your weight lifting program as that’s what will keep the metabolism higher in the long run and help you maintain the current muscle you have.

www. keep these points in mind after you are sporting your new six pack. It’s just learning your body and knowing when you’ve gone too far and exactly what to do to get things back in order once again. you will definitely have an easier time maintaining that six pack than you did originally getting it. if you do watch yourself and take action the minute you see yourself falling by the wayside. This will mostly be due to water weight gain and stored muscle glycogen. you can do that – by up to ½. so try not to get overly worried about that if it does happen. Typically. As your body adapts to the more maintenance-like intake with a moderate level of carbohydrates. So. but be sure that intensity is still there. you can expect to see some weight gain coming on initially after moving to a more mixed If you want to cut back on volume. One thing you should keep in mind though is that if you have been using a lower carbohydrate approach to your diet.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. you should see this water weight drop once again and you’ll return to where you left off after the diet was finished. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 251 All Rights Reserved .

Understanding the best ways to go about monitoring © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 252 All Rights Reserved . When progress stops.www.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. that’s when people typically get antsy and their dedication to the program starts to fall short. When you see CHAPTER 25 MONITORING YOUR PROGRESS No six pack ab book would be complete without some type of talk about the best way to go about measuring your progress. pushing you further and further towards success. you typically get motivated and it is this higher level of motivation that’s going to help drive you to keep going on your plan.

see a five pound weight gain. your body weight can be impacted by a number of factors. Both of these are very high in sodium and will cause water retention.www. Keeping all the factors that can affect the scale in mind will help you put this into perspective. Body Fat Scales Much better is to have a body fat reading your progress then will be important. and you’re devastated. Little did you take into consideration the fact that you just happened to eat a stir fry that was doused in soy sauce for lunch the previous day as well as ½ cup of salsa on top of your can of tuna before bed. You step on the scale on day. Does that mean you have gained back the fat you lost? Definitely not. Scales As mentioned briefly before. This is a little less practical though since they are not quite as readily © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 253 All Rights Reserved . It’s important to weigh yourself regularly to spot trends with the scale – if it’s constantly creeping upwards you know action needs to be taken asap. therefore using the scale as a single gauge of progress is not a very good plan.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. but weighing yourself daily and obsessing over that number is going to do no one any good.

recent exercise sessions. Therefore. This is where they use a scanning system to determine which proportion of your body is fat mass and what proportion is lean mass. or else having a DEXO or ‘Bod Pod’ test taken. I would recommend using underwater weighing (typically available at your local university). Try and stay away from those hand held devices that measure body fat levels as they are notoriously off base and aren’t really going to give you all that great of an indication what’s going on. incoming food or fluid © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 254 All Rights Reserved . at the very least you are looking to minimize the amount of muscle mass loss you experience so you can keep that metabolic rate revved.www. If you are going to look into getting a body fat test done. In an ideal world all you would be losing is body fat (unfortunately we are not in an ideal world though and this is highly unlikely). Body fat readings though are highly more effective because it will allow you to see what portion of the weight loss you experienced was muscle and what portion was available as weight scales are.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. They too are heavily swayed by such things as water weight.

This can be a decent way to measure body fat. Since this can vary from person to person. which obviously is nowhere near accurate assuming you are taking them within a week’s time span.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. use © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 255 All Rights Reserved . A final option as far as body fat measurements go is calipers. but you want to make sure that you’re getting the same person to do it each time (since different techniques can impact the reading). and you’ll also want to be sure that you take the arrived at percentage as a guideline. It’s not unusual to see them fluctuate by as much as 5% between readings. indicating movement upwards or downwards to show progress rather than a direct determinant of body intake. This is a handheld device that is used to ‘pinch’ certain areas of the body in order to determine how much body fat you currently have. they still don’t really take into full account the interval amount of body fat you have (subcutaneous fat is measured and then plugged into an equation meant to represent body fat levels). It’s key to do this because of the fact that while this measurements are a little more accurate than the hand held devices.www. time of the month. etc. again.

good. you will stand a much better chance of getting a clear sense where you stand and will be much less likely to lose your motivation with your workout program. Use them both while you are working towards getting a set of six pack abs as well as while you are trying to maintain your six pack.www. but again.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. if it’s going up. then you might need to reconsider your workout and diet program. keep these measurement techniques in mind. but you can generally see in the mirror how you’re body is looking and will be able to tell if you’re gaining body fat mass. So. Obviously water weight and bloat will still affect this. looking for trends over the long-term can definitely make the picture more clear for you. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 256 All Rights Reserved . If you see the number going down. The Mirror Finally the last way you can measure your body fat is by simply looking in the mirror. By tracking your progress properly. This isn’t going to give you a number per this as a rough estimate. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 257 All Rights Reserved .16WeeksToSixPackAbs.

© 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 258 All Rights Reserved . as well as getting real about your workout and diet program. you’re going to have to work really hard to get yourself there – both getting into that CHAPTER 26 THE SIX PACK MINDSET DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? To wrap up this guide on the six pack we come to the six pack mindset. There are those who have a six pack mindset. So what is the six pack mindset? • Determination.www. If you don’t. and those that clearly do not.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.

To reach this fitness goal.www. Individuals who think they can just flip a switch and in © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 259 All Rights Reserved . chances are you’re really going to struggle. • Persistence. • Compromise. All are words that have been used to describe individuals who are successful in their attempt to get six pack abs. • Organization. • Intensity. Getting six pack abs doesn’t come easy for most people and the sooner you can accept this and understand that you are going to have to put in the time and work. you really do have to have a certain type of work ethnic. If you don’t. • Commitment. • Self-Monitoring. the closer you’ll be to actually reaching that • Dedication. • Self-Control.

it’s going to take some time to diet down to a level where the six pack muscles begin to show through and you see the results you’re looking a matter of weeks they’ll be sporting a six pack are highly mistaken. it’s getting those habits developed in the first place where most people struggle. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 260 All Rights Reserved . Unless it’s the case that you’re already incredibly lean to start with.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. While as you progress through your program and form habits that are more conducive to getting a six pack it will become easier for you to stick with it (since good habits definitely go a long way towards your maintaining good results).www.

that’s exactly where you want to be. Once you develop the ‘six pack mindset’. you’ve past the hump and things will feel more natural. it becomes a lot easier and they often find that they are almost ‘carried on’ by the habits they have formed. After they cross that barrier. If you can get yourself to this spot. After that. find it within yourself – prepare yourself psychologically for a bit of a battle.www. you’re going to be right on track to your own set of six pack abs. As you’ve likely heard most people say when describing a habit they have formed. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 261 All Rights Reserved . So. Attack hard with sheer determination that you will get through the first two weeks. and then attack.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. It’s the hardest part. the first two weeks were the You’ve got to push yourself through those first few weeks to really bust that initial plateau.

R. He lives with his wife Sara in New Jersey with his beloved cats. He has the rare distinction of having more subscribers than Oprah ARNEL BIO Arnel Ricafranca. television. and radio stations. B.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. growing by over 2 million views per month. Arnel Ricafranca has been featured in several magazines. He is also one of the biggest youtube fitness celebrities online with over 40 million video views.O.E Certified is a world renowned fitness professional. C. Roxy and Marley and a miniture Yorkie called Buster. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 262 All Rights Reserved . He is the founder of one of the biggest six pack ab membership sites on the internet.

the real truth about getting six pack abs. please contact arnel by using the contact form on Attention media: If you would like to interview Arnel wants to cut through the hype. and deceptions in the weight loss and fitness industry. lies. © 2009 Arnel Ricafranca PAGE | 263 All Rights Reserved .www. His goal is to clear the myths and help you get the six pack abs you deserve.16WeeksToSixPackAbs. You have in your hands.16WeeksToSixPackAbs.