Dominica Update: September, 2007

Ephesians 5:1-2 Therefore be imitators of God as dear children. And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma.

These verses remind me of the standard by which God wants to measure His children. Often our flesh realizes the impossibility of God’s command and contents itself with setting a more achievable standard. However, God would not command what is impossible. The key is found in the second verse. We, in following Christ’s example, must learn more and more to give ourselves as an offering and sacrifice to God. That kind of self sacrifice and complete submission to God and His Word is very painful for the flesh. Without it, however, Christ could not have purchased our salvation. And unfortunately, without it, those God has placed in our circle of influence may also never see His salvation. Do you really love God “more than these”? Ambassador Camps: Much labor and prayer went into this year’s camp ministry. As with any ministry, we don’t want to be beating the air just to have a ministry but desire more than anything to see the Lord produce, both in the staff and in those lives for whom we are laboring, eternal fruit. We were looking forward to a good group of campers and were more active in our recruiting than in the past. We even had a good number of “confirmations” just the Saturday before the opening of camp on Monday. However, we also prayed that the Lord would govern the final number. The Lord sent us only 10 campers (not including our children or the teens on the team from Hampton Park). Four of them were not named on our recruiting sheet and three of the four were from Marigot. We have been able to continue ministering to several of them for which we thank the Lord for His answered prayer. At least one made a profession of faith. His name is Glendell and is the brother of Curtley. Curtley has lived with us for about a year and has a great burden for his family’s salvation. Pray also for the salvation of Al and Ferdine and their families who live near the church in Marigot and for Shane who attends our church. A team of 16 from Hampton Park Baptist Church, led by Jeremy McMorris, Kendall Harris, and Tom & Kris Erkens ministered with us and to us. We thank the Lord for their sacrifice to Him and His using them to bring glory to His Name. The Open Bible Church of Marigot: We clearly see the Lord’s hand in the church ministry. A number of people continue to attend from time to time and we often have visitors in our services. Just last week a man named Alan stopped me in Roseau and told me he has stayed outside several times to hear me preach and liked the way I carefully taught the Bible. He came to the next Sunday evening service, and after the service ended he told me he wanted to be a part of our congregation. I explained to him that joining the church was not as important as his receiving Christ as the Savior of his sins and spent the next several minutes sharing the

gospel with him. He did not immediately receive the Lord as his Savior but promised that when he was alone that night he would pray to Jesus. It has been just over a week now, and I have not seen him since that night but have prayed often for him. I pray he will not join the crowd of people who have the seed of the gospel stolen by the enemy. Pray it may not be so. Omar and Bernicia popped in as I began my sermon this past Sunday. I was preaching on Ephesians 5:1-7, (hence the verses at the top), focusing on the immoral nature of the godless society in which we live and which influences Christians more than we would like to admit. After the service the couple asked me to pray for them because they had been fighting lately. Omar said they have been lovers for four years and were about to get engaged. I spoke with them for a few minutes and prayed that the Lord would help them to seek Him for the needs in their lives. Finally, our open air service in the community gives us the opportunity to proclaim the gospel by way of loud speakers. These services provide an opportunity for us to meet those who are interested in the gospel and deal one on one with them. This past week, after not having a meeting for several weeks, the Lord gave us a good number of inquisitive souls to preach to. Four stayed after the service with questions, and we were able to share God’s Word with them further. Though some had other theological questions, we were careful to focus on their main need – the salvation of their souls from sin. They are Peter, Matthew, Luke, and Connie. And finally (if Paul can do it …) a man came in at the end of our Youth meeting Friday night asking some theological questions and asking me to visit his home to talk further. It is nice when people ask you to visit them to talk about the Bible. We gave him a lift home, and he told us to stop at Scotland Yard. Indeed, his name is Scotland and he does have a yard. Thank you again for your prayers for us and for these precious souls. As you can see, the Lord is answering our prayers to draw people to Himself as we seek to lift Him up in our lives and in His work. It will become clear that some of these will fall prey to the Devil as he steals away the seed, but we keep scattering the seed anyway. For some will bear the fruit of repentance and by the grace of God will “believe to the saving of [their] souls.” God has burdened some of you to support us not only with your prayers but also with your gifts which He uses to provide our needs. Thank you for your ministry to the Lord on our behalf. Joyfully Serving Christ, Tony Cornelius
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