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Dominica Update

July 2010
Support Ticker 68.09% Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ, I would like to begin by thanking each one of you who have lifted us up before the throne of God. Do not stop praying! The Lord will answer your prayers in a way that will bring honor and glory to His Name. I know that it is the Lord's will we are prolonged in returning to Dominica. I believe He is doing a work in my heart to better equip me to continue the work He has for my family and me to accomplish. At times I have become frustrated with the Lord and worried about what people will think about our being in the States for over a year. I need to learn several things, and I ask that you will pray with me about them. These are things the Lord has taught me before but things I need to learn again and better. First, I need to come to the point where I trust the Lord's wisdom and timing without question or qualification. This I know with my head but it needs to become the instinctive reaction of my heart. Second, I need to learn to keep my eyes only on Him and yield completely to His expectations for me; not on the either real of perceived expectations of others. Third, I need to learn to shut out every distraction around me and focus completely on serving my Lord knowing that He has sovereignly ordered my steps both here in the States and in Dominica. Please pray with me about these things. The Lord will provide for us to do His will. He has promised He would, and I know He keeps His promises. We thank God for each one of you. You have labored with us before the throne of God and many of you have given out of your necessity an offering to God that is a sweet smelling savor to Him. Those who have graciously hosted us the past several months; thank you and may God bless you all. Your missionaries for Christ's sake, Tony for the Corneliuses and Open Bible Church believers.
Tony & Martha Cornelius 195 Montverde Dr Greenville SC 29609 Cell 864 350-5868

Safety for over 13,000 miles driven this year. Sharing the ministry in 26 churches this year.

Provision of meetings to share the work as it is the Lord's will. That believers back in Dominica will remain faithful to the Lord.

Prayer Focus
Mother's To Be!

My Life Verses Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.

Both Martha and Nicky are planning to have their babies soon. Martha is due the end of this month and Nicky is due in September. Axel and Nicky Auguiste are leading the Open Bible Church in our absence. This will be Nicky's first child and Martha's eighth. Pray that, as it pleases the Lord, they will have safe deliveries and healthy babies.