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Professional Summary  A seasoned IT professional around 4+years of progressive experience in the area of SAP BW/BI Experience Summary  Currently working as SAP BW Consultant in Source Code India Pvt Ltd (Mumbai)  SAP BW Expertise  Expertise includes complete life cycle implementation in SAP BIW module, which includes Data Modeling, Data Extraction (LO Cockpit, Generic and Flat File extraction), Data Loading (Full /Delta Up-Load), Scheduling, Monitoring, Report generation and Production Support.  Created and maintained Info Objects, Data Sources, Info Sources, and Info Cubes, ODS objects, Communication structures, Transfer structures, Transfer rules, Update rules, Info packages and scheduling the data requests.  Expertise in Report Generation - Worked extensively on BEX Analyzer in building Queries and saving in Workbooks (Excel work sheets) and created Custom Queries using Conditions, Exceptions, & Structures and RRI (Report to Report Interface).  Performance tuning using Aggregates, Rollups, Cube Compression, Index Maintenance and Partitioning to achieve best possible performance.  Good knowledge on BI.7  Migrates the datasource 3.5 to 7.0,  Exetensively Knowledge in Data warehousing Work Bench,Types of DSO´s ,Extended functions of Info Sets,MultiProviders,Open hub destination,Remedeling,Repartitioning,  APD (Data mining tool)  Extensively involved in Process Chains,Virtual Provider and Remote access to Master data AND transaction data ,  Extensively Worked with Bex Query Designer ,Bex Web Applications Designer, Bex Analyzer.  Involved in (IP) Intergrated Plainning

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 Extracted data from generic data sources and LO Cockpit.COM (computers) form S.  Created Info objects. info cubes and update rules.SAP BW Consultant y Soft Skills  Excellent Communication and Interpersonal Skills.K University  MBA (Marketing) from OU Work Experience  Working as Software Engineer in Source Code India Pvt Ltd.6C. Project Experience  Involved in gathering the user requirements by conducting interviews with end users to design flat files and reports. Info sources.  Extracted data from flat files and R/3 to BW. C++. and 3. 4.  Extensively involved in data extraction from SAP R/3 . Windows XP and UNIX C. and ABAP/4 Oracle 9i.7 SAP BW.  Created Process Chains.5. 3.  Involved in Full/Delta upload of Logistic data from SAP R/3  Involved in performance tuning of BW Business Objects  Involved in creation of Info Source and Data Source for Generic Extraction  Formatted Filter cell and Resulted area in the report according to user requirements Page 2 of 5 .  Created Workbooks according to the user requirement.  Worked as SAP BW Consultant in Fujitsu.  Have demonstrated skills in interacting with programmers and Basis consultants. Noida from Aug¶05 to Feb¶08. Mumbai from Mar ¶08 to till date. Educational Qualification  B. Technical skills Operating System: Languages: RDBMS: ERP: Data Warehouse: Windows 9x/NT. MS Access SAP R/3 4.  Extensively involved in Query Designing and report generating using BEx Analyzer. Core Java. Windows 2000.1C. Scheduled and monitored them periodically. transfer rules.

Inc. Communications Structures. enterprise computing and storage products and embedded subsystems In addition to its core distribution services. Project # 2 Client Duration Designation Environment : Conagra : Dec 06 ± Febµ08. Avnet markets. Variables and Query variants using BEx Analyzer.  Generated and Maintained Aggregates and Rollup activities on SD & MM Info Cubes as part of the Info Cube Management.  Modified existing queries on various Info Cubes related to SD and MM and also developed specific Queries based on user requirements. Free Characteristics. texts and hierarchies and transactional data (full and delta) using LO extractors and generic extraction for customer-defined tables. adds value and creates demand for the products of the world's leading electronic component suppliers.  Worked on Procurement Cube (0PUR_C01) to enhance the BC with specific requirement to the clients Business Process. Restricted Key Figures.SAP BW Consultant Project #3 Implementation Client Duration Role : Avnet.  Developed various data extraction procedures for master data (full and delta load) for attributes. OD objects and Info Cubes. Transfer Rules and Update Rules for Info Sources. : Mar 2008 to till date. enterprise computing manufacturers and embedded subsystem providers. : SAP BW Consultant Client Description: Avnet is one of the world's largest industrial distributors of electronic parts. distribution and services companies Roles and Responsibilities: Working as SAP-BW Consultant. : SAP BW Consultant : SAP BW. Filters. and one of the world's largest technology marketing.  Done ODS reporting to give details of delivery items and schedule line items. Business Explorer on Win NT Production Support Client Description: Page 3 of 5 .  Created and Maintained Transfer Structure.3 billion operating group of Avnet. Structures. With sales in more than 73 countries Avnet Electronics Marketing is a $10. Extensively worked on Query building.

Chef Boyardee. Hunt¶s and Banquet. households and 26 are ranked first or second in their category.  Interfacing with the users for clarifying queries regarding tickets posted by him.  Involved in handling incidents regarding extractions. Monitoring of info packages and analyzing the reasons for frequent failures of info packages. ConAgra Foods also has a very significant presence in commercial food products and is one of the nation¶s leading specialty potato providers to restaurants and other foodservice establishments Role and Responsibilities: Worked as SAP-BW Consultant Worked with the RSMO in solving the data load errors. among others. Egg Beaters. Involved in monitoring the info package groups and process chains. : Associate Consultant Implementation Role and Responsibilities:  Performed analysis. Involved in solving high-prioritized tickets regarding extractions and load failures. design. including: Healthy Choice. Page 4 of 5 .     Project #1 Client Duration Designation : Pelican : Aug 05 to Nov¶ 06.  Daily monitoring of Info cubes and ODS object requests.SAP BW Consultant ConAgra Foods is a leading branded foods company and is the trusted name behind many leading brands.  Maintaining Work History for all the incidents until it is closed down.  Resolved customer reported incidents through email and phone. development and implementation of standard/ customized Info Cubes and ODS Objects for MM and SD modules. Performance Issues and also load failures like monitoring of Info packages and analyzing the reasons for frequent failures of Info packages.S. ConAgra¶s consumer brands are found in 98% of U.  Maintaining Work History for all the tickets until it is closed down.  Inform super users when reported data is incorrect/not up-to-date and provide instructions what actions to take. Hebrew National.

Installed relevant SAP business content. info sources. data sources.  Worked on Procurement reports. info packages and scheduling the data requests. transfer structures.  Data loading was monitored and the failed data packets were analyzed. transfer rules. Page 5 of 5 . communication structures.  Written transfer routines and update routines.  Worked extensively on standard and custom defined LO extractors.  Created Multiproviders to increase the performance. update rules.SAP BW Consultant  Created & maintained info Objects. aggregates.  Involved in performance tuning by creating indexes.