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We offer a wide range of products for each speciality: Radiology Nuclear Medicine and PET Mammography Computerized Tomography (CT) Ultrasound Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Surgical mobiles (C-Arms) Cardiovascular… Patient Transfer Mattress "Rollboard" A light and rigid mattress with a low friction auto-rolling fabric. This enables patient to be transferred from bed to trolley with minimum effort from the staff. (Addresses and phone numbers on the back of this catalogue) Happy Reading ! Rollboard non-folding Mattress 2F06847 .“my favourite products” for an express order . Set of can see what is in stock when you order • Save time : faster deliveries due to automatic order processing . It includes four replacement pads. Code 2H09377 .Real time product availability .Customised order tracking online .E8500AF Width: 10cm.E11811P Length: 180 need to search again . The mounting device is NOT included (2H09378). Width: 50cm Large security strap with Velcro® For ECT table and black carbon fibre tables. Cerebral tomography headholder For ECT table and black carbon fibre tables. Length: 173cm.with priority given to web orders. Width: 50 cm Accessories online .E11811PD Length: 82cm. or if you have any questions. Code 2G09361 . please do not hesitate to contact us.from despatch to receipt of goods To take advantage of all these benefits.Proactive tracking of your order using 2 e-mail confirmations: Confirmation of receipt of your order Confirmation of despatch of goods to you . four Velcro strips and two head security straps.Customise your "shopping cart" for repeat orders . the world leader in Medical Imaging.N u c l e a r M e d i c i n e We have carefully selected a large number of products aimed at the professionals of Nuclear Medicine and we are sure you will enjoy reading through this catalogue. with a powerful search engine to find the product you need.why ? Our website www.E8500DA 2 . GEMS Accessories & Supplies is specialised in consumables and gives you the opportunity to place an online order at any time (24hs a day. 7 days a week).E11811PA Length: 180 cm. • Ease of use and convenience for your order management . • As a registered user you will find the following functions helpful: . it also offers a lot more : • A global range of accessories and consumables related to medical imaging : over 6000 references online. P A T I E N T P O S I T I O N I N G GEMS Accessories & Supplies As part of General Electric Medical Systems. Width : 50 cm Rollboard Mini-Gym Mattress 2F01014 . Rollboard folding Mattress 2F06846 . GEMS Accessories & Supplies is EN46002 and ISO 9002 certified and all of our products are CE marked.

the elliptical Lung-Spine Body Phantom and the Anthropomorphic Torso Phantom. Recommended with Optima Systems. Cardiac Insert with Solid / Fillable Defect Set™ Simulates normal and abnormal myocardial uptake and radioactivity in left ventricular chamber. 11. SPECIFICATIONS: • "Ventricle" overall length 9. Code 2H09378 . Code 2G08222 .1cm • "Myocardium" thickness 1.3cm • "Ventricle" overall diameter 6. Includes two of each 13. 6.0cm • "Myocardium" volume 110ml • "Ventricle" volume 60ml Kit of foam wedges Kit of 12 uncoated wedges. NE W! Replacement ring wedges For cerebral tomography headholder.7. 19.E8500NA Dimensions: 46x35. 7. Only for black carbon table.E8003C Please contact us for additional patient positioning products! We can offer you all products dedicated to GE installations.7cm • Cylinder inside diameter: 21.E8500DB I M A G E Q U A L I T Y Phantom Deluxe Jasjczak™ For use with high to very high spatial resolution SPECT and PET systems.8mm • Height of centre of spheres from base plate: 12.9. Weight: 1 kg 2J09900 .8cm • Solid sphere diameters: 9.E8500DG SPECIFICATIONS: • Rod diameters: 4. 15. Constructed of high density polyethylene it is durable and easily cleaned.E63221DB Model ECT/CAR/I 3 . Fillable inserts can be used to simulate transmural and non transmural cold or hot abnormalities.2mm Code "R-Made" Armrest This armrest has been designed to eliminate motion artefacts caused by the discomfort and pain of prolonged hyper extension during cardiac SPECT or other imaging procedures.6cm • Cylinder wall thickness: 3. Designed to be used with the circular and elliptical cylinders. Code 2H09383 .5°.E63221DA Model ECT/DLX/P For more specifications.6cm • Cylinder inside height: 18. 21° and 27° wedges and four of 45° wedges.8.4. 25. Set of twenty-four wedges (twelve pairs) per box.5. Code 2H09401 .4 and 31. Solid inserts simulate transmural and non-transmural cold abnormalities.Mounting panel for cerebral tomography headholder Includes two sets of pads.5x20cm. Code 2J09901 .1 and 12. please contact us.7mm • Height of rods: 8.9.1. 12. 19°.

E85071AF Designation External dim. can be very easily decontaminated and do not deteriorate. The shielded glove boxes are made of hygienic material without seams. Work Space 520x450x450mm Pass-through 250x150x250mm 250x300x250mm 2R (2 gloves) 900x600x1550mm 2E01901 .E11061GL 34x62mm 6kg 27mm 4 . tagging and measuring operations. FDG syringe shield These tungsten syringe shields with a sliding shielded cover improve the protection for the operators from exposure to high-energy radiation as emitted by the iodine 131 (360keV).E11061GK 10 N ! EW FDG shielded glove boxes CORIAN® Evolution These ventilated shielded boxes allow safe handling of high energy isotopes (up to 511keV) during sharing. Code 2E01900 . Oxygen 15.N u c l e a r M e d i c i n e P E T A C C E S S O R I E S For more specifications. For more specifications. Code 2E01905 .E11061GH 10 2E01907 .E11061GM 4R (4 gloves) 1920x560x1500mm 1550x480x400 mm Both models are available in Class 100 with laminar airflow system. Code Maximum inside dimensions Weight Diameter of the adaptor 2E01902 .in particular on the syringe's piston side.E11061GJ CC Length 5 5 65 mm 68 mm 65 mm 83 mm Ø Weight Option Without lead window Without lead window 8mm thick lead glass window 8mm thick lead glass window 15mm 710 g 20mm 830 g 15mm 700 g 20mm 820 g 2E01904 . Carbon 11 (511keV) . FDG transport container The tungsten FDG transport containers allow safe handling of the FDG vials during the different operations of transport and storage in order to protect both the operator and the environment from the contamination and exposure of the isotope radiation. please contact us. please contact us. the Fluoride 18. Material CORIAN®. The container is perfectly protected from leaks and features a locking system with a security screw.E11061GE 2E01906 . Designed to protect the operator from both contamination and high-energy radiation.

2 and the inside of the holder is coated white to provide easy reading of the syringe contents. Code 2E01390 .E85041AC 2E01044 . Protection by use of acrylic 10 mm thick push-button fixing system.5 2E01045 .E85051AF 2. The bevelled shape and tip give optimum control during venipuncture.E85041AA 2E01041 .5 2E01054 .E85051AK 10 Replacement kit for syringe shields These replacement kits contain lead glass and glue to repair your syringe shields. this syringe shield allows easy manipulation of the dose. The lead glass viewing panel has a density of 5. 4 pivoting casters and is made of CORIAN®.by using the manually activated remote system behind a protective screen. Code 2E01050 .E85051AC 2E01053 . The syringe shield features a screw fixing system.E85051AG 2. The product features a stainless steel frame trolley.E85051AN .E11061GR 800x500x1000mm 2E01391 . 2E01055 . 2E01043 . The syringe shield is vertically introduced. Strong and stainless.E85051AL for syringe shields 2E01050 to 2E01055 2E01060 to 2E01065 2E01070 to 2E01075 5 Code Outside dimensions (LxWxH) 2E01910 .E85051AD CC 1 2 3 5 Length 75 mm 52 mm 58 mm 60 mm 65 mm 83 mm internal Ø Weight 8.S Y R I N G E S H I E L D S Tungsten syringe shield Due to its high capability for inhibiting gamma rays. tungsten provides efficient protection with less thickness than any other material.E85051AB 2E01052 . Manual remote-controlled FDG injection shielded system Code CC 1 2 3 5 Length 75 mm 52 mm 58 mm 60 mm 65 mm 68 mm internal Ø Weight 8.5mm 12mm 12mm 12mm 15mm 20mm 95 g 90 g 122 g 130 g 165 g 210 g FDG transport trolley The transport trolley with an added lead protection is designed to reduce the contact of the doses for the operators and their environment when carrying radioactive products to their place of use. This protection (30mm lead equivalent) reduces the residual equivalent dose rate by a factor of 200.E85051AM 2E01392 .E85041AB 2E01042 .E85051AA 2E01051 .5mm 12mm 12mm 12mm 15mm 20mm 50 g 42 g 48 g 54 g 60 g 80 g NE W! 2E01040 .E85071AE 680x500x970mm 45kg Acrylic syringe shield for beta rays These clear acrylic beta shields allow 360° degree viewing of the syringe contents while providing maximum beta-ray protection for the user.E85051AH The manual remote-controlled FDG injection shielded system protects the operators during the isotope injection introduced via a catheter .E85051AE 10 Code Outside Dimensions (LxWxH) Weight 2E01903 . The easy to handle 3mm thick tungsten syringe holder is tapered at the needle end to provide maximum venipuncture accuracy.

E11061GT 2E01914 .5 mm 12 mm 12 mm 12 mm 15 mm 20 mm 475 g 340 g 410 g 450 g 580 g 745 g Table top shield The clear table top shield protects the head and chest from radiation during manipulation of radioactive materials. Code 2E01060 .E85071AB 2E01072 .E11061GX 6 .E85071AA 2E01074 .N u c l e a r M e d i c i n e New design syringe shield The "ISO-SAFE" syringe holder has been specifically designed to provide comfort.E85071AC 2E01073 . Push-button fixing system.E85001AE 300x200mm 80mm 580x620x1480mm 130kg 2E01065 .E85001AB 2E01011 .E85071AP 2E01071 . Flat protected working area: 400 x 400 mm Vertical solid protected area: 300 x 400 mm Lead glass viewing area on 15 degree angle: 300 x 400 mm Code Screen thickness (pb) 5mm 10mm 20mm 30mm 60mm Window thickness (lead glass) 8mm 24mm 40mm 64mm 104 mm 2E01010 . fluorine 18.E85061AA 2E01061 .E85061AD CC 1 2 3 5 Length 75 mm 52 mm 58 mm 60 mm 65 mm 68 mm interna Ø Weight 8. oxygen 15.5 3 5 10 Length internal Ø Weight 75 mm 52 mm 58 mm 60 mm 65 mm 83 mm 8.E85061AB 2E01062 .E11061GS 2E01913 .E85061AC 2E01063 .E85071AD CC 1 2 2. easy use. Its unique shape offers an easy grip and maximum protection in the areas most exposed to radiation.E85061AE 10 High energy isotope syringe shield These new syringe shields protect users from the high-energy gamma emitting nuclides such as iodine 131 (360 keV). which stops the beta rays totally and avoid errant X-rays.E85071AN 2E01070 . The “new design” large width glass provides a better view.5 2E01064 . and optimum protection for the user. These virtually unbreakable tungsten shields (6 mm minimum thickness) are lined inside with a PTFE plastic tube (1 mm thick). carbon 11 (511 keV). P E R S O N A L P R O T E C T I O N Positron rolling radiation shield The Positron shield protects the operator from high energy (511keV) emitting isotopes and provides optimum accessibility to the patient due to the 400mm width at arm level. Code 2E01075 .5mm 12mm 12mm 12mm 15mm 20mm 140 g 146 g 165 g 175 g 220g 340g Code Window size Lead glass thickness Overall dimensions Weight 2E01918 .E85051AP 2.E85001AC 2E01912 . TEFLON® coated.

35mm 0.7 56 70 45 2E01997 .E11341RL 2E01994 .5 mm Protection (lead equivalent) Gamma shielding values for 0.E11341LM Protection Garments All our aprons are specially designed for use in Nuclear Medicine.9% when using isotopes such as P32 or Strontium 89.E11341RF 2E01986 .E11341RJ 2E01992 . Code 2E01993 .35mm 0. Helps to support the weight of the apron.5mm lead equivalent for operators working with high-energy solutions.5mm pb Wrap around lead apron Protection against gamma and beta rays by 0. Perfect repartition of weight and maximum flexibility.5mm 0.E11341RH 2E01991 . Perfect distribution of weight and maximum flexibility. Horizontal working area: 400x400mm Vertical protection area: 300x400mm 45 degree inclined version shield: 300x400mm Code 2E01911 .E11341RC 2E01983 .9 60 99.Bench top beta shield This 10mm acrylic shield gives maximum beta radiation protection with an efficiency level over 99.5mm Adjustable support belt For use with all apron models. Frontal apron Protection against gamma and beta rays for operators working with high-energy solutions.5 mm Protection (lead equivalent) 7 . Code Size Small Medium Large Small Medium Large Length Protection (cm) (lead equivalent) 105 110 115 105 110 115 0.E11341RG 2E01990 . Code 2E01980 .E11341RD Size Small Medium Large Extra large Length (cm) 105 110 115 120 All our protection garments are covered by a blue Nylon® material which is dirt resistant and allows easy cleaning.E11341RS 0.E11341RK Code 2E01999 .35mm 0.E11341RR 0.E11341RM 2E01995 .5mm lead equivalent in the front and 0.E11341RE 2E01985 . Mini-apron Protection against gamma and beta rays by 0. Sizes Height Chest measurement (cm) (cm) S M L XL 164 to 176 170 to 182 176 to 188 182 to 194 92 to 100 100 to 108 108 to 116 116 to 121 Gonad shield N ! EW kit of 4 different sizes Code Radioelements Cs 131 Cs 57 I125 Hg 197 Tc 99m TL 201 Xe 133 Attenuation in % 99.E11341RN 2E01996 .E11341RB 2E01982 .E11341RA 2E01981 .25mm in the back.E11341RP Size Small Medium Large Extra large Length (cm) 25 30 40 45 2E01984 .5mm 0.5 mm Protection (lead equivalent) Thyroid shield Code 2E01998 .E11341RT 0.5 67.

Code 2E01030 .N u c l e a r M e d i c i n e P R E P A R A T I O N .6kg Code External dimensions (LxWxH) 2E01930 . Manipulation tongs The specially shaped tele-tongs are designed for easy manipulation of vials with minimum risk of contamination or radiation exposure.E85031AC Energy Low Medium High Height 110mm 110mm 110mm External Ø 51mm 61mm 80mm Lead glass shield dispensing station This wall stand is designed to hold the 3 lead glass vial shields (2E01030.E85031AB 2E01032 .E85071AR 150x140x400mm Code Length 2E01130 . The lead glass vial-fixing device rotates around an indexed axis that keeps the lead glass vial upside down in order to help extract the radioactive solution more easily.E85021AA Dimensions (LxWxH) 210x80x40mm Weight 4. The specially designed double top system permits insertion of the needle through a shielded inner top without exposure to the operator.E85131AA 250 mm 2E01131 .E85031AA 2E01031 . 2E01031 and 2E01032) in order to eliminate prolonged handling. It features a special shutter system and is covered with decontaminable epoxy coating. Code 2E01020 .E85131AB 400 mm 8 . The lower tray can hold small items such as syringe shields. Shielded syringe carrier This shielded syringe carrier has 3mm lead shielding on the bottom and sides and 6mm on the top.T R A N S P O R T S T O R A G E Lead glass shields The unique design of these Vial Shields offer maximum visibility and ease of use whilst giving optimum isotope storage with minimum exposure to the operator.

2kg Step Action lid shielded waste container The movable shielded waste container provides safe and convenient storage of radioactive waste whilst protecting the user from gamma ray exposure.E85071AS 2E01190 . please contact us.E85081AE 2E01291 . It features a 10mm acrylic shielded bin.E85081AH 2E01292 .E85071AW 2E01193 . It includes a small lid for quick access to remove the needle and a larger. Code 2E01080 . Shielded waste container This movable waste container provides safe and convenient storage of radioactive waste whilst protecting the user from exposure.E85071AM 2E01195 .E85081AA 2E01081 .E85081AB 2E01082 .E85081AK 2E01293 . 4 ball bearing castors. shielded non-contact top operated by a footlever. It features a 3 mm lead shielding and white decontaminable epoxy coating. This container has a counter balance lid and is lead lined with 6mm pb. For other lead equivalence.E85071AT 2E01192 .Shielded waste container drum This drum allows you to store radioactive waste in an environmentally safe container during decay time or whilst awaiting removal. Code 2E01090 .E85091AA Dimensions (HxWxL) 195x170x230mm Weight 17.E85081AM Volume 20 litres 55 litres 100 litres 140 litres Sharps shield This lead shielded container is ideal for storing used contaminated sharps. hinged lid for removal or replacement of the inner plastic container. Code 2E01194 .E85081AN Volume 20 litres 55 litres 100 litres Weight 95 kg 120 kg 140 kg Dimensions (internal) 200x200x500 mm 300x300x620 mm 340x340x860 mm 9 .E85071AX Volume 10 litres 22 litres 30 litres 60 litres 120 litres Code 2E01290 .

.. Mac driver included. Drivers: ...A4 Product code : Printing speed: .. Connections: ............. Consumables & Options Code 1A07713 / E70141LF 1A07714 / E70141LH 1A00201 / EN0201 1A00027 / E70141LB 1A00200 / EN0200 1A07716 / E70141LL 1A07715 / E70141LK 3B07799 / E83201BA 3B07797 / E83201BB 3A01212 / E70141LV 3A01211 / E70141LT 3A01213 / E70141LW Product name 1600PA4 1600TA4 1660BA4 DV 1660T810B 1660T810C 1600BA4 1600CA4 SA-1000-E SA-1000HR-E 1600-PS CDNX-20-288 1600-Dicom Description Paper and ribbon for 100 color prints in A4 size Transparencies and ribbons for 100 color prints Paper for 500 monochrome thermal transfer prints Blue film for 500 prints in 8”x10” size Clear film for 500 prints in 8”x10” size Paper and ribbon for 300 black and white prints in A4 size Cassette for 100 sheets Frame-grabber Frame-grabber high resolution Postscript Key ISG Key Dicom Key Discover other printing solutions on our website: www.........250 W.... Dimensions: . Windows 95...DV paper (with no ribbon needed) for PET bone scans SPECIFICATIONS Printing format:...................................27 kg Electrical consumption: .............. Genie.....Windows 3.................... Weight: . Technology: thermal sublimation and direct transfer....2 GO Spooler on internal hard disk...... monochrome...... 20 s for EN7707-3A07707 Poscript. Height 350 mm............ Depth 620 mm.......... Advance.... Complies with EN60950 standard. Resolution: .............5” floppy disk drive for software upgrade........ 3.Ethernet AUI 15 pins or 100BT/10BT RJ45.60 s for an A4 E83101SV-3A07740 Dicom. Windows 10 ........N u c l e a r M e d i c i n e All in one ! The dry imager with the largest choice of media ! H A R D C O P Y S O L U T I O N S CODONICS NP1660M Whether you are a power colour user or an intensive monochrome printouts producer this imager answers to your specific needs ! Precise colour matching of print to screen Variable adjustment of film density Reverse polarity for diagnostic enhancement Low cost ....... colour print....... Validated on eNtegra...1.Width 500 mm.. 1...........................7 millions and POWERstation workstations... Centronics Parallel....300 DPI Memory: .............. Xpertpro Number of colours: .gemedicalsystemseurope....16..16 MO of RAM...

.. 100 TS2 opaque films & 100 TS2 clear films.............. one box of 100 TS2C (clear) film and one TS2 donor ribbon.....100 sheets • Capacity of pick-up tray: ...1/1....................... 10 .....Drystar 2000 Dry Colour & B/W Dicom Print Network Printer Advantages • Dry......80 % RH (non condensing) • Print time for greyscale: ..8 using DRYSTAR TS2 media..........240V.............. • Thermal Sublimation process produces 300 dpi images in 16..35°C......7 million colors or 256 shades or gray.. 4/1...... 80 s • Print time for colour: ... Dry Drystar 2000 Black & White and Colour units include one box of 100 TM1B (blue base) film........... 1rst film access time appr. with a Dmax greater than 1.................. These chemically inert mounts eliminate image transfer and protect your important image even in long term storage............300 PPI • Film base: .. E73721DC-4A08091 Other configurations are available : B/W only...................... 16. 256-shade grayscale images.. notched...........................100 ...... blue-tinted polyester media for easy viewing.................................2 using DRYSTAR TM 1 silver-based thermal media..46 cm W x 68 cm D x 37 cm H • Weight: ............175 µm PET • 256 grey levels............. 11 .... • White opaque media is ideal for referral and documentation. Code Code DS2000 INCLUDING ONE INTERFACE (2) Video interface includes 5m cable kit 4A08090 / E73621DC DS2000 Black & White Dicom Print (network not included) 4A08091 / E73721DC DS2000 Black & White and Colour Dicom Print (network not included) 4A08095 / E73621FP DS2000 Black & White with one Video interface 4A08092 / E73721FP DS2000 Black & White and Colour with one Video interface Optional Ethernet cables: 4A08746 / E82021BJ 5m Thin Ethernet cable 4A08752 / E82021BQ 15m Thin Ethernet cable 4A08756 / E82021BV 50m Thin Ethernet cable INTERFACE KITS Video interface includes 5 m cable kit 4A09158 / E73621FD 4A09159 / E73621FY 4A09160 / E73621FX Dicom Print interface kit** 1sr Video interface kit 2nd Video interface kit 1E01701 ...............50 sheets/hour.... one box of 100 TS2O (opaque) film......... 280 s • Resolution: .....................7 million colours • Film layouts: ........ with a Dmax greater than 3. ** required only when the original DS2000 is not Dicom Print.......... 9/1 plus 20/1 slide format • Daylight film loading • Capacity of supply tray: ......EN1702 Transparency pockets A4 FOR RING BINDER – 235mm x 300 mm Box of 2000 CHOICE OF OPTIONAL CABLE KIT LENGTHS FOR INTERFACING & KEYPAD 4A09180 / E73621KA Video cable kit 15m 4A09181 / E73621KB Video cable kit 30m 4A09182 / E73621KC Video cable kit 60m (2) Drystar 2000 Black & White units include one box of 100 TM1B (blue base) film......20 sheets/hour...EN1701 Transparency pockets A4 – 217mm x 300 mm Box of 2000 1E01702 .. one TS2 donor ribbon. table-top network imager for printing out images on 20 x 25 cm film......50 sheets Transparent pouch The transparent material will protect your video print images at an economical price........ video connection… SPECIFICATIONS • Dimensions: ... 2/1.................10 ... • "Look and Feel" of conventional film images prints on 7 mil....... • Starter kit of media includes 100 blue-base TM1films...... • Direct Thermal process produces 300 dpi............ 50/60 Hz • Power consumption: ..........1500 VA maximum • Analogue ..... 1rst film access time appr.......point-to-point up to 150 MHz • Operating conditions: .......................75 kg (empty) • Power requirements: ................. 6/1............

high storage capacity.1400 Lisboa . DEC-502A.89.E. FOR CTI CD-R (Medical Grade .Medical Systems Hellas S.BU.83 www.le Fulvio Testi 280/B 20126 MILANO .70. Ideal for stress tests 50mm round. for your ECG exams.25‘’ optical disks Code 1B03469 . Code EN5295 .FRANCE Tél: 0825. 06/01 European headquarters 39 rue des Hautes Pâtures . Martin-Behaim Strasse 10 63263 Neu-Isenburg Tel: 0180 5 246207 / 0130 725869 .gemedicalsystems.70. Printed in France. foam backing.76 .E80011NA OPTICAL DISK MAXOPTIX. 2. Avda.Bulding 1 6 th Floor .00.25".o.76 . 654MB. © Copyright GE Medical Systems . 512B/S OPTICAL DISK PIONEER. liquid gel in sponge. 512B/S. Transparent backing with micropores.72.A.1036 Budapest Tel: 36 1 250 84 65 .Fax: 9690661 Middle East and Africa GE Numéris (GE Medical Systems) 39. Our selection.2GB.28108 Alcobendas .GE Medical Systems Widloecher Claudia.DICOM) Code 1B08182 .74 (75) Commerciele dienst: +32 (0) 2-719.gemedicalsystemseurope. Multi P20MO: The most flexible electrode in terms of quality and types of exams: Monitoring.25". in cooperation with Marquette. S.Praha 10 Italia . 5.A "Transmedica" 156 Kiprou Av.o .Belgium Tel: +32 (0) 2-719.gemedicalsystems. rewritable REW.1831 Diegem .it Nederland . Window P50TR : An innovative material for more comfort. 512B/S SOFT P55MO : Standard size with high reliability 55mm Czech/Slovak Republics GE Medical Systems Volsinach 2300/75 . pregelled.E80011LD CD-R74write-once WORM 650MB TDK-GE WITH BOOK and 12 LABELS.E C G E L E C T R O D E S D ATA A R C H I V I N G Optical disks are the media storage solution for security.I. • Foam or transparent backing.Midrand Tel: + 27 11 653 88 00 . 512B/S OPTICAL DISK PIONEER. 20 .Fax: 01 505 70 22 Portugal . Do not hesitate to contact us. shows media extensively used in nuclear medicine. DEC-702. S. here.Fax: 0825.gemedicalsystems.S-171 75 Stockholm Tel : 08-559 500 30 .GE Medical Systems Nederland bv Accessories & Supplies Hambakenwetering 1 . hypoallergenic. hypoallergenic.GE Numeris (GEMS Accessories & Supplies) 39 rue des Hautes Pâtures 92737 NANTERRE CEDEX .ITALIA Tel: 02 -64220368 / 384 / 420 Fax: 02-64220361 www.Fax : 08-559 500 15 GE Medical Systems Türkiye A. Helen Keller.gemedicalsystems. Prices.00. France .es Belgium .82 www. adhesive solid gel. Box of 10 CD-R Designation We offer a large range of media storage.V. Parque Empresarial de La Moraleja Avda.Fax:90 212 2131515 Schweiz .GE Medical Systems Buda Square Bulding D 2/1 .Fax: 7095 935 73 46 Poland -GE Medical Systems Polska sp. Restelo .1GB.GE VNIEM Kosmodamianskaya Nab 52 .GE Medical systems Sverige AB Accessories. (even efficient with low impedence machines).Fax: 420 281 002 455 España .89.Fax: + 27 83 268 94 70 .72. rewritable REW. MA172-S1.76. Radiotransparent ECG electrodes A new range of electrodes with snap connector or pre-wired for monitoring under video control.1C05295 EN4038 .E80001AT 1B01501 .1C00093 Designation P20MO P50TR P55MO 1B08185 .Fax: 48 22 842 72 26 Hungary . write-once WORM.Tel: 9690980. 1.gemedicalsystems. 5.S .gemedicalsystems. write-once WORM.3GB.General Electric Gmbh Prinz-Eugen-Strasse 8/8 -1040 Wien Tel: 01 505 97 11 .Fax: 0825.gemedicalsystems.Ul Marconich 11/1 Warszawa 02-954 Tel: 48 22 858 88 22/33 . 35mm round PE Stress foam backing. Keskin Kalem sokak No:5 80280 Esentepe-ISTANBUL/TURKIYE Tel: 90 212 3374400 .Russia Tel: 7095 935 72 56 .GE Medical Systems AG Stemmattweg 1 -CH-6011 Kriens-Luzem Tel: 041 319 5555 .1C04038 EN0093 .Fax: 36 1 250 84 32 GE Medical System South Africa Unit 2 .Moscow 113054 .fr Deutschland .A.GE Portuguesa. hypoallergenic.5231 DD's-Hertogenbosch Tel: 0031-73-64 57 413 .PORTUGAL Tel: 00351 21 3631166 G. Ed.89.Fax: 0034 916632501 www. Europa 22 . pictures and technical information submitted to change.Czech Republic Tel: 420 281 002 454 . efficient access and durability.Slough BERKS SL1 4ER Tel: 01753 874433 . 512B/S OPTICAL DISK MAXELL. & Konstantinoupoleos 16451 ATHENS . Box 314 .Fax: 0031-73-64 41 233 Sverige . rue des Hautes Pâtures 92737 Nanterre Cedex .com UK .25".Fax: 0180 5 251214 www.76. invisible to MR and X-Rays.25". 5.ESPAÑA Tél: 0034 916632500 .70.GE Medical Systems DIVISIONE ACCESSORI .GE Medical Systems España.z.E80001AH 1B04250 .00.Fax: 01753 874477 www.France Tél: U 48-66 H .83 Internet : http://www.E80001AM Désignation OPTICAL DISK EDM-4100 SONY.92737 Nanterre Cedex .GE Medical Systems Benelux Kouterveldstraat. 5. hypoallergenic • Carbon sensor • Shelf Life 18 months • Neonatal.Fax: 022 343 9074 Österreich . 654MB.130 Gazelle Avenue Northside Corporate Park . 5. 4.72 (73) Fax: +32 (0) 2-719.01.Fax: 0825.83 www.E80011NE 1B01502 .France Tél: 0825.2. for child or for adult • Electrodes with special stress foam available for machines with high Tesla emission. 5. diagnostic.GE Medical Systems Ltd Accessories Division .76 . stress tests. New ! A large range of Silvertrace ECG Electrodes.25". Torre dos Moinhos 19A.72. rewritable REW.Coolidge House 352 Buckingham Avenue .