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Data AR AR_Transaction Processing AR AR AR AR AR AR AR AR AR AR AR AR AR_Period End & Year End Closing AR AR AR AR


OB08 OB52

FB50 F-02 F-04 FBD1 F-01 FBCJ FBV0 FBRA FB08 F.80 FS10N FBL3N F.14 FBS1 F.81 F.05 F.5D F.16 F.97

FB70 F-22 FB75 F-27 F-28 F-32 F-26 FV70 F-29 F-39 FBV0 VKM1 F150 FINT F.27 F.07

AR_Reporting Menu Tree AR AP_Master Data AP AP_Transaction Processing AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP_Period End & Year End Closing AP AP AP AP AP AP AP_Reporting Menu Tree AP BL_Master Data BL BL BL_Transaction Processing BL BL BL BL BL BL BL_Reporting BL BL BL BL AA_Master Data AA AA_Transaction Processing AA AA


FB60 F-43 MIRO FB65 F-41 FB10 FV60 FBV0 F-44 F-48 F-54 F-53 F-58 F110 F.18 F.27 F.4B F.07 F.13 F.19 F.98

FCH5 FCHI FCH8 FCH9 FF67 FF_5 FCHN S_ALR_87012309 S_ALR_87012348 S_ALR_87012349


AA F-92 AA ABAON AA ABAVN AA ABNAN AA ABZU AA AIAB AA_Period End & Year End Closing AA AJAB AA AJRW AA ABAA AA AFAR AA AFAB AA S_ALR_87012936 AA_Reporting AA AW01N AA S_ALR_87011963 AA S_ALR_87011964 AA S_ALR_87011965 AA S_ALR_87011966 AA S_ALR_87011967 AA S_P99_41000192 AA S_ALR_87010175 CCA_Master Data CCA CCA_Planning CCA KP06 CCA KP26 CCA KP46 CCA KP97 CCA KP98 CCA KSVB CCA KSPI CCA_Actual Postings / Period & Year End Closing CCA KB11N CCA KB14N CCA KB41N CCA KB44N CCA KB61 CCA KB64 CCA KB31N CCA KB34N CCA_Period & Year End Closing CCA CCA CCA CCA CCA CCA CCA


IO_Master Data IO IO_Planning IO IO IO IO IO_Budgeting IO IO IO IO IO_Period-End Closing IO IO IO IO IO


PCA_Master Data PCA PCA_Actual Postings / Period & Year End Closing PCA 9KE0 PCA 9KE5 PCA 4KE5 PCA 2KES PCA F.5D PCA 1KEK PCA 1KEH PCA 1KEJ PCA 1KEI



Periodicity of Transaction Monthly Annual

Regular As & when Reqd Exchange Rate entries Financial Accounting Period End Closing Master Data Create / Change / Maintenance Enter GL Account Document General Posting Post with Clearing Create Recurring Document Create Sample Document Cash Journal Posting Post Parked Documents Reset Cleared Items Individual Reversal of Accounting Document Mass Reversal of Accounting Document Display GL Account Balances Display GL Line Items Execute Recurring Entries Enter Accrual / Deferral Document Reversal of Accrual / Deferral Document Foreign Currency Valuation Calculate Balance Sheet Adjustment Balance Carry Forward Application Tree Report Section General Ledger a a a a a a a a a a a a

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Master Data Create / Change / Maintenance Enter Customer Invoice Invoice General Enter Customer Credit Memo (Fast Entry) Enter Customer Credit Memo (Complex) Post Incoming Payment Manual Clear: Customer Incoming Payments (Fast Entry) Park Customer Invoice Post Customer Down Payment Clear Customer Down Payment Post Parked Document Release Blocked SD Documents Dunning Item Interest Calculation Periodic Account Statements Balance Carry Forward a a a a a a a a a a a a


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Application Tree Report Section Customers


Master Data Create / Change / Maintenance Enter Incoming Invoice (Fast Entry) Enter Incoming Invoice (without PO) Enter Incoming Invoice (based on PO) Enter Vendor Credit Memo (Fast Entry) Enter Vendor Credit Memo Enter Invoice/Credit Memo Fast Entry Park Vendor Invoice Post Parked Document Manual Clear: Vendor Post Vendor Down Payment Clear Vendor Down Payment Outgoing Payment without Medium Outgoing Payment with Medium Automatic Payment Program Balance Confirmation (Print Letters) Periodic Account Statements Interest on Arrears with Open Items Balance Carry Forward GR/IR Automatic Clearing (without Clearing Currency) GR/IR Clearing Application Tree Report Selection Vendors a a a a a a a a a a a a a a


a a a a a a a

Bank Master Data Create / Change / Maintenance House Bank Master Data Create / Change / Maintenance Create Check Information Create Check Lots Cancel Check Payment + Void Check Only Void Checks (No Payment Document Reversal) Enter Manual Bank Statement Upload Electronic Bank Statement Check Register Print Cash Book Cashed Checks per Bank Account Outstanding Checks Analysis per GL Account and Vendor a

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Asset Master Data Create / Change / Maintenance Acquisition from Purchase with Vendor Acquisition with Automatic Offisetting Entry a a

Retirement with Revenue with Customer Asset Sale without Customer Asset Retirement by Scrapping Post Capitalization Value Write-up Capital Assets Under Construction (AUC): Distribute Asset Year End Closing Asset Fiscal Year Change Unplanned Depreciation Recalculate Depreciation Execution of Depreciation Run Depreciation Simulation Asset Explorer Asset Balances by Asset Number Asset Balances by Asset Class Asset Balances by Business Area Aseet Balances by Cost Center Asset Balances by Plan Posted Depreciation by asset and posting period Posted Depreciation relating to Cost Centers Master Data Creation / Change / Maintenance Enter Plan Cost and Activity Inputs Enter Plan Activity Output/Prices Enter Plan Statistical Key Figures Copy Plan to Plan Copy Actual to Plan Execute Plan Distribution Cycle Plan Activity Price Calculation Manual Reposting of Costs Reverse the Manual Reposting of Costs Manual Reposting of Revenues Reverse the Manual Reposting of Revenues Repost Line Items Reverse the Repost Line Items Enter Actual Statistical Key Figures Reverse the Actual Statistical Key Figures

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Activity-Independent Statistical Key Figures, LIS Activity-Dependent Statistical Key Figures, LIS Execute Actual Distribution Cycle Actual Activity Price Calculation Commitment Carryforward User Settings (Getting the reports in dif. Currency) Period Lock

a a a a a a a

Master Data Creation / Change / Maintenance Overall Values Planning Cost and Activity Inputs Copy Planning Copy Actual to Plan Original Budget Supplement Return Document Change Individual Processing - Settlement Collective Processing - Settlement Budget Carryforward Commitment Carryforward RPO0 - User Settings

a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

Master Data Creation / Change Profit Center Document (Reposting) Enter / Change SKF Execute Distribution Cycle Balance Carryforward Calculate Balance Sheet Adjustment Generate Opening Balance for Payables and Receivables Generate Opening Balance for Material Stocks Generate Opening Balance for Work in Process Generate Opening Balance for Assets

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ty of Transaction