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natural awakenings September 2010


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Rev. Ann Marie Beale 918-582-6624

1830 S. Boston Ave, Tulsa 74119 (corner of 19th & Boston)


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Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. In each issue readers find cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.


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Especially in Tulsa
by Beth Davis

Three Ways to Preserve Summer’s Goodness
by Judith Fertig


Cloth Makes a Comeback
by Morieka V. Johnson



Lessons Distilled From a Lifetime of Disciplined Practices
by Johannes R. Fisslinger


natural awakenings

September 2010




chool has started and fall is almost here. We are glad to see the 100+ degree weather behind us and cooler fall temperatures ahead. The arts and craft fairs are abundant and full of vendors expressing their creativity and buyers who appreciate that unique, one of a kind item. Look at our Events Briefs on page 15 to see what Natural Awakenings Green Country is helping to support. This month’s issue is about creative expression and focuses on the creativity in each of us. Hopefully, this is reflected in this month’s cover! One of our articles (Creative Expressions page 24) focuses on local people and how they have used their creativity to create their own business. It is in our strengths that each of us finds our creativity. Think about what you enjoy doing the most. Ideas come freely and are numerous. But ask for ideas in something you loath doing and at best you can come up with one idea and try as you might it may be the only one. Our strengths lie in the things that we enjoy most and are good at doing. These are the areas where we have the most potential for growth. Next are the things we enjoy, but are not necessarily good at. These we call hobbies! Then there are the things we loath and have to force ourselves to do. These things tend to bring us down and leave us feeling drained at the end of the day. Each day we should try to spend more time doing the things we love and less time doing the things we loath. Look at the most successful entrepreneurs and you will find they have done just that. Creative expression takes on many forms and has many outlets. Creativity is not just relegated to the arts. As seen this month, it is in woodworking, pet grooming, painting even ballroom dancing. One of Natural Awakenings own, Linda Sechrist, is expressing her creativity by driving across country visiting as many of our franchises as she can, and blogging about the creative green and healthy things that these cities have to offer. You can follow her adventures at We are looking forward to her visit with us herein Tulsa around September 15. So what do you do Green Country to express YOUR creativity? What are your outlets? Let us know on Facebook or email or leave us a message on our Guest Book at You never know, you may end up in one of our articles. Be well, dogood work and stay in touch -

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Green Country Edition

The Canebrake will be hosting the monthly Green Drinks event. the value of your home or business will increase because of the solar energy improvement. My body. solar consultant for Sun City Solar. soreness and trauma that weight training can cause. and share ideas all while enjoying drinks. Call Me Today! JayleneJohnston. During the meeting. for appointments call 918-607-3106. See ad on page 2. NCTM. And spirit Jaylene Johnston LMT. That means a squat performed for 30 seconds compares to the equivalent to 900 squats in the conventional gym. Seth Christ. call Seth at 918-4940886 or visit SunCityEnergy. it is a key rehabilitation tool used around the world. Claire became head trainer and started spreading the word about Acceleration Training. 918-510-4009 natural awakenings September 2010 5 . To schedule a consultation or take advantage of the government incentives and energy savings. “I became a complete believer.a perfect fit for the monthly Green Drinks event. there will be an “hour of power” yoga class. After the first session I felt what I call an energy buzz. In addition. On September 8. Electric bills can be lowered using the states “net metering” program. C ness industry for 13 years offering services such as massage therapy. the Canebrake Marketing Director Adam Miller will share what goes into making their resort the only Certified ECO Resort in the state of Oklahoma .” says Nina “and now I have my life back!” Claire Fey offers FREE TRIALS with her Wellness Consultations. See ad on page 7. a Tulsa based solar company wants everyone to know that the 30% unlimited solar federal tax credit helps reduce the initial investment of a solar energy system. by the second week I was sleeping better. One of Claire’s clients Nina had been suffering from Fibromyalgia “I was a prisoner in my own home. RMT SPECIALIZING IN Massage Therapy Thai Yoga Massage Reiki Sessions/Classes CranioSacral Therapy Reflexology in Michael Jamison Held on the second Wednesday of each month. lifestyles and physical abilities. N Achieve Wellness Body. Learn more about the Power Plate and Claire’s other services by visiting her website at ClaireFeyWellness. Seth custom designs each system to optimize savings according to the residential or business customer’s energy needs. is professionally trained in solar installations of both grid-tie (net metering) and off-grid solar systems.newsbriefs The Canebrake hosts Green Drinks in September reating a more sustainable community is the common goal of those who attend the monthly Tulsa Green Drinks meeting. during the event from 6:00 -7:00 pm in the Yoga Barn.mjamison@gmail. had more energy and overall felt good. It uses the principles of Acceleration Training to stimulate the body’s natural response to vibration. Claire Fey. Wagoner. taught by owner Lisa Bracken. activating muscle contractions between 25 and 50 times per second. mind and spirit had been recharged and I knew this could help so many people. contact amandakforman@gmail. building design and has been in the well- ow is a great time for Oklahoma residents to add solar electric power to their homes and businesses. without the pain. Those attending will enjoy complimentary snacks. job hunt. The Canebrake is located at 33241 E 732nd Rd. When you install a solar electric system your meter spins backwards as the sun generates excess power. Additionally. Sun City Solar Energy. live music and can purchase organic wine from the bar.” Not only is it for weight loss and athletic training. For more information. After a personal triumph of significant weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes using the Power Plate. Big Savings with Solar Energy New Alternative Equipment in Healthy Living Power Plate is the premium vibration device powering a new dimension in wellness solutions for all ages. Green Drinks meets at various locations throughout Tulsa where environmentally minded people gather to network. Sun City also assists their customers with the net metering application.

“This creates a satisfying Stone Soup of true sustenance. effective. You Tube. Fulton. to help with the muscles to relax and improve energy flows in the body. Often referred to as “Yoga Done for You”.com). will meet hundreds of “Cultural Creatives” and innovative individuals involved in many of the two million organizations already working to create sustainable communities intended to ensure a future for all. modify or enhance the momentum of the grassroots movement already taking place. and learn how essential oils can be used for emotional releasing. Jaylene is located at the Thornton Family YMCA. fingers. learn how to apply useful skills in Vitaflex. We’re just connecting the green dots. knees. is a Certified Care Instructor with the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education (CARE) (www. and Sharon . writer. and co-founder of Upstate Green Central Station. Stories.” A much anticipated result: the truly savory and soulfully good soup story that sustains all. we believe that sustainable stories are disconnected and ineffectively unable transform. Contact Linda Sechrist. with a variety of pressures. UpstateGreenCentralStation. detoxification. stonesoup@naturalawakeningsmag. “That night I slept like a baby and woke up happy for the first time in 10 years”.” say Sechrist and Kleitsch. improved blood and lymph fluid circulation.” adds Kleitsch. improving peak performance. See ad on page 5. a local Thai Yoga Massage practitioner. Carrie is offering upcoming classes that will offer opportunities to: understand the fundamentals of aromatherapy and the science of essential “At present. T 6 Green Country Edition NAGreenCountry. See ad on page 39. com or Sharon Joy as well as Facebook. and assisted yoga-like stretches to work energy lines and centers in the body. kleitsch@verizon. improved production of the body’s natural endorphins. Stone Soup Listening Tour to Connect the Green Dots eginning September 7. Carrie’s personal journey into healing oils came after scheduling a program in her own home.” the duo will collect stories from each community as they travel to 11 cities in their Stone Soup Listening Tour and contribute them to the next “ This organization is dedicated to assembling research and disseminating information on the healing properties and the safe. For more info or to schedule an appointment. contact Carrie at 918-261-2419 or oilsoverflowing@yahoo. Naples Natural Awakenings Managing Editor. learn the Raindrop Technique. founder of The Connection Partners. increasing quality of life. The tour. This is accomplished by the sponsorship of seminars. hands-on workshops and the distribution of various books and DVDs. begins in San Diego on September 7th and ends in Greenville/Spartanburg (9/24). Tulsa. 5002 S. strengthened and rejuvenated body and improved elimination of body toxins and waste. Linda Sechrist. According to Jaylene Johnston. government and media leaders to support what they and others are doing in the tour cities. Essential oils can be used for pain management. The practitioner uses hands. “Many are already hosting conversations to address current issues. Usual Thai Yoga Massage sessions last around 90 minutes and the client remains fully clothed. stress management.raindroptraining.creativeloafing. call Jaylene Johnston at 918-510-4009. YouGottaGoGreen. states Carrie. photos and video interviews will be posted on blog. and stirring the Stone Soup pot and will watch what happens. Kleitsch. in collaboration with 11 of the Natural Awakenings publishers. therapeutic application of essential oils. For more information. the result of a Thai Yoga Massage is a very relaxed and meditative state. Thai Yoga Massage benefits including reduced muscle tension and improved flexibility.” says Sechrist. E Adding sustenance to make a healthy and savory “stone soup. Thai Yoga Massage uses a variety of slow and rhythmic compression techniques. Through their networks the women are connecting with regional non-profit. of Claremore. Carrie Shepard. elbows. B Relax your Mind and Body with Thai Yoga Massage hai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing art that has its root in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. and first aid.Essential Oils for Healing ssential oils have many uses including a variety of healing properties. Her enthusiasm is about sharing what she has learned about healing with nutrition and essential oils. rocking. and Creative Loafing http://tampa.

These will be topics that the new class of prospective Master Recyclers will delve into during the upcoming 10 week class sessions. Tulsa Master Recyclers Association is looking for citizens interested in getting an in depth education on recycling.m.. Y Whole Foods Celebrates 30 Years hole Foods Market has come a long way in 30 years – from one small store with 19 Team Members in Austin to becoming the world’s leading natural and organic foods supermarket with nearly 300 stores. W K Tulsa Master Recyclers Class Starts September 14 M Spend a Day at a Healing Spa eep the leaves off the curb. The Tulsa store. – 6:00 p.6884 The Future is Now Solar Electric Power Solar Hot Water Solar Pool Heaters Call 494-0886 Click SunCityEnergy. 11:00 a.298. Super Spa Saturday will be held on September 18th from 12:00 – 6:00 pm at Nirvana Body and Soul located at 7903 E 50th Street in the Fontana Shopping Center. mind and spirit. there will be a yoga class offered at noon taught by instructor. Melissa Morrill. Whole Foods is located at 1401 E 41st in Tulsa. O. ecofriendly initiatives and local producers. call 918-712-7555. With a variety of yoga classes available such as Gentle Yoga. Tulsa Don Reno. Local business. The YWCA is located at 1910 S. call Visit Showroom Jenks Hypnosis and Training Center 6709 E. 700 N. ionic footbaths. which opened in August 2008 has around 200 Team Members and has donated thousands of dollars. After they successfully complete the 10 week course. Tulsa. Board Certified Hypnotist Solar Electric Power natural awakenings The Future 7 September 2010 is Now Solar Hot Water . Door prizes. Learning to open the hips and release tension and stress while also bringing mindful awareness can create incredible healing in the body. Saturday. The new yoga workshop titled “Love Your Hips” will be held on September 18. Certified Instructor Nancy 918. (Registered Yoga Teacher with 500 hours). tons of giveaways.m. sustainable seafood. Tulsa.. chakra energy balancing. Greenwood. Nirvana Body and Soul. For more information visit ComeToNirvana. call Diana Askins at 918-592-1466 or email tulsamra@yahoo. including its latest community giving day benefitting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society on September 14th. For those interested in becoming part of the 2010 class. The Birthday Festivities will include free cake and ice cream. helping others start programs and by educating the general public. For more information. Don’t put grease down the garbage disposal. has prepared a special day to offer just that experience for Tulsans. reflexology. In addition. Change Your Perspective Change Your Life • • • • • • SlenderSizing Stop Smoking Alleviate Fears Hypno4Birth Sports Improvement Hypnotist Training relax and refresh in their busy lives. Yoga for Athletes and even Power Pop Yoga. See ad on page 10.000 Team Members and $8 billion in fiscal 2009 sales. has been a yoga instructor at the YWCA for the past 2 years and has recently decided to begin teaching some yoga workshops. This class is open to the public for $15 and will be held from 10:30 am – 12:00 pm on September 18. This unique event allows customers to sample a variety of modalities for a discounted price while enjoying a full day of soulful replenishment. Cost for the 10 week course is $20. Naty Lair. fun activities and the option to purchase a healthy gourmet lunch prepared by local chef Kimberly Emerson will round out the day of renewal.Yoga Workshop at the YWCA oga has become an integral part of the health and wellness program at the YWCA in Tulsa. For more information.S. Tulsa. volunteer hours and pounds of food to various local nonprofits and organizations. infrared sauna detox and raindrop therapy. Cut your energy usage. September or call 918-660-SOUL.U. Shoppers and the community are invited to join Whole Foods Market to celebrate three decades of making grocery shopping fun while upholding high quality standards and supporting organic agriculture. 81st St. more than 55. they will be asked to give 30 hours per year back to the community by participating in events. Super Spa Saturday will offer a pampering day with a large selection of healing spa therapies such as massage. Naty has extensive training and experience in yoga and is certified in Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga. See ad on page 10.00. Go behind the scenes of Tulsa’s waste disposal system. Lewis. any people are looking for ways to rejuvenate. free food sampling and 80’s attire and music. reducing and reusing. the classes are growing and gaining a large following. The goal of the workshop is to offer gentle yoga with strength building while focusing on hip opening and flexibility.

children and businesses. Ecstatic dance explores freeform movement through various dance styles and meditative states. boosts immunity and provides a cardiovascular workout. SWAY offers the place for people to explore their bodies in movement in a warmhearted community of artists. is a research psychologist specializing in embodiment or how people think with their bodies. Laughter yoga often exudes joy as the social aspect provides the chance for students to connect with others in a way that transcends language. See ad on page 39. SWAY is creating a sacred space with beautiful. stomping. break . For more information about Laughter Yoga classes and workshops. inspiring music and loving people in a safe environment for ecstatic dancing. givers and seekers. culture. In a Laughter Yoga class. Every first and third Friday of the month from 8 pm – 11 pm at The Dance Pointe. hospitals and retirement facilities report that they enjoy connecting with others in childlike playfulness and feeling the health benefits of Laughter Yoga. Those in hospice ancing has long been a form of movement that can cultivate a mindful state of surrender. Laughter Yoga Comes to Tulsa L Mention this ad for 20% off any service. the laughing is initially stimulated as a physical exercise while maintaining eye contact with others in the group and promoting childlike playfulness. For more information visit http://danceSWAY. decreased stress hormones. oxygen uptake. dance@yahoo. In her research. Creator of SWAY. Laughter Yoga is a great way to help those struggling with depression and can be modified to benefit seniors. Whether you’re spinning. Laughter can be achieved without relying on humor. 9353 E 95th Court in Lisa explores how sensations and movements influence ones’ outlook on life and how thoughts manifest in the body as emotions. The benefits of Laughter Yoga can include increased lung capacity.aughter Yoga is an exercise routine which combines unconditional laughter with yogic breathing. jokes or comedy. Ecstatic Dance Scene Comes to Tulsa NATURCARE Stress Reduction Specialist Massage & Colon Therapies • Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage • Ortho-Bionomy • Biofeedback Celebrating 12 years in Business! Phone & Fax: (918) 437-9426 *by appt only* Email: naturcare@msn. Lisa awareness and awakening to the oneness. call Nanette Laney at 918-724-9467 or nanette. race and class. doing ballet or meditatively moving through space. 8 Green Country Edition D Sigrid Myers Hildegard Patterson Reflexology Professional Practitioner Certified Instructor Tai Chi & Call for Appointment 918-724-4676 NAGreenCountry.

globalbriefs News and resources to inspire concerned citizens to work together in building a healthier. “You can engage in trial action without any consequences. aspirations and apprehensions. September 2010 natural awakenings 9 .. a professor at the Research Centre for Neuroscience and Animal Behaviour at the University of New England.D. More. search Tufts Admissions Videos. Australia. hone social skills and serve as a font of creativity for those who pay attention to them. now invites prospective students to submit an optional. varies its phrasing between staccato and legato. Nightingales. reports Kaplan. but sometimes also when humans are present. it will close a completed song with a signature phrase. and embellishes sequences with vibrato. aware and engaged with life. author Josie Glausiusz reports that daydreaming seems to be an essential human activity.” In Psychology Today. Entrance Exam College Applicants Leverage their Creativity Tufts University. Ph. reinventing their repertoire in each successive season. The Creativity Laureate Prize honors the most gifted thinkers and catalysts in all areas of human endeavor—the arts. discovered that several parts of the brain become unusually active metabolically when the brain is thought to be idling. when Marcus Raichle. The Legacy Prize salutes students who show great promise and dedication in their chosen field of public service. in much the same way that a painter initials a finished canvas. in Medford. Louis. As pioneering psychologist Jerome Singer pointed out. most often when they’re alone. organize their compositions according to rules of construction similar to the way humans use syntax. The purpose is to discern the student’s creative side. humanities. which they may also display by way of an essay or by creating something using a single 8½-by-11-inch sheet of paper. The Creativity Foundation Taps Top Talents Two 21st century awards. Today. one-minute personal video to supplement their admissions application. daydreaming typically represents a kind of mental rehearsal. trills or deep overtones. sponsored by The Creativity Foundation. For the average person. all of which make us feel vibrant. rather than being exotic meanderings. Sing Just Because They Can Animal researchers like Gisela Kaplan. Prized Junto Mental Videos Daydreams Have Everyday Benefits Scientific interest in daydreaming was kicked off a decade ago. Some species continually improvise their singing with new elements. His findings further showed that daydreaming is the mind’s default mode. many engage in sound play. a neurologist and professor with Washington University in St. maintaining the brain in a state of readiness to respond. annually recognize current and potential contributors to innovative thinking and applied creativity. Sound Play Birds. Ph.D. sciences. Massachusetts.. Daydreams help us generate our sense of self. The International Day of Peace is September 21. Find videos at YouTube. phrases and sequences. have determined that birds not only sing to communicate daily needs. stronger society that benefits all. while the brown thrasher may hold the record at close to 2.000 song types. For details see These birds even create distinctive phrases that identify them as individuals.. and that’s not a bad thing. she notes. Like Humans. Nightingales and canaries are among the avian virtuosos. technology and public service. and Irene Pepperberg. Such fantasies may fulfill a psychic need.. Kaplan’s own recordings of Australian magpies reveal how the bird’s voice moves across four octaves. researchers know that daydream content pretty much maps onto people’s everyday

Now.10 pm .com/art/ . 41st St. performed by symphony orchestras across the United States. photographers.Monday-Sunday www. writers.htm as well as MesArt. OK 74145 10 Green Country Edition NAGreenCountry. Tulsa.” Source: The Christian Science Monitor 6 1401 E.” ~ Arthur Koestler Park Art Artist-in-Residence Programs Available Nationwide Hundreds of artist-in-residence programs at sites across the country also include those at 29 national parks. border.” remarks Carol Reynolds.wholefoods. in Dallas. “The incorporation of Latin-based music into the classical world is long volunteer/air. the infectious influences from every corner of Central and South America are turning up in concert halls. music history professor at Southern Methodist University. OK Phone (918) 712-7555 Open 8 am . sculptors. • Tulsa. Health Psychic Past Life Healing Spa Massage Reflexology FAR Sauna Foot Detox Ear Candling Tap Into Wellness Reiki Healing Touch Chakra Balancing 660-SOUL (7685) 7903 E 50th “Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual. performers. This season’s arrival of Venezuela’s superstar conductor Gustavo Dudamel as music director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic has ignited a love affair with tonalities from south of the U.By Appt. Learn more at nps. Tulsa’s Mind-Body-Spirit Connection for Conscious Living Open 10am to 6pm Tuesdays thru Saturdays Mind/Body/Spirit Books Incense Crystals Banners Jewelry Music Candles Beauty Chimes Smudge DVD’s Statuary Fountains Essential Oils Salt Lamps Movement Yoga QiGong Intuitive Wisdom Readings .S. composers and craft artists to live and work in the parks from several weeks to several months of the year. The National Park Service offers opportunities for qualifying two-dimensional visual artists.One America Classical Forms Meet Latin Rhythms in Concert Halls Latin rhythms and melodies have been spicing up popular music for years. “Arts organizations that recognize and incorporate Hispanic culture are both at the cutting edge and ensuring their own future.

Ground flaxseed will oxidize over time. she says. choreographed to music. With the hand-clapping group. The results showed that consuming at least 150 milligrams per day (about three tablespoons) decreased cholesterol in men by just under 10 percent over the three months of the study. “We also found that children who spontaneously perform hand-clapping songs in the yard during recess have neater handwriting. green and black—could slow a downhill progression from high blood pressure and insulin resistance to heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. They did not see similar results in women. of the university’s music science lab. she found that “Within a very short period of time. new study by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev reveals that hand-clapping songs boost the development of motor and cognitive skills in children ages 6 through 10. The seniors had so much fun that they continued dancing after the study concluded. natural awakenings September 2010 11 . known as phytochemicals. notes that the flaxseed tablets used in the research are not available in the United States. second and third grades who sing these [kinds of] songs demonstrate skills absent in children who don’t take part in similar activities.” explains Dr. According to University of Missouri-Columbia researchers. A S Just Dance! A Clapping Hands Sharpens the Brain eniors who regularly put on their dancing shoes benefit from more than just having a good time. a professor of food science and human nutrition at the university who led the study. GRAPES AS MEDICINE A diet rich in natural grapes—red.” The children’s teachers believe that those who participate in such hand-clapping songs also exhibit better social integration. “We found that children in the first. Suzanne Hendrich. In the study. the children who until then hadn’t taken part in such activities caught up in their cognitive abilities to those who did. Idit Sulkin. participation by older adults in dance-based therapy can improve both their balance and walking speed. Scientists at the University of Michigan Health System believe that grapes’ naturally occurring antioxidants. possibly affecting its flavor as well as omega-3 content. based on a combination of low-impact dance steps. write better and make fewer spelling errors.healthbriefs Flaxseed: a Natural Alternative to Cholesterol Drugs new study from Iowa State University’s Nutrition and Wellness Research Center may give men a way to combat high cholesterol without drugs—if they don’t mind sprinkling some flaxseed into their daily diet. key factors in reducing the risk of falls and injury. The researchers used a program called the Lebed Method. so keep it fresh. volunteers at an independent-living community participated in 18 dance sessions over a two-month period. often a Type 2 diabetes precursor. In the latest of a series of studies. researchers examined the effects of eating flaxseed lignans (natural plant chemicals found in flaxseed) on 90 people diagnosed with high cholesterol.” Sulkin engaged several elementary school classrooms in a program of either music appreciation or hand-clapping songs for 10 weeks. but sprinkling ground flaxseed on cereal and other foods can provide ample cholesterol-lowering flaxseed lignans. help reduce risk factors related to cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome.

wood. The store opened over 13 years ago with 6 artists and now host over year round layaway. they do offer collectible. gift certificates and free gift wrapping. shape and style. January through November. You can even find some of Dorothy’s art at the store. metal. You may call MAMA at (918) 743-7687 with your questions and find directions on their website. they would sell their art at the flea market. is open Tuesday thru Saturday. “Dottie”. need some retail therapy or simply love to shop in a beautiful. While traveling throughout the US and Southeast Asia where Leonard’s job in the ladies apparel industry led him. they are open on Mondays in December.” Coming soon under the new Mama Too! Menu will be “Papa’s Blog” and new artist booths to further showcase their works. Your eyes are then treated to the sensory pleasure of art in every size. garden gifts. soaps & candles. Your nose smells the light scent of soy candles and locally handmade soaps. they set out to promote artists and their work. Leonard loves being at the store. 10am to 5pm. email 70 friends Leonard Krisman . Whether you are looking for that unique gift. The moment you step inside. fountains. back in Tulsa. they both shared a love of art which came naturally to Dorothy. Once a Model A and T auto garage. This quickly lead to opening Mama Trizza’s Pottery Shop in 1997 at the corner of 15th and Delaware next to The Bead Merchant in the Top of the Hill historical district. Trizza back in Tulsa. Mama Trizza’s makes it easy to shop for that special wedding. With Leonard’s background in sales and his journalism degree and Dorothy’s artistic mindset. you can find most any kind of art there. Mama Trizza’s Pottery Shop. stay out of trouble and be surrounded by beautiful things. The now quaint store has a cottage feel on the outside and an art gallery inside. While Leonard runs the shop. High School. Not only is their store close to their home a few blocks away. hectic lives. For special holiday shopping. glass. Known for their pottery. “It’s a great place for an old man to get out of the at 1448 S. peaceful environment. anniversary or holiday gift by offering NAGreenCountry. MamaTrizzas. You will still want to come to the store in person for the sensory pleasures of being there and taking a brief respite from busy. Artists give with their heart and often struggle with the financial aspect of marketing their work. fun and unique pieces. Your ears are delighted with soft uplifting jazz and the soft trickle of water fountains. Once. When he initially returned to Tulsa. jewelry. Go to their website and sign up for their newsletter to see specials and what’s new. he would always find himself visiting the eclectic art spots everywhere he was. While not a fine art gallery.communityspotlight Mama Trizza’s ” Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take. Put November 12-13 on your calendar as they host their annual holiday open house where patrons can save up to 20%. Leonard grew up in the neighborhood and he walked by his current store everyday on his way to Jr. 60 artist’s work of which two-thirds have actually been to the store. but by the moments that take our breath away! “ by Keeley Mancuso A long and winding road over 50 years led Leonard Krisman to his wife Dorothy. Dottie “Mama” spends time at her in-home art studio and making her garden the showplace of the neighborhood. go see MAMA! See ad on page 2. Be sure to check out their website to see a large sampling of what you can find in the store by looking at the different store categories of pottery. Delaware. who is an artist herself. it has been completely overhauled and modernized. you experience a feast of the senses. Mama Trizza’s is an eclectic gal12 Green Country Edition lery of collectible handmade art designed to create a venue to help artists show and sell their work.

reports that airlines could recycle nearly 500 million more pounds of waste each year. Citizens will put up solar panels. Sign the petition at ipetitions. Continental. Southwest. ‘What goes up must come down. glass. but only 20 percent actually gets recycled. James Hansen of NASA. Leading scientists. Jet Blue. according to Green America’s recent Take action at GreenAmericaToday. beginning with pioneering researcher Dr. organize bicycle rides. email executives at listed airlines and report how flight attendants answer when asked about company recycling policies.” says Bill McKibben. United and US yet none collects and processes all the major recyclables of aluminum cans. Green America’s airline rankings for recycling. are: Delta. the group that is rallying the 10/10/10 work party events via the Web. so can our lawmakers. or has a comprehensive program to minimize packaging and compost food Sharp Traveler Airlines Fall Short of Facilitating Eco-Friendly Skies According to the National Resources Defense Council. we have a shot at climate safety.S. org/go/AirlineRecyclingReport.’” comments lead researcher Victoria Kreha. Air Tran. Green America’s consumer watchdog website. Get on board at 350. Virgin. Last year. ResponsibleShopper. recycling airline waste would create jobs nationwide. plant trees and advance other ideas for the types of local and global solutions needed to address the current climate crisis. maintain that if we can get back to 350 ppm. airline waste may be the ultimate example orchestrated an international day of action that saw 5. plastic and natural awakenings 13 . Environmental Protection Agency to immediately delist products of concern from the National Contingency Plan Product Schedule. nearly 75 percent of in-flight generated waste is recyclable.200 events in 180 countries support the goal of reducing CO2 levels from 390 parts per million (now 392 ppm) back to a tipping point of 350 ppm. Products of concern are defined as those that contain any substances known to be a human health hazard or that have not been proven to be nontoxic to wildlife species relevant to the area where they will be used. insulate homes. 350. Some airlines say they’re making progress. citizens in communities around the world will launch global work parties aimed both to reverse climate change caused by dangerous levels of carbon dioxide emissions and send a clear message to governments that it’s past time for elected officials to get busy. from best to worst. Beyond the environmental benefits. British Airways. “Our message is: If we can get to work. recycling creates six times as many jobs as does landfilling. according to Colorado Recycles. environmental author and founder of 350. This would include removing such dispersants as an approved method of dealing with an oil spill. half of it in-flight waste.ecobriefs Legislative Imperative Citizens Spark Action on Climate Change On October 10. American. American citizens are asking the U. “For concerned consumers looking to spend their travel dollars wisely. September 2010 Gulf Update Citizens Move to Ban Toxic Oil Dispersants as Options In response to British Petroleum’s use of toxic chemicals to disperse the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

spinach and fortified cereals NAGreenCountry. strawberries. the combination of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine is showing great promise. Both supplements also have some anti-inflammatory effects that may account for the pain relief. as there may be a possibility of drug interactions. See ad on page 6. diabetics and pregnant women should be especially cautious. Both chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine help cartilage retain water. asparagus. After all. As has always been the case. celery. and possibly reverse 14 Green Country Edition cartilage loss. seeds. medication and other therapies are also key components to managing arthritis joint pain. pineapple and watermelon Copper: Seafood. However. it is also important to continue with your other good health practices. These are all excellent choices due to their vital role in manufacturing collagen and normal cartilage. when used in combination. While prescribed and over-thecounter medications can lessen arthritis joint pain. spinach. raspberries. B-6 and C. In any case. those with arthritis joint pain have discovered the benefits of certain supplements and vitamins. kiwi fruit. The recommended dosage of glucosamine sulfate for osteoarthritis is 1. Other joint-protective compounds include: • Vitamins A and C. C. bell peppers. is believed to help slow deterioration of cartilage. carrots. a well-balanced diet. It is important to keep in mind that it may take anywhere from one to four months to experience partial pain relief. parsley. Glucosamine. may help slow down the deterioration of afflicted cartilage. protect cartilage from free-radical destruction. kale. nuts. studies indicate certain vitamins and minerals are especially beneficial in easing pain and discomfort associated with arthritis. how about joining the growing number who have turned to a natural way to ease the discomfort? More specifically. it is important to discuss these supplements with your doctor before taking Vitamin B-6: Fortified cereals. A Match Made in Nature In terms of natural treatments for arthritis. papaya. . relieve arthritis joint pain and improve joint mobility. Glucosamine works to normalize damaged joint cartilage and protect it from further harm. when used in combination. grapefruit. cauliflower. LaButti A re you among the 27 million Americans affected by arthritis joint pain? If so. Take for instance. cantaloupe. copper and zinc include the following: Vitamin A: Sweet potato with peel. Used together. It prevents other body enzymes from degrading the building blocks of joint cartilage and helps to reduce joint pain and inflammation. these supplements are not appropriate for all forms of arthritis or for all people. In addition. improve joint function. oranges. these two natural supplements have become a very powerful tool in the treatment of osteoarthritis. supplements often provide that extra relief these drugs cannot. collard greens. and slow progression of osteoarthritis. lemons. tomatoes.500 mg daily. Chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine are natural components of the body and can be as effective as ibuprofen for approximately 75% of people with joint pain. wheat bran cereals and whole grains Zinc: Red meats. allergy problems or harmful side effects. B-6. Brussels sprouts. Some food sources of Vitamins A. thus providing much of its resistance to compression. Vitamins A. For instance. Ronald S.Joint Supplements: A Natural Approach to Arthritis Pain by Dr. fortified soy products and organ meats Vitamin C: Broccoli. which is also found naturally in the body’s joint cartilage. keep joints lubricated. some seafood and fortified cereals While the effectiveness of these vitamins and natural supplements is proven. Patients who include chondroitin sulfate will experience a slight added benefit. exercise. mustard greens. • Vitamins C and E. cabbage. nutritional supplements and vitamins should do just that –complement and enhance your health and lifestyle habits. and the minerals copper and zinc. Chondroitin sulfate is an important structural component of cartilage.

com.” said Huston. honey. authors. With free admission. preserves. The Mabee Center is located at 7777 S. Admission is free to the public. Awards will be decided by our public participants. culinary artists and musicians will be doing just that – creating a memorable day of music. highly anticipated All About Me Women’s Expo is an exhibitors dream. business opportunities. we still have space open at the All About Me Women’s Expo. Natural Health & Wellness Center SAND SPRINGS HEALTH and ART FAIR Explore everything from holistic alernative therapies to Arts and Crafts. authors and book signings in the Conference and Banquet Center. parenting and more. Home and Garden Stage. The Mabee Center offers a wide range of display booth and staging options with the Health. “If area professionals or exhibitors specializing in women’s issues or products would like to participate. 22nd and 23rd. self-defense. “It would be very difficult. Booth space still available. Broadway Harvest World Market Booth Space for Artisits ($20) still available! For more information contact Mary at the Chamber of Commerce at 245-3221 or Stormy at the Harvest World Market at 241-9393. All booth participants that register early will have their name & logo on official festival t-shirts sold at the event. speakers. The All About Me Women’s Expo is the perfect opportunity for businesses. Beauty and Fitness Stage.m. health care professionals. The competition is free to all booth participants that provide samples. “This is the most targeted. The Tulsa School of Metaphysics in conjunction with local bread-makers. speakers and experts in a variety of fields. we anticipate that this event will surpass the best in the nation. For more information. “The interactive design and nature of the event makes it the perfect opportunity to share your expertise.m. at The Tulsa School of Metaphysics. Not a baker? That’s okay! This festival is ideal for spread makers – butter. relationships and women’s health. in-depth Women’s Expo to ever come to Tulsa.m.4:30 p.000 or more women to two fun-filled. professionals and organizations to personally reach thousands of women. Show hours are Friday.m. medical doctors. Expo Director. Huston said. Experts making special presentations include Harvard trained psychologists. October 22 from noon to 8 p. The friendly competition for the “Best of Bread” will include bakeries from all over the area. Tulsa. all tailored especially for women. to 6 p. bread-tasting. Lewis Avenue. and a more private setting for experts. fitness. wedding. home. “With an estimated 250 or more exhibitors. to have the one-on-one interaction with these experts that the Women’s Expo offers. the event is expected to attract 15. For more information call Bryon at 918-582-8836.” he added. faceto-face. October 23 from 10 a. etc. visit AllAboutMeWomensExpo. – and a great opportunity for those who provide public information on bread-making or bread related topics. fashion. The long awaited. home and garden. and community at the 1st Annual Breaking Bread Festival.” he added. The festival takes place on September 25 from 9 a. cooking.” said Todd Huston. jam-packed days of expert presentations and hands-on exhibits. Fashion Shows and Entertainment in the Main Arena.4 pm Downtown Triangle 9 E. products and services with a large number of women. Exhibit categories include women’s careers. Live Entertainment All Day! Saturday September 18th 10 am . and Saturday. Memorial. Awards for the best breads will be decided by the public. natural awakenings September 2010 15 . without making an appointment.eventsbriefs W Women’s Expo Brings Top-Notch Experts to Tulsa omen across Oklahoma are marking their calendars for Oct. Topics include beauty and fitness. certified fitness trainers and many others. 429 S. B A Celebration of Bread Made Right reaking bread is a common term for sharing with others and building friendship. beauty. health. all under one roof. Tulsa. maternity.m. crafts. travel.

16 Green Country Edition .

Suite 3100. 1722 S. For more information about advertising and how you can participate. misalignment will occur again and corrected without the need for new Xrays. many with spine related symptoms. the spine can become misaligned. no other adjustments are necessary. A person can still move and get around but muscular and spinal stress is always present. It is also used to relieve pain and restore normal functions. Find out how you can play your part in Natural Awakenings’ October Issue. which means it worsens over time. a number of related problems will disappear. the correction is verified. Neck and back pain are often present seven to ten years later when wear and tear has broken something down. On the first correction before and after X-rays are taken and the misalignment is or ucrf. call 918-516-5016 natural awakenings September 2010 SPECIAL EDITION 17 . Then. Over time. correction is needed. G R IN BE M O O CT C O IN HEALTHY PLANET It’s going to take all of us to protect our environment. the person may only be uncomfortable for a few days and then the body gets used to it. One of the most effective procedures that will correct the misaligned spine. When compromised. Robert Brooks. How do you know if spinal care is the answer for your problem? When faced with back and spine symptoms many people visit a chiropractor and ask. Brooks Spinal . Recovery is then monitored over time. When standing or nucca. Once corrected. digestion. At first. One shoulder may be higher and the head may lean to one side.Spines for Beginners By Dr. sleeping and other functional problems. sometimes only slightly at first. if the spine is stable. It can be years later when the trouble begins. The short version is that when injury occurs. rather than having ongoing adjustments. Robert Brooks F our out of five people in the United States have chronic or acute episodes of back pain. A picture is worth a thousand words. is the NUCCA procedure. it can be confusing for the average person. “Can you help my problem”? When the answer is a firm “Yes” the next question is always “How”? With so much information available on line about back and spine problems. The NUCCA procedure is used to make sure that the spine is not misaligned from childhood and throughout life. Many people who have a misaligned spine are aware of what they have yet do not know what to do about it. For more information about the Misaligned Spine and the NUCCA procedure. Reversing the effects of the spinal misalignment rebuilds the spine making it stronger. circulation. the nerves from the brain to the body can cause trouble with breathing. When that occurs. The body may lean to one side or the other. It maintains a level of health and functioning only known by those who have experienced having the spinal misalignment corrected. Others may not even know they have a misaligned spine. one of the hips may be higher and the other lower. pain or numbness in arms or legs can be signs of spinal problems. Dr. If the spine continues to be unstable and requires several corrections. Carson. Head- aches. The body structure can become twisted. Tulsa. The misaligned spine is a progressive and degenerative condition. Most pain is relieved immediately. 918-587-7111. There are many procedures available within the chiropractic profession and by others outside the profession. go to brooksspinalcare. See ad on page 25.

healthykids FUN FALL MIGRATIONS A PERFECT FAMILY FIELD TRIP by Martin Miron T his year. which once numbered in the millions and roamed the central and western plains from Colorado to Texas before being hunted to near extinction. Seasonal residents in Florida aren’t called “snowbirds” for nothing. bring life lessons. Start with likely local sources of information like a nature center or county extension service. Making Plans First. and Wildlife Service (fws. pick a This outing doesn’t have to mean sacrifice. yet it’s possible to see migrating animals just about anywhere.” and levies a fine for bothering the bugs. Migration Highlights Every year. where entering a local zip code pulls up all sorts of nearby resources. This subtropical peninsula is either a destination or way station for hundreds of migrating species. Each fall in Ohio. birds flock or the antelope play. and listen to songs from the bird of the day. or even parks and recreation staff. for news of animal activity close to home. Good places to look include the nonprofit World Wildlife Fund (WorldWildlife.S.000 monarch butterflies takes place in Pacific Grove. Bison. either. a strategy is in kids can Search “Wanda” to help Wanda the wood thrush find her way home to her nesting site. Plus. Observation points include the Magee Marsh State Wildlife Area and Ottawa Wildlife Refuge. kingfish and cobia are around in the fall and winter. sailfish. animals and sea life are repeating their annual rituals of migration. a spectacular congregation of 25. why not make the most of a long weekend by taking the family on a short trip designed to give kids a new. as adventurous observations of the animals create family lore. vibrant connection to nature? Everywhere across North America. you can still visit Aunt Stella or go waterskiing. At NationalZoo. starting in October. Fish 18 Green Country Edition NAGreenCountry. Once you know where you are going and why. “Butterfly Town. The overwintering insects’ habits are so reliable that the city calls itself. The best natural migration corridors are along mountain ridges. species that you won’t catch in the summertime. perform their own annual odyssey. Credit: Allen Montgomery/USFWS . educate and perhaps. community and school librarians are sure to be helpful. a vital call of the wild that has been enriching life on Earth since long before humans appeared on the outside of San Francisco. Down in the Florida Keys. choose a region from the dropdown menu). grouper. enter “migration” in the Search Site box). insects. huge flocks of southbound shorebirds put on a show in several areas along Lake Erie known for superior viewing. Planning ahead makes it possible to include unforgettable memories of wildlife in action. the U. river valleys and coastlines. and the kid-friendly Nature Rocks (Nature Rocks. both part of a national Regional Shorebird Reserve. Fish. too. The Internet is a great resource to tap into the big picture of animal migrations. A little research may reveal that you live close to a place where butterflies congregate. as well the Kildeer Plains and Big Island wildlife areas further inland.

918-744-3305 C. On their way from Hudson Bay to sunnier climes. mule deer and bighorn sheep. along with elk. As many as 25 migrating species of birds fly to Puerto Rico en route to their winter quarters further south. Afterward. Scores of them land for a pit stop in the Chesapeake Bay region and near Midwest lakes. together with a field guide for identification. too. nothing can replace witnessing nature in the natural awakenings September 2010 19 Credit: Tim Bowman/USFWS an iconic symbol for young children.(918) 605-7439 See Photo Gallery at TulsaWoodSmith. pronghorn antelope. using exotic and domestic woods GET AN AMAZING FIGURE IN JUST 2 STEPS Find out the weight loss secret these people know about! LOSE 2 OR MORE SIZES IN 10 MINUTES! Michael C. There. furniture. but the impending scarcity of food. legacy chests. These splendid animals. Smith . Scouts can work on assignments for merit badges. thousands of American coots and American wigeons. undergo an annual altitudinal migration among mountain foothills in the face of winter’s arrival. TulsaWoodSmith Creating heirlooms that will be passed from one generation to the next Handcrafting fine cabinetry. Look up over New York and Toronto to witness thousands of Canada geese making their seasonal pilgrimage in their signature. review what each child thinks was the best part of the experience and discuss where they might want to go next. FL. What to Bring Binoculars are a must for any wildlife trip. . You’ll discover that for nurturing a meaningful bond with Earth’s creatures. They do it not so much because of the temperature change. blue-winged teals and other waterfowl present delightful displays. 918-234-0342 www. Connect at emem. Park rangers can tell you the best spots to observe this vanishing JUDY BOMAR Bring along art materials and kids can have fun creating a work of art or science fair project.have recovered in managed herds in Yellowstone National Park and on private ranches. treasure boxes and unique gifts. Martin Miron is a freelance writer in Naples.creative@ gmail. back at home. graphically pointing out the way that wild animals move about the Earth. migrating geese can become Credit: Ryan Hagerty/USFWS It’s possible to see migrating animals just about anywhere. V-shaped formations marked by unmistakable honking. camera and journal.ardysslife. northern pintails.

Suite B We Offer Pureology Products! 91st and 145th Broken Arrow 918-451-2445 Integrated Healing Arts Massage and Rolfing Restore Inner Harmony Renew • Rebalance • Revitalize Kay Blanchard-Grell-LMT Graduate of the Rolf Institute 1988 Call 918-630-4098 Introductory rates: $1 per Call 918-576-6711 3711 S. Memorial. Deborah E. Flexible schedule to meet your needs. Featuring a blend of orthopedic massage and Rolfing. B Get $10 off your first massage! August-September YOUR AD HERE! CALL 918-516-5016 20 Green Country Edition NAGreenCountry. rebalancing and correction of cronic aches and pains. a gentle approach to release. Harvard Ave. LMT By Appointment 918. Ste. Massage. Reflexology & Reiki Healing Hands Massage and Pain Relief Venita Bentley.639-4720 5610 S. LMT Call for Appointment 918-282-7844 or va. LMT 918-814-8902 Massage Supports Wellness Sandalwood and Check our Website for Monthly Specials Day Spa & Salon Instant Gift Certificates Online Booking available .Masters of Massage and Body Work e Salo ll Servic fu After Fx n 918-835-4424 1211 S. Burdette. Skin Care Serenity Aveda Day Spa & Salon Instant Online Gift Certificate SerenityAvedaDaySpa. Harvard. Tulsa Highlight your Business! 918-516-5016 Gift of Health Massage Give yourself the Gift of Health! Jaime McNeill.

are central to sustaining the creative spirit for society as a whole. innovation. talk. and work to keep us connected. for example. gardens or community centers and September 2010 natural awakenings 21 . innovative. do we mean imaginative. encour- Yielding to the Moment of Creation “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life. Colorado. Individual which often take flight from the creation of familiar He notes that festivals. but the most astounding revelation for all was the ways in which life came to life before their eyes (OneAnd Other. FortCollins aged anyone interested to ascend and stay atop the empty plinth for an hour to get a different view of the world. who are naturally inventive. sees such everyday cultural expressions as crucial reservoirs of community spirit (CommunityAndCulture.” When we say someone or something is creative. music and smiling faces. artistic or fantastic? Creativity is about being inquisitive and open to new ideas as well as new ways of putting those ideas together. The Art Lab has filled Old Town with art. yet intimate. to devise a traveling popup art gallery that transforms empty downtown storefronts into vibrant art spaces until tenants are found. brainstorm and share the good Consider the inspired vision that prompted residents of Fort Collins. and gives birth to myriad forms that are sometimes stunning in Credit: AArt Lab. Since 2009. inventive. their simplicity. This piece of public performance art. contributing individuals could do whatever they liked for the assigned hour. mind and spirit. recurring gatherings in parks. Tom Borrup. where the creative impulse requires interaction between the artists and audience. entitled One and Other. bring people together in body. a creative community builder in Minneapolis.” ~ Pablo Picasso Communal creativity exists along a continuum between spontaneity and structure. Anyone can come and create in the space. the fourth plinth (think pedestal) raised in 2009 in London’s Trafalgar Square by Antony Gormley. The most poignant of these remind us of just how very human we are. contribution to community life ranges from plays and exhibitions to communal paintings (ArtLabFortCollins. Take. a larger creativity comes alive through collective art making. For 100 days.Living Art by Kirsten Broadfoot ~ Hedy Lamarr creativity inspires community “All creative people want to do the unexpected. display their arts and crafts or just sit. This laid back. Such animating experiences.

Her favorite sites include parks. is giving new life to dance socials. such as group gardening. for instance. the largest ad hoc painting party was 115 people strong. We have come to understand that stories sustain our we gain a sense of nurturing and realize ways to hold onto the distinction of a place. In sharing time and space. California. Spontaneous expression is commonly found in open studios or houses. can get in on the We can also create a storytelling event of our own. sewing. for example ( painting and cooking. The owners host monthly Live Art event. (DoglegCoffeehouse. just gets people together to have fun and share ideas for sewing projects (Meetup.000 blankets and other comforting goods for needful youngsters since 1999 (BlankieDepo. Take the Yarn Shop and Fiber Place. RPS fosters all forms of community Working with the Senses “Art has been the means of keeping alive the senses of purpose…” ~ John Dewey Artful togetherness is woven into the very fabric of community life through what often appears to be everyday utilitarian activities. The modern-day resurrection of drum circles. on the other hand. in Oakland. building. Fans view the drum as an especially powerful instrument relating to the human body. myths and belief systems. we honor cherished traditions and remain open to learning and reinvention by accepting and incorporating new ideas from unlikely Coffee shops. sculpt or mold. crafts and performances through collaborative sharing of ideas. … Unleashing indwelling voices Beyond the creative command of our hands. it also feels good to unleash our bodies and expand the scope of our voices. Montana.artistic activities of all stripes that generate and sustain group traditions build community and contribute to everyone’s quality of life.) Another ancient and global form of community building resides in the power of words—whether sung or spoken. Naples. In the best scenarios. as groups of artists and others meet to paint. like Susan Wood. In New Jersey. In Naples. all venturing beyond self-imposed boundaries. science museums and natural health expos. Live Art meets in various places around town for onthe-spot performance music. of SusieQ Art based in Fort Lauderdale. move outside the studio to facilitate the co-creation of art in public spaces (SusieQArt. … Putting our hands to work Visitors are likely to be surprised by the hive of activity they encounter in local sewing and knitting supply shops lately. too. skills and resources aimed to strengthen a sense of community (rpsCollective. draw. Finally. Community art collectives like Rock Paper Scissors. FL . A volunteerrun organization. Other artists. Florida. loosely structured drumming events around the world leave plenty of room for spontaneous jamming. (Find existing drum circles by state or find out how to start one at DrumCircles. in Bozeman. poetry. Dogleg Coffeehouse. there are celebratory events at which all kinds of vibrant creative forms come together in one is the site of a free monthly art class led by local artists. Ask any informal gathering of new and old friends to each create their own six-word memoir in a round robin event and be amazed at what memories are instantly created. spinning and weaving circles and knit-for-a-cause events. They’ve sparked a growing community of folks creating new life for repurposed and re-found items. in Bandera. html. Waleska Sallaberry relates that their Natural Awakenings’ Drumming Circle in Puerto Rico tops 600 participants a month. a community of volunteers with the Blankie Depot has crafted some 147. Florida. Based upon one of humanity’s most ancient forms of gathering and sharing within and across The Sewful Austin group in Texas. dance and body NAGreenCountry. Texas. Enjoy checking out and sharing such six-word autobiographies at Smith Magazine (SmithMag. Anyone within earshot can get a nocost creative charge by simply picking up a paintbrush to “add a dab. The National Storytelling Network helps locate master storytellers in the community (StoryNet. are hot spots for activities ranging from art walks and 22 Green Country Edition talks to writer readings. as it mimicks the beat of the human heart.” To painting.

some more structured than others. But most creative communities exist like Russian dolls. Alabama. it is temporary. event. Here. like the ones in Chicago. offers yet another twist—bringing food. World Pinhole Photography Day (PinHoleDay. The Windmill Public participation is the name of the global game with International Pillowfight Day. visit BurningMan.” (For details of the August 30-September 6. but always full of people having fun together. an annual art event and temporary community based on self-expression and selfreliance in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Many communities choose to feature a local author. the first flash mob occurred at Macy’s in New York City in 2003. Philadelphia and Seattle. it’s all about nurturing the fiber of community (Windmill Market. search Frozen Grand Central Station. It happens on the same day. This year’s theme is “Metropolis: The Life of Cities. Initially designed as a combined social experiment and form of performance art. the Good Work Circle and COMMUNEcation. Finally. Kirsten Broadfoot has lived and worked in New Zealand. the ultimate in structure and spontaneity may be the extraordinary Burning Man Project. Part farmers’ market. engage a whole community in choosing a book to read over a period of nested inside other communities and networks of creative activity. One Book. yoga studios from many nations gather local individuals to form a “mala around the Earth. Sedona AZ natural awakenings 23 . This year. part craft fair and part community garden. Of course. Tune in for an “Om” heard ‘round the world. academic articles and essays. She has created and coordinates two online communities. film. Japan and the United States. of Harper’s Magazine. Readers then come together to participate in a variety of related events.) of participants. but here are a few examples to get the creative juices flowing. its existence imprinted mainly in the memories always designed to make us become truly present in our environment. Everyone then loads their images onto the collective website to beget a global gallery of images. the Horse Trade Theater Group is well known for its independent talent and events. textiles. It’s a constantly evolving work in progress. consciousness-raising event (GlobalMala. as communities come together with pillows to play. in Fairhope. improv. usually the last Sunday in April. Australia. The idea was the 1998 brainchild of Nancy Pearl at the Washington Center for the Book at The Seattle Public Library. org) recruits everyday people to create a pinhole camera and take a picture of something in their local community. but always evoking the feeling that they are happening on the spur of the moment.” ~ Albert Einstein While the Burning Man Project is significant for its magnitude and sheer eclecticism. the Global Mala Project demonstrates what can be accomplished with a away from advertising and consumerism (PillowFightDay. the Vehicles vary widely. antiques and plants together. inter-community. and has written numerous conference papers. (See YouTube. Flash mobs have since appeared all over the country. the idea is to reclaim public space for play. dance and other “drafts in development. sometimes scheduled and sometimes spontaneous. Taking a cue from “A Day in the Life” photography projects. These orchestrated intercommunity initiatives can transform a neighborhood’s or city’s well-being on multiple levels. San Diego. Connect at Kirsti@sterena. September 2010 Raw Spirit Flash Mobs entail large groups of volunteers who appear to spontaneously perform a clever act of theater in a public space for a brief period of they’re Expanding and Amplifying Interconnections “Imagination is more important than knowledge. In New York.” as they perform ritual practices based on the sacred cycle of 108.” as they nourish the organic advancement of community (HorseTrade. the mala will be held September 18-19. At the other end of the spectrum. One City local reading programs. granting her a profound appreciation of community life. Malibu.painting. Part of the Urban Playground Movement. organized by Bill Wasik. Whether dramatic or musically inclined. to raise funds and awareness for pressing global issues. their brilliance is the connection they spark between the actions of the mob and the place we inhabit as an audience. featuring open mic. and this decision is often socially transformative.

but an opportunity for his client’s to be creative as well. the largest.” Rhonda Pettibone – The Ballroom Dancer Rhonda Pettibone grew up dancing in her native Australia. woodworking is not only a way to express his creativity. “People give me a napkin with a rough sketch of what they want. Jazz. creativity is stifled by the day-to-day activities of life. whites and other muted tones. she attended the Royal Academy of Dance in London.” says Smith. “I express myself through my art. Everyone has the ability to be creative. is usually grown on farms and has been dried for months prior to being shipped. but was always bothered that he never actually got to see anything from inception until completion. Cajamarca soon began creating his own ceramic sculptures and has never stopped. or painting. CREATIVE Creativity Comes in All Forms Especially in Tulsa By Beth Davis EXPRESSION W e often think of a “creative person” as a poet.” Always looking for new ways to work.” Not one time has he ever looked back and regretted his decision to make woodworking his career. Even when I’m making sculptures and crying. art was truly a part of him. Cajamarca also does creative painting on walls and ceilings of homes.and built a wood shop with “every tool and toy a boy could love” to handcraft pieces that can be enjoyed for generations.” Smith takes great pride in the fact that his pieces are built to last. For Smith. “My art helped me express my feelings of grief and helped me get through a very difficult time. most influential dance teacher training and examining body for classical ballet. so it is also that instant gratification of seeing a project from start to finish. that have been grown and harvested specifically for sale. it is their life– a way to make a living and to express themselves through their art. A residential home remodeler by trade. his pieces continued to get better so in order to continue his path of improvement. cooking. “I feel empty if I’m not creating something. a painter. all of which have been approved for exports. His items were met with great enthusiasm. tabletop boxes and unique gifts. Word traveled and he began receiving requests for his woodworking. my tears are mixing with the clay so I’m literally putting all of my feelings into it. He buys exotic woods from local companies that specialize in exotics. As a way to work with his hands and decompress at the end of the day. she says she probably did it. he quit his job Green Country Edition NAGreenCountry. playing with children. when in fact. tap. Inspired by his father’s creations. He uses domestic woods such as walnut.” he says. I create something. “This feeds that creative need I have to take raw wood and transform it into something beautiful.” he says.” he explains. Michael Smith enjoyed his work. Later.” Juan Cajamarca ¬ The Painter and Sculptor As a child Juan Cajamarca would sit and watch his father create pottery using clay and ceramic. For others. For Cajamarca. but for some. his art is truly a means of self-expression. or have died. it has the ability to provide great moments of insight. he decided to buy a few tools and take up woodworking. It was a moment that made him realize just how important his “hobby” had become. Whether it’s writing. Seeing the sparkle in a client’s eye when they see their vision come to life is something that Smith says. legacy chests. including fine cabinetry. Michael Smith – The Woodsmith As an industrial salesman. cherry. hickory and oak. With encouragement from his wife. he took some classes. “I can build nearly anything in a couple of weeks. he explains. or a musician. creative expression comes in all forms. The wood. In 2006. Irish dance – you name it. As he worked. “I’ve done this all of my 24 . Cajamarca used his art as an escape–creating pottery and sculptures in remembrance of his son. he also started using glass and clay. fallen down and been turned into slabs of lumber. imagination and inspiration. furniture. “I turn those cocktail napkin dreams into a reality. Popular themes include abstract clouds and other shapes using blues. “tickles him to death. Cynthia. “Whether moments in my life are happy or sad. his four-month-old son died.” notes Cajamarca.

and she couldn’t agree more.” She says that students often tell her that the dance studio is where they come to relax everyday. No matter what form creativity takes.De-Stress .S.rak2you@hotmail.” Creative self-expression is an important and often underutilized tool for personal. growth and development. and getting married. it can help you let go of feelings and decompress from the day. it just magically goes away.” says . but in rising every time we fall. Pettibone says the movement associated with dancing is not only a wonderful form of exercise. contact (918) 605-7439 or visit but can also help unleash creativity and change someone’s life for the better.” ~ Confucius natural awakenings September 2010 25 . call 918-698-0543.Relax . Pettibone loves dancing for its ability to allow her to create– whether she is portraying a character or creating an atmosphere–it is an art form for which she is very passionate. To contact Juan Cajamarca. “It is selling magic. and sometimes spiritual. For Rhonda Pettibone. Increase Energy .” she explains. Pettibone continued her love of dance and began teaching ballroom dancing in the 1980s. To connect with Michael Smith.Feel Great Usui and Karuna Reiki Master For Treatments & Classes Call 918-254-8645 . “I have realized that teaching is not just Ruth Ann Kelley Reiki “Our greatest glory is not in never falling.After coming to the U. call 918-488-8336. “We all have stresses in our life and bad things happen.reikiyourworld. “But when I start teaching.

“But if you live in the Northeast. refrigerator canning or multi-step water bath canning. are contributing to what characters. eing a locavore is fabulous if you live somewhere like California. Owasso. author of food preservation. job losses and Batches of Seasonal Foods food safety scares. dehydrators and large crocks). California. know what’s in our food and reduce our carbon footprint. The simplest methods for “putting by” food are SAVORING THE SUN Three Ways to Preserve Summer’s Goodness by Judith Fertig Let us help you look & feel better! “I had a wonderful experience with my first treatment. 918-397-0299 SilhouetteBodySculpting.” recently cited as a renaissance in home ~ Eugenia Bone. without the downtime.” she notes with a chuckle. It was a very relaxing experience and I can’t wait for my next appointment!!” –Renee Lane “B Body Contouring Treatments Offer: • Results with the 1st treatment • Immediate inch loss • Restored Self-Esteem Our safe. a Berkeley. and Bixby. a co-founder of Canvolution and an expert food preservationist. sales of canning equipment were up 30 percent in 2009. unless you learn food . dehydrating and fermenting require special equipment (pressure cookers.consciouseating Three Locations: Bartlesville. According to Jarden Home Brands. with story The New York Times lines that I remember. The mounting desire to eat locally grown food. as well as shrinking house“The jars are like hold budgets. I lost a total of 11 inches and saw a lot of toning and sculpting. food preservationist. makers of Kerr and Ball brands of glass canning jars. “In Well-Preserved: Recipes and a time of high food Techniques for Putting Up Small prices. Benefits aren’t limited to fat reduction and include tightening and lifting of the skin naturally and fading of stretch marks and scars. CALL FOR APPOINTMENT OR FREE CONSULTATION GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE 26 Green Country Edition NAGreenCountry. Pressure canning. side effects or complications of more costly procedures.” says Audra Wolfe. bladeless lipo-removal is a painless.” agrees June Taylor. non-surgical treatment that uses microcurrents to dislodge fat at the molecular level. you could be eating local turnips and kale all winter. home canning is booming.

here are some websites to get started. Judith Fertig is a freelance food writer in Overland Park. Then. according to U. need to be blanched first—plunged into boiling water for a minute or two. well as more advanced Eugenia Bone at green tomatoes. beets and green beans will keep for up to six months if kept covered in pickling brine in the refrigerator. Audra Wolfe at DorisAndJillyCook. canning them also involves pickling—adding a vinegary brine to increase the acid level. Such quickfrozen berries can then be placed in freezer storage containers and will keep for up to six National Center for Food Preservation at uga. Cooked sauces. hot jars that are filled almost up to the top (the amount of headspace between the food and the lid is indicated in the recipe).gov (click on Food and Nutrition. the food is packed into clean. Basically. Knowledgeable Resources County extension agencies within each state’s department of agriculture provide free information on techniques for preserving food. Department of Agriculture at usda. the movement is picking up steam. blogspot. for more information visit AlfrescoFoodAndLifestyle. nados say that almost half of U. Hot Water Bath Canning Traditional hot water bath canning creates a vacuum within the jar that works to preserve Kerri Conan at DinersJournal. like vegetables. then search Home Canning) Refrigerator Canning Because most vegetables have low acid content. Swiss chard stems. patting them dry. which can invite bacteria Canning Across America at Canning Ball Canning at FreshPreserving. then shocked in an ice water bath—then allowed to cool before being placed in freezer storage containers. Helpful online sources also abound.S. KS. canners are now younger than 40. Canvolution aficio- natural awakenings September 2010 27 . nytimes. Department of Agriculture guidelines.blogs. When they’re removed from the bath. gardeners and food lovers collectively committed to the revival of the lost art of putting by food. Refrigerator-pickled cucumbers. Freezing Freezing can be as easy as rinsing berries in very cold water. together with recipes and recommended local ingredients. For most of us. salsas and chutneys can simply cool before being frozen and will also taste best when eaten within six months. Some foods. the filled and sealed jars are processed in a hot water bath for a specified amount of time. with more cooks. a large pot and some pint-size glass canning jars with lids and metal sealing rings comprise the basic equipment we need to get U. the lids will pop into place as they cool to complete each jar’s vacuum seal. Food canned this way can be stored on kitchen shelves for up to one year. and then placing them on a baking sheet in the freezer until frozen solid.

as well. Upton says. Proper grooming can help dogs not only look good. a rubber brush for massaging the animal and a towel. they are members of the family now. “Extreme matting can cause a health risk to pets. Place necessary items within reach. Johnson It’s going to take all of us to protect our environment. Once a month is a good general rule of thumb. “Dogs that stay in the house don’t need baths as frequently as dogs that spend more time outside. making sure to monitor the water temperature. In warm months. including shampoo.COMING IN OCTOBER naturalpet HEALTHY SPECIAL EDITION PLANET STEP UP TO GOOD GROOMING by Morieka V. “I sit pets on a small.” Here are the professional tips Bryant follows to make bath time better for everybody: Comfort is key: Create a comfortable workspace. a smelly pet can put a serious damper on cuddle time. in At- 918-516-5016 28 Green Country Edition NAGreenCountry. L For more information about advertising and how you can participate.” Bryant observes. Georgia. bathing the dog outside means less mess and a shorter drying time. “Dogs have a natural amount of yeast and bacteria on their skin.” Perhaps that’s why pet owners today spend billions of dollars on grooming products.” remarks Michael Bryant. sturdy table in the shower so that I can do much less bending. call et’s face it. “I set the nozzle to mist and . “People just look at pets differently today. a registered veterinary technician in Conyers. which increases the risk of staph infections. your nose will tell you when it’s time to take action. owner of Snazzy-Pet Full Service Mobile Grooming. “People realize that it’s important to do the right thing for them. but feel better.” He also suggests attaching a hose to the bathtub or shower faucet.” explains DeAndre Upton. according to the American Pet Products Association. “Bathing two big dogs back-toback can easily leave you with an achy back. and matting causes moisture to be trapped under the coat. Find out how you can play your part in Natural Awakenings’ October Issue.” But how often should the family dog get a sudsy rubdown? That depends on the lanta. leading to hot spots and excessive itching.

” he says. In working with bath-shy dogs. “Creativity is inventing. a precocious pooch. Ask your groomer or vet assistant for a five-minute lesson on the finer points of using pet nail clippers to deliver a clean cut. Bryant suggests selecting shampoos that contain oatmeal or tea tree oil. breaking rules. Email Morieka@gmail. Regardless of how messy the process gets.” Morieka V. Bryant recommends drying the dog completely before cleaning its ears. Her weekly advice column on reducing carbon footprints.” ~ Mary Lou Cook natural awakenings September 2010 29 . and it can be difficult for a dog to get around on those hard surfaces if their hair is too long. Finally. followed by a thorough rinse: A dog’s skin has a different pH level than ours. and having fun. but the price includes more than a fluff and cut.” he cautions. “Each time your pet is professionally groomed. making mistakes. otherwise.” Bryant reports. It can save a lot of anxiety. “Most people have hardwood or tile floors. and follow with a good rinse. they are ready for a thorough rubdown with a thick towel. It also helps to have a few of the animal’s favorite treats on hand. To handle fussy dogs. Dogs with long hair also need a good combing while the fur is still damp. appears on MNN. which address a range of skin issues and have soothing properties. com. Instead. one toe at a time.” he advises. Johnson is a freelance writer who frequently writes about pet issues and shares her Atlanta home with Lulu. experimenting. Don’t neglect the paws: Keep nails trimmed regularly. Use a good shampoo. Use an ear cleaner with a drying solution to remove wax or debris. Conditioner is not essential unless the pet has long hair or is prone to matting. “This helps his body more easily acclimate to the cooler water temperature. “I have discovered teeth problems. a gentle doggie massage helps end bath time on a soothing note. no matter how much you coax or cajole or crank up your temper.” Take your time: Some dogs just don’t like bath time. joint problems.let the water fall onto the dog’s body. Longhaired dogs also need the hair trimmed between their paw pads. and hair and skin problems that many of my clients never would have noticed. Bryant notes that many pet owners are anxious about clipping a pet’s nails and fear accidentally cutting off too much. growing. so avoid using human hair care products. He suggests seeking professional advice. “Remember. this professional groomer finds that gentle and slow is the way to go. It pays to hire pros: Getting your dog groomed can be a costly investment. the most important part of any doggie bath is to thoroughly rinse all shampoo from the dog’s body. taking risks. because it can lead to ear infections. apply plenty of patience. he is actually examined from head to avoid getting excess water in the dog’s ear canal.

developer of YogaWorks teacher training program T he essence of yoga. connected to the infinite. they all agree upon the following handful of principles. creator of Power Yoga Try this transformative exercise: If your mind becomes restless. happiness and e n lig h t e n m e nt from contemporary practitioners who are deemed by their peers as world titans of yoga. practitioners of all ages enjoy the benefits of increased flexibility and muscle strength. close your eyes and watch your breath. cocreator of Jiva Mukti Yoga Try this healing exercise: Sit up. called the “First Lady of Yoga” since her 1972 PBS series. using a soft inhale and exhale. As their practice deepens. there’s magic to them. better posture and alignment. already free. Even if you [begin with] no intention. then become aware of the quality of your breath.fitbody TITANS OF YOGA by Johannes R. while honoring the quest for mental and emotional stability and balance. ~ Bryan Kest. is a journey of self-discovery and transformation. organizers of National Yoga Month have collected in one place insights on health. Experience Health and Oneness with the Body Regular practice is key. Anytime. Take 30 seconds to enjoy this moment. if you do the postures enough. The titans interviewed incorporate various techniques and approaches. don’t be inhibited by the past or future. ~ Sara Ivanhoe. like a guest. Inevitably. Feel your belly move as breath enters and exits through the nostrils. put your hands in your lap. ~ Lisa Walford. you become present. they also experience yoga’s larger gift: a body/ mind attunement that nurtures mental clarity. being present… and connecting with your inner smile. founder of YogaFit Enjoy the moment. ~ Lilias Folan. Practicing yoga helps you remember that you’re already perfect. creator of bestselling yoga DVDs If you don’t feel good in your body—if you can’t move forward with ease and not dis-ease—how can you feel good about anything? Yoga… makes us feel good about the bodies we are in. ~ Beth Shaw Be Present in the Moment Yoga… is about the power of . It becomes a way of life that embraces a system of physical science. being present in the moment. Choose to observe your breath and it will redirect the mind. 30 Green Country Edition NAGreenCountry. designed to inspire. ~ Beth Shaw. Focus on the Breath If you bring your attention to your breathing. emotional composure and a greater sense of overall well-being. relax your jaw and breathing. right now. Millions of U. facilitate and heighten anyone’s yoga practice. yoga leads you to a state of union.S. You are in a timeless space. Lilias! Yoga and You LESSONS DISTILLED FROM A LIFETIME OF DISCIPLINED PRACTICE For the first time. and decreased stress. Yet. Fisslinger ~ Sharon Gannon. no matter its style. [you can] take a few deep breaths and find a peaceful space within. develop this muscle of being present by focusing on the breath.

” says Corn. just west of Memorial) 918-809-4444 info@innerpeaceyogatulsa. internationally celebrated yoga teacher Johannes R. a yoga superstar featured on magazine covers and Oprah. but it’s providing the appropriate information that’s going to give them longevity in their practice. Who you are is an expression of consciousness. the body and mind connect. Then you really find your soul essence. For information about free local yoga classes and events in September and the new Titans of Yoga DVD. 91st Street. teacher of Bikram yoga Experience Oneness with the Spirit For energy to be flowing. natural awakenings September 2010 31 . ~ Rajahshree Choudhury The essence of yoga is truth and love… willingness to embrace the God that is within. ~ Vinnie Marino. but [with] something that’s deeper inside you. and it becomes meditation in motion. ~ Rajashree Choudhury. “It tends to draw people who are more athletic and perhaps more goal-oriented or self-competitive—those who prefer a practice that feels more like a workout. visit YogaMonth. C Yoga Makes Everything Better! Check our website for Monthly Specials innerpeaceyogatulsa. an expression of God. Natural Awakenings asked this renowned teacher to share her advice on choosing a style of yoga and creating a home practice. Qi Flow yoga teacher and partner of author Eckhart Tolle Yoga helps you [let go of] attachment to material things and empowers your soul. your sacred words that you recite over and over again. Vinyasa flow teacher who employs music styles ranging from trance to rock SEANE CORN FINDING A YOGA STYLE AND MAKING IT MEANINGFUL by Kim Childs Strengthen the Mind through Meditation The real power of yoga is in meditation.” This style of so-called flow yoga can also be very emotionally therapeutic. is the pure energy. “For example. she adds. chi. it builds life energy. a fluid form of yoga. Fisslinger is the co-founder of National Yoga Month and founder of Yoga-Recess in Schools.” Likewise. “In my dream world.” inspiring activism and raising funds for programs around the world that serve at-risk youth and AIDS/HIV treatment and prevention. ~ Kim Eng. your featuring 25 masters of yoga and meditation now available through yoga teachers and studios. the style of yoga I teach is Vinyasa. ~ Bryan Kest Learn to concentrate on your orn observes that personality may initially predispose a student to prefer one style of yoga over another. that may feel too slow. in me. she recommends Iyengar if an individual is recovering from an injury. you have to be in tune and in balance not only with the nature around you. My favorite is. The mind creates emotions and OK 74113 (off 91st St. She has also taken her yoga “off the mat. Seane Corn. This energy that’s in you. has been practicing yoga for 23 years and teaching for well over a decade. Students who want to try more vigorous yoga styles like Vinyasa or Ashtanga should have a basic understanding of how to build yoga asanas (postures). “Let go… just let it go…” ~ David Life. integrate the breath and work with their body’s flexibility. recognizing that we are all connected. co-creator of Jiva Mukti yoga Practice pranayama [regulation of the breath] and meditation to improve concentration and the power of your mind. prana. when the mind is healthy. Bring these meditative qualities into the physical practice. For some students. students would know that there are techniques they need to understand before they approach a more challenging or fluid practice.Yoga strengthens our life force and makes us stronger from deep inside. the one life that connects us all.. in plants and animals. ~ Seane Corn. “That would mean either going to a very beginner-level class or an Iyengar class. Suite 160 Tulsa. the qualities of the mind behind the action. Both initiatives are coordinated by the Yoga Health 7718 E.” she says.

she advises. “Find a teacher who can meet you where you are.” Turn off phones and other distractions. “My bones are strong. I’ll set an intention and ask Spirit that the practice be a reflection of my devotion. This is true for I’m just very comfortable in my body and confident on my feet. Kim Childs is a Kripalu yoga teacher in the Boston area. which seems to match my growth as a person. characterized as “meditation in motion. She explains that while Iyengar is quite a methodical and precise style for teaching fundamentals. and focus. The more sacred. sugar. “It was only Ashtanga or Vinyasa. “I don’t have PMS or other [premenopausal] symptoms and my skin looks good and Enter the discount code “Natural Awakenings” and save $50! or Visit us at one of our three locations: Bartlesville. More importantly. intentional and meaningful a home practice is. Corn recommends setting aside 30 minutes to an hour at least three days a week. Now that I’m in my 40s—or even back in my 30s— I’ve wanted a deeper practice that has more space and more areas of stillness and connection. explore what feels right and allow your practice to evolve as you do. students can compromise their knees.” she recalls. Once people begin to practice. “I set up an altar with things that are important to me. fish. Corn counsels. who has studied many traditions over the years.” For those who are grounded in yoga fundamentals and want a home practice. Shop our website WanditWell. Corn advises students to. anyone with a preexisting injury or medical condition should consult a doctor before beginning a yoga practice. and Bixby 918-971-9719 32 Green Country Edition NAGreenCountry. my muscles and joints are quite supple.” As with any physical undertaking. physical and life changes may lead to the exploration of other styles. “When I was younger. “When I put my palms together. she says.“The key to your Wellness lies in the energy within and around you” Call for our low price! “Zero point Energy” Awakens your own ability to heal! Without proper technique. 10 minutes of standing poses and 10 minutes of backbends. dairy. a dedication to something greater than myself.” she reports. the more likely one is to regard it as more than an exercise routine. Connect at KimChilds.” At 43. and my hormonal system is in really good shape. lower backs and necks.” remarks Corn. I would recommend 10 minutes of sun salutes. Owasso.” Once on the mat. I wouldn’t have considered an Iyengar or a Kripalu class. alcohol. styles like . “If you have a half-hour. forward bends and a resting pose.” can be more forgiving. caffeine and chemical additives) with maintaining her good health. Corn credits her yoga practice and diet (avoiding meat.

Tulsa. leaves you in a peaceful state of connectedness. For more information contact Dr. Awaken to oneness in Tulsa’s new Ecstatic dance scene. Whole Foods Market. Come experience some relief and be a part of this great community event. Whole Foods Market.1401 E 41st St. 8123 E. Nirvana Body & Soul. Unity Center of SEPTEMBER 3 Sway – 8-11pm. Learn the products and services that make it convenient and easy. The Naturopathic Healing Arts Center. Elements of Empowerment – 6:30pm. Tulsa. Tulsa. 948-582-6624. 1660 E. Ann Ellis at 918504-1601.Whole Foods carries the largest gluten free selection in Oklahoma. ND. The Power of Women with Guest speaker Gina Pearson. Unity Center of Tulsa. 948-5826624. Class purpose is to provide educational resources for learning and understanding the Constitution of the United States. Tulsa. Whole Foods THURSDAY. Whole Foods Market. RSVP at guest service or call 918-712-7555. Offsite – Sensing Emotions . Tulsa. With Kerrie Long. 1830 S.Family support group for children (3-20) with extraordinary gifts and talents whose sensitivity is beyond the normal range of perception. QiGong – The Eight Pieces of Brocade –Noon1pm. The Dance Pointe.1401 E 41st St. Boston. SEPTEMBER 10 natural awakenings September 2010 33 . Boston. 1830 S. A Class in Conscious Creating. 1830 S. The Center of Light. TUESDAY.4-7pm. Learn how to create wonderful raw food dishes with a certified raw food chef. THURSDAY. Whole Foods carries the lartest gluten free selection in Oklahoma. MONDAY. Tulsa. RSVP at guest service or call 918-712-7555.1401 E 41st St. Tulsa. 918-660-SOUL(7685). Night club meets yoga studio. 7903 E 50th St. Sign up at guest service or call 918-712-7555. Food. Near Death & Other Mystical Experiences – 3-4:30pm. Call Lisa at 608-886-7411. SEPTEMBER 11 HSH Foodie Fight – 12noon-3pm. With Michael Beale. Sign up at guest service or call 918-712-7555. loving people. SEPTEMBER 6 Taste the Savings for Free . Tulsa. All modalities. SEPTEMBER 12 BEING About the Father’s Business – 11am.1401 E 41st St. Sign up at guest service or call 918-712-7555. SEPTEMBER 16 QiGong – The Eight Pieces of Brocade – 5:456:56 pm. SEPTEMBER 9 Gluten Free Cooking Class – 6:30pm. 918-582-6624. Eckankar Service – 7:30-9:30pm. Sign up at guest service or call 918-712-7555. 7903 E 50th St. Tulsa. Night club meets yoga studio. RSVP requested. and God book study group –12noon-1pm.4-7pm. Cost $150. Tulsa. MONDAY. 1830 S. 918496-9401. Whole Foods Market. Cost is $10 per family. With Ann Marie Beale. SEPTEMBER 7 Betsy Catrett ND Raw Food Cooking Class – 6:30pm. Healing Share – 6-7pm. Tulsa. Groves. sacred space. 918-496-9401. TUESDAY. If you’re new or a veteran of eating raw food. Unity Center of Tulsa. Tulsa. Boston. Free. Tulsa. Guided tour around the store telling how to save money and get the most value for your dollar. Whole Foods Market. Betsy Catrett ND Holistic Class – 6:30pm. RSVP for guidelines and to submit entries. Greg Gates teaches the basic Qigong Movements in this 8 week class for healing and energy.1401 E 41st St. RSVP at guest service or call 918-712-7555. Unity Center of Tulsa. SUNDAY. With Dr.1401 E 41st St. Whole Foods Market. RSVP requested. Nirvana Body & Soul. An informal group discussing the subject of altered consciousness. Fontana Shopping Center. SEPTEMBER 4 Labor Day BBQ – 12noon-3pm. 1660 E. Visit DanceSWAY.Learn the products and services that make it convenient and easy. Whole Foods Market. Robert L. 9353 East 95th Court. Whole Foods Market. 948-582-6624.1401 E 41st St. SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER 15 Women. Sway – 8-11pm. Gluten Free & Healthy Eating Tour – 6:30pm. FRIDAY. Young Intuitives – 1-3pm. Fontana Shopping Center. 918-497-6942 or visit GoldenCabinet. you will find this class fun and informative. Tulsa. 1830 S. Beautiful music. Class will cover the structure and success of affirmations.1401 E 41st St. For appointments call: GOLDEN CABINET CHINESE MEDICINE. 918-660-SOUL(7685). An opportunity to give or receive energy work.Love Donation.Learn the products and services that make it convenient and easy. 71st for more info. With Dr. Tulsa. Featuring Hatch Chilies. Tulsa. Sign up at guest service or call 918-712-7555. Tulsa.calendarofevents Note: All Calendar events must be received by the 10th of the month and adhere to our guidelines. Value Tour – 6:30pm. sacred space. Oneness Blessing – 3-4:30pm. Groves. and preserving the Union of the Fifty States. THURSDAY. Tulsa. Awaken to oneness in Tulsa’s new Ecstatic dance scene.1401 E 41st St. Email CalEvents@ NAGreenCountry. SATURDAY.1401 E 41st St. The Naturopathic Healing Arts Center. The Dance Pointe. 71st Street Suite 2-O. Whole Foods Market. Nirvana Body & Soul. Materials fee $20. loving people. SAVE THE DATE! September 10 & 11 $25 Community Acupuncture Weekend – Accupuncture should be a service that everyone can afford and enjoy. 48th St. increasing communication between citizens and their elected public servants. – 6:30pm. SEPTEMBER 2 Gluten Free & Healthy Eating Tour – 6:30pm. Tulsa. RSVP at guest service or call 918-712-7555. Sign up at guest service or call 918-712-7555 WEDNESDAY.. Robert L. Everyone welcome. 918-660-SOUL(7685). Whole Foods Market. Boston. Whole Foods carries the lartest gluten free selection in Oklahoma. 918-582-6624. Boston. wisdom journaling. 9353 East 95th Court. 7903 E 50th St. Cost $150. and exploring various paradigms expressing universal principles. Fontana Shopping Center. Tulsa. SEPTEMBER 14 Hormone Balance for Women of A ll Ages – 6:30pm. Suite 2-O. Tulsa 9/12 Project Educational Committee Mtg. The Oneness Blessing is a non-denominational experience that FRIDAY. Beautiful music. Unity Center of Tulsa. SEPTEMBER 13 Taste the Savings for Free . Greg Gates teaches the basic Qigong Movements in this 8 week class for healing and energy.

FRIDAY. Sign up at guest service or call 918-712-7555. Second Saturday Art – 12noon-6pm. Whole Foods Market. Supportive discussions. Young Intuitives – 1-3pm. Healing Share – 6-7pm. for more info. Registration required. 9353 East 95th Court. Whole Foods Market. Sign up at guest service or call 918-712-7555. laughter. THURSDAY.918-660-SOUL(7685). 34 Green Country Edition NAGreenCountry. Tulsa. Broadway. Contact Jaylene Johnston at 918-510-4009. For more information. No experience is necessary.11am-6pm. FRIDAY. With Ann Marie Beale. Boston. and God book study group – 12noon-1pm. Beautiful music. loving people. September 11 listing. 7903 E 50th located at 1910 South Lewis. RSVP at guest service or call 918-712-7555. raindrop therapy. journaling. Massage. Unity Center of Tulsa. Whole Foods Market. breathing. SEPTEMBER 25 Reiki I Class .Market. 918-660-SOUL(7685). Fontana Shopping Center. See Saturday. Food. Ongoing spiritual support group for growing your soul with prayer. 1830 S.1401 E 41st St. 7903 E 50th St. call Stormy Miller. 918245-3221 Whole Foods 30th Birthday Party .10:30am . Sign up at guest service or call 918-712-7555. Sand Springs. Arts and crafts. Fontana Shopping Center. Fontana Shopping Center. SEPTEMBER 23 Value Tour – 6:30pm. Come by and spend a relaxing afternoon pampering yourself with one of our great spa therapies. contact Shela Tarwater at (954) 614-2957 for more information. 918-241-9393 or Mary. 948-5826624. Love Donation. 918-497-6942 or visit GoldenCabinet. Tasty Tailgating Treats – 12noon-3pm. 7903 E 50th St. All modalities. Contact Ruth Ann Kelley. RiverWalk Crossing. Tulsa. LIVE ENTERTAINMENT ALL DAY MONDAY. Manual provided. RSVP required. Nirvana Body & Soul. Boston. Whole Foods Market. SAVE THE DATE! September 24 & 25 $25 Community Acupuncture Weekend – Accupuncture should be a service that everyone can afford and enjoy. Donations accepted. Reiki is a safe. Tulsa. 918-660-SOUL(7685). RSVP requested. Satsung for Single Mamas . and of course building a strong community of like-minded women and mothers. For appointments call: GOLDEN CABINET CHINESE MEDICINE. reflexology. Each participant will also sample and receive several pure therapeutic grade essential oil samples. Love – 7-9pm. 1830 S. Whole Foods Market. sacred space.4-7pm.Join us every third Tuesday of the month on this blissful journey of single motherhood. SEPTEMBER 18 Reiki I Class – 9am-5pm. a yoga class or a healthy gourmet lunch. Night club meets yoga studio. Jenks. Cost $95. Lunch provided. At the Triangle. SATURDAY. Come and discuss the movie and book! Cost $10 per class. a manicure or pedicure. Sign up at guest service or call 918-712-7555. meditation.1401 E 41st St. SATURDAY.1401 E 41st St. September 18 The Sand Springs Health and Arts Fair – 10am . SEPTEMBER 20 Taste the Savings for Free . Holistic Alternative treatments to traditional medicine. Guided tour around the store telling how to save money and get the most value for your dollar. 918660-SOUL(7685). 918-660-SOUL(7685).1401 E 41st St. Reiki Level I opens energy pathways and enables the student to receive and transmit Reiki energy. SEPTEMBER 21 Cooking with Sharon . 7903 E 50th St. Come experience some relief and be a part of this great community event. Visit DanceSWAY.9am-5pm. Get information on the latest ways to improve your health and happiness. With Keeley Mancuso. 7903 E 50th St. $10 love donation is greatly appreciated for each meeting. knowledge and expression at Nirvana Body & Soul. Tulsa. Join us at the YWCA. SEPTEMBER 22 Women. $10 discount if registered by September 12. meditation. SEPTEMBER 24 Emotional Healing with Essential Oils 1-2:30pm. SEPTEMBER 17 Sway – 8-11pm.7:00-8:30pm. for a special yoga workshop focusing on the hips. Tulsa.1401 E 41st St. With Michael Beale. Cost is $10 per . as you experience vibrancy and love! Call 918-749-2519 for more information. Keeley Mancuso facilitates this monthly discussion group on books with personal growth and spiritual themes. music. RSVP requested.6:30pm. This 90 minute class with Naty Lair will increase your hip flexibility. No prerequisite needed. Everyone welcome. Super Spa Saturday – Noon-6pm.Booth space available. Nirvana Body & Soul. Tap Into Wellness instruction for children to help manage emotions. 918254-8645.1401 E 41st St. Nirvana Book Club – Eat.4pm Come and Join us in Downtown Sand Springs for an exciting event. Sign up at guest service or call 918-712-7555.12:00pm. Unity Center of Tulsa. contact Amy at aartamy@gmail. Tulsa. Cost: $75. gentle form of hand-on healing that anyone can learn.special prices allow you to sample WEDNESDAY. Nirvana Body & Soul. Tulsa. SAVE THE DATE! Saturday. This workshop will introduce a number of resources for using essential oils to move forward with joy in life. Grow Your Soul Spiritual Community – 3-5pm. An opportunity to give or receive energy work. This class is open to the public for $15 per student. Awaken to oneness in Tulsa’s new Ecstatic dance scene. No admission . SAVE THE DATE! Saturday. Pray. chakra balancing. September 18 Yoga for Your Hips . Fontana Shopping Center. The Dance Pointe. different therapies. Tulsa. 9 E. TUESDAY. Fontana Shopping Center. detoxing. Nirvana Body & Soul.

Sunday. Tulsa Rosicrucian Open Meeting – 2pm. OCTOBER 22 SUNDAY. fatigue. Lecture with Dr. Peoria Ave. high blood pressure. your magazine will help thousands of readers to make positive changes in their lives. With Ann Marie Beale. “Creativity is MONDAY. Why Drink Alkaline Water? Your body is 70% water. Tulsa.. Keeley Mancuso and Brandi Chrisman will be giving messages from transitioned loved ones. Zarrow Library at 2224 W 51st St. With Dr. OCTOBER 1-3 5Rhythms Dance Workshop . Whole Foods Market. Ask all of your questions. 10:30am . Come give/receive a Reiki treatment. WEDNESDAY. you will find the AnsWer to Good heAlth is Call for FREE water for 30 days! 918-518-1514 natural awakenings se And le! A so il Al ls sv tu rtle BA ionized AlkAline WAter. which many experts agree is the foundation of disease. 1830 S. Tulsa. and God book study group – 12noon-1pm. 33rd and Harvard. ! G in rv lo n September 2010 35 . For more information call Ely DesJardins at 918-231-3036. 71st Street Suite 2-O. Learn how to create wonderful raw food dishes with a certified raw food chef. or lose them. and much more. The Naturopathic Healing Arts Center. Sign up at guest service or call 918-712-7555 THURSDAY. eW cA o ti kc o n TUESDAY. 948-5826624. 6:30-9:30pm. arthritis. Whole Foods Market. Fellowship Congregational Church. Belly Dance Academy of Tulsa. Natasha at 918-812-1613 or email tulsayoga4kids@gmail. For more information contact Jodi Tuttle at 918-284-6683 or raven@circlesofessence. 15 $ Contact Ruth Ann Presented by WWW Tulsa. Tulsa.10am. No experience necessary. As a Natural Awakenings publisher. RSVP at guest service or call 918-712-7555. SAVE THE DATE! FRIDAY. $125 at the door. breaking rules.4-7pm. Discovering the Deeper Meaning in Dreams. and having fun. 50th St. Whole Foods Market. Whole Foods Market. Tulsa. Limited Enrollment. Tulsa. Learn about this wonderful gift.Join Open Mind Zen Tulsa in a first of its kind meditation retreat at the beautiful Osage Forest of Peace in Sand Springs.SUNDAY.Preregestration required. Tulsa. SEPTEMBER 29 Women. Open to the public. 8:30am-5pm. Boston. visit JeremyTaylorTulsa. and Ventura. OCTOBER 24 Zen Meditation Retreat and Zen Dialogue Intensive with Sensei Al Rapaport . SEPTEMBER 26 “The Intelligent Heart and Heart Math” with Darlene Rough and Nancy Vitali . After this class fun and informative. 7903 E. Enjoy family time as you bond with yoga and you all benefit. Southwest VA. For more information or to register. Sat. 1830 S.9-10:30am. 11:00 . Tulsa. $60. 2900 S Harvard. Cost is $60.SUNDAY. 15. Friday. Family Yoga Class for Parents and Children – 1-2:30pm. Robert L. Before Sept. Call Leta Bell at 918-633-1031 or Leta@LetaBell. Most diets leave acid waste. Free. SEPTEMBER 28 Betsy Catrett ND Raw Food Cooking Class – 6:30pm. Presented by WWW Tulsa. Sign up at guest service or call 918-712-7555. Ionized Alkaline water can increase your body’s PH and dramatically improve health concerns like obesity. Tulsa. All Souls Unitarian Church. $99 in advance. Boston. Groves. 6:30-9:30pm. classifieds BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES CURRENTLY PUBLISHING NATURAL AWAKENINGS MAGAZINES – Be part of a dynamic franchised publishing network that is helping to transform the way we live and care for ourselves.5:30pm.SAVE THE DATE! SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 25 . Unity Center of Tulsa. Earth-friendly lifestyles. 2952 S. Fixing Our Country: A Course on Understanding and Using Our Constitutional Rights –6:30pm.1401 E 41st St. The Magic Mirror that Never Lies. Venita Bentley. FRIDAY . Your rights . 1660 E. Tulsa. 948-582-6624. Food. Saturday Workshop. Tulsa. Cost: $10/adult. space is limited due to to RSVP. Unity Center of Tulsa. 4622 E.1401 E 41st St. You will be creating a healthier community while building your own financial security working from your home. SUNDAY. while promoting local practitioners and providers of natural. An Evening with the Mediums –7-9:30pm.Learn the products and services that make it convenient and easy. SEPTEMBER 30 Gluten Free & Healthy Eating Tour – 6:30pm. diabetes.1401 E 41st St. CA. making mistakes. SEPTEMBER 27 Taste the Savings for Free . Free and Open to the public. Barry Lockhart – 6:30pm.use them.” ~ Mary Lou Cook FRIDAY . COMING IN OCTOBER Reiki Share – 7-9pm.1401 E 41st St. 918-496-9401. Tulsa. experimenting. 918-254-8645. taking risks. For sale in Boulder CO. For more info. OCTOBER 8-10 Jeremy Taylor Friday Lecture.Call 918-660-SOUL(7685) or email nirvanabodyandsoul@att. $195. Call for details 239-530-1377.4:30pm. Tulsa Yoga Therapy Studio. Sign up at guest service or call 918-712-7555. Tulsa. 31st Street. Sunday Emerson Hall Forum . Learn what each of us as individuals can to set our country on the right course and keep it there. Whole Foods carries the lartest gluten free selection in Oklahoma. $8/ child. Nirvana Body & Soul. If you’re new or a veteran of eating raw food.

3315 E 33rd St. Living the Wisdom of the Tao – 5-6pm. Perfect for beginners. Sunset Yoga . Bilancia.1401 E 41st St. Inner Peace Yoga. 918-712-7200.See Sunday listing. Ste 160. 918-712-7200. Bilancia. Tulsa. Body power/Alignment Balance. With Elizabeth King. With Jenny. Unity Center of Tulsa. Yoga for pregnant women hosted by Natural Lullabies at Nirvana Body & Soul. Yoga Jam – 7:30-8:40pm. Annex Bldg on north side of Unity Church of Christianity. End your day with an energizing class in a beautiful sunset setting. Inner Peace Yoga. fast paced. Need extra insight into a relationship. Tulsa. Book study led by Mary Farrar. Every Mon- TUESDAY Skillywork – 8-9:30am. With Sunny. This heated. With Celeste. 918-809-4444. rigorous. 918-712-7200. With Lesa. 918-809-4444. Tulsa. See Sunday listing. Inner Peace Yoga. email tulsayoga4kids@gmail. Tulsa. Inner Peace Yoga. With Ann Marie Beale. Yoga and meditation in motion. For the fit intermediate and advanced student. With Meghan. Ste 160. WEDNESDAY Skillywork – 8-9:30am. Feldenkrais – 7-8pm. 948-5826624. 4145 S Harvard Bldg. 36 Green Country Edition NAGreenCountry. day night we have all of our departments sharing delicious dishes with you. breath and relaxation techniques. A gentle approach to yoga. 918-809-4444. 7903 E 50th St. Intuitive Wisdom Readings – 12-6pm. 918809-4444.Brenda Cole Schmidt at 918-645-1590. Regenerative healing class at Nirvana Body & Soul. With Marcia. and will make one 918-809-4444. Bilancia. 7718 E 91st St. With Dian and Natasha. 3403 S. Tulsa. Awaken your inner potential through life-changing exercise.4-7pm. Inner Peace Yoga. 4145 S Harvard Bldg. Ste 160. Kundalini Yoga – 5:45–6:45pm. Healing meditation and energy movement with gentle stretching and modified yoga poses. Prenatal Yoga – 2:30 pm. seniors. Bilancia. 1830 S. Tulsa Yoga Therapy Studio. Soft Yoga – 6-7:10pm. business situation or upcoming decision? Nirvana Body & Soul. Fontana Shopping Center. Fontana Shopping Center. 1660 E. Perfect for all levels. See Sunday listing. Fontana Shopping Center. Vinyasa Flow – 5:45-6:55pm. Women. Svaroopa Yoga – 1-2:30pm. Follow with an optional meditative nature walk. physically challenging. Fontana Shopping Center. Inner Peace Yoga. Deep Stretch – 12:30-1:40pm. With Rev. With Mary. The Oneness Blessing is an awakening to unity and inner transformation. Jamestown. Unity Center of Tulsa. See Sunday listing. 21st St. Ste 160. Ste 160. Skillywork blends all disciplines. Tulsa. With Meghan. With Skilly. The Yoga Room. With Seth Sappenfield. 918-809-4444. Tulsa. Kundalini Yoga – 6:45-7:50pm. Unity Center of Tulsa. Boston. Inner Peace Yoga. 7718 E 91st St. Multi-level. 7903 E 50th St. With Keri. For more information call Bill Doenges at 918-605-0400 or Rev. 918-660-SOUL(7685). Tulsa. Ste donations for class and materials. Known as the Yoga of Awareness. Ste 160. 918-496-9401. 71st Street Suite 2-O. Postures are designed to get to the deeply rooted sources of tension within all the major areas of the body. With Celeste. 918-809-4444. With Melissa Morrill. Studio Bilancia. 918-582-6624. 1830 S Boston. Tulsa. H-1. Tulsa. A Course in Miracles – 6:30-8pm. Ste 160. 4145 S Harvard Bldg. With Skilly. Power Yoga – 12:30-1:40pm. Enrollment requested. 7718 E 91st St. Each class is unique. 918-6299464 or Yoga1wing@yahoo. 7903 E 50th St. gentle. Tulsa. See Monday listing. Tulsa. 7718 E 91st St. 918-809-4444. Pilates Mat – 5:30-6:30pm. The teaching of the Course strikes at the heart of the basic human condition. Meditation in Motion –11am-12pm. 7718 E 91st St. pregnant women. With Robee See Monday listing. Tulsa. H-1. Experience the union of breath. Nirvana Body & Soul. Oneness Blessings . 7718 E 91st St. Power Yoga – 5-6:10pm. power ‘Vinyasa’ flow class is fun. To or call 918-812-1613. 918-809-4444. With Meghan. Boston. 4145 S Harvard Bldg. 918-660-SOUL. Inner Peace Yoga. With Meghan.. Deep Stretch – 7:10-8:20pm. 6500 W. H-1. H-1. With Skilly. Children’s Yoga–3:45-4:45pm. With Melissa Morrill. Savor the Flavor for Free . Chandler Park Community Center. Sacred Art of Doodling – 7-8:30pm. Tulsa. 7718 E 91st St. Radiant Body Health and Deep Body Soul Centering. With Leslie Pardee. Tulsa. 918-712-7200. Inner Peace Yoga. Tulsa. Our yoga classes offer games. Tulsa. movement. Tulsa. Nirvana Body & Soul. Sign up at guest service or call 918-712-7555. With Rebecca Ward. See Sunday listing. Deep Stretch Yoga– 3:30-4:40pm. Yoga-Gentle Stretch – 5:30-6:45pm.7-8pm with . 7718 E 91st St. H-1. See Monday listing. Holistic approach to the Pilates method. poses. Explore your artistic and spiritual side with Sacred Art Classes! Join Kay Blanchard-Grell to exploreimages we draw naturally that reflect back to us messages that help and heal. Tulsa. Ste 160. Kundalini Yoga & Meditation – 7:45-8:50pm. Deep Stretch Yoga – 12:30-1:40pm. With Kelli. Pilates Mat – 9:30-10:30am. Bilancia. Feldenkrais guides the student into new ways of moving in the world. students with physical limitations or injuries..ongoingevents SUNDAY Soft Yoga – 9:30-10:40am. get strong and in shape. With Mary. Inner Peace Yoga. See Monday listing. 918-809-4444. 1830 S. Tulsa. Ste 160. H-1. Tulsa. Ages 5 & up. For more information call 918-630-4098 or kayshand@ yahoo. 918-809-4444. 7718 E 91st St. simple movements and touch. 918809-4444. Tulsa. and are designed to train for a lifetime of health and wellness. 918-660SOUL(7685). 7718 E 91st St. 918-712-7200. 4145 S Harvard Bldg. Emotional stress release through body centered movements and positioning. 7903 E 50th St. Ste 160. Awareness through movement using small. With Hilde Patterson. Tulsa. Food. Fontana Shopping Center. 3355 S. 918809-4444. Ann Marie Davis. certified YogaEd instructors. Tulsa. $8/ class. Soft Yoga – 9:30-10:40am. Tai Chi – 5:45pm. MONDAY Skillywork – 8-9:30am. 4145 S Harvard Bldg.6-7pm. Tulsa. 918-712-7200. 7718 E 91st St. 918-660-SOUL(7685). Strength/Flexibility and Movement/ Endurance. Mindful Yoga – 12noon-1pm. 918-712-7200. Naturopathic Healing Arts Center. 948-582-6624. 7718 E 91st St. H-1. H-1. 4145 S Harvard Bldg. Bioenergetic Therapy – 6:30-8pm. Tulsa. 4145 S Harvard Bldg. Tulsa. incorporating a blend of yoga styles to open the body and release tension and stress. PhD. Bilancia. 918-712-7200. and awareness for healing. 918-712-7200. Inner Peace Yoga. H-1. Inner Peace Yoga. 918-812-9992. All abilities welcome. Yoga Mix – 9:30-10:40am. Tulsa. Bilancia. Studio Bilancia. Whole Foods Market. 4145 S Harvard Bldg. Inner Peace Yoga. Call 918-724-4676. happening around the world. energy revitalization and spiritual growth. Tulsa. Peoria. 7718 E 91st St. Tulsa. With Keeley Mancuso. With Cynthia. 918-381-0828. Ste 160. Tulsa. or any yoga student wanting a great way to de-stress after a long day. Yoga Mix – 9:30-10:40am. and God book study group – 12noon-1pm. Tulsa. Ste 160. With Meghan. 7903 E 50th St.

Tulsa. Deep Stretch – 918-855-3636 natural awakenings September 2010 37 . Naturopathic Healing Arts Center. With Celeste. 7718 E 91st St. Ste 160. 4145 S Harvard Bldg. Medicine Circle – 6:30-8:30pm. 7718 E 91st St. 4145 S Harvard Bldg. $5 drop in. With Kris. Inner Peace Yoga. With Celeste. Tulsa. Tulsa. Tulsa. Tulsa.7-8pm with Christie. With Jodi Tuttle. Boston. Robert L. Tulsa. Meditation Class – 6:30-8pm. Inner Peace Yoga. 7718 E 91st St. Tulsa. Tulsa. The Yoga Room. Tulsa. With Cynthia. 4145 S Harvard Bldg. 7718 E 91st St. See Monday listing. 918-809-4444. 918-809-4444. but in rising every time we fall. 918-809-4444. Studio Bilancia. Bilancia. Tulsa. 7718 E 91st St. With Cynthia. See Sunday listing. With Meghan. See Sunday listing. ND. Yoga Jam – 6-7:10pm. Boston. Deep Stretch – 12:30-1:40pm. Bilancia. Continues the Spiritual Journey. 21st St. Ste 160. Intuitive Wisdom Readings – 12 to 5pm. With Celeste.Tulsa. H-1. Reflexology by Pat ReflexologyByPat. 918-809-4444. Tulsa. See Sunday listing. Tulsa. Yoga and meditation in motion. Tulsa. Nirvana Body & Soul. 918-812-9992. Inner Peace Yoga. Healing meditation and energy movement with gentle stretching and modified yoga poses. 918-712-7200. See Sunday listing. With Skilly. THURSDAY Skillywork – 8-9:30am. 7718 E 91st St. Ste 160. H-1. With Rebecca Ward. 71st Street Suite 2-O. Yoga Mix – 12:30-1:40pm. Gentle Yoga – 5:30-6:30pm. Ste 160. Fontana Shopping Center. 918712-7200. 1830 S. 4145 S Harvard Bldg. See Sunday listing. 918-582-6624. With Meghan. H-1. Study based on Glenda Green’s book. Beyond the Twelve Steps – 7pm. Sunset Yoga . See Monday listing. With Celeste. 7718 E 91st St. 918-809-4444. Tulsa. Tulsa. Tulsa. 918-660SOUL(7685). With Jenny. With Rev. 918-712-7200. 918-859-9325. 4145 S Harvard Bldg. Bilancia. With Lesa. 918-660-SOUL(7685). H-1. H-1. Tulsa. 918-809-4444. Boston. See Tuesday listing. Pilates Mat – 10-11am. Pilates Mat – 5:30-6:30pm. Yoga Mix – 10:30-11:40pm. 918-8094444. Yoga Mix – 7:10-8:20pm. Ste 160. Inner Peace Yoga. Ste 160.” ~ Confucius FRIDAY Skillywork – 8-9:30am. H-1. Ste 160. Ste 160. 7718 E 91st St. With Dr. Learn 8 different types and variations of meditation. 7718 E 91st St. 6500 W. Ste 160. 4145 S Harvard Bldg. Ann Marie Beale and Michael Beale. Step up to Feeling Better. 7718 E 91st St. With Josh. Tulsa. Inner Peace Yoga. Love Without End – Jesus Speaks . Inner Peace Yoga. Regenerative healing class at Nirvana Body & Soul. Follow with an optional meditative nature walk. 1830 S. 7718 E 91st St.Power Yoga – 4-5:10pm. 3403 S. See Sunday listing. Bilancia. Prenatal Yoga – 6:30-7:40pm. Inner Peace Yoga. 918-8094444. Tulsa. 7903 E 50th St. Kundalini Yoga – 7:45-8:50pm. With Skilly. 7718 E 91st St. See Tuesday listing. 918-809-4444. $5 drop in. Raise your Chi for healing using a mixture of Qigong. Studio Bilancia. H-1. Svaroopa Yoga– 7-8:30pm. With Sunny. Bilancia. Ashtanga Vinyasa – 5:45-6:55pm. 918712-7200. Inner Peace Yoga. With Meghan. Unity Center of Tulsa. Groves. Check our website to see what readers are in. With Marcia. Ste 160. 7903 E 50th St. With Sunny. Inner Peace Yoga. Tulsa. With Keeley Mancuso. 918-582-6624. Studio Bilancia. Need extra insight into a relationship. 918-809-4444. Peoria. 918-809-4444. Soft Yoga – 9:30-10:40am. Ste 160. Nirvana Body & Soul. See Tuesday listing. Tulsa. Fontana Shopping Center. H-1. Restorative Yoga – 8:30-9:40pm. Inner Peace Yoga. Donations accepted. “Our greatest glory is not in never falling. 918-496-9401. Tai Chi. Join in a quiet time of meditative prayer. See Sunday listing. 1830 S. 1660 E. 4145 S Harvard Bldg. 7903 E 50th St. With Meghan. Unity Center of Tulsa. Bilancia. Meditation in Motion –11am-12pm. Naturally! SATURDAY PowerYoga –9-10:10am. and Silk Weaving techniques. Ste 160. Tulsa. Meditation Class: The Art of Stillness – 7:159pm. 918712-7200. 918-712-7200. 7903 E 50th St.12-1pm. 948-5826624. Inner Peace Yoga. 4145 S Harvard Bldg. 918-6299464 or Yoga1wing@yahoo. 4145 S Harvard Bldg. End your day with an energizing class in a beautiful sunset setting. Tulsa. Fontana Shopping Center. Tulsa. Ste 160. Meditation – 6-6:30pm. With Jon. Prenatal Yoga – 6:30-7:40pm. With Randy Waterbury. Vinyasa Flow – 9:30-10:40am. 7718 E 91st. H-1. Inner Peace Yoga. 918-660-SOUL(7685). Tulsa. 918-660-SOUL(7685). Deep Stretch Yoga – 7:10-8:20pm. 1830 S. Tulsa. Connie Smith.6:308:30pm. With Melissa Morrill. 918-712-7200. Unity Center of Tulsa. See Monday listing. Tulsa. 918809-4444. 918-809-4444. See Monday listing. See Tuesday listing. Inner Peace Yoga. With Terry Stewart. Studio Bilancia. Ste 160. 918-712-7200. 918-712-7200. Unity Center of Tulsa.Tulsa. 7718 E 91st St. Mindful Yoga – 12noon-1pm. Boston. Chandler Park Community Center. Fontana Shopping Center. 4145 S Harvard Bldg. With Jon. Kundalini Yoga – 7:45-8:50pm. 918-809-4444. See Monday listing. business situation or upcoming decision? Nirvana Body & Soul. With Sunny. With Janet. 948-582-6624. Tulsa. Inner Peace Yoga. Tulsa. 918712-7200. Tulsa. Healing with Martial Arts . Soft Yoga – 5:45-6:55pm. Feldenkrais – 9:30-10:30am.

com btbmassage. bladeless liporemoval is a painless. Webb is highly trained clinical herbalist. Chiropractic. noncompetitive .net 918-493-2777 Improve Your Quality of Life? Great results for people who have been told they have to live with their pains. without the downtime. 7614 E. Whole Body Vibration Therapy. RONALD S. Dr. and many more! ENERGY WORK PATHWAYS OF LIGHT Rev Brenda Cole Schmidt lightofthesoul@ymail. Zyto Technology Acupuncture. VIRTUAL HEALTH ASSESSMENTS Kim K. Developed by an orthopedic surgeon. and nutrition. Psychotherapy. Tomas 918-519-6892 Massage. FELDENKRAIS METHOD STUDIO BILANCIA 4145 S Harvard Bldg. Improve Your Quality of Life. Chiropractic Care. Structural Dr. weight management. 918-224-0546 Try our Kangen Water for Free. LaButti specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders involving the hip and knee. SILHOUETTES HYPNOSIS JENKS HYPNOSIS & TRAINING CTR Nancy and Don Reno Lose 2-3 sizes instantly! Improves posture. Past Life & Forgiveness Work. Call or visit website for appointment. Speeds metabolism.. Dr. (NCCAOM) Board Certified Acupuncturist 918-497-6942 goldencabinet. D. Tulsa’s authentic Chinese herbal pharmacy with over 500 medicinals including KPC pharmaceutical grade herbal extracts. Chiroconcepts@cox.. Spiritual Counseling. Pregnancy Massage. Feldenkrais Functional Integration.A. Chai.O.O. side effects or complications of more costly procedures.C. BODY WORK BACKTOBASICS Michael Jamison backtobasics. Tulsa. Specializing in Trauma Release. yoga teacher and natural food chef with over a decade of experience in the field of health and nutrition. LABUTTI. 918-481-2767 HipandKneeDoc. Relaxation and ESSENTIAL OILS ANABELL’S ESCENTIALS 202 E. Rebecca Ward 918-794-0310 As a chiropractic physician. Healing Touch & White Light Therapy. back support.M. as well as Chiropractic care. She has helped many lose weight with her HCG Protocol. See ad page 2. Emotional Release. D. See ad page 8. L. natural hormone supplementation. NHC. Acupuncture. BODY MAGIC WEIGHT LOSS Judy Bomar 918-744-3305 w 918-234-0342 c ardysslife. 38 Green Country Edition NAGreenCountry.C. Let us help in these common problem areas: smoking. Pain and Injury Care. Depression. nonsurgical treatment that uses microcurrents to dislodge fat at the molecular level. Medical grade/ insurance approved. 1036 East Taft Sapulpa. Enter the discount code “Natural Awakenings” and save $50! See ad page 32. See Ad Page 6. Pro Athletes. Dipl. We currently offer Power Plate is back! See what Celebrities. Experience our fragrence oils. HCG products. 91st Street Ste. 918-971-9719 BIO IDENTICALS NATURAL HEALTH ASSOCIATES Dr. Dr.vpweb. Larry Ward naturalhealthassociates. OK. CPT. and Rehab Centers are saying is the most revolutionary wellness machine for all ages. Muscle Release Therapy®. Won’t show through clothes. 110. Chronic Fatigue.mjamison@gmail. body lotions. LaButti is fellowship trained in lower extremity and joint reconstruction. OK 918-224-7377 AnabellsEscentials. lifestyles and physical abilities! Chair massage and onsite spa services. BLUE SUN THERAPIES Claire Fey LMT. Dewey Sapulpa. Distance Healing. HIP AND KNEE PAIN 918-794-0310 As a chiropractic physician. Nutritional Supplements. We also strive to provide a place for the individual to progress in a stress-free. GLUTEN SENSITIVITY ChiroConcepts Dr. Larry Ward is certified in 918-298-6884 We are proud to offer professional training for the emerging field of Hypnotherapy. Ionic Footbath and Oneness Blessing. F. and self esteem. NATURAL HEALTH ASSOCIATES Dr. See ad page 26. No padding or pinching. Pilates Mat & Apparatus. hand-crafted soaps and bath gels. Skillywork. See ad page 7. ACUPUNCTURE GOLDEN CABINET CHINESE MEDICINE Curtis A. D. Call today for a FREE private fitting or showcase. My aim is to assist the body in rejuvenating itself. See ad page 2. See ad page 19. *Gluten Sensitivity Center* ENERGY WAND WAND IT WELL WanditWell. Massage Therapy . and Nutritional Counseling.” Shop our website Enjoy the uplifting and detoxifing benefits of premium grade essential oils and soy candles. Dr.O. See Ad Page 918-712-7200 We believe in a holistic approach to movement and body pathwaysoflight.communityresourceguide Connecting you to the leaders in natural healthcare and green living in our community. Rebecca Ward specializes in endocrine disorders (such as thyroid and adrenal). 918-645-1590 Over 15 yrs experience in Reiki. H-1 StudioBilancia. See ad page 5. He customizes herbal tinctures and intravenous nutritional support for conditions such as 918-397-0299 Our safe. Body Sculpting SilhouetteBodySculpting. Elite Dr’ “The key to your Wellness lies in the energy within and around you. WC Mobile Fitness and Wellness Solutions 918-607-3106 ClaireFeyWellness.

improved production of the body’s natural endorphins. Available for life readings and group messages. blood. VitaFlex and Raindrop Technique. OK 74145 HealingTherapiesAndWellness. Massage Therapy . Robert L. JANET PARACHIN 918-261-9786 yogaspirttulsa. fitness. OK 74113 918. See ad page 35. Rebecca Ward 918-629-9464 Experience fast relief and long lasting corrections for spinal and spine related conditions using the procedures developed by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. improved blood and lymph fluid circulation. See ad page Learn an unusal workout for the body. How will Yoga change your life? THE NATUROPATHIC HEALING ARTS CENTER THAI YOGA MASSAGE Dr. YOGA INNER PEACE YOGA 7718 E. body and spirit. Reiki Master. modern diet. angels and masters of light. YOGA SPIRIT ACADEMY RAINDROP THERAPY Carrie Shepard 918-261-2419 oilsoverflowing@yahoo. hair. Take direct responsibility for your own health and wellness. suite 160 NUCCA CHIROPRACTORS BROOKS SPINAL CARE Robert Brooks. mind and spirit that aims to banish the blues by busting a Certified Yoga Therapist/Teacher. Lori Freije 918-664-8690 SouthMemorial. NATURAL/HOLISTIC HEALTH NIRVANA BODY & SOUL 7903 E 50th St.INTUITIVE ARTS ZOREL Tulsa. Registered Nurse Offering by appointment : A Compassionate and Powerful Tool for Healing & Personal Transformation Embodyment® & Yoga Therapy Private. REFLEXOLOGY REFLEXOLOGY BY PAT Pat Bella Certified Reflexologist 918-855-3636 ReflexologyByPat. physical rehab. Call for classes and workshops. We also strive to provide a place for the individual to progress in a stress-free. Improve health. See Ad Page 25. therapeutic massage and accupuncture. See ad page 8. and many bottled waters. Channel for guides. 71st. Suite 3100 918-587-7111 Brooksspinalcare. natural awakenings September 2010 39 . WEIGHT LOSS NATURAL HEALTH ASSOCIATES Dr. air pollution. D. and structural Become a yoga teacher through our 200-hour yoga teacher training program. Stimulation of these reflexes can eliminate energy blockages that may relieve pain or disease.4444 Discover the amazing health benefits of Alkaline Water! Neutralize the acidity of the body caused by stress. Treatments and classes available. Rebecca Ward specializes in endocrine disorders (such as thyroid and adrenal). personal safety and rejuvenate energy. Serving Tulsa for 15 years. and 918-712-7200 We believe in a holistic approach to movement and body conditioning. Now offering 50-hour advanced yoga courses in Tulsa. Over sixty years combined experience. Jaylene Johnston 918-510-4009 Thai Yoga Massage benefits includes reduced muscle tension and improved flexibility. Suite 2-O Tulsa. Muscle Release Therapy®. She has helped many lose weight with her HCG Protocol. 91st Street. Debra McCall LMT 918-496-9401 1660 E. We currently offer Yoga. Carson. I offer core curricula instruction in Healing oils of the bible. Creative Life Coach 918-724-9467 nanette. KANGEN WATER WATER FOR LIVING HEALTHY 918-518-1514 WaterforLivingHealthy. See ad page 5. OK 918-805-7222 Integrative veterinary care including pet weight loss.C. noncompetitive environment. THERAPIES OF SVAROOPA® YOGA TAI CHI TAI CHI / REFLEXOLOGY Hildegard Patterson 918-724-4676 Certified Professional Achieve a better Messages from the Realms of Light. Scott Reiki is a drug-free healing alternative. See Ad page 31. See ad page 10. Bob Van Flee Practicing since 1997. D. strengthened and rejuvenated body and improved elimination of body toxins and waste. coaching & self-care education to assist you in your Self-Healing Journey. Check our website for lots of great workshops. LAUGHTER THERAPY LAUGHTER THERAPIST Nanette Laney M. PILATES STUDIO BILANCIA 4145 S Harvard Bldg.. Rebecca Ward naturalhealthassociates. See ad page 25. MichaelBeale33@yahoo. The reflexes in the feet and hands are related to each and every organ and gland in the body.. See ad page 37. natural hormone supplementation. Pilates Mat & Apparatus. ND. REIKI RUTH ANN KELLEY Certied Usui/Karuna Reiki Master 918-254-8645 reikiyourworld. Feldenkrais Functional Integration. See Ad page 29. Skillywork. Tulsa. VETERINARY SOUTH MEMORIAL ANIMAL HOSPITAL Dr. Emissary to the Ascended Masters. Dr.Ed.809. 1722 S. Groves. Get answers and to experience life changing. OK 74136 Providing customized individual health regeneration plans utilizing nutritional. See ad page Yoga makes everything better! 33 classes a week for any level. Serving Tulsa since 918-660-SOUL Offering healing Emissary@Zorel33. independent consultation. H-1 As a certified CARE 918-794-0310 As a chiropractic physician.and Emotional Release facilitation. Semiprivate & Small Group Classes.C.

NJ Chapel Hill. KY New Orleans. Voell. Lauderdale. CT New Haven/ Middlesex. VA San Antonio. while promoting local practitioners and providers of natural. CT Fairfield County. and Southwestern. FL Florida’s Tampa/ St. LA Lafayette. We offer a complete training and support system designed to help you successfully publish your own magazine. GA Augusta. WI Puerto Rico Toronto. You will be creating a healthier community while building your own financial security in the franchise market of your choice. CO Little Rock/ Birmingham. NJ. AZ Ventura. CO Denver. NY New York City. FL & Portland. TN & Knoxville. Petersburg. Boulder.. TN Memphis. GA Indianapolis. TN Nashville. NY Cincinnati. Myers. FL North Central FL Orlando. NJ Albuquerque. TX Richmond. MI Greater Oakland/ Wayne County. earth-friendly lifestyles. MI Central Missouri Asheville. TX Dallas. IN Lexington. FL St. You’ll work for yourself but not by yourself.. VA. MI Macomb. Morris County. SC Rhode Island Bucks County. OR Charleston. CA Boulder. MI Grand your own boss and make a difference in your community Join Our Family of Publishers. AL San Diego. NM Long Island. FL Melbourne/ Jacksonville/ Vero Beach. SC & Grand Strand. Co-Founder 239-530-1377 or visit us online at NaturalAwakeningsMag. NJ Santa Fe/ Morris September 2010 40 . FL Ft. AZ Tucson. NC Monmouth & Ocean. CO. OK Portland. TX Southwestern VA Madison. OR Tallahassee. SC Chattanooga. CA Hartford County. Augustine. PA Columbia. NY Westchester/ Putnam. AL & Huntsville. AL. MI & Greater Genesee. OH Oklahoma City. LA Ann Arbor. NC Southern Coast. SC Upstate. PA Northeast. your magazine will help thousands of readers to make positive changes in their lives. CT Emerald Coast. TN Austin. Texas East Texas Houston. NC Charlotte. PA Lehigh Valley. Phenomenal Monthly Circulation Growth Since 1994 natural awakenings For more information contact John R. AR Mobile/Baldwin. OK Tulsa. KY Louisville/ Metro. FL Daytona/ Volusia/Flagler. or purchase one of the existing magazines currently for sale: Birmingham/Huntsville. FL Miami & Florida Keys Naples/ Ft. FL Palm Beach. FL Peace River. AL Hot Springs. Become a new Natural Awakenings franchise publisher in the market of your choice. FL Sarasota. Phoenix. NC Somerset Raleigh/Durham/ Middlesex. FL Treasure Coast Atlanta. NY Rockland/ Orange. Canada Our Family Tree Is Growing Strong As a Natural Awakenings publisher.