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Costello for Communications

Policies and Campaign Plan

Four main policy points
Problem Number One: Students feel that SU Council is an uninviting place and that only SU reps and Sabbats are invited. So, students legitimately feel that they have no input in SU policy. Policy Solution: SU GMB “Town Hall” Meetings The SU will hold public meetings in the GMB chamber, open to all students. At the meetings, issues that impact on students will be discussed by high profile guest speakers and student speakers. POIs, comments and questions will be taken from the floor in the spirit of an open discussion. This will bring the debate of council straight to the students. The conclusions reached at these meetings will be taken into account when the SU is formulating policy. Problem Number Two: Right now students are incredibly anxious about their prospects after college with a majority of students thinking that the only option open to them after graduation is emigration. Policy Solution: The SU must be proactive about informing students about internships, training and job opportunities. The SU will have a careers section in evert email as well as regular updates of new opportunities on Facebook. The University Times will have an Appointments page, with new graduate opportunities featured as well as details of any summer or other internship schemes that may be of interest to students. Problem Number Three: Where the videos at? Policy Solution: The Communications Office currently does most of its communicating through Facebook updates and the weekly e-mail (excluding the Uni Times, as itʼs editorially independent). Written material like e-mails are good, but video is better. If Iʼm elected the video output of the SU will increase hugely. Weʼll have professional standard videos of Council, Sabbat interviews to check on progress on mandated issues, videos of our Town Hall meetings, interviews with politicians and high profile figures who influence national issues that impact on students. Good videos will spread, and so too will the message of the SU. Problem Number Four: This year the profile of the SU has been raised quite a bit through extensive use of the social networking sites, such as Facebook. However, Facebook has not been used to its full potential. My campaign page on Facebook will show what can be done with a professionally designed page. Thereʼll be embedded videos, pages on Welfare, Education and campaigns as well as the aforementioned careers info page. Policy Solution: By using the campaign Facebook page as an example we will show how a professionally designed Facebook page will offer a much more accessible and visible online presence to the SU than an independent website could ever hope to have.

Before an address he would wade into student audience and shake a few hands before giving his speech. In two minutes we have to introduce the candidate. Video If videos are to play a big role in my campaign promises then they have to feature in the campaign. I will employ an old tactic of Conan OʼBroin. As well as that. . I will shoot other videos throughout the Brendan can superimpose idiranda?v=app_4949752878 anything on this sheet. introducing myself. uninspiring career hack. Max McQuillan has advised that we shoot some funny videos as well. if we put great care into the crafting of the 2 minute stump speech then an irresistible narrative can be spun. I think that a well designed Facebook page is all the online presence we need. as these will likely spread around Facebook much more widely. Manifestos. Policies and Campaign Plan Online The trend in the past couple of years has been to create showy but ultimately pointless websites. quite the opposite in fact. Iʼm not talking about a tentative nod at someone you donʼt know while shoving a manifesto in their hand. However.Costello for Communications The Campaign Plan In person Whatever else we do. Iʼm not talking about a minimalist online approach. http://www. This proved effective and made a personal impact with students. and eye catching. talking about the ideas we have and how theyʼll impact on students.facebook. So the photo of me in the GMB will If we add more photos and feature a catchy slogan that will embedded video then I think weʼll sell the Town Hall idea. outline the relevant experience and sell the 4 main policy points as well as ensuring the audience that all improvements made in the past couple of years will be maintained and built upon. I intend to do as many class addresses as is humanly possible and to lawyer-it-up with the oratory. showing people endorsing me. meeting people and talking to them face to face is still the most effective way to get people onside. SU campaign team thus far. For the manifesto Brendan Madden and I have done a photo shoot that features me standing in various locations around Trinity holding a big blank white sheet of paper. I will shoot a number of short videos. posters and signs do form an important part of the campaign. Posters and manifestos The visual identity of the campaign materials is explained on the page below. have had the best and most superimposed onto the blank innovative online presence of any piece of white paper. a graduate of NCAD and now a social marketing guru for Ground 4D marketing. Our Facebook and manifesto/ poster designer is Brendan Madden. This page is an example of all that can be done on a page. Iʼm talking about me and everyone on the team going out and engaging people. outlining my experience and selling my ideas. At the lectern With class addresses there is always the potential to come across as just another boring. If the election is contested this will become all the more vital. Itʼll also serve as an example of This should prove to be distinctive what we can do next year.

wristbands. personalised candy. smile included. and the hair will be a bit spikier. T-shirts. Essentially. . mugs. The text will not run through the head on the tshirts as that would obscure the smiley face. and Iʼd appreciate some feedback on this. to better resemble my own. Again. Colour Scheme In the heading of this page youʼll see that Iʼve combined dark blue with orange. toilet paper.. The logo will also double as the letter “o” wherever an “o” appears on the campaign material. An explanation of what I expect the finished logo to look like can be found on the right. As will everything else. it will have Costello for Communications written on it quite prominently. once the logo has been completed and the colour scheme finalised then weʼll know exactly what the shirt will look like. do you think the colour scheme on the right is more effective? Should we just go for white and orange with a mixture of orange and black text? Logo The logo on the right gives you an idea of what Brendan and I will work up.Costello for Communications Policies and Campaign Plan Visual Identity of the Campaign Weʼre going to go ginger in 2011. However.. It works. The face will be more complete. The logo on the right is an approximation of what weʼre going for. whatever works. Needless to say. I donʼt want to move without seeing this around the place. under the aptly titled “Logo” paragraph.