BHASHKER GHOSH (BE; 2006-2010; Electronics & Communication Engineering)  +917709519508;  bhashkerghosh26@gmail.

com OBJECTIVE: To work in a Reputed Organization, this gives me a scope to show my dedication and talent with optimistic approach. Will strive for continuous growth and development of organization with effective co-ordination and team work and always aim to be creative and hardworking. PERSONAL DOSSIER:

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26th Apr 1986 Male Single Indian Listening Music, Cricket, Puzzle solving, travelling Nirmal Township D-1 Flat No.33 Kale Padal, Hadapsar, Pune-411028 S/O Dipanker Ghosh,N9/90-2-B-6,Shiva enclave, Bari Patia, Bazardiha , VARANASI-221009, U.P

. INDUSTRIAL TRAININGS: 1. Four weeks training from THINKLABS INDIA PVT. LTD. (SINE IIT Bombay) from 6th of July to 6th of August 2009 held at ITM Gwalior. Summary:  MICROCONTROLLER STRUCTURE & THEIR PROGRAMMING.  MEMORY DEVICES & SENSORS  I/O INTERFACES & DISPLAYS. Built a project on “MULTIBOARD COMUNICATION USING SPI PROTOCOL” as a part of industrial training. 2. Two Weeks Training From DISEL LOCOMOTIVE WORKS, VARANASI. CERTIFIED AUTOMATION ENGINEER: (DIPLOMA COURSE FOR 3 MONTHS) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. SCADA (IN TOUCH). PLC’s (Allen Bradley, Siemens, Messung). Human Machine Interface (Allen Bradley pannel view C600 ). Electrical(AC & DC DRIVES). Instrumentation. Microcontroller(PHILIPS) Hydraulic. Pneumatic. DCS(SIEMENS PCS7).


microcontroller optocoupler. ON indicates binary 1 and OFF indicates binary 0. GSM devices like cell phone are being used to communicate with another device so that controlling is taking place through wireless i.80 PAGE|1 .B. Windows7.E BOA RD Institute K. SKILL SET:  Language  Operating system  Application : : : C. Three toggle switches are used at input part. relays . VARANASI Year 2001 Percentage (%) 60.PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS Minor Project:3-BIT FULL ADDER  Duration: During 6th Semester  Place IITM GWALIOR DESCRIPTION: Our problem is to design a Device which can add three binary numbers called 3 bit binary full adder. GSM devices for producing DTMF signal . Vista. We have used three logic gates in designing the circuit. namely AND.D.V. Windows. NOT and OR gate. We are using two LED’s for the result display. The circuitary of this is comprises of transformer . data communication . Major Project:HOME AUTOMATION USING GSM MODULE  Duration 8th Semester  Place IITM GWALIOR DESCRIPTION: This project shows us that how to control the home appliances using GSM deviceslike cell phone from distances using RF frequency . DTMF decoder.LW. A 9V battery is used as power supply. MS Office 2003 & 2007 ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS: Name of Examination 10th Board C.e RF.S.

E(3rd sem) B. Gwalior IITM. Bhopal RGPV. Headed the organizing teams for a variety of events such as quiz. Gwalior IITM.6 LANGUAGE KNOWN: Speak/Write: English.S.40 Percentage (%) 60.B. Bhopal K. Gwalior IITM.E(8th sem) Average: 71. Bhopal RGPV. Hindi.D.3 58. Bhopal RGPV. Bhopal RGPV. Bhopal RGPV.12th Name of Examination B. Gwalior IITM.E(5th sem) B. Gwalior IITM. Gwalior. Bhopal RGPV. Active Member of Science Club in college.5 57. VARANASI Institute IITM. seminars.E(1st sem) B.V. Gwalior IITM.53% C.E(2nd sem) B. Bengali EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES:        Participated in Scout Camp in school.E(7th sem) B.4 63. Date: Bhashker Ghosh PAGE|1 .2 81. and sports week. Bhopal RGPV.2 65. Gwalior IITM.E(4th sem) B.6 71.E BOARD University RGPV. DECLARATION I hereby declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge and conscience.8 68.LW. Gwalior 2004 Year 2006 2007 2007 2008 2008 2009 2009 2010 57. Participated in LINUX workshop in ITM Gwalior. Participated in Hardware and networking workshop in ITM.E(6th sem) B. Participated in technical event held at MANIT Bhopal.

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