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Superintendent’s Weekly Report to the Regional School Unit 24 Board

Thursday, December 9, 2010 Upcoming Meetings (Note date and time change) Dec. 14, 5:00 pm, SMHS Room 18, Finance Committee 5:30 pm, SMHS Room 19, Personnel Committee 6:30 pm, SMHS Cafeteria, RSU 24 Board meeting Correction on Board Vote Upon audit, the motion at this week’s Board meeting to approve pursuing next steps regarding a school-based health clinic was defeated by a vote of 9,065 in favor and 10,250 against. It was incorrectly announced at the meeting that the motion passed. Wayne Enman, Interim Superintendent, to Start December 13th Wayne will begin next week, and he will be spending time with me, Nelia and various administrators to allow for a seamless transition of superintendent responsibilities. I am focusing on loose ends that can be taken care of before my departure on the 23rd, and I will bring Wayne up-todate on items in which he will need to be involved. As much as possible, I will step back and assist Wayne in areas that we agree will be most helpful. Possible Motion to Endorse Football The December 14th meeting is the 3rd session to include an agenda item on football, and the plan is for the Board to either endorse or reject a high school football program for RSU 24. A possible motion to consider might read Move that the Regional School Unit 24 Board endorse football as a RSU high school sport open to eligible students in both of our high schools and charge the Policy Committee to draft appropriate policies for consideration that will provide for the cost of this sport to be covered outside of the regular school budget. Explanation of Possible Custodial Contract on Board Agenda The custodians in Ellsworth are covered by their own contract previously negotiated by the Ellsworth School Committee with AFSME. Six custodians at Peninsula, Mountain View and Sumner are covered by the educational technician contract previously negotiated in the old School Union 96 with the MEA. There are various complications in state law where one class of employees, in this case custodians, is represented by two separate bargaining agents. With the support of the Personnel Committee, the MEA is working with the former Union 96 custodians to obtain their agreement to enter into a separate contract under the same terms and conditions as the present educational technician contract. These will greatly simplify future negotiations, but will require Board of Director approval. High School Schedule Both high schools have been reviewing their respective bell schedules and are in agreement that the best schedule for student learning is a 7-period day with classes generally meeting daily. While the schedules will not necessarily be identical at our two high schools, a daily schedule with roughly 50 minute periods will greatly increase the opportunity for sharing between the schools. There remain graduation requirement differences, and EHS remains on a modified trimester schedule and Sumner will stay on a semester schedule. I suggest that the 2011-12 priorities of the Educational Programming Committee include a look at the graduation requirement differences and consider changes. Concurrent with this work should be further review of the EHS trimester system, and whether or not EHS should change to a semester schedule.

The Mariaville selectmen have again inquired about this decision being reconsidered should Mariaville purchase the school outright from Otis. . land and land improvements. 3. I have indicated that I can not speak for the Board but that there are at least three issues that make this less likely: 1. and she plans to do just that as early as Thursday (12/16) of next week. RSU 24 can likely educate Mariaville students in other RSU schools at a cost significantly less than the cost of continuing to operate the Beech Hill School. The Committee met five times. from approximately 2:45 pm to 4:30 pm. At this point. The December 14th Board meeting agenda includes consideration of this possibility. and they have just begun to advertise for a principal/ superintendent to lead the school and school district. ignore or take legal action to complete the dissolution process. 2010 at which time the following motion carried on a 3 to 0 vote with Ray Poulin abstaining: Move that we turn this matter over to the Commission of Education to complete the dissolution process. the Dissolution Committee met at the Department of Education in Augusta with Commissioner of Education Angela Faherty and Sarah Forrester. December 7th. In the end the only agreement reached by all was that the Commissioner should set the asset value of the school. and the long-term viability of school is far from certain. The Assistant Attorney General also made clear that while the Commissioner will establish a dollar amount. This experience will be discussed at a future board meeting along with a determination as to whether or not we want to continue this practice. Ray Poulin. Membership included Jen Cammack. Meeting with Commissioner On Tuesday. Unclear is the make-up of programs and provider of central office services. she has no enforcement powers in regard to the dissolution. It will be up to the towns of Mariaville and Otis to accept. and the RSU Board has already indicated its reluctance to make any additional financial commitments in this environment.Filming Board Meeting The December 14th board meeting will be filmed and viewable after the meeting on our website and via DVD. There has been a major drop in student enrollment in just one year. We are still some weeks away from having a clear picture of the 2011-12 budget. The discussion was wide-ranging and explored most all the options previously discussed in the Committee’s five meetings. The purpose of the meeting was for the Commissioner to hear directly from Jen and Randy. the Otis School Committee remains committed to operating the Beech Hill School for the 2011-12 school year. but was unable to come to an agreement on an equitable formula for the distribution of assets. The level of programming will be influenced by whether or not RSU 24 will support tuitioning Mariaville students to Beech Hill next year. including all its contents. Update on Beech Hill School Issues The RSU 24 Board has been clear. Randy Bragg. Assistant Attorney General. that the RSU will not be running the Beech Hill School next year. The last meeting of the committee was on November 17. Below is further information on the dissolution process. representative of the Department of Education. to explore options and to seek common ground for establishing the value of the Beech Hill School. Chair of the Otis School Committee. RSU 24 Board member and Mariaville resident. 2. The school now has the lowest student count among schools services RSU students. except that we did agree that the value of the Beech Hill School. shall be allocated 57% for Otis and 43% for Mariaville. and me as superintendent. Background on Dissolution Process Last summer a dissolution committee was established to provide for the distribution of Beech Hill School assets to complete the termination of the Union School Agreement between Otis and Mariaville.thus far. renegotiate.