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Multi Graphics (OMR Division).
We are prominent service provider of Complete OMR Examination solution. Our solution is based on latest technology like OMR/OCR/ ICR etc it is efficient, user friendly, hassle free, can be customized as per requirement and intelligent with accurate compatible with latest version of OMR. We provides quality services to Project Management, Custom Application Development and Staffing & Contracting (consulting) services to corporations worldwide. We brought to the surface of software development by team of young and dynamic professionals. In accordance with SEI CMM Level 3 quality standards, we follow quality guidelines in its work processes and is a certified ISO 9000:2001 company. We are working with leading Universities, College, Institutes & Industries. Rai University, Amity, GPI, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd are some of our prestigious Clients.

OMR Solution - Standard Edition
OMR Division Overview
OMR Solution is a complete solution for any educational institute. It is an alternative to costly OMR Scanners. It uses any normal scanner to check the answer sheet. The answer sheet used is any normal paper, so it is very cost effective and 100% accurate.

You can l create your own template as per the OMR form designs. OMR Solution can read Bar Code, Photo, Hand written data with OCR Technology in OMR Sheet. l The software accepts multiple answers and allows you the negative marking as per the templet. l You can l make various sections in questions like 1-50 Physics, 51-100 Mathematics etc and get section wise score. Support l Match Matrix type questions used in IIT entrance examinations. Support l Numerical type questions used in IIT, Medical, Management and other Administrative & Banking entrance examinations. You can l capture image on the form that can be used for I Card preparations. HB Pencil and Black point pen can be used to fill the OMR sheet. Software l is compatible with ADF Scanner. The date l can be exported into Excel/ Text files.

OMR Solution - Business Edition
OMR Division

OMR Solution - Business Edition is a powerful zonal form processing application that recognizes Barcode, OCR (Optical Recognition of Machine Printed Characters), OMR (Optical Mark Recognition of Filled Bubbles), MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition), and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition of Hand Printed Characters). OMR Solution - Business Edition matches scanned forms with user defined templates for form identification. It normalizes scanned images to the data position defined by the template, adjusting for size, variation, warping, shrinking, and stretching introduced through scanning. Additionally, OMR Solution - Business Edition also has the ability to crop specific areas of the template and save it as an image file with pre defined naming conventions, ideal for photograph and signature cropping. Web-OMR Solution - Business Edition is a thin-client application with multi-user access across the organization. It is an interactive application for single-page recognition. It also allows scanning of documents through a web browser. The application provides a DataEntry form in the sidebar so that the recognized values can be crosschecked and edited if required. Batch-OMR Solution - Business Edition is a desktop application for batch recognition. It allows batch scanning of forms and documents thereby allowing large amounts of data to be processed faster. Documents are scanned in batches. The scanned documents are recognized with their respective Configure File and Color Drop out File to generate results in XML and CSV formats.

Test Analytic
OMR Division
Test Analytic is an added tool that comes with OMR Solution. Test Analytic is for analysis on the various test conducted in your institute, it directly import data from OMR Solution database or it can import data from some other database also. Test Analytic prepares various report from the data captured from the OMR form and gives you text and graphical report. The report can be exported to MS-Word or MSExcel. The report can also be viewed by students/parents online with online Test Analytic which provide students/parents same test reports online.

Test Creation You can create various tests and keep their records and retrieve them as desired. You can also create the section in the test like 1-50 Physics, 51-100 Chemistry etc. Now you can get subject wise topper and rank details. Data Import Test Analytic can import data from OMR Solution database and other database too. You can categories the data in two categories. l Subject Wise Test Report l Report Test l Individual Test Report l Individual Subject Wise Test Report l Question Percentage Report Each l Comparative Analysis with Topper l Percentage Test Report Online Test Analytic Online Test Analytic publishes the result on web the database is same used for Test Analytic. Following are the reports available. l Subject Wise Detail Report l Marks Report Total l Subject Wise Percentile Report(Graph) l Code Wise Report(Graph) Test

Document Management Software
OMR Division

DMS is a revolutionary web-based Workflow and Document Content Management System built using the latest standards and technology. Workflow and Document Management Systems help organizations better manage the creation, revision, approval, consumption, and collaboration of electronic documents. N2 enables you to improve the accessibility, usability, security, and control over your paper and electronic documents. Scan component is a Desktop DOT Net application that allows a user to electronically capture paper documents, optionally extract metadata from configured zones using OCR, ICR, MICR or Barcode recognition, and create digital image files with associated metadata output file. The application utilizes three stages: Capture, Process, and Output as follows: DMS Archive is web based Archive application that is utilized to remove inactive or less active information from operational (active) database to archive database. It is capable of archiving entire or partial business objects and related data that is either stored in the database or on the file system. The archiving can be performed on a database, a file system or both. It is also capable of archiving information from multiple databases simultaneously. The application allows an administrator to design information retention rules. Once the retention criteria are met, the data is purged. Reloading or reverse archive from archive database and or file system to operation database and or file system can be carried out. The application is designed to recover from power failure or system failure. The scheduling of archive task can be done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Question Bank
OMR Division
A faster & easier way for test management
Question Bank is unique software to overcome problem faced by the institution in conducting daily, weekly and monthly test. This software is designed in such a manner that it keeps record in hierarchy of Subject / Units / Chapters / Questions. This software is based on GUI (Graphical User Interface) i.e. a windows based software, which makes it easier to understand and work. This software is developed, understanding the needs of the customer who do not want to spent time in managing and checking of papers.

Question entry
Contains the question, its four options and one correct answer. You can even add an image with question or with its four options. Image attached with the question need not to keep on hard disk. It is saved in the database. Able to manage unlimited question in a chapter (depends upon your system storage capacity). You can edit/delete question any time. Superscript/Subscript/Symbol facility is readily available. Any type of question can be entered in the software.

Generating question paper
Generating question paper through question bank is really easy and you can get your paper just in seconds. There are four ways in which you can generate test paper

Paper is being generated by computer, all you need to do is just specify how many question you want from which subject, unit and chapter. You can create paper subject wise, unit wise and chapter wise.

Me & Computer
This option is also somewhat similar to the previous option, but in this option you can also add question manually. For example in question paper of 100 questions you want 40 questions to be picked by computer randomly and you could pick the remaining 60 questions.

Combination of Numbers
In this option you can specify two digits for example 4 & 6 then the computer will only pick those question that has question number contain either 4 or 6 like question number 14,4,16,6,26 etc

In this option you can set an interval, this interval means the gap between the two question that computer should pick. For example you set the interval to 4 then the first question taken by the computer will be 1 then the next question taken by the computer will be 5 in the chapter specified by you.

OMR Division

OMR Division
Documents will be scanned through ADF scanners. It is assumed that all the pages of the record can be scanned through an A4 / A3 ADF scanner. The scanning of the documents will be done at 200 dpi resolution and in B&W or Gray mode as indicated by the client and the scanned documents will be stored in TIFF format.

Documents Processing:
The following tasks are involved in preparing the documents after scanning Removal l of Blank pages All the documents would be scanned in Black and White to reduce the storage space. l Setting l pages as per document types and stored in defined folders. Exporting l Image Folders to DVDs.

Quality Check:
There will be a team of QC supervisors who will get to see all the documents scanned and check the same for quality of scan, accuracy of index data. If there is any discrepancy, they rectify the same.

Data Extraction & Form Processing
Scanned application forms / Answer sheets shall be uploaded to the Form Processing server and data extraction process will be done.

Data Verification & Upload
After data extraction, the images with extracted data shall be quid to the data verification users. Application has image assisted QC module that helps the QC users to validate the data and options available to do the data correction. Application also has capability to validate the data from the answer sheets with the Answer Key. After data validation, the data can be exported to CSV file format along with cropped images like photograph and signature. Checking Physical Records and Documents Returning - Count with Documents imported and return the Records Our representative shall handover the completed files to the In-charge of the Documents section at Client location through our Project Coordinator. The In-charge of Documents Section shall issue a Sign off document as acknowledgment in receipt of the documents.

List of Clients
OMR Division
• Rai University, New Delhi.

Amity, New Delhi. • GPI (Wills Gold Flake), New Delhi. •
• JC-CAT, New Delhi.

QAI International, New Delhi. • Maruti Suzuki India Limited, Gurgaon (HR). • Amity , Noida(UP). •
• Utrakhand Jal Viduat Board, Deharadun (UK).

UP Police Requirement Board, Lucknow (UP) •
• eSoft Consulting ltd. Hyderabad (AP). • Vicisoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad(AP).

JCB India Ltd., Faridabad (HR). •

OMR Division


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OMR Division

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