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GRA Created: 7/5/2006

Part Number: Accessory Code:
Kit Contents

Color Applicability/Trim Level
Accessory Color Beige


Vehicle Trim Color Ash Ivory


Hardware Bag Contents
Item # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Qty 5 1 4 1 4 8 4 3 2 1 4 1 Component Description Red T-Taps Blue Male Spade 1/4" X 20 Nuts 1/2" Phillips Screw Barrel Nuts 1/4" Phillips Screws 1/4" X 1" Washers 6" Wire Ties 11" Wire Ties 4" x 8" Foam Tape Monitor Bracket T-Studs Alcohol Pad

General Applicability
All Highlander Moonroof Vehicles


Recommended Sequence of Application
Item # 1 2 3 Accessory Install Wiring Install Modulator Install Monitor

Additional Items Required For Installation
Item # Qty Description Electrical Tape

Recommended Tools
Safety Tools Seat/Floor Covers Installation Tools Pliers Nylon Removal Tool #2 Phillips Screwdriver #1 Phillips Screwdriver 7/16" Socket 14mm Socket 3/32" Drill Bit/Stop Special Tools Special Chemicals Blankets


4mm Allen Driver 10mm Socket Wire Crimper Marker Utility Knife Wire Cutters

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the associates may perform the installation steps in any order to make the installation as efficient as possible while maintaining consistent quality. Use Seat and Floor Protectors to avoid damage to surfaces. the installation sequence is the suggested method for completing the accessory installation. In some instances the suggested sequence is written for one associate to install and in others the sequence is given as part of a team accessory installation. Pre-installation Precaution 1. Page 2 of 16 .TOYOTA 2005/6 HIGHLANDER MOONROOF SPECIAL NOTE: 9” OVERHEAD VIDEO (AUTOCINEMA) Installation Sequences After Safety mandated preparatory steps have been taken. 2. Disconnecting the battery is recommended. The code must be re-entered when the negative battery cable is reconnected. the radio code must be written down prior to disconnecting the battery cable. A. If the vehicle is equipped with an Anti-theft radio. Disconnecting the battery may cause certain vehicle settings to be lost. Unless otherwise stated in the document. Manufacturer’s recommendations for battery removal should be followed.

C1 C. Align template with rear edge of moonroof opening on headliner. NOTE: be sure to open the rear hatch. D2 Page 3 of 16 . Cutout Monitor Opening 1. B2) Fig.TOYOTA 2005/6 HIGHLANDER MOONROOF B. Battery Disconnect 9” OVERHEAD VIDEO (AUTOCINEMA) Fig. Be sure sunshade is closed before step D2 to prevent damage. PRIOR to disconnecting the battery. (Fig. (Fig. (Fig C2) Fig. C2 D. C1) 2. Remove the NEGATIVE (-) battery terminal using a 10mm socket before starting any disassembly. 2. B2 1. D2) Fig. Carefully mark monitor cutout with marker. Mark Monitor Cutout 1. (Fig. 2. Carefully cut out monitor opening using a sharp utility knife.

Remove dampner attachment by pulling it from the bracket. E1) F. Fig. F2 G. Remove (6) connectors from rear of radio/HVAC control assembly. Remove (6) bolts using a 10mm socket. Remove antenna connector from rear of radio. F3) Fig. (Fig. Remove Radio/HVAC Controls 1. F3 2. E1 1. Remove dampner attachment screw under dash using a #1 phillips head screwdriver. (Fig. Lower Glove Box 1. (Fig. F2) 3. G1 Page 4 of 16 . Remove Center Finish Panel 9” OVERHEAD VIDEO (AUTOCINEMA) Fig.TOYOTA 2005/6 HIGHLANDER MOONROOF E. Carefully pry center finish panel from dash using fingers or NRT if needed. (Fig. F1 2. G1) Fig. (Fig. F1) Fig.

I2 Page 5 of 16 . H2 I. I1) 2. Remove Passenger Side Visor 1. Remove Grab Handle 1. G3 with hands to lower. (Fig. G3) H. (Fig. (Fig. Carefully open passenger side grab handle screw covers by hand. (Fig.TOYOTA 2005/6 HIGHLANDER MOONROOF 9” OVERHEAD VIDEO (AUTOCINEMA) 3. H1) 2. Remove (2) bolts using a 10mm socket. Carefully remove visor screw cover by prying Fig. (Fig. I2) Fig. Squeeze upper sides of glove box compartment Fig. H2) Fig. I1 Fig. Remove (2) phillips head screws using #2 phillips head screwdriver. H1 with NRT.

(Fig.TOYOTA 2005/6 HIGHLANDER MOONROOF J. using a NRT. L2 Page 6 of 16 . (Fig. J1) K. (Fig. Remove molding from vehicle. Pry A-pillar molding on passenger side. L2) 3. Pull B-pillar molding back from top (by hand) far enough to allow headliner to drop slightly. Remove seatbelt bolt with a 14mm socket. Fig. L3 Fig. (Fig. beginning at top (underside). Carefully pull door seal trim from upper half of passenger door opening. L3) Fig. K1) 2. Remove passenger seatbelt cover by prying with a NRT. L1) 2. K1 Fig. Remove Door Seal Trim 9” OVERHEAD VIDEO (AUTOCINEMA) Fig. Remove A-pillar Garnish Molding 1. Remove B-pillar Molding 1. (Fig. L1 L. J1 1.

5. M1) 2. Carefully pull harnesses from monitor cutout until approximately 12” is exposed through monitor opening. Attach main harness and antenna harness to wire puller at end near A-pillar. M1 M. M3) 4. (Fig.TOYOTA 2005/6 HIGHLANDER MOONROOF 9” OVERHEAD VIDEO (AUTOCINEMA) Fig. (Fig. M5 Fig. Route Wiring from Monitor Opening to A-pillar 1. M3 Fig. Feed wire puller until it’s exposed in monitor cutout. M2) 3. (Fig. Be sure to attach end of main harness with snaps on sides to wire puller. starting from A-pillar. Fig. Remove tape and wire puller. M5) 6. M2 Page 7 of 16 . Use electrical tape to secure antenna coax to cable to avoid damage to cable end. Feed wire puller above headliner. (Fig.

Install (2) washers and ¼”-20 nuts onto the rear T-studs. 6. aligning it with the forward (2) Tstuds. (Fig. Tighten (4) ¼”-20 nuts with 7/16” socket. Install (2) T-studs into the rear crossmember. N4 Fig. N4) 5. Install bracket. Install (2) washers and ¼”-20 nuts onto forward T-studs and leave loose. N1 2. N6 Page 8 of 16 . Insert (2) T-studs in forward crossmember. N2 Fig. (Fig. (Fig. 4. N6) Fig. Install Monitor Bracket 1. N1) 9” OVERHEAD VIDEO (AUTOCINEMA) Fig. N2) 3. (Fig.TOYOTA 2005/6 HIGHLANDER MOONROOF N.

(Fig. (Fig. Drill pilot hole with 3/32” drill bit (with stop ¼” from end of bit) in vehicle crossmember as shown. (Fig. O3) 4. Attach eyelet on main harness to crossmember with ½” phillips head screw. O2 Fig. O2) 3. P1) 2. O1 2. (Fig. P1 P. P2) Fig. Cut hole in fabric of trim ring approximately 1” smaller than inner hole in trim ring. Attach trim ring to monitor with (8) ¼” phillips head screws using #1 phillips screwdriver. Install Monitor Wiring 1. Install (1) T-tap to the red wire and (2) T-taps on the black wire of the main harness.TOYOTA 2005/6 HIGHLANDER MOONROOF O. O3 Fig. (Fig. Attach each of the blue spade clips from the 12” domelamp harness to each of the T-taps in the following sequence: Domelamp Harness Black/Red Stripe Wire Red/Black Stripe Wire Purple/Brown Stripe Wire Main Harness Red Wire Black Wire Black Wire Fig. Install Monitor Trim Ring 1. P2 Page 9 of 16 . O1) 9” OVERHEAD VIDEO (AUTOCINEMA) Fig.

4. (Fig.TOYOTA 2005/6 HIGHLANDER MOONROOF Q. (Fig. (Fig. 2. Attach power cable and antenna connectors to monitor (hand tighten antenna lead). inserting harness above headliner (locate base off center if equipped with EC mirror). Tuck wires above headliner. Install (4) barrel nuts and tighten with 4mm hex (Allen) driver. Q4) 5. Q6) Fig. Open monitor screen. Clean windshield with alcohol pad.R2 Page 10 of 16 . Locate monitor onto (4) studs attached to monitor bracket. Q4 R. Attach antenna base to center of windshield near top. (Fig. R2) 3. (Fig. Peel red adhesive backing from antenna base and partially peel back paper backing. R3) Fig. Install TV Antenna to Windshield 1. Q2) 9” OVERHEAD VIDEO (AUTOCINEMA) Fig Q2 3. 2. 6. Install Monitor 1. Connect white connectors together and then connect black connectors together. Q6 Fig. R3 Fig.

S4) 5. Attach main harness to wire puller at A-pillar. (Fig. S1) 2. Tuck harness above headliner. R4) 5. Remove wire puller. (Fig. if necessary. Cut any excess antenna at A-pillars. Route Wire Harness to Radio Fig. Fig. S. pull through glove box opening. S3) Fig. (Fig. Pull main harness through radio opening using wire puller. 3.TOYOTA 2005/6 HIGHLANDER MOONROOF 9” OVERHEAD VIDEO (AUTOCINEMA) 4. (Fig. R4 center towards A-pillar on passenger side. (Fig. S1 1. R5) Fig. Pull harness through glove box opening. R5 6. working from Fig. Peel remaining paper backing and attach to windshield from center towards A-pillars. S3 4. S4 Page 11 of 16 . Feed wire puller between A-pillar and I/P.

Trim excess material from wire ties. Attach red wire from main harness (with blue spade clip) to red T-tap on gray wire. T4 Fig. (Fig. Connect main harness connector to FM Modulator harness. Attach red T-tap to gray wire (PIN #3 on 9” OVERHEAD VIDEO (AUTOCINEMA) Fig. (Fig. T4) 5. PIN #11 on connector R4 for 8 speaker audio circuit) using pliers. Attach FM Modulator to I/P bracket using (2) 11” wire ties. (Fig. T2) 3. T2 Fig T6 Page 12 of 16 . T3 Fig. T1 connector R3 for 6 speaker audio circuit. 6. Connect male antenna lead (vehicle) to female antenna lead (FM Modulator). Wrap FM Modulator with foam tape. (Fig.TOYOTA 2005/6 HIGHLANDER MOONROOF T. T3) 4. Connect Wiring at Radio 1. (Fig. T6) 7. T1) 2. Fig.

Install 2 AAA batteries in remote control. 3. 2. Reassemble trim. V. Store remote and headphones in rear of center console. Trim excess material from wire ties. 2. handle. U1) 2. Reassemble Components 1. and door seal by reversing steps E-L. U1 1. Page 13 of 16 . After testing system. Torque terminal connectors to 36 in-lbs. W. Fix main harness to black factory wiring along Apillar with (3) 6” wire ties. Install 2 AAA batteries in each headphone headset. Fix A-pillar Wiring 9” OVERHEAD VIDEO (AUTOCINEMA) Fig. radio. visor. Complete Installation 1. glove box. Reconnect vehicle battery by reversing step B. (Fig.TOYOTA 2005/6 HIGHLANDER MOONROOF U. store owners manual in glove box.


Tune vehicle FM radio station to channel displayed on screen. Tune vehicle FM radio station to channel displayed on screen. Page 15 of 16 .) “Sound around OFF” and FM channel displayed on screen. Both lights on monitor should turn on. TV tuner reception.TOYOTA 2005/6 HIGHLANDER MOONROOF 9” OVERHEAD VIDEO (AUTOCINEMA) Functional Verification: Check Accessory Function checks: Look For: Turn vehicle ignition to ON. Slide dome lamp switch on monitor to “ON”. DVD should begin playing. press enter. depress power button on remote control for monitor. Program on G9 monitor should be audible through wireless headphones. Insert DVD into monitor. Depress “sound around” on remote control. Vehicle radio should operate normal Depress “sound around” on remote control. Depress source button until “TV” is displayed scroll channel up/down until TV channel is observed. (Reception may be poor in areas where signal may be blocked. Turn power “ON” wireless headphones (turn Volume dial up slightly on headphones). “Sound around “ON” and FM channel displayed on screen. start up screen should appear on screen. Monitor should power on.

If continuity and power exist. 2. Check antenna input connection. Is power "ON" (headphones)? 3. 2. Check power on the accessory side of power connection. No picture Unit powers up but no audio and/or video Television picture poor or no reception If problem persists contact INViSiON Technical Assistance at 1-866-869-7888 Page 16 of 16 . 6. Verify that the remote sensor eye is not obstructed. If voltages are not present. Check overhead video unit for continuity to ground on black wire and power at red wire on 4 pin connector (Fig. check to see that there is not a short circuit. Test for power at PIN #8.TOYOTA 2005/6 HIGHLANDER MOONROOF 9” OVERHEAD VIDEO (AUTOCINEMA) Troubleshooting: Condition: Unit does not power "ON" Check For: 1. All pins should be continuous (Fig. Use FM Model Select to choose a different channel. Verify the video cable is plugged into jack securely. Verify that the infrared transmitter is affixed over the sensor eye of the component to be controlled. Is vehicle fuse blown? If yes. 4. 1. 3. the problem lies in the overhead unit. 7. Turn off “sound around” on monitor 1. Is anything blocking signal between monitor and headphones? Sound is not heard through vehicle radio Sound is not heard through wireless headphones Vehicle has poor sound Interference caused by local radio station IR Sensor inoperative 1. Is “sound around” turned on? 2. Test G9 main harness for continuity at 8 pin connector on each side. Are batteries installed? 2. 1). Use eyelet as ground connection for all voltage checks. 1. 1. ground at PIN #1. 1. 5. Verify the correct video input mode is used on TV. the problem lies in the overhead unit. Verify that the batteries in the remote are fresh. Is ignition turned "ON”? Are batteries installed in remote control? Are power connections and ground secured? Check power on the vehicle side of power connection. 1. 1).02 V at PIN #3 and PIN #4. Verify TV station is local. Is volume turned "UP" (on headphones)? 4. Does vehicle radio station match radio station displayed when “sound around” is turned “ON”? 3. Try another disc format (Note: not all DVD formats are compatible with player 1. and audio voltage of . 2. Check that FM Modulator is receiving power. 2. 3.