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Hello, this is Sunni. I know you know me from most of my stories. This one is BellaxJasper.

Anyways…the reason I’m making this extra paragraph is because, I have the girl Lea from the bad girls club in this. I know some of you have seen it. I love Lea and I wanted to put her in this because she was perfect. There will be some lemons. Don’t mean to offend you Lea. You are my favorite bad girl. Jasper It’s been three years since I’ve last been in Forks. As long as the 180 years I have

lived, I didn’t think I would go back, but I did. Leaving Bella to rot in Forks was brutal. We left because of my foolish actions. I will never forgive myself. After about two years, Alice left me. I had figured out she was cheating on me with Edward, yet he said that this wasn’t the reason he left Bella. I decided to leave the Cullen coven and headed to some old family members. Peter and Charlotte. I still refused to drink from another human. Why should I? Just because Alice is gone doesn’t mean I give up on my beliefs.

We decided to move to Texas. After shopping for days we finally found a mansion up the road. It was about five miles from the city, where the woods started. “This is some bull. Why did we have to fucking move again?” Peter growled as he fixed up the double bed in his room. “Because, people were starting to suspect. Besides, Texas is one of greatest hunting places. The best at night.” Charlotte grinned as she placed boxes down. I rolled my eyes. “And we’re right in the forest, so Jasper is fine.” Charlotte continued.

“You’re going to eat squirrels, Jasper?” Peter snickered. “I’d rather eat your wife.” I smacked Char’s ass playfully. Peter growled as Charlotte giggled. “You’re going to pay for that, Whitlock.” He growled. I rolled my eyes. “Ooh, scary.” I grinned. He tackled me to the ground and we started wrestling. Char ignored us, trying not to get hit.

I finally got tired of the punching and missing, so I kicked him off of me. He went through the wall. “GOD DAMN IT!” Charlotte screamed. Suddenly, she grabbed me by the ear. “What the fuck?” I cried as she took it off. She went over to Peter and did the same. “Ow!” Peter wailed. She brought both the ears to her mouth and screamed. “Listen, dickheads. I need things done and with you two fuckers I can’t do a thing! So go and grow a pair while I fix

the DAMN WAAAAAALLL!!!!!” she screamed as she threw the ears back at us. “Fine, fine.” I sighed. I stuck my ear back on and ignored the dry ache. Peter and I headed outside with unneeded jackets around our bodies. “This is all your fault.” Peter grumbled as he put in his black contacts to cover his ruby eyes. “Fuck you.” I spat at him as we started to the markets. Bella

I hopped out of the bed. I walked to the windows and immediately smiled at the day. The sun was just coming up and the lights from last night had not gone all out in the city. Beautiful. I stepped over some of my old pictures I took when I was in Vegas with Jake and Brenda a month ago.

Princess Izzy waiting for food.

Izzy having her 2nd tattoo done

Getting kicked out of the coffee shop. Still smiling. 

Not the stripper type…but really hot.

Really drunk…and tan.

I really hope that turns into a prince.

She’s bringing sexy back!

Oh yeah!

Trying to go to the beach, but Izzy just had to have a cigarette!

Don’t laugh at me! I ran my hands through my hair and patted to the restroom. It was very fancy since I was living in the hotel. I stayed here on a regular bases, I really had no one time home. I would either stay here or with Jake. The hotel was on the very top floor, letting me see all I needed of the city.

Jake said it would be best to keep going back and forth since a certain vampire was after me. It’s just real fucked up how they had to kill Charlie, Renee, and Phil to get to me. I groaned as the familiar pain shot through me. Edward no longer affected me either. The motto was ‘don’t hold onto the past’. And I didn’t. I sighed; I didn’t feel like thinking about Edward.

After I washed my face, I looked up at my reflection. So much had changed with my appearance. My face had aged, but not in a bad way. The girly roundness faded and turned sexier. I died my hair black and put blonde streaks on the edges. My curves developed and I decided to get tattoos. I had a crown on my right wrist. I had flowers on my arm in ink and a scull on my thigh. It melted into a flow of river and spelled my nickname Izzy. It had hibiscus on it too.

I had a tattoo on my ribs. It was a Robert Frost poem. Some say the world will end in fire; Some say in ice. From what I've tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also great And would suffice. Then I had a tattoo on my foot. It was a line from Romeo and Juliet on the bottom of my foot. These violent delights Have violent ends And in their triumph die,

Like fire and powder, Which, as they kiss, consume. I took a quick shower and toweled off. I threw on some fitting jeans with a white camisole. I put a black jacket over it and flats so I could head out. After throwing a quick brush through my straight hair, I hurried downstairs. I would usually go to the bookstore and check out any book. I already learned French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. Then I would go to the police station. Even if Charlie was dead, doesn’t mean I can’t carry on what he did. He left a case open before he was killed.

Riley Simmons. He had been missing for two years. Everyone at the office, even Jake, told me to give up, but I knew he was out there, somewhere. One of the reasons I wanted to find him so badly, was because I used to fuck him. After Edward left, he was my constant release of stress and pain. I’ve got to find him.

After I got to the hotel, I was beat. I groaned as I hit the comfy bed. I snuggled up to the covers until I heard banging at my door.

I sighed and dragged myself to the door. I opened it and I was immediately encased in hot arms. “Where the fuck have you been?!” Jacob roared. “Jake, calm down! What’s wrong?” I asked. “Them!” he spat, letting me go, and stomping to the giant window in the room. He glared over the city with dark eyes. “Jake, what’s going on?” I asked as I approached him.

“Their back!” he pulled at his short black hair. “Who’s back, Jake?” I frowned. He grabbed me by the tops of my arms. “Their back, Izz!” he yelled to me. “Who?! Who’s back?” I screamed back. His face got close to mine, but I knew Jacob would never kiss me again. We went out for awhile, but he imprinted on a girl named Brenda. She’s very nice and pretty. He glared at me with his dark eyes. He uttered one word before I secluded to darkness.

“Vampires.” He whispered, his hot breath hitting my face. “Of course.” I whispered back, falling into the dark.

I woke up to a sharp slap in the face. “OW!” I cried as I fell to the floor. I peeked my eyes open to see Brenda. She smiled down at me. “There! Told you that would wake her up.” She said smugly to Jake. I rubbed my cheek.

Jake rolled his eyes as he walked over to me. “You okay?” he asked. “I’m fine.” I grumbled. “Good, because you just fainted when I told you.” He frowned. “Well, if you didn’t go on psycho on me, I wouldn’t have fainted.” I growled, remembering last night. “Sorry about that. I haven’t smelled a vampire in so long…” he sighed. “So…what do I do?” I asked. “You stay with me for the day as Seth and Leah patrol the woods.”

I frowned. “Let’s go get coffee!” Brenda squealed and ran out of the room. I sighed and got dressed in shorts and a gray hoodie. I let my hair fall down. As Jake and Brenda ordered coffee at a stand, I started wondering who was here to get me. The Cullen’s? Edward? Victoria? Who knows? Probably a vampire I probably don’t even know. I shrugged to myself and started to wander away from Brenda and Jake.

I found myself strolling down the sidewalks, alone. It wasn’t until a car door slammed that I looked up. My heart stopped then fell into a quick sprint. My palms started to sweat and shake. My stomach churned. “Jasper…?” I choked out. His blonde curly head snapped up to the sound of his name and his golden eyes turned wide. He stood up straight, letting his tall body out of the black car he was digging through. I wanted so badly to touch him. To make sure he was real. To feel his ice cold sensational skin.

But he wasn’t Edward. “Bella…?” he mouthed. And that’s when I ran. Jasper “Why are we out here again?” Peter asked as we headed to the furniture store. “We have to pick up tables for Char.” I sighed. “That’s right.” He groaned as he ran his hand through his dark hair. “Let’s get this over with.”

We walked into the small store. Immediately, lust spiked and Peter and I groaned. “We came to pick up tables for Charlotte Whitlock.” Peter said to an employee, letting his Texas accent flow into the words. The woman was flustered by his smooth voice and started to spark with lust. I groaned again and buried my face in my hands. The woman’s curiosity spiked. “He’s got a headache.” Peter answered for me. “You have no idea.” I mumbled, causing Peter to laugh.

“Well, I’ll need the receipt from online.” The worker said. “I’ll get it!” I exclaimed happily as I zoomed to the car. I opened the door and started digging for the receipt when I felt a familiar presence. I sniffed the air and immediately froze at the freesia smell. “Jasper…?” the familiar voice whispered. I snapped my head to see a woman. Her hair reached her shoulders and was died blonde on the edges. Her skin was

creamy and surprisingly she had tattoos dotting her body. One was long on her left leg and some on her right arm. And the great thing about it, unlike most girls, she could pull it off while still looking hot. Her face was cute and pretty damn sexy. No way. It couldn’t be… “Bella…?” I frowned as I stood up. As soon as I said that… She was gone. Before I could catch myself, I darted after her, trying to keep human speed,

pushing humans out of the way as I followed. “Bella!” I called after her as she rounded a corner. “Leave me alone!” she called back. “Bella! I promise I won’t hurt you!” it sounded like I was begging. And I was. I wanted desperately to say I was sorry. I needed to apologize. She ignored me as she kept sprinting and was engulfed into the crowd of people. I couldn’t find her then. I groaned and ran hands through my hair. I had lost her.

I sighed and headed back to the car. Peter was already loading the small table into the back. “Where did you go man?” he asked. “A girl…” I trailed off. “Was she hot?” he asked with mild interest. “Beyond.” I agreed. “Good, you could use one.” He answered and got into the car. Bella I was completely out of breath when I reached Jacob.

He smiled kindly down at me until he got a whiff. “What the fuck? He found you?” he yelled as he ran outside, looking through the streets. “I lost him.” I breathed, trying to catch my breath. “Oh, honey, you must be dead beat.” Brenda tsked. I rolled my eyes at her. “She just outran a vampire. Ya think?” Jacob sighed sarcastically and shook his head. Brenda rolled her eyes.

“Who was it, Bella?” she asked. “Jasper.” Brenda and Jake left me alone for the next few days and I refused to leave the hotel. I sat straight up in my bed when I heard knocking on my door. It was morning. The light was shining in. I hurried to the door and immediately a coffee was shoved into my face. I frowned at it then looked up to stare into golden eyes. “Treaty gift.” Jasper said.

My frown deepened. “I don’t drink coffee.” I sighed. He frowned with me then started to walk in. I stopped him. “I didn’t say you could come in, Jasper.” I replied. He frowned then went all puppy dog eyes on me. “May I please come in, Bella? I just want to talk.” He pleaded. I groaned. I couldn’t resist the puppy eyes.

“Fine, c’mon in Jasper.” I sighed as he skipped inside. “Nice room.” Another guy walked in after him. He had brown hair and ruby red eyes. He grinned at me as he tipped his imaginary hat. “Hold the fuck on. Who are you?” I exclaimed. “I’m Jasper’s friend. Peter Whitlock.” He said, smugness radiating off of him. “Bella Swan, but call me Izzy for now.” I greeted.

“Izzy?” Jasper turned to me with raised eyebrows. “Yeah.” I frowned slightly. “I like Puddin’ better.” Peter grinned. “Puddin’?” I asked. “Duh.” he joked, moving his hands and knocking over a vase next to my bed. It fell to the floor, cracking. I groaned. “Peter can you do anything right?” Jasper asked with amusement clear in his smooth voice.

“Um…the moonwalk! Yeah, I got that shit on lock.” I turned my head to see Peter gliding back and forth with a shit-eating grin. He grabbed his crotch and started to thrust his hips forward. I sighed at his personality, causing him to look up at me and smile. He danced over to me and wiggled his eyebrows. “You have a nice ass, Puddin’.” He smirked as he smacked my bottom. I yelped out and jumped a little. I finally composed myself enough to glare at him and he smiled, unashamed.

Jasper growled lightly then sighed as he turned his eyes to me. “Can we talk?” he turned to Peter with narrowed eyes, “Alone.” Peter frowned slightly then sighed. “Always ruining the fun.” He grumbled and walked back outside. I turned back to Jasper as he appraised my form. “You’ve changed. A lot.” He commented after a second of silence. “Uh, yeah…I changed when you guys left.” I smiled, remembering the arresting, fights, and cursing I had grown into.

We were silent for a few more minutes. “Why did you run from me?” Jasper asked. “None of your fucking business.” I didn’t mean to sound harsh, but he was pushing me. “I get it. You’re a coward.” Jasper smiled. “What?! I am not a coward! Shouldn’t I be scared of the guy who attacked me at my birthday!” I yelled at him. “But you know I won’t hurt you.” He whispered as he stepped closer to me.

“And how do I know that?” I crossed my arms over my chest, defiantly. “Because I haven’t attacked you yet.” He grinned smugly. “Oh, you’ll give in. And when you do, Jasper, I’ll be ready this time.” I promised. He grimaced at that, keeping his eyes locked on mine. “Where’s Alice?” I whispered. His golden eyes narrowed as I felt fear drip from him, then anger. I frowned.

“Where is she, Jasper? She’s your mate. She’s supposed to be everywhere you are.” “We broke up.” He answered simply. “Broke up? You guys had been together for more than a hundred years. What happened?” “She cheated on me.” He murmured. I choked on my spit. “She what?! Alice! The short pixie girl?!” I cried. “Yes!” Jasper sighed heavily. “With who? Do I know him?” I asked.

Jasper became aggravated. “Oh, you know him.” He growled. “Who?” “E…” he stopped. “WHO?!” I exclaimed. “Edward!!” he answered. It was silent for a few minutes. It finally sunk in. Edward cheated on me. Well, he didn’t actually cheat on me. Alice cheated on Jasper. I looked into his golden eyes. They showed heartbreak and sadness.

I reached for his pale hand and took it in my warm one. He hesitated as I put it on my cheek and rubbed it. “I’m sorry, Jasper.” I whispered to him. I dropped my hand, but his cool one stayed firmly on my cheek, rubbing it with his thumb. I stepped closer and wrapped my arms around in waist in comfort. He wrapped his around me and buried his face in my hair. I felt his desire to kill me shoot up, but I squeezed tighter to him. He relaxed until Peter came in.

“Hey, Major-Oh shit! Sorry!” he stopped and looked at us with wide eyes. Jasper sighed and let me go as he turned to Peter. Suddenly, a blonde woman stepped into the room. She was beautiful with her high cheek bones, flawless skin, curvy body, and shiny hair. “Peter, I am so fucking tired of waiting in the damn car…” she trailed off when she saw me. “Oh! This is the Isabella girl!” she squealed. She reminded me so much of Brenda.

I nodded as she ran towards me and picked me up, hugging me. “Jasper has told us so much about you. Though you do look much more different from what he described.” She looked at me intently. Peter snatched me away from her and held me to his chest. “Puddin’ is still the awesome chick she was three years ago. Besides, look at her ass.” He smirked and turned my ass to Char’s gaze. She hummed for awhile then nodded. “Your right, Peter. It is a nice ass.” She responded.

I turned bright red as Peter smacked it again. Jasper snatched me away this time and growled at Peter. Peter just grinned. I sighed and checked my phone. “You guys should head out. Jake will be here…” I immediately closed my mouth when the door busted open. There stood a heavy breathing, irate Jacob. He roared as he saw all the vampires and they all went into instinctive crouches, Jasper protecting me.

Jasper The racid smell of dog filled the room and I crouched in front of Bella protectively. Jacob was darting his eyes back and forth between us all, trying to figure out who to kill first. His emotions were changing too fast. I couldn’t tell which was which anymore. “Jake…calm down.” Bella whispered to him. He growled. Bella suddenly pushed me away and stomped over to Jake.

We tried to grab her, but she pushed us away. “Jake!” she yelled and slapped him across the face. “Ouch!” he cried, rubbing his cheek. “Snap the fuck out of it!” she shot back. “What the hell is your problem? Vampires are here!” he yelled. “Yeah, I think I know that.” She rolled her eyes. “Izzy, you can’t be serious. I came to protect you!” he growled.

They continued to argue back and forth as Peter sat down and watched. I sighed and stood out of my crouch. “…That’s not fair! Two out of three!” Jacob ordered as they started playing rock, paper, scissors. “Um, can we get back to the vampires?” Char asked. Jake growled at her and Peter hissed back. Bella got between them. “No one is fighting in this God damn hotel!” she ordered. I wrapped my arm around her slim waist, just incase it turned into a brawl.

Bella pressed her small hands to my chest and looked at me with stern eyes. “Make them stop! Now, Jasper!” she growled. I sighed and whistled lowly. Char and Peter both snapped their heads to me. “We’re leaving.” I sighed. “What? I’m not leaving without, Puddin’.” Peter complained. “No!” Jake hissed. “Jake!” Bella growled.

“Bella’s coming with us!” Char grabbed Bella’s hand. Jake growled and snatched her away from me. I growled back. “STOP!” Bella screamed. We all turned silent. “Jasper, I’ll talk to you later. Right now I need to deal with the wolves.” She stated calmly. Peter and Char’s shoulders slumped in defeat and they left the room. I nodded and decided to come back tonight. Bella

After finally calming down Jake and sending him home, I took a shower. I blow-dried my hair and combed through it. I put it up into a ponytail and walked to my room. I locked eyes with gold ones. I immediately let out a scream as I clutched my white towel. After my minute-scream, the towel dropped from my numb hands and my naked body was exposed. Jasper’s eyes widened and he shielded his eyes. “Dammit! Sorry, Bella.” He apologized.

I was still frozen, but I quickly recovered and threw the towel back on me. “Oh my GOD! You saw me naked!” I shrieked. I quickly grabbed an over sized white shirt and some jogging shorts. I grabbed some underwear and ran to the bathroom. I quickly changed and walked back to the room. Jasper still had his eyes covered as I sat across from him on the bed. “Jasper,” I called. He removed one hand hesitantly then the other with a relieved sigh.

“Are you saying my body is ugly?” I questioned with a sly smirk. “No…wait! Ugh!” he rambled and grabbed at his curls. I laughed and patted his hands away from his hair. I continued to rub my fingers through them. He began to purr and I laughed again as I scraped my nails over his scalp. “I missed you, Bella.” He whispered, offering me a small smile. “I missed you, too, Jasper.” I smiled back. “So, you forgive me?”

He grinned, catching my wrist in his hand and dancing his fingers across my palm. “Yeah, I mean the whole party was completely fucked up. They were fucking vampires. And with my bad luck and clumsiness, anything could have happened. Hell, a bear could’ve broken through the wall, grabbed me, and took off.” I laughed. “It would’ve gotten far.” He chuckled with me. We were silent for a few moments, his fingers still moving across my palm. “But I still wanted to apologize. How can I make it up to you?” he took both my

hands in his, rubbing his cool thumbs over my heated skin. I smirked. “Get down on your knees.” I ordered. “What?” he looked at me, stunned. “You heard me. Get down on one fucking knee, Jasper. If you want my acceptance get down on your knees.” He sighed, but did like I commanded. “Beg.” I answered simply. “Isabella Marie Swan, please accept my deepest apologies.” He said in a deep voice and bowed his head to me.

I grinned, “You are forgiven.” “Good.” He smiled back widely and I felt my breath get stuck in my throat. He rose up to his feet. “What has happened to the family?” I asked, tilting my head to the side in curiosity. “First, Rose and Emmett went to go travel the world…again. Last I heard, they were in the Bahamas, but that was a month ago. Carlisle and Esme are still in Alaska while Alice and Edward are in Canada.” He sneered the last two names. I turned angry at their mentioning.

“Good. You know what I think? I think they deserve each other.” “What?” Jasper frowned. “Think about it. They controlled both our lives, or tried to. They hated everything we did and thought lowly of us. They’re perfect for each other.” I rambled. Jasper smiled at me and nodded. “You know what, Bella? You are absolutely right. I let Alice control my life and I will no longer do so.” He grinned. “Just like Edward. He thought I was a weak human who couldn’t even stand on my two feet.”

“We make a great team.” Jasper mused. “We sure do.” I agreed. “Friends?” he stuck out his pale hand. I hesitated and thought about it for a second. Jasper would never leave me again, not after this. I smiled and nodded. “Friends.” I took his stone grip in my hand and shook it lightly. Friends…

The next day I went to Jake’s house. I parked my Chevy. I was surprised it made it all this time. Which is awesome, but I had a feeling it was going to die soon. Jacob opened the door and leaned against as he glared at me. His nostrils flared and I knew he caught the whiff of vampires. “Isabella Fucking Swan, why the hell do you smell like vampires still?” he grounded out. “Don’t start that shit. And you know why.” I growled, pointing my finger at him.

Seth walked by and smiled kindly at me. His nose wrinkled in distaste though. “Ew, you stink, Izz.” He grinned then loped off. “Love you, too.” I called sarcastically. I turned back to Jake. “Is he coming back?” he asked. “No, it’s just Jasper.” I assured him. He relaxed a little, but kept his form. “So, that’s it? You’re just going to forgive him and everything’s peachy. Is it BF? Or BFFs?” he snarled sarcastically.

“Jake, stop it. He’s practiced. He’s fine with me. And yes we are friends and we’re intending on staying that way.” I stormed over to my car, about to make a dramatic exit when I dropped my keys. Jacob sighed and leaned back as he watched me. I tried to put the keys in the keyhole, but the little shit wouldn’t stay still. “Bells? What are you do—?” “I am storming out of here!” I yelled, cutting him off. I got into the car and drove off. Nothing was keeping me from Jasper.

Nothing… Jasper “Peter, could you try to be a little more polite? Bella’s coming over.” Charlotte complained as she knocked her husband’s feet off the coffee table. “Puddin’s cool, honey. She won’t care if I’m naked. Matter of fact…” he trailed off suggestively. He started to get up while unbuttoning his shirt, but I grabbed him. “Don’t even think about it.” I sighed, looking at the TV.

“I wasn’t even going to do it.” He defended. I rolled my eyes, but I was secretly worried about her being here. What if she didn’t like it? What if she got scared? What if Peter got naked?! Oh God the shame! I turned to the stupid vampire. “I swear to God, Peter, if you get naked…” I trailed off on my threat. “Don’t worry, Major. I won’t get naked…at least…not right now.” He smirked.

I smacked him in the back of the head. “OW! Abusive.” He muttered, rubbing his head. Suddenly, there was a roar of a motorcycle and we all dashed outside. Jacob was turning off his vehicle as Bella took off her helmet. She turned to smile at us. “Puddin’!!” Peter grinned and zoomed over to her to pick her up. Jacob tensed a little as Peter grabbed her and started spinning her around. He turned to us with hateful eyes.

“I just wanted to let you bloodsuckers know, if you guys hurt her again, I’m bringing the Gates of Hell down on your stone asses.” With that said, he zoomed off on his motorcycle. Bella rolled her eyes, but hugged Peter back. “It’s so nice to see you guys again.” She smiled. “I have missed your perfect ass, Puddin’.” Peter grinned as he smacked it. Bella yelped and jumped in his arms. She glared up at him as he roared with laughter.

I snatched her away from him, matching my glare with Bella’s. “Oops! Sorry, Major.” He grinned sheepishly. “How about we go show you to the room we fixed up for you?” Char asked Bella, grinning. “Room? Oh, no! I have a room. You guys didn’t have to—” she was cut off by me sweeping her off her feet and throwing her over my shoulder. She let out a huff as she landed on my stone shoulder. Peter poked her thigh that had a skull on it. It was beautiful with roses and designs flowing down behind her leg.

“Why’d you get that one?” he asked as I carried Bella inside. I placed her on the comfy couch and sat next to her. “Um, that was my second one. I got it because Jake’s imprintee dared me to do it. I loved it after I got it.” She explained, staring at her tattoo. She lifted up her shirt over her stomach and pointed to the writing on her ribs. Some say the world will end in fire; Some say in ice. From what I've tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice,

I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also great And would suffice. Peter and Char grinned at the poem. I loved it, but wasn’t sure for the reason she got this. “What is it about?” I asked. “It was about when I was in love in with two guys. Edward and Jake.” She shrugged. I frowned, but I understood. Fire and Ice. Jacob and Edward. “Another one! Another one!” Char chanted.

Bella picked up her small feet and Peter poked her toes. She chuckled and showed the bottom of her foot. These violent delights Have violent ends And in their triumph die, Like fire and powder, Which, as they kiss, consume. “Romeo and Juliet, Act II, Scene VI.” I smirked, tracing the letters. “Another! Another!” Char called. Bella grinned and let go of her foot. She lifted her short sleeved shirt and showed us the flowers on her arms.

Hibiscus. “Beautiful…” we all mused. Bella just shrugged and pointed to her right ear which hid stars. Then she showed us her left wrist which had a queen’s crown on it. We all laughed at that. “That’s all of them,” She shrugged again. It was silent for a moment before Peter started sending waves of curiosity. “What, Peter?” I frowned, looking at him.

“Well,” He tapped his chin and looked up at the ceiling, “I was just wonderin’ if you have told Puddin’ about your past?” Bella’s confusion spiked and she turned to me. “What?” she frowned. I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose. “Charlotte, Peter, can I talk to Bella alone?” I frowned. “Of course.” Charlotte said gently. “See ya, Puddin’.” Peter grinned, kissing Bella’s forehead before leaving.

I took Bella’s hands in mine and rubbed her hot skin. She was silent, watching me with wary eyes. “As friends, I think you should know my past…” I started the story, about Maria, the newborns, the armies, Peter and Charlotte, about the thousands of vampires and people I had killed, about the scars. I didn’t look her in her brown eyes the entire time. She was quiet after the story. “Let me see them,” She spoke quietly.

“What?” I looked up at her to see she was watching me through narrowed eyes. “Let me see the scars, Jasper,” She whispered. Before I could respond, her small warm hands were under my shirt, placing her hands on my chest. She ran her hot fingers over my skin, feeling the crescent shaped scars. After a while, she pulled back. She was silent again, but I felt no fear or disgust like I felt from Alice. I growled impatiently. Bella looked up at me with raised brows.

“Why are you not disgusted? Why are you not scared? You feel no remorse or fear. What the hell is wrong with you?” I growled. She became angry. “Me?! What the fuck is wrong with you? Don’t you get it? These scars mean something. These mean that you didn’t give up and you’re not a coward. They make you beautiful, Jazz.” She whispered the last part and took my hand in hers. I smiled at beautiful. She was beautiful. “Thank you, Bella. That means a lot.” I whispered.

“It should,” she grinned. Peter and Charlotte conveniently walked back in and smirked at us. “Who wants to make cookies?” Peter asked. “Bella and Jasper can make cookies. I want you to help me pull out the weeds in the back.” Char grabbed Peter by the ear and pulled him outside as he complained. Bella chuckled and followed me into the kitchen. Bella Jasper started pulling out things in vampire speed.

Eggs, milk, flour, chocolate chips, etc. Jasper started mixing the things I told him to mix his speed, making everything easier. Though he did look at the utensils with curious golden eyes, tilting his blonde curled head to the side with confusion as I explained what to do with them. I found it cute and giggled at his confusion. When I told him to use the mixer he frowned in annoyance when it wouldn’t start.

I sighed and plugged it in. He grinned at me then pressed the button to make it start… That’s when all hell broke loose. Jasper slowly put the heavy moving mixers in the mixings and batter flew everywhere. I screamed and ducked for cover as the dough flew everywhere. Jasper wasn’t so lucky. It splattered all over him, his hair, his clothes, and his face. After I reached out to unplug it, I couldn’t stifle my laughter.

It was all over Jasper. I busted into a fiddle of giggles, clutching my stomach. It had been a long time since I had done this and it felt good to have fun. Jasper’s golden eyes turned pitch black as he saw me laughed. I didn’t know if he was angry or just teasing me, but it made me laugh harder. I stopped when I felt something wet in my hair. I brought my hands up slowly to see that Jasper had cracked an egg into my hair. That I had just washed!

“Son of a bitch…” I muttered as I stood up and glared at him. Jasper just smirked at me. I grabbed an egg out of the carton and smashed it into his curly head. He growled at me and grabbed some leftover batter to rub all over my shirt. “PETER!!” I shrieked. In less than a second, Peter was right in front of me and grabbed the bowel of batter to throw on Jasper’s head. “See ya!” he grinned as he threw me on his back and took off out of the house.

We dashed through the woods, dodging trees as we went. I was aware that Jasper was chasing us. “Just give it up, Jasper!!” I cackled into the woods. “NEVER!!” he yelled back. Peter laughed as he sprung himself over the river and I hooted with exhilaration. Peter cheered with me until we were suddenly interrupted by a hit from the left. Peter wasn’t expecting it so he fell into the river while the cold set of arms pulled me off of him.

I grinned, expecting Jasper’s face until I felt the familiarly of dread pass over me. I was looking into the face of my past lover. “E-Edward…” I whispered, staring into his piecing honey eyes. Jasper I skidded to a halt as I smelled his scent. He had Bella that I was sure of. I ran forward and… That’s when I saw them. Edward had his arms wrapped possessively around Bella’s curvy body.

Peter was in the river and sprung out as he glared at Edward, growling. Edward tensed as he snarled back at him. “Let go of me.” Bella whispered. Edward turned to her, stunned. “What?” he questioned. “Get the hell off of me, Edward!” she growled as she struggled in his stone grip. I dashed over to them and snatched her away from his arms. Edward frowned at me.

“What the hell are you doing here, Edward?” I growled. “Me? What are you doing here?” “I live here.” “The family does, too.” He answered, never taking his eyes off of Bella. Family? “Bella,” he said as he looked at her body, “What did you do to yourself?” She was livid. “Fuck you! If you were there you could’ve stopped me, but no, because of you all my fucking family is dead!” she screamed as I held her back. “And the

thing about it was you could’ve just come and I would’ve at least tried to forgive you, but that went all down hill when you slept with your fucking sister, his ex-wife, my best friend, ALICE!!!” Edward was shocked by her speech, but it was quickly replaced with anger as he turned to look at me. “What the hell? You told her?!” he snarled. I put Bella behind me and growled at him. “She deserved to know, Edward.” Peter got in between us and pushed our chests away from each other.

“I would back off, Fuckward. Don’t want Puddin’ to get hurt.” He warned. “Yeah, motherfucker! Hurt me again!” Bella was yelling behind me. Peter grabbed her incase this turned into a fight while she screamed profanities at Edward. I froze. I smelled it. A smell hadn’t smelled in three years. Vanilla. That’s when she was in front of me. Alice. “Son of a bitch!” Bella yelled, exasperated.

“Jazzy!” Alice squealed as she wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me tightly. She was suddenly thrown back and Char was in front of me possessively. “Don’t touch him, pixie.” She growled at Alice. Alice sighed and dusted some of the dirt off her clothes. “We should all talk.” She whispered, staring at me. Edward came out of his crouch and nodded.

We started to walk back to the house when Char grabbed my arm. “What the hell happened to my kitchen?” she asked sweetly. “Uh…” Peter frowned. Bella was too livid to answer, cursing out Alice and Edward here and there. When we got back to the house, Peter put Bella down and she stormed inside. Alice grabbed my arm before I could walk in. “We need to talk.” She begged. I groaned, but nodded as we took off for the forest.

Bella To say I was angry was a fucking understatement. I was ready to break shit. I paced the living room, hands on my hips as Edward watched me. “Love, will you sit down—” “Shut the fuck up! You have no right to come in here and tell me shit!” I growled at him. He sighed and stayed silent as I started pacing again. “Are we going to talk or not?” he finally asked.

I turned to glare at him then nodded. I needed to hear what he was going to say. He reached for my hand and I granted it to him so he could pull me down on the couch. I took a deep calming breath and nodded for him to start. “I am so sorry. Words cannot express how sorry I am. But I did this for us,” Before I could curse him out again, he put a cold finger on my lips, “When Jasper attacked you on your birthday, I realized I kept putting you in constant danger. It hurt me, but I left you to keep you safe. Don’t you get it? I did this for us.” He whispered the last part and cupped my face.

“Oh, really? Was letting my parents die for us, too?” I sneered sarcastically. He frowned as his golden eyes turned one shade darker. “What are you doing with Jasper?” he asked, changing the subject. “That’s none of your fucking business.” I growled. “Don’t curse, Bella. It’s very unlady like.” He replied coolly. “Oh, well, maybe I should be more ladylike.” I said sarcastically. “Foda-se! Tenha uma vida de merda. Eu não estou levando você de volta. Você

não está mais na minha vida e merda Eu te odeio puta. Vá dormir com sua irmã fodendo e talvez eu vou fazer o mesmo com seu irmão de merda.” I said in fluent Portuguese. I should’ve known he knew the language, he’s a know-it-all anyway. His eyes turned pitch black as he growled under his breath. His suffocating scent washed my senses and he stepped closer to me. Though I did not back down, I was a little scared when he grabbed my wrist tightly in his hand. “Let go of me, Edward!”

I tried to fight against his grip, but it got tighter and tighter and I felt my hand grow numb with pain. Suddenly, there was a loud bang of a door and the pain was gone. Edward was no longer in front of me. There was a hole in the wall and Edward was in it. Jasper followed after him and they went through more walls until they were outside. I ignored the ache in my wrist and followed after them. Jasper was pinned to a tree by the neck. “Get the hell off me, Edward!” Jasper growled.

“Stay away from Bella.” Edward replied, hissing. The positions were switched and they were wrestling. There was a dash of black and Alice was pulling Edward away. “Stop it!” she shrieked. I ran over to Jasper and checked for any injuries, he was fine, of course. “Jasper!” I said breathlessly and wrapped my arms around him. His stone arms were around me in less than a second and were holding me protectively against his chest.

Edward growled again, but Alice interrupted him. “We’re back, Jazzy.” She whispered. He growled. “I don’t want you people back. That’s why I left.” “Rose wanted to live close. Em and her are here already with Carlisle and Esme. Edward and I are living with them.” She explained. “No! Edward you promised I wouldn’t see any of you again! I will not let you vampires back in my life! You guys are done!” I yelled.

“Bella, I’m your best friend—” Alice started as she came closer to me with open arms. “Stay the fuck away from me! Eu vou foder você, Alice. Você não é nada para mim. Você fodeu seu irmão, pelo amor de Deus. Se você chegar perto de mim novamente, eu vou fazer Charlotte se mata, porra do duende.” I yelled at her. She looked at me, shocked until Char came over in a flash. “I heard my name.” she grinned evilly at Alice. Peter zoomed over to me and picked me up bridal style.

“I’m taking Puddin’ up to her room, Major. Deal with this shit.” Peter nodded towards the unwanted vamps and carried me into the house. Jasper I growled at the two vampires as Charlotte stayed by my side. “What is your relationship with Bella?” Edward frowned as he straightened out of his crouch. I smirked and showed him everything. How we threw eggs at each other, how she touched my scars, how she took my hands, how I saw her naked…

And what a beautiful body she has, Edward. I don’t understand how you were so prude with her. I was tackled again by Edward and we started wrestling again. Charlotte and Alice pulled us off of each other. “Fuck you, Edward! What are you? Jealous?” I teased. “Stay away from her, Jasper.” He growled. Suddenly, there was a familiar booming laugh and Emmett stepped out of the forest. “What the fuck? What is this? A soap opera?” I frowned as I stared at Em.

“Dun dun DUUUNN!!!” Em grinned, “Yes, it is me, Jasper, your half brother.” I chuckled. I have missed him. Char turned towards Edward and Alice. “This is my property, so get the fuck off it.” She growled. Alice was about to say something when Edward cut her off. “We’ll leave and go see Carlisle. We’ll be over tomorrow.” And then they were gone. Emmett radiated confusion.

“What the hell happened?” I couldn’t answer; I had to make sure Bella was okay. Bella Peter placed me on the white bed and checked my wrist. I kept my face straight as he examined me. I refused to show pain made by Edward Cullen. “What happened, Puddin’?” he asked, pressing his fingers softly to the bruises. “Edward grabbed my fucking wrist and almost snapped the bitch.” I sneered as I looked closely at it.

Jasper was in front of me in less than a second and a small smile graced my lips. His fingers were feather light and I barely felt any pain. “I’ll kill him.” He growled as he pressed his cold fingers to my bruises. He was literally shaking, but I took my free hand and weaved my hands through his curls. He started to purr lightly as Peter patted a hand onto his shoulder. “Calm down, Major. Fuckward and Alice are gone.” He said quietly. “BUT I’M NOT!” I heard a familiar voice boom from downstairs.

I frowned and looked down at Jasper, confused. Suddenly, I was in the air and arms were wound tightly around me. I cried out when I felt the pain from my wrist and I was snatched back down to earth. I was hid protectively behind Jasper as he growled at a surprised Emmett. “Sorry! I just haven’t seen Bells in awhile—” he was cut off by me. “Emmett!” I cried happily as I ran to give him a hug and buried my face into his hard chest.

I could literally feel his smugness radiating off of him and I rolled my eyes. I looked up at him to see he was staring at me. He let me go to look me over. “Shit, Bells, you look so different. Actually, you got that whole rocker chick thing going on. It’s pretty hot. I mean the hair and the tattoos are enough to give me a boner.” He grinned as he spanked my ass. I yelped and jumped. “Why does everyone keep touching my ass?” I frowned, hands on hips. I was snatched away by Peter.

“Yeah! That’s my job!” he grinned as he smacked my ass playfully. Em let out a booming laugh and did the same. Jasper growled and pulled me from their touchy hands. I smiled at him as I breathed in his wonderful scent. “You guys are pervs.” He sighed and shook his head. “Got that right.” Charlotte grinned as she walked inside. “Bella, why don’t you get ready for bed and I’ll run a bath for you?” Jasper asked as he placed me on the bed.

I smiled and nodded vigorously. He flashed me a stunning grin before dashing out of the room. Emmett grinned at me and pulled me into a gentler hug. I patted his hard back and he chuckled as he let me go. He walked out after his phone rung and flashed Rosalie. Char kissed my forehead and left with Peter after he said, “Goodnight, Puddin. Don’t let the Jasper bugs bite.”

I shivered at the thought of Jasper biting me until he was in front of me. He handed me a long, white bathrobe. “Thanks.” I smiled thankfully. I went to the bathroom to find the giant bath filled with mild bubbles and hot water. I put my hair in a messy bun and slid into the tub. I relaxed after awhile. After an hour in the tub, I dried off and put on the robe. I washed my face of makeup and let my hair fall down my neck, still wet. I went to my guest bedroom to find Jasper there.

He was reading a book, sprawled out on the bed. I rolled my eyes as amusement rolled off of me. Jasper’s head snapped to my direction and he smiled. I raised an eyebrow in question and sat next to him on the bed. I sent strong waves of sadness and Jasper’s eyes turned glossy. Next, I sent happiness and a giant smile graced his lips. Then, I sent humor and he started laughing.

Soon, his laughter was contagious and we were both laughing like morons. “Ah, young love.” Peter said from the door. I turned my head to see he was leaning against the wall, watching us and rubbing his chin. “Shut up.” I smirked and threw a pillow at him, that he easily dodged. “I think Bella needs some sleep.” Jasper chuckled. “Fine, but I’ll be back.” Peter warned and walked out.

Jasper patted my leg and I turned my attention to him. “I’ll, um, let you get dressed.” He whispered before dashing out of the room. I put on some underwear then some small cotton shorts. I pulled on a big white t shirt and whistled lowly. Jasper walked in and grinned at me as he plopped down on the bed. I lay down with him as we started joking with each other. We talk about many things: Cars, clothes, tattoos, injuries, food, hunting, hair, me, him…

I didn’t remember falling asleep, but I did. When I woke up, I saw I was wrapped in Jasper’s cool arms. I groaned and stretched in his strong limbs as I turned over to smile at him. “Good morning.” I whispered. “Good morning, Darlin’.” He responded. Suddenly, the bedroom door busted open and I choked on my spit. Standing in the doorway with a big shiteating grin and in blue footie pajamas, was Emmett.

I busted into laughter and Jasper just shook his head and chuckled. “You two laugh, but you both know I look good.” Em grinned as he put his hands on his hips proudly. “Can we go now, Jasper?” Jasper nodded and looked at me. “Do you want to go in that or change?” he asked. “I need to change.” I responded and went to the bathroom to get dressed. I brushed my teeth and put on some shorts to show off my tattoos. I put on a navy camisole with a white and navy blue plaid shirt over it.

I left the buttons open to show the camisole and let my hair fall down my shoulders. I put on my light makeup. Jasper was still waiting for me and I smiled as I pulled on some black sandals. “First, let’s get you some breakfast.” He insisted. I followed him downstairs where I smelled food. “BACON!” I squealed as I saw the plate on the counter. I was about to reach for it when Peter’s pale hand pulled it from my reach.

I pouted up at him as he just smirked and shrugged. “Don’t I get a kiss first with those beautiful pink lips of yours?” I sighed and pressed my lips to his cheek. He grimaced and shook his head. “Nope. A real kiss, Puddin’.” He insisted. I rolled my eyes and gave him a peck on the lips. He grinned fully as I took the bacon and eggs from him and started eating. “WHOO! Peter: 1, Jasper: 0.” He grinned.

I rolled my eyes. After eating, Jasper picked me up and carried me outside. “How far away is their house?” I asked. “Just north of here. It’s about ten miles away.” He shrugged, but I could hear something brewing behind his calm demeanor. I turned to him. “Shall we go then?” I asked. “We shall.”

He grinned, throwing me onto his back and taking off, Peter, Char, and Em following us. Jasper I put Bella down as we arrived at the house. She took a deep calming breath. Em was radiating worry for Bella. He didn’t want to see his little sister get hurt again. She nodded at me and I grabbed her hand. She smiled softly up at me, interlacing our fingers together. We walked inside together with the others behind.

Bella was immediately taken from me by Esme. “Oh, Bella! I have missed you! Please forgive me!” Esme begged as she latched herself onto Bella. Bella hugged her back. “I could never stay upset at my mother.” She whispered. Esme sobbed tearlessly into her chest with silent ‘thank you’s’ until Emmett grabbed her. Carlisle nodded at me and smiled warmly down at Bella.

“I hope that means the same for me, Bella. I am really sorry about how we left you.” He said sincerely. Bella encased him into a hug and he was momentarily shocked by it until he wrapped his arms around her small frame. Rose tackled me to the ground and wrapped her arms around me. “Where have you been, brother?” she whispered. “Places.” I grinned as I picked her up with me. “Well, take me with you next time.” She grinned.

I smirked back. Rosalie and I were always close. Even when we were far away I could feel her. She was my twin after all… As soon as Rose’s arms left me, Esme’s replaced them. “I missed my son.” she whispered. I smiled at her and hugged her back. “And I missed my mom.” I replied. She grinned and let me go. Bella came to stand next to me and her smile faltered when she saw Edward and Alice at the stairs.

“Bella,” Edward whispered. “Jasper!” Alice beamed at me. “Fuck that.” Bella whispered under her breath. I chuckled and squeezed her hand. Edward’s eyes darted down to our conjoined fingers and he growled. “Can we have a family meeting?” Alice asked, looking at Carlisle. Esme nodded and everyone walked over to the couches. Bella sat down on the couch and Alice pulled me over to sit next to her. Edward positioned himself next to Bella.

Rose and Emmett sat down next to Esme and Carlisle. Char sat down in an armchair as Peter sat by her feet. “Why did we call this?” Rose asked. “Alice, Edward, Bella, and Jasper have some unresolved issues and we will let them talk it out.” Carlisle responded. “Or fight it out.” Bella said, smirking. “Who can you possibly hurt in this family?” Em asked, grinning at her. “Oh, it’s not me who will be doing the hurting.” She answered.

We all turned to Peter and Charlotte as they grinned evilly. “Edward can start.” I sneered at him. Bella scooted herself away from him, but he grabbed her hand tightly in his. I growled lowly. “Alice and I had sex.” He whispered. Everyone in the room either gasped or growled. Rose jumped up, but Em grabbed her hand. Esme was mortified. “Edward? Alice? Is this true?” she asked.

They both let their heads drop in shame. “Yes.” Esme nodded and stayed silent. Carlisle had yet to speak. “When?” he asked. “Various times before I met Bella and on her birthday.” Edward whispered. Bella shot up and snatched her hand from his. “On my fucking birthday!? Perfect! Just fucking perfect! Si eres broma? Te di todo y que me hagas esto! Podríamos haber estado juntos por siempre! Mierda

polla! Yo quería pasar SIEMPRE CON USTED!” she screamed at Edward. Tears were flowing down her beautiful face as she pounded her fists onto Edward’s chest, screaming at him in different languages. Char grabbed her wrists and pulled her away from Edward. She slumped to the floor as Char held her. I wanted badly to comfort her, but Alice’s gripped my hand tightly. “You bastard! How could you do that!?” Rose screamed. “It wasn’t my fault—”

“And you,” she jabbed a finger towards Alice, “You bitch!” “Rosalie!” Esme scolded. “You know you’re thinking it, too, Esme. Fuck those two.” Rose spat, glaring at Edward and Alice. “That’s enough, Rosalie.” Carlisle ordered. She sat down next to Emmett, keeping quiet. “Alice, do you have anything to say?” I sneered, glancing at her. She tightened her hold on my hand and grimaced.

“It was a mistake.” She whispered, trying to pull me close, but I just growled at her. Peter growled with me. “When you make a mistake, you learn from them, but all you did was do it again, and again, and again, and again—” “Peter, stop.” I frowned, glaring at him. “…and again, and again, and again, and again—” “STOP!” Edward roared, his eyes pitch black as he glared at Peter. “What? Tired of hearing the truth?” he teased.

“Do you remember what you said to me in the forest, Edward?” Bella asked as she stood up from Char. Edward’s eyes turned darker, if possible, as he watched Bella. “You said you didn’t want me anymore. You said I wasn’t good enough,” She did a bad impression of Edward’s voice; “Of course I’ll always love you in a way. But what happened the other night made me realize that it’s time for change. Because I’m tired of pretending to be something I’m not, Bella. I am not human.” Peter, Char, Rose, Em, me, and even Esme growled at that as we all turned to glare at Edward.

“I don’t want to see his face anymore! Kill him, Peter! Kill him NOW!” Bella screamed. Peter stood with Char as they grinned. “With pleasure.” Peter stepped forward. “NO!” Alice cried as she finally let go of my hand and stepped in between them. “Everyone just calm down!” Carlisle ordered. Bella kept going on with her impressions: “Don’t do anything reckless or stupid.” “I don’t want you to come with me, Bella.”

“You’re not good for me, Bella.” Esme stood up with a growl at that as did Rose. Everyone was against Edward and Alice and I was glad to join in. Peter and Char took another step forward. “I did it for her!” Edward yelled. Hell broke loose… Everyone started screaming at once, their emotions going haywire, causing me to fall back to the couch. “Calm down!”

“Fuck you, Edward!” “Bella, love!” “You hurt her!” “Get the hell off me!” “I hate you!” “Fuck you, asshole!” “Don’t touch her!” “You’ve done enough, Fuckward!” “Puddin’!” “Fuck you!”

“Let me go!” “Burn in hell!” “Bella!” “STOP!!!” a voice boomed, causing everyone to stop and turn to Emmett. “Thank you, Emmett.” Carlisle sighed with relief. I grabbed Bella’s waist to bring her down to me. I didn’t know why, but she always made me feel better. I placed her on my lap and she intertwined her hand with mine. Edward growled at me as everyone sat down again.

Carlisle sighed as he watched everyone with cautious eyes. “Bella, do you have anything to say to them?” she opened her mouth to say something, but he cut her off, “That hasn’t have anything to do with their deaths?” She shrugged and looked away. I chuckled silently as I squeezed her hand. Edward growled again. Bella turned to him. “What the fuck is your problem? Is there something stuck in your throat?” she hissed at him.

“I don’t like Jasper touching you, Bella.” He answered simply. “It’s none of your business what Jasper touches. He could touch my ass and I wouldn’t give a shit.” She sneered. If I could’ve blushed, I would have. Emmett let out a loud laugh as Rose cracked a smile with Charlotte. Peter chuckled and shook his head. Edward did not find it amusing. Bella snuggled closer to me wrapped her arms around my torso. Edward and Alice growled at that movement.

“Jealous, pixie bitch?” Rose frowned at Alice as she stood up. “You hurt Bella and I hurt you.” “Rosalie Lillian Hale sit down.” Esme ordered. “I’m ready to go home.” Bella spoke up, standing with me. Peter and Charlotte stood up as well, heading for the door. “Bella, love…” Edward grabbed Bella’s arm and I growled. “You had your chance, Edward. Leave her alone.” I snarled at him. “Bella isn’t yours anymore.” He turned to glare at me.

Suddenly, Alice was growling. She grabbed the coffee table and threw it into the wall, creating a hole. “Is that why you’re with her, Jasper!? She’s using you! She’s been using all of us! All that Bella wants is drama in this family! Fuck her! She took our marriage —” “NO! You destroyed our marriage by sleeping with Edward!” I roared at her. She didn’t back down. “So what? You’re going to fuck with the human now? You’re going to forget our decades of love!?” she screamed, pushing me back.

“You forgot it when you fucked him!” I snarled at her. “You’re falling for her trap!” she pushed me back again. “For a year she walked around here parading her little body, trying to make you her’s!” she pushed me back again so that I hit the wall. “I swear to God, Alice, I have never hit a woman, but your fucking pushing it!” I growled at her. She ignored me. “And the worst part about it is that you fell for it!!” she shrieked and I fell

through the wall, plaster falling around me. Everyone turned silent as I felt anger sweep over me. “Major…” Peter warned. “Oh, your in for it now, pixie.” Char shook her head as she stepped in front of Bella protectively. I stood back up and I felt my eyes turn black with anger. “Little bitch wants to play rough?” I chuckled, shaking my head as I stalked towards Alice. “I can do that.” I growled.

Before I could stop myself, I grabbed Alice by the neck, lifting her small body up. “I’ll fucking kill you.” I grounded out as I squeezed. I felt something warm hit my side and small fingers prying at my clenched fist. Her voice was hazy and didn’t break through me. “Jazz, stop it!” Bella hissed. I shook my head. “Jasper Whitlock! Stop it!” she growled, her voice still fuzzy. I shook my head again.

“JAZZ, STOP!” she yelled. Finally, her voice broke through my subconscious and I dropped the pixie. Bella wrapped her warm arms around me and pulled me towards her. “It’s okay, Jazz. She’s not worth it.” She whispered into my ear. I grabbed her hand again and sighed. “We should go.” Char finally broke the heavy silence. “Bella! Don’t leave with him! You don’t know about him! You don’t know about his past.” Edward rambled.

Bella turned and glared at him. “Oh, I know all about Jasper, Edward. And it’s really fucked up that you didn’t tell me about it. Now, if no one has anything else to say, I’m leaving.” She spat out, squeezing my hand, and starting towards the door. Peter and Char took off for the forest and Bella hopped into my arms next. “Wait! Bella!” Rosalie called as she stopped in front of us. I could feel her desperation and determination. I raised an eyebrow in question. “I just wanted to say that you will always have me.” She whispered.

Bella frowned. “I mean, I want to be your friend, Bella. I know I was always mean to you, but I want to make it up.” She explained. Bella nodded and gave her a small smile. “I would like that, Rosalie.” “Call me Rose…Bella.” “Call me Izzy then, Rose.” I smiled as they grinned widely at each other. Before anyone could say something else to make Bella or myself happy or sad, I took off, towards my home.

Bella After taking a shower and wiping my face clean of makeup, I put on a tank top with some sweats. I put a white head band in my hair and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. When I closed it, there was Jasper. He smirked down at me. “Hey.” He greeted. “Hey.” I whispered back. “Where are Peter and Char?” I asked. “They went hunting.” He said, gauging my reaction.

I shrugged. I didn’t care if they killed humans. Char explained to me that they fed from rapist, killers, alcoholics, etc. “That! Right there!” Jasper frowned, pointing a finger at me. “Why are you not disgusted?” I frowned back at him. “Edward and Alice fucked, nothing disgust me anymore.” I shrugged again as I walked around him. He chuckled humorlessly and followed behind me. I sat down on the tan couch and turned to him.

“Are you not disgusted by me? I mean Edward said my language was not ladylike.” I sneered sarcastically. “Darlin’, I could never be disgusted by you. Being how beautiful you are.” His lips pulled up to give a lop-sided smirk. I blushed, embarrassingly. “Don’t be embarrassed about it, Darlin’.” He whispered. I looked up into his topaz eyes and was absorbed by their depths. He took my breath away. “Bella,” he whispered, his spicy scent sweeping over me.

His face started to slowly bend towards mine and I felt myself trying to bring him closer. I wounded my fingers into his curls as he slowly got closer and closer. Just a little more… “I feel a Titanic moment coming on.” I heard a familiar voice respond from beside me. I jumped and scooted myself away from Jasper who was glaring at Peter. “Sorry, it’s just you guys got all sweet and started leaning towards each other. Being the dick that I am, I had to ruin the moment.” Peter shrugged.

“Ain’t that the fucking truth.” I growled and rolled my eyes. “Oh, don’t be put out, Puddin’. I had a feeling that you guys were going to go way over kissing.” He grinned at me before darting into the kitchen. Jasper rolled his eyes at him and huffed as he stood up. I followed after him and we looked at each other awkwardly. “I’m going to go to bed.” I said. “Yeah…” Jasper sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck. I dashed upstairs and closed the door of my room as I headed for the bathroom.

I stopped when I saw Rose perched up on my bed. She was looking at her nails intently, filing them. “How the fuck did you get in here?” I frowned. She shrugged as she continued to file her nails. “The window.” She responded. “What the fuck is up with vampires and windows?” I exclaimed. “Sit down, Bella. I want to talk to you.” She smiled up at me.

I sat down on the bed in front of her. She sighed. “Bella, I want us to get to know each other and finally become friends, or maybe even sisters. I’m sorry I was so mean to you and resentful, but please understand it was out of jealously.” She explained. “What do you mean out of jealously? I mean…Rose, look at you.” I retorted. “I know, but let me tell you why…” She told me the story, about Royce, her rape, Carlisle changing her, finding Emmett.

“I didn’t realized you had been through so much.” I whispered. “It’s fine. I no longer care for pity so do not give it to me. How about we go out this weekend? I want to get to know you. Maybe shop some and even get a new tattoo. And just to let you know, I love them.” She grinned. I nodded vigorously and she grinned. She walked over to the window, opened it, and jumped out.

“Bellllllaaaaa…” said a voice in my ear.

I shooed the person away with my hands, grumbling as I turned over in the bed, eager to get some more sleep. “Bella!” the voice called. “Huuuuuuuhh?” I frowned grumpily. “Get up.” It ordered. “No.” I retorted. Suddenly, there was a blinding light and the covers were ripped off of my body. I rubbed my eyes and glared sleepily up at Peter, who was standing in front of the sunny window, my sheets in his hands.

“What the fuck, Peter!” I cried as I realized I was just in a white t shirt and boy shorts. Peter just shrugged and grabbed me out of the bed. “Friday is over. Saturday is in. Rose and Char are downstairs for a Saturday of shopping, tattoos, and eating those things that you call food.” He grinned. “The perfect day!” I grinned back. He shrugged again and picked me up to throw me over his shoulder. We were downstairs in less than two seconds. Char handed me some breakfast and I sat on the couch to watch Peter and Em play the Playstation 3.

Jasper came and sat next to me, but farther away. Ever since he had tried to kiss me, he kept a distance. I didn’t understand why. I wanted him to kiss me. Needed him to do it. But how could he do it when he sits so far away. I slid closer to him after I finished my food and smiled brightly up at him. He smirked back and I grabbed his hand from the back of the couch. His eyes darted down to my lips. I started to lean closer…

“WOO! Jasper! Get some!” Emmett boomed. I jumped away from Jasper as we both turned to glare at Em who had ruined the moment. He grinned sheepishly. “Sorry.” He shrugged. Char and Rose were watching us with wide eyes after that certain performance. They immediately grabbed my hand and towed me up the stairs. When we got to my room, they started looking through my clothes.

I went and took a shower. They grabbed dark skinny jeans and a black v neck and black converses. I didn’t feel like doing my hair so I put on a tan saggy beanie on my head. I threw on a jacket as Rose did my makeup and then grabbed their stuff so we could go. When we were safe and sound in the car Rose was the first to speak. “What the hell was that?” she asked, looking at me. I rolled my eyes.

“Nothing, he wasn’t going to kiss me so don’t worry.” I shrugged. “Uh, Bella, yeah he was.” Char grinned at me from the backseat. “Did you want him to?” Rose asked. “Fuck yeah!” I replied with a grin. They both laughed and Rose stopped the car at a tattoo/piercing parlor. We all walked inside and the guy who worked there was seriously checking us out. His eyes darted to Char, Rose, then to me. He noticed my tattoos and licked his lips.

Rose rolled her eyes as she heaved a sigh. She snapped her fingers in front of his face to get his attention. “If you’re done eye-fucking my friend, then can you give her a tattoo?” she asked sweetly. I chuckled as I checked the tattoos they had. I wanted something small, but met a lot of something. I began to wrack my brain for something. “You only have one life, Izzy. Why waste it?” Jake asked as he nudged me.

“One Life.” I whispered. “Where?” the man asked as he realized that’s what I wanted. “I want it on my index finger.” I whispered, rubbing it. He nodded and led me to the back room. Char and Rose sat down in the chairs beside the stool I was supposed to sit in. He wiped my finger clean with alcohol before writing the words on a piece of paper. One Life. I smiled and nodded at the scribble on the paper. He took the gun and started tattooing my hand.

I closed my eyes and absorbed the small pain. I was used to getting tattoos now. It didn’t hurt as much. “How about the club tonight?” Charlotte asked suddenly. I peeked one eye open to see she was smiling widely. Rose clapped her hands excitedly like Alice. I rolled my eyes, but couldn’t contain the glee in my chest. That’s exactly what I needed. A girls’ night out.

No guys, well, maybe a few and no worries. I nodded vigorously as I tried to hold my finger still. When the man was done, Char offered I got my bellybutton pierced. After wrapping up my bandages, I nodded and told the man to go ahead and give me the damn piercing. I lay down on the small bed table as the man got out his utensils. I lifted my shirt up as he put the piercing gun on my navel.

I held Rose’s hand as the smooth needle pierced my skin. I felt the numb pain and the swipe of alcohol. I smiled and stood up so I could look at it. The diamond stud shined in the dim lights. I winked at my sexy reflection. Char rolled her contacted eyes with Rose as they came up behind me. “Yeah, yeah, B is hot. Big whoop. We need to go shopping.” Charlotte reasoned. I smirked and turned around to see my ass. And what a nice ass it was.

“Peter and Em were right. That is a nice ass.” Rose grinned as she smacked it playfully. I grinned at her and rolled my eyes. “Let’s go.” After shopping for hours, we finally arrived at my hotel. I checked in and went to the top floor. I put my stuff up and sighed when I got in. “Home sweet home.” I grinned. Rose and Char followed behind me, but they tensed when they sniffed the air.

“What? Oh, sorry! It probably smells like dog in here—” “B, shut up.” They both said in unison “Ugh! Rude!” I scoffed. “That’s a vampire’s scent.” Rose growled. “And it’s not one of us.” I felt fear drip into my core as well as anger as I thought about someone daring to touch me. “Fuck that!” I yelled. I grabbed their hands and led them back downstairs. I’ll come back for the things later.

“I’m moving in with you for awhile, Char.” I growled as we made ourselves outside. Charlotte nodded as we headed to my new home. When we got home, Rose and Char explained about the scents. Jasper and Peter were furious, but Rose argued saying we were going out. We got dressed for the club and I put on the red dress that Charlotte had picked out for me. I loved it. We all walked down the stairs in short dresses.

Jasper, Peter, and Em snapped their heads up to us. They all watched us with lustful eyes, first Char, then Rose, then finally me. Em covered his eyes and yelped. “I can’t look at my Baby Bells like that. She’s making me feel too good in all the right places.” Peter just grinned and turned to my chest. “I like it,” he turned to Jasper, “Major?” I turned to Jasper too. He was still watching me with his intense black lustful eyes.

Then he pissed me off. He turned away. “Have fun at the club.” He muttered and dashed upstairs. I glared at the wall, where his head had been not five seconds ago. I finally growled and turned outside. Char and Rose stayed quiet during the car ride as I spat out the things about Jasper. When we got there, I was ready to just have fun. I immediately got drunk. “B, maybe we should go home.” Char insisted.

“No, I need this. I am so fucking tired of being told what to do.” I slurred at her. Rose stayed silent and started playing with her prop drink. I took a sip of mine and met eyes with blue ones. This is the exact type of guy I would go for. Tall, dark hair, and pretty eyes, not to mention his body. Perfect. He walked over to me and smiled. He leaned down to my ear, ignoring the icy glares Rose and Char threw at him.

“Can I buy you a drink?” he whispered into my ear. I shivered and nodded. “What’s your name?” he asked. “Bella.” I answered over the loud music. “You?” “Derek.” Derek bought me a shot of Jack Daniels then offered me a dance. I nodded again and we went to the dance floor. I grinded my ass into him, getting his erection up. I turned to kiss him and his tongue darted over the roof of my mouth.

We stood there kissing for awhile before one of his friends asked me if I wanted a body shot. I agreed and lay down on the bar, lifting my small dress, showing my lacy black underwear. They put a shot on my bellybutton, covering the new piercing, and placed gelatin in between my breasts. I had a lemon waiting in my mouth. His friends cheered him on as his warm tongue lapped up the shot. His tongue traveled over my dress and took the gelatin in his mouth.

His mouth finally found mine and he took the lemon in his with my mouth. We started making out, frenzied. I ran my hands through his hair, but was wishing for it to be blonde. I found myself wanting to feel a cool tongue on mine and cold fingers running up my thighs. Suddenly, my wish came true. I was picked up and thrown over a stone shoulder. I frowned as my dress fell over my legs and the person started walking towards the exit.

I immediately identified the golden locks. “Jasper! Let me go!” I growled as I started to kick my legs. He grabbed both my legs to stop my assault on his hard chest and threw me into the car. “What the fuck is your problem?” I cried as we rode back to the house. As many words as I threw at him, Jasper didn’t respond, he just kept his eyes on the rode, refusing to meet mine. When we did get to the house, my throat was raw from yelling at him, even though I was slowly getting sober and able to access the situation.

Jasper got out of the car, studiously ignoring me as he opened the door and started up the stairs. “Answer me you fucking vampire!” I yelled at him as I followed. He walked into his study room, books aligning the bookcases. He sat down on his leather couch and opened one. “How fucking dare you take me from the club? What the fuck is wrong with you?!” I rambled. I sat across from him and yelled at him again.

“What? Are you jealous? You know I was having a real fucking good time with that guy. He was a great kisser.” I sneered at him. Jasper tensed, but no sound escaped his lips. “I bet that’s it, isn’t it? You were fucking jealous! Fuck you! I’m not your fucking property. I can take care of myself and I don’t need your cold ass to hover over me all fucking day—” Jasper sat up in one quick, fluid movement and stared at me with black eyes. “Oh, you’re angry now? Well, just to let you know, Cowboy, I’ve been mad all fucking night—”

Cold lips stopped my yelling and I stared into dark lustful eyes. His lips were possessive and a little angry with a twinge of love. His lips moved with mine as the shock wore off. His fingers trailed up to my face and into my hair. My arms locked around his neck to bring him closer and I shivered with pleasure. This was what I had been waiting for. I needed this. Jasper grabbed my thighs roughly to bring them to his waist.

I wrapped them around him and started to grind as our kiss became more passionate. His tongue was teasing mine and my moans were getting louder by the second. His kiss was nothing like Edward’s. Jasper’s were passionate and sexy. I could hear the low purr in the back of his throat. I finally let my eyes close and placed my hands on his chest to start unbuttoning his shirt. He grinded into me. “Fuck!” I cried breathlessly.

Jasper just purred louder in response and plunged his tongue into my mouth. I finally got through his shirt and scraped my nails on his granite skin. “Bella,” he whispered against my lips and parted from me. I shook my head and tried to bring him to me again, but he just shook his head at me as well. “W-what’s wrong?” I frowned. He smirked as his eyes turned slowly back to dark gold. “Weren’t you yelling at me?” he asked, chuckling.

I blushed red and smirked, looking down. “I’m sorry.” I whispered. He chuckled again, grabbing my chin so I could look at him. “I think it’s cute when you get mad. It’s like you’re an angry kitten.” He teased as he placed his lips on my neck. My breathing started to get erratic as his tongue made cold circles on my throat. “And I think it’s fucking hot when you curse.” He replied as he licked up my neck.

“Are you still angry at me?” he whispered after awhile. “That’s not fair. You’re cheating.” I whined. “So, I’m forgiven?” he asked as he trailed his tongue down my throat again. “Definitely.” I breathed as I grabbed his face and captured his lips in mine. “About damn time.” Rose said suddenly from the door. I couldn’t jump away this time since Jasper’s arm was wrapped tightly around my waist.

“Could you not interrupt me when I’m trying to rape your brother?” I sighed in mock annoyance. Jasper laughed from beneath me, shaking me in all the right places. Peter suddenly busted into the room and removed his shirt. “I’m down with that. I call Puddin’ first. I want to feel that tight pus—” “Anyways,” Rose cut him off, “does this mean you guys are together?” I turned to Jasper with a small smile. “If that’s what you want.” He whispered as he pressed his lips under my ear.

I shivered and nodded vigorously. He chuckled as he intertwined both my hands with his. He pressed his lips to mine and kissed me softly. “EEEEEWWWWW!!!” Peter blanched. I turned to him and smiled. Char appeared and danced around. Rose and her squealed together. “This is great!” Char squealed. “I love it.” Rose replied.

“I don’t think two certain vampires will like it.” Peter frowned. “I don’t care what Edward thinks.” I shrugged. “And I don’t care what Alice thinks.” he cupped my cheek to lean in and kiss me. “AWW!” the girls squealed. “EWW!” Peter blanched. Soon they left and Jasper and I resumed talking and kissing. When things got too passionate, he would try to stop me and calm me with his emotions. I fell asleep in his arms.

When I woke up, Jasper wasn’t there, but I found a note. Needed to hunt. I took Carlisle and Esme with me. Be safe and ignore Alice and Edward. Rose, Emmett, and Peter will keep you safe. Love, Jasper. I took a quick shower. I put on small short with a white t shirt. I let half my hair up and half down and went downstairs. Peter immediately shoved a plate of bacon and eggs in my face.

“Good mornin’, Puddin’. I made this for you. On the house. And if I must say, you look absolutely ravishing.” He grinned. I rolled my eyes. Char hit him in the back of the head. “She’s a taken woman now.” She commented. “Where are Rose and Emmett?” I asked, taking a bite of bacon. “They got dragged to the mall with the pixie to get begged for forgiveness.” Peter rolled his red eyes. I chuckled and sat down on the couch to finish eating.

After I was done, Em came to say hi, saying Rose and Alice were talking. Unfortunately, he brought Edward along. I ignored him and started to read a book. Peter and Em started to play a game as Char went upstairs to take a quick shower. I couldn’t continue reading when Edward was watching me with his piercing eyes. I sighed and tried to read the lines of my book when Edward walked over and sat next to me. I scooted away from him and kept my eyes on the words.

Suddenly, the novel was snatched out of my hands and into Edward’s. “Hey! I was reading that!” I growled and turned my head to glare at him. “No, you weren’t. You were reading that page for five minutes and I remember how fast you used to read.” He replied as he placed the book down. “Fuck you. You don’t know shit about me.” I spat at him and scooted even farther away. “I told you not to curse. It’s very un-lady like.” Edward said. I leaned into his ear.

“I beg to differ, Jasper thinks it’s a turn on.” I purred. Edward was shaking with anger as I stood up. I started away, but he grabbed my wrist. Peter was in front of me in less than a second, prying off Edward’s cold fingers. “I don’t think the Major would like you touching Puddin’, Fuckward.” He growled. Edward stood up and hissed at him. “She’s not property, Peter.” “Never said she was.”

I got in between them and pushed their chest away from each other’s. “Edward, why don’t you just go?” I grimaced up at him. “I’m not leaving again, Bella. I love you.” He replied. I crossed my arms and scoffed. “You don’t know what love is.” I growled. “Oh, and you think Jasper does? What’s your relationship?” he asked. “Like I’m telling you shit.” I snarled.

“Puddin’.” Peter warned as Edward growled furiously at me. “Keep your emotions in check. We don’t want another fight.” Char retorted as she appeared next to me. “I would really love to beat your head in, too.” Peter hissed. Rose appeared in the doorway with Alice trailed behind her sadly. “Hello, pixie.” I called sweetly, wiggling my fingers in mock friendliness. She rolled her gold eyes and sneered at me. She finally summoned up enough courage to come over and growl at me.

“You slut. You’re trying to take Jasper away from me! I know it.” She hissed. I rolled my eyes. “It’s over between you and Jasper.” I replied. “Please! It will never be over. I have given so much to him. He has to love ME!” she shrieked. “Crazy much?” Char muttered in my ear, eyeing the shaking pixie. I chuckled as Alice threw her a glare. “Stay the fuck away from him, Bella! You’re so lucky I can’t see you anymore.” She hissed angrily.

I was confused. “You can’t see me anymore?” I smirked. “NO!” she roared. I grinned. “Well, that’s just awesome!” Char exclaimed. “I know, right?” I grinned again. “UGH!!” Alice bellowed and zoomed out of the house as Rose, Char, and I burst in giggles. Edward followed after her before throwing me one more look.

After awhile, Char went out to get more food for me while Emmett and Peter played the game. Rose and I started giving pedicures, coloring my toenails red. I felt familiar arms wrap around me and I turned to see Jasper. His eyes were back to the bright gold color I loved and I smiled widely. He grinned back. “Hello, Darlin’.” He whispered in my ear. I shivered and turned to give him a peck on the lips.

I turned back to the guys. I was met with Emmett’s wide gaze. “What’s going on…?” he frowned in confusion. “Um…” I frowned with him, trying to explain. “Bella and I…are together.” Jasper replied. Emmett was silent for a second then grinned fully. “Finally! I thought I would have to glue you guys together.” He sighed in mock annoyance. I laughed and cuddled into Jasper’s chest.

Char arrived and placed my food on my lap. I started to dig into the ravioli, thanking her. “How was your day?” he whispered to me as I ate. “Um, Alice can’t see me in her visions anymore.” I shrugged as I wiggled my red toes. “What?” his eyebrows knitted together. “She said that I was no longer in her visions.” I explained. Peter turned to us then. “I think it has something to do with Puddin’s shield.” He said.

“What shield?” Jasper and I asked together. “You see, Edward could not read Puddin’s mind. There are a lot of things that she could block with mind tricks. Obviously, Alice’s power has gotten able to snuggle its way into your mind and Puddin’ has become stronger so Alice’s visions no longer affect Puddin’.” Peter explained, grinning. I nodded slowly. It made sense. That must’ve been the reason Edward couldn’t read my mind. “How about we start practicing tomorrow morning?” Peter asked.

“Nope. No good.” Jasper frowned, shaking his head. I turned to him. “Why?” “I’m taking you to go see something.” He whispered in my ear. I frowned in confusion, but he shook his head at me. “Take her in the afternoon. I’ll have her in the morning. Is that alright, Puddin’?” Peter turned to me. “Of course, Peter. I would love to spend the morning with you.” I replied sarcastically, but smiled brightly.

He rolled his ruby eyes and turned to Em who threw a controller at Jasper. “C’mon, Jazz. Let go of Bells and come and play some Halo.” He grinned at him. Jasper frowned and shook his head as he threw the controller back at him. Peter kneeled down to Emmett and they started whispering together until they turned to us with shit-eating grins. They started humming the song Can You Feel the Love Tonight from The Lion King. I choked on my laughter as I watched them.

“I can see what’s happening…” Peter grumbled/sang. “What?” Emmett asked stupidly. “And they don’t have a clue.” “Who?” “They’ll fall in love and here’s the bottom line. Our trios down to two.” Peter held up to fingers, pretending to pout. “Oh.” Em looked down. “The sweet caress of twilight.” Peter sung in a mock French accent. “There’s magic everywhere. And with all this romantic atmosphere, disaster’s in the air!” he sung deep and throaty.

Jasper and I were laughing silently. Rose danced in like a ballerina as Peter and Emmett started doing the low throaty sounds in the background. “Can you feel the love tonight? The peace the evening brings. The world, for once, in perfect harmony. With all its living things…” she sang like an angel. I lost my gut when Jasper started singing. “So many things to tell her but how to make her see the truth about my past? Impossible! She'd turn away from me…” Jasper sang sarcastically. The song was prefect for us because his past was what he was fretting about.

I knew it was my turn to sing. I took Jasper’s hands in my own and started. “He's holding back, he's hiding, but what, I can't decide. Why won't he be the Major I know he is the Major I see inside?” I sang and I sounded pretty good. I smirked up at Jasper and he pressed his lips to mine as the others sang. Peter and Emmett made strange yelping noises in different languages. Rose and Char danced around like ballerinas as they sang over the boys. I parted my lips from Jasper’s and he whimpered in response as he leaned his

forehead on mine. I let out a loud laugh as I watched them. “Can you feel the love tonight? The peace the evening brings. The world, for once, in perfect harmony. With all its living things. Can you feel the love tonight? You needn't look too far. Stealing through the night's uncertainties, love is where they are.” The girls turned silent and bowed their heads as the boys started to fake cry. “And if he falls in love tonight. It can be assumed.” Peter sang, dry sobbing. “His carefree days with us are history.” Em sang.

“In short, our pal was doomed!” they sang before starting to fake sob. Jasper laughed with me as Rose and Char convulsed into giggles. Peter and Em continued to dry sob. I soon yawned and Jasper grabbed my hand to lead me up the stairs. I waved goodnight to the girls. I changed into a white t shirt and some boy shorts. I let my hair fall down my shoulders in light curls as I sat down on the bed with Jasper. “You should get some sleep. You have a big day tomorrow.” He whispered, tucking a stray hair behind my ear. I smirked.

“I think there more important things than sleep.” I whispered, lacing my fingers into his curls. He purred and leaned into me. I took my chance to capture his lips with mine. He moaned at the contact and grabbed my hips to pull me closer. I wrapped my legs around him and grinded my heat onto his becoming erection. He growled this time and bucked his hips to meet mine. I latched my arms around his neck and tangled his tongue with mine. His hands started to travel up my shirt and skimmed over my tattooed ribs.

His cold fingers finally found my breasts and they peeked under his touch. I arched my back into his hands. He squeezed my erected tips as I moaned for more. “Jasper…” I groaned as his lips left mine and traveled down my throat, leaving a trail of open mouthed kisses. I grinded harder into him and the next second, I was pinned to the bed with no shirt. I undid the buttons in his and pushed it off his shoulders. I glued my lips to his scars and traced them with my tongue.

He moaned and connected his lips with mine again, reaching between us so he could rub my core. I cried out at the sudden friction and breathed his name. When I tried to stop his hand from my sensitive nub, his other hand caught my wrist and I stared into his dark, lustful eyes. He sent barrels of lust to me as he ducked his curly head to lick up my neck. I was close to my orgasm, but I tried to run it out. His fingers were inside me the next second, cold friction reaching my G-spot.

I thrashed against his fingers as he played with my clit. One minute his mouth was on my neck, then my boy shorts were moved to the side and his tongue was lapping me up. I grabbed at my hair and tried to move away from the sensation, but he held me still with a firm hand. “Jasper!” I hissed as I clenched my eyes shut. My climax was the best fucking shit I had ever felt. Riley could not compare. I sighed with relief as his tongue left my core and tangled with mine again.

I tasted myself on his and it was a fucking turn on. I was ready for another go. I started unbuckling his pants when his hands stopped me. “Whoa there, darlin’. I don’t want to keep you up all night.” He grinned evilly then leaned into my ear. “Because when I start I never stop.” His words sent shivers up my spine and I fell back onto the pillows. I didn’t remember falling asleep, but I did.

“Puddin’?” a voice called from the foot of the bed. I groaned and switched to lie on my back, the covers covering my body. “Bella!” the voice yelled, scaring the shit out of me. “What?!” I growled as I sat up like a lightening bolt. Peter sat at the edge of the bed, grinning at me brightly. His red eyes slowly widened as they lowered down to my chest, and darkened slightly. I followed his gaze and my eyes widened, too, when I realized my chest

was exposed, my nipples hardened from the cold air. I let out a shriek of embarrassment and grabbed the covers to throw over my body. “Motherfucker! What the hell, Peter?!” I screamed. Peter shook his head out of his daze and averted his eyes. “My bad, Puddin’. Rose told me to wake you. It’s already twelve.” He muttered. Suddenly, Jasper busted into the room and growled at Peter. Peter held up his hands to defend himself as I clutched at the bedspread.

Peter turned me and eyed me with lustful rubies. “Get them out of your head, Peter.” I snapped at him. “Um, well, I’m a vampire and I have a photographic memory, so…” he trailed off. Jasper darted over to me and glared at Peter. “Can you stop with the lust?” he hissed. “Sorry, Puddin’s tits are just…” he trailed off suggestively. “UGH! Peter! You motherfucker!” I shrieked and ran into the bathroom.

I took a hot shower to calm myself and brushed my teeth. I did my makeup. I put my hair in a ponytail and walked to my closet that was attached to my bathroom. Since the sun was shining, I put on a camisole that was blue with a green pattern going over the chest and showed my bellybutton piercing. I put on small shorts after that and walked to my room. Peter was gone, but Jasper and breakfast was on my bed. I sighed happily and skipped over to him, pecking his lips before digging in. He chuckled at my eagerness for food and watched me as I ate.

When I was almost done, Jasper took off his shirt. I frowned up at him, but was immediately turned on when he sent waves of lust at me. I jumped on top of him and started to grind my hips into his. He purred and pressed his lips to mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck, grabbing at his curls. He purred into my mouth as I scraped my nails over his scalp. He grabbed my thighs roughly and bucked his hips forward, almost entering me through my jean shorts.

I gasped then let out a breathy moan as he thrust forward again. I groaned and rocked my hips to meet his erection. “Hey, Whitlock! Get your hands off my baby sister’s ass!” Emmett yelled in mock outrage as he ripped Jasper from under me. I growled in frustration. I wanted him NOW! “Since when do you care about his hands on my ass?” I grounded out. “I’ve cared about whose hands on your ass since I first saw it. I care for your ass, and as long as I’m here, Jasper isn’t getting any.” He teased.

Jasper rolled his golden eyes at my overprotective brother. I heard my cell phone ring so I reached for it, pressing the cool metal to my ear. “What?” I growled. “Well, good morning to you, too.” Jacob chuckled into my ear. I sighed and smiled slightly. “Sorry, Jake, Emmett just interrupted me.” “Wait. You’re still with Jasper, Izzy?” he complained. I sighed.

Here we go again. “Yes, Jacob. We’re together, now where is Brenda?” I asked impatiently. “Right here!” Brenda squealed as she was handed the phone. “You should come over sometime. Char and Rose really want to meet you.” I grinned. “Sure. I would love to!” “I wouldn’t!” Jake argued in the background. “Fuck you! I’m going.” Brenda said back. “No, you’re not.”

“I’m not having this conversation.” I heard footsteps and Brenda’s voice faded away. “Brenda, wait!” Jacob pleaded as he followed her and I heard a door slam. I chuckled and hung up the phone, turning back to Jasper, except it wasn’t him, it was fucking Peter. I jumped and slammed my hand over my heart. “Damn, Peter. What do you want?” I asked. “Time to train!” he cheered, grabbing my hand and pulling me onto his back.

We were outside in less than a second. I sighed and jumped off, taking my ponytail out, letting my hair fall down in waves down my shoulder. Peter placed his cold hands on my shoulders. “Okay, now, I need you to close your eyes.” He ordered. I closed them. “Okay, now, I need you to focus. Try to think that your brain is a weapon. You can think outside of it.” I was confused, but focused on my brain. I don’t know how long I stood there before the sun started setting.

I pushed harder, eager to get to Jasper. “AGH!!” I heard Peter exclaim as his hands left my shoulders. I opened my eyes slowly to see I was surrounded by a purple globe. It engulfed my body then instantly snapped to my skin, disappearing, but I could still feel it buzzing against me. I looked up then, searching for Peter. Suddenly, he was in front of me with a big grin and leaves in his hair. “Holy shit! Did you know you just threw me across the woods?” he grinned, grabbing my shoulders again.

I brought a hand up to cover my mouth in shock. “Holy fucker! I did it!” I cheered and started clapping my hands. My shield buzzed against my skin and Peter was thrown again, hitting a bush. “HOLY SHIT!” Emmett, Char, Rose, and Jasper all exclaimed as they stepped out of the house. “Language!” Esme scolded with behind Carlisle her, following the group. I ignored them and ran towards Peter who was wedged into the bushes.

“Peter! Are you okay?” I called worriedly. He didn’t answer so I reached for him, but he stopped me with his hand. “Don’t. Touch. Anything.” He whispered as he groaned with pain. I nodded and backed away. He stood up and reattached something to his wrist. I choked on my spit when I saw it was his hand. “Remind me never to get you upset, Puddin’.” He grinned, fixing his hand. I gaped at his hand he fixed and sighed with relief when I saw he was fine.

I enveloped him in my arms and he flew back again. “OW! God damn it, Puddin’!” he hissed as he hit a tree. I gasped and held up my hands in defense. “Put your shield down!” he growled. “How?” I frowned. “Just relax and call off your brain.” He explained as he stretched. “Fine.” I grumbled. I took a deep breath and my shield was gone.

“That’s so cool!” Char and Rose squealed. Jasper showed up behind me and smiled brightly. “Are we going to go?” I asked hopefully. “I rescheduled until tomorrow at five.” He whispered as he wrapped his arms around me. Peter growled in frustration when he didn’t see Jasper being thrown back. I smirked. We all walked over to the girls and Carlisle and Esme. She grinned brightly at me and hugged me to her stone chest.

“I made cookies!” she sang. “Great! I just know your better than Jasper.” I grinned at him as he rolled his eyes, murmuring something about the mixer. I giggled and led him inside. After eating the cookies, I invited Brenda over. She brought bottles of liquor and grinned widely. Char and she immediately hit it off, but Rose stayed attached to my hip. I eyed the bottles of liquor with hungry eyes. Time to party!

Jasper Carlisle left with Esme after twenty minutes. Brenda left after and an hour, complaining about Jacob stalking her. We waved them goodbye and I turned to watch Bella. “Damn…” Em and Peter watched her with lustful eyes. I could feel in her emotions that she was a little tipsy as she took another gulp of the bottle. She had it tightly in her hand, dancing to the music Emmett had turned on.

Her hips moving slowly and teasingly as she rubbed her hands all over her, closing her eyes in content. Her hair was dark against her skin, her creamy stomach showing her bellybutton stud that flashed in the light. Her red lips wrapped themselves around the bottle again. I was fucking turned on as she shook her ass from side to side. “Ugh, she’s a fucking tease.” Peter sighed and leaned back, watching her. Char smacked him in the head. “Your wife is right here!” she yelled.

“Yeah, but look at Puddin’. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t tap that Char.” Peter complained, looking back at Bella. Everyone was silent for a second, watching Char and Bella. “Oh, fine.” Char sighed and stood up, sauntering over to Bella. She took Bella’s face in her hands and pressed her lips to hers. Bella immediately wrapped her arms around Char’s neck as we all watched with dropped jaws. “Hot.” Emmett grinned. Rose smacked him in the head.

“Ow, woman!” he cried. We all turned our eyes back to Char and Bella who had moved to the couch and were still making out heavily. Char fell on top of Bella and started to grind into her. “Oh my God! Jasper ease up with horniness!” Peter hissed, grabbing his crotch. I sighed and stopped. Bella and Char stopped making out and giggled loudly. I sighed with relief. Bella started dancing with the girls and soon fell asleep on the couch.

I picked her up in my arms and she was suddenly awake. She smiled brightly at me and repositioned herself in my arms, her emotions going haywire. She wrapped her long legs around my waist and started to grind into me by he beat of the rock music that just switched on. She kissed me long and hard as she wrapped her arms around my neck. Em and Peter whistled behind me and I felt Char let out a little jealously. I backed away from Bella’s kiss and smiled gently down at her.

“I think you should get some sleep, darlin’.” I whispered to her. She nodded eagerly and I dashed up the stairs, ignoring everyone’s laughter She immediately fell onto the bed and held my hand as she fell asleep. I lay next to her and traced her hand. I had yet to tell her I loved her. She seemed not to care, but when I tried to tell her I always bit my tongue. I will tell her soon. I promise that. I continued to play with her hand until the sun started to rise.

Peter popped his brown head into the room and grinned. “What, Peter?” I asked, whispering. “Time for Puddin’s training. Then we need to meet with the family.” He rolled his eyes. “Then after that you can take her to the place you wanted.” I grinned. I shook the beautiful girl next to me. “Bella…wake u—” She suddenly flew up in the bed and I was thrown across the room by her shield.

Peter burst into a roar of laughter as he fell to the ground. I sighed and stood up. “Oops! I am so sorry, Jasper!” Bella hurried to my side and I was thrown into Charlotte who was just entering the room. “Let down your damn shield, B!” Char growled as she pushed me off her. Bella took a deep breath and the clear light fell from her skin. She rushed over to me and wrapped her arms tightly around me. “Sorry,” she whispered into the crook of my neck.

Suddenly, she was lifted into the air by Peter. I could smell her horrid breakfast downstairs. I walked downstairs with Char as Bella ate. Rose brushed her hair up into a ponytail after then carried her upstairs to take a shower. Bella soon came downstairs with her red lipstick on her full lips that I loved. She had her hair curled around her shoulders and a red tank top. Skinny jeans wrapped around her legs and black Eskimo boots completed her look. I kissed her lips and we walked outside.

Emmett and Rose sat down as we watched Bella practice with Peter and Char. I grinned as my girl threw Peter and Charlotte over and over into the woods. After practice, Bella ran over to greet me and I wrapped my arms tightly around her body. She had learned how to keep it around her body without hurting others unless she wanted to. “You were terrific.” I encouraged as I let her go. She smiled brightly at me.

Peter and Charlotte grumbled to themselves as they picked leaves out of their hair. Emmett’s phone rang and he pressed it to her ear. “Hello?” he greeted. “We need to start the meeting,” Alice’s voice said into the phone. “Fine.” He grumbled and hung up, tucking his phone in his pocket. I put Bella on my back and we took off to the other house. Bella was cursing as we walked into the big house.

Carlisle and Esme greeted us as Alice stared blankly into space. Edward watched the TV with piercing eyes. “More killings in Okalahoma and New Mexico.” He said as he turned off the TV and turned to us, keeping his eyes on Bella. I tried not to let jealously grow over me as Bella squeezed my hand. We all sat down. Bella next to me and Char at her feet. Peter sat next to me as Emmett and Rose sat on the other couch. “What’s going on?” Bella questioned.

“None of your business,” Alice snapped, whipping her head to Bella. “Okay, Alice. I obviously didn’t let you know what I thought about you at the house so let me enlighten you,” Bella said, “You fucked my ex and cheated on your husband! And by doing that you showed me what a ugly piece of shit that you really are so stay the fuck out of my face because our friendship is DONE!” she yelled, glaring at Alice. She was stunned by her speech and looked away. Emmett and Peter chuckled. “Bella,” Edward started as he stood up and walked towards her.

Before I could growl, Bella flashed her eyes up to his and Edward was thrown back by her shield. He went through a wall and grumbled out in pain. Everyone, but Em, Rose, Char, Peter, and I, looked at her shocked. “What the fuck was that?” Alice shouted. Esme frowned at her and hurried to help Edward. He stumbled out of the wall and stared at Bella in shock. She crossed her arms. “I don’t want you touching me.” She stated simply. “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman

scorned.” Peter’s cryptic voice said into the room. “Dude, that’s some deep shit.” Em grinned. “Emmett!” Esme scolded. “Sorry,” he muttered. “Pussy.” Peter teased. “Peter!” Esme yelled. “Sorry,” He apologized. I chuckled under my breath. “So…why am I here?” Bella asked.

“We think someone is creating an army.” Carlisle responded, turning to her. “Wait, an army of vampires?” she frowned in confusion. “Fucking great.” Rose sighed. “We should call Jacob. He could help.” Bella said as she took out her phone. “The dog?” Alice hissed. “The only bitch here is you.” Bella retorted. Char let out a laugh with Rose. “We don’t need the werewolves yet.” Alice said.

“We do need help,” I growled at her. “I’ve seen it. I’ve seen Victoria.” She said. Everyone in the room gasped. “Oh, it’s not that dramatic.” Bella waved her hand at us in annoyance. Emmett chuckled. “She’s been after me for years. She killed my parents.” She said in disgust. I rubbed my finger over her hand. Edward growled. I turned to him and glared.

“Oh, don’t start that shit.” Bella sighed. “When is she coming?” I asked. “In a week, maybe less. She’s checking on something. I don’t really know, but we need everyone there.” Alice explained. “I need to go,” Bella grabbed my arm. “No, you stay here.” I insisted. “We’ll stay with you.” Rose and Char said together. Peter nodded in agreement. “Good, then it’s settled.” Edward replied.

“Great!” Alice beamed and raced upstairs. “What the fuck is wrong with her?” Bella asked. Emmett and Peter burst into a roar of laughter as Rose and Char giggled. I chuckled and held Bella closer to me. She turned to kiss me, but Edward cut us off with a sharp growl. “I fucking knew it! That’s why you’ve all been blocking me!” Edward roared as he stood up. Esme looked down, ashamed as everyone else stayed silent.

Bella raised her hand and looked around. “I wasn’t hiding shit,” She stated. “I just didn’t feel like telling you.” Everyone laughed again. “You’re with JASPER!?” he bellowed. She stood up. “And what’s wrong with JASPER?!” she yelled at him. “He’s murdered thousands! He’s had sex with hundreds of women for blood! He followed Maria for decades and killed vampires!” Edward screamed. “Fuck you! You’re not exactly a saint!” she argued.

“Shut up!” Rose yelled. Everyone turned to her. “There are vampires coming and we need to keep Bella safe. We do not need this drama, at least not right now.” Rose ordered, keeping her voice strong. Bella glared daggers at Edward then settled down next to me. After they glared at each other for awhile, Bella finally turned around and locked her lips with mine. I grabbed her hips and she turned her body fully so she was straddling my waist.

Edward growled as I swept my tongue over her bottom lip. I pulled her into my erection and she grinded into me. Suddenly, she was out of my arms and Emmett was holding her tightly to his chest. “Hands to yourself, Whitlock!” he warned in protective mode. I groaned and tried my best to make my pants more comfortable. Rose chuckled. Later that day, I got into the car with Bella. She got comfortable in her seat.

“Where are we going?” she whined for the third time as I sped down the highway. “I’m not telling, darlin’.” I turned to flash her a grin. She sighed, but I could feel her nervousness spike. I grabbed her hand and ran my thumb over her palm. She sighed, content, and didn’t speak for the rest of the ride. When we finally stopped, I grabbed her hand and led her out of the car.

She watched with curiosity as we stopped in front of boat. It wasn’t big, but it wasn’t small. I led her onto the large boat and smiled kindly at Jeff, the captain of the ship. He nodded as I sat down next to Bella in the seat next to the front of the boat. Then we were off. “I can’t believe this!” she whispered, smiling brightly. “Believe it, babe.” I sighed and sat back. She laid her head on my shoulder and smiled wider, watching the waves. “I wish it was this relaxing everyday.” She whispered to me.

“Me, too.” I was about to say the most three important words when Bella jumped up and squealed. “Look at the dolphins, Jasper!” She grinned. I smirked and turned to look out in the water. And sure enough, dolphins were swimming right next to the boat. I decided to humor her and walked to the front of the boat and got onto the rails. “I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD!!” I roared, grinning as the wind whipped through my waves.

She rolled her brown eyes and smirked. “Very original,” she commented sarcastically. I rolled my eyes at her and smirked back as we stopped at the docks. Bella jumped up and followed me down the stairs. We walked down onto the dock and I threw a ‘thank you’ behind my shoulder at Jeff. “So, where are we going?” she asked as we strolled off of the dock. I crouched down and Bella watched me with silent curiosity. “Get on my back, darlin’.” I grinned.

She smirked and jumped on. I cupped her thighs and her warm body pressed against mine. I sighed in content then I took off. Bella The wind whipped my hair against my face and made my mouth dry. I buried my face into Jasper neck and breathed in his spicy scent. I actually heard him chuckle at my expense and I raised my hand in front of his face to flip him off. He roared with laughter as we came to a complete stop. I jumped off of his back

and put my hands on my hips as he laughed. I growled and he finally snapped back to focus. “Sorry, darlin’, I just wanted to show you something.” He grinned. “What is it?” I growled, impatient. He grabbed my shoulders and whirled me around to see a cabin. It was beautiful.

“Jasper, it’s beautiful.” I whispered as he led me up the stairs. We walked in; it smelled of spaghetti and garlic. Jasper’s face shriveled in disgust and I smirked at him. I pressed my lips softly to his and he immediately responded. I backed away and shook my head.

“Nope, Mr. Whitlock, why are we here?” I asked. “I wanted this to be special.” He whispered. “What?” I questioned. Suddenly, he was right in front of me and staring down at me with golden eyes. My breath was taken away. “I…I love you, Bella.” He whispered. My breath, once again, got caught into my throat. “I-I love you, too, Jasper.” I responded.

He smirked down at me and I wrapped my arms around his neck as he ducked down to give me a kiss on the lips. I pressed my tongue to his as his hands ran up to my hair. He knotted his fingers into them. We were onto the couch in only a few seconds, tangled limbs and grinding. Soon, my stomach grumbled and Jasper snarled into my mouth in annoyance. I giggled and suddenly I was in front of the table with a plate of spaghetti in my face. Jasper was at the other end of the table, glaring at my food.

“You eat, I’ll talk.” He offered. I nodded and dug my fork into the noodles. “I talked with Alice,” I scowled at that, “and she said there were newborns. Victoria has been having help. And not just any help. I know the strategies. It’s Maria…” He was cut off by me standing. “The bitch is BACK?!” I shrieked as my shield vibrated with anger. “Bella, calm down and let me finish.” He reasoned.

I sat down slowly and Jasper watched me with cautious eyes as he motioned to my food. I stabbed my fork into it and started slurping again. “So, they have obviously joined forces and made newborns. Not many, maybe fifteen, but we need the wolves help. So Esme, Carlisle, and Emmett traveled to Forks to talk to the wolves while Peter and Char are talking with Jacob. Jacob has agreed and Brenda will be going to Forks to stay with Embry. “We are going to train with the wolves tomorrow and I will show how to kill a newborn. Sam, Paul, Leah, and Seth will be coming. We came up with a plan to lure the newborns away from you and

directly to the wolves. We’ll need your scent though. I want you to stay safe.” I reached across the small table and took his hand. “I promise I’ll keep my shield up all the time, Cowboy.” I smirked. His eyes darkened with lust and he smiled widely, showing off his ultra white teeth. “I hope not all the time.” He said seductively. I frowned at him in confusion and then he was gone. I looked around, searching for my loved one.

Suddenly, I felt cold fingers trail up my thighs. I froze up instantly when my panties were lowered and lips were on my inner thigh. Jasper spread my legs and lowered his mouth to my core. I cried out at the friction of his tongue lapping me up and I was lifted into the air. He looked up at me with dark eyes as he continued to lick, suck, and nip at my nub. One of his hands reached up to lift my shirt and fondle one of my nipples. I moaned and threw my head back in lust.

I brought his wandering mouth up to mine so I could taste myself on him. It was a real fucking turn on. “Fuck!” I gasped and grinded my core into his erection. He growled into my mouth and I lowered his pants. His tip ran against my core and I moaned. “Make love to me, Jasper.” I whispered to him. He growled again and lifted me up by the thighs, placing me onto the counter. He looked into my eyes for permission and I nodded, looking eyes with his.

He suddenly fastened his mouth onto my nipple and entered me in one quick movement. I gasped at the small pain and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He lifted me up by my naked ass and pounded inside of me at a slow pace, giving me time to adjust to his big size. “Jasper, more.” I pleaded into his granite skin and sucked his earlobe into my mouth. His hand found mine and we interlaced our fingers together. He continued to thrust into me, my sweaty body clamping to his hard one.

One finally thrust, and I was screaming Jasper’s name in ecstasy. H grunted and shivered under me as I felt his cool liquid enter me. I slumped against his body, our hands still joined. I kissed him on the lips and he smirked. “I sweat a lot.” I grumbled into his chest. He grinned fully and squeezed my hand. “Bella?” he called. “Yeah?” I mumbled. “I love you.” He whispered then wrapped his arms around my body.

“I love you, too, Cowboy.” I smirked up at him. “We should get going.” He whispered, kissing my forehead. I nodded and he slid out of me. I immediately felt empty as he gave me my panties and pants. I put them both on with my bra when I didn’t see my shirt. “Where’s my shirt?” I asked, hands on hips. “Um…” he held up a ripped up piece of material. I sighed.

“It’s okay, I have some extra shirts upstairs.” He shrugged. He was gone for a second then a blue button down shirt was in front of me. I buttoned up the buttons and rolled up the sleeves. Jasper grinned and led me outside. We were walking for awhile, until Jasper suddenly froze and his hand gripped mine too tightly. “Ow, Jasper.” I whimpered. He let my hand go entirely and stood into a crouch. He growled in anger and his dark eyes darted around the forest.

I wrapped my shield around both of us. “What is it, Jasper?” I whispered into the silent night. “I thought it was something else. He obviously has a power to protect his scent.” I shivered with fear. It was only Jasper. What if he got hurt? His eyes finally settled on one space and I met eyes with bright ruby eyes, except it wasn’t Peter or Char’s warm eyes, they were cold and evil. I flinched back from the intensity of the stare and a slow, easy smile encased on the vampire’s face.

I knew that smile! It was like he could read my mind and he flashed me another grin. His dirty blonde hair moving with the silent breeze. “So nice to see you again, Isabella.” He greeted, locking his eyes with mine, and that hot British accent in his smooth voice. He was the only one who called me Isabella. “Riley…” I whispered, my voice lost in the tension. “Who the hell are you and what do you want?” Jasper snarled.

Riley didn’t answer, he just kept his eyes locked with mine, taking in every part of my body. “I see you move on fast, Isabella.” He grinned again, eyeing Jasper now. “Riley, what happened…?” I questioned, staring at his new body. He opened in his arms as if an invitation, gesturing to his strong limbs. “Maria,” he replied, shrugging. I covered my opened mouth with my hand in horror. I tried to step closer to him, but Jasper hissed and held me back.

“Okay, Riley, what the hell do you want?” Jasper growled. He didn’t answer, once again, just locked his red eyes with mine. He silently raised his arm and pointed at me with another grin. He spoke one word. “Her,” he whispered into the cool night. A shiver ran up my spine and my knees buckled as tears collected into my eyes. “You can’t have her.” Jasper sneered. I stared into the cold, red eyes, and then, he was gone.

Fear consumed me and Jasper turned to me, taking my shivering form in. “You okay?” he whispered, taking my hand again. I couldn’t answer. My knees gave out and I fell to the dirty ground. My body convulsed with shivers and a strangled sound came from my lips. “Bella!” Jasper exclaimed, holding me. “He wants me…” I whispered before I fell to the dirt road and closed my eyes to escape the pain.

“Carlisle, she isn’t waking up!” I heard Jasper’s smooth voice yell. “Calm down, Jasper. She’s going to be fine.” Rosalie reasoned, and then I felt her hand grab mine. “Puddin’s strong, don’t worry.” Peter said. “He’s right; I can hear her heartbeats picking up.” Char complied. I heard Jasper quick and nervous breaths. “This is your entire fault.” Edward growled. I heard a chair scrape across the floor and heavy footsteps.

“Just because she isn’t turned doesn’t mean I can’t kill you, you fucking leech!” Jacob’s voice rang through the house. “Jacob, calm down. Sorry, Fuckward, he’s just pissed because Brenda isn’t here.” Char sighed in annoyance. Suddenly, my thoughts caught up with me and my eyes snapped open. I sat up in one quick movement and I wrapped my shield around me. “Riley!” I cried, shaking. Everyone was silent and stared at me with wide eyes.

“What the fuck is a Riley?” Peter broke the silence. Emmett let out a loud laugh. “Bella…?” Rose called from beside me, squeezing my right hand. I whirled my head to look at her. Char and her were looking at me with worried expressions. “You okay, B?” Char asked. I took a deep breath to calm myself. “I’m fine.” As soon as those words were out of my mouth, Jasper’s lips were on mine.

He parted from me and leaned his forehead against mines. “Never do that again, Bella.” He whispered, his sweet breath sweeping away my senses. I nodded and pecked his lips. “I will ask again, what the fuck is a Riley?” Peter questioned again. We ignored him as Carlisle walked in front of me and shined a small flashlight into my eyes. “How’s your vision, Bella?” he asked in a polite voice.

“It was fine until you did that.” I growled, snatching the flashlight away and striking him on the head with it. He chuckled, but I was shocked by my actions. “Sorry!” I whispered. “Its fine, it’s just the medication that’s making you do that.” Carlisle shrugged standing and taking the flashlight away. “Thanks, Carlisle.” Jasper smiled gently. “Your very welcome.” He responded. “I will repeat one more time! What the fuck is a Riley!?” Peter yelled.

Everyone turned to him then to me. I sighed. “He’s my ex…” I muttered under my breath. “What was that?” Peter was suddenly in front of me, eyeing my face. “He’s my EX!” I yelled, and then I clamped my hand over my mouth. Everyone looked at me with shocked eyes, but all I was focused on was Jasper’s. He stood in one graceful movement. “That’s how you know him?” he growled.

“Hey! I was lonely and when you are attracted to someone you try to get to know them.” I retorted, crossing my arms. “He went missing and I tried to find him.” I whispered, “He was my rock… besides Jake.” I shrugged. Jacob grinned his sunny grin from the couch. “So…what do we do?” Esme asked. They all turned their eyes to Alice as she look blankly into space. “I can’t really see anything anymore.” She said, turning to give Jake a glare.

We heard a low whistle outside and I turned to see Seth. “Izzy, hey! You’re awake.” He crowed, grinning. Jake stood up and crossed the room in three long strides. “Is the pack ready?” he asked. “Uh, yeah. Sam said we need to get this over with.” He motioned to the door. Jasper grabbed my hand and I wrapped my shield around him. Jasper

The wolves were lined up, all in one. We all turned to them and I tried my best to not shrivel up my face at the smell. “Edward will translate.” Carlisle motioned to him. Edward stood to the side with Alice. Jacob and Seth went to the bushes to remove clothing and came back as wolves. “Shall we start?” Esme asked. Edward turned to Sam who moved his giant head. “As you must’ve heard, newborns are coming and we know what they want. Bella,” The wolves growled lowly at

that, “We need Jacob to cover up her scent through the woods. We will make a test by you carrying her three miles east. Is that okay, Bella?” “It’s fine.” She shrugged. “Jasper can take it from here.” Carlisle said, motioning to me. I let go of Bella’s hand and she frowned from the lost, but kept her shield tightly around her. “Newborns are very strong. They are three times stronger than us, even you. Advice: don’t do anything stupid and don’t aim for the easy target.” I spoke in a civil voice, watching the wolves.

“I will use Emmett as an example. Since he uses his strength and not really his head.” I shrugged. Emmett growled and stepped away from Rose, crouching. “Don’t hold back.” I teased. “Not in my nature.” Emmett grinned then charged at me. Just as I suspected. He pushed me back with all his strength and growled in outrage. I was suddenly thrown into the air and I heard Bella let out a gasp.

I immediately bounced up and charged at Emmett. I threw him back, but he grabbed my shoulders to throw a punch. I ducked under his fist and threw back my fist to slam him in the chest. He fell to the ground and groaned in pain. “Never loose focus.” I smirked down at him. “Show off.” He grumbled. I let out a chuckle. Rose approached next and smirked at me. She threw a punch and I dodged it, smirking at her. She threw another which I dodged again.

She tried to sweep me, but I flipped back and grabbed her foot. She growled and tried to free herself by spinning, but I pinned her down and lowered my teeth to her neck. “Ugh!” she huffed. Alice stepped forward next, eager to fight me. Bella scowled. She stepped forward and I threw a punch at her, happy to hit her small frame. She zoomed to the other side. I growled and tried again only with the same actions. She danced away again, but I grabbed her small shoulders. She looked up at me

with big golden eyes before she twirled around onto my back and wrapped her legs around my waist. I hissed as she lowered her lips to my neck. Suddenly, she was thrown back into the woods and Bella stepped forward with a smirk. “She was way too close.” She shrugged, taking my hand. Rose and Char laughed with Peter and Emmett. Even Esme let out a giggle. Alice stormed out of the trees. “How fucking dare you!?” she shrieked.

Bella stepped forward, not backing down. “How fucking dare I? Fuck you, you annoying pixie! You try again and again to steal Jasper away from me, but you can’t!” she jabbed a finger into Alice’s chest. “Jasper’s mine and he will always be. Get over it.” Alice growled. “Doesn’t Jasper get a say in this?” Emmett asked as the girls argued. “NO!” Char and Rose answered at the same time. Suddenly, Bella pushed her shield out and threw Alice into the woods again.

Alice charged back and they tumbled to the ground. There should’ve been a crack of bone, but Bella kept her shield tightly around her, pushing Alice off of her and into Edward. They both fell to the ground and Bella stood up to dust off her clothes. I chuckled and circled my arms around her waist. “The wolves said they’re going to go practice then retreat back to the hotel. We will call you when we need you.” Carlisle promised. They nodded their heads and took off. Jacob came over to lick Bella’s face.

Bella punched Jacob and shrieked, jumping into my arms. Jacob let out a long laugh and rolled on the floor. I laughed with him. “I’m telling Brenda!” she threatened. He just laughed harder.

We retired for the evening and I sat down by the lake. Bella joined and smiled gently at me, interlacing our hands. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I was just wondering…” I trailed off and traced her ring finger with my index one. “Yeah?” she prompted. “If you would ever turn into a vampire.” I shrugged as if to be casual with it. She stiffened then turned to me with wide eyes. “You mean you want to spend forever with me?” she asked quietly. “Yeah.” I nodded, squeezing her hand. “And I was wondering—” “Stop wondering and spit it out.” She joked.

“Okay, fine. I want you to marry me.” I whispered. She stiffened again then stared at me. “I would become Mrs. Whitlock?” she asked as I traced her ring finger again. “Of course.” I replied. “A house?” she questioned with a smirk. I nodded. “Kids?” she asked. “Well, you could never have children, but we could adopt a son.” I inquired. “I’ve always wanted a boy.” She said in wonder.

I smiled. “Me, too.” “Where’s my ring?” she asked with amusement seeping from her. “I have one from my mom. She gave it to me right before I went to war.” I retorted. “He went to Jared!” she laughed. I chuckled. “Not really.” She took my face between her hands and made me look at her.

“I would love to be Mrs. Whitlock.” She whispered, locking eyes with mine. I grinned and grabbed her hand again to kiss every single finger, before kissing her ring finger last. “I can’t wait.” The week went by quickly and Riley’s scent never returned. Alice’s visions kept getting worst so you could barely see anything. We trained everyday with the wolves and we made sure Jacob carried Bell through the woods, covering her scent. Edward was not very happy with it.

Flashback “So…where do I take her?” Jacob asked, glancing at Edward. “We need you to run her up the path and over the river.” I answered. He nodded and scooped Bella up. “I don’t like this.” Edward hissed. I rolled my eyes and turned to him. “No one will want to stick their nose into his…odor.” I smirked. Jacob rolled his eyes then lopped off.

“How can you be okay with this?” Edward asked me as they disappeared into the woods. “Jacob has an imprint. Bella has a shield and can take care of herself. I’m sure she is fine.” Flashback over Bella cuddled into my chest as we lounged on the couch. Peter played with her toes, causing her to giggle and interrupt her sleep which made Char slap him in the head. Emmett and Rose leaned on each other while Emmett made stupid jokes.

Edward and Alice were with Carlisle while Esme danced around in the kitchen, making something to eat. Alice suddenly busted into the room. “Victoria…the wolves said she’s in the woods, not ten miles away from here.” She said. I jumped up and Bella fell down into the couch. “What?” she frowned. “We’re going after Victoria.” I replied. “What! No! I’m going with you!” she said quickly.

“No, you’re staying here with Rose and Char. We’ll be back, don’t worry.” I whispered and kissed her forehead. Bella watched with watery eyes as I left with the family.

“Are you sure this is where you saw it, Alice?” Carlisle asked again. She was quiet for awhile until she gasped. “On your left!” she cried. And then we were off. I ran after her and Emmett quickly followed behind me.

He got ahead and grabbed the red head’s shoulder only to be thrown down into the ground. I passed him quickly as she jumped up into a tree and dashed to another. I followed as she jumped across, I almost had her. Damn it! I fell onto the ground with a ‘thump’. Emmett and Carlisle passed me. I ran after them, Esme to my side. Peter went around, trying to circle her. Victoria jumped across the river and the wolves eagerly waited on the other side.

NO! I jumped with her, tackling her into the water. She hissed in outrage as we splashed in. I bit into her neck, letting my venom seep into her dead veins. She cried out, but only bubbles came up. She kicked me off and I was thrown into the mountain. I groaned from the pain as she sprang out of the water. I pinned her to the mountain as she thrashed. Finally, she stopped and smiled evilly at me.

“Oh, you’re exactly like Maria described.” She said. “What is she planning?” I growled. She ignored me. “You might want to hurry to your human, Jazzy. Riley is her fan. And those newborns sure are thirsty.” She commented, looking up. I glanced up to see five newborns growling at my family. Ten more hissing at the wolves. I roared in outrage and ripped her arm off of her. She hissed in pain and fell to the ground. I threw the moving limb into the water.

“Hurry to your human, Jasper.” She hissed at me. And I took off. I jumped up the mountain as Emmett growled at one of the newborns, taking off his head. “Where are you going?” he asked. “Bella!” I roared. Please be okay, keep your shield up! Bella “B, stop worrying, I’m sure there are fine.” Rose brushed my hair and comforted me.

I nodded. “Thanks, Rose.” I sighed. Char came in with a plate of cookies, grinning at me. “Why don’t you have a cookie then go take a shower?” she asked. “Sure.” I grabbed a cookie and bit into the goodness. I stood up and walked upstairs. I undressed then stepped into the hot shower. The water beat against my heated skin and I calmed down instantly.

“ROSE!” I heard Char’s voice cry from downstairs. I frowned, about to get out when I felt cold, strong arms wrap around me. “Jasper…?” I asked as a cold tongue ran up my neck. “You were never good with names, Isabella.” He whispered. I began to shake with fear as the British accent entered my ear. “Riley…” I whispered. “You were always smart, too.” He chuckled, rubbing his thumb up my stomach.

I felt his cold erection press into my back. I whimpered. “What are you doing here?” I asked, trying to wiggle out of his grasp. Why wasn’t my shield working? “I wanted to see you. That blonde guy never leaves you alone.” He commented, taking my earlobe in his mouth. I shivered in disgust. “Get out.” I ordered. “Oh, don’t talk like that, Isabella. You know if I was inside you right now, you would be screaming my name.” he

snickered as he gently bit down on my ear. “No!” I cried. “Do we want to test that theory?” he asked as he rubbed his erection up my folds. “Please, no! Not this way.” I whimpered. “Then what way, Isabella? You know I like it rough.” He grabbed my hips forcibly and almost entered me. “UGH!” I cried. “Mmmm…you’re so warm.” He hummed in my ear.

He took my nipples in his fingers and started rubbing them. I moaned. “That’s my girl.” He grinned. “Please, stop, Riley. Where is Rose and Char?” I begged. “Oh, I had some friends take care of them.” He said. “NO!” I cried, wiggling again. He tightened his arms around me. “Stand still.” He growled. I froze.

“They’re not dead, love.” He assured me as he rubbed me again. I shivered. “Please…” I whispered. “Please, what?” he asked. “Please, let me go. I won’t tell Jasper. Please, just go.” I whispered. He suddenly turned off the water and carried me out of the shower. “NO! LET ME GO, RILEY!” I cried. “Shut up!” he glared down at me with red eyes.

I finally got a good look at his face. He was of course, beautiful, but I loved the old Riley. I touched his cheek softly. “Riley, please…” I pleaded. “Get dress.” He ordered, ignoring me. He threw some clothes at me and I quickly dressed in gray skinny jeans and a white t shirt. He brushed my hair into a straight ponytail and threw me into his arms. He had already packed a bag for me. “Your coming with me.” He growled.

He placed me on the bed and I finally found the strength to push him with my shield. He growled in outrage and was suddenly in front of me. “I don’t care what you say or do. We’re leaving.” He growled. “NO!” I yelled, trying to fight with him. He threw me over his shoulder as I pounded on his back. He jumped out of the opened window and threw me into a black truck. “LET ME OUT!!” I roared.

He got into the other side, starting the car. “Get a good look at your former home. You’ll never see it again.” he assured. “NO! JASPER!” I screamed until my throat started to hurt and tears fell form my eyes. Suddenly, I was really tired and Riley smirked up at me. “Sleep, Isabella. We’ll be there in awhile.” He brushed his fingers against my cheek. And then I blacked out. Jasper

Rose and Char threw the two newborn into the fire, sighing with relief. Peter and I ran upon them and they whirled to us with crazed looks. “What the fuck?” Peter growled. “Where’s Bella?” I asked. Everyone was silent. “BELLA!” I roared and ran to the house. I could smell his scent everywhere. I ran up the stairs and ended up in the bathroom. His scent was mingled with hers in the shower.

I growled in outrage, shaking with anger. That bastard! He took her! The family came up behind me. “I-I am so sorry, Jasper. We tried—” My phone cut off Rose’s apology and Bella’s name flashed on the screen. I grabbed it quickly and pressed it to my ear. “Bella?” I whispered. “Oh, Isabella’s, asleep.” Riley responded. “You bastard! Where is she?!” I growled.

“She’s with me.” He said. “Her skin is so soft.” “Keep your hands off her!” I hissed. “She’s mine, Jasper. I told you I would get her.” “She’s fucking mine and if you hurt her..!” “Oh, we’ll have a lot of fun. Don’t worry.” I heard movement in the background. “Isabella? Do you want to speak with your ex lover?” “Jasper!” Bella shrieked.

“Bella!” I exclaimed. “Give me the fucking phone, you ass!” she cried. “Shut it!” “Jasper, we just passed a now leaving Texas sign!” “I said, SHUT IT!” “Jasper!” Then the line went dead. I fell to my knees. “Bella!”

Bella Riley grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the car, growling under his breath. The phone call from Jasper was a few hours ago, yet he had not gotten over it. I had no idea where we were and I still couldn’t summon my shield to save me. “Good work, Riley.” A velvet voice whispered. I raised my eyes to see a dark haired woman. She was beautiful.

She had a straight nose and pale skin. Her lips were full and her eyes were red. She smiled as her nostrils flared. “You must be Jasper’s toy. Interesting.” she grinned. “Maria.” I growled. I started to fight against Riley’s grip, trying to push my shield out. “You bitch!” I shrieked. She watched me with curious eyes and a little smirk. She trailed her finger over my mouth then suddenly captured my lips in hers. She tasted like blood and wine.

She carefully scratched into my lips, causing my blood to run in her mouth. She parted from me and licked her lips. “Mmmm…she’s perfect.” She mused. Riley turned me in his arms and ran his tongue along my lower lip to seal the cut. He turned me back to Maria. “Are they searching yet?” she asked. “Jasper’s not going to give up Isabella that easily.” Riley said. “He is the God of War.” She commented.

“Jasper will find me and when he does, he’ll being the Gates of Hell down on your ass, you worthless old bitch!” I shrieked. She stepped forward with a glare. “What did I hit a nerve? Just kill me if you’re going to do it. I have nothing to live for.” I hissed. She backed away and smirked. “It seems Jasper does have taste.” She mused, grinning. I growled and spat in her face. She hissed and backhanded me across the face.

I spit out the blood that mixed with my saliva as pain soared through my cheek. “That’ll teach you some manners.” She growled. “It won’t teach me shit!” I spat. “You little bitch.” She took a step forward. Riley got in between us and hissed at her. “This is my human. I’ve been waiting for as long as I can stand. Back. The. Fuck. Off.” He growled, pushing Maria back. I was suddenly in his arms and inside an unfamiliar room.

A king sized bed was in the center of the room with a lamp on an end table and a wide screen TV. A bathroom was attached to the room. Riley slammed the door then shoved me into it. I hissed in pain. “You can’t just talk like that to anyone, Isabella.” He whispered, staring at my breasts. “I’m up here, perv.” I growled, trying to shove him with my shield. He grabbed my wrists roughly and held them above my head.

“You’re mine. I am not a perv for looking at my human.” “I am not fucking property!” He ignored me. “Mmmm…I love your smell. We just have to take off these clothes.” He started to lift my shirt, but I struggled with him and tried to summon my shield. He chuckled as he easily tore off the fabric and looked up at me with his red eyes, not the light green ones I had used to love. “I can manipulate one’s mind.” He grinned.

“N-not mine, I have a shield.” I stuttered as his fingers grazed up my stomach. He laughed again. “Remember when we were together, Isabella? I could always tell when you were nervous, upset, sad, happy…I have the power to wiggle into your mind.” He explained. I shuddered as his information locked into my brain. “Riley, pl-please, stop.” I whispered as his finger rubbed over my nipple. He ignored me again.

He fastened his tongue onto my breast roughly. I gasped and tried to fight off the pleasure of his cold mouth. “S-stop!” I cried as his other hand entered me. He pumped in roughly and hard. I cried out at the pain. He parted my legs with his hand to get better access. He suddenly picked me up and flopped me on the bed. I shuddered with fear as he held up two pairs of handcuffs. “Riley, no—”

Before I could stop him, my wrists were attached to both sides of the bed along with my ankles. All were on me were my underwear. I was exposed to him. I shivered at the coldness as he appeared on top of me naked. “Please, Riley, this isn’t like you.” I whispered, but he ignored me once again. He fastened himself onto my erected tip again, grinding his dick into my core. “Please!” I pleaded as tears fell from my eyes. “Please, what, Bella?” he teased.

“Please, stop...” I grounded out. He didn’t answer, but looked deeply into my eyes. He gently touched my cheek and I thought he was going to reconsider, but I was dead wrong. Before I knew what was happened, I felt a sharp slash of pain at the bottom of my breast and fires enter me. I let out a shriek of pain as it coursed through my veins, my heart picking up. Riley smirked up at me, watching me writhe in pain before he bit into the same spot and sucked the fire back out.

I sighed with relief when it dulled. “W-what are you doing?” I cried after I regained myself. “I love your blood. And there’s nothing more beautiful than you dying.” He whispered. He pressed his lips to my new crescent shaped scar then ran his tongue across it to close the skin. I didn’t answer. Tears flooded my eyes. He bit into my skin four more different times that night and left scars on my stomach. “Mmmm…” he hummed as he closed the forth scar.

I shook with fear and pain as the handcuffs dug into my ankles and wrists. “Ah…and you’re still wet…” he whispered as he ran his fingers up my slit. Then he entered me in one quick movement, not giving me anytime to adjust like Jasper usually would. He lifted me by my back, causing me to cry out from the pain of the cuffs. He pumped in and out of me as he licked my nipples, ignoring my cries of pain. I cried out when I reached my climax.

I didn’t know why, but my body still responded to him in some way and I couldn’t help it. He let me bounce back onto the bed and slowly unlocked my cuffs. “How was that for a reunion?” he whispered in my ear. I let a sob escape my throat. “Riley…” I whispered. “Love you, too.” He grinned then left the room with a slam of a door and a twist of a lock. I curled up into a ball into my side. “Jasper…where are you?” I whispered.

Jasper I slammed my hands down onto the table, causing it to snap. “What do you fucking mean you lost the scent?” I growled. “Jasper, calm down. We are trying our best.” Emmett grumbled. “Then why are we here?!” Peter shot up like me, fuming, his red eyes glaring at Emmett. Emmett stood up, growling. “I love Bella just like my sister and I will find her!”

“Yeah, right! That’s what you said two days ago!” Char snarled. “Shut up! Like you have done anything!” Rose hissed back. “She’s done more than you!” Jacob growled. “Fuck you—” “QUIET!” Esme roared. We all turned to her with wide eyes. “We will find Bella. She has her shield.” She whispered. “That’s true.” Jacob sighed.

“Izzy will be fine.” Seth complied, but I could feel his fear. I felt a hand hit my shoulder and I turned to Carlisle. “She’ll be fine, Jasper. Bella is very strong.” He assured me. “She’s unprotected.” Alice whispered. We all turned to her. “Her shield can’t work on Riley. He’s found a way into her mind.” She explained. It was quiet. I started to shake with anger.

“MOTHERFUCKER!” I roared, throwing the broken table across the room, thus breaking the wall. “Jasper, calm down!” Edward hissed. “NO! He can do anything to her without her shield. She’s just human without it.” I growled. Everyone seemed to catch on, because, Rose started sobbing as Emmett comforted her. Peter snapped up and growled in outrage. Edward hissed as Esme started to break down. “I found it!” Alice squealed. “They’re on the east of New Mexico.”

We all snapped our eyes to her, and then took off. Bella “C’mon you have to eat, Isabella. It’s been two weeks.” Riley cooed at me. I turned to glare at him with wet eyes. I only ate once a day, but today I refused. I didn’t want any of his food. He bit me again and he knew he caused pain. “Just take me back, Riley.” I whispered. “I already showed you the pictures. What else do you want?” he growled as he threw the photos on the bed. I glanced at them and felt my heart rip.

I wrapped my arms around myself, going into fetal position. They were pictures of Alice and Jasper. Holding hands, kissing, laughing. “Don’t you believe me, love? You know it’s true.” He whispered in my ear, trailing his nose up my neck. I shook with disgust and fear. “NO!” I cried, grabbing the pictures and ripping them. He growled and grabbed my wrists. “Calm down.” He crooned again.

“I want Jasper.” I whispered, tears leaking. “Please, forget about him. He took Alice back. It’s over.” He said. A little part of me believed him. Alice was always so confident in that theory. It made me sick. “No…” I whispered. “Yes.” He nodded, taking my hands in his. “He promised.” “Promises can be broken. I never broke mine. I promised I would be back and I am, Isabella.”

“He promised me forever. I didn’t know it could be so short.” I whispered. He interlaced my fingers with his and chuckled. “We can have forever.” I felt myself go numb and tears fall down my cheeks. “Forever?” I whispered, turning to him. “Forever.” He confirmed, pressing his lips to mine. And for the first time, I complied. Jasper

We traveled towards New Mexico and had to take a plane. I bounced in my seat with anger and anticipation. “Jasper, calm down!” Rose hissed. I grumbled and halted my movements. Emmett chuckled from behind me. “Dick,” I muttered. “Whatever.” He replied. “Boys, quiet.” Esme scolded. I rolled my eyes, but stayed quiet. I was excited to see Bella. I was eager to breathe in her scent then to kill that British bastard, Riley.

Edward sighed at my thoughts and tried to occupy himself with a magazine. “We’ll get there in time…right, Jasper?” Char whispered as she leaned against Peter, gazing at me with her contacted eyes. I looked away and sighed. I didn’t know. Bella I was chained up again. My wrists and ankles hurt. I let myself go numb with pain as Riley entered me for the fourth time that day.

He gripped my thighs and pushed deeper inside of me. He pulled me off the bed, causing me to wince in pain as he pulled at my chains. He licked at my neck and went lower, arching my back more. I felt the familiar slash of teeth and fire. I gasped and let out a whimper as the heat entered under my breast. “AGH!” I cried as I climaxed on him. He chuckled in my ear, before he sucked out the venom and licked his lips. He climaxed next, his cool seed spreading in me. He grunted and made one final thrust forward, causing me to whimper in pain.

He groaned suddenly and pulled out of me quickly, causing me to flop back onto the bed. He pulled on some pants. “What?” he growled. A newborn, named Kyle, stepped in and swallowed sharply as he eyed my body. Riley stepped into his view and growled possessively at him. “What?” he repeated. “Maria said for you to come downstairs, the yellow eyes are coming.” He responded.

He growled as I tried sit up. “Jasper!” I cried happily. Riley turned to me with a growl. “NO! He’s not coming!” he hissed. “But—” “NO!!!” he roared. He turned back to the newborn. “Tell her I’m coming.” He hissed and the newborn nodded, leaving quickly. He quickly unlocked my cuffs and slammed both of his arms on either side of me.

“Remember who you belong to, Isabella.” He growled. “Get dressed.” I nodded and quickly stood up to get dressed. “And put on some makeup. You look a little pale.” He grinned. I nodded. I took a quick shower and did my makeup, putting on the eyeliner and red lipstick Riley liked. I curled my ends quickly. Riley quickly stepped in and placed clothes in my arms.

I put on my underwear and a big button down shirt. I put on the loose jeans and quickly put on my converses. Riley grabbed me and shoved me downstairs. All the five newborns were outside. Maria grinned at me and kissed my cheek. “You look actually worth it, doll.” She complimented. I growled under my breath. “You bitch!” I sneered. “Shut it! We need to be prepared!”

Riley took me into the back and threw me into the car, starting it. “Where are we going?!” I cried, trying to wiggle out of his grasp. “Places.” He growled and let me go, buckling up my seatbelt. He drove down the trail as tears started down my eyes. Jasper I grabbed the last newborn and detached its head in less than seconds. Emmett started a fire as Peter threw in the rest.

“Done, you can come out now, girls.” Peter called. Char, Rose, Esme, and Alice came out slowly. “Which way?” I hissed at her. She rolled her golden eyes and turned to the west as she pointed. We all took off again, disposing countless newborns as Jacob and Seth finished the back. I was starting to smell Bella faintly and we all skidded to a stop when we saw Maria. The years had not hanged her. Her eyes were still round and red. Her figure was

still curvy. Her hair still long and black. Her face still perfect. “Where the fuck is she?” I hissed, crouching. “Is that anyway to greet your maker, Major?” she asked with a small smile. “Shut up and give us Puddin’!” Peter growled. “Peter, Charlotte! So nice to see you again.” She smiled warmly. “Fuck you!” Char spat. “Oh, are you all so rude? Esme is this anyway to raise anyone?” she teased. Esme hissed and Carlisle held her back.

Alice was smiling brightly. “Alice?” Maria nodded her head and pointed to the ground next to her. Alice danced over and smirked brightly. “Alice…?” Emmett frowned in confusion. “You wouldn’t!” Rose hissed in outrage and shock. “You little bitch!” Char cursed. “I’m not shocked.” Peter shrugged. Edward was as stunned as anyone else. “Alice! How could you?” Esme wailed.

“As long as I get to share Jasper.” Alice smiled evilly. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” I growled. “Where is Puddin’?” Peter hissed, growing impatient. “Riley has her. I have no use for Isabella.” She shrugged. “Fucker…” I growled. “Let’s get this over with and kill them.” Char hissed. Emmett charged, but a newborn threw him effortlessly out of Maria’s path.

I heard a truck start behind the house and I immediately started after it, jumping over the tall cabin. Everyone followed after me as I saw the truck run off in the distance. Edward and I were in the front and on both sides of the truck. Riley turned to us with hectic eyes, grinning, but I didn’t see Bella. I rammed my shoulder into the black automobile and it rolled over, running into a tree. Edward ripped off the driver’s car door and pulled out Riley. He fought against Edward’s grip, but I quickly ran over and took off his arms.

He hissed in pain. “Where the fuck is she!?’ I growled. “Like I’d tell you. I can’t believe it took you this long to come and find her. We weren’t that far away.” He hissed. “Fuck you! You hid your scent.” I growled. “Well, Mr. Whitlock, your never going to find Isabella with that attitude.” He smirked cockily at me. I kicked him in the stomach, winding him. “Where the fuck is she?” I growled, about to take off his legs.

Em grabbed me from behind and held me back. The newborns came towards us and kicked me and Emmett back. I hissed in pain. Maria stepped forward as the wolves tried to break through the newborns. Riley was dragged over to them by a newborn. “We’ll see ya later, Major.” She said seductively. She snapped her fingers and they suddenly disappeared. I growled in outrage and kicked Emmett off of me.

I fell to my knees as dry sobs wracked through me. Edward clamped a hand over my shoulder. “Jasper….we’ll find her.” Rose whispered. “Damn right we will.” Carlisle growled, surprising everyone. I nodded. Bella Riley threw me into the strange metallic box. It was like a giant safe. “You stay here.” He hissed. “What is this place?” I whispered.

“It’s a metal case. Vampires can’t even get through it.” He grinned widely as he turned to the exit. “Riley! Wait!” I called, but the chains he had wrapped my wrists in prevented me. He turned to me. “I thought you loved me.” I whispered softly. I had been playing him for awhile. I had been thinking if I had just tried to seduce him he wouldn’t hurt or try to move me. It didn’t work. “Oh, Isabella, I do. But…Jasper’s after you. I can’t let him have what’s mine.”

“Just one more kiss.” I pleaded mockingly. He seemed to buy it and strode over to press his lips to mine. I had learned, if he was distracted, I could put my shield up. My shield usually went down when I was weak. This was my only chance. I grabbed his face and traveled my hand down his neck. I ghosted my hand with my shield so he wouldn’t feel it. I grabbed his cell phone out of his pocket and put the hand behind my back as I pulled his hair to distract him. He smirked and pulled away, oblivious to my trick.

He quickly strode out without a single word. I quickly started to pick at the phone with my shaky fingers, trying to punch in the numbers for Jasper. It took a few tries, but I finally found a signal and pressed the phone to my ear as it started to ring. “Riley, where the fuck—” “Jasper!” I cried. “Bella? Where are you?” he asked worriedly.

“I don’t know. He said some kind of safe. Please, hurry, Jasper.” I whispered as tears fell. “I promise I will find you.” He assured. “I love—” I was cut off by the phone shutting off. “No!” I screamed, banging at empty piece of shit. I stared at the chains that were attached to the wall. There was a small hole that a key was supposed to open. A light bulb seemed appeared on top of my head as I grabbed the phone again and took off the back.

The antenna was attached to the screen so I started to dig into the machine, it made my fingernails bleed. I ripped the antenna out and stuck into the hole of the lock. I started to panic when nothing clicked then the thing broke. “NO!” I screamed. I buried my face in my hands and cried silently. I didn’t know how long had been here, but I knew it had been more than a day. I used my last ounce of energy to slam my shield against the safe in anger. The steel rattled under the blows of my shield, but did not break.

I fell into tears again and tried to pull at the chains that were digging into my skin like the cuffs. I started to dose off from the lack of energy. My eyes shot open when I heard and felt a slam against the door of steel. Hope flared in my stomach and my heart hammered against chest. The slamming was getting harder and harder. I closed my eyes as the safe finally gave away. The door slammed against the wall beside me, missing me narrowly.

I slowly opened my eyes, dreading the worst and hoping the best. Looking a little disheveled than usual and beyond pissed, was Jasper. “Jasper!” I rejoiced, beaming. I would’ve gotten up to hug him, but my wrists were still pinned to my sides. He quickly zoomed over to me as tears fell from my eyes in happiness. I had missed him so much. He was just the same. All that I had dreamed of. He released one of my chained wrists and I quickly wrapped it around his neck.

He released the other and I wrapped myself around him fully. “Calm down, Darlin’.” He whispered as I pressed my lips to his, crying. He lifted me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist. His tongue wrapped around mine and when I needed to breathe, he rested his forehead against mine. Tears fell from my eyes and trailed down my pale cheeks. “I thought I would never see you again. And I never got to tell you I loved you and—” He silenced me with his lips again as sobs overtook me again.

“Shh, Darlin’. I’m here.” Suddenly, a booming voice filled the dark safe. “Jasper! Not really the time—” He thrown easily by a newborn. “Emmett!” I cried. “He’s okay.” Jasper reassured me, picking me up again. Riley stood in front of us, growling and ripped me away from Jasper, throwing him through the safe. “Jasper!” I screamed.

Riley wrapped his arms around me and pulled me away. We were suddenly outside and all the Cullen’s glared at us. Newborns surrounded me and what surprised me most was Alice as she beamed next to Maria’s side. “Figures.” I rolled my eyes. “I know, right?” Rose wrinkled her nose in humor. “Quiet!” Maria hissed. “Fuck you!” I spat at her. She turned to glare at me.

Riley tightened his grip. “More newborns are coming. If you really want to do this for a stupid human, it’s your lives.” Maria hissed. Everyone ignored her. “I’ll give you one minute to let her go.” Jasper hissed, glaring at Riley. “No! Bella tell them that you love me. Tell him that it’s over.” Riley growled, shaking me. “No! Riley! Let me go!” I cried. He growled and held me tighter, causing me to cry out in pain. “Thirty-seven…” Jasper hissed at Riley.

“Attack!” Maria hissed, pointing at the Cullen’s and wolves. All hell broke loose… Jasper “Attack!” Maria hissed, jabbing a finger at us, and breaking off my timer. I growled as Bella disappeared from my view with Riley and the newborns charged. Seth and Jacob charged, too, biting off the first newborns’ heads, before they could fight back.

Alice swiftly jumped over Jacob’s back, spinning through the air, and threw a punch at Rose. “You trader!” Rosalie screamed, taking off one of Alice’s arms. Peter and Charlotte worked together, taking off limbs from newborns. Carlisle dodged most of the attacks, keeping a sharp eye on Esme. Edward and Emmett made swift punches and kept an eye on each other. Another rush of newborns came through and before they could even focus on any of us, Sam, Leah, and Paul all attacked, jumping out of trees.

I slammed down a newborn by her neck and took off her head. I chased down a newborn as he ran down Charlotte. I quickly slammed myself down onto his back and tore off his arms. Peter grabbed a newborn and put her in a headlock. I smacked my fist down to take off her marble head. Paul threw a newborn up in the air and Emmett kicked him down back to earth only for the newborn to get shredded by Sam. I quickly searched my eyes for Riley and picked up his scent. I ran after it and skidded to a stop when I saw him holding Bella closely to him, he

had his arm wrapped around her waist and his other hand clamped over her mouth. Tears fell down her face silently as she gazed at me with her big brown eyes. “Riley…let her go, now.” I growled, shifting my weight to a crouch. He just grinned and shook his head. “You know we had sex, right?” he asked, tilting his head to the side. I growled in outrage as Bella shook in his arms. “I marked her as mine.” He grinned, rubbing Bella’s shivering arms.

I met her eyes as she tried to communicate with me. Her eyes begging for me. Tears leaking out of her orbs as she struggled with Riley, desperate to get to me. “I’m going to fucking kill you!” I hissed. He just smiled wider, slowly trailing his fingers down her pale arms and curling them around her fragile wrist as she shook with fear. With a flip of his finger, Bella’s wrist snapped. She screamed in pain, but Riley’s hand kept her quiet. I growled and darted toward them, pushing Bella out of the way and slamming Riley into the dirt.

I could sense Peter and Charlotte behind me. Charlotte helped Bella, trying to help my mate regain consciousness. Peter grabbed Riley’s legs and tore them off his body. I removed his arms as Rose darted in and started a fire. Riley howled out Bella’s name as we tortured him. “Torch this motherfucker!” I barked out and they quickly dismembered the rest of him, throwing the body into the flames. Charlotte and Rose huddled over Bella and I gathered her in my arms. Edward and the others came forward. He eyed Bella and ran his hands through his hair.

“Where are the wolves?” Rose asked in distaste. “They headed back. Paul and Leah got hurt. They’re going to be fine and they’re heading back to Forks tomorrow.” Carlisle said. I hovered over Bella, checking her bruises on her arms. Her face was peaceful, but was wet with tears. Carlisle stepped forward and I growled, protecting my mate. He held up his hands in surrender. Emmett and Peter stepped forward and I growled louder.

“Jasper, I need to check her chest and head. She might have a concussion and internal bleeding. You must move.” Carlisle took another step forward. I hissed, glaring at all their movements. “Major, Puddin’ could die. Lay off.” Peter hissed. I growled back at him. “Just let him carry her.” Charlotte insisted. Esme nodded. I picked up my mate, growling at everyone before taking off.

I hurried to the hotel we were staying at and ignored everyone’s curious looks. I hurried up the steps and placed Bella on the bed, looking her over and tracing her face. Carlisle came in a few minutes later, Edward and Emmett made me leave, but I stayed right outside the door, huffing angrily. We checked out the hotel the next day. Bella had not woken up and Carlisle had presumed she had slipped into a coma. Peter and Charlotte made sure we got on their private jet and flew back home. I kept Bella in my lap.

Her shield was healing her slowly, but not fast enough. Her bruises were fading, but still dotted her arms in prominence. When we finally got to Peter and Charlotte’s originally home I immediately took Bella and I up to our room. I held her close to me. “Wake up, Bella. Please, just wake up.” I whispered. Her eyelids fluttered and her heartbeat picked up. Bella’s brown orbs slowly opened. “Bella?” Bella

“Bella?” Jasper whispered, his golden locks falling around his gorgeous face. Tears sprung to my eyes in happiness. “Bella!” Jasper exclaimed, wiping my eyes. “Are you in pain?” In one fluid movement, I was in his arms. His scent was welcoming to me. “Jasper!” I cried, latching myself onto him, then cried out in pain in my ribs and wrist. That’s when I realized that my wrist was in a brace. My chest thumped and it ached. My thoughts caught up with me.

Riley… I wretched out of Jasper’s arms and tucked my knees under me, ignoring the ache in my chest. I pulled at my hair. “Darlin’?” Jasper called out worriedly as I pulled at my roots. “H-he’s dead, isn’t he?” I whispered. He didn’t need a name and he knew who I was talking about. Jasper was suddenly in front of me, pulling my hands away from my hair. “He’s dead?” I whispered again.

He nodded silently. I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out, but a pathetic squeak. I started to convulse with sobs. Millions of emotions ran through me, but I could only detect a few. I was relieved, happy, and joyous. I was sad, grieved, and depressed. Jasper shook from the bolt of emotions and I quickly wrapped my shield around me to block out the pain. He took me in his cold arms and held me to his hard chest. I cried out in pain, but not from my injuries.

My brain was happy. Jumping like a little school girl. He was finally gone and I didn’t have to go through that pain anymore. I could stay with Jasper and love him. Riley was out of my life, finally. My heart was sad and in agony. Wrenching and breaking at the pain. I lost Riley. I couldn’t save him from the monster he had become. I couldn’t see his easy, fun smile. I couldn’t be with him… Jasper squeezed me tighter, cooing comforting words at me. After a few hours, my eyes went dry and I sat up. Jasper stared at me, startled.

“I need a bath.” I croaked out, wiping my wet eyes. He frowned, but nodded, standing up and zipping to the bathroom. I heard the water start and I lay back down in the bed. I felt Jasper’s arms pick me up and the bright lights blinded me. Jasper placed me on the hard floor and started to unbutton my shirt. Riley’s leering face popped into my mind and I cried out in fear. “No! Stop!” I cried, my scars registering into my brain.

Jasper’s hands paused and he quickly removed them, watching me with wide eyes. “I’m sorry.” He whispered. “Me, too.” I said just as quietly. “Do…you want me…to leave?” he asked hesitantly. “Please.” I nodded. He gave a curt nod of his own and turned to leave. I grabbed his arm and he turned back to me. “Stay in the room. Please, don’t leave me.” I pleaded.

He slowly pressed a kiss to my forehead and left the room. I quickly stripped, ignoring the ache of my bones. My core still ached and bruises surrounded it. My body was covered in them. I didn’t want to look at my breasts or stomach. They were covered with scars. So was my back. I stepped into the water and kept my braced wrist above the water. After an hour of bathing, my finger started to look like prunes so I quickly got out. I looked at myself in the mirror and flinched from the person.

She was tired, you could tell that much. She had small bags under her eyes. Her brown eyes were red and swollen. Her face was flushed. Her hair was a tangled mess on top of her head. It was hard turning this pathetic girl into me. I sighed and combed through my hair and put it into a ponytail. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. I wrapped the white robe around me. It covered me completely and reached the floor. I took a deep breath and I was encased in strong arms. Warm black eyes looked at me. Riley’s cold blood dark eyes entered my mind.

“No! Please!” I cried out in fright and moved away. “Puddin’! It’s me.” Peter whispered worriedly and embraced me. I relaxed in his hug, breathing hard. He was suddenly thrown back and Jasper crouched protectively in front of me. “I told you to wait after her bath!” he hissed, glaring at Peter. The red eyed vampire nodded and turned to me with worried eyes. “You remember me, right, Puddin’?” he whispered, staring straight into my eyes.

I nodded. He slowly crawled his way over to me, ignoring Jasper’s warning growls. He wrapped his stone arms around me and sighed in relief. “I thought we were going to loose you.” He whispered into my hair. I was quiet, but nodded, wrapping my arms tightly around his neck. He wordlessly picked me up, still ignoring Jasper, and carried me into Jasper’s and I room. He placed me on the bed and traced his fingers under my swollen eyes. “You look so tired.” He whispered.

“And you look so thirsty.” I responded quietly, tracing the purplish bags under his black eyes. Peter scoffed and turned away from my hand, dropping his. “I’m fine.” He insisted before turning to Jasper. “The family is downstairs, Bella. They want to make sure your okay.” Jasper was suddenly in front of me, taking my hands. I nodded. “I want to see them.” I whispered, cupping his cheek.

He picked me up and carried me downstairs, even though I was still dressed in the white robe. Everyone was down there and they raised their eyes to me as Jasper and I descended down the steps. I quickly searched my eyes over them. Nobody seemed injured and that was good. But I didn’t see the aggravating pixie. “Alice is dead.” I said quietly. It wasn’t a question. Everyone was stunned and stayed silent. “Who killed her?” I asked.

Rosalie cleared her throat and raised her hand slightly. She narrowed her golden eyes. “It was a pleasure, I assure you that, Bella.” She retorted in a cryptic tone. Everyone, but Char, Jasper, Peter, ad I flinched away from her. I kept my eyes locked with hers then sighed. “Put me down, Jasper.” I ordered. He nodded and stood me gently on the floor. Esme immediately stood and embraced me into a hug. Carlisle followed after

her. Charlotte and Rosalie squeezed me and Emmett gave me a careful hug. Edward kept his distance and just nodded at me. I sat down on the couch next to Jasper and he quickly pulled me into his lap. “How is your wrist?” Carlisle asked. “It aches.” I answered, staring at it. “Your chest?” he questioned. “Thumping.” “Head?” “Sore.”

“We’re going to get some medication for you.” He replied. “Thanks.” “No problem, Bella.” “Are you hungry, dear?” Esme asked quietly. “Um, yes. Actually, I am. Is it okay if you get me some ice-cream?” I asked. Jasper chuckled in my ear. Esme smiled brightly. “Of course, Emmett, Edward! Come with me!” she ordered, grabbing her shoes.

They both grumbled, but followed her out the door. Carlisle gave me one kiss on my head before leaving for my medicine. Peter and Char needed to go hunt so they left quickly. Rosalie sat there, staring at me. She finally turned her golden eyes on Jasper. “Can I talk to Bella, Jasper? Alone.” She asked. He was confused, but nodded. “Sure.” He replied. He started to get up, but I whimpered from his body loss. He smiled gently and

grabbed my hand, kissing it and holding it tightly before disappearing, my eyes too weak to see his movement. I sighed and stared at Rosalie as she stared back. She crossed her leg over the other. “Bella, what happened with Riley?” she asked quietly. My breathing accelerated from his name. I just shook my head. “Did he hurt you?” she asked. Images of Riley fingers digging into my thighs, slapping me, biting me raced through my mind.

“Bella…did he…violate you?” she whispered brokenly. Memories Riley pumping in and out of me, rubbing my clit, and fondling my breasts flashed in front of my eyes. I started to shake and shook my head violently, wrapping my arms around myself mid-section and turning away from her. She was next to me in a flash, cradling my face and forcing me to look at her. Her golden eyes filled with tears that she could not cry. “He did, didn’t he?” she whispered. I nodded silently as tears fell from my eyes.

“Oh, God, Bella!” she cried, taking me into her arms as I well into her chest. “It’s okay, Bella. Let it all out, honey. It’ll get better, I promise.” She cooed at me. I didn’t know how long I wrapped myself around Rosalie, but it must’ve been long because Esme returned home with Em and Jasper. Rosalie handed me to him and headed upstairs with Charlotte, throwing me as sad smile. Jasper held me tightly to his chest. He didn’t ask me what was wrong. I fell asleep into his chest.

For the next few days, I didn’t talk or eat. Carlisle came in everyday to give me a shot. Emmett and Peter tried to cheer me up, but nothing worked. I would talk to Rose constantly about the rape, hoping for some advice. Jasper kept his distance, but held me in my sleep.

Esme made me soup instead. Carlisle’s orders. Jasper sat me at the table and watched me as I stared at the chicken noodle soup. I squeezed the spoon tightly in my good hand, I wasn’t hungry.

Jasper finally sighed and snatched my spoon away. “Give that back Jasper,” I complained, “It’s mine.” “No,” he answered, turning his eyes to the soup and the utensil into food and bringing it back up to my mouth “Eat.” I sighed and opened my mouth, swallowing the continents. Jasper fed me the entire time. When I was done, he gave the plate to Esme with a smile and placed a white pill in front of me with a glass of water. “Take it,” I stared at him, “It’ll ease the pain.”

I sighed again and stuck into my mouth, swallowing it without any water. I turned to him and took his hand. “Can we talk?” I whispered. He nodded and picked me up. Before I could blink, we were in our room. He placed me on the bed, staring into my eyes. He pressed his lips softly to mine, but I quickly backed away. He flinched and sighed, taking my hands. “You don’t want me.” I whispered, tears collecting in my eyes.

He took my face between his hands and kept his eyes locked with mine. “Bella, you know I love you. What’s wrong?” “He...raped me.” I whispered. His eyes turned dark, but he kept his anger underway. “He…bit me.” I whispered, tears falling. His anger became unleashed and he growled in fury. I ran my fingers through his hair. “I want to show you…what he did to me.” I said quietly. “You don’t have—” I cut him off.

“I want to.” I stood up, ignoring his shocked eyes. I removed my shirt. His eyes darted down to my stomach and breasts. His eyes darkened to black. He lifted his hand to skim over the scar under my breast, the first one. He surprised me by pressing his lips to my scar and pulling me to him. “You aren’t disgusted?” I asked, wiping my tears. “You weren’t disgusted by mine. I love you and the scars are nothing, but the past. Like mine.” He whispered, pressing his lips to mine.

“I love you, Jasper!” I cried, launching myself at him. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around me. “I missed you.” I whispered into the nuzzle of his neck. “I missed you, too.” I started to unbutton his shirt. “Bella, are you sure?” he asked qietly. I nodded through the tears and took off his shirt. He slipped off my bra and pressed his mouth to every scar.

I attacked his lips with my own, wrapping my bare legs around his waist and grinding into his prominent erection. He groaned and pressed his tongue to mine. He pulled off his pants, standing and entering me in one quick movement. He gave me time to adjust and I thanked him for that. “Jasper, I’m ready.” I whispered, clamping my arms around him. He frowned and we were on the bed. He quickly pulled out of me. “Are you sure?” he whispered. I nodded.

He kissed me long and hard before entering me again. We went at a slow pace. He peppered kisses down my neck until he got to my pulse point. I felt the familiar slash of pain and I winced, wrapping my arms around his neck. I cried out at the burning then everything went black. Jasper Bella slumped against me and I immediately slid out of her. I could hear footsteps, so I growled, warning them to stay away.

The person froze and I heard slight whispers. I sighed and dressed Bella in some sweats. I put on a shirt and pants and sat down next to her, keeping her emotions in check. She was silent in her change and only squirmed. Her skin started to turn the same temperature as mine. Her face became more beautiful. Her hair became thicker and longer. He body turned curvier and stronger. On the second day, her heartbeat took off and her breaths quickened. Her heart stopped and I immediately missed it. Bella slowly opened her eyes and stared into mine. They were the color they were

supposed to be. Her eyes were violet and wide, the color of her shield. “Bella…?” I whispered, stroking her cheek. She sat up in one quick movement and stared at me. “Do you remember me? I’m Jasper. Your fiancé.” She nodded. I cupped her chin and raised an eyebrow, waiting for her to speak. She didn’t answer, but wrapped her arms around me tightly. I winced and backed away in pain.

She stared at me, shocked and rejected. I shook my head quickly, taking her small hands. “No, Bella, Your strong now. So…ow.” I smirked, leaning away form her grasp. She smirked and withdrew her hands. “Sorry.” She whispered. I smiled gently. “I love you.” I replied. “I love you, too.” She said and her voice sounded like bells. She gasped, covering her mouth and staring at me with wide violet eyes.

I removed her hands and smiled gently. “It’s okay, Darlin’.” She nodded. “Now we have forever.” I said. “Forever.” She agreed, hugging me to her. A few years later… “Daddy!” the tike called. His golden blonde hair falling over his wide blue eyes. Freckles dotted nose and cheeks as he ran towards me.

I turned away from horse, Liberty, and picked him up in time. “What is it, Charlie?” I asked, smiling gently at him as I placed his small body on my hip. “Look whats I found!” he cried, holding out his tiny palm and showing me a small caterpillar. I smiled again. “Do you know what it is?” I asked quietly. He shook his head. “It’s a caterpillar.” I explained.

“A capamilla?” he tilted his head to the side. “A caterpillar. They are God’s angels. They wrap themselves up and turn into a butterfly.” I said. He nodded and looked at it intensely. “Should I lets him goes?” he asked quietly. “If you want him to live.” I nodded. “I do.” He answered. “Then let him go, Charlie.” I whispered in his ear. Tears collected in his blue eyes before he looked up at me.

“What if him never come back heres?” he asked quietly. “He will return one day. You might not recognize him though.” I smiled. He nodded again and I put him down. “Bye-byes, little capamilla. I will see you again.” He waved his little hand good-bye as the caterpillar disappeared into the grass. I wiped the tears from his eyes and grinned at him. “That was very nice.”

“Thank you.” H responded, smugness radiating off of him. “Oh, now you think your Superman, huh?” I teased, gathering him back into my arms. “I saved the good. I am Soomermans!” he pouted. I laughed and headed back to the ranch. I could smell food cooking. Bella was in the kitchen with Charlotte. They were both cooking for Charlie. “Hi, momma and aunt Rubies!” Charlie crowed as he ran to hug their legs.

He called Charlotte and Peter that because of their red eyes. They found it hilarious. He knew all about vampires and found it very cool. We would decide to change him or not when he was old enough, if he even wanted to. We had adopted him when we got married. Bella’s bloodlust wasn’t bad so we took a chance. We moved away from the family with Peter and Charlotte and got a ranch deep into Texas. We named him Charlie after Bella’s father. I had suggested it and she jumped with joy.

Carlisle and Esme were touring the world. Emmett and Rosalie stayed up the state and came to visit often. Edward actually found a mate named Cary and they immediately got married. They now lived in Wisconsin, posing as juniors. “Hello, baby. Where were you?” Bella took in Charlie’s dirty appearance and stared at him worriedly with wide violet eyes. “I went to the creeks and found a capamilla. I had to lets him goes because he was God’s angel.” He explained. Char glanced at me and I shrugged. Bella nodded and wiped his face with her thumb.

“Charlotte, can you take him upstairs and give him a quick bath? I wanted to talk to Jasper,” she turned to glare at me, “Alone.” “Sure,” Char grinned and picked up Charlie, taking him upstairs. I turned back to Bella and grinned. “Am I in trouble?” I asked. “Yes! You know he isn’t supposed to go near that creek. What if he got hurt!?” she cried. I took her quickly in my arms and silence her with my lips.

“He’s fine. Charlie is just adventurous. You know he loves the outdoors.” I assured her. “I know,” she grumbled, crossing her arms “I just worry about him. He isn’t as durable as you and me.” I nodded. “I’ll keep him safe.” I whispered, pressing my lips to hers. “Ew! Would you guys do that in the bedroom?” Peter complained as he stepped in. “Fuck you.” I growled, tangling my tongue with Bella’s and bucking my hips into hers.

We were so wrapped up in each other, we didn’t hear Charlie return. “Uncle Rubies, what are they doing?” he asked. “I don’t know,” Peter played along, “But it looks like Daddy is winning! WOO!” Charlie laughed and started to cheer, too. I broke away from Bella and grabbed Charlie in a big hug as I slapped Peter in the back of his big head. “OW!” he cried. Charlotte laughed as she came downstairs.

I stared fondly at everyone. Peter and Char held hands as they laughed together. I turned my eyes to the love of my existence. She smiled fondly at me and waved at Charlie. I turned to my son of three years and pressed a kiss to his round head. “I love you.” Bella mouthed. “And that’s never going to change.” I whispered lowly.

The End