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America is the Suicide King.

America America offers the opportunity for unprecedented rewards regardless of any perceived impediment you might think you have. You can seize rewards in direct proportion to the amount of effort you put into obtaining them. Legally or illegally. . . . . . America achieved this position because it is the most recent organization {to successfully wield} the most powerful human developed force... nuclear bomb. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . no political manipulation . . . . . . . . . . no brain washing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . no cultivating brilliant leaders (ha). . . no pursuit of happiness . . . . . . . . . . . . no the most powerful human force is........ spontaneous cooperation. America has demonstrated in dramatic fashion that it will and can use that power. Sometimes America uses spontaneous cooperation to destroy. America is the Suicide King. Sometimes it turns that power on itself. That is why the suicide king represents the folly of humankind. Although it wields the most powerful force it sometimes aims it at itself. In our setting, (prison) ((or if your political – corrections facility)) this metaphor has a unique application. To illustrate my point let me make mention of a background picture so as to frame this metaphor in its best light. It would be rational to say that if something lacks a quality to be effective in an environment or lacks a quality that makes it harmful to its environment then one should find a way to instill that quality in that thing so it can return to its environment an thrive. If this can not be done then it should be removed. Nature is the best example of this. If we identify that the 'inmate' lacks adequate social skills to keep from re-offending once released ((if we administer no corrective action)), what then are we doing to re-educate them? We should also examine (in my opinion) whether or not they are re-educatable.

I bring this to light because administration wants a corrections officer to behave like and have the skills of a social worker. For example if we receive a convicted thief from the court system. With the recent efforts to get line staff to become more like treatment dispensers. certified and highly trained personnel it would require to pull this scheme off. I suspect this is a symptom of a much larger problem from above instead of a festering annoyance from below. shouldn't there also be a nursing like treatment plan. The value of an improved corrections field is apparent to me. This would eliminate the gross inconsistencies of how we pick and choose what rules to enforce according to what will get us through the day with as little exposure to 'risk' as possible. shouldn't there be a coarse of action prescribed to “correct” these thieving tendencies and shouldn't that be outlined to the line staff so they can implement the appropriate treatment plan for each individual instead of the chaos of our current efforts. This would mean any one person after having been trained that a supervisor can go to an index file pull up the coarse of treatment to be giving to an individual that has child molester tendencies can provide the exact same schedule of interventions as any other person. I am going to use a simple model from economics. The political pendulum that swings from a (punitive approach) to corrections on one side to a (medical approach) to corrections on the other side seems to be swinging farther and farther to the medical side of this dichotomy. We can't afford to build both.We as a society need to measure the value in expending our resources on that endeavor instead of just throwing money at it in hopes that “something” we are doing might work at changing them. So in lieu of that foreknowledge nothing will happen from a . Now from my personal point of view. I see no measures on our part to gauge each individual as to their “desire”to change and their “desire” to not re-offend. (available upon request) They do not offer enough incentive to line staff to vigorously pursue these efforts. For what ever reasons we (as staff) seem to want to be destructive instead of constructive.I recognize that the 'state' can not afford the level of qualified. The slogan and or motto goes like this – Build schools or build prisons. It is called supply and demand. The only recompense we have is monetary and it is meager compared to what a social worker receives. As I outlined in my essay on Human Debris. No change will occur where there is a lack of desire to change. I would repeat my argument about the effectiveness of doing that. I will illustrate why line staff do not attempt to make improvements on their own. What appears to the author to be a mindless attempt to (“do something” / or lack of spontaneous cooperation) is in fact a smaller scale version of my Suicide King metaphor. I see the value society would place on having the ability to provide a process to help those that failed to learn by way of our fine education system the skills to 'get along' with others.

Security/ Treatment provider Fred has to provide counseling regarding this and then search the patients living area for contraband. For a clear example. This does not foster trust. This will be just an other area Tp. To implement this plan means you are going to have a Treatment person for about every 5 patients. That way a re-directive force is present in cho-mo charlies life with out that re-directive force also seen as negative. it neither fosters trust or willingness to work on their 'issues'. . Then we can set about building a system where security and treatment can both be implemented. When you couple those two actions in the form of a single person. From a security standpoint you can not foster trust because you are trying to subvert their deviancy and in so doing the patient will perceive a security staff as 'being against them'. They would rather to pray on them. David counsels him on his difficulties and explores alternatives to help cho-mo charlie redirect his tendencies towards healthy outlets and helps him to ultimately find ways to no longer engage in those tendencies. If we are going to follow the pendulum and conclude that criminal behavior exists because of ignorance then let us revamp the education system to include the convicted criminal. you have to build a report with an individual that fosters trust. STOP trying and realize that free individuals have the freedom to decide to not participate in life like a caring compassionate human being. Why has this been allowed to happen? Because those that feel bad for them force us to. Security Harold can be seen as the enemy when he removes the pictures and kiddy magazines from cho-mo charlies living quarters. PERIOD. We have to go about the job of separating those that clearly demonstrate they don't want to play nice like the rest of us. David will have to help cho-mo charlie 'deal' with. if cho-mo charlie is having difficulty with his fantasies of little girls and boys and goes to Security/ Treatment provider Fred. There is simply no way any state of citizens could afford that level of service. (note I said patient not inmate) Along side of security we provide a highly trained set of personnel able to implement a very sophisticated treatment plan for each individual. We have to grow a pair of nuts. Now if cho-mo charlie is having the same problem and goes to Treatment provider David and Tp. That's right the patients or inmates are suing us for not providing for them. Is there a way to combine punishment and corrective measures? NO. In that system you can clearly have a low payed staff that provide intervention to the violent acting out of the patient.bubble up method because despite the common sense demand for it there is no rational reason to supply it for free. We have allowed them to think they have a right to be a drain on us. We will continue to piss money away until enough of us get ticked off and actually force criminals to be punished in stead of letting the blame be put on us for being able to get along in the world with what we have. If that is the case does that mean our only alternative is to limp along like the ineffective wimps we are being litigated into becoming. From a mental health standpoint. I have learned by direct experience in both the mental health field and the department of corrections. The present security staffing level will be adequate. that trying to provide security and treatment care can not be done by the same individual.