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The Secret Conception!

Copyright.©.2010, by Benjamin Keil. All rights reserved!

This Book has no intentions to contradict Faith or believe Systems. Its purpose is to serve the divine cause!

No matter how much knowledge Man gathered during his time on earth; True wisdom comes from thousand speeches he did not listen to!

Table of content’s

Chapter 1
1 =foreword 11= The 7 hermetic principles 14= The Universe is mental! 21= Correspondence 34= Polarity 39= Rhythm 42= Cause and effect 43= The principle of gender.

Chapter 2
51= Symbolism

Chapter 3
74= Archangels

Chapter 4
90= Sacred numbers and prophetic wisdom.

Chapter 5
112= The Abyss

Chapter 6
127= sexual magic

Chapter 7
139=The Magickal seal.

Thank you very much for downloading The Secret Conception for you to test! You can read 30 pages of this book for free to give you a good idea how this book is written and we want you to be absolutely sure that this book and its content suits your interest! Enjoy and once again thank you very much for your interest in this truly magickal book! Benjamin Keil

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This book invites the reader to discover many great unspoken revelations. We will unveil in this short introduction into occultism and magic, ancient secrets hidden away for centuries, if not millennia’s. The Study of the occult is a hard and time demanding beautiful art and surely: it should be called a way of life! But what exactly is Occultism? The word occultism has its origin in the Greek language: To hide or what is hidden! Considering that, the duty of any Magician or student of the occult should be: The fullest devotion of its student’s to unlock and guard the hidden science or secret workings. In this Book, I will provide you with a variety of keys enabling anyone to unlock the doors into ancient mysteries and discover the teachings of the secret doctrines. Before I start, few things have to be mentioned; Whatever stated in this book is deep rooted in ancient sacred wisdom! These teachings are so old indeed that it is very important to remember and always respect the true origin of these secrets. Be warned that the study of the occult is something, capable to cause damage and great danger. Never ever abuse or inflict harm with what is written in this book! Everyone, including myself, under no circumstances should we ever proclaim that those insights we are gaining are fruits of our own! Instead, let us remember the true patriots and warriors of this beauty full art. It is only appropriate to give thanks for priceless amounts of knowledge and wisdom received from all those brave women and men who safe guarded the sacred flame for this and many generations to follow! Even in the eye of certain death, nothing could stop true wisdom to grow. Therefore we will begin this book by offering our prayers to the

Divine and give thanks for all wisdom granted! Now that we know that occultism is another word for Secret science or operation we have say a few words about the general perception of occultism in society. Despite the fact that there are only few persons out there familiar to occultism, it is always astonishing to witness that in our society, occultism is labelled as something bad or even satanic without anyone really knowing what occultism has to offer! Why is that? I strongly believe that this is because occultism stood and stands always in a mysterious and mystical light! The secret science owes its damaged reputation to those areas who deal with the intense teachings of magic! The student of the occult undergoes a magical training however that does not mean that occultism is something what inspires or encourages the practice of magic! Occult knowledge and magic go hand in hand because magic describes all aspects of Occultism but in a magically way! To figure out what is meant by that, you have to literally let your intuition tell it to you. Occultism, deals with the mystical science in a scientific philosophical approach; magic, is the attempt to go beyond those borders and become supreme ruler and master of the invisible! With the help of Hollywood and other mediums, we all know that there is white purpose full magic, and the dark art of black magic. White magic is performed for the wellbeing and benefits of others; while, black magic is the satisfaction of selfish needs and desires. Be assured that magic is not only a product of an over -active imagination, it is possible to achieve certain outcomes through evocations and rituals. With good preparation accompanied by deep meditation and solid training, anyone is able to control energies shall it be physical, mental, astral, or spiritual. This brings with it great danger and it is that link what has occultism cursed to be the Devil’s art. Occultism and Magic are one and the same. It just depends from which and on what side of the coin you look at!

Occultism 1. Secret operations 2. Science 3. Alchemy 4. Geometry 5. Magic. In the spirit of will and unnecessary confusion I am offering you the first magical key which shall open the door into this secret almost unexplored temple. To understand what I am going to reveal please do this following exercise! I want you for the next one minute, to think about the Word “LOVE” What does it mean to you? And more importantly how does it affect you internally? I have done this exercise myself and asked friends and family members to do the same, surprisingly, “LOVE”…. For everyone involved has the same meaning! Love unconditionally! But after inquiring further deeper, this very same word became something quite different and complicated.

The word “Love” has a complete different impact on everyone's emotional and psychological mental processes! That means!

The word Love, affects everyone in an individual manner, mental and emotional. Despite the fact that love has the same meaning to us!

We experience it different! This experience is our first key, and a very important one; it opens us the first door into the temple!! Experience is the fuel which powers our mental operation towards a stimulus! When we hear the word… “LOVE” Our mental operation is re-acting on this stimulus or suggestion. This is called unconscious imagination. Now pay attention towards the word imagination! “MAGI” “MAGUS” “MAGIC” Or much more simpler “MIND” It may appear innocent but this first key is a set of simultaneously detonating bombs blasting all dust of ignorance away from the dark and cold walls inside of us! But you, dear reader, just entered the temple which you are about to build.

Chapter 1
The Seven Hermetic principles:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

The Principle of Mental-ism The Principle of Correspondence The Principle of Vibration The Principle of Polarity The Principle of Rhythm The Principle of Cause and Effect The Principle of Gender

The seven Hermetic principles are very vital parts of this book, so without having at least a rough idea about these principles, moving further into the magical world of occultism is of no use, because these seven principles are the main pillars on which occultism is built on. Before we enter the world of this Magickal book, I want to recommend the greatest extraordinary book ever written on Occultism. The tarot cards! Therefore dear student make yourself familiar with this marvellous ancient treasure unlock the veiled symbolism and I promise that, The Secret Conception will become not only a basic instruction into the world of occultism! This book will reveal the secrets not allowed to speak of!

But be warned, with knowledge comes great responsibility! The Tarot or mysterious wheel is almost occult perfection and

the inventors created this magical masterpiece with such great finesse that the main message within the symbolism stands out! “Do not cast out your pearls before the swine or they will trample them in to the ground” “No!” Make sure that you wear them in your Crown. For more information on the origin and correct use of the Tarot, I highly recommend “The Tarot of the Bohemians by Papus” This excellent read is easy to navigate with simple and depth instructions. Let us now leave the Symbolism of the Tarot and turn our attention towards the complex great philosophical systems which in their purity are valuable essential master keys and when correctly used, open every door into the mystery of creation and beyond.

The Universe is Mental!!! Every religious script anywhere on this globe, is dealing at some point or another with the reality that God is all. Everything in this world and many others are contained in this All. To get an intuitive picture what is meant by that, just recall the billions of planets, contained in billions of Solar systems. Billions of Solar systems contained in billions of Galaxies! Billions of Galaxies contained inside this Universe. Billions of universes contained in? “We cannot tell yet!” Is that hard to understand? That is the reason why we have to apply certain rules when we work with the concept of the All. These rules are put into place to avoid serious harm to our mental and astral stability! 1. The All is all infinite and eternal, everything exists within the Al! Nothing can exist outside the All! 2. The All has no beginning and no end. Therefore: everything inside the All has a beginning to which it finally returns! 3. Nothing exists outside the All, it creates everything within itself. Everything created, is already contained in the All, because nothing can exist outside the All. 4. The All is forming and creating with its consciousness, “The universe is Mental”. So far it is relatively easy to comprehend happy days! But from here on forward we are entering a verge of great danger! A deadly sword swings and strikes anything in its way with merciless force casting its victims into the abyss.

Once we have understood that the All is creating this world with its mind, it is very easy for us to fall into an illusion which so many men and women before us, have fallen into. This growing New Age spirituality within society is a great example to illustrate the full force of this swinging sword! Something is growing dangerously fast into the “Human Mind”. It is based and nourished by the idea that we are God. Mortal beings with powers compared to God, the All. But worse, everything else is mere illusion created by ourselves. True in one sense; but so dangerously wrong in the other. We are GOD the All, but only to a certain degree here is the difference! We are not the creators of our physical plane for the simple reason that we are human. But the All is within us, so it is clearly the All that works or operates through and in us. This will become clearer when we deal with Correspondence. The universe is a creation which sprung into existence by the mind of all. That understanding shall be our foundation for the rest of this book. But what is actually contained within this All manifested by the Mind of God? Here one can write thousands of books concerning the material things in our universe, and much more volumes about all various energy's involved, but the secret conception is magical occult approach therefore we will focus or energy on the four Principle elements. The 4 Elements or characteristic expressions of being, is widespread and to be found in almost every philosophical or occult writing. Elements are responsible for manifestation on every plane below the Divine. Traditionally, elements are aspects of the Divine vital for manifestation and creation. In the world of magic, God or Divine providence pours out creation from the stream of the primal Akasha source.

From this essence all other elements spring into existence. Therefore, the Akasa is the principal creating force. Please note that in magic and occultism elements have be understood as pure ethereal forms of consciousness within the flow of the godly energy and each one of them possess individual characters to them in which everything that exists, descends and ascends. A shorter definition would be! The first element is that of the Fire. The second is that of Water. The third is that of Air. The fourth is that of Earth. Every element has a positive (active) Pole and the opposite polarity minus (passive). To analyse and identify each function and characteristic of an element we would have to consider that!

1. The FIRE element, in its active polarity, expanding and creative in its passive polarity, is destructive. The Fire element expands through all planes dimensions and spheres, is what we experience on our physical plane as light, electricity, expansion, fire and heat etc. 2. The Water element is the passive compressing element the opposite qualities of the Fire element such as Magnetism, compression, moist, etc. The water element like the fire element has two polarities: One plus or positive pole which is creative support in forming, and a minus pole which dissolves and destroys. 3. The Air element is not really considered to be an Element more than a mediator neutralising force between the Water and the Fire element in opposition to each other. The element of Air is responsible to keep the water and fire elements balanced. 4. The Earth element is that what establishes inside the various conditions within the Fire and the Water balanced by the Air element. The Fire element contains in itself, the Water element. The Water element contains in itself, the Fire element. No Light no Darkness. No moist no Fire. No heat no cold etc. What means! These two elements are both within themselves contained. Air, the neutralising element, creates equilibrium and stability: that creates new conditions within the Fire and Water. These new conditions are the fourth element, the “Earth element “ Anyone who is familiar with the Kabbalah and the YHVH will recognize this fourth element and maybe recognises the true meaning! I want to give an example which gives us a basic picture how these elements or aspects materialize our world or reality!

Since everything in our worldly universe is only a tiny microscopic tabernacle and representation of the greater motion it is always advisable to see the whole in its tiniest reflection! Let us look at the fire and the water element by looking at our very own “Sun”. What do we know...? Well, we know that the fire element within its positive character is within the material plane represented as expansion of light, fire, heat, etc. If we are good observers, we notice that the Sun burns as a sphere, but we see as well that instead of expanding into infinity, the Sun, is kept spherically by Gravity- a force we are not able to see. Gravity- is a hidden force which is the material manifestation of the Water element. Passive activity, Cold, moist and compressed conditions, it is only correct to assert that the Fire and Water elements are expressed in our Sun by the expanding and the compressing forces within it. But without the neutralising character of the Air element, the Sun would be a twirling dangerously spinning fire ball out of control. The Air element keeps things at station with a “relative harmony”. To understand what is meant by relative harmony, I recommend the study of the three dimensional sphere, containing Yin and Yang or Golden ration. Not only is the Air element balancing two opposite forces Fire and Water it is producing a clean solid flow of electromagnetic energy. This electromagnetic energy can be measured on every stellar and planetary sphere as electromagnetic fields on the outside of each planet coming from the inner core through the poles any time anywhere. Dealing with the Earth element is a little more complicated! Remember, that the earth element has all aspects of the elements contained, but at a lower degree, that means: Earth element establishes inside new conditions. Radiation, UV rays, Gamma rays, X- ray, iron, gold bronze, led and minerals, etc.

These few examples are all created within the Sun’s various conditions. A physical evidence of the earth element at work in our realm! We are All; only stardust! The Universe is Mental and we are contained in the mind of “All”

Correspondence: “Thy Will shall be done as in Heaven so on earth”. Everything is contained in all. When we are taking into consideration the creation of physical matter within stars, we are correct to say that “All” is in all. “As Above so below” This law applies to all dimensional realms, physical astral, and ethereal. Here again, it is important to warn the reader not to fall for the illusion asserting that we are Gods! Before I continue and reveal the importance of correspondence, it is necessary that the reader at least for the time he reads this book puts aside, any intolerance and individual perceptions concerning religious beliefs or faiths. We have to lift ourselves above differences in order to focus on the message delivered. That includes the acceptance of Islamic and Christian Faith, as much as Hindu, Buddhism, Satanism, Atheism, Esoteric, and everything within the New Age cult. I am aware that this may be a very difficult task for many, but without this small agreement between you and your borderlines, the rest of this book could be misunderstood and the consequences could be very disastrous indeed! With this warning in place, I have the permission to go further and unveil correspondence! For scientific orientated men, the Physical world our universe is only visible and understandable as much as there scientific minds allow understanding it. For magicians or students of the occult on the contrary, the universe reveals itself in everything. A scientist is bound to sensory and reasonably borders, but a magician or occultist, is able to cross dimensional borders with his intuition! Depending on the magicians or occult student maturity intuition is his greatest ability and weapon! Intuition is within our conscious and unconscious minds dwelling

inside those created conditions of experience! That makes it a close relative of the earth element! Let us investigate therefore this element a little further and see how this element is responsible for the unfolding of correspondence. We know that the earth element is a new condition arising inside fire, water and air, and has all those aspects of these elements contained in it! Just like the seed of an apple contains all aspects of an apple tree.

What we have not mentioned yet is the polarity of this earth element! Since the earth element contains all three elements at a lower degree, that very same element must have therefore the same polarity of each element it contains. Fire Water Air Positive (active) and Negative (Passive) Positive (Passive) and Negative (Active) Is neutral or bi-polar

The earth element is a massive electromagnet with four poles, the beating heart of everything and our witness to confirm that what is above is below. Once again keep in mind that this earth element is not an element that we can perceive, it is more likely the tiny spark containing the whole. I am tempted to assume that it is the first compressed seed responsible for the big Bang but this is a pure speculation on my side! For us, it is enough to visualise the earth element as an element with two plus and two minus poles all opposed to each other; that may keep our minds open towards greater possibilities. What does this element do? With all its characters, the earth element gets to work and does what it does best; expanding ,creating, compressing, destroying, preserving and recreating our universe! That is what is what we term as Correspondence!

The destructive and violent forces of the cosmos, a horrific spectacle of disaster and chaos! The wonderful and magically interplay of creating and recreating. A never ending, continuously creation of new conditions, from simple gas to compressed gas, gas clouds, stars, galaxies, solar systems and planets. A motion which has moved millions and billions of years until the most precious gift of life has established itself here on earth. The Natural flow of earth’s evolution corresponds to the cosmic flow of the universe, the precious spectacle above. Correspondence is embodied in organic matter or the various life forms such as microorganisms, insects, plants, animals, and human beings. Just as the universe, we will always find ourselves bound to its universal laws which we experience as its strongest example at birth and death. Now that we established at least an intuitional or mental picture of Correspondence, crystalizing this important law to our understanding, let us enforce this image by giving a few examples! Above us, is the cosmos arranged and preserved by two oppositional forces! Those of creation and of destruction! Below here on earth the same spectacle unfolds only manifested within our earthly planetary realm! Earth unleashes destructive forces, but at the same time creates new conditions! The same applies to all primitive and complex life forms who owe their existence purely to the operation of that cycle of birth and death! Correspondence shows us that the “All” has left clues or footprints in everything signalling its superiority! Perhaps the most beautiful and mysterious example of Correspondence, is our Moon and its 28 day long cycle around our planet which corresponds almost perfectly with the menstrual cycle, women experience every 28 days! Another way of seeing Correspondence is to look out into the zodiac and the 7 planets. This practice needs however a certain spiritual maturity and great knowledge so that any misinterpretation and misuse is avoided.

It’s up to the reader to walk in those paths by himself and discover the power and influence the Planets have over us. It is no that, our Solar system follows a certain route around the Sun in an eclipse motion at various speeds. Each Planet has its own gravitational and electro-magnetic aspects! Gravitation is the planets density within the web of time and space! That density creates bends in the time and space which cause certain differences in motion! Electro-magnetism is created within the planetary spheres pouring out from each planet poles! One can see that by the motions of the planets, the density of space time and various electric or Magnetic frequencies are being mixed producing harmony or disharmony. This has great influence on every planet and therefore as well on human history! Human beings have falsely decided to divide these two opposites into Evil (disharmony) and Good (harmony.). Not aware of the fact that without these two forces creation, cannot unfold as it does naturally! But our society willingly accepted that harmony and disharmony do not belong to each other! For the work in the scientific fields, this can be useful for isolating certain aspects for better analysing! But it has to be said “Not in the spirit of Creation.” At present we build our castles and homes within devastating climates not knowing that the situations we find ourselves in, are caused by two huge balloons harmony and dis-harmony bouncing up and down from side to side, always towards and away from each other! This unhealthy and unstable state of being denies us to move towards higher and more pure realms. The law of Correspondence has its roots even inside your mind, just ask yourself! “What is good or what is bad” Figure out for yourself whatever you think is good or bad and write on a sheet of paper! Now just beneath the aspect you think may be good or bad place the exact opposition of these aspects! Merge these opposites’ thoughts into one! Can you see the importance these two thoughts give each other for their own existence?

Remember! There is no light without darkness, no upward without downward, no Life without Death etc. Here comes a great teaching hidden in the words of many wise men. The men who judges has forgotten that the great strength he has used to make Judgement will allow the karmic law to feed what he is so desperate to judge, because everything has the right to exist such is the law of cause and effect. We should pay a little more attention towards the human mind as it merges a good and an evil aspect into one, we may be able to successfully understand and obey karmic laws more wisely. By denying good or evil aspects, we give unconsciously way for the condemned or judged thought to unfold, we nourishing it with the very same energy we have used to destroy or eliminate the very ideas, actions or thoughts in our minds. Once a human being has learned to merge his good and bad qualities into a harmonic thought process he can proudly say that he is ruler over both qualities! With it comes a great reward! “The vibrations of his elemental and astral body, his strength and mental ability and his general well-being are greatly increased!” With this last example of correspondence the reader should have at least an idea of this important principle.

Vibration What is vibration...?? Everything owes its form and condition to vibration. Everything vibrates, even those things you perceive as motionless have their own vibration. We will understand that better by taking a closer look at something we confronted by on a daily basis, which is simple tab water! When water is cold, it vibrates at a low frequency, but once we add a little heat into it, we increase the vibration of the water molecules and it becomes warm or hot. But this is not all! We are able to change the form of the water into either ice or gas, by changing the waters vibration by cooling or heating it gradually! We have learned in school that ice, water or steam is always the same H2O molecules. What differs is the degree of vibrations. So everything around us is vibrating and since everything around us is a whole bunch of things, we can assume that everything must have its own specific frequency by which it is ruled. By researching a little in the field of physics, we are greatly supported. However! It is not in the nature of any student of the occult science to come too fast to conclusions, so attention and a sharp mind are required for the task ahead. Our world, the universe is the creation of conditions “Chaotic unfolding” in the centre of it All is the four letter word (YHVH) or as we stated, the four poled electromagnetic element of earth! The beating heart of consciousness! This earth element is receiving and transmitting from the higher realms or the ether (Air). We are getting a more clear understanding by painting a mental image of or own body! In this manner, recognize every single part down to the single cells and molecular structures even the tiny neutrons positrons in your atoms.

Don't see yourself as a human being rather a mixture of strange complex matter, interacting with each other in harmony, but everything on different vibrational frequencies! Now go even one step further... and imagine that you have to look at your body through the most powerful microscope ever built. You will be surprised....! The human body is amazingly 99.999 % empty space, or precise light! That what you thought to be a solid body structure is in fact wide- open, empty space! That what makes your material body is the universe itself, Star dust if you will, billions of years of creation, destruction and recreation. But that what dictates or creates being and existence is the responsible vibrational frequency coming from higher purer realms, from which the universe sprung into existence. The atomic and organic matter making your body is a product of various conditions in short “the earth element”. Remember, that fire water and air are contained in the earth element, but the earth element is only a smaller representation of fire, water and air, a seed if you will! Fire and water are balanced by the air element! Here again, it is useful to recall that fire is an infinite, expanding aspect, and water is an infinite compressing aspect. Once the air element establishes balance within fire and water, the earth element reveals itself in side this infinite cycle. This earth element is ascending and descending in a cyclic manner for eternity inside fire and water through the infinite conditions within! Everything! Whatever manifest itself in that sphere is the earth element, but contains fire water and air! This sphere of fire water and air, receives a vibrational frequency from an outer region creating the conditions such as the human body! We can only understand vibration correctly by redefining time! So why don’t we forget everything we have learned about time and look at it from a different perspective? The invention of the digital clock is one of many reasons responsible for the damaging concept we are holding about time!

This piece of digital technology represents for many in this day and age, the way how time does unfold! We think time moves in a straight forward line, like a highway in one direction only! So here is some enlightenment on this subject. Time depends on space! Without space time cannot unfold. Therefore, time is a constant change from one condition to another in limited or unlimited space, take life and death as example. But time is like everything else in this realm a cyclic operation, it returns to where it has started from! In the magical approach we consider a animating force which is providing various degrees of vibration responsible for conditioning within the infinite sphere! That animating force or astral fluid comes from outside time or space! It is therefore not changeable or neither limited. It is the past, the present and the future in short “THE NOW”. We could say that this animating vibrational force we call astral fluid, has already done what it supposed to do with the limited conditions of time and space! But we are ignorant manifested matter! Not aware yet what is in store for us, because we establish very slow due to our limitations inside that infinite sphere. A little like a sponge thrown into a pool of water. Again, it is easy for us to get this very difficult complex system in to our brain by this simple written text of genesis,” I am the Alpha and the Omega” (the beginning and the end), means, I know what will happen at the beginning, and everything towards the end. So what about me and you? Unfortunately we will only know that what we experience in our limited space. In short, we are born somewhere in the middle of a very long line, but we will only proceed ten footsteps on that line never reaching the end, until we are perished again. The Astral fluid is superior to the elements some magicians assert that it may be a lower aspect of the pure Akasha essence! Astral fluid is the main force responsible for the arrangement of conditions which becomes all the matter in the universe. The astral fluid resides inside the universe as animator, and

outside the universe already animated. The evolution theories of Charles Darwin are hereby well supportive! Strangely enough, there seems to be major Chaos and misunderstanding between the Atheistic Darwinian front and those who hold on to the religious God Ideas. We will go deeper into the psychology and fascinating aspects of both sides and the attentive reader shall find another great key which shall make him master over polarity and rhythm, if he is willing to craft this key after the manner he is instructed to do. At the moment, it is an obstacle to focus precious energy into these polarities, so just take my advice and trust that discovery's to be made by science in the near future will shed light and prove everything you have read so far. Let us turn towards vibration and ask ourselves. ”How exactly does this vibration come to be and how is matter formed into objects and organisms“? The answer lies in Four Poled Electromagnetic Matter (a leftover of the higher elements). Fire, water and air within the earth element are inside every ordinary matter, and it is imprinting into that matter the individual mixture of the resulting elemental electro-magnetic aspects! Picture a piece of iron drawn along a strong magnet making it more and more magnetic. Every amount of matter has its own elemental mixture just as every human being has its own individual finger print or DNA code. Some DNA strings or finger prints may have similarities, but still, they are unique and individual. The astral fluid surrounds time and space like a protective liquid and sores through the elemental spheres of fire and water and air! The conditions of the earth element receive this astral fluid through their imprinted aspects what then creates a vibrational frequency which is animating, and forming that what you perceive as the world. The world becomes what it was once, beyond the regions of time and space, only as a lesser three dimensional degree. Try to think of it like this. Once this matter has received the imprint or DNA (the universal DNA or fingerprint), it has all the vital information to rebuild or form

which it receives from the time and space less regions. However it is very limited and erroneous because, it is limited in time and space. Some readers may find it very easy to understand and follow what is been said. Some others, however, will find great difficulty with this very complicated process of animation. That is because most of us, if not every human being, do not have the ability to understand or imagine the regions beyond our material limited three dimensional -world. This doesn't mean that there is nothing beyond it, quite contrary, is the reality. There are certain Human beings who have reached through meditation or even through misuse of hallucinates and other drugs, tiny glimpses of theses dimensions, not aware of the great dangers they hold. Some of these poor individuals slipped into madness and even suicide. But there is a group of people who have reached out into much further dimensions and managed to master and hold control of them. However such people will never tell or teach these techniques to anyone, only to their closest and most trusted adepts in a sacred ritual, where the master will leave his earthly body to die and confirming the adept as his successor. It is enough for us to know that beyond time and space, is infinity! But what is infinity? Think of it as something without time or space, something which is not limited or bound. More cannot be said because we just can’t define infinity, other than what is already mentioned here! What we have to understand is the 4 dimension. So how can we achieve that? Everything around us is animated matter, as soon this matter is acting conscious (corresponding with the laws of physics, forming and animating in accordance to the natural laws' life etc.), it immediately becomes subject to limited space and time. If we would assume that our universe within the third dimension is a material matrix without animating force, it would be a lifeless silence structure with no motion! This dead matter structure receives life and form from the fourth dimension!

Magicians compare this fourth dimension to the womb. Because of the great dangers lying ahead in the fourth dimension, I will not proceed further explaining the fourth dimension to prevent any harm to the less developed student. Please be greatly warned of the various beings residing in the fourth dimension, nourishing the third dimension not only with harmony, but out of necessity with disharmony. The third dimension is being nourished from the fourth dimension, and its existence comes through vibration.

B. e K i l
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L. . 33 FR 4

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