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LISA HAJJAR Sociology Department University of California – Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA 93106 USA EDUCATION PhD, Sociology

, The American University, Washington, DC (1995). MA, Arab Studies, Georgetown University, Washington, DC (1986). BA, International Relations, Tufts University, Medford, MA (1983). ACADEMIC APPOINTMENTS Associate Professor (since 2003) and Assistant Professor (2001-03), Department of Sociology (since 2010) and Law and Society Program (2001-10), UCSB. Affiliated with Departments of Global and International Studies, Religious Studies, and Middle East Studies. Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA (1999-2001). Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA (1995-99). GRANTS and AWARDS American Bar Association, Litigation Research Fund Grant (2010). Academic Senate, Individual Faculty Research Grant, UCSB (2009). Institute for Social, Behavioral and Economic Research (ISBER), Research Grant, UCSB (2002, 2009). Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, Faculty Research Grant, UCSB (2009). Harold J. Plous Distinguished Junior Faculty Award, UCSB (2003). Academic Senate Committee on Research, Junior Faculty Incentive Award, UCSB (2002). Center for Historical Analysis, Post-doctoral Fellowship, Rutgers University (1999, declined). Malcolm H. Kerr Dissertation Award, Middle East Studies Association (1995). John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Program in Global Peace and Security, Writing Grant (1994). Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, Writing Grant (1993). National Science Foundation, Law and Social Science Program’s Global Perspectives on Sociolegal Studies, Dissertation Improvement Grant (1993). Institute for Intercultural Studies, Dissertation Grant (1992). American Association of University Women, Dissertation Grant (1991). Joint Committee on the Near and Middle East of the American Council of Learned Societies and the Social Science Research Council, Dissertation Grant (1991). 1-805-893-3118 (office) 1-805-893-3324 (fax)

Committee for Academic Freedom in the Middle East and North Africa. Vice-president (2007-09 and 2010 .present). Emory University Law School (2000-01). New Racial Studies Advisory Board. Graduate Student Workshop. Washington. UCSB (2007-09). Academic Senate Committee on Academic Freedom. Islamic Family Law Project. Columbia University (2009-10). Lead Researcher.present) and Board member (since 2006). UCSB. Vice-chair (2006-07) and UCSB Representative (2004-06). Visiting Scholar. Washington College of Law. UCSB (2006-09). UCSB Representative. Law and Society Association (1998-2000). Chair (2004-05) and Member (2003-07). Interdisciplinary Humanities Center Research Group on Torture. Law and Society Association (2002-04). Law and Society Association (2006). Thematic study of domestic violence and shari’a. Early Career Workshop Committee. Search Committee Member. page 2 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE and SERVICE Graduate Program and Admissions Committee. Committee on Curriculum and Educational Policy. Chair. Institute for Social. Co-Chair. Mellichamp Chair in Global Authority and Governance (2009).Hajjar. Center for Law and Security. Behavioral and Economic Research Advisory Committee. College of Letters and Science Executive Committee (2004-06). Chair. Morehouse Representative. Council on Faculty Issues and Awards. Certificate. Law and Society Program. Social Science Representative. Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. International Human Rights Exchange Advisory Committee (19992001). Middle East Studies Association (1996-98). Academic Senate Ad-hoc Committee on the USA PATRIOT Act. UCSB (2003-05). Morehouse College (2000-01). Law and Society Association (2010-11). UCSB (2005-08). Chair. . New York University. DC (2004). University of California Initiative for Human Rights (2007-09). Sociology Department. National Science Foundation’s Advisory Panel for Law and Social Sciences (2010). UCSB (2010 . and Center for the Study of Human Rights. International Committee. UCSB (2003-05). American Civil Liberties Union—Santa Barbara Chapter. Executive Committee and Board of Trustees. The American University.

Chaos as Utopia: International Criminal Prosecution as a Challenge to State Power. PUBLICATIONS Books Lawfare: The Legal Campaign against American Torture. Annual Review of Law and Social Science. Politics and Society. vol. 38.Hajjar. vol. State Power and Domestic Violence in Muslim Societies: A Framework for Comparative Analysis. Studies in Law. Arab Association for Development. The World and the Academy: New Directions in Human Rights Scholarship (review essay). no. International Humanitarian Law and “Wars on Terror”: A Comparative Analysis of Israeli and American Doctrines and Policies. and Society. 31 (2004). 30 (2001). . 56 (2002). Journal of Palestine Studies (since 2002). vol. 36. 48 (2009). vol. Law and Society Review (2000-05). Rights at Risk: Why the Right Not To Be Tortured Is Important to You. 1994. A Survey of the Syrian Population in the Occupied Golan Heights: Demography and Health. Human Rights in Israel/Palestine: The History and Politics of a Movement. Contemporary Sociology vo. Studies in Law. page 3: Professional Service. 1-5. and since 2008). 2008. Law and Social Inquiry. 1 (January 2009). vol. University of Miami Law Review. Coauthor with Hasan Abu Libdeh et al. Arab Studies Journal (since 2000). Human Rights: Critical Concepts in Political Science. 1 (Autumn 2006). vol. Religion. In progress. Courting Conflict: The Israeli Military Court System in the West Bank and Gaza. Law against Order: Human Rights Organizations and the Palestinian Authority. Politics. no. 5 (2009). 2005. during which I was chair 2003-07. University of California Press. 29 (2004). Publications EDITORIAL COMMITTEE SERVICE Middle East Report (1994-99. Vols. Journal of Palestine Studies. Co-edited with Richard Falk and Hilal Elver. vol. Routledge. Journal Articles Does Torture Work? A Socio-Legal Assessment of the Practice in Historical and Global Perspective. Cultural Anthropology (2005-10). 2001-07. Jadaliyya (since 2010). Journal of Palestine Studies.

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