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The Kennedy Legacy: Jack, Bobby and Ted and a Family Dream Fulfilled

by Vincent Bzdek
A Review By Steve Tempo "Big brother John had challenged people to do something for their country. Bobby had called on them to care for the dispossessed. By the example of his durability, Ted exhorted them to never, ever quit." So states Vincent Bzdek in a wonderful work that not only describes the lives and work of the three Kennedy brothers, Jack, Bobby and Ted, but integrates and contrasts their achievements, styles, and challenges. The book is clearly divided into acts (collection of chapters) featuring the dominate brothers of the respective time period covered. The author is clear and objective in describing the successes and setbacks of the Kennedy brothers and comprehensive in explaining their impacts. A larger portion of the work is devoted in describing the life of Ted Kennedy, but that is only because of the extended length of time in public office as compared to Jack and Bobby. Recommend for anyone interested in presidential history, the Kennedy family, or a history of contemporary times. Excellent reading!