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RPX Composites

Fiberglass Storage Tanks - An Economical Alternative
As the 2009 season begins it brings with it some financial challenges for the gas industry. Many of our customers are turning to fiberglass as both an economical and quality alternative to other tanks. Some of the benefits cited by RPX customers include:        Cost savings, as even a fully customized tank can be more cost effective than other materials. Tank fittings & configuration that can be customized to your hook-up needs. Our tanks fabricated to API 12P standards. Lifetime corrosion resistance - our tanks will not corrode or deteriorate from brine or exposure to sunlight. Cosmetics - our tanks stay looking good longer and can be re -coated in the field. Double-wall configuration for containment - offers a cost effective alternative to open top fiberglass or earthen clay dikes. Variety of sizes, most common include:  100 BBL (8’6’ Diameter/ 10’ Sidewall)  210 BBL (10’ Diameter/ 15’ Sidewall)  250 BBL (10’ Diameter/ 18’ Sidewall)  300 BBL (12’ Diameter/ 15’ Sidewall)  400 BBL (12’ Diameter/ 20’ Sidewall) Delivery directly to your well site or storage yard. Easy onsite repairs - call us for onsite repairs or purchase an easy-to-use field repair kit for your well tenders. No special handling required – see enclosed sheet.

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RPX tanks are available through any supplier in the industry. Please contact your local supply house and ask them to provide a quote for the RPX Fiberglass Tank to meet your specific tank needs. We welcome the opportunity to participate in, and hope you will consider us for, bidding opportunities in the 2009 season. For your convenience, the back of this flier is a blank specification sheet, simply draw in your particular tank configuration and design needs and fax to 724-537-0407 attention: RPX Fabrication Department and we will return a tank drawing with a quote based on your requirements via your designated supplier.

RPX Composites - (724) 537-0444 x11 or email

(d) or any other substrate that you may currently be utilizing for tank installation. This automated process creates a consistent product every time and enables the forces of impact during routine handling to be evenly distributed throughout the tank. Note that we are happy to have our field experts work with you on setting your tanks and to answer questions in the field as to their proper handing and installation. Box 705. Once the area is grated and level. Our tank fabrication process: We utilize the chop/hoop wind method of production. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding handling or installation. lightweight. and there is no need for periodic recoating to protect from corrosion on either inside or outside. There is no need to alter your current process in order to accommodate FRP tanks! RPX assures the structural integrity of all tanks which have been designed and manufactured by our team of experienced engineers. FRP tanks require no special handling or ground preparation when setting the tank. All RPX Tanks are coated in custom gel color. PA 15650 Ph (724)537-0444 / Fax (724) 537-0407 . (c) piece of heavy marine plywood placed under the tank on compacted and level ground. as specified by our customers. Latrobe. P. The process comprises applying resin in a metered amount to fiber strands. Should you require field maintenance please contact your local supply house to arrange for on-site repairs provided by our expert staff. (b) layer of fine 2B gravel leveled and compacted on site. and corrosion resistant. they are flexible. Your FRP tank is virtually maintenance free. They weigh 60% less than steel tanks and allow for easier and more flexible installation than poly or steel. and guarantees quality and performance with proper care and handling. Because of the FRP tanks unique physical and structural characteristics. with quality controlled manufacturing. greatly reducing repair time and cost. to produce superior tanks that are more durable and have a longer service life than steel tanks and poly tanks. winding the coated strands onto a drum while simultaneously applying chopped fibers to the area immediately to be covered by the strands as they are wound.Care and Handling of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Brine Water Tanks RPX Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) brine water storage tanks are manufactured using premium resins and materials. Modification and repairs to your tank can easily be made on-site.O. please contact us at (724) 537-0444 or acceptable methods of ground preparation and base can include but are not limited to a: (a) 10” layer of sand backfilled into 8-10” deep trench . This gel coating protects the tanks from the potentially harmful effects of UV light and ensures a service life of decades.

RPX Tank Configuration Need a brine water or other storage tank? We can configure to meet your specific hook-up requirements.Inlet ____ 2” Threaded Drain ____ 2” Steel Swirl ____ 2” Steel Blow Diffuser ____ Mushroom Vent ____ Tee Vent ____ Flame Arrestor ____ Thief Hatch ____ Ladder Brackets ____ Steel Ladder & Platform ____ Metered Sight Strip ____ Tank Insulation ____ Tank Heater ____ 24’ Cleanout Other: Please Describe ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ Delivery To: _____________________ ________________________________ RPX Composites . Fitting Options: ____ 3” Flange Steel .(724) 537-0444 x11 or email .Inlet ____ 3” Threaded Drain ____ 3” Steel Swirl ____ 3” Steel Blow Diffuser ____ 2” Flange Steel . Take a moment and sketch out what best suits your needs and we can offer a design drawing and pricing for your unique tank requirements.